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I apologize.....

for not responding your comments the last weeks, but I'm professionally very busy. 

We've startet a new project and have spent most of my time in my office the last weeks.

I really  appreciate all your lovely comments but I can't answer all of them at the moment.


Iotic Surprise

As soon as Larry heard she was preggers, he begin looking for a house, outside the city. He was over joyed that afternoon, he helped her out of the car, his beautiful, glowing, sexy wife, and still hiding child. (Ooooooo, boy or girl, boy or girl, Larry is stoked to find out.) Helen watched Larry’s face as she got out of the car that afternoon. The love and adoration she saw there almost caused her already erratic emotions to throw tears out of her eyes, and buckles her knees in happiness.

Helen thought she looked like a penguin. Ankles and knees so swollen with water she could hardly bend her leg causing her to waddle, while swinging her big baby bump (8 months in) from side to side. (A few condiment racks have felt that swing.)Her eyes moved from her soul mate’s face to the little blue mobile home behind him. He was instantly forgotten, so was the fact that she was with child, and that in order to move she had to walk…..not fly.

To others they had never seen a pregnant women move so fast. Helen, in her own world of happiness (could have been a hormone high, who knows), moved around the outside of the house, caressing walls, window sills, and garden bushes. “Please let the inside look like this too!”

What she saw was, a cute little unkempt garden and large flagstone grilling and family area in the back yard. This one had potential, and Helen was losing patients. Twenty-eight houses, that is how many dirty, backwoods, porch sitting, banjo playing, overpriced, under cared for, insane, and scary houses. The inside of the last trailer had been totally gutted, no walls…..even in the bathroom (the plumbing was there, just no walls). I mean come on! Who does that! Cute yard, horrid house. (grumble, grumble, ow cramp cramp, grumblegrumble grumble)

Helen was in love with this yard especially the gumball, the outside of the house; she stood and waited for the realtor to unlock the door, holding her breath. (I guess when you go house shopping you pick up not to taken in the first gasp of air that comes from the newly opened house; at least not the houses in their price range.) *gasp* a blank canvas, tan carpet, no stains, clean kitchen (still smelling of sawdust), fresh white bathroom, nice size………



“We’ll take it!!!!!! Honey, I think my water just broke.”


Re-upload Crystal Lip Gloss

I fixed some dark color appear at the right lips. I couldn’t find the way to upload new package at TSR so i’ll post it in HERE. Could u download it again plz. I’m very appreciate it. Thank you :*

Happy Halloween

Hello my friends ♥♥♥ Wish you all a very Happy Halloween ♥Hugs♥

My Guestbook is now working!

My Guestbook has been finally fixed by the admins, so now you can finally sign it and leave your comment without any problem! I'm now able to read all your old comments, so I'll probably answer them in the next days >.< Thanks to everyone.

a special day

Today I have a special day. Number of downloads crossed the border 2,000,000. I'm happy. Thank you all!


Happy to be working on more flooring today. FINALY got a program to mkae life a lot easier.. .:) 

Can't wait to see how many people will enjoy these new floor pieces. 

Sims3 Wedding Place-3

My Latest designs
S3-Wedding Place-3- Published Oct 18, 2014

Download LINK Click Here!


Trying to decide waht I want to work on today or if i just want to take a day off from creating... Decisions...decisions ... 

Thinking today I am going to work on some wall designs again and maybe try and get some flooring done.. 


Today I am working on more wallpapers. I have already made a couple real nice wallpapers for baby rooms. I am hoping to finish a couple more hats for men today as well as some new carpet. 

I am always looking for good ideas so if you have one... Please share it with me :)


How to make transparent parts on sims clothing

As  I am asked a lot, "how do you make transparent clothing" I have written this mini tutorial. I hope you can understand it! First of all I use Gimp 2.8 because its free. I have now added how to do it in as this is also free. 

When you are creating your clothing and wish for a section to appear transparent (see through) for instance the neck or sleeves etc, basically on your multiplier, add a new layer to the part u wish to be transparent, fill that layer part with black (or whichever colour your item is) and reduce the opacity on this layer only, by 50%-60% depending how transparent you want the piece to be . You need to do it in layers so the rest of the clothing stays in solid colour. For lace etc, i download brushes for gimp which are plentiful on Deviant Art , you simply download the brushes file, open it and move it your MyDocuments/Gimp/brushes folder. Then refresh the brushes tool in gimp and it should show up there. There will be already transparency within these brush designs as well but as with creating transparent colours, you will also put the gimp brush laces as a new layer ,so as not to lose any texture quality to the rest of your creation.  happy creating, feel free to share. See picture below for visual instructions , it applies to both sims 3 and 4 :) Happy creating! :) x





*this is my way of doing it :)

The Razzing of Don...err...I mean...The Raising of Islyngton

Emma and Neal sold the watches, and built Islyngton with the money. Neal following the raises and promotions of the tech branch and Emma following the painter branch. Making friends with other Sims new to the area, they sit back and watch the town drama unfold. After a time it they realized their little shack just wasn’t big enough to have as many friends over has they wanted.

The time had come to ask, were they ready to settle down here; it did seem safe, or instead of putting down roots were they going to run and start all over again with the savings. After many hours of talking and deliberation of pros (have a real home, no one was looking for them) and cons (have to start over.)

The savings was used to build an addition to the house. They had friends here and town drama better than TV. Plus they had a wonderful idea for a drinking game at the building party. *Insert evil laugh here.*

Neal got all the paperwork and supplies ready, friends from the neighborhood came to help build, and drink all the juice. Even the Matriarch and her gaggle came, *wrings hand menacingly “purrrfect”*. Mina was right on board with the drinking game, she was kinda their “insider.”

Ayla was the first to get things started, “Hey Don!”

“Wha?” came the response sounding bewildered that some else besides himself could talk.

“Not much just, cheers,” Ayla and everyone else raised their glasses then drank, “good to have you here”

It was a fifty chance if Don would say “wha” or “uh” when called upon. Jerry from the new double wide across the way thought it would be a laugh to use this information as a drinking game. Don was clueless ninety percent of the time anyway.

The addition got built in record time. The Garden Club helped re-upholster and varnish furniture.  A few had some white elephants they added to the décor. After 2 weeks the new addition was done.

At the “Addition Warming” party they used “uh,” and the first Sim to sleep on the new couch was Don, passed out, from too much juice.


October 14th, All Sewn Up

My next Sims 3 set is scheduled for publication on October 14th, All Sewn Up is a set for the Sims who loves sewing and handcrafts. The set includes a professional sewing machine (decorative only), sewing desk, parson chair, storage cabinet, vase of tulips, knitting basket and a dress form. It was a fun set to create, unfortunately I don't have time to sew, knit or crochet in real life, lol. The collection folder for the set is available for download at MediaFire.

I really appreciate all the lovely comments, compliments and welcome backs, which I have received from fans of my work, thanks ever so much!


Carolyn a.k.a. Cashcraft

I REALLY need feedback from y'all on my lots, folks

I can count on my hands how many times I got a downloader who either sent me a picture of my lots in their game, or sent me a message tellingme a lot wasn't installing.

I REALLY need y'all to tell me when installing my lots gives you trouble or not, otherwise I'll NEVER know what might be wrong, since of course they always show up fine from my end! Trust me; I don't INTENTIONALLY make lots that don't install in people's games. I'm far from perfect and I'm a bit of a ditz sometimes, yes. I can't do anything about the frakking Launcher blocking you from installing because of missing EP/SP content when I've got EP CC that you don't (other than to swiftly point you to Delphy's Multi-Extractor at MTS and tell you to turn the lot into a package file and put everything in your Sims 3 Library folder, eff the Launcher). But if it's an issue of CC not being listed that you actually need to know about, or a dead link, or something of that sort, I'll be more than happy to help, even if that means making a new version of the lot, just so people can use it. That's what I'm HERE for, y'all! Why are folks so dang hesitant to send me a little note like: hey, you may want to check ut XYZ, cuz I don' know about everyone else, but it's just not installing. I'm totally cool with that!

So I'd really appreciate feedback, so I can know whether or not any complications are simply due to you not having the necessary EP content, CC, or packages, or if I goofed up and need to go back in and fix the lot somehow.

So please. Even if you think it's just you, or you're doing something wrong, send me a message anyway! I've said this before -- don't sit around for hours and days on end struggling with the Launcher to get the lot installed, when you can more quickly just send me a message telling me what problems you had and your concerns. Maybe someone else is experiencing the same thing, and I can pass any information on so that everyone stays informed and enjoying what I have to offer.

I mean it, I'm not even kidding, y'all need to let me know. Cuz if a lot is borked for you it'll probably be borked for everyone, and the thought alone is enough to p*** me off, since I don't spend all this time making lots and sharing them only for no one to be able to use the freaking things -- that's a waste of my time AND yours.

This really goes for ANYTHING I've uploaded ANYWHERE. If I don't get a message telling me otherwise, I'll just assume everything's gravy, and the situation will NEVER get resolved.

So that's just something to keep in mind. MESSAGE ME.

Facebook page

I've created a Facebook page where I wil continue to upload WIP and updates. 

 Visit Cherryberry here and don't forget to click the 'Like' button! Thank you

Preparing a special gift for 100000 downloads

Almost reach 100000 downloads, this is so amazing!!

I NEVER imagine that I will have 100000 downloads!!

So, I am preparing a new cc for this a special moment...

I really want to make a special gift to everyone who are supporting me.

BUT...I thinking for a long time, still don't know which one is better...Tattoos?Hat?Shoes?

Lighting Ildflue

"Ayla inherited the house from her grandmother. Having had so many happy memories of childhood playing in the blue-flowered bushes in the backyard, she relished in the opportunity. Her family told her she wouldn’t be able to maintain such a lavish house and live her dream of being a painter, they, wanted to sell. Embracing a chance at a new life and simly adventures Ayla embraced this new chance at life.

Joining the neighborhood garden club, getting a job at an auction house, and dancing the night away at The Blue Velvet, Ayla made friends and lived the way she wanted to. Far from the influence of her suffocating family. Soon she was living just in grasp of her means. Ayla started playing piano at The Blue Velvet to get a little extra spending cash, of course it wasn’t going well has she didn’t know how to play. The garden started suffering and she couldn’t remember the last time she cleaned the shower. Then there he was, her salvation. Not in a love sense, but in a needs a place to live and has money way, he was way too much of a lazy simhole geek to….well he was cute. *blush shrug*

 Tomnas had been crashing on the Caliente couch for the last days. The way Dina hung on his arm that evening said that wasn't where he was sleeping. The way she threw a fit when he told her about the rooms Ayla had, showed the only time he was on the couch was to watch TV; at least Don hoped. Tomnas told her he needed some, ‘me’ time to work on his programming. Told you he was a simhole.

Apparently Tomnas was a trust fund kid. Got his lump sum of 20,000 simoleons and baled. Rumors abound that he was running from something…or someone. Then again that is always where the mind goes when a handsome friend of Don's moves to town. (No worries, worse thing Tomnas did was steal the Crumplebottm garden gnome(s).

Of course all this back story doesn't help that now; Ayla is the town floosy (a crown Bella happily gave up) and home wrecker (did we mention he had been in town 2 days?)And Dina started a rumor that Tomnas gave her a SimTD, which backfired because....did we mention he had only been in town two days. We won't even talk about what that did to her reputation.

But hey who cares, they live in a gorgeous house right!.......and uhm on a side note, that big grassy area in the backyard is begging for babies. (Not to eat Silly Beans. It is waiting for little handfuls to be wrenched from roots and thrown at birds, at the cat, or mom, depending who is walking by at the time....)”

This was the simstory used build, landscape and decorate Ildflue.


Potting 2

Potting 2

The Idea of Islyngton

My first house has been approved! I dance the Snoopy Dance of Joy. As I said in my last blog I build and decorate for the personalities of the Sims.

The Islyngton family was based on Emma and Bae, from “Once Upon a Time.” What if August hadn’t interfered in their plans? Perhaps they moved to a shack of a house in Oasis Springs and really did get to start over. I dreaded having to build them house after house. I could have downloaded but then they are still moving from house to house every 3 days. A light Bulb went off.

The idea was that I was going to start them in a tiny shack of a house. Then as their lives expanded, so too was I going to enlarge the house. They stay on the same lot, in the same house. I experimented and learned that even with a house and a household on the lot you can change out the house. Just switch them right out! Genius!  First thought was, “What if I saved and shared each phase on TSR? Then others could benefit from it also.” Then I got impatient and started building, haven’t stopped yet. 

Still the idea is, I hope, a good one and I share the house with you. While this is the first house in the Evolution Series, I am sure I have many more knocking around in my sunflower seed feed brain.

Islyngton has three phases, and I am confident that at least 2 or 3 of you out there enjoy them all!

PROBLEM WITH THE FILE - (Square Sequin Dress)


Please remove the file from the mods folder. THE PROBLEM GOT FIXED AND TSR WILL UPDATE IT SOON.
I'm sorry for the trouble. Thank you for understanding.

The Opening of the Dollhouse

I am not sure how the rest of you look for a Sim house, myself, I look for what type of dollhouse do I want to play with. That is also what I build. For the longest time I tried to build and looked for houses that I would live in myself. Sadly I was allowing my imagination to live in an invisible box. Seeing what I wanted but not giving my mind permission to reach out and achieve it.

With Sims 3 coming to a close before I actually got any game play, I felt as if I got in on the tail end of history. However, with Sims 3 I learned a new way to grasp “vision’ in my decorating. I spent most of my play time renovating the houses that came with the game. Learning to decorate and build for the personality of the Sim(s). Unable to stay away from the creative outlet these games allow me, I was unable to enjoy the new MMORPG that came out this spring. My anticipation for Sims 4 spurred me on to learn better wall arrangement, object placement. Learning when it is too little and when (hopefully listening) it is too much.

I look forward to decorating back to the Sims 2 style; objects and recolors, actually having to hunt down that perfect chair with just the right pattern, through tens and tens of pages. Through the Sims I have discovered an art form. One where we craft beautiful items and using those create stunning pictures. This art form we share with each other.

As we all begin this new game possibilities loom ahead. New ideas for stories you want to play, a new patio set you are itching to make, that book of house plans you have been drawing for two months. There is the possibility that together we can perfect our art forms and bring many beautiful pixelated dollhouses and dolls together.



Hi everyone! I just started my TSR account and I'm hoping to release some of my creations soon for TS4. I usually make hair, jewelry, face/body textures and all of that good stuff, but for now, I'll just release jewelry. (I need to wait for alphas for hair and other stuff) But I hope you all like my stuff. ^_^



Who would ever have thought it possible, just with patterns, paintings and Lots . . . not exactly high profile stuff.

But, the 5million mark was well and truly passed sometime overnight and I am a very happy TSR contributor.  Thank you to all the wonderful people who have made this achievement possible and who have continued to leave messages of support, even though I am rarely able to spare the internet time to respond. You are all part of this event, and should share the kudos.    Love to all. 

1 Million Downloads!

Thanks everyone! I've reached one million downloads with 54 creations! I am super happy!

1000 Downloads Already

Wow Thanks Guys For 100 Downloads, I do it for Fun and It Just Makes Me happy 1000 Other people out there Like My Designs, So Thank You So Much Members Of TSR :D

My Facebook Page

I'm back...again.

Well I'm  back!  I never stopped playing the Sims...just stopped uploading houses.  My kids were younger and time consuming...building houses and creating the pictues for display was FUN but very time something had to give.  So I started actually playing the game and challenges for my own amusement.  

I started playing a new legacy family in the Sims 4 and my house started to look like my "VHouse".  This was a "light bulb" moment....figured I could redo my houses and improve upon them with the new Sims 4 building tool.  

I like building houses that are functional with room to expand as people play my houses.  I love the new building system in the Sims 4...however, I miss the Create a Style Tool from the Sims 3.  I feel a little limited with what is available currently for the Sims 4...but i know it's base game more to come hopefully soon. 

I tip my hat to all the FA/SA artists some lots I've seen and played are mind blowingly geogous creations. Thank you all for sharing!

Thanks for visiting and enjoy what ever I may create...many more to come.

A huge -THANK YOU-!!!

A huge -THANK YOU-!!!

Thank you so much for all of your kind congratulations on becoming SA for Sims 4. This gave me so much pleasure!!! You made my day!!!

Select Artist Sims 4

I just want to say thanks so much to everyone who has been flooding my guestbooks with congratulations and lovely things to say about my creations. Let me tell you, 

right back at you! Amazing job everyone all all your fabulous creations and congratulations to all the FA and SA for Sims 3 and 4! You all deserve it so much :D I appreciate all the nice comments thank you so much :) 

Happy Simming!


Margie :)


Does anyone know how to put standalone and custom swatch together in TS4? i use Sims4studio but it can't add custom swatch :(

I'm Back with The Sims 4 :p

Hello everyone,

I am excited to be back and creating for The Sims 4. I hope some of you got to try out my custom painted world for The Sims 3. People have asked me if I will still create for The Sims 3? Hmm, doubtful. Once a new Sims game drops I never look back. Unless EA/Maxis gives me reason to, I will be moving forward with the series. I am super excited to create however and just waiting for some ground to be broken in this area to get started. I decided to release the home I am currently living in even though it is base game. A good house is hard to find and maybe I have helped someone enjoy the new game better :) Peace and love to all, eager to see what awaits from all you amazing and charmingly friendly artists!

My music collection

I started my music merchandise collection. It all started with my daughter who really adores Miley Cyrus. But we had so much fun making it we decided to make a collection. At this moment we have 3.



  •     Miley Cyrus Bangers Tank top
  • Katy Perry California dreams Male hoodie
  • Avril Lavinge 2014 tour T-Shirt


If you want one of your favorite artist, just let me know and I see what I can do.




Thank You

Oct 1, 2014 I'm so proud and happy being selected as SA. 

I want to thank the TSR Artist Panel and everybody who  commented and downloaded my creations.

Thank You all!

Moving on to The Sims 4!

Hi everonye! Just a quick update - you may have seen that I now have a set published for TS4. I still have a set in the works for TS3, but my primary focus is now going to be working on TS4 instead.

As with any new game, please be aware that we are still in an early alpha phase, and still have a lot of learning to do.  I've tested the functionality of my set extensviely, and all objects from my first set should be working properly.

Also, please note that we have had a few reports of the "Laptop Mode" option causing some Custom Content to visually revert to the original EA textures. It currently appears to be a hardware issue, because not everyone is having the problem. I've personally tested my set on all levels of graphics settings, with Laptop Mode on and off, on both an Intel HD 4000 integrated chip, and an nVidia 650M GT dedicated card, and have had no issues.

If you encounter any issues, please let me know! (Or if you have any issue issues with any other TS4 content, let the original creator know!) Here's to looking to a bright, happy, custom-content filled future - happy simming!

Kaelan Bedroom


I'm considering on doing a selection of horror-themed lots for Halloween. The problem is- I'd end up using CC but knowing me I'd forget where the CC came from and where the CC in lots would be... I was thinking about using Custard to be able to identify CC but I've not used it before and Im not sure if it'll actually work. :(

Anyway, I'm planning to do lots on:

The monster house animation which came out in 2006, the amityville house, The Munsters house, The addams family house (maybe), I'm going to attempt the lost boys cave which will have a lot of custom content in it as (if you've seen the film) you can see how cluttered and how extraordinary the structures are. I have a lot planned, even some of my own designs all for my favourite season :D 

TSR is Weird now O.o

I'm sorry, but, can't helped it.
I knew the staff were busy with TS4 ryt now, but, can you put a little time to TS3 story?
It's not all the writter, but, me and some of my friends are dissappointed.
Last time we were submitted the story here, and approved 1 week later. *Dang!
Well, It's not the first time for happened before too.
It cause we have to postpone the following chapter that already been made. *Ugh
I'm not an excellent writter. I just love to write and share them. That's all.
And I was like, to said..torn?
I love TSR, but..if it continue like this..*Slumped.
Don't know...
I hope TSR will get better..*huugs TSR (PS : I'm not a weirdo)
Have a great day all! <3


(~ ̄▽ ̄)~

Hi guys! 

Slow process... but we're getting there! I am, seriously, sooo busy with my new school and stuff. But I can't afford to quit Determined. I don't want it to end like the first "Cyber Chemistry", so I will do whatever it takes to finish the story. I just wanna thank all of you for your sweet comments. It really, really means alot to me and I'm so glad there are so much people who actually like the story. He he. 

Replaced Files Sims 4 Object sets

Hi there, 


Just now i replaced the files for the SIMply Modern Diningset and the Toulon Dining, These files are cloned with a more stable TSRW and have a reduced filesize. Please 

redownload the sets and replace the files in your game, Thank you!



Frequently asked questions (TS4)

Please check this post for an answer to your questions before asking, thanks :D


1. How do i install the sim?

After downloading from TSR you will need a program to unzip the files. Unpack the files into your Documents/Electronic Arts/The sims 4/Tray folder and you can then open your game and find the sim in you gallery. You can read more about sims 4 downloads here: Installing the sims 4 downloads


4. The Sim does not look as pictured?

- Please read the creator notes to see what is included and what is not and make sure your game is updated.

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