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I really hate TSR's 50MB limit

I REALLYREALLYREALLY LOATHE the upload limit. Lots have to be 50MB BEFORE putting it in a zip. I can't even furnish a lot the way I want to without getting lots some 60 - 80 MB in size. So alot of the lots I've been sitting on lately y'all may never get, or they'll be totally unfurnished and dumb looking after I literally sledgehammer away all the hard work I put into furnishing the dang things, all to satisfy TSR's retarded pre-zip limit. I'm feeling creatively and artistically stiffled over here; I can't make any headway. *sobbing*

Downloading the Gold Suit

Dear fellow Simmers,

If you plan to get both the coat and pants of the Gold Suit, do download them as a set from the following link:

It'll be better for you (but don't forget to get the files out since it's a zip file!) :)

Otherwise, you can download the coat or pants individually.

See ya!


While my 80s/90s Set was published here at TSR, I got lots of questions concerning the tattoo necklace which my Sims are wearing in the download preview. Actually I created it by myself, but I don't really like it and hardly use it in my game, so I didn't plan to upload the choker. I also thought there already exists a similar necklace here at TSR, but it seems that it has been deleted (I didn't know that until I searched again for it...)

Anyway, I'll try it again and create a new version of the tattoo choker and if I like it, I'll upload it on TSR!! :)



I don't know if people really read these, but I just wanted to say a big thank you to all of the amazing artists on TSR. Although I would love to, because of some health problems I am unable to create and contribute like all of you incredible artists do. I've been through hell in my life and TS3 has been the one thing that kept me from losing my mind through my darkest times bedridden in agony. I found TSR about 6 months ago and over that time I've learned a lot about some of the talented and generous artists on this site. I have such a tremendous appreciation for you all who are so diligent in creating the highest quality, most beautiful, creative and SAFE content for us to enhance what is for some of us the only world we can live in. Thank you all so much for your very hard work and being so generous to share it with me. I appreciate every one of you and thank you for making my life a little brighter just by being in it. :) I wish you all a very blissful 2015! Please keep up your fantastic work and never let the drama bring you down. You are so very appreciated more than you know!

Happy 2015!!!

Hi everybody!,

2014 has come to an end. I hope this your year was as fabulous as mine was. I got a lot of downloads and of course not to forget, I had become a Select Artist for TS4. I wish you all the best for 2015. And let it be a simfabulous and health 2015! Lots of love, SimFabulous

Sims4 Carolina (FYA)

My Latest designs
S4-Carolina - Young Adult

Download LINK Click Here!


Bad news bears, everyone. Due to a recent crash in my computer, my motivation to continue with the story has been vanquished by my foul mood. Luckily, I backed up the custom content on a CD, it is just the effort of recreating my sims that I lack. So, bye-bye After Glow. It was a nice little practice story. Fortunately, it was not all the popular, but if you had happened to want to follow it, this post explains why the chapter all of a sudden disappeared. Sorry guys, but I promise my next effort at a story will be just as good if not better.


Happy Simming!


Septum piercing:


Deep V neck dress:


Lace Pencil Dress:


2-piece sequin dress:


Men's shaved comb-back ponytail:


Amy Winehouse hair:


Liz Cute shoulder-length hair:



I created today this account. I think, i can add to here downloads things.

I'm from Finland and i don't speak good English, but i try wrote correctly. I'm teen, only 13 yo. I love free style, because you can dress yourself how you actually just want to. You don't care about the other, how they think about your clothes. Of course, I look at what clothes I put on me, I don't look so stupid.

I think I'll do OK clothes to The Sims 2. I did today the first time outfit to The Sims 2. I think It's pretty, because I like a top and a jeans, but I dont like the shoes.. Because I don't yet know how to make the shoes well.


New outfit coming soon :D

Hello everybody<3

Soo i have a new outfit coming real soon!

i´ve just uploded it and its pending right know...

But i really hope it upoads and i hope you like it<3 :3

Love: EllenSinger1

Happy Holidays!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and a Safe New Year!!  My all your hopes and dreams come true for you in the year of 2015.  I want to extend a gracious and heart-felt Thank You to all of the truely talented artists and staff here at TSR for their dedication to making our games much more interesting and beautiful.  Rockin R'


Muy felices fiestas a todos


Merry Christmas!

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and all the best for you and your loved ones! ♥
Hugs and kisses!


Happy Simsmas to all!

Merry Christmas


MERRY CHRISTMAS to all my TSR friends <3 hope you have a wonderful day 

A safe and Happy holiday to all!

Hi TSR Community,

I wish I could sign every Guest book and wish you a safe and wonderful holiday .. whatever your spiritual beliefs may be ( but like most -- I am swamped with getting ready for the holiday lol)

So I want to wish everyone in the TSR community warm wishes and May 2015 be a year that brings Good health, peace, and prosperity in every realm of life ( health, finances, emotionally and relationships, work. etc)

Hugs from me and my family to all of yours!

Jackie ( aka MightyFaithGirl)

A thank you + Christmas wishes

Dear artists + visiters,


Here's a quick message to thank you ALL of you for your awesome support,downloads,compliments and congratulations on becoming a Select Artist. Normally I should've thank you and respond back through a message, but it was just a little busy time at the moment. *apology accepted? ^-^*

Here I am discovering this awesome website with even greater content as a noob. Of course I'm familiar with The Sims, but never kinda stood still with the fact that there's these amazing artists who create lovely content for other people to enjoy. Just seeing the most beautiful creations like hair,make-up (favorite!) and of course clothing pieces. I know that in the beginning I right away had some favorite designers I downloaded content from. From that moment on I became curious on how you all made this possible. So I started watching tutorials on YouTube and let myself being inspired on here. Luckily I've had somewhat "knowledge" with photoshopping. Only thing I had to understand was the DDS and Package files. That became more understandable and started to create a account on TSR as a beginning. I was a bit overwhelmed when I saw that people actually downloaded my first CC. That gave me a boost and bit by bit I started to grasp more on this whole designing project. I found more inspiration online and with a bit of imagination + experiation, I began to "better/teach" myself. 


Now, a short time after that, I had the honor to become a Select Artist. What?! That moment was A-MA-ZING :D So happy to get a invite to become something I'm so humbled about. Getting these sweet congratulations made me even more grateful. Thank you so much, you are ALL amazing 


I know there are way more artists with a greater amount of downloads and pageviews, but having people who downloaded 75,535 content items and seeing my profile 18,050 times is just so unreal! 


Again, a very big THANK YOU to all of you! I wish each and everyone of you some warm,beautiful and happy holidays. And of course a healthy and creative new year :)


Lots of love,

IzzieMcFire / Deborah


I'm wishing everyone a safe and Happy Holidays! May the upcoming New Year bring you JOY---and lots of new custom content!


Carolyn, aka Cashcraft

Happy Holidays!!!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays all friends!! Kisses by Devirose :*Christmas!!!!

Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year! (2014)

Hello Everyone

I want to wish each & every single person at TSR:-

A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Thank you to everyone for your continued support in 2014.

Love Cheryl

x x ♥ x x ♥ x x

Year in Review

So I have been in the Sims community for a little over a year now, although I have played Sims since 2009. So much has happened! I went from playing the game alone to sharing in Sims groups to then making my own creations and sharing them here on TSR. I have learned so much, and made so many great new friends. I cherish you all. Whether I know you very well or only know of your creations...I appreciate all you have brought to me and this community. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays everyone :) <3

Sims4 Trinity (FYA)

My Latest designs
S4-Trinity - Young Adult

Download LINK Click Here!

Just a random post

It's pretty recent I've started with TSR, well I've been a tsr member since 2013 already, though I wasn't really that active. 

You can expect more to come since winter break arrived, *hallelujah!*

but I might be absent pretty often again when school starts. I've got a LOT to do. I'll try to be as active as possible while I still can.

I write pretty often, stories for sims most of the time. heheh, but I never have uploaded it, because I thought it wasn't really that original. Love stories are very common on this website. I tried to do something else instead. Something with more action ;) 

The script is almost finished. still like five percent to go, so I'm  almost done! yay :D, though making the story will take a lot of time and concentration. I'm going to make a huge project out of it, including flash codes and stuff, seriously I've had this plan for about a year already, but never actually started with it, because I'm one lazy ass. It'll be easier now I know how to create my own poses, like I said in my introduction description, I'll post some poses for the whole sims community to download ;). sooon... haha xD




A peaceful Christmas and a successful New Year!

Wish all of you a peaceful Christmas time and a successful New Year!!!

Hope of a another wonderful year together here on TSR and wish you all the best!!!

Regards matomibotaki

Melinda Collection

Melinda Collection




I wish you all Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2015




My new Project - The old german quarter

This is my new project, i call it "The old german quarter".

It include the following buildings:

  • Old Cottage - a small old half-timbered residential with 2 little bedrooms under the roof and an area for gardening in the front of the building
  • Old Mayors Office - this old half-timbered residential was the former Mayors Office of this old german village, with a masterbedroom and 2 small bedrooms under the roof. In the garden you will find a pool and in the plant tubs you could plant herbs or veggies.
  • Village Schoolhouse - this old half-timbered residential was the former School of this old german village. On the former schoolyard the kids find a nice playground and in the former sport hall is now a indoor pool. This building has 5 bedrooms and is optimal for a large family or for a residential community.
  • Vineyard Estate - this old half-timbered residential is a big luxurious mansion with a fruit garden and a vineyard in front of the building. You will find a separate appartment for the gardener. This building include everything what your Sims want.
  • The Old Stable - this old half-timbered stable was converted to a dance restaurant (nightclub). Take a dinner with your family or  have a drink on the bar. And at the night you could have fun on the dance floor at the hayloft.

Here are the first pics:







Streetview 1

Streetview 3

I,m Happy

Hello. I'm verry happy.Today there over 100.000 downloads of my houses. Thank to all that make that happend. Thanks for download. my houses

Holiday Yard Train Set

Holiday Yard Train Set

Where are the...

Back in September the call went out to new...I REPEAT...NEW!!!!!! artist to join the ranks of the TSR artist team. Where are they? the advertisement should have said....."Yeah a new game as come out...we are just going to wait for all of our Sims 3 artists to make something for this game and then make them featured and select artist for the Sims 4 also"  NOT! "looking for NEW artists for the Sims 4"  So I ask again where is the new blood? I have seen and commented on so many submitters house that have beautiful floor plans, amazing decoration, and outstanding landscaping. All TSR wants is a pretty front presentaion picture...they really give no crap about the rest of the long as the first picture is pretty. The featured and select artist of Sims 3 and 4 are the exact ones that won the decorating contests over and over and over and over again during Sims 2. So the resy of us may as well pack up our stuff and go home. Beacuse even if we could defiy sim physics and create houses made from clouds we are never never going to make it on this already formed, stagnating, and broken website. 


One of my dresses for Sims 4 too lightens legs and other parts of the body.

I fix it! Please re-download the following item:

And so it begins...

The Sims have been in my life since 2000.  And for the past 14 years now, its been a love/hate relationship.  I absolutely love to play and get all excited, but then quickly get bored with the mundane repetitive nature of the game.  Until recently that is...  I discovered, for the first time, the Legacy Challenge.  Yes, I know I am way behind times, but I haven't played much at all the last few years.  So when I found most of the Sims 3 downloads on major sale for Black Friday, I decided to give it a whirl again.  After downloading most of the main expansion packs (minus the two newest - island and future)...I was on a mission to find new content, check out what has been going on in the Sims community and hopefully find some challenges to keep me interested long term.

I remember the Sims Resource from a long time ago, but I don't ever remember it being so awesome.  Don't get me wrong, it was totally cool (80s child here sorry), but its way better now!  I'm super excited to find all the incredible artists, this blog feature I don't remember from before and a whole lot more!  So, as I embark on my newly found interest of the wonderful world of Sims...I hope that I can come up with some somewhat interesting posts for you to read and for sure try my hand at creating my own content.

Happy Simming!!

Working on a hallway for Sims 4 matching the Sara Living

The work in progress so far... 


 love the sims resourse

Everything comes to an end......

I just want to say  that I have neither time nor desire to continue submitting to TSR.

I wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy New Year 2015.

Goodbye and many thanks to my friends for supporting me and my creations ♥

What makeup would you guys like to see? ~

I'm interested to know what makeup you guys would like to see in your Sims 4 game. I enjoy creating detailed, high quality textures, but I want to know what sort of makeup you guys prefer to use for your Sims. There are so many options.

- realistic

- kawaii (doll like)

- fantasy

- gothic/punk look

- cosplay/movie

Etc,etc...let me know!

Sims 4

Hello Everyone! it's been ages since I post this blog thing but I wanted to thank for supporting these past years as well as address problems you may face with Sims 4 alpha hair.

If some of you guys have problem with the hair such as it turned blue/purple in portrait or not showing up please try the following suggestions :

1. Update the game to latest version through Origin.

2. Turn off Laptop Mode (If the game works more slowly you can try to turn off Reflection or Post Processing as they're ones of the most heavy graphic options).

3. Turn Sim Quality to a higher setting.

Most hair will not be converted as there's problem with Sims 4 shader for hair and due to transparency problem with the said reason.

SIMS 4 and News!

I am very happy to be back to SA for TS4 ^^
Tsr thank you for the trust and for confirmation. *_*
I launched with much enthusiasm in the creation of new homes for this new game,
the tools available are still very limited, but we are at the beginning.
We hope to create more and more complex things!
Thanks TSR. :)
Thanks to the people who follow me and download my creations! Happy Simming!


OMG! I can't believe I just hit 50,000 downloads! Thank you all so so so much!! YAY!!!

Happy time!

It's first time I am in TSR and I need help with creating thing. Can't get the Workshop. Hope somebody will help me.

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I really hate TSR's 50MB limit Downloading the Gold Suit TATTOO CHOKER Well... Happy 2015!!! Sims4 Carolina (FYA) Uh-Oh downloads FIRST TIME New outfit coming soon :D Happy Holidays!! MERRY CHRISTMAS Merry Christmas! Happy Simsmas to all! Christmas A safe and Happy holiday to all! A thank you + Christmas wishes HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Happy Holidays!!! Merry Christmas & A Happy New... Year in Review Sims4 Trinity (FYA) Just a random post A peaceful Christmas and a... Melinda Collection MERRY CHRISTMAS My new Project - The old german... I,m Happy Holiday Yard Train Set Where are the... PLEASE, RE-DOWNLOAD UPDATE ITEM ! And so it begins... Working on a hallway for Sims 4... hello Everything comes to an end...... What makeup would you guys like... Sims 4 SIMS 4 and News! 50,000 Downloads! Happy time!
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