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Upcoming Creation preview! Anyone wanna color it?



Screenshot! Here's Chanel wearing my upcoming creation, sitting at the bar with a lady named Bianca glaring at her in jealousy. So I took this preview under recommended settings and I swear I'm trying my best to make good textures for my succeeding creations. They look so good in the game now, I think! Also, I'm considering allowing others to recolor my meshes. Maybe some of you have excellent ideas, it'll be good to know I inspire others to create.

Should I allow recoloring?

Why sims or houses wont`t show up in the game.

Hi everyone,

A lot of people ask me all the time why sims or houses wont show up in the game. Please don't worrie, it happend all the time and nothing is wrong. the house/sim is installed to your sims 4 game when the zip is unziped in the tray folder. You only have to set some settings.I used some custom content, so you may have to set your game as follows to see the house or sim appear in your game : Go in My Library, at the bottom of the left columns check "Advanced", then check "Allow unowned objects" and "Allow custom content".


The problem should be solved by these settings. I wish you all a nice day and happy simming!


Lots of love,


Towel Wraps Craze *fixed*

This is now a stand alone recolor of the original Towel Wrap cloned from EA ruched dress . Tested alone and also tested with the original towel wrap  in game. 



Thank You TSR

I am so flattered!  When I logged in, I saw my Chisos Bustier listed on the front page.  Thank you TSR!  I have only just started creating clothes and to have the 6th item I've EVER created listed there is truly amazing.  THANK YOU! 

Help needed with submission please!

Hey Simmers, i really neeed help on how to submit sims4. Now i dont know if im dumb that i dont really understand the submission help article,but i really need help, cause my sims on the gallery page only shows if you click in the box below 'include custom content', so ive decided to upload them here but  have no idea how. Please if someone would so kind into helping me would be great.

Summer Dress


rejected because TSR didn't like the specular (shine/no shine) 


Feels Like Wanted To Quit

This is my happiness but I have to learn more.

Learn more what?

Everything about TSR. Designing is not for me, Every downloads I get is still precious.

but for now, I have to learn and discover about designing, New Meshes, Everything. Maybe I shoud quit for a while. Starting over again and quit making childish designs.Maybe more fabulous when I came back! 

Thanks for the downloads Loves!

OPS: Everyday I'm online, I wanted to see all my friends here! Thank you so much Loves!

Reach 50,000 Downloads

Hi Loves!

I Had to reach 50,000 downloads to post new clothes because I felt like, I' m so overwhelmed in working and uploading, I didn't notice that I had so much creations that floods you. I'm sorry, But when I reached that goal I'll upload what you requested :)

Under Cabinet Lighting

Under Cabinet Lighting

Welcome to my blog



Wow, just realized almost 5 years........dang


Hi guys....been a long time, years in fact, but oh well that is the way of things.   Of course I have had Sims 4 since the release and all the updates and the new expansion which I love (competition going on in my head between it and World Expansion).   I think I have turned into a chicken scared former player of morrowind and oblivion.  For some reason, (cannot rule old age completely out yet), those games make me too nervous (even though i know it cannot be real). 


Anyway, even though I am probably the only one tha cares.  I love playing the game again.  I lost that somewhere since sims 1.  Building still does not have any draw for me yet.....hopefully it will again but I am not sure.  I crochet now (well again, mama hale (granny) taught me when I was very young.  And my love for sims is returning like a long lost friend.

Sims 3 Crazy nice bad mom challenge

this is a challenghe i made and this is how it goes.Back story:You and you boyfriend didint want kids because you said they were too much work in a dream before the day he dumped you and died you were geting married that day and you found out you were haveing  a baby you told him he told you a littel bit later you got  the news he die you were stuck with aa baby you didint want then you turned crazy you said to your self i shoud kill the baby but first make it feel nice you planned too treat it good till it was a teen then you would kill trap it in a dark room and make it stay there till deas.Rules:you must have 10 kids with 2 have you be able to chose everything about it so it has to know how to talk walk and to go potty kill 9 kids when they trun teen have no.10 live you must have 5 girls 5 boys you do the same thing for 3 gens 5 gen have a haappy rich family(staarting off you get 100.100 in funds.and thats the crazy mom challeng


Hello all, I'm here to say I don't have time for now to create more houses. I'm very sorry, but I'm in the university :( Maybe in the Summer Holidays I will be back :)


Have a nice day,


New Sims 4 Creations

After weeks of learning, I have submitted my first clothing for Sims 4.  I'm a HUGE Survivor fan, never missing an episode since it began.  How could I create anything else?   I made (slightly distressed) black V necked T shirts for everybody in that Sim Survivor fan family.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I am!

Little Black Dress


rejected because TSR didn't like the texture at the bottom of the dress


I Quit! *sadface*

All the trouble the Harley Quinn sim has been giving me, I thought I'd finally nailed it. Sent a fresh submission, as requested by the lovely TSR folk, and once again got rejected. Apparently this is due to the Arezzo Bathroom Counter attaching itself to the sim. Now, I've Googled my life away, checked the dashboard (nothing), I've looked in-game (nothing), I've followed the 12 steps laid out on the official forums and I've run my entire Sims 3 folder through Both Delphy's Dashboard and CUSTARD - everything comes up clean. That counter is nowhere! I'm at a complete loss and it saddens me that this will effectively stop me from submitting any of my crazy little sims.

All that love and attention I put into my sims and I can't share them with you. I'm truly gutted! :(



Sims4 Terra (FYA)

My Latest designs
S4-Terra - Young Adult

Download Click Here!


Woohoo!! Today I have reached 1.000.000 downloads and I'm realy excited about this :D

I enjoy creating them for you and spend a lot of time to make something beautiful so I'm very thankful that you like my creations and downloaded them.

Thank you! 

Facts About The Sims Resource

As I am in charge of TSR's Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc), I am often asked questions about the site.  I thought I'd compile some of those answers (in no particular order) here.  If there's something you'd like to know, however, feel free to ask in the comments!

1. Our record for visits in one day is over 167,000 users, of which 98,000 were unique.

2. We have 965,485 downloads available over all four Sims titles.  There are 96,661 downloads for the original Sims game.  684,629 downloads are available for The Sims 2. And 167,539 available for The Sims 3, and 16,656 for The Sims 4, with more new content published every day!  

3. Our most popular download category is Hairstyles.

4. We currently have 81 Featured Artists.

5. The site was created in 1999 by Steve Bonham and Thomas Isaksson. That's 15 years of custom content!

6. We accept submissions from everyone, beginners and professionals alike. Our Featured Artists get paid for their work.

7. Our site staff have been playing the game and creating for years. Meet them here -

8. We have a huge active forum, with information for every game as well as support for our Workshop program, and where you can request that our artists make something for you, here -

9. We accept screenshot and story submissions! Looking for some great Sim stories? Check them out here -

10. Each registered member gets his or her own minisite with a blog included.

11. Want to start creating? We have extensive tutorials available, helpful information on our forums, and you can even contact us on Skype to join our Learning and Creating chats.

12. All of our downloads are free, all the time, but we do have a VIP program for anyone who wishes to support the site. Learn about it here -

13. Speaking of our VIP program, we give away days of VIP service to the winners of our daily Facebook lottery. If you can't afford VIP, you can enter the lottery every day for a chance to win!

14. We currently have 160k followers on our Facebook page, and over 9k on our Twitter.

15. Having trouble with the site? Advertisements are the worst offenders, so we've added a Report Ads button on the bottom of every page. For other issues, please send an email to our support team -

I hope you found this information enlightening! 


Keep  Calm


Create Quality Content <3

Works In Progress & Upcoming Projects

A little list of what I'm up to and what I intend to get on with in the near future, mainly because I'm forgetful if I don't write them down!


In Progress:

  • The Bates Motel - in test-mode!!!
  • Columbia (Rocky Horror) w/ full costume meshes


The 'To-Do' List

  • Calamity Jane's Shack (possibly both before and after versions)
  • Mushnik's (Little Shop of Horrors)
  • The Maitland House (Beetlejuice)


Since I'm having crumby luck with Sim submissions, I think I'll only be sharing them here in screenshot form. *sob*


Social Media Sites I'm On!

Hey guys, today i'm sharing my social media sites that i'm currently on,

If you guys wont more downloads, other than here Then you will need to follow, or add

me on these sites. I do Tumblr Gifts, They will also be shared on my facebook page as well. 






Facebook (Link

Tumblr (Link

Website (Link

********REQUEST ARE CURRENTLY TAKEN*************


Just noticed that I have almost been on TSR for 3 YEARS! Wow.. I am really surprised to find this out. 

Possible Come Back?

I have been away for so long... I did some new recolors for Sims 2 just recently.... It feels like so long ago.  I got just about all the expansions and stuff packs for sims 3 now, and looking to create for it, if I can ever figure it all out.  It looks so much more complicated then 2.  Working on buying Sims 4.  I bought a used disk for $1 to find out you can't install without entering the key into Origin, and the key can only be used once.  So I have a useless Sims 4 sitting on my shelf... I'll try again soon at acquiring Sims 4.

Sims4 Elleny (FYA)

My Latest designs
S4-Elleny - Young Adult

Download LINK Click Here!

Study Desk Lamps

Study Desk Lamps

Hair for The Sims 4

Hi everyone!

I have been noticing that a lot people have been leaving comments asking where I get my hair for my S4 creations. I haven't been posting the link to the hair in my notes section for this game, mainly because I get all of the hair I use for my models on TSR! And if you can't find it here on this site well then...I don't really remember where I got it, sooo I'm sorry about that x.x.

I hope that helps a few people out!


makeing cc

i cant find a photo shop program so i cant make CC i tired the one that everybody uses didint work so i got a unziping program(the  trs workshop does work for me)i even tired useing the art program on my pc so if you know  of a photoshop program pls comment and link it:)

Semester has Started... have you noticed?

Hi everyone,

I am very sorry for my absence over the last couple of weeks. I am three weeks into semester, and I'm getting closer to finishing my degree. The work is hard, and I'm really struggling to fit everything into my shcedule. I simply have not had time to even start up my game, and I haven't had much time to hang around on TSR either. The good news is that my mid-semester break coincides nicely with the release of Get To Work, so I plan on taking some time off to sim! I still have to work though, so I'm still unsure how much building I'll get done. I promise you'll see something - I'm starting to get withdrawls!! - but it might not be a whole lot.
Thank you all for sticking by me. I'm nearly up to 300,000 downloads, which is incredible! I really can't express how grateful I am to all of the wonderful people on TSR who download my creations and leave lovely comments. You guys make my day every time!


Frustrations of Submissions!

It would seem my Sim keeps jumping from the Sims 3 Submisson plane and landing in the Sims 4 field. In other words, I submitted a Sims 3 sim and had it rejected because for whatever reason it was reaching the Powers That Be (who do a cracking job in speedy submission processing) as a Sims 4 submission. Has anyone had this problem? Crazy!

And the Sim in question? Harley Quinn. Mad little madam that she is, I mean, she's so insane she goes swimming in her formal clothes!

Let me know if any of you have had this same issue. Surely I'm not so dumb that I can't tell the difference between a 3 and a 4? Right? Riiiiiiiiight? *sigh*

Maybe I'm the one who's gone insane...?


Sims4 Rooms-Kid's Room-01

My Latest designs
S4-Kid's Room

Size: 7x8 
Furnished: Yes

*Download the following Custom Content:
-Cassandre Bedroom
(by Pilar) : Click Here!

 Download LINK Click Here!

Sims4 Zach (MYA)

My Latest designs
S4-Zach - Young Adult

Download LINK Click Here!

Pending Builds!

I just submitted my first lot . . . 


I'm thrilled to say that my first lot is finished and uploading, and is now being reviewed this very second! 

S4 Tropicana Outfit Updated!

I have had a couple of people report problems on my Sims 4 Tropicana outfit which has now been fixed. Thanks to nz401 and Mich for letting me know, thanks to Colores Urbanos for helping me fix and test it and thanks to Gea for replacing the new file :) All is good,  people , all is good :)

Currently Building Houses

I am currently building houses.

If you would like to request a name or style, or promote your cc objects, I'd be happy to include them in the process.

MisterS Pool Table Deco Recolors

MisterS Pool Table Deco Classic RecolorBrunswick Pool Tables Tour Edition



Get To Work Preview!

Get To Work. Really says it all. I had the opportunity to view and play the new EP Get To Work on Friday at EA UK. I was quite excited as we all asked for this in Sims 3 and never got to have the EP we all loved from Sims 2 days.


I tried to get a handle on everything to let you all know what was coming with the EP but 3 hours was hardly enough time and I found myself all-over-the-place! I wanted to be a doctor to see patients as Sim Guru Azure explained we could. I wanted to be a detective and solve a crime. I wanted to be the scientist that discovered a porthole to the Alien world. THAT'S RIGHT ALIENS! SQUEEEEE.


I wanted to start my own business, hmm what would it be....Bakery, clothing, just couldn't make up my mind! Snapped pictures as I went, but not enough, went in the game in a frenzy trying to do everything and I mean everything. Think about this, 3 hours. That's it! They give you the best EP EVER and give you 3 hours.


So I will try to give you the lowdown on what I did and saw.

 You get a new neighborhood. Not sure if I should call it that as it's a new section with 4 lots, 3 are prebuilt retail stores. We were told you can build your business in any of the neighborhoods so I checked out the old community lots and sure enough there is a category now called retail. So technically you can knock down the 3 businesses and live in that new 4 lot section building your businesses elsewhere. I'm not sure if 4 lots was for the demo or if that will be the way it ships. That was unclear. As far as I could tell you couldn't have a home business, it must be out in a store. You can hire employees. In retail you have to sell your product, they aren't just going to buy off the shelf as far as I understood. You transfer money from your household to your business to run it and you can also transfer back to the household if you do well.



I got the business and set it up then played for what seemed like 5 minutes selling, setting prices, getting the business going really well, then looked up and Oh No T-I-M-E! I had to move on.

 I moved on to the scientist as when I watched the Demo Sim Guru Azure played I knew that was to be a fun bit. I loaded a pre-load game as it takes a while to get your Sim up to science levels that you need to have the skills for calling on the aliens. You will have the ability in your scientist job to craft a porthole to the alien world. YES! We finally get to see where the aliens live! And they like to "Partay". I took my scientist to their world through the porthole and interacted with them a bit.


The aliens also have a new twist. They have the ability to disguise themselves as humans and walk among your Sims unnoticed. All jobs have set goals you must accomplish in a work day and his was to lie to the aliens about what he did for a job. I could not for the life of me get that to happen, but again it was time so I had to move on.


I then went to be a crime solver and had one of the Sims be a detective. You actually go to the police station and all sorts of tools you need are there. You get assignments on crimes that are being investigated Detectives find crime assignments from the computer and travel to a crime scene from the crime board. Once at the scene you look for clues, take crime scene photos and question witnesses. While I didn't have time to actually put together all my clues (as I wanted to try the doctor too) I did have time to gather all the evidence. It was really fun and threw such a different level into the Sims game.


So now I was off to be a doctor. I went to the hospital and there were actually patients waiting to be seen. You have to diagnose them, treat them, and do all the things a GP may do. But wait! An Emergency arises! Someone having twins and you are needed in emergency! You run to the emergency and BANG...Time over computers down. No more play. You have to wait until April (here in Europe). I will never know if I could do the twins. Ah well.


So to sum this up here are a few tidbits I picked up along the way:


1. There are vending machines and bathrooms in the workplace in case of an emergency and you forgot to feed or toilet your Sim before work.

2. There are a lot of new science items I could see including a cloning machine and ray gun.

3. Loads of new objects and clothing. New items you would find in retail.

4. You can have several careers in a household but only play one at a time, so if you have a husband doctor and a wife detective you can only follow one or the other for the Sim day. You do have the option to let them go on their own to work when it's time.

5, There are many retail things you can do, not limited to but including gardening, baking, retail clothing, art gallery, just to name a few.

6. Aliens are back and you have the ability to visit their world, but only through a science porthole.
7. You can again have alien babies and men can get pregnant.
8. Aliens are creatable through CAS


I really wish I could have this now. It is going to be one of the best EP's we have seen from EA in a very long time.


Working on New Male Hair

Okay... This time i'm working on male hair mesh, and i'll create it for sims 4 version then. fixing some transperent issue and reducing verts....

will be published as soon as possible :D hehe

My Male sims 3 hair, will be available for sims 4 too

Modern windows in our preview pictures

Hello :)

As most of you must be wondering, we decided to publish this blog entry explaining how do we have that modern "windows" in our previews.
As build mode is not our cup of tea, we decided to create glass separators and put them in front of the window.
These two separators were created by us to our own website . It is from our Velvet set. You can find it under dining room area . It's just click in the "2GlassSeparators" link below the Velvet set picture.

The fact is that we first tried to create a window, but it doesn't work, only its cutout. That's why our separators work so well, they are fitted in front of a cutout, which seem that they are the windows themselves.
We will NOT share our wrong window that works as cutout because it is not working properly and we don't know how to fix it.
But, you also can add our separators in front of EA 2x1 glass window. It looks fine as well, as you can see on this picture.


SIMcredible Velvet separators

Hope it helps you all to build a modern look in your homes ^^

Happy simming!

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