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Hey everyone! been gone for awhile and I've decided to start creating again! xo

Sims 3 Sail Streetlight and Greek Pot

I'm hard at work on making objects. I don't think I've make a good start in making objects on my previous entries. I would say always start with something comtemporty hence why I chosen the sail lamp posts as my next design, which taken me 3 days to model and the Ancient Greek Pot was the next one to get to know how to apply traditional textures onto 3D meshes and because it was easy compared to other objects that I want to do in the future. Here are the links of my previously submited objects for the Sims 3.


Sail Street Light:

Ancient Greek Pot: 

My first 1000 downloads!

You have to start somewhere... and I've now had over 1,000 downloads of my patterns. More to come - stay tuned!

Kitchen Set

For some time now i have been trying to create a new Pink and black kitchen set. Half of it is at my website DarkAngelSims Im trying to create some kitchen clutter, or just recolouring some objects, but its hard to find the good stuff.

Spring Cleaning

I have been working on many new creations to share but I have been frustrated with my game crowded with a lot of unnecessary content causing the game to run very slowly. This has been a huge set back in the motivation to build houses, sims, etc. That being said, I will soon be back at it as I have been going through a major game cleaning. I have been trying to lineup a variety of content to share, so there will be a series of downloads. I am very excited to share everything I have been working on as I really appreciate being able to share my content.

Talk to you soon!


No requests

I'm sorry, but I am not taking any requests at this time.  Recently I completed a house that had been suggested some time ago and this has led to quite a few private messages requesting homes.  However, if you have a suggestion, I'd love to hear it.

More band requests are up!

Hi everyone!

I just wanted to let you know that I have more band request tees up on my blog! Bands include Fall Out Boy, The All American Rejects, Coldplay, and Simple Plan! I have a young adult/ adult version of Band Tee Request No.6 up there as well. You can find the content here:

Also I just created a like page on Facebook so if you want, *click here* and go ahead and give it a like. It is very much appreciated ^^.

I hope you enjoy!




  • Do not reupload or claim as your own.
  • You may use my sims in your stories as long as there's no nudity involved and proper credit is given with link to either my page or original download.
  • You may take screenshots of my sim ingame and share, Credit is appreciated but optional.



  • Do not clone, reupload or claim as your own.
  • Do not use my textures or create any deviations using my texture as base.
  • You may use my clothes on sims that you wish to share with proper credit and link back to my original download.
  • You may take screenshots of my clothes ingame and share, credit is appreciated but optional.


  • Do not clone, reupload or claim as your own.
  • Do not create any deviation using my mesh as base.


  • If you wish to use or share my screenshots in any way give proper credit. 


  • Do not reupload or claim as your own.
  • You may take screenshots using my poses and share, credit it appreciated but optional.


If these rules are not followed i will take action without warning to have it removed.

If you come across one of my creations on another site please let me know in a PM here on TSR or Facebook.
Thank you!

I have a blog. Huh.

Eight weeks until summer vacation. Hopefully I'll have my story fully outlined so I can write it. In the meantime, I gotta learn how to take decent screenshots....*wishes I was a visually-oriented person*.

Coast Metal Lighting

Coast Metal Lighting


Wish all of you a wonderful and HAPPY EASTER and much chocolate eggs!!! Best wishes matomi


Hello beautifuls!

So, I've been busy again, lately. Well, I have to put all my time into presentations and learning for tests =o=' I really long for the 2week vacation.. but I'll need to work for 2 more weeks, untill I can be lazy for a week. 
I had said my next chapter would come quick, I'm done with the text, only need to take the screenshots, but my lovely game had been doing strange.
Tried to find the problem, but no, suddenly it worked fine again. Game, what are you doing? D:
So, I guess I'll finish the chapter this monday, or tuesday. Depends ^o^ Or maybe today.. but I doubt it, because I need to work today :'(

That's it for this blogpost. ^o^ 
BB ! Have a beautiful day c:


Y'all Win

Okay FINE, my next Game of Thrones lot will be King's Landing. *sigh* I hate the Lannisters. F--- the King! ^0^

Two monthes course

Dear Everyone!

I'm sorry for not commenting and answering in time, but I'm taking a course at the moment. I don't have internet there, and when I get home, I don't have enough time, and I have to study. It makes me very tired as well.

I hope to join back soon!
Have a wonderful spring time everyone!

Hair Prom updated

Hair Prom was updated, changed CAS priority, so it has not conflicts with transparent clothing now. And also fixed assigning on High LOD for people who played on middle settings.

You can redownload it here: Download

If someone interested how to did hair without conflicts with transparent clothing. Go to TSRW(import hairstyle or if you are creator of your own hair - open your project)->Open Edit -Project Contents, then find CASP. Open it with s3pe( Right click of mouse), you must have s3pe plugin for TSRW.

In s3pe click on CASP and then click on Grid button.

Change Overlay Priority to 0x00000008 ( you had 0x00000006 for all hairs) and click Commit, then click File - Save and close s3pe. then cback to TSRW and click OK, now you can export your hair.

Why I change to 0x00000008? 0x00000008 will be good because these priority have all accessories and they have priority to be visible over all clothing and hairs. Also it is good because clothing have 0x00000005,0x00000007 and 0x00000006 and shaders in transparent clothing and transparent hair have some conflicts with visibility(hair has 0x00000006, outfits have also 0x00000006).

Solid-texture objects as always  are visible over all they are wear - there is some interesting priority, that all solid-texture object don't conflict with transparent.


Goodnight everyone! Sleep tight. And also if you have an instagram make sure you follow @oceansimmer (which is me) I post models! Or at least I try... :)

New CC!

Unfortunately when I write my story, I cannot tag how many people created the custom content I use. This blog is giving credit to all custom content makers. Everybody's cc is beautiful and very useful. Thank you for your time, 


Bunkbed Gothic Children is updated

The Animation for the upper Bed did not work right. I have made a new File (does not overwrite the old File) with the fixed Animation.

You can download it here:

Coast Sand

Coast Sand

Where's My VIP?

I bought my VIP for one month last week, but when I came on today, I didn't have access to it and I had to wait 10 seconds to download, when I bought my VIP last week, I didn't have to wait. I paid my money for this and I demand to know what happen!

Easter surprises!

Hi guys!


I've been busy working on several lots and as it is almost Easter I will upload some extra houses. During Easter weekend there will be houses available on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Hope you'll enjoy.


Happy Simming!

Dorienski x

Forgotten History #3

With the dream still on my mind, I walk slowly down the stairs while I buckle my belt to my jeans. As I turn the corner into the kitchen, the smell of pancakes greet me. 

"Morning, boys. Had a nice sleepover?" Mrs O'Riley smiles politely. As usual, she fills the room with her bright aura, making everyone around her feel radiant.

Clearly amused, Tyler raises his eyebrow and laughs "Uh, Mum? Calling it a sleepover would be embarrising," 

Not caring whether it's called a sleepover or not, I stand silently through their discussion, staring at the floor with my bare arm leaning against the door frame. My thoughts drift further as they're soon in deep conversation.


"I've been trying to contact you for some time, Son..." a manly voice; sounding quite familiar, diclosed from mist suddenly surrounding me. After a couple of seconds, recognisation hit me. Pouring excitement, which I try not to show (but fail greatly), I take a confident step towards the mist.

"Stop!" my farther demands, panick shooting in his voice. "Damian, if you come closer you'll be giving them what they most desire," he pauses, "I won't let that happen. That is why I'm here to warn you,"

"Dad, what are you talking about?" I ask, confusion plastering on my face. No answer. "Dad?" I whipser fearfully.


Then just like a puff of smoke, the vision vanishes, leaving me helpless and confused back in Mrs O'Riley's kitchen.

"What, bro? You said something," Tyler asks, offering me the look of simpathy that I recieve a lot from him lately.

"Nothing." I mumble, turning around to find Casey staring right back at me. Shocked...





Policy and FAQ

Do not use my meshes without my permission!

Do not edit, steal, claim as your own or modify my creations!

Do not host my files elsewhere!


All New Suburban Series

Hi, all!

I'm here to tell you about a new range I've started building! :) I'm sure you've seen a few of them already, they're small-mid size and easily-playable homes for your sims to enjoy.
The inspiration for the Suburban Series came from a realisation I had that so many of my lots are just plain huge - with way too many rooms and that cost our sims a fortune! And then I for one hardly ever end up playing them because they're so big, or expensive, and my sims really just need a cozy little family home.
So I have started a new line of family homes fit for the suburbs! There's a bit of everything, from modern and contemporary to traditional town houses and even some pretty neat retro homes to boot. There's somethig for everyone, so keep an eye out for them in the days and weeks to come! :)

And just quickly, before I go, I'd like to take a moment to celebrate that today marks my 100th published creation for the Sims 3! Yaaaay! A big thank you goes to everyone who downloads and appreciates my work - you make creating that much more fun!

Happy simming!

Afro-American hairstyle

Well, I'm writing this because I've noticed that there are still so many who want to know where the Afro-American hairstyle which I use in my previews is from. At first this was really going on my nerves but now I've just recognized a mistake in the credits that caused some kind of confusion: So, the notorious hairstyle actually is a sims2 conversion by simsxolove, which is not avaliable here on TSR. Unfortunately I saw the hairstyle on EsyraM's blog the first time, so I erroneously thought it would be hers. *lalala* Next time I guess I'll have to read the descriptions more carefully, I think. And I'm terribly sorry about that, the mistake will be corrected in my following creations. Anyway, here's the link:

Thanks for your understanding


Banner Change #1

So today I'm changing my TSR banner for the first time - I'm tired of this beach banner and I want something more personal with my beloved Sim. Since I get very guilty for not crediting the wonderful pages and websites that help with the banners I create, I'll leave here a list with everyone that helped me with brushes, fonts, textures and more. And, for now I think this will be the only motive I'll ever write a blog post - to put the credits for the resources I used in my banners. o_o

Things that aren't credited were, of course, made by me, like the images that are screenshots from my own game (including the map).

This is the new banner for today: 

The background was found on this kit by StarSunflower Studio. I used a chalkboard texture because the main theme is Police and Investigation, and chalkboards are an important thing to organize all the case info - at least it is in the tv shows. lol

The three fonts I used were all donwloaded from the same website, but they were made by different artists. The font names are Hand of Sean, 04b03 and KBanAvoxlost.

I used MANY brushes in this banner. The arrows, the 'Special Investigator' and the 'Neighborhood Watch' ID card (the small number in the upper right corner is from the same set) were made by finner @ dA. The newspapers, the small red circle and the dates in the ID card were made by chockingonstatic @ dA.

Forgotten History #1

Breathing loud and heavy, I sprint bare footed on dead autumn leaves, proud that my light steps make no sound. With nothing but the moonlight as my guide, I scan desperately in between two trees focused in front of me. Careful not to trip over any sticks laying on the ground, I concentrate once occasionally up, then down. Afraid to turn back to peek briefly for the face of my attacker, my speed increases by one hundred. An impel-lent feeling rushes through my body, compelling me to swiftly pause. Suddenly building up the courage to turn my head slightly, from the corner of my eye, a metal arrow flies rapidly toward my face...


"Wake up!" a deafening shout in my ear challenges my body in defense mode; my blood pressure rising greatly. Abruptly, my forehead collides with another, making me fall back against my white, fluffy pillows. A figure tumbles off the bed with a huge hit, followed by a low grunt. 

"Dude, why so jumpy?" the voice laughs, identified as my best friend, Tyler. As he continues rolling on the floor in stitches like the geek he is, I climb off the bed with a frustrated sigh. He can be quite idiotic when he wants to be, trust me. "You been dreaming again, bro?" he says seriously, inspecting my face for any hints.

"I don't know if you've noticed, but everyone has dreams, idiot," I roll my eyes and look away, glaring at the floor in a cranky way. I shouldn't bite at him like that, he's the only one that'll listen to me when I'm at my worst, but he also understands that these dreams are getting even more intense by day. My prediction: I'll definitely go crazy by the end of this month, I'm already lashing out at my best friend. 

"Okay... I think I deserved that one," he mumbles, standing to his feet.


I'm back !

Hi all there, after a long time I made something for TS2. My life has changed a lot and I did not have time to creating. But ... now I'm back and as first I've started to creating some walls, matching with Maxis ones. I stayed faithful to the TS2, in past I've played TS3 for short time, but TS2 is my favorite Sims game. I believe there is a lot of TS2 fans, and some of them will like my creations. So ... see you soon !

LookBook - Let’s take an exit through the streets.

Ready for Spring

Hello friends,

It's been a busy month and I have been neglecting my sims but I'm working on some new outfits for the sunny weather this weekend. I'm also feeling rather excited by the return of Game of Thrones so I might make something GoT related if it works out well! Don't know how interested people might be in that, if you are please comment! :) Hopefully will have something uploaded this week. 


Annie xoxo

Coast Sun

Coast Sun


I'm sharing my creations now

I'm excited to tell you guys that I am finally sharing my creations for the popular video game The Sims 3 now : )) I'm still new to The Sims Resource and I'm trying to find my unique style for Custom Content ( CC for short ) .

And for those of you who are curious, yes a friend helped me with making clothing for the game and huuuuuge thanks to her! I'm not sure if I can ever thank you enough! Also she was an artist for a while here so it's easier to submit items.

Thanks for reading and I hope you'll enjoy my work! More to come ~

P.S. Don't forget to comment and leave guestbook entries. Thanks

the sims 3

who doesnt love the  new tsr website it great aint it i mean there so much more you can download


Update Spring 2014

Happy Spring,

Well, I guess with a lot of people's weather, it isn't really happy spring lolz.  Have a lot on the go all the time.  My new set, an accessories set for a physicians (doctor's) office will be up for grabs as of the 27th of March.  It includes lots of paperwork clutter and other clinical accessories that are ideal for story creation accessories or just to make that office look a little extra special.  

I am currently working on a brand new set, a bedroom set.  Haven't thought of a name for it yet, but it will be my first one and it'll be sure not to disappoint.  As always, I remind those that I do accept any requests, or even just ideas of what I should create next.

Thanks again to all my lovely fans.  I look forward to creating in the future, forevermore.  




I absolutely love my sims having the proffession detective. Mainly because:


  1. Amazing work uniform.
  2. Hack into systems.
  3. Solve cases.
  4. Breaking into houses.


My favourite is breaking into houses and taking things as `evidence`. 100% satisfaction :). For a detectives hairstyle, I like to use

a bob, ponytail or bun. It looks sofisticated and correct for the kind of job they are doing ;).

Love Me, Please? - Chapter 2 -

* Tick !

Sound  from timesheet machine when I put my timesheet to out. When I look into my timesheet card, there is written at 18:05. I overtime again today. When I came out from the staff door of the hotel, I saw Rena was sitting in a bench playing her phone. I  walked towards her .


" I thought you had gone home, Ren." I said a little surprised .


"Finally you out." She sneered. Then she stood up and we both started to walk home.


On the way ..


"By the way, howabout your relationship with your brother?"  Rena asked.


"Still like before. Were no changes." I replied .


" I'm curious, how long they will continue like that. Though it 's not your fault ."


" No , that's my fault. If I don't chase the cat .. " I didn't continue my words, and Rena gave me a light smile .


"Tomorrow you're off , right?" She asked again .


"Uh - huh?"


"How about we go to your brother's mini concert tomorrow night ?"


"H - huh? You mean..Jevan ? "


"Yup ! Perhaps you could make it up to him. " She said as she thought .


"N-no that's impossible." I say pessimistic .


" I've decided! We 'll be there tomorrow. I'll be waiting at the front entrance at 5 pm." She said confidently .


I sighed slowly. I'm not sure with Rena's idea. I'm pretty sure if Jevan saw me , he might throw his guitar at me. I'm worried about it, different with Rena , she looked so excited .

Sims 2 Lot Building Issue - HELP NEEDED ASAP

Please can someone who still builds Lots for The Sims 2 please help me.

I build a house, save it as a sims2.package file, install it into my game and use this as the tester lot. When i come to put a sim into it, to test it, it just stays on the load in screen and i never get to the stage where i can move the Sim around to ensure all rooms are accessable.

Because of this, I am having to end the game by End Tasking and when i reupload the game, the green sim thing :! is showing above the house???

When i double click on that house, the same thing happens again, and i have to go through the stages of ending my game!!!

I then upload the game for a third time and remove that sim. I really cannot understand why this is happening as it never use to.

Could the custom content that i am using be causing this issue?

Thanks in advance as always.




hi everybody!

hello everybody, happy spring! i know it's been awhile since i've been on TSR but yes, i am still here! i have just been super busy and overloaded with school! i will be making houses again soon! thank you for all the downloads and support!


Hey guys! It's summer and i've got some spare time. I'm hoping to submit my creation :)

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