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Quick Tip if the Launcher Won't Install Files

In addition to the other advice I gave in my last post, sometimes it's not anything wrong with anything at all. Sometimes TSR, especially if you download something as a sims3pack, botches up the download, and you'll end up with a dud file. :( When you put it into the Launcher, instead of seeing a proper thumbnail, all you'll see is a brown box--you'll know it when you see it: TRUST. ;) 9 times out of 10, if you try to INSTALL anything showing up as a brown box in the Launcher, the installation will FAIL. But don't despair! Extract the ZIP file wherever you need it, and reinstall the sims3pack(s) within. This time, the installation SHOULD work. ;) This happens me when I download things at LEAST twice a day, and dl-ing file as ZIPs instead of has ALWAYS worked for me. ;)

Happy Simming! :)

Problems Installing My Lots & Sims

I have recieved a few complaints during my time here at TSR that my Lots fail to install with the Launcher. I find this very disturbing. I have had some people test my lots in-game with 100% success, so I know the files aren't broken or anything, but when others tell me that they don't work, I get very confused. As of November 2016 I only have the WORLD ADVENTURES, AMBITIONS, AND LATE NITE EPs, and NO SPs at all, so any lots of mine dated before November 2015 do NOT require ANY EPs or SPs. Therefore, The problem clearly lies with who has certain CC properly installed, and who doesn't. With lots made ater November 2015, you may need to update your game to the latest patch or game EP I have to get them to appear. As of March 2016, I am currently using Patch Update 1.29, so as to avoid all the social crap nonsense going on with Showtime.

1.) PACKAGE FILES: as I ALWAYS say on my Downloads pages: You NEED to INSTALL the Extra CC Not Included files before you install my Lots and Sims into your Launcher, or it won't work! Download ALL of EA's FREE sets and things, including Riverview, at The Store if the frakking Launcher keeps telling you you're missing something.

When I list Package files I use in my creations, you MUST follow THE LINKS I give you, and download EVERYTHING I tell you to. The Launcher cannot read Package files, so you must already have the Package files in your Packages folder under Mods (under Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/Mods/Packages. If you don't know what a Package file or Mods folder is, go her to learn what to do: 3: Installing Package Files. DO NOT try to install my Lots or Sims creatios in the Launcher without having FIRST put all the necessary Package files in you Packages folder. DO NOT.

2.) STORE STUFF (RIVERVIEW): Riverview is a MUST. REGISTER your Base Game at EA's TS3 site, and download the world--it's FREE (thank goodness). A lot of CC I use on my landscapes comes from Riverview--stuff like the wood logs and the scarecrow, especially.

2b.) STORE STUFF (WORLDS): I currently have Barnacle Bay, Hidden Springs and Lunar Lakes installed. There is exclusive CC that comes with these worlds that I may or may not use, so if you think something is missing, it might be one of these 3 Store Worlds.

3.) STORE STUFF (FREEBIES): As I said abouve, I recommend that you download it ALL. Any and everything Free at The Store: GET IT. I did, and I may or not use any of these CC objects/clothes in my creations. Sometimes I use them without even realizing it, and TSR does not always list what is included in the creations, I have come to realize. If you don't know what is being offered freely, this is a good site to see everything all at once, and then go to the Store and get them:

3b.) STORE STUFF (FREEBIES--ACHIEVEMENTS and MYSTERY BUNDLES): I learned a Mod the Sims a few weeks/months back that was possible to get FREE THINGS at The Store by uploading your sim Memories to the website. Eager for anything my broke behind didn't have to pay for, I started uploading my Memories to My Studio, and sure enough I received a lot of cool things from EA, which are all listed here: so besure to Upload your Memories, folks, so you can get the freebies too! ^0^ Also, a few moths ago EA started including a few TSM to TS3 conversions as Mystery Bundle PRIZES for buying simpoint bundles at the Store. I have them ALL. You can see images and learn more about Mystery Items here:

4.) STORE STUFF (PAY): I won't name individual files, but I'll list Store Sets I own that I might USE STUFF from Mediterranean Life, Viva Las Vegas Living, Regency Arcade, Olympia Physique, Morrocco Mystique, Buccaneer's Bounty, Hacienda Luxury, Indulgent Living, Zen Againn, Asian Fusion, Old Town Starter, Worldly Goodies: Adrenaline Rush, Transportation to the Future, Pushin Pedals, Speedy Styles, ALL Futureshock, More Magic, Steampunk (plus Retur and Kitchen), ALL Street Couture, Through the Spyglass Bedroom, Frontier Finds Living Room, ALL Faire, Folk Life, Gothique Living and Sleeping, ALL Regal Living, Victorian Fashions, Complete Castle Kits, Tiki Living and Dining, Mid Century Fantasy Living, Killer Classics and Three Lakes, Boho Vintage Womens, ALL Jazz Age, Bayside Laundry and Kitchen, ALL Storybook.

5.) EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOADS: I was lucky enough to snag a few downloads from the T-Mobile GETCONNECTED promotion a few months ago, and got some things. The OFFER is no longer available, sadly: T-Moblie - Retro Record Player and T-Moblie - Musi Arsenal.

So DOWNLOAD all of these things, if you can. If you can't get the Sims Store Pay Items and Exclusive Content, the you can't use my lots, whether they're for or not, sorry :(at least, NOT VIA THE LAUNCHER. It won't work, so YOUR only other option is to....

6.) DELPHY's MULTI-EXTRACTOR as last minute rescue: EDown load my lots anyway, and then go to Mod the Sims and download Delphy's Multi-Extractor at htttp:// This will allow you tur turn any sims3pack into a PACKAGE file, including lots and sims. Turn the lots/sims into a package file, then put it in your Library folder under Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/Library if it's a lLot, or the SavedSims folder if it's a Sim, and load the game--EASY! You now have my lot/sims!

If you still have problems, PLEASE: LET ME KNOW!!! I have over 400,000 people who downloaded my things so far, and I count on boht hands the people who told me that they had problems. If I don't know it's broken, HOW will I know to fix it?

I hate knowing that people are having problems with my things. :(It takes me so lonng to do lots (especially the Furished ones--those are a pill) and I trully and utterly mean this: HAPPY SIMMING!


FB Custom Content

Find our custom content that has not been posted on thesimsresource in our website above! Enjoy!


im not using Photoshop or any editing materials on my preview pics. these are raw pics off the game :) THANK U :)

The 170k Facebook Likes Giveaway Winners!

Before I announce the winners, let me explain how the winners were chosen.  First the names (account names, twitter names, etc) were collected and placed into a spreadsheet.  This resulted in a list of 1,716 names!  Ouch!  To make things a tiny bit easier for myself, I separated the names between those that participated on Twitter and those that entered on Facebook.  This guaranteed that there would be winners from both sites.

Next, I used the random number generator from Math Goodies ( ).  This allowed me to enter the numbers assigned to the names on the spreadsheet, and quickly find our random winners.  I picked 12 from Facebook and 12 from Twitter (24) to start with.  Then I went back and did it six more times, from the combined pool for a total of 30 winners.


** Winners, please send me a PM here including your valid email address (click on my name above to go to my minisite, then click the Message button under my banner.) You will have 72 hours to contact me in order to claim your prize!  If I don't hear from you in that time, your prize is forfeit.  Another name drawing will be held for any unclaimed prizes.  This will continue until all prizes are claimed.  (If for some reason you can't get the Message option to work, send an email to but please make that a last resort.)  Should your name appear twice because you use a different tag on Twitter than you do on Facebook, please be honest enough to admit it so we can select another winner.

*** Winners list updated July 2, 2015.  As before, if the card goes unclaimed for 72 hours, the prize is forfeit and new names will be drawn.

*** Winners list updated July 9, 2015.  As before, if the card goes unclaimed for 72 hours, the prize is forfeit and new names will be drawn.




 ~ $100.00 Amazon Gift Card

  Charnaye Staton McQueen CLAIMED

  Synthariel @synthariel CLAIMED


 ~ $75.00 Amazon Gift Card

  Jackie Chuculate CLAIMED

  Mluvlps @Mluvlps X

  Cinderellimouse @Cinderellimouse CLAIMED


~ $50.00 Amazon Gift Card

  Annabel  @H_Lebanna CLAIMED

  Sabine Veuger X

  Chap Meggins ‏@MegLovesGames CLAIMED


~ $25.00 Amazon Gift Card

  Me @TheEpicNerd014 CLAIMED

  Luana Tavares @pringtella CLAIMED

  Sandie Magnano X

  Remy Nguyen X

  LaTaiya Sells CLAIMED 

  Amy Page X

  SimmerDownSouth @laneymajor CLAIMED


~ $10.00 Amazon Gift Card

  Amanda Morrow @LialaneGraest CLAIMED

  Heather @CallunaMuse CLAIMED

  Jessica Holly @Hollybelle33 CLAIMED

  Albesimmer @albesimmer X

  lessthanzero1013 @LessThanZero_13 CLAIMED

  Wee Albet @Weealbet CLAIMED

  Katey Lunn @diablura28 X

  EmSims81 ‏@EmSims81 CLAIMED

  Shawna Jones @shawnagjones CLAIMED

  Lauren Figg @lawnfig CLAIMED

  Dulyne Grant CLAIMED

  Stella Barrientos X

  Megan Rorer X

  Tianna Kelly X

  Lindsay Easterling X

  Dawn Frederick X

  Claudia Schlager X

  Agata Kol X

  Rochella Duijs X

  Kristine Knowles X

  Jacob @Jacob_Frittata CLAIMED

  Sandy Gallia ‏@sandygallia X

  Jocelyn Wing @SkeleJocelyn CLAIMED

  KellyHannah @kellyhb5_MTS CLAIMED

  Slothlax ‏@Slothlax CLAIMED

  TheDutchSimmerx @thedutchsimmerx CLAIMED

  Cookie @simcookster CLAIMED

  Asia Slim Kingston X 

  Alishi Chu CLAIMED

  Samantha Elizabeth Davis X

  Megan McMahan CLAIMED

  ElderJymm @JimTracy4 CLAIMED

  DrDeath @CMDR_DrDeath CLAIMED

  Ferenc Nagy @Crash78 CLAIMED

Pralinesims - Upcoming makeup creations for The Sims 4

All our upcoming sims 4 creations!

Stay tuned… ♥

Do you have any favourites yet? 

The sims resource

love the sims resource found out about it a few weeks ago now im on it everyday xxx

love this

The Hand of Help

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Image result for custom education

Theft Sites

Just to be clear:  These are the sites where I have discovered my "stolen files," my Kyanite Blue evening gown and my Henna Hands.

Sims 4 Planet  at  uploaded by  lorelea  at   uploaded by Ossallea has posted my Henna Hands with a link going to  at  Not sure HOW it got there! did remove my Kyanite Blue evening gown after I contacted them via email requesting they do so. 

I have written to the others on a daily basis and am still waiting for them to respond and/or pull the files.  I fear Google Translate may be failing me.  (The sites are all Russian, not a language I speak.  lol)  As I am pretty new to creating, I value each and every one of my followers and downloads.  I am really quite annoyed about this issue.  I know I should take it as the "backhanded compliment" that it is... If it were just my Kyanite, I probably would.  But the misappropriation of my Henna Hands really annoys me.

Best Game

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Image result for learning education

Kern Lamp Set

Kern Lamp Set

Search Not Working!

I'm searching the site for stuff I want but nothing's coming up, it just says Loading or something like that. I've logged in, I've given it time, I've refreshed the site when it takes agaes. Is this common, or should I get it looked at?

How Do You Handle Theft?

In my last blog post, I mentioned how flattered and grateful I was to the individuals and websites who have featured my creations and provided links back to The Sims Resource.  I regret to say not all webistes are that honest.  I have since found a few of my creations available for download at other sites, something I specifically do NOT allow.  I have sent messages to the Administrators of the websites and am currently awaiting a result.  I wonder, how have you other creators handled situatons such as this?

1k+ Downloads!

I'm completely speechless! My Tattoo set was published on the 19th of June, it's now the 21st and it's passed the 1k mark of downloads!

I'm so pleased as I never did have much confidence in my self or my creations. But this is fantastic and I'm encouraged to do more. 

I've done my second tattoo pack and now I'm on my third which features floral back tattoos. I've also been working on some clothing too, which I'm quite pleased with! :) 

I'd love some feedback on my creations and if people have some suggestions feel free to share! 

Thanks so much for making my day!


Metens' Fashion Show 2015 by Lavigne's agency

Hello everyone! My dear friend Karla Lavigne organized a Fashion Show with my sims 3 creations! I was so happy to see the final result, she really did an amazing work! Thanks for everything and thanks to all contributors and models for making it possible! Karla you're the best!

You can watch the Fashion Show here:


The 170k Facebook Likes Giveaway!

We now have over 170,000 likes on our Facebook page, and over 10,000 followers on our Twitter.  To say thank you and show how much we love you guys, we're celebrating by giving away over 25 Amazon Gift Cards.  The cards range in amount from $10.00 up to $100.00!  (Use your card to buy the latest Sims 4 Stuff Pack, or anything you want.)  This giveaway is open to everyone, all over the world, except where prohibited by law.  You must have a valid email address in order to accept the prize.  

To be entered for a chance to win:  On Facebook, like & share the contest post.  On Twitter, fav & retweet the contest post.  (Doing it on both sites will double your chances to win!)

Winners will be chosen randomly from both sites on Saturday, June 27, 2015 and will be announced on this blog post.

Good Luck!

I'm Flattered & Thankful

Just out of curiousity, I googled myself: DragonQueen Sims.  I fully expected TSR to appear, and it did.  Surprisingly, so did many other sites.  As I clicked on each one of them (yes, each one! lol), I was deeply flattered and grateful to see my creations appearing on such sites as Sims4Downloads, Sims4Updates, MySims4Blog, Tumblr, Pinterest, ScoopIt, and even a couple Russian websites.  Wow!  (If I left any out, I'm truly sorry! Forgive me...)  Thank you so much to each and every person who uploaded a link to my creations!  Thank you to each and every person who's downloaded!  -=Air Hugs To All=-


some of you reported that my latest items had some texture bugs so here is the list of updated creations, as soon as i'm done with the rest of them i will update the list:







UPDATED 19.06:







I'm back! (And rambling aimlessly! lol)

I'm FINALLY back! I'm a single creator (I make my stuff alone on my laptop), and I'm in college, aspiring to soon go to grad school to get a PhD in Neuroscience! *hopeful*. But because I'm a single creator with very limited time on my hands, my creations may be rather spaced out, and you probably won't see any at all when I'm in school: for non-americans... American College School Years go like this: A total of 3 semesters in a year (but most people only take 2 because Summer Semester is unpopular - for obvious reasons... lol). Fall Semester typically runs from mid-September to early December. Then winter break. (I might publish in winter break.... stay tuned). Then Spring Semester starts in early-mid January and runs through early May. - This is the typical timeline, some schools vary a bit... it depends on the school. I attend Northern Kentucky University... just across the river from my long-time home in Cincinnati (in the southern-most tip of the state of Ohio, nestled right on the banks of Ohio River. - It's a huge river, but supposedly very polluted. :P No one goes swimming in it, but it's popular to take the riverboat cruise for a day). If you've never been to Cincinnati... there's a lot to see and do here! The great thing about going to NKU is that it is just on the other side of the river and access to public transportation is really easy! There is a bus stop right outside of the MEP building (Math, Education, and Psychology). The bus will take you downtown or to the popular nightlife spot of Newport on the Levee, on the Kentucky side of the river.

Anyway... (I was getting off-track... as usual. -_-') I have very little time during the year... so I ask all of my simmie friends and people who like to download my stuff to please be patient... I'll make something new eventually! But... case in point.... those Anime Eyes... took me over 5 HOURS to complete and upload to TSR!!!

Also... I'm a beginner in the extreme! I'm very flattered that TSR considers the stuff I upload to be worthy of posting... and I was absolutely shocked that Pralinesims posted a comment on my newest creation! KYAAAA!! :D <3 <3 I'M NOT WORTHY!!! I'M NOT WORTHY!!! * prostrating self before one of the gods of the modder community!!!* (If you don't know what "prostrating" means - .

I'm such a beginner that I don't know how to do meshing at all yet or how to create new clothes by recoloring and make them look believable (they look flat!) :P Also... I don't know how to create mods of any kind! - Maybe someday!

I really hope you guys like my stuff! I made it for my love of The Sims and what I thought people might like.

If you haven't guessed already from my Anime Eyes... I'm a anime/manga freak... I'm almost an Otaku!! (Oh god!) (PS... Otaku = crazy fan of anime/ gaming).

I draw a lot of anime/ manga characters on paper and I wanted to try making anime eyes... because I'm sometimes a bit disappointed with the very small number of choices available. I suggested using Pralinesims' Doll Lashes Mascara because it works really well as anime eyelashes. I tried to create my own... but failed miserably. They looked like crap x10!!! *sob*. Anyhow... my eyes ended up (unintentionally) looking very Shojo! But I guess that's not surprising... given that I read and watch a ton of shojo with cute looking girls in them. (If you haven't guessed... I'm a girl.. hee hee! <3). One of my current favorites is Skip-Beat... which is a manga that is still currently running in LaLa magazine in Japan and the graphic novels are being published in English by ShojoBeat. It's also a pretty good anime. I really suggest it! But... as usual... the manga is better than the anime.

Anyhow... enough of my pointless rambling...

Have a great day everyone! And happy simming!


For a few weeks I was creating my own Sims 4 website, that's the reason why I didn't have much time to create for you.  

Although the site is not ready yet it is online now. Just need to add some things in the future as soon as possible. 

For now...back to create some clothing for your simmies :D

Next week...'ll be getting this. (SORRY, but I swear you'll love it. You've waited for this for a long time.)

The Bad, The Good & The Bad

Our family has been heartbroken by the passing of two of our beloved cats in less than four months.  We'll always miss you, Cheech and Zeus!

I updated my laptop to Sims Get To Work. Now my newest creations aren't appearing on my husband's computer (the one I use to photograph my uploads). Surprisingly, even the base game items that I recolor aren't showing up on his computer. So, yes, he gets an update too. To those of you who download my items from now on: You may need to update to Get To Work to get my newer creations to appear in your game.


Hey guys it's Shelley , follow spree <3<3

New sets

As you can see I am back. I also have lots of creativity so I'm busy with recoloring some more sims clothes. I am guessing you want a sneakpeak so here is one


Thank You Everyone!

I just couldn't resist creating a set of henna hands for my game. When I realized there weren't any available here at TSR, I knew I had to upload them. I hope you like them too! Thank you TSR for Featuring them on the front page! :) And thanks, in advance, to all who download them!

Not gone for good.

Taking a little break from building houses for the Sims 4 to work on my "Real Life" house. Redoing my whole main level. I must say it's much faster to do in game then in real life. I'm still playing the Sims 4 and Sims 3 I just don't have the time to do what it takes to get my houses uploaded....but I will back with lots more.

Thanks to everyone who has downloaded one of my make it's so worth while to share and have others enjoy them as I have.




I'm back :)

Hello all,


I'm back, sorry for being a long time away because of university. I will upload more creations soon, stay tuned!




Wow! Again, Thank You!!

I was absolutely amazed to find my Jaipur set on the Front Page! It took me completely by surprise. I love the set and I hope y'all like it too! THANK YOU SO MUCH TSR and Sims4Studio!


I'll be posting my next upload, well, next week, along with a snapshot. Promise!

OMG - Thank You!

I'm still recovereing from all the water we've seen here in Texas the last few days... Thankfully, I had a few items waiting in the wings for y'all. I was so surprised when  I logged into TSR this morning. OMG! My Rainbow Pride Eyes are on the Front Page. It was totally unexpected and sorely needed. Thank you TSR for uplifting my spirits! Thank You to everyone who has downloaded my creations!

Currently ...

I've not forgotten, But I went on Hiatus to play Witcher 3. Currently I am addicted to that game.

However making Items I'm considering to make a bigger batch than I have done already -  I''d love to hear from you as teh ready/surfer/downloader in what you would like to see in my next batch of shirts...

Leave a comment and I'll check to see what you suggestings.. Music, games, or just slogans.. I'll see what I can do ...

<3 you all and Thanks to all who have downloaded!


Hello! I just love sims and I am here to download CC. I am working to create some in the near future! Have a nice day and Avoir!

CC clothing requests?

I am wanting some custom clothing made for the sims 3 and have the TSR Workshop but do not have photoshop to edit anything sowas wondering if anyone takes request for creating new clothes?

Thank You So Much!

I was pleasantly surprised when I logged in this morning to find my men's Skull Tag set on the Front Page!  Thank you so very much TSR!  I am truly flattered.  I hope y'all enjoy the set as much as I have!

Tiffanys Lamps Too!

Tiffanys Lamp Too!

Thank You TSR!

Thank you TSR for featuring my Wings Earring Set on the Front Page!  They're so pretty in the game, I just had to share!  Thank you, again!

250,000 downloads Reached!

Hi everyone!,

It is almost unbelievable and I´m so happy to tell you all that I have reached the milestone of 250.000 downloads. After a month and three days the downloads have grown from 100.000 till 250.000 downloads! And again I want to thank you all for such sweet comments on all my downloads. Creating new CC for you guys became such more fun with all the support you gave to me the past year. I will keep going on in making more CC and I´m trying to create more different things and I hope you will all like it.

lots of love,


Still Learning, Still Creating

I have a confession: I never used Photoshop before February, 2015, when I started creating my Sims Survivor shirts. I'd like to think I've come a long way since then. That being said, I also began playing with Blender that same month. I am not much further in Blender now than I was then. LOL My clothes mesh attempts are frustrating me. Meanwhile, my jewelry meshes are coming along (albeit slowly). So, I guess my point is this: I'm taking regular breaks from Blender to keep recoloring the things I want or need in my games and, of course, sharing my favorites with you... I hope y'all enjoy!

Peacock fever :)

How can someone resist to the beauty of a peacock feather? We always loved it and, in the past, we brought some pieces using peacock feather for Sims3.

Now we started to create some new pieces for sims4 with it too. But don't think we are done with this pretty feather ;) We will be bringing much more peacock decors in a newer future. Just stay tuned!

We only wish you appreciate it as much as we do ^^

Happy simming!



TS3 Conversions

TS4 to TS3 conversion packs are available on my tumblr page. Nine shoes were converted.

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