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i have no add blockers,but i found some cool stuff id love to have in my game,sadly its completely impossible for me to download anything. It says "DOWNLOAD" than "THANK YOU" and than "GO FUCK YOURSELF AND BURN IN A FIRE"


I've been working hard to create a low-poly tardis, but it seems an impossible task. I've created a high-poly version, which is a conversion ofaikea_guinea's TARDIS for the Sims 3. You can find it here:



Custom Content

Just started using CUSTOM CONTENT today !!!! YAYYYYYY !!!!!!!! 

:) :) :) :) 

Garden Outdoor Lamp Set

Garden Outdoor Lamp Set

4 Million Downloads/3 Million Pageviews

I know I keep posting these are every million but I just wanted to post again, thanks to this wonderful site for a platform to showcase my creations. And thanks a million (4 million to be exact :-P ) to all the downloaders, visitors, commenters and supporters of my work! This lil leprechaun really appreciates it so very much! Sláinte!

Ps) I haven't been able to comment all of the amazing cc creations here on TSR lately and I'm very sorry for that but life got busy all of a sudden but I still look at all of the creations and you all never cease to amaze me with your incredible talents! Keep going and happy simming!




Glassco Glass Lighting

Glassco Glass Lighting

Wow the first 10.000 Downloads

I got my first 10,000 downloads!!! Yeah!!! :D
Yes I know it's not a million, and unlike others, it is a measly number, but I'm also not so long at TSR.
That's why I am really happy that you like my things so well, that you want to have them in your houses. It's nice when you know that the effort was not in vain
Thank you so much!!! On the next 10,000 :D

Apologies if my english is bad. I do my best... ;)

How to make your game faster with tons of CC

According to this tutorial by Simmington >>

You need to remove spaces and special characters on CC name, for example name_1.package into name1.package

This is the list of special characters if you dont know :

 é ”, ; . : ~ ! > £ ’ < ^ # $ + % ½ & { / [ (  _ * ? \ - ] ) } € @ æ ß ü ğ ı ç ö ¨


If you have tons of CC, you can bulk naming & delete special characters in your CC using this software, its safe. you can find the explanation about how to use this way on this post by icecreamforbreakfast >>



So, I see these really cute skin tones (because the base game's skin tones are like... urgh) and I want to download them, but I don't want to mess with the files like Mods and stuff. Is there any way to do that? Please help! ;-;

Converting to TS3 & TS4

Hello there. It certainly has been a while since I last wrote in this blog. I just wanted to add a little note to say if anyone wishes to convert my meshes so they are compatible with The Sims 3 or The Sims 4, they are more than welcome. I considered trying it myself, but I just don't have the time or patience to learn new stuff.

All I ask is that I am credited for the original meshes. 

So, I will continue to plod along at my own pace, knocking out Mid Century Modern items for the Sims 2 for the few of us who still play this game and who enjoy a little Mid Century Modern design in their digital worlds. 

Peace and love.

padre x


Can anyone help guide me in the right direction?

SO! I've been thinking a lot lately about creating a career for TS4. I've never made one in the past though.
Does anyone know where I can read up how to do it or know any tutorials or better yet.. knows how to do it themselves so you could explain it to me?

making of clothes and tings :)

hi eveyone

i need to know how does the workshop work before i download it and is it madefor sis 4 as well?

can ay one pleasehelp


Hi I'm new on The Sims Resource. I downloaded TSR Workshopbut I don't know how to use it. When I press Create new project and click ok it says this: Can not continue with out game paths set. ??????? What does that mean? Please help!


READ THIS! please :)

Hi everyone!

So on my last blog post I mentioned I was going to keep writing here on TSR but because of the restrictions, my Wicked stories couldn't be as "adult content" as I wanted them to be. I'm going to be rewriting The Wicked Entice and placing it over on Wattpad. It will be under Tessa Crane so follow me over there or whatever. I'm not even sure how that works. Stupid me, haven't made an account over there, but yeah. Tessa Crane. Anyway, it will be a whole new story, same characters but with whole new backgrounds. There's so much I had originally planned on putting in the story that wasn't allowed here, so I'm really excited to write it how it was meant to be written. Like I said, the same characters we all know and love (except for you Maia, jk she's showing up again) are going to reappear, except for Maurice who is getting a gender reassignment and will now be a bad a.s.s. vampire lady. There's a few changes here and there, okay...a lot of changes so it will basicaly be a whole new story. That's awesome though isn't it? I'm so excited to start but in the mean time, like I said on TWE epilogue, I'm going to be doing a story called Witch, Please here on TSR. It'll have Ezra as the "hero" of the story, as well as other familiar characters making appereances but for the most part it's about a female witch and the shenanigans she's getting herself into being the only female witch in Moonlight Falls, thus being engaged since birth to a witch who's in love with someone else...I'm doing a horrible job of hyping this shizzle out so please just give it a chance. If I can ask you all for a favor, please send me a private message and let me know what you did or didn't like about the Wicked stories. Is there anything you would have wanted to be added, or removed? Whatever you can think of, please let me know :) as always, thanks for reading and for those of you who have stuck with me through all my stories...a big internet hug, and a big thank you. I wish I could send you all a box of kittens or pizza to show how appreciative I am, but a huge thank you will have to do for now. (I'm keeping the kittens and pizza.)

XOXO Alessa

Sims 4 Clothes

New clothes by me are available on my tumblr page HERE

TS3 Conversion packs 6 and 7

New conversion packs are available on my tumblr page. DOWNLOAD (pack 6) DOWNLOAD (pack 7)

Happy Holidays

I am going to create some new items with a new image. I like creating new things and ideas.

Just got out of the hospital...

Hello, hello! 

So my constantly sick behind just got out of the hospital after a month long health problem. Obviously that coupled with TSRs strict publishing rules I really didn't feel like fightning, made me quite inactive here. In fact I wasn't even going to continue publishing, but then I started feeling bad for not finishing my story. Anyway it IS going to come out. Not here, but on my simblr. If you guys still want to know what happens, feel free to visit me on lovelychooser(dot)tumblr(dot)com. I will do everything in my power to get it out there as soon as possible, ideally BEFORE I have to plan my own wedding -_- 

Thus I'm leaving this site and thanking all of you for the nice comments. 

XXOO Julia 

download zip

hi i want to know how I can download a zip please


Sims4 Zoe (FYA)

My Latest designs
S4-Zoe - Young Adult

Download Zoe Click Here!

Here is the list of ALL The CC files you need to download the get the same looking simmie!

**It Should Definitely Download!..

Skin (S-Club) *Click*
Hair (Nightcrawler) *Click*
Eyebrows (S-Club) *Click*
Eyecolors (MsBlue) *Click*
Eyeliner (Screaming Mustard) *Click*
Eyeshadow (Screaming Mustard) *Click*
Lipstick (S-Club) *Click*

**Loading Optionally!..

Top (Nastasya) *Click*
Skirt (Nastasya) *Click*
Jacket (Sims2fanbg) *Click*
Shoes (MJ95) *Click*
Bag (Starlord) *Click*
Necklace (Toksik) *Click*

Chester Twins 01

I looked at the computer with genuine interest, trying to focus all my attention to it. I was in the middle of writing another piece of article for the journal, something about the recent Festival that happened in the - bang! My teeth grinded together, irritated. The constant banging from the floor above me was keeping me distracted too much. I couldn't help it.

Picking up my broom stick, I hit the ceiling, "Cato!" I shouted at the top of my lungs so my brother could hear me. "For the love of nature, shut up!"

One second he was quiet. Two. Three. Then he started banging the bed again and it followed by a louder female noise.


50000+ Downloads

The Sims were and always will be my favourite game. When I first came here few years ago, I was fascinated by so many talented Simmers and so many creations I didn't know they were even possible in the Sims. Then, one crazy idea flashed through my mind - I'm gonna do something to pay off to this inspiring community that brought so much happiness and excitement to my life.

Building homes for Sims is my favourite part of this game, so it was natural to start with that. But, I wasn't brave enough to upload something on this site until this year. I create for myself and share what I think is nice and what makes me happy with you.

When I logged in after few days, I was really surprised. I want to thank you for every single download and every nice comment, I sincerely appreciate it!





Sims 4 Mens Hair and Shoes


Thank you very much to all!

Thank you very much everyone for the great comments on my homes.

Sorry, that is not always immediately write off, but I can not always. Life is complicated. But I'm always thinking of you.
I hope they give you lots of joy of my houses, and always I am glad that I can do its for you.
Your comments and support is for me a very cennne and a lot to me, even when you do not reply. I hope you'll understand.

GL Outdoor Lighting

GL Outdoor Lighting

I'm back!

I apologize for the fact that it's taken me a while to get back to creating CC. I have moved cities in the mean time and started a new job, but I'm working on CC again now, so hopefully we'll have some new DW stuff soon! Oh and my last TARDIS object submission was rejected :'( So, I'll try again!

TheSims4 Gallery

Hi all! ♥ You can find my SIMS, LOTS and ROOMS on my Gallery catalog (ID paogae):         - You have to activate the custom contents to see the sims with CC. Bye!

GHOST LOVE - Sims3&4 Machinima

Thanks so much for all your wonderful creations for GHOST LOVE <3

Enjoy my little Ghost story at youtube:



The Merman's Kiss - A Sims3&Sims4 Machinima

Thanks so much all the CC creators for my video stories <3

Enjoy it:




I know I've been away... BUT ...

But reality can occassionally byte when it comes to doing things and living life. However I do have some New CC on my Domain - and I alway list  stuff I done on my Simblr. I currently have a new Shirt awaiting moderation to approve.

I started to add Swatches now so I have conisered teh older files to revisit these and Have decided currently i wont Unless You request these to be Then i'll consider to do so. I've also had a Custom Thumbnail to my CC so you know WHO made it, and it looks much tidy in your game. ( i persoinally hate content that has no Personal thumbnail so I educated myself to gain that along with swatches.

Anyways off to make some stuff...



News from Simseline

Simselines Sims Boutique 

Simselines Sims Boutique 


Where do I get cute boy CC? Please tell me because I want to do an LP. Sorry for bothering xx

Bleh bleh bleh

Not that anyone at this moment will even read this...or maybe even ever but I would write my lovely sim experiences on here. I worked for four hours yesterday creating the Manner for my sim story. I must confess I use CC objects from here. Honestly having trouble with having notes and ZzZzs to dissapear. I downloaded the mod from MTS but nooopeeee, no luck. Oh well. I'll get around it. 


I should really go to bed.

Happy Autumn Simmers

Hi TSR Community!

It has been almost a year since I last blogged but also a few months since I have uploaded any creations for Sims 3 or Sims4.

I apologize to fans of my creations of this lack of uploads - several reasons

1. My favourtie super fantastic laptop died :( RIP! So I had to utilize my super awesome desktop that I had received through a college Bursary this past Feb. I have been very busy this summer with family -- especially my soon to arrive first grandchild due Nov 9th via my eldest daughter! and of course doing summery things! 

I have been playing Sims 4 also in my downtime.. as usually i am too tired to create at night.

2. I have had to hunt out all the things necessary now to create for Sims 3-- TSR Workshop... TSR Rigfix  and the elusive granny.dll file that goes manually into it. Also Sims3 clean pack installer.

I had also had some issues with screenshots in Sims 4 due to a classic shell I had downloaded to make my desktop and its Win 8.1 OS run like a WIn 7 OS. I uninstalled it and now I am back in business with screenshots.

That said.. I have infact created two great Sims 4 lots that i will soon upload and am working on a Sims 3 lot. Again I spend most of my time on Sims 4..these days in my scarce downtime. But this winter I will attempt to do my best at uploading every so often and not taking months and months inbetween.

But mine is a busy life especially when the new grandbaby arrives! With 4 children -- AGES 17, 19, 22 and 23 .. this 5th addition to our ever expanding family is a wonderful gift!

I also when possible would like to take a stab at TSR workshop to create for sims 4 and also Sims4studio. I would like to learn how to recolor and make paintings etc. I just havent had the time or headspace to really sit down and read tutorials and focus and of course practice!

Anyways this is what i have been up to folks! I have not disappeared LOL. I log on to TSR almost everyday.. and have been doing alot of downloading of Sims 4 CC for my own game. The creations coming out of here for that game are simply AWESOME!

Ta ta for now and look for some new content from me shortly!

Happy Simming!

Jackie ( aka MightyFaithGirl)

About TWE...

hi guys. i know, its been a long time since i uploaded the next chapter, but it keeps getting rejected. as you know, the story is about demons..possessions are obviously included. this isn't really TSR appropriate, and i had this whole scene set up between Theo and Verin, this inner battle kind of thing, but im going to have to remove it. ive been working on this chapter for what seems like forever, and making changes to get it approved, but the content isn't exactly PG 13. i promise i'll keep trying to "fix" it as much as this hurts my little achy breaky heart to get rid of so much that i was excited for. if you want to read the "unfiltered" version, let me know and i'll send you a private message. (don't even know if that's allowed). i mean i personally don't think there's any adult content just some possessions here and there lol  anyway, im thinking of moving to Wattpad. it will be under the name Tessa Crane. I don't even have an account yet lol but that's where i'll be putting up The Wicked Entice as it was meant to be content all the way lol. it'll be under a new name, (the word Wicked will be in there somewhere, so look out of it!) and it will be like you're basically reading a familiar, but new story. it won't really be anything like the one here, and i think thats a pretty good thing. i'll let you guys know once im official over there. once again, sorry for the wait! i'm really trying my best to not water it down, but its not going so well...

Installing custum sims

So I downloaded a bunch of cudtom content and placed it into the mods folfer. Everything works fine except the custom sims. I can't seem to find them anywhere. I go into the gallery and tick the box allowing me to see custom content yet it shows a bunch of households but nine of the custom sims that I downloaded. It there a different way to install Custom Sims. Any help would be appriciated.

Sorry For Deleted Comment

I'm so sorry that i accidentally deleted all comment on my creation. I want to mark it as read, but i accidentally click delete button, (I think they must add delete confirmation).

I appreciate all comment on my creation, Thanks 

and with my first blog post i want to say "yay I hit my first achievement 10k download" on my personal achievement,
thank you very much for all downloader, and thanks for trying my creation :)
Hope you enjoy it.

for my next creation which is still in progress. I create winter or ice themed set (I don't know when will i upload them, maybe next month or wait for December :D )




I try on meshing with blender. Sometimes it´s frustrating especially if you want to look at everything in the game and it´s not working. Then the next attempt to get it sometime hopefully works.

Latest Headlines

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