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Ooh, I'm way behind with answering all your comments - sorry guys!  I'm making my way through them all so if you haven't heard from me yet, you will soon!

I really appreciate the comments that I get from you and thank you so much for the feedback.

~ Minicart (Jules) :-)

Sims 3 decrative object Request

Hello Sims Resource Members & Staff,

I am just about to finish my Million Simloanian Farmhouse in Appaloosa Plains. But am missing one important item which is a decorative full size snooker table Which is based on The Sims 1 Pool Table. I do have alot more info & pictures to explain more of this request which I will send via E-Mail. Once someone has 100% accepted this request.

I hope someone is willing to accept my request. as I have been trying to get this done for sometime now & it is the very last piece of my farmhouse. Please get in touch via this Blog if you are interested.

Kind Regards

Celtic 1

How to add Custom Content to sims 4

Adding CC (custom content) to your sims 4 game.

This is a lot easier then you may think! Lets go by steps,


  1. Open up your "Documents or My Documents" folder
  2. Locate the folder named "Electronic Arts" - double click to open
  3. Locate and select "sims 4" folder  - double click to open
  4.  There you will find the "Mods" folder. - double click to open
  5. Inside this folder is where you place the .package files you have downloaded for your game. It should appear in your game the next time you load it.




  1. Keep a copy of your mods foler before adding cc. This keeps your favorite downloads safe.
  2. When you download a package (cc) keep in mind the name of that file. This is so that if your game does not load or other issues occur, it could be from a corrupt package file. Then you can remove it from your mods folder. TSR tests all their content, it is a trusted site and you should have no issues with any of your downloads. This note is for those that download outside of tsr.
  3. You will need to restart your sims 4 game each time you add cc for it to appear in game.


Hope this helps! 






Sup people?

Trouble uploading Lots

Hey people, im having so much trouble when uploading lots i keep getting the error message saying no file uploaded =/ sorry for the delay if people are waiting for new lots to be uploaded but i hope to get this sorted soon

until then, Peace =]

My lots for Sims 3

Hey Simmers

I have had a couple comments lately asking if I could be more elaborate when decorating my lots. There are a couple things I keep in mind when I build...

My lots I try to keep them simple and easy to play. Nothing worse than a huge house where you cant see what your toddler is up to \;\) LOL. I try to keep file sizes down as I like to use custom content.. so most lately are only partially furnished. to keep them from being super huge files. Nothing worse than a house that has a 46 mb file size ... and takes forever to load or even crashes some ppls games.

If I could decorate them the way I would like I sure would!!

I try to keep walls all neutral.. as if .. like in real life.. you are moving into a house.. all taupe and other neutral colors and then you can re decorate the way you want. 

So there you have it.... my lots will always be easy to play... and the odd lot I have fully furnished only when I have used alot of EA content instead of Custom Content.. as the EA stuff is low in polygon counts so does not make the lot file huge. 

TSR wont allow lots of more than 50 mb... which is actually great as .. usually a big lot will take a long time to load or even crash some ppls games.. depending on the type of computer the player has. 

I appreciate all those who download my lots... I hope you and your Sims enjoy them as much as I enjoy building them . ( My Sims tend to live in my own houses too... due to the easy to play factor :) 

Happy Simmming! 


*New* Wall Templates !


Brand New Paint & Tile wall Templates have been made and are ready to be used and submitted to TSR.

Watch this space.....

MasterXMaid Comeback Announcement

so, i'm planning to re-post my old story (from like 2 years ago)

"He's My Master, She's My Maid"

even up to now, i still don't know why i put it down. lol

it'll be soooooon.. 2 or 3 weeks from now?

anyway, i think that's just it.


have a nice day reader! :)

Moved over to Sims 4

So I have actually uninstalled Sims 3 as I never actually played the game for itself anyway and only created for my own enjoyment! So out with the old and in with the new I suppose - I uploaded my first Sims 4 lot today and hopefully I didn't screw that up somehow and it makes it through the mods.


I am thinking of making some more actual CC objects as well when TSR workshop is released for Sims 4, the crazy boot-up and loading times for sims 3 killed my desire to make objects because you could spend hours sat in loading screens just to test them multiple times :<

I am back !

♥ And now … With stuff for the Sims 4 ♥

The Wonderland Collection

Introducing the newest collection by CrazyxChaosRaWr!

Modern chic homes with their own personal twist.


The Futterwacken; 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom

The Futterwacken

Download it here!



The Bandersnatch; 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom

The Bandersnatch

Download it here!


New Beginnings!

Hi to anybody viewing my profile..(That is a crazy thing to type!),

So, I have recently published my first creation on to TSR after a few years of downloading other people's creations and I am thrilled!

I have recieved some lovely comments and over 30 downloads which is surreal! I have never shown anybody my lots before and to get so many people downloading my amateaur creation is such an awesome feeling! Thanks so much to everyone who has downloaded and commented, and good luck to anybody going back to school or college this week or next week.

I'm feeling super encouraged to build some more and see what happens so I will be making lots more time for simming in between school and studying this year! :D (This is really handy because I have just ordered my copy of The Sims 4 as well and I am ecstatic to test out the new Build/Buy mode!) I am now a proud owner of every generation of the Sims, so I'm betting on the Sims 4 being every bit as amazing!

~ Millie xoxo

My Sims 4 Diary - Part 1, CAS and Live mode

Hello everyone, and welcome to my Sims 4 blog! 

I am going to share my first play-game experiences, screens and more with you guys! I will be dividing it up in parts, so you won't have to read a novel. Hopefully, I can give you some helpers and headsups along the way

First of all I want to say, that I have been a little skeptical about this new Sims 4. Not only because of the whole 'no pools and toddlers!' thing, but because the sims look so cartoonish! I mean look at the hair! What's the deal? What's up with taking away the amazing detailed hair that was in Sims 3? I might be biased, but that was pretty much what kept me at bay from getting all too crazy about it in the first place, but I decided that I wanted to keep an open mind and see if they could make it up to me IN the game. 


Let's get started now!


CAS Mode:

The Create-a-Sim mode is pretty much like the one we already know from the previous Sims games. Some has had the opportunity to get a demo of the Sims 4 CAS, and to be honest, I do not see any changes between the Demo and the real game (so far!) You can choose making:


  • Child
  • Teenager
  • Young Adult (YA)
  • Adult
  • Elder
That is pretty simle, and pretty much how we know the previous games as well. What is the difference here? The biggest difference here, to me, is there are no ages below the 'child' option. I LOVE making toddlers but EA skipped those. All right, so I made a Sim, a young adult named Sungjo Kang. Don't be bothered with the looks of the screenie. I sized it down a bit.



I gave her the main aspiration 'Successful Lineage'. Why? I LOVE BABIES and KIDS! Her other traits are: Perfectionist, artistic, neat and 'home-sim' (I think that is what you would call it in English)


As you can see, I moved her in Oasis Springs. I don't know, something about this desert landscape talked to me somehow. Yup! So I moved her in, and by the look of the house, it was just like every other starter home EA has given us so far. Small, cheap, bad furniture and so on. Yup, nothing new on that account.

Job and career(s)

Next I wanted to give this poor lady a job. Everyone knows you can't pay your bills and buy better furniture with no money/simoleons. So taking a quick look at the computer, I found the new jobs. Some of them has been with ther series since the very start.


  • Entertainer: Musician / Comedian (seems new to me!)
  • Writer: Author / Journalist (we know the author from Sims 3, but it wasn't a job-job)
  • Painter: Master of Real / Patron of the Arts (This seems brand new to me, and I love it!)
  • Secret Agent: Diamond Agent / Villian (awesome!)
  • Criminal: Boss / Oracle
  • Astronomer: Space Ranger / Smuggler (we know the space ranger from the previous games - as the last job in the military career)
  • Culinary: Chef / Mixologist (mixologist = bartender if someone should be in doubt. This is also a seemingly new option. The Sims 3 had the skills, but you couldn't make a living out of it. Awesome newness!)
  • Tech Guru: eSport Gamer / Start-up Entrepeneur (eSport has become quite world-wide, so cool they included this!)
If you ask me, they are all insanely interesting, and I was SHOCKED with surprise when I saw you could choose to become a painter. So what did I chose? The Painter of course! Have to start somewhere, right? 
What surprised me the most was how she was going to move up in her career. Like in Sims 3 (and the previous games as well) they had to improve their skills, but not only that. I had to make her look at 3 paintings to get a checkmark on that post in order to get promoted. The next she had to make some research on the computer for art. HOW COOL IS THAT? VERY COOL! 

We all know with a promotion comes a bonus. There still does, but sometimes you also get a new thing. When Sungojo was promoted for the 3rd or 4th time, she got a simoleon bonus and a new easel! 

When you sim goes to work you cannot see their needs or anything else. However, by clicking on the small icon of your sim in the bottom of the screen, there is a small icon within the picture of your sim with two sims. By clicking on that, you cna decide how they should work. Like; slacking, be off early, work hard etc. Just like in the Sims 3.

Moods and skills
One thing that caught my attention almost by the instant, was the many different kinds of moods your sim can have. I noticed, that suddenly Sungjo's changed from 'comfy' to 'inspired' and she was able to paint other kinds of paintings. For example, as she improved her painting skill, she was suddenly able to paint 'realistic' 'impressionistic' 'pop' and much more! I like this feature a lot! What is new about the painting as well, is the fact, that unlike in the previous games, you didn't pay anything to start on a painting. Now you can start on 'small' 'medium' and 'large' paintings, but they cost between 25 and 100 simloeans to start. At first I was really annoyed with it, but then I thought about it. It is pretty realistic that there are some costs about it such as; canvas and colours and so on. Yeeeep~

Another things that I find pretty cool, is all the moods your sim can have. With them comes a lot of new interactions. SungJo suddenly came into an 'confident' mode, and then by clicking on the easel, she could paint a 'confident painting'. Now that's something new! 
The moods also affects the interactions with the sims around your sim. If they are embarrassed or in a bad mood, it will affect the conversations they have with other sims. 
By taking a 'refreshing' shower, my sim got into an 'energic' mood, which made her want to work out. By taking a bubble bath they will get into a 'playful mood'. This is pretty cool, right? 


Short cuts in-game

Something that I noticed right way was, there were no panel showing my sim's needs and such. Usually we have this big bar in the bottom of the screen, but this time, EA made sure to put in shortcuts. So this time we can choose what we want to see. 


  • Aspiration - G
  • Career - J
  • Skills - L
  • Relationships - R
  • Inventory - I
  • Simology - Y
  • Needs - O




MY ups and downs so far:

It is really cool that everything around your sim affects the sim's mood.
The many different intereactions your sims can have with other sims depending on the mood.

The only down thing I have so far, is that when your sim goes to work, you won't be able to see the sims' needs, and you have aboslutely nothing to do before they return. 
Every time your sim goes to town or to a new place, there is loading time.  It goes relatively fast though.

I think this'll be it for now. I will return with more later! 
Happy simming!


I'm Back! -On TS4

Hello Guys, Sorry it's been a couple months sence i've created... 

Onward we go. 

Sims 4. Right. It's released, 

got my premium copy. Awesome. 


All I can say is awesome, awesome game.

Very recommended. i WILL be creating for TS4!

Actually I've already made a few shirts, testing everything out. 

Not really wanting to start creating until TSRW4 is out. 

Very limited actions so far. but stay tuned cause i will indeed be creating 

for the sims 4. 


I will be releasing some new clothing for TS3, and yes, i will continue to

create for both games, until i feel like its my time to go in the sims 3... 

please make the anime girl on my profile

Please make a anime girl on my profile

That's all folks!

With the release of Sims 4 I have decided it’s finally time to hang up my building hat and step aside for the new talent that this new game will bring.  I know I haven’t been around so much over the last few months and it doesn’t seem right to hang on just for the sake of it now that the passion has gone. 

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here as a sims artist and I would like thank the team here at TSR for putting up with me for so long!  I also wish to thank you the downloaders whose comments and encouragement have meant so much to me and kept me going all this time. I have some fantastic memories and have made some dear friends over the years and now it is time to move on.  I won’t be giving up simming completely (I’ll finally get to spend some serious time actually playing the games that I’ve spent so long creating for) and you may still find me lurking around the place from time to time.

I’m sure many of your are excited to get started on sims 4 but for me the look and feel of the game just doesn’t inspire me and I won’t be parting with my hard earned cash for a copy, at least for the time being.  So, that being the case I bid you fare thee well but not goodbye.

See you around,

Hats <3



The Sims 4, My First Impressions

Hi guys! Many of you know me as Degera, a lot builder and member of the staff, in charge of Social Media as well as lot submissions. I've been playing the Sims since 2001, and submitting my creations to TSR since 2002. So when a new Sims game comes out, I'm usually the first one in line. But I was reluctant this time. I wanted to keep an open mind, but I was hearing so many negatives about the game that it was affecting my ability to remain unbiased. That whole 'No Toddlers/No Pools' debate was only part of it. There was also to be no CASt, which as a lot builder is something I felt was integral. Plus they were bringing back loading screens between lots, which was something I did not miss from the first two Sims games.

But I put all of that aside, I pre-ordered and held my breath, with a hopeful 'wait and see' attitude. I wanted to make my own opinion. I downloaded the files last week on Origin so when midnight on September 2 hit, I was ready. I fired up the game and dove in. And... I don't hate it. I know that's not a ringing endorsement, but it's honestly better than what I expected.

The first time you start the game, you will be taken to Create-A-Sim where you will go through a tutorial section on making your very first Sims 4 sim. And if you're not careful, you can get stuck in CAS - it's like a spider's web. You find yourself pushing and pulling to get that nose exactly the way you want it and when that doesn't work, you sort through the available pre-made noses to find something, anything... The next time you look up, two hours have passed, and you still haven't picked out your Sim's hair!

There is a fair amount of clothing options, and of course any gaps will be taken care of by our CC creators. What I like most about this new CAS, however, is the Styled Looks option. For each clothing section (everyday, formal, sleepwear, etc) there is a set of pre-made outfits that include shoes, accessories and makeup. That's right, you can change your entire outfit, plus shoes, all accessories and your makeup with the push of one button! Making your sim look good has never been easier.


Got your Sim sorted? Then let's move him/her in and get started. The tutorial you followed in CAS will stay with you, walking you through all aspects of the game as you go along. This is handy if you have never played The Sims before, but for me, I was completely annoyed by it within minutes. And you can't shut it off. You have to let it run the full course at least once for it not to appear again. If I could get in touch with any of the developers, this would be one of the first things I bring up - please give us an option to turn off the tutorial and never have to see it again!

Now your Sim is moved in and ready to explore the world. Press the M button at any time to see the map view. Wait... is that the map? Yes. It really is that small. The map of each world is divided into neighborhoods. Each neighborhood has approximately five lots inside it (some less), and either they will all be venues, or they will all be residential, with one section in the middle set aside for a huge park. But don't be too discouraged, because you can swap between the two base game worlds at any time, for any reason, which effectively doubles the number of venues and homes. It's still only a fraction of what we had in The Sims 3, but I'm reminding myself that this is just the base game and there will be more to come.  

But Degera, you're asking, how's the gameplay? Overall it's incredibly smooth. I have not experienced any severe bugs or glitches. Yes, there are loading screens everywhere. You can walk around in your neighborhood without loading, but if you go into another world, neighborhood, or even into another venue, you will have load time. The time varies depending on whether or not you've been to that location before - first time loads are longer.  

A couple of minor bugs that I have noticed include:
1. After playing the same family for a few days, I could no longer see the names of other Sims when I hovered my mouse over them.
2. Sims will walk through the front door of my lots and stand on the inside to knock to be invited inside - which, when invited, they end up going outside.
3. Curtains and paintings will not always drop when the walls go down, but putting the walls back up and removing them again takes care of it.
4. Some of the cheats that were listed as shipping with the base game don't seem to work - for example, the hide headline effects toggle won't get rid of the plumbob as it should.


Other issues, not bugs:
1. Not having CASt makes it nearly impossible to match any furnishings. I complained about this earlier on our Twitter feed. Everything that is supposed to be black, for instance, is a different shade. In this image of my new dining room, I thought the table was black until I got the lights in place and I realized it's just a very dark brown.
2. Having the Tutorial (or Tips) always appear and not being able to get rid of it is massively annoying.
3. Having to be on the lot itself, or in the process of moving in a new family, in order to bulldoze the lot is frustrating.
4. If you want to move a lot, or turn it, after you've built it, be prepared to re-do all of your landscaping.
5. Those of you that use Edge Scrolling will be frustrated because it won't scroll if your mouse pointer is over a menu or a part of the UI (especially on the bottom of the screen). It does work, you just have to make sure your pointer is directly above the white bar at the bottom.
6. Notifications can't be recalled once they close, so if you miss what it's saying for some reason then you've missed it completely.
7. Maid service is spotty. This might be a bug, or the maid might be lazy, it's too soon to tell.
8. If you're playing a single sim and they leave the lot to go to work, you have absolutely nothing to do until they get home again.
9. You can't send a sim to a venue for a night out while you stay at home with another sim. You will go to the venue and the sim left at home will be unplayable/in limbo until you return.

If you've already discovered a workaround for some of these issues, if you found some that I missed or if you haven't experienced these problems at all, feel free to let me know in the comments.

When it's all said and done, those of you looking for a quirky, fun game to play will find it here. Our artists will bring the CC that we need soon enough, so go ahead and play to form your own opinion!


I don't think I'm ready for Sims 4, I adore Sims3 and I have too many mods and CC, I can't move on yet! 

Sleepy Hollow is Coming to TSR!

I'm a huge fan of the hit American television series on Fox, Sleepy Hollow. The series is a fun mixture of creepy and campy and I can't wait for the premiere of the sophomore season on September 22nd. This set was created so my obsession with the show (watching all 13 episodes of season one multiple times) would serve a useful purpose, creating for the Sims 3 game.

My Sleepy Hollow artifacts include the headless horseman's skull in a pickle jar, Katrina's necklace, George Washington's bible, a golem, vintage baby carriage, Ouija board, and Katrina's headstone. If you are not familiar with the show no  worries, the set items can be used as part of a Halloween theme. The collection folder for the set can be downloaded at MediaFire.



7 uploads pending, I had a lot of fun with them. I created a series of houses called 'coloured homes' or something of the sort. They were so much fun to build :) hope you will enjoy using them as much as I enjoyed building them.

Graceysims xo

Leaving behind a legacy!

Melanie Carmichael is my newest created sim for The Sims 3 and I decided to try out the legacy challenge. I must say, it really makes you like The Sims  all over again. In the past, I've found myself cheating to give my sim the things I wanted her to have or so she didn't have to work. But then you're missing out on a big part of playing the game.

So when I created Melanie, I decided to start working on the Legacy Challenge. She started out with $1,800 after buying the empty plot and she built a very, very small one room place to stay in. She slept in a sleeping bag or took advantage of sunbathing to get in a little shut eye. Eventually she got a job and has been working herself up the corporate ladder. She makes over $100 an hour now so far and recently had a baby as well as got married. I'd say that she's progressing well in beginning her legacy. The house has had improvements along the way and she really loves to save money, which is always nice.

The husband that Melanie has.... Well, he's odd. She was attracted to him originally because of his nice personality. However, it wasn't until after they were married that she found out he's a mermaid(man)... LOL So that part took me by surprise and I'm still waiting to see what will happen. They named their daughter Madison and I'm anxious to see what type of person she becomes.

Playing The Sims 3 without cheats or mods in order to do this Legacy Challenge is actually a ton of fun. Cheats aren't always the greatest and sometimes you just need to get back down to the basics and play it how it was meant to be played!!!

Update: Diamond Key

Due to major Windows corruption issue I've had to reinstall everything on my computer from the O/S up. Meaning yes, I lost all my work for everthing. Though I have external backup copies of Diamond Key, they are not the most recent backups so I lost tons of hours of work. I am choosing to put Diamond Key aside now rather than try to re-do all the work I lost. The good news? I'm back to creating content! Look for new work from me soon!

YAY! Sims 4

Hi Simmers!

I have been creating alot of content for Sims3 and fully plan on continuing to do so as I love Sims 3. However I got Sims4 and this morning just started trying it out.. Oh my! Its so different! Not used to it yet but there is plenty of time to figure it out. Once TSR has it all set up to make CC for Sims4 I will surely be submitting my creations but until then like I said creating for Sims3 and playing Sims4 !

I was very happy to discover that my laptop also supports Sims4 with great graphics too! 

I start College this week so schoolwork will take priority but I love creating so much that I fully intend to keep on submitting!

Anyways Happy Simming! and please check my mini site for more houses and paintings for Sims3 as well as some other items I am currently trying to learn... patterns for one and still attempting to learn how to object mesh! 

Jackie ( aka MightyFaithGirl)

New Simself

A warm thank you to Cedric 13 for the beautiful simself she made for me and which you can see on my avatar picture. This sim can be downloaded at


Ii've been playing the sims for years, I finally decided to give something back to the Simming community by creating homes! 

I'm still pretty novice, but the more I do the better I get - right? So i'll be uploading lots left, right and center! 
I am currently in the process of making some poster/paintings too.

To whomever is reading this, I hope you're well and thank you for visiting GraceySims :D xo

New set "Twintastical" on the way!

After a break from creating I'm back and ready to release this, if I do say so myself - adorable coral reef inspired TWIN set! 

Sims 4 Custom Content

I have been creating Sims 4 Custom Content for Create a Sim such as shirts over the last couple of weeks and will be making it available to anyone who wants them. If you liked the stuff here you will like this stuff more. Just go to my blog to download it and put it in your game.

There will also be a guide for people who do not know how to install custom content.

The blog is at


Luke Cheuh Designs

Cotwork Lighting

Cotwork Lighting


merece ser comprado várias pessoas como eu, queria levantar, então você tem que me entender isso é verdade eu espero que gostem.

Help group for Sims 4

The Sims 4 HELP in 4 languages :)



Hi guys,

just wanted to let you know I'm returning this September, yeah Sims 4!


Access 2 Lighting

Access 2 Lighting



Want to see Random Dance of Speed* Club Members?
Here's the link XD

The Sims 3 - Harlem Shake (Speed* Club) 


So this is my first blog entry. I don't know who actually reads these lol, but here goes. So there are a couple of chapters left in my story Siren, but it is coming to an end. I was going to make a new story afterwards based around Tiffany's sister Natalie, and in fact have already written a large portion of the story, mainly because I am not done with these character's yet. But the story was getting so complicated and I had this idea in my mind on where I wanted to take the story line, but it was too hard to write and the more I wrote the less the character's did what I wanted them to do....I know it's a stupid thing to say since I'm the writer haha but it's true. Anyway, so I don't think I'm going to put that story on tsr, but instead I have been writing another story which was originally meant to be based around Tiffany's daughter, but now I have decided to change all the character's name and cut all ties and start with fresh characters. With out giving anything major away it's a romance (of course) but done quite differently to the usual romance.  


Hello All-

I'm just posting to update those who follow my stories.  Recently I have been dealing with a number of health issues that are causing me some severe pain.  (I feel like a little old lady!)  Because of this, typing and being on the computer has become quite difficult.  It's not always this way but it is causing me to take a little longer to put each new chapter together.  They are coming though!  I promise!  

Just thought I would let you all know.  Thank you so much and stay tuned!

I am back.

I am back. I took a seem like a year long break. I got a new laptop and some new games for the sims 3. I been quite busy with real life. Lets see. I been working on seeing my dad. I even visited thim  and spent time with him. I even hung out with my step brothers. Lastly I was in my dad wedding. I got a new stepmother and 3 stepbrothers but only met 2 and hang out with two.

I got two sims games and playing with them and I like them both a lot. 

Houses- Walls & Floor sets

I create lovely & unique houses, also walls & floors, that are different then any I have seen.

If I can I will upload some.

or go to   you can only view my houses, walls & floors here. I will see it I can get some on here, if YOU ALL like them. walls/floors and or houses.


First Blog Post & New Expansions!

Mandee here!

I actually just figured out that I could add entries to my page so here is my first post! I am super excited because my fiance just bought World Adventures and Generations for me last night so I am looking forward to making more lots with my new expansions. I was a little wary of buying World Adventures but now that I have it, I am having so much fun exploring tombs. So far I have only been to Egypt and have only spent one Sim day in that location. Looking forward to exploring some more!

I hope every one is having a lovely week! <3

Clothing request ?

Hey everyone !

I know there are some amazingly talented clothing creators and designers on this website and I was wondering if anyone ever takes requests ? Since I don't have the sligtest idea about creating clothing and designing outfits for The Sims I thought maybe i'd ask some of you brilliant designers !! 

So if anyone has had the will to read this far, (thanks), would it be possible to recreate this look ?  Katy Perry Prismatic Outfit (Roberto Cavalli)

It would be my dream come true and my Katy Perry sims' dream too ! 


My very first sims 4 recolor

Finally, I finished my very first recolor of sims 4 dress.

I was so happy :D

I will make more so stay tuned :) I posted a pic on my check it out :D

I will upload more of my favorite sims 3 lots soon, You should check them out.


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