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Home Spa Set

Home Spa Set


Hi. I might be creating a object, if you want me to post something on my blog!!


Very Very Busy

Hi Guys, i'm sorry i've been absent lately and didn't post any new houses. I was really busy with school because i'm about to graduate and have tons of works to do.

Good news is, after this week i will have plenty of time to make some new houses and play sims again.


If there is anything you would like to see me build, just leave a comment and i might just build it for you.

2 million downloads - thank you!

I still can't believe it as I just reached the 2 million downloads. I would have never thought to be honest that creating cc would become such a large part of my small life and I thank all of you for the support and the comments. It just made me realize how time flies by so fast and I'm so happy to still be that motivated to try to creating quality stuff for your games, you seem to appreciate them which is the most beautiful gift you could ever do so thanks :D Gonna stop here or I would be cheesy and we don't want that right? LOL

Update vom 03.06.2016


Simselines Sims Boutiquen

Update vom 01.06.2016

Simselines Sims Boutiquen

Update vom 03.05.2016

Simselines Sims Boutiquen

Update vom 21.04.16

Simselines Sims Boutiquen

Update vom 13.04.16

Fave CC Artists!

SO, welcome to my first blog post! anyways i just wanted to give out a few shoutouts to the BEST CC MAKERS OF ALL TIME!!






Go check there stuff out! bye!


If this was the first or second game in the series it would be a plum good game, but since it's the fourth installment to an insanely good sequel, long time simmers are really disappointed. Open world was such a welcomed thing in Sims 3, taking it away again is just cruel. And the color wheel? It's not hard at all to implement that. A lot of us don't know why the developers did this, and frankly it plum me, and others, off. It would be a shame to have to go back to Sims 3 without the improved build/buy mode and where sims couldn't eat and talk at the same time. But as buggy and flawed as Sims 3 is, it's my preferred game because of the open world, customization, and freaking toddlers. Who the plum decided toddlers needed to go? They were one of my favorite stages because learning to walk and talk, and now they're completely gone? It's ridiculous. And don't even get me started on the babies, you can't even carry them around the house! What the plum EA?

Time To Do Things

Really short first blog post, probably. I'm buying a subscription now. They actually should allow GIF avatars to animate but I guess not. I hope I can learn how to make my on CC soon. Anyway, yeah. Just gonna leave you with that. Thankfully there's forums. TSR gives you a lot of things to do. Like It's more than a CC site. That's pretty neat! I wonder If eveyryone here will hate me too...? Only one way to find out: Go to the forums and do nothing rude whatsoever! Thats how you get their attention. Oh and, call me Del for short.


News around the Sims 3 and Sims 4.


Thanks always to all those who follow me!
For now I'm creating a bit 'of various little things, makeup, clothes, house items,
but as you know I am an LOTS ARTIST and soon return with beautiful homes!
Thank you all and see you soon!

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Sims 3 seasons

Who else loves Sims 3 Seasons? I have been playing sims for quite some time and i must say sims 3 seasons is my favourite expansion pack so far. I love to play sims when im bored or upset and i have lately become addicted to custom content on this wickered website!! <3 hahaha anyway that's all for my first blog :D

Reminiscent Ceiling Lamps

Reminiscent Retro Ceiling Lamps

Selling Stolen Sims Content On Second Life

Posted by stealtic on tumblr:

Hey guys, I hate to have to be the one to make this post, but there’s a store on second life selling ALL stolen sims content from hair creators. They have some of the best selling items and this person has made a lot of money off of our work.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with second life, 250 lindens is around $1 usd, and creators make many sales from their products.

This store, “Magic Hair”, is claiming all of our work as theirs, and is one of the best selling hair stores on the Second Life marketplace. They have made thousands of dollars off of our work, and none of us have the power to take it down unless their items are flagged multiple times.

If you can help us all out, if you have a second life account, please flag their creations as “Listing Violations” > “Gaming Policy”. I was hoping to be able to do this myself but I haven’t had much luck. I wouldn’t mind of this content was converted to a game where everything was free, but unfortunately, this isn’t the case. 

If you can help us all out, that would be amazing. Content on this page is stolen from me, Newsea, Anto, Ade-Darma, Wingsims, Nightcrawler sims, Ulker, Skysims, Butterflysims, Peggzone, Kijiko, Kewai Dou and many more.

Thanks for reading guys. I’ll probably take down this post in the future if this store is taken down.


MahoCreations says:

I don´t have an account so please flag this store if you can! Thank you so much!


Hello GUYS!!!

I have news for your! I have now an official page on FACEBOOK!!!

Please follow my page, it would be an honor for me!!!


uhh, i already have a blog. (link to it)

yeah, i'm currently working on teaching people about 10x10 starter designs. they're hard, but pretty.


Los Sims 3 #01 BARCELONA/teresasims4


Los Sims 3 *TO THE FUTURE* MIDNIGTH HOLLOW ☻01 tRANG ☻ ♥tesasims




Making Sims to download?

I was wondering if I should create some sims for you all to download along with all the cc within the character design. Would you guys like that?

Toddlers and The Sims 4

Hey!! Welcome to my first blog post and if your new to this thing so am I,

I'm going to be talking about toddlers and a fw other things The Sims 4 needs.

I've known about the sims for 3 years now 2013-2016. I've had the sims 3 for 2 years  and loved the sims 4 for a long time but i don't have a job and none of my teeth had fallen out so, I waited for 1 and a half years for the sims 4 but i have watched so many sims 4 videos on youtube!!! so i know so much about the sims 4. One of y personal favourite things about the sms 3 was the toddlers I think the toddlers were so cute i didn't like the children or babies that much but i loved toddlers how cute would it be!!! SO EA GET TO WORK!!!!!!!! NO PUN INTENDED. Sorry I'm just weird but if someone is reading this from EA please have a family expansion pack and also more cribs it really limits you with one basinet and some people hate cc SO YEAH EA GET TO WORK!!! and pets you need little pets like a kitten to go with the christmas update for your sims to get a puppy or horse would be awesome!!! because iknow they want to do stuff differently but your missig the lovely classic expansions.

Well thats all I had to say BYE!!!

i'm back!

sorry that i kind of fell off the face of the earth for awhile there, i have been working two jobs and have been spending most of my time at work. i am back and hopefully will not do a disappearing act again because i am back to one job now so i have much more time on my hands. thank you to all of my supporters and i am so glad that you guys enjoy my creations just as much as i enjoy making them!


Hello and Welcome To my Page!!

I am going to start uploading some stuff tomorrow I am working on some sims 3 content,but I will start with the sims 4 next week so make sure to stay tuned I will try and get my sims 3 content ready for today but if not It'll be uploaded any time in this week :D


Solutions Set

Solutions Set

sims 1 my first love

been playing it for 5 years striaght now

But gonna hang out on tsr for a while and play sims 3 and check out sims 4

My Wife got ABDUCTED

Hey guys, I'm kinda of scared.. my wife in TS4 got abducted by aliens, I recently purchased The Get to Work EP so this is something new for me. Will she get pregnant? I don't want her to ruin to family with a little alien, lmao!


I believe the following two tutorials will be of a great help to you if you still have issues with downloading and installing items. by sim_man123


New artist

I play many yaers Sims 4 and now the time has come I do some creations from me at these site. I most first look how al do work here. Give me some time please.



Maybe Bye?

hi everyone! 

im being more active on Wattpad and i really want to spend more time and effort on making stories over there. im not sure i'll continue to write here on TSR. i do have a story that isn't no where near finished (Witch, Please) but it does take me so long to take the screenshots, fix them and on top of that, write the chapters. I'll try to make time, if not, i'm so sorry that I couldn't finish it. There's too many restrictions here and I'm too limited. I want to be free, people! :) anyway, if you like my stories, please follow me over at Wattpad. Drop by, say hi. And sorry again :/

2 million downloads

I am so proud of the work i have made through the years. Some are good and some are bad, but i am proud of it all. Each time i get a little bit better. Nothing would have been possible without the tremendous help of my friend Margeh. Thank you sincerely for all the help my friend. I just hit the 2 million downloads, and i want to thank everyone that did download my stuff. 


5 Million Downloads!

Thank you to everyone who has downloaded , commented or visited my profile. For the wonderful feedback , I truly appreciate it. I probably won't make another one of these posts again unless its something like 10 million which is way off in the future lol , but once again, I am really so thankful to everyone and for TSR as well, so much thanks given for such a wonderful site in which we can showcase our work! 

I haven't been able to comment all the time to everyone like I used to and i'm really sorry about this, but I am very busy in my personal life at the moment and trying to always create for sims 3 and sims 4 too takes up a lot of time! And there's just so many constant new creators coming to the site to upload, so it becomes nearly impossible to comment everyone all the time! I tried to keep it up for a while but it just became a bit too much LOL. But I am peeking in on everyones creations, and let me tell you, you are all creating such fabulous things!! So kudos to you all! 

Cheerio me deario's and happy simming!!!

Glass Pendent Ceiling Lighting Set

Glass Pendent Ceiling Lighting Set

Custom Roll Shade Part 5 Short

Custom Roll Shade Part 5 Short

Return to work loool

I finally have some time to return to play sims ... I had missed ;) thanks God my mother is recovering well ... the exams gave that once again she won another battle against cancer ... now I will return to work loool

My first released conversion

My first Conversion

I been making stuff just slown down in uploading to here in TSR, My lastest Creation has been a TS3 Store conversion for TS4 of Dr pepper Lip Loveseat. I'm amazed it didn't take to long though I had started out with some hiccups which had me question if I was getting sleepy. I tend to screw up when I get tired. It's only available on my site however but I'm happy with what I have completed never the less.

Hair retextures

I have noticed I didn't upload a bunch of hair retextures that I have made. Why most of my hair retextures are a no no for TSR, hairs from like nightcrawler, stealtic etc are. So I am in the progress of uploading them here.

No Submissions (Jan 2015 - 26 March 2016)

Hello. I am still unable submit my creations to TSR. I message support frequently only to be told the same thing that they cannot tell me when the submissions area system will be up and running again. As time passes by my passion has decreased rapidly and if the issue with the submissions area is not resolved by July 2016 then my membership will not be renewed. It’s heart-breaking to say this after all these years of being a subscriber and submitter to the sims resource however, after 12 months plus without being able to fulfil my passion, I’m not sure how much longer I can wait. Again I would like everyone who visits profile page on daily basis & continues download my items. The stats are a pleasure to see considering nothing New has been submitted for over 12 months. Thank you :)


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