MasterXMaid Part 18 - Final
Published May 21, 2012

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hello there!
how are you? hope you're doing awesome!

so, here's the final chapter of "he's my master, she's my maid". Awww... it has finally come to an end. :((

neverending thanks to:
* the creators of the c.c i used in this story - without you, this story won't come to being. thanks so much!
* to TSR and the TSR staff- for allowing me to have this opportunity to post my creation and also approving my story. thank you! ;)
* to my little sister - for assisting me in editing the screenshots. LOL!
* and (special mention) to you my readers - super thanks to you! without you, this story will be nothing. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and even leave such nice comments on my story. I'm very humbled and very glad that you enjoyed my creation. THANK YOU!

so, this is it!
i hope you enjoy this final chapter.

feel free to comment and rate!
i'll definitely appreciate it.

much love,

hello there!
how are you? hope you're doing awesome!

so, here's the final chapter of "he's my master, she's my maid". Awww... it has finally come to an end. :((

neverending thanks to:
* the creators of the c.c i used in this story - without you, this story won't come to being. thanks so much!
* to TSR and the TSR staff- for allowing me to have this opportunity to post my creation and also approving my story. thank you! ;)
* to my little sister - for assisting me in editing the screenshots. LOL!
* and (special mention) to you my readers - super thanks to you! without you, this story will be nothing. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and even leave such nice comments on my story. I'm very humbled and very glad that you enjoyed my creation. THANK YOU!

so, this is it!
i hope you enjoy this final chapter.

feel free to comment and rate!
i'll definitely appreciate it.

much love,
“Hurry! The golf course cannot wait!” Harold said.

“You’re dad is really enthusiastic when it comes to golf.” Rita held her daughter’s arm.

“Yes, he is.” Aerith remained cold.

Even though she’s very worried about her daughter, what Rita can only do was smile at Aerith and try cheering her up.
“Master, you shouldn’t starve yourself.” Mr. Adams was very worried.

“I’m not hungry, Mr. Adams.” Alexander insisted.

“But you missed last night’s dinner and this morning’s breakfast. You should eat even a little.”

Alexander looked away and didn’t answer.
“Solomon Coleman! I’m glad you came!” Harold greeted. Aerith looked behind her and saw Devon and his father. Her reaction remained stiff and impassive.

“How are you, old friend?” Solomon greeted Harold.

“Good!” he shifted his glimpse to Devon, “Devon, how’s my soon to be son-in-law?” Harold chuckled.

Devon replied with a smile.

“Now that you’re here, shall we start?” Harold invited. Solomon smiled, “Of course!”
“Come dear…” Rita said.

“Mother, may I please stay here for a while. I don’t like how the sun shines today.”

“Yes, but you’ll be accompanied by Devon. Is that fine, Devon?” Harold asked.

Devon nodded.

“I don’t need someone to be with me, father.” Aerith added.

“I insist.” Harold said. He looked at her in an intimidating manner.

Aerith sighed, “Yes father.”
“Aerith…” Devon spoke.

“I need time to be alone.” Aerith said.

“I’m sorry.”

“For what?”

“I lied.”

“We can’t undo what happened and I can’t run away anymore. It’s useless. Your apology can’t change anything.” She stood up, “excuse me…”

Devon felt a sharp stab on his heart upon hearing such cold words. What he can do was just sigh.
After a while, Aerith’s mother returned.

“Mother, I’d like to go home. I don’t feel well.” Aerith said.

“But dear…”

“I’ll bring her home, ma’am. I believe her father won’t get mad if that’s the case.” Devon said.

Rita smiled, “Okay… take care of her.”
“Please let me in.” Lora insisted.

“I already told you, no strangers allowed!” the security guard told him.

“I am no stranger. I know Aerith Johnson!”

“Do you expect me to believe you? Miss Johnson doesn’t have rowdy, informal acquaintances like you.”
“Thank you, Devon.” Aerith said.

“For what?”

“For taking me home.”

“It’s nothing really…”

“You really are familiar with my father, aren’t you? You really know him well.”

“I have to.”

“I’ll try getting along with you, don’t you worry. You’re my soon to be husband. I should do that or father will get upset.”

Devon looked at her. She remained numb, lifeless and emotionless. Devon felt really guilty. He missed her sincere, innocent smiles.
Aerith and Devon arrived and heard a woman’s scream.

“Ronald, what’s this commotion all about?”

“Ma’am, there’s a crazy young lass trying to insist that she knows you.”

Another guard brought Lora to Aerith.

“Lora…” Aerith was extremely surprised. Devon was also surprised.

“I’d like to be left alone with her.” She ordered. The guards left them. Devon also left.

“Annie!” Lora’s tears fell, “I’m sorry…” Lora embraced her.

“Lora…” she felt like crying.
“What are you doing here? You travelled quite long. And you managed to find my house.” Aerith asked.

“Annie… I’m sorry.” her tears were still falling.

“For what?”

“For everything… I ruined our friendship and your relationship with master Alexander.”

Aerith’s heart seemed pierced upon hearing that. She suddenly remembered him.
“I told you before that I’ll be happy no matter who he falls in love with. I want him to be happy.”

“He’ll be happy without me.” She sat down fronting Lora.

“No, that’s by any means wrong, Annie.” Lora said, “he needs you to be happy.”

“No, Lora.” She smiled faintly.
“I beg of you Annie,” she knelt down, “come back.”

Aerith stood up and helped her stand up. Her tears fell. “I’m sorry Lora but I cannot go back anymore.”


“He can live happier without me… Please do help him.” Aerith, with a shaky voice, said.

“But Annie…”
“In 4 days, I’ll be formally engaged. And I bet I’ll be married before the year ends. I can’t escape anymore. I’m sorry.”

Lora was shocked, “No…”

“Lora, I’m glad to see you here, mending our friendship. I’m very glad. I put my trust in you. Please take care of Alexander.”


“Please go home now… he needs you. And you might be hurt here. Please Lora.”

“But Annie…”


Lora, with a heavy heart, respected Aerith’s decision.
Aerith ran to her room. Then she broke down.

“I’m sorry…” she sobbed.
She read the newspaper. “Johnson’s heiress soon to be engaged to a Coleman. Just as I thought. I never imagined her to be this weak. She once ran away now she can’t? Look who’s the damsel in distress now. How pathetic.”

“Miss Viviane,” the maid entered, “Your things are ready.”

“good.” She said, “Now I’m off to Bridgeport.”

“This is odd of you to suddenly go there,” the butler added.

“I have stuffs to fix. I have to clean up the mess a crybaby made.” She said.
“I hate you Annie… but I’m not going to let everything go to waste.” Viviane thought. “Aerith? Aerith dear?” Rita knocked on the door.

“Mother,” Aerith opened it, “what is it?”

“How are you feeling now?”

“I’m okay…” she faintly smiled, “where’s dad?”

“Taking a bath.” Her mother chuckled, “he needs it.”
Aerith faked a smile so as not to upset her mother.
That evening, Lora arrived from Bridgeport. She was very tired after hours of plane travel.

“Mr. Adams…” she was still panting.

“Lora! Where have you been?” he asked.

“Mr. Adams…” she became teary eyed. Then, she broke down.
“So, you met with Annie?”

“Her condition is nothing different from the master. I never saw her so lifeless. Annie had always been very refreshing but when I saw her, she was different.”

Mr. Adams sighed in reply.
“Mr. Adams… she needs him.” Lora added.

“We can’t just do some actions Lora.”

“But… we have to. Annie is…” her tears fell, “Annie is getting married soon.”

Mr. Adams was shocked, “what?”
“There’s not much time left, Mr. Adams.” Lora said.

“But what can we do?” Mr. Adams said.

“I don’t know… but we have to do something before it’s too late.”
“Do you like it, Aerith?” Rita asked.

“It’s beautiful, mother.” She answered, trying to fake a smile.

“It suits you well.” Rita added.

“2 more days…” Aerith said, “And I’ll formally become Mr. Coleman’s fiancée.”

“Are you excited?”
“Who am i kidding? I know you are not…” Rita added, “I’m sorry Aerith. I’m sorry that you have to do this.”

“You are not at fault, mother.” Aerith said, “this is my fate.”

“A person dictates his or her own fate and you… you weren’t allowed to.”

“Well, that’s also a part of my fate, isn’t it mother?” her tears fell.
Rita embraced her, “I’m sorry…”

“I must be strong. Mom, I love you. I love you and also dad. I have to do this so as not to upset you two. It is my duty. I won’t let you down.”

“Aerith… my sweet Aerith…” her mother cried.
The doorbell rang. Mr. Adams opened the door and was surprised to see such guest in such an inappropriate time.

“Hello, Mr. Adams.” She greeted, “Is Xander home?”
“Miss James…” Mr. Adams uttered. “yes but…”

“I have to see him.” She insisted.


“No buts…” she grinned, “I insist.”
“Xander.” She barged in the room.

“Sir, I know you don’t want to have visitors but Miss James…” Mr. Adams said unfinished.

“What are you doing here, Viviane?” he asked.

“Now let me also ask you: what are you doing, Xander?”
“Mr. Adams, can you please leave us for a moment?” Viviane asked.

“Mr. Adams, can you please escort her out of this room?” Alexander added.

Viviane glared at Alexander. At the top of her voice, she shrieked, “what’s wrong with you, Xander?”
“Why are you not doing anything?” Viviane added, “You love her don’t you? Then why are you giving up on her?”

Alexander became speechless.

“Get up and go out there! You have to see her. You have to fix everything!”

“STOP TALKING NONSENSE!” Alexander shouted.
“So, you’re considering her as nonsense now?” she asked, “I remember before how you insist on calling her by her name, Annie. Now, you can’t even utter her name.”

“Shut up, Viviane.”

“Say it!” she insisted.

“I don’t want to hear anything about her. I don’t want to remember her. I don’t want to…”

“I want you to.” She added, “Because when the time comes, you can’t do that anymore.”
“Annie’s engagement is coming. 2 days from now, I heard. You don’t have much time left, Xander. The moment she becomes formally engaged, there’s no going back. Soon enough, she’ll be married. She’ll be gone from you. You’ll lose her forever. You don’t want to happen, right? Or do you?” she walked away.

Alexander became still.

For a moment, she stopped, looked back and said, “If you are smart enough, Xander, stop moping and start moving. You love her, do you? Or do you not? Prove it to me.”
"I won’t let everything go to waste. If he can be truly happy with you, Aerith, then I’ll do everything for you to be together. No matter what, I won’t let everything go to waste.” She thought. “Gone… forever…” he thought.


“For a moment, leave me alone.” Alexander uttered. He sat down the couch. He knew he had to make a decision and fast.
“Aerith…” Devon knocked on Aerith’s door.

“Come in.” Aerith said.

He entered and found Aerith staring at the stars outside. She’s still impassive.

“So, how are you?” he awkwardly asked.

“good…” she answered, “you must be excited for tomorrow.”

“Aerith, do you really want to do this?”

“I have to.” She answered lifeless as always, “the night is not getting any younger. You must take your rest. We have a huge event tomorrow.”

He looked down. He walked out of the room.
“Even if I try… I just can’t make you happy.” He thought, “I’m sorry.”

She closed her eyes. Tears fell.
“why am I still hoping for a change?” she thought as she looked at the stars.
“Where are you going, Master?” Mr. Adams asked Alexander who was in a hurry.

“I have to see her.”

Mr. Adams was surprised. “You’re going to Hidden Springs?”

He nodded, “I love her.”

“Then go.” Mr. Adams said, “good luck.”
“Aren’t you the prettiest?!” Rita exclaimed.

“Thank you mother.” She smiled faintly.

Devon arrived. She looked very beautiful in front of him, but there was something missing. He thought of her as a mannequin, a beautiful figure yet empty inside. This saddened him. He can’t see genuine happiness in Aerith’s face.

“Well, here’s your escort.” Rita said.
Aerith’s father entered the room. “All the guests are complete. It’s time to go.” “And I thought you will never find this hotel…” she chuckled.

“What matters is that I found it.” He answered.

“Anyway, let me compliment you for looking so dashing tonight.” she complimented, “now, let’s go in.”
Rita and Harold went down first. Aerith and Devon followed. They were on the hallway when Aerith excused herself.

“I have to go to the ladies’ room. Excuse me for a moment.”

“I’ll wait downstairs, by the staircase.”
She went out and to her surprise...
“Annie.” He uttered.

Her eyes widened upon seeing Alexander. Her tears fell. She remained still.
He ran towards her and embraced her.

“Annie… Annie… Annie…” his tears fell, “I love you, Annie.”

Her tears started rolling down. She can’t stop it. Her emotions were overpowering.
“What are you doing here?” her voice was shaky.

“I came here to get you.” He dried up his tears, “and I’m not leaving unless you go with me.”

Devon then came. Aerith was surprised, like a kid getting caught. He smiled at them. He breathed deeply and said, “go… and be happy. Be happy for me, Annie.”

With a teary eye, she smiled at Devon. Devon felt so happy upon seeing her smile sincerely again.
“AERITH!” her father arrived. He looked very angry. “What is this? What do you think you’re doing?”

Rita also arrived, “Aerith…”

“Father… mother…” she murmured. Alexander held her hand tightly.
“I love her.” He courageously told them, “I love your daughter, and I’m not going to let her go away.”

“You do not deserve to have my daughter!” Harold shouted.

“Mr. Johnson…” Devon said unfinished.

“And you, Devon, what are you doing?” Harold shifted his glimpse to Devon, “Why are you letting that man get a hold of your fiancée?”
“Aerith is not my fiancée.” Devon said.

“What?” Harold was very angry. Rita was extremely worried.

“We’re not engaged yet. We don’t even have any romantic relationship. Your daughter and I are good friends. And I’ll stick with that only. That man, Alexander Martins, is the one worthy to be called your daughter’s fiancé. He loves her and she loves him. They belong together.”

“How pathetic you can be, Devon.” Harold said in disbelief. “Rita, call the security. SECURITY!”

“But Harold…” Rita murmured.

“Security!” Harold shouted.
“FATHER!” Aerith shouted, “No more father… please.”

“Aerith…” Rita murmured.

“All my life, I followed you. This time, please let me decide, father. I want to live. I don’t want to be controlled anymore. I’m sick of it.” She said with all her might, “father, this time, let me be. I’m a grown woman. I control my life and you don’t. No more, dad… no more.”

“You really are stubborn, aren’t you? Pushing what you want even thought it doesn’t do you any good.”

“You can’t tell me what is good for me father. I only know that.”

“You can’t survive out there, Aerith.”

“I can and I already did.” She insisted, “let me be, father.”
“if that’s the case, well then…” Harold said, “are you willing to forget being a Johnson?”

She shifted her gaze to Alexander, closed her eyes and sighed.
“If that’s my only means to freedom… then yes.” She confidently said. She walked out and pulled Alexander with him.

She stopped for a moment, “But even if I’m not a Johnson anymore… I’ll still consider you, dad, as my father and you, mom, as my mother. You’re my parents and you raised me to who I am now. I’m very thankful to you. And no matter what, mom, dad, I’ll always love you.”

They ran away.
“Aerith…” Rita’s tears fell, “my girl…”

Harold closed his eyes, his fists were still clenched. He sighed.His tensions were released. He opened his eyes. His fists weren’t clenched anymore.
“Stubborn girl… that’s a Johnson alright.” He murmured.

They watched them run away.
“Well… well… my mission is accomplished. Thanks for the help.” Viviane suddenly went beside Devon.

“You must be Miss Vixen James.”

“I prefer to be called Viviane James.” She grinned classily, “Well, it’s a surprise that you know me.”

“How can I not know my former business partner and my cousin’s fiancée?” he chuckled.

“Well, we’re not yet formally engaged, like you and Aerith. In your case however, you’ll never be…”

“what? So you think you will be?”

Viviane laughed slyly, “It’s a relief Aerith didn’t end up with you.”
They ran and ran and ran. Finally, they stopped. They found themselves by the shore. Aerith panted.

“Now, let’s talk about your contract.” Alexander was also panting.

“Contract? What contract?”
“Your maid contract isn’t over yet.” He added, “how dare you run away without finishing your contract.”

“Okay…” Aerith smiled, “what are the charges, master?” she emphasized the word master. Alexander smiled heartily upon hearing that.

“Nothing major really. I’m just upgrading you as my personal maid and here’s the list.” He said. He kept on walking and she kept on following him.
“You will cook food for me.”

“what do you expect.” She raised her brow.

“Just answer me properly.”

“Yes, I will.”
They kept on walking.

“You will personally do my laundry…”

“okay… but will I include the… uhmmm…”

“just answer me properly!”

“yes, I will.”
“You will personally clean my room.”

“Yes, I will.”

“You will also assist me in my office work.”

“Yes, I will.” She grinned.
“And…” he stopped walking, “you will stay by my side for the rest of my life.” He faced her.

She didn’t expect that. She was surprised.
He was nervously waiting for her answer. Then, she smiled sweetly. “Yes I will, Alexander. I will.”


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#19suzyt1981May 23, 2012

Bravo Bravo! 5 stars. Suzh a lovely ending it all worked out well in the end. Am very sad that it has finished what am I going to read now. I do hope that you will write another epic story now that this one has come to an end.\:rah\:

#20KettySimMay 23, 2012

good story i love it \:\))

#21Pegasus960May 23, 2012

Thank you for the whole wonderful story... Hope to hear of you soon! \;\)

#22DjallyMay 23, 2012

I have been hooked to this story since chapter one, and I can honestly say I will miss checking for new parts. It's written very very nicely, and the characters were really nicely worked out. I salute your skill, and will still be checking in regularly to see if there is some new greatness from you. \:rah\:

#23xLyennerdMay 24, 2012

Beautiful ending \:wub\:. I'm glad Aerith finally found the courage to stand up against her dad. Xander and her are meant to be. And the ending is typical Alexander, haha. Well done! \:rah\:

#24urm0mVIPMay 24, 2012


#25anura32VIPMay 27, 2012

Have to say...An awesome end to the story... Finally you end up liking Devon and Viviane too.

#26rasmusjeVIPJun 5, 2012

Very good story! \:\)

#27ghazal_gurlJun 19, 2012

oh my god! i actually cried my eyes out over this story. it was perfect \:\)

#28sery21Jan 30, 2013

Wow that was really amazing story nice work. \:\)

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