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Hi guys thank you for deciding to read my blog post!!!๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„

I just joined the sims recorces and i have a few questions.

Qu 1: can i make a story for anything or just for sims?

Qu 2. Is there a way to just post pictures of my sims stuff or not?


I also wanted to ask you guys if u would like me to make a channel and start doing sims 3 videos?

let me know in the comments๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„





hey! as most of you know apart from being a custom content creator i'm also a digital artist, and i'll be SO happy if you checked out my art

i would really appreciate the support from the fellow simmers...


  • aaaand INSTAGRAM: krismakesart


and this is my latest artwork to give you the taste of my work



Thank you for the 1000 downloads, very happy with it :D

Thanks to Everyone...

Thanks for download my creations and leave a comment.

my new hairstyle soon, some of my next hair in my tumblr


i'll create new hair mesh...

My First CC

Hey guys just created my very first CC . it looks horible though xD

Kitchen Clive for Sims 4

We had reports of Users that the Clive Kitchen shows black rays allover the room. It did not happen to every User. After an intensive research what the issue costs we found out that something got broken concerning the Wallshadows/Groundshadows after the release of the bb.moveobjects cheat. I remade all extra Cabinets with Slots. Also both Sinks, Sidetables matching Island and Counters and the Barstool are redone. All objecs ending with "fixed" are totaly new. That means, pls delete the Files for the whole Kitchen and download and install the Kitchen new.


first and foremost i would like to thank everyone who has downloaded Tris' tattoo! it has recently hit 3,000 downloads :D secondly i'd like to ask you all for a favor... i would highly appreciate it if people gave me credit when they upload creations that use Tris' tattoo to The Gallery. i put many hours into creating it and it upsets me to see that people don't give me credit for my creation. :( i don't expect for you guys to put in a link though. i'm just asking to at least tag me or use the #CCbyashley or something similar... at least let others know where they can get the CC. i hope this isn't too much to ask for guys. thank you again for all the downloads though. that part makes me happy. and don't forget that you can download the new and improved version of Tris' tattoo on my tumblr: it can be found under the "downloads!" tag! :D thanks again and happy simming!!

-Ashley :)

Hang In There

So my story Untold is slowly coming along I had another issue with my game AGAIN! Therefore I had to take a few days to fix it.

Also I did get a few new EP's so hopefully it'll add to the story and make it more interesting. Please bear with me, I promise I'm making this chapter worth the wait. So keep holding on! :) I honestly want to get at least 70 pages in it. I'm at 40 right now so it's coming along.

Thanks TSR Junkies!


Sims4 Tiffanie (Teen)

My Latest designs
S4-Tiffanie - Teen

Download LINK Click Here!

My Policy

You can use my meshes in your creations but your give me a credit to my profile.

You can't use my textures or alphas.

Do not re-upload my creations anywhere.


Another milestone for the old duck!    Who would credit 6,000,000 downloads  . . and the last million in less than 4 months . . . .even if I do say so myself, that's pretty good for patterns and paintings and the odd lot, when I scrounge the time to concentrate on them . . . . .

As always, my thanks to every one who has downloaded anything of mine . .  ever . . .     You make it easier to keep looking for something new to add . . . not always a simple matter when I have been uploading/publishing practically every day for . . well, I don't really know, but at least the past 12 months. LOL

I hope I can continue to create things that you will find worth downloading . . . and commenting - even though I am most likely  the site's worst offender for responding  . . .. not from choice, but from  the reality of a stingy internet allowance which I tend to spend on the creations themselves, rather than the niceties.  With my large back catalogue, new users appear every day, and [literally] overwhelm me.    I had thought to rectify that with a new provider  .. but, in reality,  found it outside my budget for now.

So, let me just say . . again . . .how very much I appreciate all the kind remarks, compliments and suggestions that YOU have posted - whenever it was -  I didn't put those 6million downloads against my avatar . .  YOU DID.     HOORAY for you too!    


Fashion lighting

My Noob Creations


You can recolour and include my meshes but please credit me

do not claim as your own

you can include my creations in with sims or lots

You don't need to ask permission but I always love to know when someone uses my creations.

Greetings! :)

Hi Simmers!

I would like to use this moment to thank all of you for liking and downloading and just being so nice with your feedback on my creations. I am truly very pleased to see that you like them and are looking forward to new creations, that is really why I keep creating, your words gives me drive to create more. 

So this is THANK YOU! Thank you for inspiring me :)

I very much appreciate your time spending downloading and leaving a comment.

Hugs to all Simmers! xx

Working on a new Sims 4 dining for the Sara Series...


Wow. I couldn't believe it. I recently just startet to make houses and today there are already 100.000 downloads... I wanna thank you for the trust you have given me. I give me trouble to build many beautiful houses in the future! 


Modern Meets Retro

Modern Meets Retro

Sims4 Scott (MYA)

My Latest designs
S4-Scott - Young Adult

Download LINK Click Here!

If you do not see my lots in your game; read this, please!

Hi, thank you for downloading my houses. I saw some of you have same problem about this.Some people can not see my houses in their library. This is because of your game settings and custom contents. You should change settings and download CC that I used. (I give CC direct links in 'Creator Notes' in per Lot.) 

First, all CC used in lot must be copied to 'Mods' file. Then you should copy my lot to your 'Tray' file.

Lets start the game and you should look at your library and change your settings in 'advanced' from 'Unowned content' to 'Modded Custom Content'. Now, I hope you see my house in your game. Enjoy!

*If you have any problem, you can leave me comments or sign my guestbook. Thanks!

Update N10 - First update in 2015!

Hello, hello! It's been a while that I've been updating anything on TSR.
I'm not very active, due my senior year. I spent most of my time either studying ot working. Desptie of that, of course I have free time, but I rather spend it on playing the game, chatting and having fun ^-^ I'm filled with clothing ideas tho.. but I don't have the patience to get to clothing creating xD I'll be sharing sims though and working on stories. 

I hope you're all doing well. Have a lovely day! Keep creating and happy simming!



Wow...2 Million Downloads!!!

When I published my first house on June 3, 2011, I was thrilled when I reached 10,000 downloads and never could have imagined reaching a milestone number of 1, thanks to all of you, I am celebrating 2 million ever would have thought!!!  Thank you everyone for your continued support and even more, your most wonderful comments!!!  I'll continue to do my best to give you Sims homes that are modern, warm, decorative, functional and fun to play and look forward to the next million downloads, now that I know it's possible!!

How Upsetting

I'm sorry it's taking so long to get the next chapter of Untold up, I've had many issues with my game in the last few weeks and the other day it decided to take a poop on me. I had to reset EVERYTHING! I was pretty livid, BUT I was lucky enough to save my family for the story.

Although I have to change a few skins hair and other things everything should be the same, I'd rather change a few CC than have to start from scratch. Thanks for understanding TSR Junkies! :)


Reuploaded creations

Hello guys! this is my first blog post, I am really excited. I was going to talk about my potential uploads but decided to skip that and talk about something else instead - stealing other creators work. Its something so common, and yet something thats against the law of copyright. Meaning that if you reupload creations of others, you might get in trouble with google and the site may block you! so please be considerate to creators who does so much for you by sharing their lovely creations, please do not reupload their work or claim it as your own!! 

tree branch bed??

Does anyone know who made a tree branch bed? I downloaded it the other week then my pc crashed and I lost it. Would love to find it again.

I'm moving!

hello all, i have created the new and improved version of Tris' tattoo but i've been having problems uploading it here. :( i have shared it on my blog! it will be uploaded to my google drive account so you will be able to find Tris' tattoo there along with other future creations! thanks and happy simming!! :D

Thank you!

By this post, I wish to say huge THANK YOU for all of you, who downloaded and commented my works!

In this moment of my life, I not being able to comments you back. I'm torn between doing next houses and spending time in net doing other things... I think I will give you more joy by buildings, but yours comments and support mean a lot to me, even if I don't give proper response. Hope you will understand.

Take care


Jupiters Path

Jupiters Path

Sims4 Rhonda (FYA)

My Latest designs
S4-Rhonda - Young Adult

Download LINK Click Here!

Working on

I wanted to show you a preview of my next set I am working on. 

It's an art set. It will include various items.

*IMPORTANT* Memories Leggings

Hello everyone! Just a little note about my memories leggings set for TS4, I noticed that some people had the problem of a "nude simmie" when you use the blue leggings and some had no problem. People who have the problem need to do this:

In CAS, toggle your graphics settings down to the lowest they would go, apply changes, then toggle back to your normal settings (ultra high) and it will refresh the screen so that the leggings show up!

It's a game problem, thanks MiliGraceKeeley for the help!


Hur fรฅr jag grejerna jag laddar ner till mitt sims?


JAG HAR Ett problem. dom grejerna Jag "hämtar" här Ifrån Kommer Inte upp i mitt sims 3.

Hur ska jag Gora ATT-dom skaen Komma upp i sims 3 ??

Om du vet Skicka en kommentar <3 kram linnsen12

Hello Everyone by TFS!

Oh God, I found my personal blog on TSR :D

I take this time to say hello everyone! I'm Twistedfate Sims, a new CC's creator from Italy. I don't know if I can write my Tumblr blog but and forgive me if it is forbidden. My blog is :) I just make some poses for TS4 if u want to give a look.


How I managed to get home from my brother's trailer

 I haven't been feeling good since yesterday.  I have a bad cold.  That's what I get from blowing too much smoke from my nose.  I got back from my brother's trailer this afternoon.  As far as you know, my brother is a married man.  There are boundaries.

He has 2 daughters, 2 sons, a stepdaughter, and 3 stepsons.  My first stepnephew is a dad.  I'm a stepgreataunt.  I'm too young to be a great-aunt.  I wish everyone would understand that I prefer to be alone.  I'm the youngest of my siblings on my mother's side and the oldest of my siblings on my father's side.  Keep me posted and I'll be in touch.

My life as a loner

 If anyone's interested in even MORE creations by me, check me out at the Exchange as well as my new Simblr account!
-My Simblr:
-My Studio/Exchange: and make sure to read my studio blog at to get the in-game screenies and extra info on the lots!

And don't forget to check out my screenies for extra views of my TSR lots, at http://thesimsresource.comartists/theblondelonewolf/screenshots/browse

I'm terrified of people that I don't like.  There are people that don't want me around them.  I can't trust anyone at all.  Because I'm a loner, I don't need to socialize as much as other people and prefer spending time alone.  I'm an artistic person.  I'm a cat lover, a perfectionist, and a natural cook.  I want everyone to stay away from me.

If anyone has any problems installing my creations, send me a PM explaining what is wrong, so that we can figure it out together.

In June 2014 I was invited to be a Select Storyteller, which TOTALLY blew me away--I am stil in a semi state of shock!  Thank you, everybody--you like me!  You really like me!^-^

If you have anything to say to me, say it straight to my face.  I don't want anyone talking about me behind my back.  I love my cats.  I don't want your drama so leave it at the door and go away.  I'm really paranoid.  I drive whenever I want.  I don't want anyone dissing my movies, my favorite bands, my favorite actors, my favorite singers, my favorite movies, and my favorite TV shows.

If you have a problem with me, go away.  I don't want to be around the people that I hate.  Like I said, I don't want your drama so leave it at the door and go away.  What I do doesn't concern you.  What I order from Amazon and what I buy at the stores is none of your business.  You're just walking trouble so stay out of it!

Meh, Nothing else to say about me...MUCH.  I'm a hermit, and I hate going outside or looking at people or hearing a lot of noise, so I usually stay in my bedroom inside my apartment, permanently attached to the crummy laptop I spent way too much money on in my blind desperation for a need of a new computer.  I love playing video games (obviously) as an escape mechanism, my Play Station 2 is one of my most valued possessions, and I'm especially into RPGs (Squaresoft, Namco, Square Enix, Niis, Konami, Midway, and Koei works are my favorites).  Other than that, I write, read, knit, crochet, cook, smoke cigarettes, drink lots of caffeine and alcohol, and draw.  And eat.  Junk food.  Lots of it.  Ironically, I can't gain any weight, and though I'm the eldest of my siblings on my father's side my younger sister is much bigger than I am, so I can't stea--I mean, BORROW--any of her clothes.  *SIGH*  I don't watch much TV unless it's the History Channel or something, anime/cartoons, movies that I own, movies that I like, or anything with a half vampire half werewolf dragonslaying wizard in love with an elven princess held captive by a group of witches who want to use her blood to gain eternal life and beauty so that they can rule the wizarding world and finally acquire the One Ring of...wait...

Thank you SO MUCH, everyone, for the special present you sent me!!  And to 8311981, for putting a special SPARKLE in what has been the most terrible month for me!  And thank you SO MUCH to the 4 simmers I met at the officials who helped me get SHT, SN, SSNS, and ITF!  And as for that Anonymous Aussie Lady (you know who you are, woman, don't play games)-- you are in my heart for EVAAARRRRR!!!! ... *ahem* ...

I want you to give me myself back so don't stay.

The Sims 4: Hair Dilemma

Is it just me or when you guys have downloaded custom content hair, your hair is beautiful on CAS but brown and blonde streaked when in-game? Not to mention it looks blue when looking at their hair where on the UI? Anyone else have this problem? Or if anyone has a solution, I'm all ears.

New items

I see that my 2 uploads so far are well loved. This is great to see. Once I hit the 1000 downloads I will upload some more clothes for you guys to enjoy. If you have any suggestions then feel free to drop me a guestbook message.

Classic Ceiling Lamp Set

Classic Ceiling Lamp Set

Taking a little break

Hi everyone and Happy New 2015 to everyone.  I wish everyone the best of Health, a measure of Wealth and every Happiness in this New Year.  I know I have not submitted any new creations since just before Christmas.  Although I'm sincerely committed to my Sims creating future with TSR, I need to take a short break for a little while due to things out in the real world.  Im in the process of working to learn Blender and Milkshape so I can make unique new fun things for the game.  I also need to spend a bit more time with my Everquest 2 guild The Lore Keepers Of Norrath.  Iv been leading that guild for a long time now and have been neglecting it for the last while.  If anyone ever wants the try out Everquest 2 they do have a free version, free to download and free to play.  My guild is on the Everfrost server and my character name is Theodora.  So take care till I see you later. :)

Latest Headlines

Questions DEVIANTART + TUMBLR updates 1000 Downloads Thanks to Everyone... My First CC Kitchen Clive for Sims 4 announcement!! Hang In There Sims4 Tiffanie (Teen) My Policy HOOOORAAAAY! SIX MILLION... Fashion My Noob Creations Policy Greetings! :) Working on a new Sims 4 dining... 100.000 Downloads Modern Meets Retro Sims4 Scott (MYA) If you do not see my lots in... Update N10 - First update in 2015! Focus Wow...2 Million Downloads!!! How Upsetting Reuploaded creations tree branch bed?? I'm moving! Thank you! Jupiters Path Sims4 Rhonda (FYA) Working on *IMPORTANT* Memories Leggings Hur fรฅr jag grejerna jag laddar... Hello Everyone by TFS! How I managed to get home from... My life as a loner The Sims 4: Hair Dilemma New items Classic Ceiling Lamp Set Taking a little break
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