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About TWE...

hi guys. i know, its been a long time since i uploaded the next chapter, but it keeps getting rejected. as you know, the story is about demons..possessions are obviously included. this isn't really TSR appropriate, and i had this whole scene set up between Theo and Verin, this inner battle kind of thing, but im going to have to remove it. ive been working on this chapter for what seems like forever, and making changes to get it approved, but the content isn't exactly PG 13. i promise i'll keep trying to "fix" it as much as this hurts my little achy breaky heart to get rid of so much that i was excited for. if you want to read the "unfiltered" version, let me know and i'll send you a private message. (don't even know if that's allowed). i mean i personally don't think there's any adult content just some possessions here and there lol  anyway, im thinking of moving to Wattpad. it will be under the name Tessa Crane. I don't even have an account yet lol but that's where i'll be putting up The Wicked Entice as it was meant to be content all the way lol. it'll be under a new name, (the word Wicked will be in there somewhere, so look out of it!) and it will be like you're basically reading a familiar, but new story. it won't really be anything like the one here, and i think thats a pretty good thing. i'll let you guys know once im official over there. once again, sorry for the wait! i'm really trying my best to not water it down, but its not going so well...

Installing custum sims

So I downloaded a bunch of cudtom content and placed it into the mods folfer. Everything works fine except the custom sims. I can't seem to find them anywhere. I go into the gallery and tick the box allowing me to see custom content yet it shows a bunch of households but nine of the custom sims that I downloaded. It there a different way to install Custom Sims. Any help would be appriciated.

Sorry For Deleted Comment

I'm so sorry that i accidentally deleted all comment on my creation. I want to mark it as read, but i accidentally click delete button, (I think they must add delete confirmation).

I appreciate all comment on my creation, Thanks 

and with my first blog post i want to say "yay I hit my first achievement 10k download" on my personal achievement,
thank you very much for all downloader, and thanks for trying my creation :)
Hope you enjoy it.

for my next creation which is still in progress. I create winter or ice themed set (I don't know when will i upload them, maybe next month or wait for December :D )




I try on meshing with blender. Sometimes it´s frustrating especially if you want to look at everything in the game and it´s not working. Then the next attempt to get it sometime hopefully works.

YAAS. how the h.. can I even screenshot.

I'm doing tons of recolors these past few days for my sims because my faveorite artists doesnt have specific colors that I want (which is PASTEL PINK, GREEN, YELLOW AND VIOLET" but everything I see is black, white and every neon color there is that punches my eyes. 

I also tried doing some transparent for some of my naught sims but I seem to suck at it a bit specially when I make some skirts and shorts SHORTER and the mesh just b***ch slapping me cause I dant do that or it will all mess up.

Aaaaaaanddddd I decided to publish some. maybe this week but how the hell can I even screenshot such highquality beauty to showcase what I did?

google just noped on me about it *sigh* 

I wanna submit olredi :<

Some words about me

I am employed in a Japanese company as a logistics specialist. Before I had a job in building industry - Arenzana Luis, a Structural Engineer business. The total value of the project was $55000.00 and for the permission itself we needed to pay $2091.67 in bank opening times. But this wasn't a proper job for me, so I set up other direction for my professional life.

Tanks for the comments everyone

I have not been creating for a while due to some big real life changes. Moved to a new Country and many other things but I am glad that you all stil enjoy my goodies and who knows might get into making a few new ones in the near future!


Fan Ceiling Lights

Fan Ceiling Lights

New Ideas and Updates

I will be away a few hours and days updating and getting ideas on what to create next. Updating, will be back soon! Oct 5, 2015 11:24 p.m. central time

Sims4 Talia (FYA)

My Latest designs
S4-Talia - Young Adult

Download Talia Click Here!


**It Should Definitely Download!..

Skin-by S-Club Click here

Gloss for skin Bella-by Sintiklia Click here

Hair and Headband-by MonsterMadness Click here

Eyebrows-by S-Club Click here

Eyecolors-by S-Club Click here

Eyelash-by Kijiko Click here!

Eyeshadow-by S-Club Click here!

Lipstick-by ShojoAngel Click here


**Loading Optionally!..

Dress-by MFS Click here

Shoes-by MJ95 Click here!

Sims4 Rooms-Teenage Bedroom-02

My Latest designs

Size: 7x10 
Furnished: Yes

*Download the following Custom Content:

-SkyWalk Bedroom (by Pilar) : Click Here!

-SkyWalk Ofice (by Pilar) : Click Here!

-Blinds (by SIMcredible) : Click Here!

**Click for more detailed photo!..

 Download LINK Click Here!

CC question-linked sites?

I'm new to downloading CC. I tried it once witht the Sims 3 and my parents blamed it for my then-computer's problem. What I like to new if sites that are linked to on clothing be safe to use? Thanks for your help


I would rather use AdBlock and wait 60 seconds for a download , then have 15+ ads on my page at a time . I can't even load what I'm actually trying to download , because its still trying to load the stupid ads . So no TSR , I will NOT disable AdBlock on your website (: .

Halloween 2015

Hi everyone!

Halloween is quickly approaching, and I've started making a few little deco bits to celebrate! At the moment, my plans for what I'm going to make are still pretty sparse - some more candles, some potion jars/vials, something with bats (or perhaps ravens)... I'm not sure yet! Here are a couple items I've finished so far. Expect the rest of the set in the coming weeks.

Skulls and Vials

(Click the image to enlarge.)

Sims4 Rooms-Bedroom-01

My Latest designs

Size: 7x10 
Furnished: Yes

*Download the following Custom Content:

-Romantic Bedroom
(by Kardofe): Click Here!

**Click for more detailed photo!..

 Download LINK Click Here!

Going to the Dogs: Making Your Home Pet-Friendly and Finding Places Fido Loves in Birmingham

If you are selling and moving to a more pet-friendly house and neighborhood or moving into the City, Birmingham offers plenty for pet lovers. Before you sign the closing papers on any house in Red, Shades or Oak Mountains, Vestavia Hills, Pelham, Avondale Park, Meadow Brook or one of the other 15 other neighborhoods in Birmingham, check to see if the property is dog-friendly. Would it have a yard your dog would love to run and play in? Is your dog more of a couch potato? Does the house have wood flooring that makes it easier for your pet to get around without sliding on a slippery tile flooring? Is there stairs?

These are all questions a potential homebuyer must think about and answer before buying any Birmingham house. Homebuyers may think about the home's interior, but it is also good to determine if the neighborhood is well suited for your pet. If your pet loves to ride with you or walk with you, are their places you can go together? Many Birmingham restaurants may allow well-behaved dogs on their patio or outside of the Dairy Queen, while you both enjoy some shrimp, French fries, or ice cream treat. Is there a dog park in the neighborhood? Highland Park and Mountain Brook, Homewood, Pelham, Chelsea and other Birmingham neighborhoods have dog parks for your dog to explore, meet new friends, and play.

Buying and Making a House Dog-Friendly

You may not be able to find a fully furnished turnkey home that has washable fabrics on the couch or bed, so your dog can lounge on the furniture in comfort and without fear of being scolded for messing up the furniture. There are things, though, that you need when considering a house as a potential home.

Stairs - Is the house more than one level? Older pets may have arthritis and have difficulty getting up and down stairs. It is best to minimize stairs or buy a house that has a single floor plan.



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Tardis needed to be fixed.

Although I didn't call it Sexy while fixing it, the Tardis will no longer disappear as you place it around your home. I apologize for the troubles. Please re-download and let the new file overwrite the old one.

Again I apologize.

TSR Artists

I can't say enough about how much I love you guys. This custom content makes my Sims games fun.  I have a request. If some of you would please make some more short hairstyles, like ear length and above but not buzzed. You know like Pixie, Stacked Bob, etc.

Stone Garden Lantern Set

Stone Garden Lantern Set

Upcoming Fashion

I will be making some fashion for all genders of sims so stay tuned!

Im back :)

Hey all, im back, im finally back on my feet again after a long illness, was very sick and wasnt able to do much. I have loads of new ideas for houses so keep an eye out :)

Bungalow Windows Part 2

Currently I am working on a second set for the Bungalow Windows.

I think the picture says it all..

~ 2,000,000 DOWNLOADS GIFT ~

Hey Guys ^^

Oh my God, after 1.5 Years I finally got over 2 Million Downloads!! Incredible!! :D So I just wanna say THANK YOU for your lovely comments, guestbook entries and messages, every single one makes me happy and I try to answer all of them. I've made a little gift for you which is ONLY available through this link:

Have fun with it and keep on Simming!! :)

Linda aka Lutetia


I just want to say a huge thank you to everyone who congratulated me upon my recent promotion to Featured Artist for the Sims 3. I was shocked to be chosen, to be honest. I still love , creating Custom Content for all you sim lovers out there :) Thank you to everyone and anyone, who downloaded, and said such wonderful things about my creations,in private mail and my guestbook, every week from, so many countries day after day. Let me tell you that I appreciate every single comment, and try my best to thank you guys personally when I receive each comment as much as I can. I also try to comment,  to all your creations for Sims 3 and 4 too, because in my book, it's good to give what you receive. That won't everchange for me, I will continue to comment all your creations and thank you in return for commenting mine. I am ever so grateful. So thanks to everyone once again! Keep on simming!!! :)


Hello I’m planning to delet my first four contents because it won’t work in game properly. (I know i just found this out) But all the creations after this should work fine. I’ve tried to recreate them but they are not working!!

TARDIS update and new items coming

Hi Everyone!

So I've gotten to a point of having a TARDIS in the game, but it's not working 100% yet. You can see the progress here. So... it'll be uploaded as soon as I can fix the problems :)

Also, in honor of the 11th Doctor, I've made a sonic screwdriver accesory and I'm working on a fez and a Handles (the cyberman-head) object. I'll also be working on more Doctor Who clothes and posters soon.

I haven't had much time to work on CC this week, but these will be up ASAP. In the mean-time, enjoy TSR!

Working on the Freya Livingroom!!

Working on a livingroom to suit the Freya Dining... Want to see the work in progress picture?? 

Please check here

Working on a TARDIS

Now that I feel fairly proficient in doing recolors, I'm working on creating a TARDIS object for the game but so far have been having trouble with the meshes not working in the Sims4Studio :( SO, as soon as I can get that working, we'll hopefully have a TARDIS for the game :)

2 Million Downloads ! - Thank You


Recent updates and thank you.

I am so pleased and excited to become a Select Artist for TSR. I am beyond delighted with such positive feedback on my lots! I am so grateful for everyone who has downloaded and commented. Thank you so much <3 

I am working on a few lots at the moment and I am planning on creating a series of lots which I'm rather excited about, they could be quite interesting!... Watch this space.. ;)

Hope you all have a wonderful day!


Bird Set

Bird Set

new sims story


I have made a new sims story here!! It's really fun to make but it's hard when it comes to sims 4. You can't move the sims, instead you have to make them teleport everywhere! And making all the poses are hard too, for me, because I'm not used to blender. But oh well! It's really fun, so if any of you guys like to read stories, you can check out mine :)


“She knows what she’s asking me about now! She must know! I mean what went in her head that this would be a good idea? She knows I hate him, he bullied me in 6th grade. I know she’s my best friend but… alright! Fine! I will make Cassie’s cousin, Alex fall in love with me!”

New Diningroom Sunday Available for Sims4 and Sims3!


My New diningroom *Freya Dining*  which will release this sunday will be available to players from both the Sims4 as the Sims3 players! 

I hope you all will enjoy these latest meshes :D


Sims 3:

Sims 3

























Sims 4:


TS3 fifth conversion pack

New conversion pack is available on my tumblr page, four pair of shoes were converted. Download them HERE

.Package Files

I have noticed some people don't know how to get poses or skintones. On TSR and other sites, they have .Package files. They are kind of like saves in your game like if you save a color for hair. You can't open them though. Here is a way to get them in your game.

Step 1. Go into your documents folder. Then find this Documents>Electronic Arts>The Sims 3> Mods. Create the Mods folder if you don't have it already.

Step 2. Create a new folder in that mods folder and name it Packages.

Step 3. You need the Resource.cfg file in your Mods folder. Link-

Step 4. Download the Resource.cfg, unzip the file (if it isn't already), drag it into the Mods folder. It might appear under the Packages folder.

Step 5. Put your .Package file into the Packages folder.

Step 6. Enjoy and hope it works!


That's how you do it in 4 easy steps! These step also work on other wedsites. You might need to extract files into your Packages Folder. Hope this helped! .   .


NCForever blouse


new top

NCForever blouse

Hello everyone ;)

Hi everyone! 

I am getting a lot of messages and comments about hairstyles I am using on preview piectures. And considering the number of them I decided to make this little post to answer it, so you can freely go and download the hair.


All hair I use on my previews are from two amazing creators, who you can find on this site (TSR) and they are : Alesso and Nightcrawler_sims

I am personally using ALL hair from those two, I have every single piece in my game. I hope that will help a little ;)

Happy simming ^^


my new two recolor clothes


 Click this ↑ to go to another website to download the these clothes

No longer creating

I am sure some of you noticed I stopped uploading things I created.

I do not have the time to create right now, and by the looks of things, won't have for quite some time.

My husband is having some serious, possibly life threatening health problems. I myself am having some fairly serious issues too. It looks like I may require neurourgery in the near future.

I appreciate that I was able to get 1.5 million downloads of my creations and wish I could do more since I thouroghly enjoy creating. Maybe,, in time, I will be able to do more in the future.

Until then, I will enjoy other people's creations.


Kitchencounters and the EA Dishwasher

With the new EA Update came a Dishwasher. It uses only the EA counters bcoz the animation for counters has changed.

I will update my Kitchencounters within the next weeks after I can be sure that EA has fixed the bug that Sims reject to use the Dishwasher.


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About TWE... Installing custum sims Sorry For Deleted Comment Meshing YAAS. how the h.. can I even... Some words about me Tanks for the comments everyone Fan Ceiling Lights New Ideas and Updates Sims4 Talia (FYA) Sims4 Rooms-Teenage Bedroom-02 CC question-linked sites? AdBlock Halloween 2015 Sims4 Rooms-Bedroom-01 Going to the Dogs: Making Your... Tardis needed to be fixed. TSR Artists Stone Garden Lantern Set Upcoming Fashion Im back :) Bungalow Windows Part 2 ~ 2,000,000 DOWNLOADS GIFT ~ THANK YOU ALL AGAIN! Issues!! TARDIS update and new items coming Working on the Freya Livingroom!! Working on a TARDIS 2 Million Downloads ! - Thank You Recent updates and thank you. Bird Set new sims story New Diningroom Sunday Available... TS3 fifth conversion pack .Package Files NCForever blouse Hello everyone ;) my new two recolor clothes No longer creating Kitchencounters and the EA...
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