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New set "Twintastical" on the way!

After a break from creating I'm back and ready to release this, if I do say so myself - adorable coral reef inspired TWIN set! 

Sims 4 Custom Content

I have been creating Sims 4 Custom Content for Create a Sim such as shirts over the last couple of weeks and will be making it available to anyone who wants them. If you liked the stuff here you will like this stuff more. Just go to my blog to download it and put it in your game.

There will also be a guide for people who do not know how to install custom content.

The blog is at


Luke Cheuh Designs

Cotwork Lighting

Cotwork Lighting


merece ser comprado várias pessoas como eu, queria levantar, então você tem que me entender isso é verdade eu espero que gostem.

Help group for Sims 4

The Sims 4 HELP in 4 languages :)



Hi guys,

just wanted to let you know I'm returning this September, yeah Sims 4!


Access 2 Lighting

Access 2 Lighting



Want to see Random Dance of Speed* Club Members?
Here's the link XD

The Sims 3 - Harlem Shake (Speed* Club) 


So this is my first blog entry. I don't know who actually reads these lol, but here goes. So there are a couple of chapters left in my story Siren, but it is coming to an end. I was going to make a new story afterwards based around Tiffany's sister Natalie, and in fact have already written a large portion of the story, mainly because I am not done with these character's yet. But the story was getting so complicated and I had this idea in my mind on where I wanted to take the story line, but it was too hard to write and the more I wrote the less the character's did what I wanted them to do....I know it's a stupid thing to say since I'm the writer haha but it's true. Anyway, so I don't think I'm going to put that story on tsr, but instead I have been writing another story which was originally meant to be based around Tiffany's daughter, but now I have decided to change all the character's name and cut all ties and start with fresh characters. With out giving anything major away it's a romance (of course) but done quite differently to the usual romance.  


Hello All-

I'm just posting to update those who follow my stories.  Recently I have been dealing with a number of health issues that are causing me some severe pain.  (I feel like a little old lady!)  Because of this, typing and being on the computer has become quite difficult.  It's not always this way but it is causing me to take a little longer to put each new chapter together.  They are coming though!  I promise!  

Just thought I would let you all know.  Thank you so much and stay tuned!

I am back.

I am back. I took a seem like a year long break. I got a new laptop and some new games for the sims 3. I been quite busy with real life. Lets see. I been working on seeing my dad. I even visited thim  and spent time with him. I even hung out with my step brothers. Lastly I was in my dad wedding. I got a new stepmother and 3 stepbrothers but only met 2 and hang out with two.

I got two sims games and playing with them and I like them both a lot. 

Houses- Walls & Floor sets

I create lovely & unique houses, also walls & floors, that are different then any I have seen.

If I can I will upload some.

or go to   you can only view my houses, walls & floors here. I will see it I can get some on here, if YOU ALL like them. walls/floors and or houses.


First Blog Post & New Expansions!

Mandee here!

I actually just figured out that I could add entries to my page so here is my first post! I am super excited because my fiance just bought World Adventures and Generations for me last night so I am looking forward to making more lots with my new expansions. I was a little wary of buying World Adventures but now that I have it, I am having so much fun exploring tombs. So far I have only been to Egypt and have only spent one Sim day in that location. Looking forward to exploring some more!

I hope every one is having a lovely week! <3

Clothing request ?

Hey everyone !

I know there are some amazingly talented clothing creators and designers on this website and I was wondering if anyone ever takes requests ? Since I don't have the sligtest idea about creating clothing and designing outfits for The Sims I thought maybe i'd ask some of you brilliant designers !! 

So if anyone has had the will to read this far, (thanks), would it be possible to recreate this look ?  Katy Perry Prismatic Outfit (Roberto Cavalli)

It would be my dream come true and my Katy Perry sims' dream too ! 


My very first sims 4 recolor

Finally, I finished my very first recolor of sims 4 dress.

I was so happy :D

I will make more so stay tuned :) I posted a pic on my check it out :D

I will upload more of my favorite sims 3 lots soon, You should check them out.


Winners of the Black and White Screenshot Contest!

We would like to thank everyone who entered the 'Black and White' screenshot contest! We had over 150 entries total when it was all said and done.  That's a ton of pictures to sort through and try to pick just three.  There were some outstanding entries and our judges had an impossible job.  (Thank you to Sim_man123, AudreyMay and NRMann for offering to judge this contest.)  Now, the winners are...

First prize goes to Daniluvsims with this breath taking snowy landscape -

Second prize goes to Ramonna with this mysterious lady in white in the woods -

Third prize goes to Shea Stone with this woman with rose petals on the piano - 


And as we said, we had so many entries, and there were some fantastic ones that we feel deserve a special mention:  by Nisuki  by Polinasid  by Bluegardenia  by DOT  by Blue_Girl  by Any-sim  by HeavenSent418

Great job everyone!

Sims 4

Well, I wasn't going to order it.. but now seeing the required specs on PC, and hearing how it should run on normal laptops.. I have pre-ordered Sims 4. And I am so excited for it to release! Seems like it'll be forever.. haha.

I don't know if I'll continue creating for Sims 3... I love Sims 3, but it runs pretty slow on my laptop. I can't even have expansions since the strain on my computer is far too much. Besides, it looks like creating in Sims 4 will be amazing, and I don't know how I will be able to go back to 3 afterward. Well, we'll see!


Hello to all of you! I am back from vacations and had a wonderful time, maybe to short, but better than nothing. Hope you have had a wonderfut time too. Had great impressions and so many ideas for new creations and lots. So I hope we will enjoy our time together!!! Regards matomi

Feeling Blessed :)

So today I uploaded my second house to TSR. My second house, and only my eighth creation. I was just so happy to even be abled to get my creations on TSR. And now this is the second out of the eight to make it to the Featured Page! I don't say this to brag (although of course I am proud of myself), but rather out of sheer joy! :) Creating and sharing brings me great joy. And being validated by having my work featured is a real blessing. I just want wanted to share my happiness. And also wanted to give a big thank you to Guardgian and Anna Blue...each of which helped me with the upload process. Thank you ladies <3 <3

I hope I will be able to continue to grow in my skills.


Green Day Set

I am planning on releasing a Green Day set by the 25/08/2014. This set will consist of a Bed, Curtains, Posters, Rug, Laptop and Pattern. This set contains images and content from their American Idiot Album


Also i will be releasing much more content in the coming weeks as well.


Check out the site below for more details

Luke Cheuh Designs Blog


Teaser of New Story is OOOOUT!

Hello there!


wait.. wait... I just can't contain the excitement.


the teaser of my new story, "Secretly" (to come out soon this August 2014), is out!

if you have the time, you can check it out. Just browse on the stories section of TSR.

I hope you'll like it.


and yeah, that's just it for today, I guess.

I just came home from work (I had overtime. GAAAH!) and I'm pretty tired. sheesh!

thus, TTFN!






it's a bit messy due to the lack of tools we have, but i will definitely update it when we have tsr's workshop and the game itself xx

p.s. you can download the thing here if you want it

Artamishia Bed Fixes

I noticed that the animations for the double and single beds of the Artamishia bedroom set were not working, so I've fixed them and updated the files. If you have downloaded before today, you'll need to uninstall just the beds, download and reinstall the new files. I apologize for the inconveience.


No hearts or thumbs up on your creations

Hello All, Thank you for visiting my page. I would like to say that in no way does the lack of hearts or thumbs up on the creations I commet on is onky because sometimes the area forchoose them is gray and wont let me apply them at all to that comment. It will work for one comment or CC and not the next. I just wanted you very talented Artist to know my lack of hearts left meant it wasnt working when I commented on your beautiful creations.  Thank you for all the wonderful fun beautiful things you bring to the game everyday, without which the game would be dull and not special at all. All the CC creators, Mods, Pose makers are what makes Sims 3 so special. Thank you Thank you, with Big Hugs !!!! 

The Sims 1

So, I have been getting a glitch If you know LifeSimmer from youtube you know that she got this same glitch once. So I get Store content from the sims 3 store and it does not lod or corectly go into my launcher! The few things that do go into the launcher say that it is allready installed.....But....when i go into my game its not there O-O

2 years and wait... whut?



This is WasabiChi, fresh from the grave!

it's been a hundred decades since I spoke. And now, I'm back for moaaaar fun.



hello TSR! hello, person reading my blog post! hello, TSR friends!

It's been a long while. I've been pretty busy for the past 2 years. After graduation, I faced the real, cruel world and geez! I was slapped by reality and wrestled by obligation. And yes, for the past 2 years, believe it or not, I didn't have a "stable" internet connection.

For the past year and several months, I've been contemplating if I should write again. Seriously, I miss writing here. I miss writing stories and most of all, I miss chatting with my friends here. However, the question is: Do I still have the time to write?

I am a very "finicky"(?) writer. If I am not satisfied with what I'm doing and what I've done, even if I already wrote a loooot, I'd scrap it. I don't like to rush myself and be rushed because I know the story won't be good if I hurry. And now, here I am dealing with the "time constraints" issues. Sheesh!

Then again, nobody can stop you if it is your passion. It is my passion to write. So, I will write.

I'm currently working on my "comeback" story (and I guess this'd be a long one). I hope that I'll be able to finish this soon. I'm very inspired to write this story because first and foremost, this is inspired by a TRUE STORY. I'm really trying my best to develop each and every character in this story. If the odds will be with me, most likely, this'll come out by the end of this month (or earlier). That's IF AND ONLY IF the odds will be with me. (I hope I won't be excessively busy. I am busy. My sched is full but I will definitely find time writing).

To the people who know me here, you must be wondering why I deleted all my uploads (from screenshots to stories) here in TSR. Well, it's like I want to have a fresh new start all over again. I just felt like it.

Anyway, thanks for spending a wee bit of your precious time reading my blog post.


See you real soon,


Update N9

Hello my little friends!

What am I doing nowadays..............

I'm working on 2 dresses, well, it's the same dress, but 2 different designs. -3-
I've been writing Endless, over and over again........... but I think I got a fancy chapter now ^-^
I'm looking at and tweaking my sims for Heavily Heavenly, while still thinking the story through..

And yes.. that's pretty much it ;o . so sorry for the late updates.. I'll give you a hug D:

Have a fantastic week! ^^

I'm a new person

I'm Kiarra,

I'm new so could someone tell me how people do art , how topublish art and how to download stuff from TSR? Like a house or a sim.

SF Magazine

SF Magazine Issue 25

showing off some great community artist work and then an interview with me :D

Sweet and Wonderful people who do a great job with the magazine.

Especially hmsdrco2001 such a wonderful person to talk with.

A great honor for me to be interviewed.

Thank you SF Magazine!

Black And White!

Pain In Black And White!



Hi guys! 

Cyber Chemistry has ended! Even though I'm pretty sad that it's over now, I'm kind of happy too. I've been having ideas of new story lines for awhile now and I recently came up with a pretty good one. I was over Cyber Chemistry a long time ago but I still decided to publish it because it was a different kind of story. Buuut now that has ended I can finally begin with my brand new story that is going to be called "Determined". 

I am not going to say what it is about, but if you like wolves, mysterious girls or extremely hot guys then you're definitely going to like this!

I'm new

Im laydean

im pretty confused on how to create on this website can someone guide me to what im suppose to do i woud apprciate that Alot !

Hey ♥

Firs of all, sorry for not submiting chapter 6 of Fly, you're free yet, I just went on a trip and couldn't submit it from my phone.

Second of all, thank you for all your nice comments and support, I love when you tell me I made you smile one way or another, it just gives me more reasons to continue writing.

Third and finally, I don't know if I will continue my story, since the rating (3.5) tells me you didn't like it very much, so...

More in my Tumble, here:

That's all, bye ♥

ts3, ts4 + plans

hey hey hey

i'm back from my trip to finland (which was aaaweeesooomee) and i just found out that there's a registration to get the ts4 cas demo and while i'm patiently waiting for my e-mail to arrive i've spent a lot of time watching videos from users who already have their demo

many of you complain that ts4 is very cartoon-ish, but aren't all sims games like that? anyway, that's what custom content creators are for. i think with some nice content the whole new cas tool will be an amazing experience (though it already looks cool), i already pre-ordered the game so i can't wait to start creating for ts4 (YAAAAYYY)

now ts3: i guess i'll be spending most of my time creating for ts4, but i think that i will still be uploading some stuff for ts3 aswell. but we'll see.

oh, and for those who already has the demo: good luck with new era simming and have some great time xx


Ready for the Future

Maybe some of you recognized that since my last submission some time spent by. The reason for it is simple - my interests changed. Sims 3 did not give me so much fun as in the beginning. But for all TSR users that like my creations - I am ready for the future of the Sims *yeah* Currently I am working for Sims 4 CC and I can guarantee - for the new part of the Sims you will have creations made by Vision of Fashion ^^

So thank you for all the lovely comments to my Sims 3 creations, the nice guestbooks entries and the feedback you gave to me :)

Kiss, visiona

Message in A Bottle, Resumed!

Heya guys!


I'm sorry I didn't get to update you about my stories. :(

I was busy working this past months and been sick because of the stress. (Ya, the job suck my life energy O_O)

I manage to finish up the contract and went back home (my ectasy) but need to recover for one week because of cold and terrible fever. -_-

Anyway, the good news is, I am re-installing the Sims 3 and downloading all CC stuffs. I had a problem with my sims before so, I am going to start from the very start. It would take a lot of patience to do so.. I hope you cheer for me. lol xD

About the novel type of Message in a Bottle, I am going to release the first 5 chapters at wattpad maybe next week. (I'll make an update here) So, if you guys wanted to read detailed Jasper and Erin, feel free to check it out. (Once released)

I already have some screenshots for the next sims chapter but some but it's still not enough to cover the entire chapter. :/

Thanks again!


The Sims 4 recolours

I'm testing how to do some recolours for The Sims 4 and here's some early effect:

Red Wings aim to rebound against Blue Jackets

It's not that often that the Detroit Red Wings get shut out in their season opener.


The Red Wings try to shake off a sluggish start on Monday night as they visit the Columbus Blue Jackets, who themselves are coming off a season-opening victory.

Detroit visited the reigning Central Division-champion St. Louis Blues on Saturday and were blanked 6-0, getting outshot 36-14 in the game. That included a 17-2 disadvantage in the opening frame.

It marked the first time that the Red Wings were shut out in a season opener since Oct. 11, 1958, a 2-0 loss to the Jacques Plante-led Montreal Canadiens.

"Obviously it was not the start we wanted on the season," said Detroit center Henrik Zetterberg following his first game as the team's captain Gordie Howe Jersey. "They were better than us in every field. It wasn't a good game."

Opening a season without retired defenseman Nicklas Lidstrom, goaltender Jimmy Howard allowed five goals on 28 shots. Jonas Gustavsson yielded a goal on eight shots in relief.

Detroit, which will play its home opener on Tuesday against Dallas, was without forward Todd Bertuzzi, who is expected to miss extended time after being diagnosed with mononucleosis.

Hoping to avoid a repeat of last season's 0-7-1 start, the Blue Jackets began the campaign on Saturday with a 3-2 shootout triumph at Nashville. Nick Foligno and Artem Anisimov had the regulation goals, while Derick Brassard had the winner in the deciding frame

"It's a great feeling to win here," Brassard said. "What a great challenge for us to come here in the first game with some new faces and already tonight our new guys made the difference."

After being acquired from the Philadelphia Flyers during the offseason, Sergei Bobrovsky got the start over Steve Mason and settled down after yielding a goal just 39 seconds in. He made 32 saves in his Columbus debut and 5-of-6 stops in the shootout

The Blue Jackets are hoping for an upgrade performance in net after finishing last in the NHL a season ago with 65 points.

Though the Blue Jackets bested the Red Wings in the final meeting of the 2011-12 season, the Red Wings have won six of nine and 11 of the last 15 encounters.

Chicago Blackhawks vs. Minnesota Wild: Puck Daddy’s Tinder NHL Playoff Preview

Ed. Note: With its new playoff format, the NHL is searching for to create passion for fans and teams by way of forced, bracketed relationships. But hey, at 1st glance, the matchups are quite attractive. All of this led to one particular excellent theme for our 2014 Playoff Preview: Tinder, the social media dating app. We hope you swipe proper this postseason ...)



The other three conference semifinal match-ups have factors of deep-rooted detest. The Chicago Blackhawks and Minnesota Wild don’t have that rivalry truly feel to them, but that’s nothing that yet another seven-game series can’t support generate.


Chicago dispatched Minnesota in the 1st-round a year in the past in five games. The Blackhawks would go on to win the Stanley Cup. This season, they would meet 5 times, with the Wild coming out on prime thrice.


With a conference last spot on the line, can the defending champs preserve their repeat hopes alive or will the Cinderella Wild get fitted for one more glass slipper?






The Blackhawks loved scoring a total goal a lot more per game in their six-game series against the St. Louis Blues. Eight distinct forwards scored a goal, led by three from Patrick Kane and captain Jonathan Toews.


Toews has been the table-setter, winning 61-percent of his encounter-offs and tallying three game-winners, which includes the big overtime purpose in Game five against the Blues. Kane’s appropriate behind him with 6 points and 2nd on the Blackhawks in Corsi-for percentage. Patrick Sharp has been a tiny slow warming up offensively, scoring a single aim in the opening round, but peppering the net with 23 shots.


Andrew Shaw and Bryan Bickell have picked up the place they left off final postseason and have mixed for 4 ambitions and seven factors. Marian Hossa, like Sharp, is slow to get going with just a purpose, but there’s no doubting his capability to create offense.


Like the Blackhawks, the Wild have received balance scoring up front, with ten forwards obtaining their names in the purpose column. Initial and foremost is Zach Parise, whose ten factors towards the Colorado Avalanche ties him with Anze Kopitar of the Los Angeles Kings for the NHL lead amongst players nonetheless in the postseason.


A breakout star in Round one was Charlie Coyle, who scored three objectives and assisted on three others and is 2nd on the staff in Corsi-for percentage behind Mikko Koivu. The captain scored only after, but assisted on 5 goals towards the Avalanche. 


Aside from Coyle, Minnesota’s scoring depth played a large function in their Round one victory. The lengthy-forgotten Dany Heatley contributed five factors, as did Kyle Brodziak and Mikael Granlund. That will need to proceed to take place if the Wild are to have any chance at advancing past the Blackhawks.


Capping off the Wild’s secondary scoring was Nino Niederreiter and the evening of his life in Game 7 Michael Jordan Jersey, scoring twice, including the overtime winner.


Benefit: Blackhawks.




Chicago’s scoring wasn't restricted to only up front. Their blue line played a role as properly with all seven defensemen recording at least a point and 4 of them tallying targets.


The best pairing of Brent Seabrook and Duncan Keith led the way with 13 points. Despite missing three games due to suspension, Seabrook even now recorded 6 factors. Behind them are the minute-eating Niklas Hjalmarsson (27:41) and Johnny Oduya (24:38), who have been getting killed in the possession game.


Ryan Suter is the rock on the Wild blueline, averaging 29:47 via seven video games and chipping in four factors. He and partner Jonas Brodin (24:06, two factors) will manage most of the load. Behind him will be Jared Spurgeon on the 2nd pairing, who also logs much more than 24 minutes a evening and popped in two targets against Colorado. Along with Marco Scandella, also with a pair of goals to his identify, the quartet are among the best defensemen in Corsi-for percentage via Round 1.


Advantage: Even.




Corey Crawford was sound for the Blackhawks in six video games against the Blues. He is 2nd in minutes played with 425:09 and leads all goaltenders nevertheless in the playoffs in even-power conserve percentage (.935).


The Wild will go with Ilya Bryzgalov in Game one as Darcy Kuemper remains day-to-day with an upper-entire body injury suffered in Game seven. Bryzgalov faced one shot in Game 7 and earned the win right after stumbling in the opening two games of the series (8 goals against on 45 shots).


Benefit: Blackhawks.






The Wild required seven games to by the Avalanche, while the Blackhawks came-from-behind soon after being down -2 to the Blues. The two have their own momentum going Brent Seabrook Jersey.


Advantage: Even.




Joel Quenneville has his horses in line and back in form soon after dropping the initial two games to the Blues. Speaking of horses, his thoroughbred, Midnight Hawk, will most likely be working in the Preakness Stakes later this month.


With his goaltending scenario getting been ravaged all season, Yeo has even now located a way to get the Wild into the postseason and then administer a 1st-round upset of the Avalanche Duncan Keith Jersey. He is challenged his gamers for more and so far they've responded.


Advantage: Blackhawks.


Special TEAMS


The electrical power plays for the Blackhawks and Wild have each and every scored three times on at least 20 chances (twenty for Chicago, 21 for Minnesota), but Minnesota has permitted two shorthanded targets.


No team had a greater penalty kill in the initial round than the Blackhawks, who had a good results rate, permitting two targets on 29 possibilities. The Wild weren’t also far behind killing 22 of 25 odds for an 88-% fee


Benefit: Even.






Since Chicago is unstoppable off the rush, rush




Players to observe.


SWIPE LEFT ON... Ilya Bryzgalov. He assisted get the Wild into the playoffs, but couldn’t hang onto the no. 1 job early in the 1st round. Which Bryzgalov will we see?


SWIPE Correct ON... Patrick Sharp. After scoring just when against St. Louis, it’s only of time just before Mr. Handsome gets going.






The Wild provided a great very first-round story with their Game seven comebacks towards the Avalanche, but the goaltending scenario is as well muddled to see them get by the defending champs. After a bumpy start against the Blues, Chicago has everything clicking at the moment. Blackhawks in five.



  • Sports & Recreation
  • Ice Hockey

NBA cost-free company 2013: Bulls, Mike Dunleavy agree to 2-year deal, per report

The Chicago Bulls and little forward Mike Dunleavy have reached a verbal agreement on a two-12 months Alex Ovechkin Jersey, $six million contract, in accordance to ESPN's Marc Stein. The contract quantities to the Bulls' mini mid-level exception, which is the highest contract the staff can give out this offseason due to the fact they are in excess of the luxury tax threshold.


For much more offseason Bulls information: Website a Bull

Dunleavy figures to supply Chicago with outdoors shooting Braden Holtby Jersey, which is precisely what he did in Milwaukee the last two many years. Dunleavy, who turns 33 many years outdated before the season begins, averaged 10.five points and three.9 rebounds per game for the Bucks final season He shot 44.two % from the field and 42.8 % from 3-level range.


It wasn't clear if Chicago would use the mini mid-level exception this offseason, with reviews last week saying the team was very likely to forgo using their greatest exception to decrease their luxury tax bill. Dunleavy's signing may indicate the finish for Marco Belinelli and Nate Robinson in a Bulls uniform Nicklas Backstrom Jersey. Every single are unrestricted free of charge agents following spending one season in Chicago.


Much more from SB Nation:


&bull The NBA's best 90 free agents | All NBA cost-free company news


&bull Rockets can supply Howard max deal | Dwight's well worth it


&bull Knicks trading for Bargnani | Ziller: The Knicks in no way discover


&bull Absolutely everyone needs Andre Iguodala | An open letter to Iggy


&bull NBA Draft 2013 grades and final results

This write-up initially appeared on SBNation

Click right here for the complete report »

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