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Thank You So Much!

I was pleasantly surprised when I logged in this morning to find my men's Skull Tag set on the Front Page!  Thank you so very much TSR!  I am truly flattered.  I hope y'all enjoy the set as much as I have!

Tiffanys Lamps Too!

Tiffanys Lamp Too!

Thank You TSR!

Thank you TSR for featuring my Wings Earring Set on the Front Page!  They're so pretty in the game, I just had to share!  Thank you, again!

250,000 downloads Reached!

Hi everyone!,

It is almost unbelievable and I´m so happy to tell you all that I have reached the milestone of 250.000 downloads. After a month and three days the downloads have grown from 100.000 till 250.000 downloads! And again I want to thank you all for such sweet comments on all my downloads. Creating new CC for you guys became such more fun with all the support you gave to me the past year. I will keep going on in making more CC and I´m trying to create more different things and I hope you will all like it.

lots of love,


Still Learning, Still Creating

I have a confession: I never used Photoshop before February, 2015, when I started creating my Sims Survivor shirts. I'd like to think I've come a long way since then. That being said, I also began playing with Blender that same month. I am not much further in Blender now than I was then. LOL My clothes mesh attempts are frustrating me. Meanwhile, my jewelry meshes are coming along (albeit slowly). So, I guess my point is this: I'm taking regular breaks from Blender to keep recoloring the things I want or need in my games and, of course, sharing my favorites with you... I hope y'all enjoy!

Peacock fever :)

How can someone resist to the beauty of a peacock feather? We always loved it and, in the past, we brought some pieces using peacock feather for Sims3.

Now we started to create some new pieces for sims4 with it too. But don't think we are done with this pretty feather ;) We will be bringing much more peacock decors in a newer future. Just stay tuned!

We only wish you appreciate it as much as we do ^^

Happy simming!



TS3 Conversions

TS4 to TS3 conversion packs are available on my tumblr page. Nine shoes were converted.

simplicitiee's New Blog! Updated!

My blog is up and running now! If you'd like to check out my stories here it is:

I honestly love TSR it's a great site, but for whatever reason I have too many problems trying to upload my stories and with this new blog of mine I don't have to worry about restrictions, approval or anything like that. But I must thank The Sims Resource so very much for helping my stories get out to an audience. 


Also for those who have already read my stories I did go back through and edit them sooooo there might be more information and pictures. Just to let ya'll know.

Today i create a new Sims

So I decided to send her to submisions, but it was rejected. Write something like rekomendaii read and so on. So I still can not understand why :( Here's a screens:

Small explaination for krystalchhakchuakI, how to upload a sim \o/

Hey! This will be a tad easier to explain how to upload a sim ;) 

First.. my question would be, do you know where to upload/submit your sim?
If you do, good! If not, continue -> See the green button at the top of the page with the text 'SUBMIT' ? Click on that and continue to the Sim game you want. I suppose you're going for the Sims 3 one.
On the new page, you see different tab sections and I hope you've no trouble with those. As the names like "Uploads", "rejected", etc.. are quite obvious.

Next! Lets take the rules in mind ^^

Here you can read about the rules for the sims! - CLICK ME -
Make sure you read it and clearly understand all the rules. It happens that you forget about it.. it's usually not a big deal. TSR may however reject your sims3pack and not allow you to upload the SAME file again. 

Other important rules regarding copyright etc... - CLICK ME -
Take not that the creations you upload are your OWN created creatoins. It always hurts original creators to see their creations being uploaded without permission. Do not forget either.. once you upload something on TSR, it's probably forever being here. TSR may use your CC pictures etc on other sites of them like facebook.

Regarding the screenshots of your Sims! - CLICK ME -
Unlike screenshots for the story section etc. The screenshots of your creations, objects, sims etc, MUST have the 4:3 size requirement. 


Next! Lets talk about the 'File' of your sim. 

A sim is supposed to be uploaded as a Sims3Pack. The way you get a sims3pack out of your sim is easy.
You'll have to go in game and in CAS (Create-A-Sim) and make your sim, or click the one you saved in the bin for upload. When you're done with the sim, hover the portrait of your sim, and click on the 3 dots... which should be appearing. There should be an option which says something like 'Export' your sim. I'm not very sure though, my game is in Dutch... TAKE NOTE! CC which is from TSR itself, will be automatically included. You do not need to link to the original download. Well, you shouldn't delete the files in your DCbackup, which also means that the CC you used were downloaded as Sims3Packs, otherwise, you'll need to post the original link in the sim info.

IF you use CC from other sites, you'll have to make sure that either, (1) they allow you to include CC to your sim and you have the evidence for that, OR (2) you need to undress your sim from that CC, export the sim and THEN add the CC again to take pictures with. If you do it the (2)nd way, you must not forget to provide the link of the download to the original CC, because TSR keeps up to the rules "You get what you see". 

But.. I'm actually not sure if they let you CC included from outside TSR.. I do know there are many lots which do have CC outside of TSR. I'm not sure if they allow that for sims. As I only do the (2)nd way. (Well, I actually don't include CC at all with my latest sims...)

What I said about after the 'IF' is probably quite said in the rules for uploading a sim, but it's really important to keep this all in mind when uploading a sim ^^. I recommand you to use the Custard Tool. (click, goes to MTS) With this tool you can scan your Sims3Pack and see if there's anything in it you actually don't want.


Done with the above? Exported your sim? Yes?
Then, you can find the sims3pack in your My Documents>Electronic Arts>Sims3>Exports Folder.
This is the file you'll be uploading to the sims 3! Go back the the 'Sims 3 Submit' Page. I hope you remember that there was written with quite big letters, 'Upload Your Creation'. Underneath you see 2 options.. you'll be picking 'upoad from my computer', proceed! Then you'll have to upload your file ^^! 

Now we wait until it's uploaded...
There's a chance an error page shows up or something. Do not panic about that. Close the tab and go to TSR again, and again the the 'submit' page. There should be something different now...

Uploads (1)

I hope the 'Uploads' now has a new number! Click on that. Your sims should show up! ^^ If you actually see nothing... and an error popped, retry. If it doesn't work. Make screenshots of your error etc, and post in the forums of TSR. That way other site users and admins can help you out. Perhaps it's even a TSR bug they need to fix ^.^

- Next!
Click on the name of your creation. There you can fill out everything about your sim!
Give your sim a cute, funny, nice or cool description, which catches your potential downloaders eyes and write all the necessary information in the 'notes' section. Despite of it saying (optional) I don't think it is. It's a REALLY important section. Except if all your CC is from TSR.. Then you won't need to put anything in it.

It's the best to fill everything in as much as you can. Except from the 'Notes' part, you do not necessarily need to do the other 'optional' ones.

- Screenshots
There are 2-given screenshots. These were automatically attached to the sim to show how the sim will be appearing.
You need to 'hide' these two pictures! Only 'admins' can see those pictures ^-^ Upload your own screenshots of the sim!
Make sure you don't make it too flashy and don't over-edit it, because TSR and your potential downloaders surely would like to see clearly what you're uploading and what they're going to download. I recommand to have atleast 2 pics of your sim in-game and one in CAS. You can always check my Sims Downloads and see what funky stuff I did with my screenshots, haha!

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask. If there are points you want to know more about, don't hesitate either.
I'll be filling this up with the extra information etc. If needed.

I surely used a lot of 'if' in this, didn't I? lol. I hope everything's clear and my english isn't as broke as I think it is xD
Have a lovely day!




OMG! I'm so happy to tell you all that a dream came true for me as I just reached the ONE MILLION DOWNLOADS.. 1 million I still can't believe it... This is just awesome I have no words to tell you all how happy I am right now! A huge thank you for your constant support and your sweet compliments about my work, I'm always trying to do my best to make quality clothes for your games, thanks a lot!!

Learning To Mesh

I have slowed down on my recolors at the moment as I'm in the process of learning how to use S4S and Blender to create clothes meshes.  As much as I've enjoyed recoloring (and will continue to do so), I find the EA patterns too limited for what I want to create.  It's a slow process so far.  For those of you who already create new meshes:  Bravo! Oh, and if you're inclined to share some tips, I certainly could use the mentoring! LOL


Sorry for not updating with any new clothes. I messed up my sims and I need to reinstal it. But I've been kinda busy so didn't have time yet. I hope to be back soon.

Sims4 Zara (Teen)

My Latest designs
S4-Zara - Teen

Download Zara Click Here!

**It Should Definitely Download!..

Skin-by S-Club Click here

Hair-by Ela Click here

Eyecolors-by S-Club Click here

Eyelash-by Kijiko Click here!

Lipstick-by ShojoAngel Click here!


**Loading Optionally!..

Sweater-by sweetsims4 Click here!

Top-by sweetsims4 Click here!

Pants-by sweetsims4 Click here!

Sims4 Shayna (FYA)

My Latest designs
S4-Shayna - Young Adult

Download Shayna Click Here!

**It Should Definitely Download!..

Hair-by Nightcrawler Click here

Skin-by MsBlue Click here

Skintone-by MsBlue- Click here

Freckle-by MsBlue Click here

Eyecolors-by S-Club Click here

Eyebrows-by Kijiko Click here

Lipstick-by Shojoangel Click here!

Eyelash-by Kijiko Click here!


**Loading Optionally!..

Dress-by Harmonia Click here!

Shoes-by MJ95 Click here!


I would appreciate it very much if whoever is trying to get in my account would stop. Make ur own, have a nice day <3

You Know What I Would Love To See...

Do you guys remember, in The Sims Unleashed, where if you wanted to buy/adopt a pet, you had to travel to a shopping lot and pick one out from the cages?

That would be something I would absolutely LOVE to see come back! I just loved the whole experience and feel of going to a lot and bringing back a new family member.

EA should definately take that into consideration when they create a Pets Expansion.

There could be a bunch of cage/tanks/crate what-have-you, and food and toys and collars you could buy.

Maybe, there could be an actual pet store, that your Sims could run with the Get To Work expansion. You would need to make sure the pets are clean and healthy, ready for purchase.

Alternatively, your Sim could choose to adopt (as an animal lover, I am very supportive of adopting/fostering pets), and they could to to a lot, like a shelter; something like RSPCA, and they could get a pet that way!

(You can't half tell I'm an animal

Anyways, this has been something I've been thinking about and I definately plan on contacting EA.. somehow.? and giving all my ideas. Maybe in the forums.

So what do you think? Feel free to let me know your ideas or what you'd like to see in the future for the Sims 4!

Happy Simming!


Hi guys! So i'm a newbie! xD I'm a shy, social, horseinterested girl with BIG dreams! I love chatting with internet people so text me if you're bored! I live in sweden an i've been playing since April 2015, so not that long! I got the sims 3 starterpack (ofc), the latenight expansionpack, the pets expansionpack and i'm planning to get supernatural and generations as soon as i got money for it! :D


The sims3 shoes :D


First of all want to thank you all for your comments and download, few time ago I have reached here more then 2 millions downloads. Thank you guys for this!

If you want to ask anything or leave your suggestion, wishes - visit my tumblr( ), it is better to contact me then in PM here, because it is a bit difficult to answer from mobile on TSR( I am usually use mobile internet because busy with work most of days)

Of course sorry that I am not thanks to every comment, but always read them and they make me happy!


Hello everyone!I missed the community of TS. Well some of you maybe know I am fashion designer (Stylist) at real life. So I am so busy person but finally I am back for Sims 4 Creations. I know you missed stylish and cool clothes for your cooler sims, after today I'm going to design for you. Enjoy with my creations.



Update N11

Hello! I wonder if people still read those blog things.. "Updates" should be quite visible on one's site.. or am I wrong? Oh well :D
I'm really neglecting my function as an artist on here, but I never expected to become one xD! I'm definitely going to change it however!
Unfortunately.. I happened to be in my senior year this year. And in a few days I've my first finalexams.

"Suki, get off that laptop!" .. No I don't wanna =3=

It explains why my uploads are very slow.. Well, it never had been "quick" anyways, lol! 
I can't wait to have finished the exams, because when I'm done I'll be going to practice a lot with creating as well as writing :D I miss it a lot to write stories with my simmies... and oh boy, I still need to catch up to the story section as well.. But no time!! Bah, bah and Bleh!! 

Next batch ..Coming Soon!

Just been working on a batch of Shirts for each of my locations, So teh next batch of Shirts I am gonna upload are game based of a popular game that is due out this month and has been mentioned it is already "gold".

I also have two other loactions I upload my Custom Content to but What I share here  at the TSR is exclusive to TSR and can not be downloaded at my other two locations. In total I have made over 10 Shirts this evening ...


I'm also amazed at the download my Gin Wigmore Set has had within a day of being available. I didn't expect it to have so many downloads, thank you all who downloaded ( even if your still downloading after this post)

My religion

I'm half Wiccan, half Catholic.  I'm getting married pretty soon.  Just so everyone knows.  Where I'm getting married at is at the Catholic church.  I'm so happy.  I miss my father.  I'm sure everyone wants to make sure I never forget him.  I love him very much, along with my mother, siblings, and grandparents.  I'm glad you met me first.

Just starting out ...

Greetings Simmer!

I'm just starting out in creating content for TSR, I have so much in mind and am currently aiming at making a pack of many shirts rather than single. I'm still learning so you will have to bare with me but once I know how to make swatches I'll have more to share.

I currently do not take requests, But your more than welcome to suggest ideas, Who knows I may even create it!



My Policy/Terms of Use

I had been meaning to do this for some time. There is no need to ask my permission to use my meshes for your creations. Why? Because you can take it alll~!!!! XD It's all free for you to use, any object meshes I upload. I don't need any credit; it won't keep me from breathing or anything serious like that, though the warm fuzziness inside when it's given is always a nice feeling. ^-^ All I ask is that you don't use my textures. They're not all that great, anyway, so this is more of a warning than a request, lol. Also, I have no problem with people re-uploading my work on other sites and forums (especially the foreign ones)--just as long as you don't say it's YOURS. That's bad, and the gremlins will attack you in your sleep if you say you created it when you know you didn't. As long as you say this is Elle the Hermit's or something, I'm a happy camper. Well...that's not true, I HATE camping--last camping trip I took was way back when I was a little girl and I've had BAD allergies since birth, so I was sick the entire time, and they loaded me up with so many meds that I was asleep nearly the whole time and missed out on the free marshmallows and no one bothered to frikkin wake me up and--omG I'm at it again! O.O

I've Got Troubles -- Accounts Hacked

Urgh, this has been a TERRIBLE start to the weekday for me! :( On New Years morning my computer got a registry error crash and I lost all my data (that was my fault though--I did something stupid, pfft!). Then my swollen hands and feet returned (it's going down a little now, so I walk with little pain -- don't ask how old I am to have such problems; you'll be just as baffled as I am!). And THEN, on the 17th, I woke up at around 6 to get the brat ready for school, checked my emails, and learned at at 3 or 4 that morning my Sims 3 account was HACKED!! Yes: HACKED! O.O Some complete @#$%^&*! went and somehow found my password, and used it to not only get into my EA/Origin account (and spend all my simpoints Gifting people), but then used it to get into my Google account and delete it. As such, all my related accounts like Youtube & Mediafire were deleted, and and my Photobucket account was hacked, my pictures either deleted or replaced with porn. *SIGH* I flagged the photos and reported them to Photobucket. We'll see if they can remove my old account, so I can start afresh under a new one. Yeah. Good times. EA contacted me straightaway when they saw a change in my account, which saved my tooshie--thanks EA/Origin! They managed to get my Sims 3 accounts back in order, change my password, and reimbursed me for my simpoints, so I am fortunate that that was far as the hacker got. And I learned a valuable lesson: strengthen your frikkin password, especially Google, since they like to automatically Connect you to every daggone thing!! I had that Youtube account before I even joined TS3 OR Gmail!! That was my baby! *sobbing* Just letting y'all in on the woe that is me! ^-^

A Lil' Break

Due to priorities, I'm afraid I won't be able to work on my creations for 3 weeks (at most!), but rest assured that I've already finished the meshes and only have to proceed to mapping, texturing, and converting them into packages for The Sims 4. Well, actually, making the meshes is the most fun part (at least for me).

Until then, just leave your comments wherever I can find them. You'll be hearing from me by the end of this month, latest. :)

A Brief Absense, folks

Sorry I haven't been around much lately, everybody. Over the weekend my computer somehow got a *crazy* registry error, and after a few blue screens of death in a row I decided (rather irrationally) to delete my entire user account and start afresh. Unfortunately, the last time I backed up my pc was on Halloween. :P So, I have been running around like mad trying to backtrack everything I've done over the past 2+ months, and try to recover as much of my game (and the multiple creations I was in the middle of completing--GRRRR!!! >_< ) as I possibly can. So far so good--I am currently reinstalling a LOT of CC, and hopefully I can be up and running again and back to finishing more creations some time next week, with uploads ready for you all by early February. My save files are all corrupted, so hopefully the backup versions will work, or it might take me even longer, as I'll have to start multiple projects all over again--*SIGH*. :(

Just FYI!!! ^-^

Thank you very much everyone for your comments.


Thank you very much everyone for your comments.

Sorry answer them around here but I have no time to thank almost never your commentaries one by one, so thank you very much to all for your comments and for your downloads, it makes me very happy that you like my creations



when i try to make content, i have no idea what to do. i looked up how-tos but their all ancient, and the the whole entire workshop makes no sense to me. 


Hello, lovely TSR, i hope to make great content!





Hi guys!

I'm so glad to announce that my creations were downloaded over 1,000,000 times! I want to say thank you so so much, your the best! <3 <3 <3 Therefore, I will soon publish a small gift for you all. It's also a very special set for PLL-fans ;) Stay tuned, it will be available on my minisite very soon!

1,000,000 hugs,


For Khira

With your flash drive crashed and your email "glitched" when it comes to Sims .packages, I hope you enjoy the HiLux Skirt and the (hopefully) upcoming Dr Who glasses!  XOXOXOXO

PMs All Gone, folks

Aw crap! :( They got rid of the old Private Messages in my inbox; so my PM page is totally empty--I was saving certain messages from almost a whole year ago--NOOOO!! *weeping* If you've sent me a PM recently and I haven't responded yet, please send it to me again. Sorry. :(


Hi, this is my new account. I love SIMS. It's SOOOO fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AM I TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO WEIRD?/

Thank You

Thank you, for making my first 100,000 downloads possible in such a short time.

I enjoy designing for the Sims and there will be lots more soon. I have so many ideas in my mind, but 

the days have only 24 hours *sigh*



Sims4 Daphne (FYA)

My Latest designs
S4-Daphne - Young Adult

Download Click Here!

My gratitude knows no bounds

I really feel that I should make a proper statement, that words really don't do much credit for, but I'll try to be as eloquently sincere as I possibly can: I LOVE YOU TSRAA!!!! :D lol


All silliness aside, I really owe the entire collection of TSRAA creators at TSR a debt of eternal gratitude. Without all of you, I would NEVER have been able to even START creating the way I do, let alone be promoted to Select Artist and then Featured artist a few months later! I get such inspiration from even looking at your creations and imaging how I would like them used in a room, and that's what makes my Lots come alive to such an extent that I get so many compliments, when really--TSRAA deserves ALL the compliments, utterly and truly. *Bows down before all of you with love*


I also want to give a direct BIG thank you to some of my largest fonts of support and inspiration: TSRAA artists Ziggy28 and Jomsims, who were my two very first Bookmarked artists that I chose when I came to TSR and totally fell in LOVE with at first sight. I love you, your works, and your continued contributions, with all my heart.


Also, to all of the other artists I am continually Bookmarking, I am such a HUGE fan--forgive all of my often senseless gushing on your creations download pages! ^-^ I just get very excited when I see something new that I really like! My Downloads folder is busting at the seams because of all of you!


And a final very appreciative Thank You to the very few of you who have Gifted me at my Murfeel page at the Store! I really can't describe how touched I am that you would actually GIVE me such a valuable present--you know who you are, and I am always just stunned when I get a new Gift; pleasure mixed with pain that I am so broke that can't get anything at the Store myself, and for you to help me to such an extent, just so that I can keep creating happily, REALLY means a lot to me--you guys really redefine the saying Putting Your Money Where Your Mouth Is!, and the only way I know how to repay you is to just keep creating!


I hope in my new position as a Featured Artist I can give you all above and beyond what you expected from me as a Select Artist! I am told that I deserve it, so I really hope I don't let anyone down! Elle Lauren

Latest Headlines

Thank You So Much! Tiffanys Lamps Too! Thank You TSR! 250,000 downloads Reached! Still Learning, Still Creating Peacock fever :) TS3 Conversions simplicitiee's New Blog! Updated! Today i create a new Sims Small explaination for... THANK YOU - 1 MILLION DOWNLOADS Learning To Mesh Sorry Sims4 Zara (Teen) Sims4 Shayna (FYA) stop You Know What I Would Love To... Hi! Shoes Asks/Requests/Suggestions/Comments HELLO EVERYONE!! I'M BACK FOR... Update N11 Next batch ..Coming Soon! My religion Just starting out ... My Policy/Terms of Use I've Got Troubles -- Accounts... A Lil' Break A Brief Absense, folks Thank you very much everyone for... Help Hello Tiffany 1,000,000 Downloads! For Khira PMs All Gone, folks NEW USER Thank You Sims4 Daphne (FYA) My gratitude knows no bounds
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