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Питомник Gladys

Шотландская вислоухая кошка
Порода кошек

Scottish Fold

Gladys, white

Solid black

Solid blue

Solid red

Solid cream

No Time and This Isn't Helping...

Lately I have been extremely busy at work and at home. I work for a traveling agency - which is fun and frustrating all at once - and while I love the job, it still wasn't enough to keep me entertained so I kept my old college gig of tour guide in Prague. Apparently it was all great and managable as long as I managed my time between friends, writing, travelling and movies. Not so much when me and my very good friend finally came out of denial and started dating.

Usually I'm great at time management. Usually I'm also a great cook but I have not been able to enter the kitchen for a week now. :)


I had to drop the tourguiding - a thing that hurt me very much because of all the great memories I had of the job. I didn't even get to go home this summer, that's how crazy things have been. But now I'm determined to get back on the horse and make a nice time table between work, friends, writing and this one annoying guy I really should have dropped, were it no for the beautiful things he says. Like 'I'm forgetting something, am I not? Oh, a book! Nearly left home without a book. The horror!' or 'If someone attacks us in this dark street you run. I will cry I have no money and I refuse to surrender the comic book and maybe they leave us alone.'

But the most important thing: I decided to give sims 2 hours a day, twice the week, TSR time included, so if I submit something and it gets rejected it won't be back until the end of the week. And it WILL get rejected. I'm dumbing it down as much as I can, but sometimes I just give up and post it elsewhere. Anyway, I'm working on the first chapter... wrong. I'm working on getting the first chapter approved, which is so much harder than working on the chapter itself.


Just wanted to let you know I'm doing my best, not procratinating somewhere...




FAQ and more


Hi everyone!

I really wanted to make this post but I never really had the chance.
Okay, first, I wanna say a massive thank you to everyone who downloads my stuff or stops by to leave a nice comment.
Your support means everything to me.

Second, I get a lot of questions from people asking me stuff like ''where did you find the __?''. Guys, I'm not going to answer that kind of questions because besides the fact that they are a lot, it's kinda rude. If you want to ask where I found something you can send me a private message instead and I will surely answer when I get the chance.

Another question people have been asking me a lot is if I've shared or will share my sims. I used to share sims in the past at my blogspot but sadly I had to turn it down since I didn't update it for quiet some time. Plus, my olds sims are super ugly xD Anyways, the answer is no, sharing sims is definitely not my priority and it takes a lot of time searching for the cc I used on the sim to give the right credit.

Last but not least, you guys have been asking me if I accept requests. No, I do not. I keep my own ideas in a folder which is literally full at the moment. But, your ideas are more than welcomed. You can either send me a private message here or on my blog on Tumblr.

You can also check my FAQ page on Tumblr for more information.
Feel free to send me any kind of questions you may have here or on Tumblr.
Off anon questions are always answered privately. :)

That's all for now. Thank you all so much again!
Love you all,


Thank you people!


I would like to thank all users that in these
years have enjoyed my creations and who downloaded
so my items and my houses!*__*
Thank you very much!
I continue so :)


A worm -  HELLO - to all of you! I am back from hollydays with new ideas and a lot of ne inspirations!  So be anxious and enjoy!!!

Flower Power

Flower Power


Can somone make me 3 cute teenage boys please ? maybe girl too? Please...... if i don't have it that i need i can't make my sims series some i will make...... please see this fast:(...



kardofe_Princess bedroom_Bed

Ya ha cambiado el archivo de la cama en "kardofe_Princess bedroom_Bed"

kardofe_Princess bedroom_Bed

Hola a todos, Lo siento si he causado ningún daño a cualquier persona en su juego con mi "kardofe_Princess bedroom_Bed" que había tenido en mi juego, como hago con todos mis creaciones y me funcionó muy bien, no me dio ningún problema, por lo publicado, nunca publico algo sabiendo que no funciona bien.

Lo he hecho de nuevo y estoy esperando un personal TSR respuesta a sustituir.

Lo siento, y muchas gracias a todos por su paciencia





Hey. So im not going to be able to upload creation much because im taking part in the #Wattys2015 on wattpad here is my profile link: so check me out if you like? so i wont be able to upload alot all the month of august then again in end on august and start of september so im sory guys. Also one of the people that inspired me to make this account (PralineSims) commented on one of my creations so thank you so much sorry

3 Million Downloads!

Another cool milestone for me on Tsr, 3 million downloads! Wow :) Thank you to all the downloaders for your support and for all the lovely feedback on my creations, I can assure you that I really appreciate it sooo much! Cheerio! :)



Please read this guide before asking me any questions. Thank you!

-Where can I find that hair?

-Usually the hair I use is from here on TSR, or , Peggysims (for sims 3) or from Tumblr. Every hairstyle you will ever need you can find on or . I will link in the Description under my creation , if possible, what hairs I used. But for long time ago sims 3 creations sometimes this is impossible as I may not have them in my game anymore, some have no identity thumbnail in CAS or the sites are starting to close down (i.e Peggy and Rosesims3). Also some hair that I use are not free hairs and are from paysites. However, as I mentioned the hairs are mostly from Sims3updates/Sims4updates/TSR.

Please read the description of all my creations. If I already posted in the description where the other CC came from I will not be answering any "Where can I find" questions.

-Where can I find that Makeup:

Most of my makeup is either my own or from other artists such as Sclub Privé, Pralinesims, Gosik, etc on this site for sims 3 and the same for sims 4. 

-Where can i find that skin:

Again most of the skins are from here on this site and Ephemera for sims 3 ,and for sims 4 here on this site, Sclub, Praline, Ms Blue, Sintiklia, or from Sims 4 Models on Tumblr

Where can I download your sim model:

If it is not on this site, or on my blog chances are I won't be releasing the model of your request, apologies!

**Please read the description notes with regards to other CC on my presentations. Like I said on Sims3updates and Sims4updates and and there are thousands of CC items there for you to choose from. **


Sims 4:

1. How do I install Sims

After downloading from TSR you will need a program to unzip the files such as winrar or winzip. Extract  the files into your Documents/Electronic Arts/The sims 4/Tray folder and you will find the sim in your gallery.

For the Sim to show up in Game:

In your sims library you must go to advanced settings and tick the following boxes:

Include Unknown Content and Include Custom Content

You can read more about sims 4 downloads here: Installing the sims 4 downloads

2. The Sim doesn't look like the pictures!

- Please read the creator notes to see what is included and what is not and make sure your game is updated.

To download Sims 4 clothes and makeup just download the file from here and make sure to put it in your sims4/mods folder

Sims 3:

1. How do I install Sims

To download Sims 3 clothes and makeup or sims download the file and make sure to put it in your sims3/downloads folder unless specified. Package files for sims 3 go to your sims3/Mods/Packages folder. 

To be able to use the skins and other package files, you need to set up your game for package files, here is a tutorial on this:Package file setup guide.

Please read this guide before asking me any questions. Thank you!



Pardon me for shouting . . but 7 million downloads seems pretty much like shout-worthy to me!

Thank  you, sincerely, to all the wonderful people who have downloaded - and continue to download - my patterns, paintings and lots.  With a steady output like mine, it is becoming more and more difficult to find fresh material . . .but your support keeps me looking - and of course, if you look hard enough you will usually find something that works. :]

So, please take a bow my friends and know that I appreciate every single download.  




Welcome :)

Hey Guys! So im new to The Sims Resource and i wanted to make a blog post. Since The Sims 3 i have wanted to make poses and some custom content. Im new and just learning so please be sort of kind to me but if you dont like something please tell me and i will try to improve on it. Expect some uploads soon! I will try to make a blog post every Monday or Tuesday so look out for that.

<3 GamerCookie <3

Thank you!

Just wanted to thank you for almost 30k downloads. :D That's a lot for me (considering I have only one proper creation). I shall get back to TSR soon. (I still have some unpublished work). 

See you soon then. :) 

It's Official! :) i'm a SELECT ARTIST :)

it was back in June when i started my posting my creations on TSR :) :) I dunno and i didnt expect that i would be featured regularly on TSR Featured Creations.. i just keep on submitting my CC's. and it was July 1, 2015 that i was invited to become TS4 Select Artist on TSR :) :) but, unfortunately i'm late reading the letter that's why im not included on the July Artist Draft. :( :( I asked TSR Staff if i'm rejected.. but..... GOOD NEWS is they'll keep me for the next Draft. :) YEHEY! :) and it was today. July 27, 2015.... *drum-roll* hahaha I'm an OFFICIAL SELECT ARTIST for TSR :) I would like to say THANK YOU for ANGELA RAMOS (my bebe) for pushing me in this.. :) and to all my friends and fellow ARTISTS :) THANK YOU SO MUCH for love and Support of my Creations... THANK YOU... THANK YOU SO MUCH.. <3






Mckenzie Layne

Sims4 Lexie (FYA)

My Latest designs
S4-Lexie - Young Adult

Download Lexie Click Here!

**It Should Definitely Download!..

Skin-by MsBlue Click here

Hair-by JK-Sims Click here

Eyecolors-by S-Club Click here

Lips-by ShojoAngel Click here

Eyelash-by Kijiko Click here!


**Loading Optionally!..

Top-by allaboutstyle Click here
(top-down, 2. design 6 VS Cropped Hoodies)

Bottoms-by allaboutstyle Click here
(top-down, 13. design Cavalli Pant Set)

Dress-by allaboutstyle Click here
(top-down, 1. design Floral Cascade)

Top-by allaboutstyle Click here
(top-down, 1. design 6 VS Crop Tops)

Bottoms-by allaboutstyle Click here
(top-down, 8. design 6 Knee Bottoms)

Dress-by allaboutstyle Click here
(top-down, 6. design Satin Sequin Altuzarra)

Swim-by allaboutstyle Click here
(top-down, 7. design Mara Hoffman Cheetah)

Shoes_1-by Madlen Click here

Shoes_2-by Madlen Click here

Sims4 Jazmine (FYA)

My Latest designs
S4-Jazmine - Young Adult

Download Jazmine Click Here!


**It Should Definitely Download!..

Skin-by MILK Click here

Hair-by Nightcrawler Click here

Eyecolors-by S-Club Click here

Eyelash-by Kijiko Click here!

Lipstick-by ShojoAngel Click here


**Loading Optionally!..

Dress-by starlord Click here

Top-by JavaSims Click here

Skirt-by ERNHN Click here

Top-by allaboutstyle Click here
(top-down, 4. design 6 VS Racerback Tops Tied)

Tights-by bukovka Click here

Shorts-by tiffybee Click here

Top-by brownieswifesims Click here

Swimwear-by sweetsims4 Click here

Shoes-1-by Madlen Click here

Not included Shoes-2-by Madlen Click here

Walking Down Memory Lane

I was just looking at some of my creations and reading my tutorial on meshing and wow--what a long time ago it all seems. I quit meshing and creating because my work life exploded at the same time as my computer died in a wind storm. I was sad to leave it behind. I do still miss it at times, but really my inner geek has fun at work (I'm in accounting--spreadsheets yay!) and my inner artist finds expression with my hobbies (drawing and painting.) However, I still love the Sims and was an avid Sims 3 player and have moved to Sims 4, but I do still return to 3 and sometimes 2. Also, I discovered Sims Medieval a couple of years ago--what fun that is! I love all of the work people are doing and I still think that the Sims Community is a unique and wonderful place. Thanks TSR for doing what you do!

Mundo Sims Viciados :D

Fala Povo Bunito!!!

Sou Viciado Em TS, Tenho Todos eles até o 4 só tou esperando Lançar o 5 :3 :D 


Well my summer ended last week, that's is why i'm back to school. I may not have a lot of time to upload more builds but I will try my best to keep on uploading, specially now that I have fallen in love with house building. Thank you very much to all who downloaded my builds!

Project: Hacienda Real de Guadelupe

Hi all, 

I've been working on a Hacienda lot, but I'm not quite ready yet to share it as I still have to figure out all the custom content I've used. I love the CC, but it is so hard to keep track of all the CC that you use.. But anyways, in the meantime, I took a lot of screenshots to show you around the house. As I'm relatively new I don't know where to best put this stuff, but I guess a blog is as good as any ;-)

Welcome to Hacienda Real de Guadelupe - a spacious five bedroom (5 baths) house surrounding a central courtyard. Open corridors give access to all the main areas of the house, and supply the necessary breeze during those hot summers. Several family rooms, as well as a bar room, with attached home cinema room and a game and bar room provide all the entertainment one can wish for.


The hacienda is entered by the Torre, a central tower connecting the wings and the courtyard.

Torre entrance hall 


The Torre connects two wings: the Guadelupe wing which holds all the main living areas, as well as most bedrooms and the Caballero wing which holds the guest quarters and the entertainment rooms.

Courtyard from G Wing (view of the central courtyard from the Guadelupe wing)


The central courtyard is surrounded by open corridors that connect all rooms with the central courtyard. 

Guadelupe wing corridor


The Guadelupe wing corridor is intersected by another central tower that connects to the courtyard and lanai on one end, and gives access to the central living areas.

 (view from the courtyard access door to the living quarters and lanai)

dining room 




Kitchen/Breakfast room area:


 (behind the stone wall a secondary stairs leads to the first floor)


 This concludes the first part of the tour, more to follow ;-)

I am now on Twitter!


I'm happy to tell you all that I'm now active on Twitter :) If you want some updates about me/my work and more, you can follow me @BenLachowskii



P.s: You can also find me on Tumblr where I post my TSR creations, WIPS and reblog photos from my favourite community members


S4 Barbara Dress Updated

The file has been updated as I made other colour versions of the dress and to be included in the sleepwear category. Please remove the old one and re-download this new one. 

Enjoy! LINK

barbara colours




Sim rejected ~ uhboo.

Hello lovelies ♥.

So I usually upload sims on here, sorry for my lack of activity, but I'm working on it ^o^, however, the sim I approved myself got rejected, because I'm not allowed to approve sims myself. *sigh* I already told them that they should have told it straight away or made a real on it. It never said sims weren't allowed to be always tested first. =__='

My two sims Kyani Iro and Bace Iro were both accepted by myself too. I wonder if they will take those down now. What a wonder, I never had any 'bad download' messages and both sims have over 10.000 downloads lol. The discovery that it's now a must to be tested first surely made me less excited to publish on TSR -.-'

But oh well TSR must have their reasons to become extra careful =='

Argh, now I need to wait longer before I can upload another simm ;3;

Membership Renewal Dilemma !!!!!


The Submissions Area has been an issue for me and many others since the start of the year, i decided a few months ago, that when my membership ran out (which is today) then i wouldn't renew it until the Submissions Area was fixed.

However, having spent less than 5 minutes not being a VIP Member, the ad's over riding everything (ncluding full page coverage when trying to log into the site) was TOO MUCH & everything ran slower than usual.

Because of this i have renewed my membership again which i was against doing so soon.

I don't mind advertisements on the site but personally for me it was too much to handle and very frustrating.

Fingers crossed the Submissions Area will be fixed SOOOOOOON ..... :)


First time!

I don't really know what to do here... I'm not a creator so I won't have too much to share about my The Sims, but I do hope to write some stuff from time to time. I'd like to be useful to everyone somehow, so if there's anything I can do for you, please let me know. :)

Also, if you want any advices on your sims, houses, worlds or well, creations, I'd be glad to help you with a review. If you need comments let me know, I'd be glad to give them to you. But not all the time, of course.

To share a little bit about me: I'm not a very lucky person when it comes to The Sims... I only own the base game and one Expansion Pack (Generations) because my parents think it's a waste spend almost fourty euros on an expansion pack, so that makes it hard for me to convince them to buy me some more, but I'll ask one in each birthday and I'll get there!

It is a bit hard to choose wich Expansion Pack I'd like to have next, because I really seem to like University Life, Seasons, Supernatural, Professional Ambitions and World Adventures, so I'm a little confused on what I'd want to choose. If I had seen the Generations pack earlier I would' have bought it. Don' get me wrong it's quite cute and all, but it seems more like a Stuff Pack rather than an Expansion.

But well, I'll get there, I don't really seem to like The Sims 4 anyway so I won't want to buy it. I truly believe it's ridiculous to have to pay for an update, shouldn't they have just done the game with that update? I mean, what The Sims doesn't have toddlers and pools?! I think that it was all planned just to receive some extra money, so I won't buy it, it'll only make me feel like I fell into a trap or something. Yes, I am THAT weird! Haha.

Well, I have nothing else to say really.

Stay well! =^^=

~ sineyin


P.S.: You must be wondering why 'sineyin', right? If not then you won't need to read too much tomorrow. Hehe.

[TS4] How to Install Sims & Lots

In The Sims 4, there is a folder called Tray for lots and Sims. It is located in:

Windows XP: Documents and Settings\(Your User Account)\My Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Tray

Windows Vista, Windows 7/8, Mac: Users\(Your User Account)\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Tray

Lots and Sims use several different types of files. Both use a type known as .trayitem . Lots also use .blueprint and .bpi files, while Sims use .hhi, .sgi and .householdbinary files. These files can be installed by extracting them from the archive file they are in, and placing them in the Tray folder; there is no need to do anything else to them.

You must unzip the file and place only the tray items in your tray, not the zip file.

Once you have placed them there, you should be able to find the Sims or Lots in ''My Library'' in the game once you launch it.

[TS4]How to Install .Package Files

In The Sims 4, there are two custom content folders: Tray for lots and Sims, and Mods for other content. Both of these folders are located in:

Windows XP: Documents and Settings\(Your User Account)\My Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\

Windows Vista, Windows 7/8, Mac: Users\(Your User Account)\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\


When you download Custom content for your game, this comes in .Package files.

All custom content in Package files need to be placed in the Sims 4 Mods folder. 

The Mods folder may contain sub-folders. If the Mods folder does not exist, it can be created manually. The Mods folder will contain a file named resource.cfg . If it is deleted, the game should recreate it.

Thank You FEMA!

Texas was declared a Disaster Area after all of our flooding, so thankfully we were able to call on FEMA for assistance.  It seems strange to be thankful for being officially declared a Disaster Area...but, I am truly thankful for the designation and SO grateful for FEMA!  We have been approved for help and assistance - which we are sorely in need of!  Hopefully this help will enable us to reclaim our home and repair some of our possessions.  (Sadly, many irreplaceable items are gone forever...)   I do not know how long this repair/reclamation process will take, or if we'll be allowed to remain in-house while it occurs.  Life is weird & strange right now, but I hope & pray it's looking better soon...  I just wanted y'all to know where we're at in our recovery process and I wanted to, once again, say "Thank You" for your support, encouragement, comments, and downloads!  


Okay so I am trying to learn how to use TSR. To me right now it is frustrating but I am sure i will get a hang of it soon. I am having gastric sleeve surgery on Wednesday july 22nd and hoping that things go right and everything. I am trying to find things that will keep my mind off of not being able to do a lot of things until I am healed. TSR was one of the things i thought would help me ease the time and such. Hope everyone is having a blessed day.

Entrance Lighting

Entrance Lighting

Name Change

Hello, I just wanted to inform you that I got a username change. I'm making this small blog to avoid any further confusion.

It used to be TheHeckAreYou, but now it's linked and matched to my other social media: Prob Nutt

If you're interested in following me, find me under that domain on YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest and Origin.

Thanks for reading and have a great day.

Nightlight Switch Set

Nightlight Switch Set

My Custom Content and Sim-Accounts

Good night and happy Fourth of July for american friends :D

I tried. Well, stil trying, but, I have this account here for so long and just a few time ago, I decided to create and upload something for the site, even I have some created lots on my youtube channel. I've posted my first lot here for The Sims 2: (and thank you so much for downloaded it! +900 downloads, made me so happy!), and yesterday I created and uploaded here a new home, now starter for your Sims in TS2 too! My version has no CC in it or included, all base game itens.

After this presentation of my "starter" uploading here in The Sims Resource, I invite you to check my works and social media-Sim-related while I do not post them here. In a few days, I promise to bring more homes, with different budgets and taste.

My Simtube Channel:

Blog (*tag: CC ): (I DO NOT post findings, so all CC there is my work)

Simblr: (here I reblog findings for Sims 2, Sims 3 and Sims 4)

Origin: sternsonata (at The Sims 4 gallery I have some works too)

The Sims 3 *mypage: (some in-game recolors are there too)

Anything you need, just ask me here too! <3


Flooding & Mold

We've had a lot of wet weather here in Texas lately. My house did flood. We managed to mostly recover from that initial water and damage, but we've got mold. I am currently in the process of ridding my house of that mold, a process which will take time. I have spent the last week dealing with this, but I still have a LOT of work ahead of me. I do have a few files here awaiting approval. Hopefully by the time my Pending list is empty, I'll be finished around the house and able to create more items for the Sims. Until then, thank you all for your support, kind comments, and downloads! It means more to me than I can express...

Untold Chapter 05

It's finally done. Untold Chapter 5, yay! After the stuggles of multiple deleted drafts and buying a new computer I'm finally done!

 It wont be on TSR because none of my photos will upload and I'm unabled to fix it. Hopefully those who have read the other chapters will head on over my blog and read the next part. It's exciting that's for sure.

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