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I absolutely love my sims having the proffession detective. Mainly because:


  1. Amazing work uniform.
  2. Hack into systems.
  3. Solve cases.
  4. Breaking into houses.


My favourite is breaking into houses and taking things as `evidence`. 100% satisfaction :). For a detectives hairstyle, I like to use

a bob, ponytail or bun. It looks sofisticated and correct for the kind of job they are doing ;).

Love Me, Please? - Chapter 2 -

* Tick !

Sound  from timesheet machine when I put my timesheet to out. When I look into my timesheet card, there is written at 18:05. I overtime again today. When I came out from the staff door of the hotel, I saw Rena was sitting in a bench playing her phone. I  walked towards her .


" I thought you had gone home, Ren." I said a little surprised .


"Finally you out." She sneered. Then she stood up and we both started to walk home.


On the way ..


"By the way, howabout your relationship with your brother?"  Rena asked.


"Still like before. Were no changes." I replied .


" I'm curious, how long they will continue like that. Though it 's not your fault ."


" No , that's my fault. If I don't chase the cat .. " I didn't continue my words, and Rena gave me a light smile .


"Tomorrow you're off , right?" She asked again .


"Uh - huh?"


"How about we go to your brother's mini concert tomorrow night ?"


"H - huh? You mean..Jevan ? "


"Yup ! Perhaps you could make it up to him. " She said as she thought .


"N-no that's impossible." I say pessimistic .


" I've decided! We 'll be there tomorrow. I'll be waiting at the front entrance at 5 pm." She said confidently .


I sighed slowly. I'm not sure with Rena's idea. I'm pretty sure if Jevan saw me , he might throw his guitar at me. I'm worried about it, different with Rena , she looked so excited .

Sims 2 Lot Building Issue - HELP NEEDED ASAP

Please can someone who still builds Lots for The Sims 2 please help me.

I build a house, save it as a sims2.package file, install it into my game and use this as the tester lot. When i come to put a sim into it, to test it, it just stays on the load in screen and i never get to the stage where i can move the Sim around to ensure all rooms are accessable.

Because of this, I am having to end the game by End Tasking and when i reupload the game, the green sim thing :! is showing above the house???

When i double click on that house, the same thing happens again, and i have to go through the stages of ending my game!!!

I then upload the game for a third time and remove that sim. I really cannot understand why this is happening as it never use to.

Could the custom content that i am using be causing this issue?

Thanks in advance as always.




hi everybody!

hello everybody, happy spring! i know it's been awhile since i've been on TSR but yes, i am still here! i have just been super busy and overloaded with school! i will be making houses again soon! thank you for all the downloads and support!


Hey guys! It's summer and i've got some spare time. I'm hoping to submit my creation :)

Love Me, Please? -Chapter 1-

" Aaaah ! " I stretch my body in my office . I felt a little tired after walking around checking rooms one by one .

My name is Hana . I'm the youngest of four siblings . I worked as a supervisor at my father's hotel . My father is Takeshi Sato . He is a Japanese and has lived in Indonesia for thirty years . And my mother , Remy Sato , his native Indonesian people , came from Bandung . They met while both holiday to Bali almost thirty years ago . They were married 28 years ago and started the business of hospitality in the city center of Bandung . Standard hotel when it has turned into a 5 star luxury hotel . My first brother named Davin , he was 27 years old . The second named Estefano , 25 years old . The third is Jevan , 22 years old. And the last is me , Hana , 21 years old . We live happily , until then .

My mother died when I was four years old due to rescue me when I was about to get hit by a truck . I was running after a cat and I don't know what happened . She held me tight in her chest . And when she loosened her embrace , I pulled back and saw so much blood around us . I saw people running towards us before I finally passed out . The next day , we held her funeral . I sobbed in the arms of my father . And , suddenly Davin said crossly . "If you were not there , this would not have happened . "

Since then , our lives changed . My brothers never play with me again. and hey never even said hello to me. They always looked at me with a cynical look. Until now , it still continues . But I always try to chat with them even though they always ignore me .

My father is always busy with his work . So is my three older brother , they are rarely seen at home . Davin and Estefano help my father in the hotel as GM and Marketing Manager . While Jevan , he would rather spend his time with friends or band after college until late .

I was always accompanied by a maid at home who once were nursing me since childhood . I always called auntie Ta . She always comforting me when I 'm down .

Although my brothers against my father 's decision to employ me at the hotel at first, but my father was already decided . Davin finally gave me a job . Job over to the field , I have to check all the rooms that have room maid clearance from the first floor to the 30th floor every day . After that I had to check the equipment , and so on . I work ten hours a day starting at seven in the morning until five in the afternoon .

I only have a few friends , I'd rather by my own , and I don't like crowded place .

* Beep .. Beep ..
The telephone on my desk rang.

" Yes , Hana speaking . " I said answering the phone .
Here are some of the staff from abroad , so we received a phone as much as possible in English.

" Hana, did you forget your lunch ? " Asked the girl from the other line .

I looked at my watch , it was already shown at 12:45, lunch break time is running out . " Ah ! You're Right . I'm going there now . " After hanging up , I went to the coffee shop is located next to the cafeteria and bring my lunch that I've prepared this morning .

When I arrived there , I saw a table near the window that I always sitting there was a ' Reserved ' sign. I chuckled and walked there . After I sat down and opened my lunch there , someone put ice cappuccino in front of me and lifted the ' reserved' sign from my table. When I lifted my head ..

" Why do you always just barely missed lunch ? Are you that busy ? " Said a girl who wears a uniform coffee shop next to my desk .

" Thanks , Rena . If there is no you , I'd probably starve until I get home . " I said while grinning .

" Well, you eat . I have to go back to the checkout counter . " She said as she walked away from my table .

" Thanks for the coffee ! " I said half shouting . And Rena just gave me the V sign without looking backward .

She is Rena . She worked as a cashier at the Coffee Shop here . You could say she was my only friend here . She always talking to me when none of the staff here who ever talked to me besides about the job. I 've ever heard some rumors about me , including why I work as a manager or supervisor and not above it because I was the daughter of the hotel owner. And I 'm used to it .


* To be continued .

PS : Thanks for read this story , guys. Actually I made this story in Indonesian language, I want to share this with you too. So, I post on my blog is better. I'll leave the actor/actress figure on your imagination for now(Still have problem with my laptop XD). I want to know what you think about this story , so do not hesitate to make suggestions , criticism , comments , whatever it is .. OK ? See ya on the next chapter ^ ^
and..should I make their pics? =P I'll try make them when I finished

Castiel: Angel of the lord.

Это Кастиэль из Supernatural


[IMG] [/ IMG]

[IMG] [/ IMG]

[IMG] [/ IMG]

[IMG] [/ IMG]

[IMG] [/ IMG]

[IMG] [/ IMG]

Coast Beach

Coast Beach

Not so much time at the moment

Hi guys ^-^

At the moment I have not so much time, because I still have a lot to do :(

But when I have time again, it will once again be a few downloads ;)




My gaammee :'(

I wonder If I'll update my story without image in blog/my FB..and maybe I'll give you 1-2 images for the main part..

But, I wonder If it's OK.. :(

Don't know what to do.. :(

Last trhee weeks

I apologize for, these last 3 weeks have been absent without making submissions ... and unfortunately I no longer count, he was again diagnosed breast cancer to my mother who will be 13 years already had been removed from her left breast now, two weeks was removed from the right and is now at home recovering to do later treatments. We do not know what kind or aggressiveness of the same ...

Thank you all ...

Sergio Sousa

The Amour Collection

Introducing the newest collection by CrazyxChaosRaWr!

Modern chic homes with structures no bigger than 20 x 15.


Rester Avec Moi "Stay With Me"; 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom

Rester Avec Moi

Download it here!



L'un Pour Moi "The One For Me"; 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom

 L'un Pour Moi

Download it here!



Ne Me Laisse Pas Partir "Do Not Let Me Go"; 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom

Ne Me Laisse Pas Partir

Download it here!



Promets-Moi "Promise Me"; 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom


Download it here!


As I approach 200,00 downloads, just want to say thanks to all of you who have downloaded my lots and paintings, and those who have encouraged me. I am amazed that anything I create has any interest to anyone besides myself, so 200,000 downloads is an astonishing thing to see! Thanks many times over!

♥ Fantastic Baby.

I've been teaching myself meshing lately. It's not that hard.. but it consumes a lot of time. So it will.. take.. A LONG TIME.. before I'll be able to do anything fancy.. Currently only doing objects, so far.. Hahaha =o=' I think I'll put more effort into it, during the summerbreak. For now, I need to concentrate on school. 

Anyways, I'll be starting a few sim projects and probably 2 houses. Sim projects? Oh hell yes, I call them like that, because, these sims will be certain "characters" from, cartoons, games, you name it! Of course they are all personalized, since they are no realistic people.. Now you might be wondering what I'm going to do huh? Haha.

More information coming soon! Have an awesoke week, my cuties. ♥

Temporarily on Hold...

Well, I thank all those of you who have been supportive of me on my brand new quest to become a Sims creator and (hopefully) learn from the masters. Sadly, I will have to put my creating on hold temporarily. I'm in college and I'm a STEM major headed for grad school in a couple years, so my free time is virtually nonexistent during the second half of every semester.

Therefore, I will have to put off any further creating until May (when my summer begins.) - I already have some ideas and I hope to get some guidance from our masters on this site.... I'm still an idiot about meshing. lol -

I apologize to any of you that may have been waiting for me to post something new. Or... if nobody cares... I'm talking to myself... which I'm a fan of. lol.


Anyhow... happy simming and I hope to bring more of my amateur creations to the internet soon.


Thanks simmer peeps!


Love you all!


- Skycomet

Coast View

Coast View

Madlen Catarina Dress

Madlen Catarina Dress can be found HERE

Madlen Debora Bikini

Madlen Debora Bikini can be found HERE

Madlen Gabriel Shoes

Madlen Gabriel Shoes can be found HERE

A new link to my creations Facebookpage

Hey guys, 


With this post i'd like to forward you to my facebookpage for updates on my creations. All the new work in progress pictures and releasedate updates are posted there, If you "like" the page you can follow the updates in your news.


See you there!!


My sims

Hi! Someone asked me for my sims. You can find them in my TS3 Studio:
Thank you! ♥

I believe I can fly!

It has been ages ago again since my last blogpost! My apologies :'(. Np, not many read these posts anyways! Hihihi.

My my my. It's been. A while since I've uploaded a new creation huh? Ahm.. Well what to say? Busy life.. Checking the tsr site at least once a day, but, my tumblrsite.. Not really. Haha. There's nothing left to say :D hm. Well, I'm considering to start posting more screenshots. Most likely you'll see sims and scenery shits. Because, my sims are hella pretty. OK? No need to discuss about it :3 

Have a beautiful day my dears!

For those who wanted to read

First of all, i need to apologize for not updating "Message in a Bottle" for so long.


I have personal problems as well as the game itself, so I can't continue the story for now. (I am also heart broken) -_-
But the good news is, the story was already finished as a novel. So, if you guys wanted to continue reading Erin's and Jasper's story, feel free to message me ^^
For my friends here at TSR, you can still keep in touch by messaging me on Facebook or Skype. (or if you guys wanted to give me a PM regards the story)

FB: just search for Juu Loctonagan
Skype: jeuel_PL

I'm really sorry about this, i just can't play Sims for now because of extreme lagging. But soon, i will buy another PC and re-install my game. though it will take time to download all my CC items again *Deep breathe, trying not to cry*

Plus, as for now, I am working as a visual artist on a TV station, so i am so so so so, busy and always tired. (Gawd, I missed being a freelance artist O_O)

So, about "Message in a Bottle" and "My Borrowed Heart" I will post the novel version of it on wattpad soon after I had time to update my profile there.
And, if you wanted to, I could also send you the screenshots of my Sims character versions of the people inside the story. (Like Jasper's family and Erin's)
I know, it'll be not the same but, please understand T_T

atleast you will know the end of the story. :)

So... that's it.

I'm truly sorry. I will catch up as soon as I am settled again.

Thank you for your support and concern!


Hi all!

I'd like thank everyone for lovely comments, friendship, support and ... downloads!
Hugs from Paola! ♥


I'm baaccckk! 

Sorry if I'm gone for sooooo long. XD

Finally, I'm offficially married to my Hubby 


And now..I'm going to continue my series ASAP. XD

Have a nice weekend friends!

I'm Back

I'm back and running the builders contest again in the forum. Come join me in Sims 2 and Sims 3 forum.


Koloro Desk Set


Wonderful day

I would like to tell those of you who visit my minisite that I am really happy to recieve your lovely and encouraging comments.

Thank you so much!!! :) <3 <3 <3

Sims 3!!!

Well I finally had some spare money due to some overtime at work and I finally purchased Sims 3 and World Adventures.  Stll putting custom content in the game and testing it.  I have A LOT to learn about Sims 3.  To me, it is VERY different from Sims 2.  I will eventually get all the expansions, especially Island Paradise but can't do much until I replace my Hard Drive.  It only a small one, 120G, which limits me with very little room after Windows 7....LOL.  My wonderful son, had found me a 1TB Hard Drive for an awesome price.  Now I just have to wait for him to come and install it and re-install Windows 7.  He wants to put Windows 8 on it but I think not.  Hope everyone is having a wonderful winter.  We here in WV has had a lot of snow this year.

Mephistopheles Boots

Mephistopheles Boots are now available on my tumblr page HERE

Megara Shoes

Megara Shoes are now available on my tumblr page HERE

2 New lots coming soon!



Im sorry! D: I usually upload a lot every two days,because I am crazy excited with this little "Lot" project I've started.

But,sadly,I couldn't publish any recently.Yesterday I uploaded 3 lots.I was super happy,but....they were all rejected for the same reason,the front view was too far from the lot.IT WASN'T! 

So...yeah,I'll take some more screenshots of each lot today and hopefully,this time,they are approved. :)

That's all (Wow,It's the first time I make a short Blog Post) :D


"We can be all poetic and lose our minds together

Hey :)

hey guys, i am Cat, or Cutii --whateva.

i have a twitter account called catsimmer. check it out plx haha :>


Here's a brief tutorial on how to change the creat a sim room.

Get your own valid XHTML YouTube embed code

Om nom nom... new work in progress

Om nom nom, new work in progress,... cupcakes coming to your sims houses..


Please like this facebook page to keep updated with all the new work i do.. javascript:mctmp(0);


Finally back!

Hi there!

As you may have seen today, I decided to make my comeback to TSR. Sadly my friend won't be with me this time and I'm not sure how much my life allows me to create. So the daily updates won't be possible any longer. Anyways, I hope you'll enjoy what I do!

A new rug set got published today, you can find it here.

See you around!


Ugh! *Rage*

Hi!!!,I'm angry.Just like that.I'm usually the happiest,craziest and weirdest girl alive I'm just angry. D:

And this unusual anger is because TSR Submission likes to mess with me.

First,when I was trying to upload a new lot,I couldn't! The site would freeze JUST after I clicked the "Upload" Button.UUUUGHHHH! 

But,apparently,that's not enough.After doing everything possible to unfreeze the site, I just closed it and opened it up again.

2nd Try: I put all the lovely screenschots,delete/hide the ones I hate don't want,wait because I don't have anything else to do do other things,

And when I'm about toupload the lot,as usual,I check the images one more time.When I do....THEY DUPLICATED!!!! Now I had,somehow,31 images in the file!This didn't fill up my Anger Bar that much,I was just....shocked.

But I knew I could easily delete them.So....I click in every image I need to delete,and click the button Update Item.What happens? IT FREEZES! UUUUGHHHH!


3rd Try: Again....I close and open TSR.This time,when I tried to upload the lot,everything when pretty well...UNTIL... (*dramatic music*) I checked my Uploads section.

It said I had uploaded 5 creations...and I hadn't.So when I checked I found that THEY HAD DUPLICATED TOO!  UUUUGHHHH! It was something like this:

File #1,The Empty File: It had no information....NOTHING

File #2,The Empty File-Part II : Same as above (Laaaame)

File #3,The Photographer File: This one was the file with 31 images!

File #4, The lost Empty Triplet: SAME.AS.#1.AND.#2. (Again??!!!)

File #5,The File: This one was the normal one :D



Luckily,I could submit File #5, but I still wanted to delete the rest,when I try to do so,what happens? IT FREEZES! And no,It's not my computer,because this one is new and pretty good.It's not my Internet connection,I have a good one and the router is literally at my side.IT'S TSR!  I don't know what happens....


Okay Guys! Hope you enjoyed my misery, I will post a Part II of this,because it's getting too long as always 


For now:


"We can be all poetic and lose our minds together"

The Lorves Row

The Lorves Row is a new project, which might get some people confused. And that's where I'm stepping in to explain! =)

So, the idea was to create a row-house type of building, where your sims could buy one of the apartments and move in there with their family.

There are five apartments: Blue Dutch, Red Gothic, Golden Colonial, Green Victorian and Purple Edwardian. 

Each apartment has three floors of living space, fully furnished to the basic needs of your sims, and as their coded names suggest - decorated in a specific interior/exterior design. Each apartment has a backyard with a fire pit and BBQ area. This lot has several parking spaces and a mailbox on the side of the parking area. 

Now, there are five separate files to download, depending on which apartment you like the best.

White you download, for example, the Red Gothic unit, the other four apartments are locked from your sims. But the awesome thing is, that your sims can have neighbors on this lot! The principle is the same as the penthouse lot in the Bridgeport world from the Late Night expansion pack.  NCP doors are activated, so your sims can go right next door and meet their neighbors. The sad thing is that those other four units are not furnished, so your sims can't go inside of your neighbors'' apartment.

I can see that this idea is not a very successful one as for sky-rocking downloading amounts, but it's something I had in my mind, and felt like I should put out there =)


Hope those who download any of the apartments have fun simming!


TSR Workshop uitproberen!


Hee, Nederlanders. Sorry voor de anderen maar ik kan niet zo goed engels en dan heb ik liever een blogpost in mijn eigen taal.


Ik wil dus de TSR Workshop gaan uitproberen maar ik weet niet zo goed wat ik er van kan verwachten. Ik heb alles wat er bij stond, over 3D schaduwen en zo, wel gelezen maar alsnog. Ik ga het morgen zegmaar "installeren" of "donwloaden" ik weet niet hoe je dat noemt, of of het zo moet. Maar ik ga dat dus uitproberen en hopelijk leuke creaties maken. Is die TSR Workshop dan een soort van programma die je op je computer kan zetten?

En als ik dat programma heb (of niet) dan laat ik jullie nog wel weten hoe ik het vind en of ik het snap of niet ;) en misschien heb ik dan nog wel wat vraagjes.


Lily Love Lake was approved!


I have some great news to tell ya: My community lot Lily Love Lake (Dedicated to Lily_chan) was approved! 


It's going to be published in Feb 18th (tomorrow) and I'm very happy (as always haha)

Ok guys,that's all,I'm already thinking of making another house and maybe I'll make something like a....Wedding Park,maybe? 

Let me know what you think of that,and if you have any suggestions,feel free to leave me a PM or a comment in my Guestbook! I would appreciate it.


Love you all!


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