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Holiday String Lamp Set

Holiday String Lamp Set

Thank you for appreciate SIMcredible

Yay simers!
It's a blessed joy to us to become FA for sims 4 :)
We want to thank you for each feedback, for taking time sharing comments and sincere fondness regarding our work. Not always we are able to reply all comments back and say how much we appreciate, but yes ^^ we really appreciate :D
Comments and feedbacks always help us to keep creating.

And just a quick note regarding our series "Small box of Goodies" for sims 3. Many of you have been asking the release of these series for sims 4 ...  Yes ^^ we'll be bringing it for sims 4 soon, and we plan to bring them all slowly with the time. So, bit by bit , you'll be able to enjoy the lovely source of living touch supplies also in sims 4!

Thank you once again for support SIMcredible!

Updates and Work in progress

For updates and to see what i am working on i recommand you "like" my Facebook page as i post all progress there.. 

CLICK HERE to go to my page!

Select Artist

Hi everyone!

Today I've became a Select Artist for TS4!
I feel very honered to be one of them! And I want to thank you all for the support and lovely comments!
I wouldn't be a Select Artist without all those downloads.
Also special thanks to TRS for making it possible for me.

Love, \:wub\:

Officially a Sims 3 Select Artist!! YAY!

Hi TSR Community,

Recently I received a long anticipated email from the extraordinary Artist Panel asking me if I would like to accept the honour of being a Select Artist for Sims 3 Lots. I was so humbled and moved! ( I said YAY! YES!!! yes yes! lol)

I want to give a huge Thank you to Cath ( The Numbers Woman) , Thomas, Gea ( Anoeska ) and Angela, as well as everyone else on the Artist Panel for finding my creations worthy of such an honour. As well as awesome advise from Cath , Angela and others over the years. Your feedback has been so helpful.

I want to thank all the other artists - such as MB, Pralinesims, Chemy, Christina51, Degera, Fredbenny , Metisqueen , Space Sims, Simman_123 and MANY others for their encouragement and/or advise over the past 2 yrs that I have been creating for Sims3!

But most of all I want to thank all of YOU-- TSR Community of Sims Lovers - for downloading my items and finding them worthy to put into your games <3 I appreciate all the kind feedback I get with every creation!!

I have waited a long time for this.. and I am on CLOUD NINE. This year 2014 -- marked TEN years that I have been a member of the TSR Community. I have made many friends on here.. some no longer here for various reasons , But I will always cherish the community and ppl here :) 

I came to The Sims Resource looking for content for my Sims 2 game Waaaay back in 2004. I spent 3 yrs as an addicted downloader LOL until I got up the nerve to start uploading some of the houses I had built for my game in 2007. 

I spent several yrs - 2007 to 2009 recoloring for Sims2 and building lots for Sims2 until i took a semi retirement due to family issues and being busy with running my own business.

However in Oct 2012.. I purchased Sims3 ( I could no longer contain my Simming addiction ;) ) I am so glad I did!! It took me a bit but I found the building so much more in Sims3 and soon was starting to create again. I took a stint in TSR University ( Angela is such a wonderful mentor <3 ) to try and learn meshing -- but for some reason this old brain couldn't grasp the texturing -- so I just continued on with lots and then Paintings. I am SO HAPPY that I decided to start creating again!

Now Sims 4 is out.. and I plan to build for it. ( I am working on the first real lot that i find would be worthy of upload) And of course , still building for Sims 3. All the amazing content on here just makes the game SO MUCH more fun to play and create! 

I also HOPE ( I say hope) to try again at meshing for Sims 3 and pattern making. I so admire the time and creativity of the object makers and pattern makers! In other words I am not done yet with learning and growing as an artist! I also eagerly await the addition to create for Sims 4 on TSR Workshop. ( Tutorials etc)

I am currently in Full time college at 44 yrs old- but I love Sims everything so much - I cannot go very long without creating something! :) I will do my very best to continue to make quality items for your games <3 I posted a short while ago at my shock and wonder that I had reached 3 MILLION downloads ( 1900 plus objects betweens Sims2 and Sims3 ) Again Downloaders I cannot thank you enough! Muah! xoxo

Have a terrific Monday and THANK YOU EVERYONE @ TSR! I love this place and will always be a loyal TSR'er. ;)

Happy Simming!


Computer Problems

Again my Desktop Computer is in the shop again.  Wish I could just get a new one.  But this one is hand built by my son, Jason and it has an excellent Video Card in it.  It handles the graphics of Sims 3 beautifully.  I fully utilize the 64-bit system I have Windows 7 installed and when it was configuring the updates failed.  So now Windows 7 won't load.  So off to the shop to have it Re-Installed!!  Again!!  And by the time I get it back my internet will be off.  WOW!  When it rains it pours. 

I hope everyone that celebrates had an Awesome Thanksgiving.  Although I had to work a double, which since I couldn't spend it with my son, I had a busy night at work and even made a few dollars.  Which is paying to get the computer fixed....LOL.  It all works in a circle....LOL.


Happy Holidays to all and be Safe!!   Robin aka Rockin' R

20.000 000

 20.000.000 MILLION-DOWNLOADS !!! thank you so much for ONGOING downloads through the YEARS. I am really thankful FOL LOYAL FRIENDSHIP!!! your MATOMIBOTAKI

A clothing mod please?

Hiya everyone! I am hoping someone will read this and answer my prayers. I would like a mod of the dress Kirakishou from Rozen Maiden wears please~ Thank you for your time!

oh no!

Well my computer just blew up...again! Yay! Second time in 2 months, and its only 10 months old. So annoying. So for anyone interested in my story Parasites there will be no more chapters until my laptop is fixed which could possibly be a week or two. I will probably lose all of my data too and you know what that means! Reinstalling the sims again and having to remake all of my characters. I'll try make them as similar as I can. Thankfully I emailed myself the future chapters before the computer died so not all is lost :D I had also written a prequel to that short story I wrote called Mine, but that will have been lost too so I'm not sure if I'm going to continue that. Sorry for the bad news! 

sims4 mods

I do love the sims4 ability to make and share mods. i have made a few structures that i have posted on the sims gallery page. i am going to be working on the play house this week. aka party house


Thank you all so much for your support and all your downloads! I can't believe that I'm at 20,000 already!!! <3

Holiday Yard Lamp Set

Holiday Yard Lamp Set

The Sims 4

After a few years of not being active, I've come back to the sims. This time, it's for the Sims 4 -- which I was really skeptical about at first. I've decided that I love the game, especially build mode. Once you get used to it, it's a dream, and there's so many features that none of the other games have had (at least for build mode). I have a new house ready for uploading. All that I have left to do is playtest it. If you're reading this, what do you all think?


Zombie Boy Full Body Tattoo

I am starting a new tattoo just now.

This idea is from Zombie Boy that I want to do long ago. I really like his tattoo and want to bring into game 100%.

So, what I need is do the job as same as "artwork series", using "sai" to draw out the tattoo.

I google search Zombie Boy's photo, and start to draw, like this.

and the head

haha... then 


It's really take time. I'm glad that "sai" can help me turn the pic to psd. It help me so much.

I am going to upload a beta tattoo(face only). Full body will also coming up. (I hope can finish in a not sure v_v)


Modern Bollard

Modern Bollard


I'm looking for some new building, but don't know what. If there is a building/monument fanished and destroyed let me know! Maybe it's the next sims3 lot :)

Time for an Update

Hello, Simmers!

I have been rather lazy not posting any new blog entries for ages now, so I have a few things to talk about.

First up, I am now a Select Artist for TS4 and I have reached 200,000 downloads. Which is a HUGE deal. That means that I've had 40,000+ downloads of my creations since returning to the community at the beginning of this year. I am incredibly thankful to everybody here for your support, you are a large part of the reason I create for the game, and it is very rewarding to see that people are enjoying my work. Thank you to the lovely people who have left comments in my guestbook and on my creations - they really do make my day, and I apologise for not always replying to every single one.

I am currently on a break from uni, which doesn't happen very often for me because I am doing half of my degree via distance education and my courses are not always well-timed - they tend to overlap so that I don't get any holidays! It is short-lived, however, since semester 3 starts in four days. I am studying part-time over christmas, so I should still have plenty of time for creating, but I'm not going to make any promises. I probably won't be publishing a new lot every day, though. That much you can count on!

The last thing I would like to talk about is speed-build videos. These are fantastic. I have been watching a few of these on youtube. Everyone develops their own techniques for creating with every sims game, and some of us discover things that others haven't. I have picked up on a few things watching these videos that have really helped to diversify my creations. I also realised that I have some techniques of my own that I haven't yet seen out there, and I'd like to share them. I have made a speed build video for one of my lots, Fairdale Avenue. I don't have a youtube account though, so u haven't uploaded it anywhere. I'm also tossing up as to whether or not to record myself narrating the build. I'm not entirely sure that you guys want to hear me talking for 4 straight minutes. So let me know what you guys think, would you like to see a speed build from me?

Happy simming!



Hello! Please do not convert my hair meshes into sims 4 :) I do plan on doing so myself. Thank you for understanding!


Have a really beautiful day!

Thank you for visiting my minisite, leaving comments and for downloading my houses and creations!

I'm so happy, I have 25000 downloads! Thank you very much!

Seven Lamps

Seven Lamps

A few questions about creating things~

I was wondering how long it takes to make creations things...

Because I have some things i want created, but dont know how to make them >.<

WOW! I have reached 3 MILLION DOWNLOADS!

Hi TSR community,

I had not logged in here in a day or two ( been busy with college) and had not submitted anything for Sims3 since late September. I have been working on some Sims3 projects as well as playing Sims4 and getting used to the game in order to start building ( and also for fun on my downtime from full time college) 

Anyways I see today I have reached 3 MILLION Downloads... between my Sims 3 and Sims 2 creations that I have been uploading since 2007! THANK YOU SO MUCH to all that have found my creations worthy of Download! I hope you are enjoying them and that they enhance your games!

This made my day.. on a day where it was not the greatest all day lol. AGAIN THANK YOU! This inspires me to continue creating for Sims 3 and now Sims 4 . I stopped creating any new content for Sims 2 last year as I no longer play that game or have it on my computer!

Happy Simming!

~ Jackie ( aka MightyFaithGirl)


I finally got the Sims 4... I am not enjoying it very much! I think i'm going to stick with Sims 3 for now until Sims 4 starts kicking off a bit more.

Your Opinion

Should i make creations ? well im gonna make 1 and u look if u like comment on this post tht u like if u dont comment tht u dont like if theres haters im just gonna ignore u!


French sims !

Where to find fashion custom content except here ? there's a new website for all you desire :

In another post i will explain to you all the fabulous things you could do on this site.

Hope you like it as i do =)

New diningroom in process

Hey! I thought i would show you what i am working on right now... 

It's a new diningroom for Sims 4 with some old accents in it.. 

First 500k downloads!

I just want to thank you all the community and all the people who download my creations for the great support. I'm so glad that you're enjoying my custom content :) I'll always do my best to provide the best quality stuff for ts4. Love you all!

About my sims 4 houses

My houses are created with the Digital Premium Edition so it might be that some objects in the house don't appear in your game if you don't have this edition, the Premium edition or the Collector edition of the Sims 4.

To display this content:

- Open the Gallery of your game, then go to "My Library"

- At the bottom of the left menu click on "Advanced"

- Then put a "Seen" to "Include Content unowned".

( ^▽^)

Hi guys! 

I'm currently working on a new story. I've already posted a picture of it on my Tumblr, he he. It's going to be called 'I Remember', inspired by Bang Yong Guk's I Remember. The story will still be a surprise but it's going to be a love story (yaay). I'm a little bit done with all the deceiving/kind of evil story lines so I wanted to do something more cheerful. 

As to Determined, I will still finish the story. There's only going to be one or two more chapters so it doesn't take long before that one will end. With that said and done I really hope you will enjoy my next story!



Please don't convert my hairstyle to TS4.

I will finish it myself.

Thank you for loving my creation.

I love you !!!

Pod Ceiling Lighting

Pod Ceiling Lighting


Note to self: Apparently you can't just delete the shadowmap of a clothing piece. o_O'


Sorry for the delay!!!

Worm hello and so sorry for the delay in answering your comments on my creation.

At the time I am very buisy and real live is keeping my full attantion.

So please do not blame me, if my anwers tooks a bit time, but I am still here and will answer as fast as it is possible.

Thank you for your understanding and happy simming to all of you.

Regards matomibotaki

This 3rd November

Hello guys~ Such a long time I haven't log in to this account. It's all dusty here. Hehehehe. Actually, I've been busy with my school these months, so I was just lacking of time to play The Sims 3 and hang out here at TSR. Miss it already~ So, the "purpose" I struggle all the time is to have a war on this 3rd November. Yay! <.<

Hahahaha. I will be taking my biggest examination that will send me off flying colors to local or international universities to further my studies. The exam will be held from 3rd till 25th November. So, I'm all fired up! :D Then, after the killest examination, I will be free all the time! On that moment, I can enjoy myself; playing The Sims 3, build new houses, write stories, and what's more, watching anime! I really can't wait for that! So, I hope I can do well in my examination so that I won't regret soon. Hopefully, all of you here pray for my success and don't forget to wish me luck! I wish you guys jubilant moments everyday too!!!



Sims 4 Lighting

Sims 4 Lighting

Working on a new Sims4 Set

Working on a new livingroom for your Sims 4 games. Some pieces are completely new, others made their way over from Sims3, mostly because i like them so much ...

Creating for Sims 4

I did a recolor set of 4 adult female tops for Sims 4 using some of the textures from Sims 2 Texture Challenge, and submitted them ... hope I did everything right and they get accepted

Sims 4!

Oh right, a blog is supposed to be keeping you up to date, right? So yeah seems fair to post an update after 3 years haha.

I started recoloring some objects a few weeks back and everything seems to go pretty smoothly so far. With my crop top - triangles I even learned some new stuff with specular and shadow maps which were also always a pain in the @!&* with the Sims 3. I've been working on just the thumbnails, shadow- and specular maps for 4 hours.. trying to replace the thumbnails with S4ColorMagic but it didn't really work. Then tried the same in S4PackageExtractor but also no luck I kept getting errors and unmatching names.. Then tried to Go back to S4Studio but then my whole dds file was corrupted because of the missing thumbnails.. Then I started over again.. Forgot to check standalone.. Started over again.. Specular map was hidden and only visible in S4PE.. Could not replace it.. So just remove it.. Then launch the game and a horrible shadow shows up on the chest.. Again was only visible in S4PE.. So edited the shadowmap.. 6 times because of the weird alpha channel who is stretched out waaaay to much in the game.. Tried in it game again.. AND IT WORKS! Well, kinda... But it looks pretty so that's good enough for me :D so yes the thumbnail will be missing with some projects but you just have to deal with it ;)
So that is that.. I still have some stuff I would like to try out but if you have any wishes I'm open for suggestions.

Oh I almost forgot, for the people who have also been downloading my Sims 2 and/or Sims 3 stuff might have noticed something: From now on I will no longer call myself KliekieSims, but just Kliekie. This will be easier to find me because my username is also just Kliekie.

Happy Simming!

Update + absence

My pc had some issues and also everything that wasn't backed up erased, along with my new creations and the game!

I just managed to repair and get in the process of reinstalling everything, so I should be soon be able to upload more content.


If you'd like to stay conected, here's my new TS4 related Tumblr

& can find me on instagram here




I apologize.....

for not responding your comments the last weeks, but I'm professionally very busy. 

We've startet a new project and have spent most of my time in my office the last weeks.

I really  appreciate all your lovely comments but I can't answer all of them at the moment.


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