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Daily Update N4

Hello lovelies! 

So... tomorrow I'll have my last test. Math, I'm ready for you. *puts jet-black sunglasses on*
After I've done the test. I'll take a nap. After a few hours, I'll wake up with a good feeling.
I've no idea what I'll be doing then. . . Oh well, I've to work at 5PM.. But man, there's 3 things I'm definitely going to do. 

1. Reading every story I've had followed. I haven't been able to read every story on the site. A few, but I'm missing the latest ones! But I'll get uptodate soon. =]

2. Finishing a sim, and put it up for download! I've been working on a sim . . . . Soon.. you'll see.

3. Writing Endless. The name may be Endless, the story isn't. It's going to it's end. The question however is, when? Well, we'll see!

Waiting For The Sims 4



Er, story?

5000 or so words into a story, and I wonder why I keep adding ideas to this already behemouth piece. (You should see my notes, seriously...) My writing muse, she dreams in vividly colorful epics. Oh well, it's not like I haven't written 50-60,000 word novels already.

I just wonder how I'll post this on TSR...or even if I will post here. The places I want to take this story, it won't be approved I suspect. :\ This might end up on my Livejournal page.

Power of Pink Diningtable

I had to update the Power of Pink Diningtable because the Sim could eat, but not just sit at the Table. I'm sorry for the inconvinience.

So if you play and not only decorate in Game pls. redownload the Table. New Filename: ShinoKCRPowerofPinkDiningtableUpdatetAnim.


Hello friends. I post this little message because you are likely to leave me messages and comments.

then I confess that I have so many messages that it is difficult to meet all the world very quickly.

So if sometimes I long to answer. Know that I will.

Thank you all for your support. You are my inspiration.




Dang it, why does Isla Paradiso have to be such a buggy world to play? I've even got ellacharmed's less buggy version of the world (via MTS) installed, and still after an hour of game play, the freaking world stutters, sticks, and lags. *throws things*

Daily Update N3

Hello! Hm.. Why am I even calling these daily updates.. I'm not even doing it daily.. I'll work on that though.. xD

Anyways, this week, I've an exam week. Starting of with some beautiful french literature. Sigh... =o=
I've been writing, and I'm already hitting the 38 pages, and it may go on to 50 or even more? We'll see! ^^
I haven't been continuing any cc projects. I only need to draw the texture for Elsa's dress and some other fancy stuff for it, and that's it. I have sooo many ideas to create and such! Which I'll definitely be doing, after I've finished this examweek! 

And oh goodness, so many stories have been accepted, but I can't read them all at once T ^ T ; SUCKS.. well, it's alright. there's enough time! Time to re-read my french and then heading to bed soon ^ __^


I'm back in 1 day!

Hey guys! My exams are over, just waiting for the results that I will get on Tuesday... I hope everything is ok hehe :) I have a lot of plans for this summer and of course one part of it will be creating for TSR and for you, people who like my creations and will see this message! I missed you all <3

It's so good to be back :)


Modern Built In

Modern Built In

sorry for taking so long

I'm sorry if I took too long.  I have been a Wiccan, Episcobal, Christian, and Catholic all my life.  Schizophrenic and bipolar that I really am.  I hope things turn out to be better.  Leave me a comment and I'll be in touch.  ty

About the next chapter...

I know, I know. I haven't submitted the next chapter of The Wicked Entice. I'm working on it, I promise. I was also doing the next chapter of A Moth to a Flame, thinking that would help spark something for the next chapter of TWE, but no luck.  I'm just really, really stuck. I am completly clueless as to what I want to write next. I mean, I do know what I want to write, but can't seem to get it down. It's so frustrating. Anyway, sorry for the delay. I will submitt it as soon as I get around to finishing it, I just have no idea on when that will be. Sorry guys. 

Daily Update N2

Hello ^-^ 
So, I will be inactive till saturday, 21st of June. It's my last schoolweek and I need to finish some important projects and such. But no, it's not done yet.. Next week I'll have a schoolweek, with only test, actually "schoolexams". They are not my finals yet, but yea, I need to work for these too and study, but it won't bother my free tiem much, since I'm quite confident about it ^ - ^

However, for now I need every single hour to sleep, work, and do schoolwork. *sigh* I already started with Chapter 13 of Endless, and I'm making little progress with my next creation.. However, the next creation, will not be published on TSR, due some minor bugs with the mesh, and I'm way too lazy to fix it now.
I'll do a revision of it, during my summer vacation, and that one will be posted on TSR ^^

Well, that's it for now.

Byebye! Take care !









  • Do not reupload or claim as your own.
  • You may take screenshots of my sim ingame and share, Credit is appreciated but optional.



  • Do not reupload or claim as your own.
  • If you wish to use or share my screenshots in any way give proper credit.


  • My painitings are TSR aa YES
  • If you download and use my painting and post pics. credit is nice.
  • Do NOT ReUpload or claim as your own.



  • If you wish to use or share my screenshots in any way give proper credit. 


If these rules are not followed i will take action without warning to have it removed.

If you come across one of my creations on another site please let me know in a PM here on TSR or Facebook.
Thank you!

Computer Problems

Hi everyone!!!! I'm still around. As some of you already know I have been having computer problems. But, as soon as I'm able, I'll be creating again! Stay tuned!


Since the 'Submission' part of this site takes a little too long, I decided to make a wordpress blog and post there as well. 
I'll be writing two stories simultaneously so bear with me, please.

Support will be appreciated too!

I am DONE...

...WITH WORK until August.


FINALLY I will have more time to work on stories! Yay!



Oh my..I'm sorry..

Just want to inform, I already submitted my new story intro 5 days ago..You can check it when it's out. (I wonder why it tooks longer that usual @.@)

And I already take the chapter 1 shoots, and I think I--I..Achoo!! I'm sorry again..

I'll off for a few days..I think I catch a cold.. *sniff..sniff..

Later friends ♥ (I hope you didn't get my cold =P)



Daily Update

I've catched up with a few stories, but I still need to read some, while writing my own story too! 
Endless - Chapter 12 has been submitted, and has been waiting for.. 1 day already? I think, to be published. It's quite a normal, not so much action chapter, but there's important information.. and a little twist.. I'm already writing chapter 13, but I haven't started taking the screenshots. 
Currently I've started writing two other stories. Hell yes, you read that correctly, t w o

Beside these stories, I've been working on two new clothing, and I'm still working on a sim. The sim has a deadline, so she's on my number one spot now! Well, now I'm going back to my books. Tomorrow will be my math test ^^ It's quite easy.
BUT OH MY GOODNESS. one normal schoolweek left, and then I'll have my schoolexamweek.. *screams and runs in circles*
I can do it... =[ .. yes.. I can.. yes... *oh dear plumbobs* XD

New Things Coming Soon!!

Hello dear Simmers and TSR friends!

I just wanted to make a small announcement, for whoever wants to read it and maybe leave a comment. 

As of late I have been working on a few things with TSR Workshop, that I am now going to test and then hopefully share with you guys very soon. Maybe, if you guys like my creations, I can squeeze in a little bit more time for creating new things, like houses or maybe even work on a new dress re-texture for you. No promises, but I can try. Maybe I'll even be able to make some Make-Up for your Simmies :-)

Anyway, that's it for now. See you soon-ish!


my life as a hermit

I'm new here.  I don't know how to create things.  I don't know how to install the launcher so I might appreciate it if you help me.  I hope things turn out to be better. 

I'm terrified of people that I don't like. There are people that don't want me to be around them. I can't trust anyone at all. Because I'm a loner, I don't need to socialize as much as other people and prefer spending time alone. I'm an artistic person. I'm a cat lover, a perfectionist, and a natural cook. I want everyone to stay away from me.

If you have anything to say to me, say it straight to my face. I don't want anyone talking about me behind my back. I love my cats. I don't want your drama so leave it at the door and go away. I'm really paranoid. I drive whenever I want. I don't want anyone dissing my movies, my favorite bands, my favorite actors, my favorite singers, my favorite movies and my favorite TV shows.

If you have a problem with me, go away. I don't want to be around the people that I hate. Like I said, I don't want your drama so leave it at the door and go away. Whatever I do doesn't concern you. What I order from Amazon and what I buy at the stores that I like is none of your business. You're just walking trouble so stay out of it!

Meh. Nothing else to say about me...MUCH. I'm a hermit, and I hate going outside or looking at people or hearing a lot of noise, so I usually stay in my bedroom, permanently attached to the crummy laptop I spent way too much money on in my blind desperation to have a new computer. I love playing video games (obviously) as an escape mechanism; my Play Station 2 is one of my most valued possessions, and I'm especially into RPGs (Square Enix, Niis, Konami and Koei works are my favorites). Other than that, I write, read, and draw. And eat. Junk food. Lots of it. Ironically, I can't gain any weight, and though I'm the eldest sibling my younger sister's much bigger than I am, so I can't stea--I mean, BORROW--any of her clothes. *SIGH* I don't watch much TV unless it's the History Channel or something, anime/cartoons, or anything with a half vampire half werewolf dragonslaying wizard in love with an elven princess held captive by a group of witches who want to use her blood to gain eternal life and beauty so that they can rule the wizarding world and finally acquire the One Ring of...wait....


Desk Lamps 2000

Desk Lamps 2000


50,000 coin cheat

So first open cheats and type in Motherlode(not case sensitive) and it will say +$50,000. (NOTE: you can use this cheats several times)


Hello! I am snicket8419, an avid sims player. This blog will tell you how to do cool things and some amazing cheats.

Right now I will do a little tutorial on how to open cheats. Just press Ctrl, shift, and C all at the same time.

1 year since i have started SIMS 3 & SIMS 2

so it has been year and a bit since i have started and i can only do girl sims really nice but when it comes to males i cant find good stuff and i am sorta picky and kind of annoyed i know this is of topic but PEOPLE STOP SAYING PERSONS any way going back i am so bored of my male sims and need help to find good male things (that was for sims 3)

now for sims 2 can someone list me a some good expension packs for good old sims 2 BYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

What i think beautiful should BE


someone said thankyou for saying that i had told them that they where beautidul (sorry if this makes no sense) any way Beauty is INSIDE EVERYONE its there Personality that is beautiful some people have a Ugly personality (bullies) and my ex bullies me and hurts me but i just think he may be jeloiuse of m y boy friend and is trying to test him ( to see who treated me better!!!) anyways and i just wanted to say EVERYONE IN THIS WRD CAN BE BEAUTIFUL IF THEY WANT TO but if you don't try to be nice then you can be classified as 'UGLY' some people think that beauty is about getting pretty makup and clothes done that is one side but it can also be un true Please read this and understand that YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL ANYWAY!!!!

New house and new family in Sunset Valley!!!

In Edit Town, I've created a new simple house and a new Sims Family, The Nightwoods.


Nightwoods House

 For some unknown reason, the picture cannot be displayed in the TSR blogpost, so here is the link to my deviantart:

Looking good huh?

My first Blog!

Hi everyone!  I know I have been gone from TSR for quite a few months.  It's been mostly due to family matters.  We moved for one thing.  I did all the sorting, packing and cleaning with the move from the old house.  Then I did all the cleaning, unpacking, setting up in the new house.  I thought it would take me forever!  And it did take me close to a month to recover.  Then my oldest daughter and her boyfriend of 13 years finally decided to get married!  It turned out to be a wedding fit for a princess, she was absolutely beautiful.  The wedding would have cost a kings ransom had it not been for all the hard work put in by her younger sister and older half-sister.  And finally, at the urging of my guild members on Everquest 2, and the release of a fantastic new Everquest 2expansion, I started putting more time into that game and less and less into creating Sims.  I want to thank everyone here at TSR that loves my work and messaged me wondering where I was at and telling me they miss me.  I really appreciate it.  I still love making Sims and I do plan on getting back into making them.  I know that I found my catagory or area of Sims subjects I like to create, and that is making Sim 3 versions of fantasy, scifi, TV and anime characters.  I dont know much much more of a following it will get me.  I would love someday to be invited to be a Select or Featured Artist, and I know that demands dedication and the hard work of not giving up on your creations.  So I hope to start creating more Sims and submitting them again.  Thank you everyone!!


Hello everyone, I'm so sorry for my delay with my story, I'm trying to make progress, which goes pretty well. Except, me, having 3 new stories in mind.. =___= OH, WHY, oh WHY, I feel so itchy to start the new stories already, but I pleaded to myself to finish Endless first.. Ok, this is going to be a roaring week!

I'll have a busy time though, my exams are coming closer and closer, in 4 weeks, and I will need to prepare a little bit for it. My grades are nice so far, so I'll probably easily pass this year, and will happily graduate to my senior year! ^__^

Enough talk. Time to write again, while I'm also creating a new clothing... *winks*


Fashion is most important in sims! You want your sims to look rich and awesome! I have a tip. GO TO TSR AND FIND CC!

The sims doesnt come with lots of things to wear so you can shop for FREE in TSR. Its like a whole new sims store out there.

Just Created An Account On TSR!

Hey guys! I just created an account on TSR! I'm so exited! :)

Rustic Restoration Dining Collection Folder

The collection folder for the Rustic Restoration Dining set is available for download at MediaFire here.

Thanks and Hugs,



Guess who

You missed me? 
You totally missed me

I'm back! Haha and with a vengeance! I've been adapting to the life of tertiary education so I haven't had free time lately or over the past few months.
Social life in jeopardy!

Haha. Almost forgot about this profile but I'll get it up and running again once I've had my computer cleaned and my CC list redone.
How I've missed the pointlessness of the Sims.
How I've missed the Sims.

Rustic Restoration Dining, June 8th

Whew, it’s been nearly 2 years since I created and submitted my last Sims 3 set, Laylah's Dollhouse Extras.

Fortunately, when I fired-up my 3D animation software Maya and started working, it all came back; it is like riding a bike. Although I only created basic objects for my “return debut,” I'm not ready for anything too complicated yet, LOL.

I hope you enjoy Rustic Restoration Dining, which is scheduled for publication on June 8, 2014. The set includes 14 new furnishings, a dining table, chair, shelving unit, buffet (sideboard), ceiling lighting, a few decorative clutters items, and a bonus item from an upcoming set, Decor8.

It's good to be back, Hugs,



Select Artist

A huge THANK YOU to the staff of The Sims Resource for my promotion to Select Artist, to all my dear friends for their support and friendship and to everyone for the encouraging comments and downloads! Thanks a lot, guys!

Thank You For All The Comments!

I just want to say thank you to everyone for all the lovely comments and feedback on my creations. i'm sorry if i have missed thanking anyone personally , i try to visit as many pages as i can to say thank you, but if i missed anyone i do apologise, but i really just wanted to let everyone know i do appreciate your visits and the lovely things you say about my creations. Thanks from the bottom of my heart , Margie xxxx ♥‿♥ 

I should update more..

Hello ladies, gentleman... and others!?

I know right, it's been a while. I'm really sorry about that.. I'm not busy with school & I'm doing fine, but I do have to work a lot.. However, that wasn't a big deal. Lately, I've been working on my own cc. well... I plan on submitting it here, if I'm sure I'm allowed to. ^^
I'm working on the chapters of Endless. I actually have been able to think of a proper way to end it, which might be in a few more chapters... Not sure, it might take more if I get any new ideas.. Anyways, I'm also working on another story.. but I shouldn't. I haven't planned to post it either, so I'm not sure why I'm even wasting my time on it, while I should work on Endless.. haha! 

Oh well, I can tell you, I haven't been silent! ^^

Much like and hugs, Nisuki

Coast Paint

Coast Paint

To ALL the LOVELY comments!

Thank you guys so much for commenting on my creations, I'm very excited you guys like them. 

And I hope you continue to like them. Feel free to ask me anything you'd like <3



Sorry I havent commented on everyone's guestbook telling them thanks,

if I didn't comment, here's my THANKS TO YOU!!!! 

I love each and everyone of my supporters, and your comments 

mean the world to me, honestly. <3

I'm baaaack!!

Just couldn't stay away. Hope to have something up soon. Stay tuned!

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