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Tardis needed to be fixed.

Although I didn't call it Sexy while fixing it, the Tardis will no longer disappear as you place it around your home. I apologize for the troubles. Please re-download and let the new file overwrite the old one.

Again I apologize.

TSR Artists

I can't say enough about how much I love you guys. This custom content makes my Sims games fun.  I have a request. If some of you would please make some more short hairstyles, like ear length and above but not buzzed. You know like Pixie, Stacked Bob, etc.

Stone Garden Lantern Set

Stone Garden Lantern Set

Upcoming Fashion

I will be making some fashion for all genders of sims so stay tuned!

Im back :)

Hey all, im back, im finally back on my feet again after a long illness, was very sick and wasnt able to do much. I have loads of new ideas for houses so keep an eye out :)

Bungalow Windows Part 2

Currently I am working on a second set for the Bungalow Windows.

I think the picture says it all..

~ 2,000,000 DOWNLOADS GIFT ~

Hey Guys ^^

Oh my God, after 1.5 Years I finally got over 2 Million Downloads!! Incredible!! :D So I just wanna say THANK YOU for your lovely comments, guestbook entries and messages, every single one makes me happy and I try to answer all of them. I've made a little gift for you which is ONLY available through this link:

Have fun with it and keep on Simming!! :)

Linda aka Lutetia


I just want to say a huge thank you to everyone who congratulated me upon my recent promotion to Featured Artist for the Sims 3. I was shocked to be chosen, to be honest. I still love , creating Custom Content for all you sim lovers out there :) Thank you to everyone and anyone, who downloaded, and said such wonderful things about my creations,in private mail and my guestbook, every week from, so many countries day after day. Let me tell you that I appreciate every single comment, and try my best to thank you guys personally when I receive each comment as much as I can. I also try to comment,  to all your creations for Sims 3 and 4 too, because in my book, it's good to give what you receive. That won't everchange for me, I will continue to comment all your creations and thank you in return for commenting mine. I am ever so grateful. So thanks to everyone once again! Keep on simming!!! :)


Hello I’m planning to delet my first four contents because it won’t work in game properly. (I know i just found this out) But all the creations after this should work fine. I’ve tried to recreate them but they are not working!!

TARDIS update and new items coming

Hi Everyone!

So I've gotten to a point of having a TARDIS in the game, but it's not working 100% yet. You can see the progress here. So... it'll be uploaded as soon as I can fix the problems :)

Also, in honor of the 11th Doctor, I've made a sonic screwdriver accesory and I'm working on a fez and a Handles (the cyberman-head) object. I'll also be working on more Doctor Who clothes and posters soon.

I haven't had much time to work on CC this week, but these will be up ASAP. In the mean-time, enjoy TSR!

Working on the Freya Livingroom!!

Working on a livingroom to suit the Freya Dining... Want to see the work in progress picture?? 

Please check here

Working on a TARDIS

Now that I feel fairly proficient in doing recolors, I'm working on creating a TARDIS object for the game but so far have been having trouble with the meshes not working in the Sims4Studio :( SO, as soon as I can get that working, we'll hopefully have a TARDIS for the game :)

2 Million Downloads ! - Thank You


Recent updates and thank you.

I am so pleased and excited to become a Select Artist for TSR. I am beyond delighted with such positive feedback on my lots! I am so grateful for everyone who has downloaded and commented. Thank you so much <3 

I am working on a few lots at the moment and I am planning on creating a series of lots which I'm rather excited about, they could be quite interesting!... Watch this space.. ;)

Hope you all have a wonderful day!


Bird Set

Bird Set

new sims story


I have made a new sims story here!! It's really fun to make but it's hard when it comes to sims 4. You can't move the sims, instead you have to make them teleport everywhere! And making all the poses are hard too, for me, because I'm not used to blender. But oh well! It's really fun, so if any of you guys like to read stories, you can check out mine :)


“She knows what she’s asking me about now! She must know! I mean what went in her head that this would be a good idea? She knows I hate him, he bullied me in 6th grade. I know she’s my best friend but… alright! Fine! I will make Cassie’s cousin, Alex fall in love with me!”

New Diningroom Sunday Available for Sims4 and Sims3!


My New diningroom *Freya Dining*  which will release this sunday will be available to players from both the Sims4 as the Sims3 players! 

I hope you all will enjoy these latest meshes :D


Sims 3:

Sims 3

























Sims 4:


TS3 fifth conversion pack

New conversion pack is available on my tumblr page, four pair of shoes were converted. Download them HERE

.Package Files

I have noticed some people don't know how to get poses or skintones. On TSR and other sites, they have .Package files. They are kind of like saves in your game like if you save a color for hair. You can't open them though. Here is a way to get them in your game.

Step 1. Go into your documents folder. Then find this Documents>Electronic Arts>The Sims 3> Mods. Create the Mods folder if you don't have it already.

Step 2. Create a new folder in that mods folder and name it Packages.

Step 3. You need the Resource.cfg file in your Mods folder. Link-

Step 4. Download the Resource.cfg, unzip the file (if it isn't already), drag it into the Mods folder. It might appear under the Packages folder.

Step 5. Put your .Package file into the Packages folder.

Step 6. Enjoy and hope it works!


That's how you do it in 4 easy steps! These step also work on other wedsites. You might need to extract files into your Packages Folder. Hope this helped! .   .


NCForever blouse


new top

NCForever blouse

Hello everyone ;)

Hi everyone! 

I am getting a lot of messages and comments about hairstyles I am using on preview piectures. And considering the number of them I decided to make this little post to answer it, so you can freely go and download the hair.


All hair I use on my previews are from two amazing creators, who you can find on this site (TSR) and they are : Alesso and Nightcrawler_sims

I am personally using ALL hair from those two, I have every single piece in my game. I hope that will help a little ;)

Happy simming ^^


my new two recolor clothes


 Click this ↑ to go to another website to download the these clothes

No longer creating

I am sure some of you noticed I stopped uploading things I created.

I do not have the time to create right now, and by the looks of things, won't have for quite some time.

My husband is having some serious, possibly life threatening health problems. I myself am having some fairly serious issues too. It looks like I may require neurourgery in the near future.

I appreciate that I was able to get 1.5 million downloads of my creations and wish I could do more since I thouroghly enjoy creating. Maybe,, in time, I will be able to do more in the future.

Until then, I will enjoy other people's creations.


Kitchencounters and the EA Dishwasher

With the new EA Update came a Dishwasher. It uses only the EA counters bcoz the animation for counters has changed.

I will update my Kitchencounters within the next weeks after I can be sure that EA has fixed the bug that Sims reject to use the Dishwasher.


Sims4 Mollie (FYA)

My Latest designs
S4-Mollie - Young Adult

Download Mollie Click Here!


**It Should Definitely Download!..

Skin-by Pralinesims Click here

Hair-1-by Stealthic Click here

Hair-2-by Stealthic Click here

Hair-3-by Alesso Click here

Eyebrows-by S-Club Click here

Eyecolors-by S-Club Click here

Eyelash-by Kijiko Click here!

Lipstick-by ShojoAngel Click here


**Loading Optionally!..

Top-by Birba32 Click here!

Swimwear-by mayadee2 Click here!

Leggings-by DarkNighTt Click here!

Beanie and Scarf-by MsBlue Click here!

Shoes-1-by MJ95 Click here!

Shoes-2-by MJ95 Click here!

Shoes-3-by Moskito Click here!

Shoes-4-by Moskito Click here!

Current Project

Hi guys!

First, I want to say thank you so much for commenting and downloading all the time! You're the best <3

I just wanted to let you know, that I'm working on a special creation at the moment ;) A lot of you already asked for it! Here's a little sneak peek of it, can you guess what it is?

Sneek Peak


Have a wonderful day, hugs and much love!

ts4 52

Питомник Gladys

Шотландская вислоухая кошка
Порода кошек

Scottish Fold

Gladys, white

Solid black

Solid blue

Solid red

Solid cream

No Time and This Isn't Helping...

Lately I have been extremely busy at work and at home. I work for a traveling agency - which is fun and frustrating all at once - and while I love the job, it still wasn't enough to keep me entertained so I kept my old college gig of tour guide in Prague. Apparently it was all great and managable as long as I managed my time between friends, writing, travelling and movies. Not so much when me and my very good friend finally came out of denial and started dating.

Usually I'm great at time management. Usually I'm also a great cook but I have not been able to enter the kitchen for a week now. :)


I had to drop the tourguiding - a thing that hurt me very much because of all the great memories I had of the job. I didn't even get to go home this summer, that's how crazy things have been. But now I'm determined to get back on the horse and make a nice time table between work, friends, writing and this one annoying guy I really should have dropped, were it no for the beautiful things he says. Like 'I'm forgetting something, am I not? Oh, a book! Nearly left home without a book. The horror!' or 'If someone attacks us in this dark street you run. I will cry I have no money and I refuse to surrender the comic book and maybe they leave us alone.'

But the most important thing: I decided to give sims 2 hours a day, twice the week, TSR time included, so if I submit something and it gets rejected it won't be back until the end of the week. And it WILL get rejected. I'm dumbing it down as much as I can, but sometimes I just give up and post it elsewhere. Anyway, I'm working on the first chapter... wrong. I'm working on getting the first chapter approved, which is so much harder than working on the chapter itself.


Just wanted to let you know I'm doing my best, not procratinating somewhere...




FAQ and more


Hi everyone!

I really wanted to make this post but I never really had the chance.
Okay, first, I wanna say a massive thank you to everyone who downloads my stuff or stops by to leave a nice comment.
Your support means everything to me.

Second, I get a lot of questions from people asking me stuff like ''where did you find the __?''. Guys, I'm not going to answer that kind of questions because besides the fact that they are a lot, it's kinda rude. If you want to ask where I found something you can send me a private message instead and I will surely answer when I get the chance.

Another question people have been asking me a lot is if I've shared or will share my sims. I used to share sims in the past at my blogspot but sadly I had to turn it down since I didn't update it for quiet some time. Plus, my olds sims are super ugly xD Anyways, the answer is no, sharing sims is definitely not my priority and it takes a lot of time searching for the cc I used on the sim to give the right credit.

Last but not least, you guys have been asking me if I accept requests. No, I do not. I keep my own ideas in a folder which is literally full at the moment. But, your ideas are more than welcomed. You can either send me a private message here or on my blog on Tumblr.

You can also check my FAQ page on Tumblr for more information.
Feel free to send me any kind of questions you may have here or on Tumblr.
Off anon questions are always answered privately. :)

That's all for now. Thank you all so much again!
Love you all,


Thank you people!


I would like to thank all users that in these
years have enjoyed my creations and who downloaded
so my items and my houses!*__*
Thank you very much!
I continue so :)


A worm -  HELLO - to all of you! I am back from hollydays with new ideas and a lot of ne inspirations!  So be anxious and enjoy!!!

Flower Power

Flower Power


Can somone make me 3 cute teenage boys please ? maybe girl too? Please...... if i don't have it that i need i can't make my sims series some i will make...... please see this fast:(...



kardofe_Princess bedroom_Bed

Ya ha cambiado el archivo de la cama en "kardofe_Princess bedroom_Bed"

kardofe_Princess bedroom_Bed

Hola a todos, Lo siento si he causado ningún daño a cualquier persona en su juego con mi "kardofe_Princess bedroom_Bed" que había tenido en mi juego, como hago con todos mis creaciones y me funcionó muy bien, no me dio ningún problema, por lo publicado, nunca publico algo sabiendo que no funciona bien.

Lo he hecho de nuevo y estoy esperando un personal TSR respuesta a sustituir.

Lo siento, y muchas gracias a todos por su paciencia





Hey. So im not going to be able to upload creation much because im taking part in the #Wattys2015 on wattpad here is my profile link: so check me out if you like? so i wont be able to upload alot all the month of august then again in end on august and start of september so im sory guys. Also one of the people that inspired me to make this account (PralineSims) commented on one of my creations so thank you so much sorry

3 Million Downloads!

Another cool milestone for me on Tsr, 3 million downloads! Wow :) Thank you to all the downloaders for your support and for all the lovely feedback on my creations, I can assure you that I really appreciate it sooo much! Cheerio! :)


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