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Newbie guide up

A total newbie when it comes to downloading and installing Sims 3 custom content? Then this guide is for you!

New Minisite Pods

 We have now added a whole bunch of new Minisite Pods which you can pick from, and it's both for your creations, stories and screenshots.

Read more in this guide found in our new Resource database.

Flip this EA House Competition

This contest will start now and finish on April 28. No exceptions. The rules of this contest are simple and there will be a surprise for the winner to be disclosed when the contest is finished.

It seems there are some Sims 2 builders who would like to participate so the challenge is open for you too!!

  • You may pick any EA House that is already built by…EA of course.
  • You may gut the house and rebuild the interior any way you like, but you may NOT add any floors.
  • You may redo the landscaping as you see fit
  • You may not alter the house shape in any way on the exterior.
  • You may paint, decorate, use Custom Content on the interior of the house
  • You may Paint the exterior of the house parts that have paint but may not remove any rock, stone, brick or wood.
  • You must submit a before and after picture of the interior and exterior of the house. These pictures must be separate and not side by side, but labeled appropriately.
  • No pictures from the top will be accepted. The pictures must show the room transformation and you must keep a list of any artists custom content used.
  • This lot must be able to be submitted on TSR and all CC must come from TSR.

You must also add descriptions of your progress as you were writing a design editorial.

The competition can be entered on this page:

Good luck and have fun!

Select Artist winners!

The winners in March are as follows:

  • 1st prize $50 Amazon gift certificate goes to eryt96
  • 2nd prize $40 Amazon gift certificate goes to brandontr
  • 3rd prize $30 Amazon gift certificate goes to katalina

Well done everyone and big congratulations from all of us! Contact Thomas via PM and state the e-mail address where the certificate should be sent to.

Upcoming Workshop features - a teaser

This super high quality action movie is a short demo of the upcoming features in workshop.

The UI-text in the demo is barely readable but I think you´ll get the idea anyways ;)

Link to movie:

This movie was created by Pommes

Special Easter lottery

Have you found that special item on TSR that you want really badly, just to realize it's subscriber only and you can't afford a subscription? Link to it the comments to this news post and/or to the Facebook post and you get the chance to have it unlocked for free! Feel free to also write why you want that certain item so badly.

Note: To be able to win in the Facebook draw you need to have your FB and TSR accounts associated. You do that on this page.

Also make sure to participate in our regular, daily lottery on FB if you haven't already.


Good luck!

Facebook Lottery Update

We have now drawn the first 2 winners in our daily Facebook lottery, with a new winner drawn every day among those of our Facebook Fans who are not yet a subscriber and click the "Like" link for each daily update. The lotteries are listed here

We will soon announce a separate lottery for subscribers.



Artist news

Time to announce a handful of new artists on the site! Without further due, here are the latest additions:

Sims 3 Featured Artist:

- wideopeneyes

Sims 3 Select Artists:

- SIMcredible!
- rebecah
- srgmls23
- sims2fanbg
- Blackest_digital_artist

Sims 2 Select Artist:

- Glamurita84

Check out their previous and upcoming creations and give them a warm welcome in their guestbooks!

Kudos Lottery Draw

Our 22nd Kudos Lottery Draw took place today with 3 lucky winners being Chrmd who wins their choice of any Sims 1, 2 or 3 Expansion or Stuff Pack, skagrl7250 who wins a 2 month subscription to TSR, and kazzyc who is now the proud owner of a TSR Coffee Mug!

Thanks to everyone that bought a ticket (or many tickets), and you'll be pleased to know that a new Kudos Lottery has already been posted for you to spend some of your hard earned Kudos points on. You might be able to pick up that Christmas present you wanted that nobody bought!

Daily prize draw on FB

Today we launch our daily prize draw on Facebook, giving non-subscribers the chance to download one of todays subscriber-only featured Sims 3 items. You get your ticket by clicking the "Like" link (exact name is language dependant) for that days updates on the TSR Facebook page, for example here. Make sure to become a Fan of the TSR Facebook Page to get the updates on your own wall.

Besides clicking the "Like" link you also need to connect your FB profile to your TSR account. This can be done here.

Update: Not to leave the Sims 2 players out, although it is currently only Sims 3 downloads we promote on Facebook you will be able to choose among the featured Sims 3 and Sims 2 items for that day what to download in case you win the lottery.

Update 2: You can now see a list of all the lotteries, both closed (winner drawn) and open, on this page.

Select Artist winners!

A little late to the party, but here they are! Another month and as usual it was a very hard decision to make considering the sheer talent here. The winners for February are as follows:

- 1st prize, $50 Amazon gift certificate goes to Momama
- 2nd prize, $40 Amazon gift certificate goes to Dgandy
- 3rd prize $30 Amazon gift certificate goes to Veronn

Check out their contributions from last month and enjoy them in your game. Well done everyone!

Contact Thomas with a PM and state what e-mail the gift certificate should be sent to.

Facebook Profile connect

We are currently doing some work with connecting TSR to Facebook, taking advantage of the latters social networking strengths. To  prepare your TSR account for this you need to connect your Facebook Profile, and this can be done by visiting this page: /mytsr/account/facebook.

Doing the connection will give you the chance to participate in prize drawings etc which we will run on Facebook. However, we won't show anything from your Facebook without you explicitly choosing so. For example you can select the new "Facebook Profile" pod for your TSR profile page.

Stay tuned for more updates on our Facebook work.

Romantic Bedroom Kudos Set

We have now published our first Sims 3 kudos set: the fantastic Romantic Bedroom by Angela.

View the Set here and pay for it with your well earnt kudos points in the Kudos Shop.

Don't have enough Kudos? To celebrate our first Sims 3 Kudos item we will tomorrow (Wednesday March 10), run a lottery among those interacting (clicking "Like" or commenting) with the post about the kudos set on our Facebook Page where the winner will get this set for free. So if not already a Fan, head over to Facebook and become one. 

Broken Sims 3 Patterns fixed

For those of you having problems with some of the Sims 3 Patterns to work in the game we are glad to announce that we have been able to fix those server-side. If you have earlier downloaded any of the affected patterns you should get a notification about the updates available at next login.

Thanks to AnoeskaB for finding the root to the problem, and our Workshop magician Micke for implementing the fix. 


TSR announces Newsea!

It is with great pleasure we present to you our latest FA addition. This name should sound familiar to many and rightfully so. Coming straight from his own site, the very talented Newsea has decided to join TSR exclusively as a hair artist. All of his existing Sims 3 hairstyles has been remade with the latest version of TSR Workshop (to include morph states and properly reduced LOD meshes among other fixes) and will become available as .sims3pack files on TSR during March as well as all his existing Sims 2 hairstyles. All in all we're looking at over 30 high quality hairstyles for both games with several new and unique styles to be provided for both games on a monthly basis. Combine this offering with our lovely ulker and look no further for all the hair you'd ever need!

You can find today three new hairstyles of which one is provided for free to give you a taste of what to expect. Check out his minisite and give him a warm welcome in his guestbook!

Two new massive tutorials for Workshop

Today we have the honor to present two milestone tutorials for TSR Workshop written by riccinumbers and Cyclonesue. They are essential to anyone interested in meshing and creating textures for Sims 3.

Those in combination with our extensive Wiki Reference should be all you ever need to create your own custom content. If you still need specific help, please refer to our TSR Workshop forums where you will be assisted by one of our talented artists.

Enjoy and have fun creating!

TS3: Ambitions EP Announced!

EA have announced that the second Expansion Pack for Sims 3 will be "Ambitions". Here's a snippet:

"Widen your Sim's horizons with a bunch of killer new career opportunities. With The Sims™ 3 Ambitions, decide whether your Sim will be the brave town hero or cause loads of mischief among their neighbors. Make your Sim save the day as a brave firefighter, change the town as a leading architect, or live on the edge as a tattoo artist."

The pack will release in June 2010. Read more and see some pictures at the Official Site.

Artist News

There's are lots of announcements in this batch so lets get straight to it. First off we have retired a handful of inactive Sims 3 SA's to make room for more talent. Here are the new team additions:

Sims 3 Featured Artists: *updated!

- Nia
- Living Dead Girl

Sims 3 Select Artists:

- eryt96
- Tomislaw
- Pralinesims
- thethomas04
- ShakeProductions

Sims 2 Featured Artist:

- ILikeMusic640

Sims 2 Select Artists:

- sims2fanbg

Check out all their existing and upcoming content and give them a warm welcome in their guestbooks. Welcome everyone!

Workshop RC4 hair issue solved!

We have released a new version of RC4 with a smaller bugfix for anyone interested in creating hair. Please re-download the RC4 release again if you intend to create new hairstyles.

Select Artist winners!

Another month and as usual it was a very hard decision to make considering the sheer talent here. The winners for January are as follows:

- 1st prize, $50 Amazon gift certificate goes to hasel
- 2nd prize, $40 Amazon gift certificate goes to bigmusclepaul
- 3rd prize $30 Amazon gift certificate goes to simromi

Check out their contributions from last month and enjoy them in your game. Well done everyone!

Contact Thomas with a PM and state what e-mail the gift certificate should be sent to.

TSR Workshop RC4 out!

The latest version of TSR Workshop is here. This version is compatible with World Adventures expansion pack (no more faulty CAS creations) and content produced will install properly.

Here is a complete list of updates:

* Fix for objects not installing properly with the WA patch (special thanks to Inge Jones for helping with this).
* Auto generation of wallmasks (somewhat experimental).
* Fixed bug that generated an error when adding/removing variation on build item.
* Added question to adjust bounds if bounds are higher than the standard wall height.
* Made image editor more user friendly. Now adds "key:" to reskey if it's missing.
* Added bone assignment and weighing editor.
* Fixed bug in Accesory-casps that caused dx-error on device reset.
* Fixed alphablending bug for accessories.
* Updated the milkshape import plugin. Rounding bone weights to closest integer due to the way milkshape handles boneweights.
* Fixed some rendering issues on Device Reset.
* Added normal map toggle button objects.
* Changed Roof rendering to include uv-selectors, scales and noise map.
* Fixed boneweight problem on MLOD's.
* Changed the WSO format for bone weights.
* Fixed bug causing project status to remain unchanged after import of mesh.
* Added support for proper fireplace cloning.
* Fixed bug in Milkshape plugin that caused bone entries to be overwritten when importing a second WSO file.
* Fixed a cloning bug that caused non recolorable items to crash game when using the eyedropper tool.
* LITE clone/missing bug fixed.
* Fixed bug not updating build-item material textures and sized on import of new dds.
* Fixed buildmode camera positioning bug.
* Fixed buildmode rotation bug.
* Fixed a bug in the texturetoolbutton that caused infinite redrawing loop.
* Fixed some rendering update issues in material and patterneditor.
* Fixed bug causing casp projects to be set as changed on loading.
* Fixed bug causing object projects to be set as changed on export.
* Rewritten rendering process. Now resetting device properly.
* Fixed a bug that caused the wrong LODLevel to be set on Objects when switching from CASP with UltraHigh lodlevel.
* New vertex and pixelshader for CAS Parts.
* Hair rendering updated (added alpha blend).
* Added togglebutton for displaying bumpmap.
* Changed the way CAS Part thumbnails are created.
* .Bin exporter removed.
* Tagval editor bug fixed.
* Fixed problem with shared vertex and indexbuffers when importing new mesh.
* Fixed rounding problem on BGEO.
* Added possibility to export files from the FNV hash search window.
* Added SpeedTree(r) texture resources to the mesh property grid.
* Speedtree exporter now exports the textures upon export of speedtree data.

Make sure you grab the version called RC4 and update your plugins for Milkshape. Get the latest version here.

Artist news

Quite a few announcements to be made today. Here are the latest additions to our teams.

Sims 3 Featured Artists:

- Alex_stanton1983
- Simseviyo

Sims 3 Select Artists:

- peacemaker ic
- FredBrenny
- S_designs
- dunkicka
- jla43
- hudy777-design

Sims 2 Featured Artist:

- Simonka

We have also cleared out all inactive Sims 2 SA's today (inactive Sims 2 FA's will also be retired soon). This means there is plenty of room in both artist camps for those interested in creating for Sims 2. All you need to do in order to apply is to submit - we will notice your creations. Here is what it means to become a Select or Featured Artist: Artist benefits.

Wiki 'Object Catalog' Stuff Pack Update.

The TSR Sims 3 Wiki Object Catalog has been updated to include all the new items from the High End Loft Stuff Pack (also known as Design & High-Tech here in the United Kingdom). Check it out to see what's new but also to learn about the attributes, scores and cost of these new items in game.

The recent EA Store items are also being added, probably while you read this, so will be fully up to date also.


Sims 3 Download Basket enabled

Subscribers can now enjoy the convenience from using the Download Basket when downloading. The Download Basket lets you add up to 199 items, and then download them all in a single go (please note that when adding a set, it's the individual items that are added, and thereby are counted towards the 199).

With the Download Basket, you can either download all the files as a ZIP which you manually extract all the Sims3Pack files from to the "My Documents\EA Games\The Sims 3\Downloads" folder, or you use it together with the TSR Launcher.

Besides the Download Basket, we have now also added the option to download a TSR Launcher-specific file for Sims 3 Sets. This option is also subscriber-only.

Read more about these installation options here

Artist news

It's time to welcome a handful of new Artists to our teams. There has been a few retirements as well to make room for new and fresh talent. Please welcome the following:

Sims 3 Featured Artist:

- juttaponath

Sims 3 Select Artist:

- alex_stanton1983
- oepu
- Katalina
- dgandy
- Denizzo_ist

Sims 2 Select Artist:

- Rotkaeppchen

Please give them all a warm welcome in thier guestbooks and be sure to check out the latest and upcoming creations!

Broken CAS content is now fixed!

As you Sims 3 downloaders may have experienced some CAS items downloaded from TSR have not installed properly after installing EA's 1.8/2.3 Game Update. We have now fixed the compatibility problem for these files, and those of you that have downloaded such files should get a notification on where to download the updated version the next time you login.

As with other items being updated with our revision system, you should be able to download subscriber-only files even if your subscription has run out since you downloaded the file(s).

A new Workshop will come out soon that will let you create WA compatible clothing, hair, etc. Textures has a different problem then CAS parts and we are still working on a fix for those. They will be updated the same way once fixed.

For those of you needing to uninstall/install heaps of content we would recommend you to use our TSR Launcher tool for the job, it's very convenient when dealing with lots of files. You can grab the tool here.

Credits: Thanks to Murano and Inge_Jones for finding the problem and of course Micke, Johan and Per for the script correcting the problem.

Paypal problems fixed

The problems with Paypal subscription payments not always being registered has been solved. It should work for all new transactions, but please contact us through our on-line support system in case you still haven't been credited the days you have paid for. We will be able to fix missed transactions, but contacting us will speed things up.

We're very sorry for any inconvenience caused by this problem.

Select Artist winners!

Another month and as usual it was a very hard decision to make considering the sheer talent here. The winners for December are as follows:

- 1st prize, $50 Amazon gift certificate goes to Nia
- 2nd prize, $40 Amazon gift certificate goes to Stylist_Sims
- 3rd prize $30 Amazon gift certificate goes to Roan_

Check out their contributions from last month and enjoy them in your game. Well done everyone!

Contact Thomas with a PM and state what e-mail the gift certificate should be sent to.

Kudos Lottery Draw


Our 21st Kudos Lottery Draw took place today with 3 lucky winners being shmarold who wins their choice of any Sims 1, 2 or 3 Expansion or Stuff Pack, tania-lee who wins one of our increasingly popular TSR 2Gb USB Flash Drives (great for storing Sims downloads on), and LadyFuchsia who is now the proud owner of a TSR Coffee Mug!

Thanks to everyone that bought a ticket (or many tickets), and you'll be pleased to know that a new Kudos Lottery has already been posted for you to spend some of your hard earned Kudos points on. You might be able to pick up that Christmas present you wanted that nobody bought!

Paypal issues (again)

We are aware there has been further issues with Paypal payments since our last post. Before we implement the new payment systemfor Paypal we need to sort out all remaining issues. Could all of you who have not received your days please contact our support so we can go through and process all of you starting monday. Thank you for your help and patience and we are truly sorry for this inconvenience.

Happy New Year!

From all of us to all of you, Happy New Year! We have an exciting year ahead of us with new expansion packs, tons of great new content, the re-launch of Themes for Sims 3, a revamped newsletter and much more to look forward to. Lots of love to go around! :)

FA Christmas Art!

Our talented team of Featured Artists sent the TSR staff a fantastic Christmas Card and some festive wishes. The card was so cool I thought I'd share it with you all as we wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from all of us at The Sims Resource!

Be sure to check out the card in full-sized glory, the individual tiles are very pretty! Thanks to the FA's for their efforts, TSR wouldn't be the site it is without them all!

TSR Workshop Release Candidate 2 out!

Another Release Candidate is finally available. The following has been added/fixed in this release:

* Support for World Adventures EP
* Added game path settings to properties
* Added a quick filter feature in the new project window
* Terrain paint bugs fixed (Square brush not working) 
* Channel selector bug fixed (Switching no. channels on hair/makeup messed up texture)
* FNV Hash window bugs fixed (Crash when clicking copy/find resources with empty strings)
* Plus many various bug fixes

Grab the new release from this page and enjoy! Make sure you get the RC_2 file!

Update to the TSR Launcher

Hello all! An update to the TSR Launcher has been posted which fixes the problems with it freezing when trying to install content made with the latest version of the game. In addition to the fixes, the new version of the Launcher supports .tsr files, the format that will be used for the upcoming download basket, which will be added to the site soon! So head on over to download and install the latest version by grabbing it from the programs page now!

With this update to bring the Launcher from Beta to a full version 1.0, we will discontinue development on Merlin as the TSR Launcher handles Sims3Packs much more efficiently. The download for Merlin will still be available but it will not be supported at this time.

Changes from Launcher Beta to Launcher 1.0:

- Support for .tsr files (For the upcoming Download Basket)
- Fixed bugs related to changes in the patch and EP (Thanks to Echo for the updates to the Postal API that helped with this!)
- Additional content types identified (Thanks Murano!)

*updated* Paypal issues

We have been notified that a number of transactions has been made without receiving the days paid for. We've looked into this with Paypal and there has been issues with their technical platform between the dates december 15 up until now. We will go through all transactions on monday and make sure you are properly credited. In the coming month we will also implement a brand new API for Paypal payments that will eliminate those issues once and for all. Thank you for your patience and we're sorry for the inconvenience.

Update: We have now gone through Dec 14-20 and added any missing days to your account. We're truly sorry for this mess, it's unfortunately out of our hands since Paypal has no automatic warnings or messages when the Instant Payment Notification (that gives you days) does not come through. If you still miss days you paid for, contact support. Thanks!

*updated* Artist news

There has been quite afew retirements in the SA team to make room for new and active artists. We also have a new FA to announce.

Here is the new Sims 3 Featured Artist:

- aloleng

Here are the new Sims 3 Select Artists:

- Comet65 *new
- G2Creation *new
- cm_11778
- Cyril.K
- Greda
- Midnight222
- Simromi
- Skystars5
- Veronn

Check out their recent and upcoming creations and give them all a warm welcome in their guestbooks!

*updated* The latest game patch issues

There are reports of content not showing up in-game and problems installing new content after the latest patch from EA. We are currently narrowing down the issues behind this (most seems to be related to CAS content and textures) and will provide free updates through our newly launched Updates Service. If you have been a subscriber here previously you will be able to download all updated subscriber content for free as well.

We are sorry for the inconvenience this is causing many of you and we will report back here once we have come up with a stable solution.

Update: It seems the problem is not with the file formats, but rather with the installation itself not working properly. Hopefully this is a patch issue that will resolve itself with another patch (since even EA store content refuse to show for some). We'll keep investigating.


TSR welcomes Cashcraft!

Well it might sound strange, welcoming one of our best known artists to the site. What we mean is of course that we welcome her to the FA team for Sims 3! After a lot of trial and error, a steep learning curve and a lot of patience and skill, Cashcraft is now ready to spoil you all with her fantastic creations for Sims 3 as well! Check out her new Vanity Fair bedroom released today and keep your eyes peeled on her minisite for more Sims 3 goodies to come!

Select Artist winners!

Another month and as usual it was a very hard decision to make considering the sheer talent here. The winners for November are as follows:

- 1st prize, $50 Amazon gift certificate goes to Frozen and Iced
- 2nd prize, $40 Amazon gift certificate goes to moschino_K
- 3rd prize $30 Amazon gift certificate goes to framedarchitecture

Check out their contributions from last month and enjoy them in your game. Well done everyone!

Contact Thomas with a PM and state what e-mail the gift certificate should be sent to.

Last Poll results and a new Poll.

Our last Poll has been running for a long time so it needed an update! These were the results:

Which are your favorite Sims 3 activities?
Total Votes: 11,738.

  • Cooking | 38.6% (2684)
  • Gardening | 32% (2225)
  • Painting | 28.67% (1994)
  • Collecting | 25.06% (1743)
  • Writing | 24.66% (1715)
  • Fishing | 19.8% (1377)

Today we start a new Poll asking which is your favorite World Adventures Destination. Is it Al Simhara in Egypt, Champs Les Sims in France or Shang Simla, China? Cast your vote on the index page Poll pod today!

The most recent and all previous Poll results can be viewed on the Poll Results Page.

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