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I finally got the Sims 4... I am not enjoying it very much! I think i'm going to stick with Sims 3 for now until Sims 4 starts kicking off a bit more.

Your Opinion

Should i make creations ? well im gonna make 1 and u look if u like comment on this post tht u like if u dont comment tht u dont like if theres haters im just gonna ignore u!


French sims !

Where to find fashion custom content except here ? there's a new website for all you desire :

In another post i will explain to you all the fabulous things you could do on this site.

Hope you like it as i do =)

New diningroom in process

Hey! I thought i would show you what i am working on right now... 

It's a new diningroom for Sims 4 with some old accents in it.. 

First 500k downloads!

I just want to thank you all the community and all the people who download my creations for the great support. I'm so glad that you're enjoying my custom content :) I'll always do my best to provide the best quality stuff for ts4. Love you all!

About my sims 4 houses

My houses are created with the Digital Premium Edition so it might be that some objects in the house don't appear in your game if you don't have this edition, the Premium edition or the Collector edition of the Sims 4.

To display this content:

- Open the Gallery of your game, then go to "My Library"

- At the bottom of the left menu click on "Advanced"

- Then put a "Seen" to "Include Content unowned".

( ^▽^)

Hi guys! 

I'm currently working on a new story. I've already posted a picture of it on my Tumblr, he he. It's going to be called 'I Remember', inspired by Bang Yong Guk's I Remember. The story will still be a surprise but it's going to be a love story (yaay). I'm a little bit done with all the deceiving/kind of evil story lines so I wanted to do something more cheerful. 

As to Determined, I will still finish the story. There's only going to be one or two more chapters so it doesn't take long before that one will end. With that said and done I really hope you will enjoy my next story!



Please don't convert my hairstyle to TS4.

I will finish it myself.

Thank you for loving my creation.

I love you !!!

Pod Ceiling Lighting

Pod Ceiling Lighting


Note to self: Apparently you can't just delete the shadowmap of a clothing piece. o_O'


Sorry for the delay!!!

Worm hello and so sorry for the delay in answering your comments on my creation.

At the time I am very buisy and real live is keeping my full attantion.

So please do not blame me, if my anwers tooks a bit time, but I am still here and will answer as fast as it is possible.

Thank you for your understanding and happy simming to all of you.

Regards matomibotaki

This 3rd November

Hello guys~ Such a long time I haven't log in to this account. It's all dusty here. Hehehehe. Actually, I've been busy with my school these months, so I was just lacking of time to play The Sims 3 and hang out here at TSR. Miss it already~ So, the "purpose" I struggle all the time is to have a war on this 3rd November. Yay! <.<

Hahahaha. I will be taking my biggest examination that will send me off flying colors to local or international universities to further my studies. The exam will be held from 3rd till 25th November. So, I'm all fired up! :D Then, after the killest examination, I will be free all the time! On that moment, I can enjoy myself; playing The Sims 3, build new houses, write stories, and what's more, watching anime! I really can't wait for that! So, I hope I can do well in my examination so that I won't regret soon. Hopefully, all of you here pray for my success and don't forget to wish me luck! I wish you guys jubilant moments everyday too!!!



Sims 4 Lighting

Sims 4 Lighting

Working on a new Sims4 Set

Working on a new livingroom for your Sims 4 games. Some pieces are completely new, others made their way over from Sims3, mostly because i like them so much ...

Creating for Sims 4

I did a recolor set of 4 adult female tops for Sims 4 using some of the textures from Sims 2 Texture Challenge, and submitted them ... hope I did everything right and they get accepted

Sims 4!

Oh right, a blog is supposed to be keeping you up to date, right? So yeah seems fair to post an update after 3 years haha.

I started recoloring some objects a few weeks back and everything seems to go pretty smoothly so far. With my crop top - triangles I even learned some new stuff with specular and shadow maps which were also always a pain in the @!&* with the Sims 3. I've been working on just the thumbnails, shadow- and specular maps for 4 hours.. trying to replace the thumbnails with S4ColorMagic but it didn't really work. Then tried the same in S4PackageExtractor but also no luck I kept getting errors and unmatching names.. Then tried to Go back to S4Studio but then my whole dds file was corrupted because of the missing thumbnails.. Then I started over again.. Forgot to check standalone.. Started over again.. Specular map was hidden and only visible in S4PE.. Could not replace it.. So just remove it.. Then launch the game and a horrible shadow shows up on the chest.. Again was only visible in S4PE.. So edited the shadowmap.. 6 times because of the weird alpha channel who is stretched out waaaay to much in the game.. Tried in it game again.. AND IT WORKS! Well, kinda... But it looks pretty so that's good enough for me :D so yes the thumbnail will be missing with some projects but you just have to deal with it ;)
So that is that.. I still have some stuff I would like to try out but if you have any wishes I'm open for suggestions.

Oh I almost forgot, for the people who have also been downloading my Sims 2 and/or Sims 3 stuff might have noticed something: From now on I will no longer call myself KliekieSims, but just Kliekie. This will be easier to find me because my username is also just Kliekie.

Happy Simming!

Update + absence

My pc had some issues and also everything that wasn't backed up erased, along with my new creations and the game!

I just managed to repair and get in the process of reinstalling everything, so I should be soon be able to upload more content.


If you'd like to stay conected, here's my new TS4 related Tumblr

& can find me on instagram here




I apologize.....

for not responding your comments the last weeks, but I'm professionally very busy. 

We've startet a new project and have spent most of my time in my office the last weeks.

I really  appreciate all your lovely comments but I can't answer all of them at the moment.



Re-upload Crystal Lip Gloss

I fixed some dark color appear at the right lips. I couldn’t find the way to upload new package at TSR so i’ll post it in HERE. Could u download it again plz. I’m very appreciate it. Thank you :*

Happy Halloween

Hello my friends ♥♥♥ Wish you all a very Happy Halloween ♥Hugs♥

My Guestbook is now working!

My Guestbook has been finally fixed by the admins, so now you can finally sign it and leave your comment without any problem! I'm now able to read all your old comments, so I'll probably answer them in the next days >.< Thanks to everyone.

a special day

Today I have a special day. Number of downloads crossed the border 2,000,000. I'm happy. Thank you all!


Happy to be working on more flooring today. FINALY got a program to mkae life a lot easier.. .:) 

Can't wait to see how many people will enjoy these new floor pieces. 


Trying to decide waht I want to work on today or if i just want to take a day off from creating... Decisions...decisions ... 

Thinking today I am going to work on some wall designs again and maybe try and get some flooring done.. 


Today I am working on more wallpapers. I have already made a couple real nice wallpapers for baby rooms. I am hoping to finish a couple more hats for men today as well as some new carpet. 

I am always looking for good ideas so if you have one... Please share it with me :)


How to make transparent parts on sims clothing

As  I am asked a lot, "how do you make transparent clothing" I have written this mini tutorial. I hope you can understand it! First of all I use Gimp 2.8 because its free. I have now added how to do it in as this is also free. 

When you are creating your clothing and wish for a section to appear transparent (see through) for instance the neck or sleeves etc, basically on your multiplier, add a new layer to the part u wish to be transparent, fill that layer part with black (or whichever colour your item is) and reduce the opacity on this layer only, by 50%-60% depending how transparent you want the piece to be . You need to do it in layers so the rest of the clothing stays in solid colour. For lace etc, i download brushes for gimp which are plentiful on Deviant Art , you simply download the brushes file, open it and move it your MyDocuments/Gimp/brushes folder. Then refresh the brushes tool in gimp and it should show up there. There will be already transparency within these brush designs as well but as with creating transparent colours, you will also put the gimp brush laces as a new layer ,so as not to lose any texture quality to the rest of your creation.  happy creating, feel free to share. See picture below for visual instructions , it applies to both sims 3 and 4 :) Happy creating! :) x




October 14th, All Sewn Up

My next Sims 3 set is scheduled for publication on October 14th, All Sewn Up is a set for the Sims who loves sewing and handcrafts. The set includes a professional sewing machine (decorative only), sewing desk, parson chair, storage cabinet, vase of tulips, knitting basket and a dress form. It was a fun set to create, unfortunately I don't have time to sew, knit or crochet in real life, lol. The collection folder for the set is available for download at MediaFire.

I really appreciate all the lovely comments, compliments and welcome backs, which I have received from fans of my work, thanks ever so much!


Carolyn a.k.a. Cashcraft

I REALLY need feedback from y'all on my lots, folks

I can count on my hands how many times I got a downloader who either sent me a picture of my lots in their game, or sent me a message tellingme a lot wasn't installing.

I REALLY need y'all to tell me when installing my lots gives you trouble or not, otherwise I'll NEVER know what might be wrong, since of course they always show up fine from my end! Trust me; I don't INTENTIONALLY make lots that don't install in people's games. I'm far from perfect and I'm a bit of a ditz sometimes, yes. I can't do anything about the frakking Launcher blocking you from installing because of missing EP/SP content when I've got EP CC that you don't (other than to swiftly point you to Delphy's Multi-Extractor at MTS and tell you to turn the lot into a package file and put everything in your Sims 3 Library folder, eff the Launcher). But if it's an issue of CC not being listed that you actually need to know about, or a dead link, or something of that sort, I'll be more than happy to help, even if that means making a new version of the lot, just so people can use it. That's what I'm HERE for, y'all! Why are folks so dang hesitant to send me a little note like: hey, you may want to check ut XYZ, cuz I don' know about everyone else, but it's just not installing. I'm totally cool with that!

So I'd really appreciate feedback, so I can know whether or not any complications are simply due to you not having the necessary EP content, CC, or packages, or if I goofed up and need to go back in and fix the lot somehow.

So please. Even if you think it's just you, or you're doing something wrong, send me a message anyway! I've said this before -- don't sit around for hours and days on end struggling with the Launcher to get the lot installed, when you can more quickly just send me a message telling me what problems you had and your concerns. Maybe someone else is experiencing the same thing, and I can pass any information on so that everyone stays informed and enjoying what I have to offer.

I mean it, I'm not even kidding, y'all need to let me know. Cuz if a lot is borked for you it'll probably be borked for everyone, and the thought alone is enough to p*** me off, since I don't spend all this time making lots and sharing them only for no one to be able to use the freaking things -- that's a waste of my time AND yours.

This really goes for ANYTHING I've uploaded ANYWHERE. If I don't get a message telling me otherwise, I'll just assume everything's gravy, and the situation will NEVER get resolved.

So that's just something to keep in mind. MESSAGE ME.

Facebook page

I've created a Facebook page where I wil continue to upload WIP and updates. 

 Visit Cherryberry here and don't forget to click the 'Like' button! Thank you

Preparing a special gift for 100000 downloads

Almost reach 100000 downloads, this is so amazing!!

I NEVER imagine that I will have 100000 downloads!!

So, I am preparing a new cc for this a special moment...

I really want to make a special gift to everyone who are supporting me.

BUT...I thinking for a long time, still don't know which one is better...Tattoos?Hat?Shoes?


Hello fellow fans of TSR! My name is Girly_Simmer and I am in love with the sims (ESPECIALLY THE SIMS 3!!) I will create stuff that you will love, I promise. I am trying to get as many followers as possible and I'd like to become a featured artist, that would be a dream come true, so PLEASE can you follow me? You wont regret it!!

Thanks guys xx

Your fellow friend, Girly Simmer  

Potting 2

Potting 2


Hi everyone! I just started my TSR account and I'm hoping to release some of my creations soon for TS4. I usually make hair, jewelry, face/body textures and all of that good stuff, but for now, I'll just release jewelry. (I need to wait for alphas for hair and other stuff) But I hope you all like my stuff. ^_^



Who would ever have thought it possible, just with patterns, paintings and Lots . . . not exactly high profile stuff.

But, the 5million mark was well and truly passed sometime overnight and I am a very happy TSR contributor.  Thank you to all the wonderful people who have made this achievement possible and who have continued to leave messages of support, even though I am rarely able to spare the internet time to respond. You are all part of this event, and should share the kudos.    Love to all. 

1 Million Downloads!

Thanks everyone! I've reached one million downloads with 31 creations! I am super happy!

1000 Downloads Already

Wow Thanks Guys For 100 Downloads, I do it for Fun and It Just Makes Me happy 1000 Other people out there Like My Designs, So Thank You So Much Members Of TSR :D

My Facebook Page

I'm back...again.

Well I'm  back!  I never stopped playing the Sims...just stopped uploading houses.  My kids were younger and time consuming...building houses and creating the pictues for display was FUN but very time something had to give.  So I started actually playing the game and challenges for my own amusement.  

I started playing a new legacy family in the Sims 4 and my house started to look like my "VHouse".  This was a "light bulb" moment....figured I could redo my houses and improve upon them with the new Sims 4 building tool.  

I like building houses that are functional with room to expand as people play my houses.  I love the new building system in the Sims 4...however, I miss the Create a Style Tool from the Sims 3.  I feel a little limited with what is available currently for the Sims 4...but i know it's base game more to come hopefully soon. 

I tip my hat to all the FA/SA artists some lots I've seen and played are mind blowingly geogous creations. Thank you all for sharing!

Thanks for visiting and enjoy what ever I may create...many more to come.

A huge -THANK YOU-!!!

A huge -THANK YOU-!!!

Thank you so much for all of your kind congratulations on becoming SA for Sims 4. This gave me so much pleasure!!! You made my day!!!

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