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Hey, this is my first blog on here, I'm Princess Zary Flash aka Alice Sykes, i love making sims & screenshots, am slowly learning how to make mods, got any advice for me id be really greatful :)

Princess Zarey Flash


Some people are just reckless or stupid.

So i discovered one of my creations uploaded on a russian site, this site has many artists from Here on TSR with content uploaded and its not linked to the correct file or in my items case its misleading and incorrect. all my content here on TSR is for The sims 4, not the sims 3  as this Russian site has said my item is for. I refuse to link them They don't deserve traffic period and you the individual do not deserve to download content for the wrong game which leads to frustrations, bad CC etc.

I did look in to getting this site closed and I could do this but it is in russian and it would take me a lot to get to the info I need to have such a site closed.

As a creator its not the fact they taken it, re-uploaded  with no link its the fact they taken it Protrait it as if i was making for their site when I am not. I spend at least a hour or two Making 2 shirts per day depending on the amount of Swatches it can take up to a day if I really put my effort in to it. TIME.

Will this have me cease doing what I been doing, Hell no! soem lil un-creative idot is not gonna do that to me. But I will watch that site and if I see more than I'm gonna get that site closed. And this will happen to any others that do this.. I have the prove I made the content Its with in the coding besides its  got dates when it was uploaded not to just the TSR but my own domain. So if you planning to take my stuff and upload it.. You been warned i know my rights I've done web/graphic design for over 20  odd years prolly longer than you been in a napkin!

For now my image has my domain watermark in which you cant remove.. so I'll suck your traffic instead... for now.


8 million downloads . . . and I missed the action!   

Oh well, it happened all the same . .  my thanks to all those wonderful people who liked my stuff enough to try it. 

I will be back with some more patterns, lots and paintings very soon and hope that I will be able to snag your interest through 2016. . . until then, as ever, my sincere thanks to you all . .  this milesone was - as always - a team effort.   Hooray for us! 

new blog

Hi guys! I can't say it often enough: thank you so so much for downloading and commenting on my creations!

I just wanted to tell you, that I started a tumblr blog, so if you like to see a little bit more of my work, check it out. I happily welcome you there ;)


have a wonderful day :)


I'm sorry I've been away, just wanted to say that for now I'm slow with everything. And since a week ago I decided to finish college, so i have 50 pages paper to write and I'm not sure how much time I'll get. I enjoy making objects and decorating homes, and I hope I'll find time to do it, but it wont be regular. 

Thanks to everyone on beautiful comments, I appriciate it and you were the reason i decided to write anything. Even tho I started I alredy have people enjoying my work and wanting more. It came as a surprise to me and thank you for that guys. <3 <3

Pumping out Content & the request path..

I have a lotta Content I didn't share here which is slowly making its way On here, Not all obviously can be shared here due to content, restrictions that TSR reject stuff But I do have those still available on my own domain besides my Simfileshare. I post more on my tumblr aout projects I'm working on.

Requests I consider taking on, If you wanna see something ask in Comments or my guestbook and I'll consider it, If its something that i know is gonna bore me It may get placed on the Do-later-list, And believe me I have a very large list I'm currently working thru...

Uploading CC

Hey guys I am in process of finding out how to upload cc so I will hopefully post my first lot of cc in Jan 2017 or earlier, my even be later dont know. If you know and would like to tell me that would mean alot! Thanks gamers!!

Work in progress... Nebo Modern Window

This is the set I am working on... Some new modern windows for all height wall types! They all have slots to put in some clutter and they are available in several colors. Hope you like it.

Nebo Windowset

A new rustic set...


I have created a new Rustic set of meshes. I tried uploading them here, but the sims 2 submission process is just too painful. So the set is available here at MTS2

I hope you all enjoy it.

pottery barn table

Deco Shelf





Sims4 Anya (FYA)

My Latest designs
S4-Anya-Young Adult

**DOWNLOAD Anya Click Here!**

**Definitely Download!..
-Skin (S-Club) *Click*
-Hair (Nightcrawler) *Click*
-Eyebrows (Screaming Mustard) *Click*
-Eyecolors (MsBlue) *Click*
-Eyelash (Kijiko) *Click*
-Eyeliner (S-Club) *Click*
-Lipstick (S-Club) *Click*

**Downloading Optionally!..
-Wedding Dress (BEO) *Click*
-Wedding Bouquet (BEO) *Click*
-Wedding Wreath Head (S-Club) *Click*

Custom Blinds Part 5 Short

Custom Blinds Part 5 Short

Custom Blinds Part 4 Short

Custom Blinds Part 4 Short

inform.contatto base P.J.MM.

The return and happy New Year!

Sorry I have not been about as much as i would have liked, But reality has been a very crazy, busy stance for my family and I. My mother was recently told she had breast cancer and we been to doctors besides  even to the point she had surgery. So I been my mother's rock and strength and  focusing on family besides all that has endured for all of us I had to step away from creating and many other projects I enjoy to do.

I am currently working on a few shirts that I'll be releasing shortly =D


just wanted to let you guys know that i have officially started writing (under the name Tessa Crane) The Wicked Entice, the way it should have been written, over at Wattpad. It's called Here Come the Wicked. Hope you can take time out of your day and go check it out and let me know what you think. It's mature, and has a lot of adult content (or will have once the other chapters are up) so just to give you a heads up. Anyway, please go stalk me over there :)


I know i haven't been so active but first of all it's someting wrong with my tsr so i can't upload screenshots :( Then i wanna thank praline sims for the nice comnments it means so much cuz i love your creations ♥:3 

Sims4 Vera (FYA)

My Latest designs
S4-Vera-Young Adult

**DOWNLOAD Vera Click Here!**

**Definitely Download!..

-Skin (S-Club) *Click*
-Hair-1 (LeahLillith) *Click*
-Hair-2 (LeahLillith) *Click*
-Hair-3 (Nightcrawler) *Click*
-Hair-4 (Sintiklia ) *Click*
-Eyebrows (S-Club) *Click*
-Eyecolors (S-Club) *Click*
-Eyelash (Kijiko) *Click*
-Eyeliner (S-Club) *Click*
-Eyeshadow (Screaming Mustard) *Click*
-Lipstick (Baarbiie-GiirL) *Click*

**Downloading Optionally!..

-Dress-1 (DarkNighTt) *Click*
-Dress-2 (Devilicious) *Click*
-Top-1 (brownieswifesims) *Click*
-Top-2 (Alin2) *Click*
-Jeans (DarkNighTt) *Click*
-Beanie (MsBlue) *Click*
-Shoes-1 (MJ95) *Click*
-Shoes-2 (Sentate) *Click*
-Sweatshirts (AAStyle) *Click* (Top-down, 12. design, Name: DSquared Sweatshirts)
-Pants (AAStyle) *Click* (Top-down, 12. design, Name: DSquared Sport Pants)

And Finally 1 Million!

Thank you very much for your interest and relevance!

Hoping to be the more beautiful design.. 

Hello TSR

First, I apologize for my poor english skill.

Hello, I'm 'Bookvi' (call "Book" and "Ki(kvi)").

I have many word to say If I say

Thank you every creator in TSR for mod to make my simmie ♥

I can't If I come TSR lol.

right side : manga version

Left side : sims 4

Hello Every One

Hello Everyone, Am Fairly New Here, Just Fell In Love With The Sims Lol... So i have lots of catching up to Do



Sims4 Chanel (FYA)

My Latest designs
S4-Chanel - Young Adult

Download Click Here!

Custom Blinds Short

Custom Blinds Short

Custom Blinds Medium

Custom Blinds Medium

Custom Blinds Tall

Custom Blinds Tall

Turning a New LEAF

I will start creating more content in the next week. I just started a new job and most of my day is there. I will be back soon.

Happy 2016 and The Sims 2

Happy New Year! :D
Lately, I'm so immersed in The Sims 2 (and happy to see my laptop that was a victim of virus, working again and with the game) right now, that I'm making some tries in new lots (apartments mainly) to bring something with Maxis/EA basics (or with no CC) and useful for those who still playing the second game.
And sure, I want to put them here on TSR, so, I'm not a "ghost account" since July '15 (my last post). :D

Thank you for reading.

Happy New Year

May the new year be blessed with health, love, happiness, good luck and peace...

Take good care of yourselves and your beloved ones...

Don't forget the ones in need ...and... Happy Simming Everyone!!!


I wish you all Merry Christmas with joy and love and I wish you the year 2016 to be prosperous for everyone



Happy Holidays everybody!!

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa and happy not-doing-anything-at-all-because-it's-just-commercialism!! ;)
Have a good one whatever you do. Be safe and have a Happy New Year!! <3

Important things!

Oh I saw that I forgot to specify at my Cozy Christmas Cottage that I have the Holiday Celebration Pack installed. I also wanted to beg you ALWAYS enter the cheat bb.moveobjects before you placed my houses.
Nevertheless, the game sometimes clears things. I'm sorry for that.
But now I'm going to start my Christmas holidays. Have fun with all my "Christmas gifts" for the Sims.
I wish you from my heart happy holidays and a happy new year.

Working on the Freya Bathroom...

Working on a new Freya Bathroom... Hopefully coming to your sims homes this year!..


Amerikaan Kerst Snoep Proeven|American Christmas Candy Tasting

Hi Beautyzz! Omdat het bijna Kerst is, ga ik samen met Miranda Amerikaans Kerst Snoep Proeven. Het staat online op mijn youtube kanaal. Alvast veel kijkplezier. Liefs Joy. <3

Hi Beautyzz! Because it's almost Christmas, I go along with Miranda American Christmas Candy Tasting. It is online on my youtube channel. I wish you much enjoyment. Love Joy. <3



Primark Kerst Shoppen|Primark Christmas Shopping

Hi Beauty's!   Ik heb echt super veel zin in Kerstmis!  Ik kan echt niet meer wachten. Ik ben ook nog naar de Primark geweest in Arnhem, en die staat online op mijn kanaal. Liefs Joy. <3

Hi Beauty's! I am super  excited about Christmas! I just can't wait anymore. I've also been shopping to the Primark (a store in the netherlands) in Arnhem, and the video is online on my channel. Love Joy. <3



Welkom bij BeautyNezz! Ik ben Joy en ik blog over de nieuwste trend in beauty en fashion vanuit Nederland en Amerika. Liefs Joy.


Welcome to BeautyNezz! I am Joy and i blog about the latest trends in beauty and fashion from the netherlands and Amerika. Love Joy.


 . . . and so we come to the closing few days of 2015 .. .  I hope that your year has been filled with good experiences, but if not, then I hope that you have been able to overcome difficulties with grace and good will.

Christmas is only 3 days away, so many of you will be caught up in the last minute flurry of preparations and expectations of the holidays ahead.   I hope that they are everything you could wish for yourself . . and then some. . . and that 2016 will bring health and happiness for you and yours.

For those who do not celebrate the Crhsitian festivals, may your year end on a peaceful and hopeful note and 2016 begin - and continue -  in that same manner.

It has been a full on year for me - I have only missed a few days all year - so I am taking a short break tp re-group and just potter.  I will be back in January . .probably sooner rather than later, as old habits die hard! 

Thank you for past kindnesses  to all my old friends here at TSR . .  and the many new ones I continue to meet through these pages . . . you are the VERY best.

 . .  so here's a hand, my trusty friend! 

             and give me a hand of yours,

                    We'll take a cup of kindness then,

                            for the sake of Auld Lang Syne.


Love, Marg.


Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year

Would like to wish everyone at TSR a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year.

Thank you to everyone for their continued support in 2015 with downloading my items and I apologise for the lack of new submissions since the end of January 2015. Unfortunately this was out of my control & myself amongst others are still waiting for the new submissions area to be up & running.

Fingers crossed this is sooner rather than later & would be an awesome start to 2016.

Have a good Christmas everyone, eat drink & be merry.

♥ \m/ \m/ ♥

Hi everyone!

I wanted to thank everyone for all the downloads, I'm truly working hard to create things that you guys would want. Any suggestions on what you'd like to see next?

That Moment..

You are CC shopping so much, you have so much tabs open with CC to be downloaded and your browser crashes

Me Like



El archivo de mis Piratas conjunto, ayer publicado, por Problemas Técnicos, sí error da al descomprimir, ya ha Sido sustituído y Funciona a la Perfección, si alguien Quiere descargarlo de nuevo, lo siento por las molestias, muchas gracias párr SUS descargas y espero Que disfruten Mucho of this conjunto.

El archivo comprimido de mi Establece Piratas, Que se publico ayer, Técnicos Problemas por, error ESTABA Dando al descomprimirlo, ya ha Sido sustituído y Funciona Perfectamente, si por alguien DESEA VOLVER A descargarlo, de Siento Mucho las molestias, vuestras DESCARGAS Muchas gracias por y espero Que disfrutéis Mucho de este conjunto.

Merry Christmas!!

Hi everyone!

Just wanted to take some time to wish you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS! It's been such a great year with lovely moments on TSR, beautiful compliments, comments, guestbook entries, pms and thank you all so much for your constant support and for liking what I make :) 

Have a perfect Holidays Season!


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