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I'm baaaack!!

Just couldn't stay away. Hope to have something up soon. Stay tuned!

#PiercesPortrait, IMPORTANT THINGY

hey guys.
I know I haven't been around for a while, but can I ask you for a favour?
I've been working on a competition entry for #PiercesPortrait. For the competition, participants were to create a portrait of the girls from the Pierces, which is one of my favorite bands.

here's my artwork:


And heeeeere's my submission page:

PLEASE, if you like it or like my work, please VOTE FOR IT guys. This competition is a great opportunity for me as an artist and its really important for me (as I'm a big fangirl).

Hopefully, see you soon.

Sims 4!

Wow, it has been a while!  TSR has changed a little since I was last on.  I like the way the VIP has changed.  

I am so excited for Sims 4!!!  I've dreamed of Sims that look like real people, have downloaded Sims that look like real people, but making Sims that look like real people has elluded me.  I get frustrated with sliders and hacks and my inability to make it work with the vision in my head.  With the Sims 4 I will be able to shape everything exactly as I see fit.  Have you seen the trailers and gameplay videos yet?  Go follow the Sims people on facebook, they're posting all kinds of goodies!

Specialany on Tumblr

Specialany on Tumblr for more information ....

 Take a look here



I would like to thank everyone who has enjoyed my creations and has downloaded them. I have now reached a milestone of 7 Million downloads!! Thank you so much :)

Happy Dance!

Is it wrong to admit that I'm happy to see my screenshots have finally appeared as part of my profile? It'll be even cooler once I start posting stories, but that'll have to wait until the summer. The last few weeks of school are brutal.

Return (for real)

I have a home currently being built. Im still getting ides since it had been SO LOOOOONG. I made sure that this was gonna be a big one tho. :)
Coming soon:

Dark Valley

Dark Valley is the first story I'm submitting to the TSR. I wrote it almost a year ago for a friend and, when my sister gave me The Sims 3 Supernatural I decided I had to make the characters (I really like Moonlightfalls). Anyway, my computer wasn't good enought to make the story with my sims so I had to wait to buy a new computer to submit the story.

From now, I'll probably spend more time to make the chapters, cause I'm doing my exams now and I've to translate the story from spanish. It's a hard work for me, but I'll try to be as fast as I can. I have to rewrite some chapters too because of the PG 13, and that's no easy.  I'm also thinking about other stories... maybe a sequel for this one, maybe another different.

I hope you liked Chapter 4, Chapter 5 will be soon submitted, enjoy! :D

What the...?

I've seen my profile is not showing all the chapters I've submited. I hope I can fix it during this weak... for now you have to look my story in the community section if you want to read it. I have already published four chapters, and I'm working hard on chapter five. Hope you like it! ^^



 Have a beautiful days for everybody!

I have a protracted disease since the last months, but I hope, that I will come back here before long.

Thank you very much for the nice comments on my creations!

Painting Mesh

I am looking for someone to make me a mesh for my paintings. I cant do meshing yet, but I got beautiful paintings.

I dont want to use others meshes without permision.

I am still active, people! Just busy!

I know my activity at TSR has markedly dropped again and y'all haven't seen a lot out of me for a monthor so now. Lots of factors involved:

1) I'm putting a lot of time and energy into the clothes (yes, clothes--gasp!) and objects creations I've been sharing regularly for almost a year now at my Simblr, and I'm learning new things every day, thanks to the angels of mercy at MTS who have taken pity on my noobtardation and showed me the ropes.

2) I'm still trying to stay active at the Exchange (profile at, though nowhere as actiive as I'd like to be; I love entering building contests to win Store prizes, cuz I'm poor. Of course nothing but a permaban will stop me from cussing EA out every week; ragging on them is good for maintaining a healthy working relationship; it's how I express my love, bipolar schizophrenic tsundere that I am. :P

3) I'm going to school every daggone day. Thank god this is my last week for the semester, though--yay, I made it without shooting anybody! ^_^ I'm taking Final Exams till Friday, and then it's OVER~! ^0^ At least until the Fall semester starts, that is. :P I'm too old for this crap, though; it feels weird to be in college surrounded by teenagers who don't know a g-d thing, looking up all starry-eyed at professors who don't know a g-d thing. Thank god I'm not paying out of pocket, or I'd sue; half this crap I could learn at the library, and half I wouldn't care about learning anyway.

But anyways, just wanted to share a bit of my schedule with y'all, in case people were wondering what rock I had buried myself under this time. I'm still building lots; there's a ton of builds I have for TSR in various states of completion. Hopefully my summer break will allow me the chance to finish a few and get them up and ready for y'all. But if you're thirsty for fanciful stuff from me during the meantime, feel more than welcome to visit my simblr; I upload stuff there quite often. And as usual my 3rd-party-cc-free lots are uploaded to the Exchange, not TSR.

Stay tuned for my next Game of Thrones lot, The Red Keep. Follow progress I'm making on it right here on my minipage blog. SMOOCHES! *sprinkles faery dust overhead*

Love Me, Please? -Chapter 3-

The next day , at four o'clock in the afternoon when I 'm choosing a dress that I want to use later , suddenly my cell phone rang . When I look at the screen , Rena name written there .

"Hello, Re ?"

"Na, you've get ready , right?" He asked .

"Umm..uh-hm." I said simply . I don't want her to know that I'm not even choose my clothes yet .

"Okay if so, I 'll start from my house in half an hour."

"Ok." I said simply .

After that I hung up the phone and sat on the edge of my bed . I don't like crowded places , but I also do not want to make Rena disappointed by refusing his invitation. And also he wanted to help me to improve my relationship with my brothers. Although I'm not sure, but what's wrong to try .

I accidentally looked at my closet, and I saw a short laced cream-colored dress there. And I stepped took the dress and looked at it for a moment. Then I stepped into the bathroom and get ready. I just wear a little powder and lip gloss , I don't like to dress up too much . After I tied my hair, I took my khaki-colored high heels and out of my room and walked down the stairs to the living room on the first floor .

I sat in front of the TV, and Aunty Ta approached .

" Aunty, I'll go to Jevan's band concert with Rena. I'll get home before nine." I said while wearing high heels .

"Yes, ma'am.  I'll tell Mr. Din to ready the car." Said Aunty Ta as she was about to walk to the front door, but I stopped her .

"No, it's OK, Aunty. I already called a cab." I said .

Moments later, a cab that I order come, and I went. After boarding the taxi, I send an SMS to the Rena to tell you that I 'm going now.

In place of the mini concert , precisely at a mini bar which is set into a stage, the place already crowded, and the show will starts at six o'clock. We entered the bar and stood at a distance from the stage because the place was almost full. Soon , the lights off and immediately the fans of Zero that mostly a girl has been shouting the name of the band and is also a band member of their favorite. I suddenly felt nervous and I hope Jevan not see me. As I looked around to make sure that our place is a safe place.

"What are you doing? " Rena asked half shout because it's noisy here. I just shook my head and smiled .

Soon the members of Zero began to appear on stage and greet their fans. The atmosphere increasingly boisterous. When they play a rhythmic cheerful opening song, I gelt like I was drawn into their world. Way the vocalist sings, and the music that follows, is truly amazing. I was stood there like a fool looking at them. When my gaze leads to Jevan, I smiled sadly. I don't know that my brother very good at plays bass guitar. And .. he's smiling up there. I like drawn back to reality, and I feel down.

Some time after the event is over , I told Rena that I would go to the toilet for a while. I saw my reflection in the mirror and sighed. Rena forced me to try to talk with Jevan. I really had no idea what I had to say. After a while to convince myself, I came out of the restroom and returned to the place Rena wait. It turns out that Rena was talking to the vocalist on the edge of the stage . I approached them.

"Uhm .."

"Are you Hana?" Asked vocalist. And I just nodded . "You want me to come backstage? " Ask him again and I'm confused by the question. " You're Jevan's sister, aren't you? Rena said you wanted to talk to him." He explained .

"H-huh ? Uhm.." Are they both know each other? The vocalist and Rena ?

"Come with me, Jevan certainly was with the others in the dressing room. " He asked pleasantly.

"Go there already! I 'll be waiting here. " Rena pushed to follow the vocalist .

I followed him to the dressing room personnel Zero .

"Jev,  your sister is looking for you." Said the vocalist after he opened the door of the dressing room .

"Huh?" Jevan saw me and frowned. His expression changed, and he turned away. I looked down. As I was about to step back..

"Where are you going ?" Ask the vocalist to stopped me .

"I. .." I looked at that Jevan was looking at me with a cynical. Then I looked down again .

"........" Jevan fell silent. And then he stood up from the couch and walked towards me. "Come with me." He said with exasperation then walked past me .

I said goodbye to the other band members and go after Jevan .

* To be continued .

The TSR VIP Lottery on Facebook

Many of you play our Facebook VIP lottery every day but I bet you've always wondered how it works...

1. What is the lottery?

The VIP Lottery on Facebook is a showcase for four of our Featured Artist's creations that have been published within the last few days.

2. How do I enter?

Visit our Facebook page ( ) and locate the most recent lottery post (It should be pinned to the top of the page). Look through the four images and click 'Like' on the items you love.

3. What's the prize?

Two days of VIP access (Learn more about VIP here - ).

4. What if I am already a VIP?

That's great! The two days will be added to your current VIP balance.

5. How do you pick the winners?

We randomly select two names from a list of people who 'Liked' the post.

To be more precise, we make a list of every name that appears on each image (so if each image has 50 likes, we'll have 200 names). Then, using a random number generator from the people at MathGoodies ( ), we enter 0 and the number of names on the list and get a random number. Finally, we scroll down the list and match that random number to a name.

Since we're picking two winners each day, we do this twice.

6. Can I win more than once?

Yes! It is entirely random.

7. How do I know if I've won?

We announce the winners on Facebook and Twitter in a new post before we start the next day's lottery.

8. Where do you get the screenshots you use to announce the winners?

The screenshots we use are from the Featured Screenshots, in the Community section of the website ( ).

Coast Colors

Coast Colors

Create A World

Hello everyone, I've been lost in Create-A-World land the past few weeks! Don't worry - I'm still going to create and submit more great lots, when I get my world done. And I'll post pictures of my new world too!


Happy Simming!

Sims 3 CC!!

Hey! Well, i'm African-American and i would like ethnic hair. So if any of you guys could make hairs with that texture.. Or give me some sights. AND, i would like to have a website or two that gives out more cc. I already use tumblr, but i just need more cc. Differen't things. I like to change up my outfits & add different styles.

Doing Well, Doing something serious about Fashion

It's been a lot since I wrote a blogpost! I will be very happy to let you know about the exciting things in my life! I worked very hard to say that I'm doing well at Uni, yeah my grades are pretty good and I'm on high honor student list, probably I will have a chance to be 1st degree for this year and seriously I learn something about fashion. I started designing and sewing, I almost learn the whole process. I prepare moodboards and sketchbooks, I started to use a source as an inspiration, I learned basic design principles and make abstractions to use my inspiration source. I designed a skirt also a bust and sew them. I'm planing to do more, so that I can start a sale/fashion blog with my friends. Now It's time to reflect those things on my sims creations also! I learned a lot about seam lines so must apply them on my clothes also! I'm very happy to announce I will be "seriously,really" back with my creations! My finals are coming, until they are finished I will post my stocked designs to keep my name updated and after all finished I will start to release real real good things, I hope! Nice to be here and write a post and design again!  take care x

I can't edit my profile.

Hello there,

        Just wanted to ask people how to edit my profile, so that I can change my picture to one of the pictures that I have uploaded here. So far my profile just looks plain and I would like to jazz it up a bit, so any help here would be most appricated. And I am betting that it is going to be something so simple, isn't it?! Oh well, please comment if you can help me thank you.

From Jadie T :)

Daily Update

Hello you ♥(ノ´∀`)

Currently, I'm quite busy with school. And my health ain't working along. But things are going better now, and I'm busy with doing school stuff and trying to update my story, as soon as possible! Though, I feel like playing League of Legends too.. Argh! Decisions, decisions.. they have to be made! D= 


My Misadventures in Custom Content

Sooooo, I decided that I was going to get all fancy and make custom content. I already have Photoshop, and am relatively proficient at using it, so I figured how hard could it be? Then I ran into one major issue. The fact that I run OSX and not Windows. I haven't owned a Windows-based PC in about four years, and up to this point, I had been lucky in the sense that it hadn't prevented me from being able to do something. Until now. Because I hadn't ever really branched out into creating CC before, I was blissfully unaware that everything developed to insert custom content was made solely for Windows. Now I'm not going to sit here and whine about the notion that nobody has developed something that can be used on OSX. I understand, while there have been some major gains in the number of people running OSX, Windows is by far the most commonly used operating system in the world, and it makes absolutely perfect sense that what is being developed is using what is arguably the standard when it comes to operating systems. However, it was definitely an eye-opening situation. I hadn't thought too much into how much work goes into making CC, and this whole debacle makes me appreciate the creative people who are behind some of the amazing CC that has been uploaded. Of course, my attempt might have been complicated by the technical issues, and maybe it's not as difficult as it appears to be. Nevertheless, I am bowing out gracefully from the world of creating CC. At least until I can get past this technological roadblock! So for now, my creations will continue to be without any kind of CC, since I struck out on my attempt to create my own, and I respect the hard work of others entirely too much to add something that is not my own creation (or at least part of the software that I paid for).

And I also want to give a big thank you to those who have downloaded my lots so far. I have really enjoyed making them, and I hope that everyone who downloaded is enjoying using them in their game!

Kings Landing/Red Keep WIP

Still working on the Red Keep. It's on a 60x60 lot so I've got my work cut out for me.
I've completed the Throne Room (I'm using the Baratheon layout over Joffrey's makeover, BTW),

and the Small Council chamber (which I put in the same building as the Throne Room, to save space),

and in Maegor's Holdfast I completed Cersei's bedroom and Joffrey's, too.

It's got the drawbridge and everything, and a small basement area beneath the moat.

Next I have to do the Tower of the Hand, then I have to do the White Sword Tower, make Lord Varys' room, the kitchens and such, and then it's just landscaping, and then I'll be done! :)

Break for exams, back very soon!

Hello everyone!! I begin my final exams soon and it means that I have to concentrate myself on studying at the moment and I won't be totally back until June 20 unfortunately.. it means no creations for the moment but I will be back soon and carry on doing my best to become FA so haters sorry I will be back soon :) Thank you SO MUCH TO EVERYONE who downloaded, commented or like my creations, it means a lot!! Love you guys!!


Hi guys!

So I'm gonna upload an avatar soon, and create my first creations... like starting stuff.

I'm up to create summer shirts. What do you think? I don't really know which pattern I'm gonna use, but... we'll see!

    See you! More posts comin'  :)

My PC is installed again!!!

I just wanted to let you all know that my pc is installed again!!!! So time for me to do some meshing!!!! I have a set of windows almost ready. So it won't be long anymore before there will be new downloads from me!!!!

Blue eyes

~ Upcoming creation ~
Hypnotic Blue eyes
Will be published tomorrow 12th May =)


Follow me on fb

Taking a break

Hello everyone! I am taking a short break from creating until the end of May/beginning of June. I am graduating in high school and it is the hectic time of final exams these weeks. I am very busy with studying but, once it is all over, I will get back to creating. I miss creating very much and I can't wait to connect with all of you again and share my new creations with you! See you all soon, take care! :)


Today [Sunday 11th May] is Mother's Day in Australia . . .  so Happy Mother's Day today  to everyone who fills that vital position in their household, regardless of gender or location, and with extra love for  a special Sunday.



CoraLinca Custom World Released

This world has a little of every expansion rolled into one up to and including Island Paradise. After 5 years of player testing I have finally released it!  More info and how to get started at

I heart sims

Hey guys, I will upload cc soon enough hopefully, can't wait to get started, I hope u do like my creations once I start

Working on a new set to match the Adam Livingroom

A new diningroom to match the Adam Living room.. still in the early beginning of this work in progress but fun to show none the less.. 

For more info and updates please like this page

Working on a couple of new lots...

...and I'm pretty excited about them! Right now I'm working on the finishing touches on a waterfront estate that has some really awesome features, and I can't wait to share it with everyone! I'm also starting construction on a smaller home, one that is going to be a lower budget lot, to try to expand my building and as a (temporary) departure from the super luxury homes that I can't seem to stop building. I'm setting a limit for a furnished cost of 100,000 Simoleons or less on the new property. Seeing as my usual furnished lots run in the range of about 500,000 Simoleons, this is going to be difficult, but I am looking forward to it and I'm up to the challenge!

I have not been using Custom Content in my home designs. Everything used comes from the base game and the expansions that I have. While I do have some Custom Content that I use in lots for my personal Sims, I choose not to use it in the lots that I upload and share. Part of the reason is the file size issue, the other that I do not want to step on anyone's toes by using their creations in something I am presenting as my own work. I have tried to make my own Custom Content, but I found it so difficult and frustrating that I have even more respect for those who create some of the amazing things I have seen on TSR!

Okay, enough rambling for now. Hopefully my newest lot will be ready for submission in the very near future, I think people are going to love it! :)

ein neues leben

Hallo freunde,naja die die noch hier sind,mein leben hat sich total verändert,unfreiwillig und ich hatte eine unschöne zeit und werde hier nicht mehr reinschauen,alle die mich vermissen,ich vermiss einige hier,können mich bei facebook unter jessy james finden,würd mich freuen von euch zu hören. wünsche euch alles gute.


It's 2degC outside, but I'm warm  [happy dance in progress here!]  .. . . just passed the 4milliion downloads mark    . . I think that's pretty cool for an old duck.

Thanks to everyone who has supported and encouraged me over the 10 months since 3million . . . I am really speechless, truth be told . . . . but I could not have come this far without you all.   I may be a creator, but you ROCK.



Time for a new story!

So, as the title says, I think it's time for a new story. I'm still doing The Wicked Entice, and like i've said before, I am no where near done with it, and it's already in freakin chapter 20 some. BUT I want to start writing something else, especially since i'm kinda getting stuck with TWE... The new story's gonna be called A Moth to A Flame or like a moth to a flame? I don't know yet. Anyways, I'm not going to say what it's about, because if I do, it's going to ruin everything. Let's just say it's about a girl whose world starts changing, starting with her sister being erased. Not missing..erased. dum dum dum duhhhhhm (you understood what sound i was going for right?) Hopefully whoever you are that is reading this, you'll like the story.

This is frustrating!

Trying to format computer hope my game will be back to normal and now..even worse..



Holy sims..

I.. I ... I can't even T___T I'm so in love with these characters... I'm currently recreating sims, which I've lost, because I forgot to create a back up of them.. (A long time ago). Lukcily I've plenty of screenshots.. so I can try to create the magain and man.. I'm so in love with them :'( The memories!

Alright! I'm going to continue now, while writing chapter 11 and something else. (I man, I actually have to take the screenshots too... well, maybe later. hehehehe.

We are moving out today!!!

I just wanted to let you all know why I haven't been here as much as usuall... We are moving out today!!! After 7 months of remodeling our new home, we are moving today to our new house!!!! I hope I will be back in a few weeks with some new sets for you after my pc is installed again.

So happy simming!!!

Wattpad & More!

Hello ladies and gentlemen!

It's been a while again since my last post, I think? Not sure. And I'm too lazy to check it out, to be sure. Anyways, I'm currently busy, with working and all that blobs.. so I barely had any time to stary up my game, take screenshots, or look at the amazing new cc that has been posted here or other sites D: which makes me quite sad. It's so much! Though, my game probably can't handle any new cc. 
Anyways, I've re-created a new wattpad account! And I'm currently rewriting Sudden End in another version. A bit more extensive, and some parts have been cut out / edited. So yes, it's a bit different. & it's the first time that I'm doing that.. xD IF you're interested in it, check my Wattpad! => Wattpad Click!
I will probably do the whole Sudden End story ^^ . But I don't think that I'm going to do that with Endless. Well! If you happen to read this blog post, I'll tell you this. I'm still writing Endless, but I'm planning on writing another story too. It's a surprise, about what the story is. It's probably not going to be really long, perhaps just like Sudden End. Around 9-10 chapters? Well, I'm not sure though, it depends on my inspiration, and how many people like it. ^-^ 
Tomorrow I'll be finishing Sudden End, well that's what I'll try to do.. and immediately start with chapter 1 of this surprise story.. yes, no introduction. It's not really needed, if you ask me. 
That's it for today! Have a beautiful day, person who's reading this.. xD.. post? hahaha.

Coast Surf

Coast Surf


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