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Update N7


Currently a new story is waiting for it's approval, and heck, I love it.. now I'm busy with Chapter 15 of Endless, and damn, I love it so much too. 

I've a new dress which.. I'm not sure about if I should be uploading it on TSR or not... neh, I think I will ^^ It's a really simple one. But I've had good feedback so yea! Why not.  


Due to the amount of emails i get and the time spent managing them i have descided to make this post for suggestions. Just to make it clear i do not take request but i am open for suggestions as most of my sims come from them. I cannot promise anything though.

Suggestions are for celebrity sims only. Just write the name of the celebrity in the comment field below, no need for pictures as i google their names for that, so it's just important that i get the full name + any artist name :)

Diamond Key: World In Progress

Diamond Key is more than halfway finished now.  Updates have been made to three of the main parts of the town. Have a look!

Town Square


The subway alights your sim right into the middle of Town Square.


Enjoy family-friendly activities in Town Square, the heart of Diamond Key!


Roller skating is a convenient and entertaining pastime in Town Square.



Town Square is surrounded by seven essential business places (rabbit holes). Going from one to the other is easy; just a walk in the park!



Eat at the Bistro where you can gaze over the park, or sit on the covered balcony for a view of the waterfall while you dine.




Market Square


Step from the subway right into a rural paradise in Market Square.


Extensive community gardens in Market Square offer fresh produce to any who are willing to harvest it.


 A farmer's market offers all the charm of rural fun.


Ambitious sims can have a crack at starting their own business at one of the many empty stalls in Market Square. Sell some of that garden produce you were just picking!



An empty lot near Market Square, where both horse lovers and vegetable lovers can live their dreams.


Diamond Key's Legacy Lot is right next to Market Square.



Business Square



The subway is flanked by a food stand (food register) and a newsstand (books register) in the middle of Business Square.



Working sims can pick up essential reading materials at the newsstand on their way home from work!


Chess and painting are the pastimes encouraged in this Square, to stimulate the scientific and creative sides of business.



Business Square gives quick and easy access to Diamond Key's business and industrial sections. City Hall is just a park away!







Madlen Calabria Set

Download Madlen Calabria Set HERE

Madlen Avocado Set

Download Madlen Avocado Set HERE

Thank You!

Okay! I have to tell you something..Well..

I decided to stop writing!!

I'm deadly serious!


Serious for a joke XD
Gotcha! Hehehe.. =P

Just reach 100k+ view..and lot of comments I got from you.. XD
And I just re-read it..and..
Thanks for your support this far! ♥
It means alot for me ♥
I hope you'll keep supporting me =P

*Kiss ♥


EA fails.

I bought the latest Store set, the one with the tea set and the cannery station to make jams and canned goods...and I have to say that the EA people clearly did not research what the homemade canning process looks like. 'Cause I nearly had a heart attack when my sim put both of her hands in the canning pot to pull out jars that had just been processed. (You do that IRL and you wind up in the hospital with 1st degree burns on your hands....)

Facepalming forever. Is it that hard to add animation?

Modern Bollard

Modern Bollard

My Stories

Hi everyone,

I barely on this site which it doesn't surprise me but anyway.You can always find me on tumblr underneath "Damagedsims" Where ya can find and read my sims story and send me questions and ask about it. I even do sims download,etc. I would love for ya to read my stories.

New House and New Simspiration!

Hi Simmers

I havent written a Blog post in over a year. I took about 6 months off from creating. basically as I was not inspired and was busy playing new EPs lol. But since May I have come back full force in creating.. having been inspired by spring. 

I am eagerly anticipating Sims 4 release in Sept.. and thought in the meantime i would create my little heart out! I believe I will eventually create for Sims 4 as well in due season. I fully plan on still playing Sims3 even after Sims4 comes out.

Anyways..  I have been trying to make both modern and contemporary homes. My next attempt is to be a Victorian style home.

 Have a great day and Happy Simming!


Thank you!

Thank you for 200 000 downloads!

I am working on the next houses. I am really happy to recieve your lovely and encouraging comments.

I would like to tell that thank you so much for the comments on my creations!


Sooo, technical difficulties have popped up lately and its really messing up my story progress. I have three weeks to fix whtever's happening, so please bear with me

Update N6

Yea. I'm not going to call it a "daily" update anymore haha. Though this one is quite on time.

Oke, so I decided to not put the sim with a massive amount of slides on this site. Instead, I'll do another one. A male. *SMIRK*
PS. I've been thinking about. putting story characters, up for download. (For example, Drew from Sudden End, or perhaps someone from Endless)
But.. maye not.. since they use sliders.. argh. OR I'll have to search for all the sliders and such. zzz

Ok. what to do now.. I'm first going to do the 3 sims first.. and start thinking of how I should order the storyline from Endless Chapter 14.
I already have a huge idea, but it has some weirdish... yea.. I've no idea how to call it.. It's going to be a mess if I do it wrong xD

ok.. OH... I still need to do a picture for the Black and White! contest. jajajaja =D

Gawd, I hate my game at times.

Game's been running like a snail lately, so after intensive computer maintenance, and reinstalling both Origin and the base game, the game seems to be running a little smoother now. Have I mentioned how much I detest having to remain logged in to Origin in order to play the frickin' game? Thanks, EA, for making my laptop work harder than it should.... >:(

Right now I'm at the "I hate all custom content" place. It slows down everything about the game, especially the crap I've bought from the Sims 3 Store. Trouble is, I'm so used to having custom content in my game, that I don't know how much I'd enjoy playing without it. I try to limit the number of .ebc and .dbc files I have in the DCCache folder, but it's hard to do, considering the stuff I use all the time is either part of a world or a venue, where I can't pick and choose what I want to install. (Thanks, greedy Store people, for that. *snerk*) I've just tried playing with no custom content, and boy do my sims look bad, lol. I use a lot of Store clothes, so while they're all still rockin' the 3rd party custom content (no way I'm eliminating that), their clothing is sadly lacking.

Argh, why does this game have to be such a memory hog? WHY? (And don't get me started on The Sims 4, which is still a 32-bit game and I don't even know how the heck they can justify that when all other decent games out there are 64-bits and my laptop laughs at anything 32-bit....)

/end rant

Daily Update N5?

Not-so-daily update Number 5

Hello ladies, gents and.. aliens. xD
Yea, I'm still a but behind with a lot of things. I want to comment on every piece of clothing and screenshots..
And I still want to read the unread stories. And oh, bummer, there are so many.. o________o
+ I'm also busy with writing myself ARGH. I'm currently thinking about the end of Endless...

Here's a chance of.. when the end will be.
25% in Chapter 14
70% in Chapter 15
5% in chapter 16+

So as you can see.. it may be chapter 15, but I'm still not sure.. which means.. you guys will have to wait till chapt 14 is out.


Alright! I'm soon going to publish another sim on here. (I've been publishing 3 outside TSR lol.) But.. this one on here.. will be my first and last one, that uses sliders. I used sliders, due my urge to create this sim with great detail. & The person for who I've created this, accepted it that I'll be using sliders. So that's done.

I have to find a way though, to have all the sliders for you guys to be avaible in a not so hard way.. and I'm working on that ^^

Furthermore.. I had been planning on creating a house, and I saw someone with a request, not sure if he/she's going to accept it though. I haven't heard anything from him/her. So if I'm not getting an answer soon. I won't be doing that request anymore, and start with something by myself.

I've been creating 3 clothing. 
1 - A bikini
2 - A simple dress
3 - Elsa's Coronation Dress.

Elsa's Coronation Dress, happened to be published some days ago. I'm still going to finish mine sometime, because I'm doing it for someone who had requested it on the forums. Since I've already half hand-painted the texture of my version and wasted a lot of time in it, I'm not just going to scrap it. =]

The simple dress is really, simple, but damn, I LOVE the texture. The mesh is partly modified by me ^^
The bikini is a simple texture change. =] (Not sure if I'll be publishing it though.) 

YOU KNOW WHAT. I can simply create special clothing, for myself, without sharing. LOL, somehow that feels so satisfying. Sorry, now i'm being mean xD But I love to play with photoshop and creating stuff. So yea.

Oh man, what have I typed? LOL so much.
Anyways, I'm obviously still playing the game too. Currently I'm even doing some kind of Legacy Challenge and I oughted my self to not use any cheats and all that fancy stuff. OK.


That's it for now. BYE! 

World in Development: Diamond Key

I am working on my first major word in Create-A-World for the Sims 3. It's called Diamond Key!



One of Diamond Key's lighted nature trails at sunset.


Diamond Key is a medium-sized island world. My main goals in designing this world are:

1. Mostly flat land to make for easy lot management for players and builders

2. Leave enough space between lots to allow players to delete the original lot and put another one of similiar size in it's place

3. Provide a few nice, non-cookie-cutter pre-built homes in different sections of the town

4. Keep custom content to a minimum to curtail size and make it easer to install

5. Provide beautiful, realistic, and original landscaping with spawners for exploration or storytelling

6. Create each section of the town around a basic theme

7. Build in simple but diversified transportation options

8. Provide enough scenery around lot areas to enhance picture-taking for lots

9. Design world with enough pre-existing Rabbit Holes to start a substantial game with little or no pre-building


Diamond Key World Specs:


World Size: Medium

Population: 0 (at present)

# Residential Lots:

# Non-Residential Lots:

# of Residential Lots with ready-built home: 3


Rabbit Holes included:



Rustler's Den (Criminal Warehouse)



World Features:

I wanted to design a world with a small-town feel to both rural and urban areas, to look like an older town that has the "beautiful but slightly spooky" feel. Each section of town has it's own theme and contains flat or mostly-flat lots surrounded by theme-appropriate scenery. Old Miner's Town and Ancient Ruins feature lighted nature trails for sims to peruse and explore. Plenty of spawners, mostly theme-appropriate. Industrial Section and Wharf offer interactive objects such as chess, easel, and bonfire for sims to use ad lib. Town sections are each built around a theme as follows: Downtown, Boardwalk Beach, Old Lighthouse, The Swamp, The Wharf, Industrial Section, Business Section, Old Miner's Town, Ancient Ruins, Inland Lake, Farmland, and Banyan Peninsula. Other features include: 4 waterfalls, 4 bridges, mini-graveyard, inland lake. Most sections are accessible by roadways and sidewalks including navigable bridges. An extensive subway system accesses all parts of the island. Diamond Key currently has no custom content and no store content.

This is a work in progress. Please come back to my TSR page to check for updates or development news. When complete, I plan to make Diamond Key available via a mediafire link in the Create-A-World forum on this site.

Comments and/or constructive criticism is always welcome.


More Pictures of Diamond Key



Harvestables of all kinds can be found in all the navigable parts of Diamond Key.


Trails in Diamond Key feature themed scenery, seats, and lights.


Banyan Falls is one of four waterfalls in Diamond Key.


 A pre-built lot in the Old Lighthouse section of town.


 Old Mining Town's beautiful but spooky scenery invites only the bravest sims to explore.


The old mine is guaranteed to turn up rare (or not so rare) gems and metals.



The Industrial Section features intriguing urban locations including an old favorite, "The Grind". 


Drifter/Homeless sims will find it easier to start life near the Industrial Section where useful items may be found among the scenery or in lots.


Downtown in Diamond Key, sims will find a mix of modern conveniences among scenery that hints at the town's history.


Wildlife are attracted to every part of Diamond Key.



Fishing spots are beautiful and easy to find.

What's Black and White and Red All Over!?

A Newspaper!  (Get it?  Red / Read).... ok fine!  Black is the new white! Or maybe white is the new black... who can say for sure! What we can tell you is that we're having a screenshot contest and the theme is Black and White!

Take a screenshot in one of your Sims games (Sims 2 or Sims 3) and either transform it into black and white using an editing program, or simply make it as black and white as possible using objects and clothing that are already black and white.  It never hurts to add a pop of color here and there, but the majority of the image should be black and white! Your shot can be anything related to Sims, but it must be PG-13.

Upload your screenshot to TSR, with the title 'Black and White!' To do that, click on Account at the top of the front page, scroll down to Edit Screenshots and click. Choose the tab at the top that says Submit Screenshot and fill in the information. Also, make sure you change the Public to Yes or no one will see it. 

You may enter as many times as you like.

Entries must be submitted by 10PM EST on Saturday, August 9th 2014. Winners will be announced by Thursday, August 14th, 2014.

The first prize winner will see their screenshot on our Facebook page and will also receive a full month of VIP access to the site (no advertisements, use of the download basket, etc).

Second place will get two weeks of VIP access.

Third place will get one week of VIP access.

(If the winner is already a VIP, the time will simply be added to the number of days left on their current account.)

Good Luck and Have Fun!


Mkay! Mission complete! I've submitted Suki Desu Chapter 3..And hope it'll be approved soon.. *Writting with sleepy eyes.

For Moslem, Ramadan Mubarak ♥ May Allah accept all your prayers in this Ramadan ♥



I'm going to sleep now..Zzzzz..Zzz..

Access Lighting

Access Lighting

Daily Update N4

Hello lovelies! 

So... tomorrow I'll have my last test. Math, I'm ready for you. *puts jet-black sunglasses on*
After I've done the test. I'll take a nap. After a few hours, I'll wake up with a good feeling.
I've no idea what I'll be doing then. . . Oh well, I've to work at 5PM.. But man, there's 3 things I'm definitely going to do. 

1. Reading every story I've had followed. I haven't been able to read every story on the site. A few, but I'm missing the latest ones! But I'll get uptodate soon. =]

2. Finishing a sim, and put it up for download! I've been working on a sim . . . . Soon.. you'll see.

3. Writing Endless. The name may be Endless, the story isn't. It's going to it's end. The question however is, when? Well, we'll see!

Waiting For The Sims 4



Er, story?

5000 or so words into a story, and I wonder why I keep adding ideas to this already behemouth piece. (You should see my notes, seriously...) My writing muse, she dreams in vividly colorful epics. Oh well, it's not like I haven't written 50-60,000 word novels already.

I just wonder how I'll post this on TSR...or even if I will post here. The places I want to take this story, it won't be approved I suspect. :\ This might end up on my Livejournal page.

Power of Pink Diningtable

I had to update the Power of Pink Diningtable because the Sim could eat, but not just sit at the Table. I'm sorry for the inconvinience.

So if you play and not only decorate in Game pls. redownload the Table. New Filename: ShinoKCRPowerofPinkDiningtableUpdatetAnim.


Hello friends. I post this little message because you are likely to leave me messages and comments.

then I confess that I have so many messages that it is difficult to meet all the world very quickly.

So if sometimes I long to answer. Know that I will.

Thank you all for your support. You are my inspiration.




Dang it, why does Isla Paradiso have to be such a buggy world to play? I've even got ellacharmed's less buggy version of the world (via MTS) installed, and still after an hour of game play, the freaking world stutters, sticks, and lags. *throws things*

Daily Update N3

Hello! Hm.. Why am I even calling these daily updates.. I'm not even doing it daily.. I'll work on that though.. xD

Anyways, this week, I've an exam week. Starting of with some beautiful french literature. Sigh... =o=
I've been writing, and I'm already hitting the 38 pages, and it may go on to 50 or even more? We'll see! ^^
I haven't been continuing any cc projects. I only need to draw the texture for Elsa's dress and some other fancy stuff for it, and that's it. I have sooo many ideas to create and such! Which I'll definitely be doing, after I've finished this examweek! 

And oh goodness, so many stories have been accepted, but I can't read them all at once T ^ T ; SUCKS.. well, it's alright. there's enough time! Time to re-read my french and then heading to bed soon ^ __^


I'm back in 1 day!

Hey guys! My exams are over, just waiting for the results that I will get on Tuesday... I hope everything is ok hehe :) I have a lot of plans for this summer and of course one part of it will be creating for TSR and for you, people who like my creations and will see this message! I missed you all <3

It's so good to be back :)


Modern Built In

Modern Built In

sorry for taking so long

I'm sorry if I took too long.  I have been a Wiccan, Episcobal, Christian, and Catholic all my life.  Schizophrenic and bipolar that I really am.  I hope things turn out to be better.  Leave me a comment and I'll be in touch.  ty

About the next chapter...

I know, I know. I haven't submitted the next chapter of The Wicked Entice. I'm working on it, I promise. I was also doing the next chapter of A Moth to a Flame, thinking that would help spark something for the next chapter of TWE, but no luck.  I'm just really, really stuck. I am completly clueless as to what I want to write next. I mean, I do know what I want to write, but can't seem to get it down. It's so frustrating. Anyway, sorry for the delay. I will submitt it as soon as I get around to finishing it, I just have no idea on when that will be. Sorry guys. 

Daily Update N2

Hello ^-^ 
So, I will be inactive till saturday, 21st of June. It's my last schoolweek and I need to finish some important projects and such. But no, it's not done yet.. Next week I'll have a schoolweek, with only test, actually "schoolexams". They are not my finals yet, but yea, I need to work for these too and study, but it won't bother my free tiem much, since I'm quite confident about it ^ - ^

However, for now I need every single hour to sleep, work, and do schoolwork. *sigh* I already started with Chapter 13 of Endless, and I'm making little progress with my next creation.. However, the next creation, will not be published on TSR, due some minor bugs with the mesh, and I'm way too lazy to fix it now.
I'll do a revision of it, during my summer vacation, and that one will be posted on TSR ^^

Well, that's it for now.

Byebye! Take care !









  • Do not reupload or claim as your own.
  • You may take screenshots of my sim ingame and share, Credit is appreciated but optional.



  • Do not reupload or claim as your own.
  • If you wish to use or share my screenshots in any way give proper credit.


  • My painitings are TSR aa YES
  • If you download and use my painting and post pics. credit is nice.
  • Do NOT ReUpload or claim as your own.



  • If you wish to use or share my screenshots in any way give proper credit. 


If these rules are not followed i will take action without warning to have it removed.

If you come across one of my creations on another site please let me know in a PM here on TSR or Facebook.
Thank you!

Computer Problems

Hi everyone!!!! I'm still around. As some of you already know I have been having computer problems. But, as soon as I'm able, I'll be creating again! Stay tuned!


Since the 'Submission' part of this site takes a little too long, I decided to make a wordpress blog and post there as well. 
I'll be writing two stories simultaneously so bear with me, please.

Support will be appreciated too!

I am DONE...

...WITH WORK until August.


FINALLY I will have more time to work on stories! Yay!



Oh my..I'm sorry..

Just want to inform, I already submitted my new story intro 5 days ago..You can check it when it's out. (I wonder why it tooks longer that usual @.@)

And I already take the chapter 1 shoots, and I think I--I..Achoo!! I'm sorry again..

I'll off for a few days..I think I catch a cold.. *sniff..sniff..

Later friends ♥ (I hope you didn't get my cold =P)



Daily Update

I've catched up with a few stories, but I still need to read some, while writing my own story too! 
Endless - Chapter 12 has been submitted, and has been waiting for.. 1 day already? I think, to be published. It's quite a normal, not so much action chapter, but there's important information.. and a little twist.. I'm already writing chapter 13, but I haven't started taking the screenshots. 
Currently I've started writing two other stories. Hell yes, you read that correctly, t w o

Beside these stories, I've been working on two new clothing, and I'm still working on a sim. The sim has a deadline, so she's on my number one spot now! Well, now I'm going back to my books. Tomorrow will be my math test ^^ It's quite easy.
BUT OH MY GOODNESS. one normal schoolweek left, and then I'll have my schoolexamweek.. *screams and runs in circles*
I can do it... =[ .. yes.. I can.. yes... *oh dear plumbobs* XD

New Things Coming Soon!!

Hello dear Simmers and TSR friends!

I just wanted to make a small announcement, for whoever wants to read it and maybe leave a comment. 

As of late I have been working on a few things with TSR Workshop, that I am now going to test and then hopefully share with you guys very soon. Maybe, if you guys like my creations, I can squeeze in a little bit more time for creating new things, like houses or maybe even work on a new dress re-texture for you. No promises, but I can try. Maybe I'll even be able to make some Make-Up for your Simmies :-)

Anyway, that's it for now. See you soon-ish!


my life as a hermit

I'm new here.  I don't know how to create things.  I don't know how to install the launcher so I might appreciate it if you help me.  I hope things turn out to be better. 

I'm terrified of people that I don't like. There are people that don't want me to be around them. I can't trust anyone at all. Because I'm a loner, I don't need to socialize as much as other people and prefer spending time alone. I'm an artistic person. I'm a cat lover, a perfectionist, and a natural cook. I want everyone to stay away from me.

If you have anything to say to me, say it straight to my face. I don't want anyone talking about me behind my back. I love my cats. I don't want your drama so leave it at the door and go away. I'm really paranoid. I drive whenever I want. I don't want anyone dissing my movies, my favorite bands, my favorite actors, my favorite singers, my favorite movies and my favorite TV shows.

If you have a problem with me, go away. I don't want to be around the people that I hate. Like I said, I don't want your drama so leave it at the door and go away. Whatever I do doesn't concern you. What I order from Amazon and what I buy at the stores that I like is none of your business. You're just walking trouble so stay out of it!

Meh. Nothing else to say about me...MUCH. I'm a hermit, and I hate going outside or looking at people or hearing a lot of noise, so I usually stay in my bedroom, permanently attached to the crummy laptop I spent way too much money on in my blind desperation to have a new computer. I love playing video games (obviously) as an escape mechanism; my Play Station 2 is one of my most valued possessions, and I'm especially into RPGs (Square Enix, Niis, Konami and Koei works are my favorites). Other than that, I write, read, and draw. And eat. Junk food. Lots of it. Ironically, I can't gain any weight, and though I'm the eldest sibling my younger sister's much bigger than I am, so I can't stea--I mean, BORROW--any of her clothes. *SIGH* I don't watch much TV unless it's the History Channel or something, anime/cartoons, or anything with a half vampire half werewolf dragonslaying wizard in love with an elven princess held captive by a group of witches who want to use her blood to gain eternal life and beauty so that they can rule the wizarding world and finally acquire the One Ring of...wait....


Latest Headlines

Update N7 Suggestions. Diamond Key: World In Progress Wood Madlen Calabria Set Madlen Avocado Set Thank You! EA fails. Modern Bollard My Stories New House and New Simspiration! Thank you! Demmit Update N6 Gawd, I hate my game at times. Daily Update N5? World in Development: Diamond Key What's Black and White and Red... Sleepy..... Access Lighting Daily Update N4 Waiting For The Sims 4 Er, story? Power of Pink Diningtable THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH EVERYBODY... Frustrated. Daily Update N3 I'm back in 1 day! Modern Built In sorry for taking so long About the next chapter... Daily Update N2 Policy Computer Problems Eh I am DONE... A-aachooo! Daily Update New Things Coming Soon!! my life as a hermit
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