MasterXMaid Part 9
Published Feb 21, 2012

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hello everyone! i'm sorry for the long wait.

finally! the convention, the exams = OVER!
but then again, there are still some other extracurricular stuffs to do
papers, researches, and more! phew!

so, here's chapter 9 of "He's my Master, She's my Maid." i hope you guys like this.

last chapter, a mysterious man visited Alexander's place.
who is he? let's see... ^__^

feel free to comment and rate
i will appreciate it a lot

thanks for reading folks and for being my inspiration and main source of motivation! ^_^

have an awesome day ahead!


hello everyone! i'm sorry for the long wait.

finally! the convention, the exams = OVER!
but then again, there are still some other extracurricular stuffs to do
papers, researches, and more! phew!

so, here's chapter 9 of "He's my Master, She's my Maid." i hope you guys like this.

last chapter, a mysterious man visited Alexander's place.
who is he? let's see... ^__^

feel free to comment and rate
i will appreciate it a lot

thanks for reading folks and for being my inspiration and main source of motivation! ^_^

have an awesome day ahead!

Fall in love with me…
Fall in love…
With me…
Fall in love…
With me…
“ANNIE!” Lora shrieked. “Wake up!”

“Crabsticks!” Aerith immediately woke up.

“The sun is almost up! Let’s go!” Lora told her.

“Uhh… yeah…” It seems like Aerith’s soul was left in dreamland.
Early morning in Bridgeport. Just last night, Aerith and Alexander arrived from Twinbrook. They were really tired that they immediately lazed on their own beds.

“Whose voice might that be?” Aerith thought as she yawned.

“Good morning, Ms. Laurie. What’s for breakfast today?” Mr. Adams came.

“Good morning, Mr. Adams.” She greeted, “Grilled cheese perhaps.”
“I’m done sweeping outside!” Lora came. “Smells good! You cooked grilled cheese, Annie?”

“Yes. Yes, I did.” She smiled as she placed the food on the table.

“I’ll wake up the master now… it’s almost 8 and I believe he still has to report to office today.” Mr. Adams left.
“So, Annie, tell me what happened in Twinbrook?” Lora enthusiastically asked.

“I worked.” Aerith answered.

“Did it turn out well?”

“I guess so… I’m not sure. The master is the one who delivered it. I was never out of the hotel… somehow.” Aerith told her.

“I see. How I wish I was you.”

Aerith just smiled, unsure of what to answer.
“The master wants his breakfast upstairs.” Mr. Adams came.

“I’ll bring it!” the two chorused. They stared at each other.

“I mean… Lora will bring it.” Aerith added.


“Go!” Aerith gave her the meal and pushed her.

“Thanks.” Lora smiled and walked away.
“Don’t you want to bring it, Ms. Laurie?” Mr. Adams asked.

“Lora missed the master so…”

“Lora likes the master a lot, does she?”

“Mr. Adams… how did you…”
“It’s quite obvious.” Mr. Adams chuckled.

“But let’s keep this a secret from the master, okay?” Aerith said.

“Yes… yes we will.”

“Phew… thank you.” Aerith sighed with relief.

“How about you, Ms. Laurie? Do you like Master Alexander?”

She flushed.
“He’s my master so I must like him in order to work with him well.” She reasoned out.

“Okay, let me rephrase my question. Do you love Master Alexander?”

Her eyes grew big. “Love is another story, Mr. Adams! That’s Lora’s thing!”

Mr. Adams laughed, “If that’s what you say.”

She was embarrassed.
“Good morning, sir.” Lora greeted.

“Where’s Annie?” he asked straight to the point.

Lora was surprised, “Downstairs sir.”

“Why didn’t she bring my food?”

“I… I…” she stuttered.

“I mean that’s her job isn’t it? Food duties.” He, looking away, reasoned out.

“Yes sir.” She stared at the floor.

“Thanks for bringing the food. You may go out now.” He told her. Lora went out.
Lora leaned on the wall. She was quite unsure on how to interpret what she just heard of the master. “What was that?” Aerith was busy cleaning the staircase. She heard footsteps. She looked up and saw the master heading downstairs. He headed towards the door but he stopped when he heard her greet,
“Good morning sir!”

“Good morning.” He answered.
“My! That was polite! Keep it up!” she giggled.

“What? You think I’m always rude?” he defensively asked.

“I did not say that!” she smiled slyly.

His brows crossed, “Midget roach.” He walked away.
“STOP CALLING ME THAT!” she shouted, “and stop frowning! It’s still early you know!”

“Yeah right!” he shouted back.

“Have a nice day!” she chuckled, “Rude man…”
“Lora! Hey! Where were you?” Aerith asked.

“I was cleaning the master’s room.” She seemed down.

“Hey… what’s wrong?”

“Nothing… By the way, the master was looking for you earlier. He was expecting you to bring his food.”

Aerith immediately figured out the reason of Lora’s sudden drop of mood. “Oh! He must be expecting it because that’s my job! Anything about food concerns right?”

“Lora, please smile. That was nothing serious.” Aerith cheered her up.

“Yeah, I guess so. But it seems like you’re getting closer to him each day. That makes me jealous.”

“Lora!” Aerith said, “I’m not in love with him like you.”

“Yes. But what about him? He may be in love with you.”

Aerith flushed, “How can you say that?!”

“It’s possible. You’re beautiful…”

“You are even more beautiful. And besides, he wouldn’t fall in love with a person he frequently calls ROACH.” Aerith reasoned out.

“Isn’t that considered a pet name? A pet name is something you use on the person you love.”

“Literally, I think so. But it’s more fit to say that it is an animal name…” Aerith said, “And being called as ROACH is quite insulting. If someone calls me roach and that someone is not my master, I’ll kick him bad!”

Lora chuckled.
“I won’t take him away from you Lora.”

“I believe in you.” Lora smiled at Aerith.

Aerith smiled back. Lora hugged her.
The doorbell rang. “I’ll get it!” Aerith called. “Good day. Is Alexander home?” the man, who seemed like nearing his 50s, asked Aerith.

“He just left, sir. May I know who you are?” she asked innocently.

“I’m just an old friend of his.”

“I see.”

“May I come in?”

“Yes sir! Please do.” Aerith led him inside.
“Would you like some coffee sir?”

“Yes but I’d like Greece to make it for me. Is Greece busy right now?” the guest sat down.

“Greece, sir?” Aerith asked.
“Sir!” Mr. Adams came. He was quite surprised to see the guest.

“Good morning, Greece. Is it okay if I stay here for a while and wait for Alexander?”

“Yes sir.”

“Can you brew me some coffee?”

“Yes sir.” Mr. Adams said, “Annie, let’s go downstairs.”

“Regarding the guest, I’ll take everything from here. Please proceed to your regular duties.” He ordered.

“Yes, Mr. Adams.”
Who might that guest be?” Aerith thought as she wiped the counter.

“Hey Annie! I saw a guest upstairs.” Lora arrived, “I left the vacuum cleaner in the master’s room so I went upstairs. When I went down, I saw a guest in the living room with Mr. Adams.”

“I’m wondering who he might be. He told me he’s an old friend.” Aerith said.

“Must be an old friend from work.” Lora answered.

“By the way Annie, I bought a second hand romance novel from the bookstore lately. It’s really nice and romantic. Perhaps the sweetest love story I’ve ever read. If you have free time, you can read it.” Lora said.

“Love story, huh?” Aerith thought, “You know Lora… I dreamt last night of a voice saying something about love.”


“Falling in love.”

“Really? Whose voice?”
“I’m not sure… I can’t recognize it. But it says “fall in love with me”. It’s quite freaky.” She scratched her head.

“Did someone confess his feelings to you before?”

“Someone?” she flushed, “I guess someone did.”


“Well… errmmm… you see before, Daniel once told me he likes me.”

“Oh my gosh! It must be Daniel’s voice!” Lora enthusiastically said.

“You think?”

“Positive. You like Daniel too, right?”

“Well…” Aerith paused for a while.
“You must miss him. It’s been quite a while since you last saw him, right?” Lora added.

“You got a point there.” Aerith answered.

“My! This is so romantic! More romantic than the novel I bought! You must be soulmates!”

Aerith chuckled, “Soulmates? But I’m not sure… It doesn’t seem like Daniel’s voice.”

Lora paused for a while, “Then… do you think that was Master Alexander’s voice?”

Aerith flushed, “NO! Seriously, I’d rather be a lost soul than be his mate! And besides, if it was him, it’d say ‘you midget roach’ and the likes!”

Lora chuckled, “That was rude, Annie. But back to the topic, isn’t it really Daniel’s? He confessed to you right? And like what I told you, your last meeting was ages ago so regarding the voice, you must have forgotten his voice that’s why it's hard for you to recognize it.”
“You’ve got a point there…” Aerith told Lora.

Lora squealed “How romantic!”

Deep inside Aerith’s mind, she’s still doubtful of that voice being Daniel's. Somehow, it doesn’t seem to be really Daniel’s voice.
“I’m afraid I can only serve you Darjeeling tea, sir. We ran out of coffee.” Mr. Adams placed down the tea set.

“That’s fine with me, Greece.” The guest said, “Thank you.”

“It’s my pleasure to serve you once again. After all, you were once my Master Evan.”

“I’m glad to hear that from you.” The guest smiled at Mr. Adams.
Hours passed. It was already 6 in the evening. Finally, Alexander arrived from work.

“Good evening, Master.” Lora greeted him.

“Good evening.”

“Sir…” Lora seemed hesitant.


“A guest is waiting for you upstairs with Mr. Adams.”
Alexander was shocked to see such guest. The guest stood up upon seeing Alexander.

“Good evening, Alexander.” He greeted.

“Evan Harold Martins.” Alexander slowly said.

The guest smiled, “Yes, I am.”

“What are you doing here?” Alexander bluntly asked.
“I’m here to visit you.”

“For what purpose?”

“I want to see you.”

“After 22 years, perhaps you’d say that.”

Evan spoke no word.
You may leave.” Alexander said.

“Son… I…”

“Do not call me your son.” Alexander’s tone was furious. “Leave my house this instant.”

Evan silently walked his way out of Alexander’s house.
Aerith met Evan downstairs. “Sir…” she said.

“I’ll be leaving now, young lady. Good evening.” He walked away.

“What was that?” Aerith thought, “he seems kinda down.”
“Sir…” Mr. Adams said unfinished.

“I don’t want to talk about this Mr. Adams.” He went directly to his room.
Another day came. Aerith and Lora woke up early to finish their morning chores early. Mr. Adams, on the other hand, seemed really bothered. “Mr. Adams, you okay? You seem so down even though it’s still early.” Aerith asked cheerfully so as to try to cheer him up.

“I’m okay, Ms. Laurie. I’m just a little bit worried about my Master Evan.”


“Our guest last night. His name is Evan Harold Martins. He is Master Alexander’s father.”

Aerith was shocked.
“Young master was quite rude to his father last night. He doesn’t know that his father is sick.”


“Yesterday, he told me…

Greece, my leukemia is not getting any better. I won’t last longer than 5 months from now. I came here to see Alexander and to apologize for such horrid thing I did to him. I was supposed to be bed ridden now, doing nothing but waiting. Treatments won’t work anymore. But look. Here I am. I did my best to stand up in order to fetch my son. Yes, if possible, I’ll be taking him for a while. I want to bring him to Sunset Valley. I want to spend my remaining time with my children before I die.

Annie, I have no child of my own but I treated Master Alexander as mine and I do understand Master Evan’s feelings. He is yearning for his son. I know he was extremely hurt with master’s disposition last night.”
“Mr. Adams, will Mr. Evan continue to pursue master?”

He stood up, “I’m not sure. He’s not allowed to stay here longer than 2 weeks.”

The doorbell suddenly rang.
“Master Evan.” Mr. Adams greeted him, “Good day, sir.”

“Is Alexander home?”

“He’s in his room. He has no work today.”

“I see.”

“Would you like to talk to him, sir?”

“If he’d allow me to.”
“Again, what are you doing here?”

“Alexander, for a while please listen…”

“State your business immediately.”

“I know this is sudden but will you please go with me to Sunset Valley.”

“Why on earth will I do that?”

“Son… I’m…”

“Get out of my house.”
As expected, Alexander drove his father away. 3 days passed and Evan continued visiting Alexander even though he despised such act. Evan continued pursuing Alexander but it was of no use.

Alexander’s temper finally reached boiling point.

“If you’re not going to get out of my house, then I will. I can’t stand being near you.” He went away.

The entire household was in tension.
“Greece, I guess I’ll be going back to Sunset Valley tomorrow before dusk. I’m very glad to see you once more for the last time. And I’m also glad to see my son, all grown up. I can’t blame him for hating me. He’s right. After all these years, perhaps this is what I deserve. Then again, I’m glad Alexander is in good hands. Please take care of him for me.” Evan politely said, “I’ll be leaving now.”

“Wait!” Aerith suddenly called.

“Yes, young lady?”

“I… I’ll get Alexander for you… you need to talk.”

“Annie, this is a private issue… we’re not supposed to include ourselves.” Lora whispered.

“Yes, but I think I can do something… as much as possible I’d like to help. I am my master’s servant.” she courageously answered.

“Annie… our boundaries!” Lora added.

“Ms. Laurie, I appreciate such effort but nobody knows where he is right now.” Mr. Adams said.

“Perhaps I do.” Aerith said. “I’ll find him. Rest assured that you two, sir, will talk.” She smiled.

Evan smiled back, “You’re very aggressive yet benevolent. I put my trust in you.” Hope was painted in his eyes.

“Go, Ms. Laurie.” Mr. Adams ordered.

“Yes sir!” she ran off. Lora wanted to stop her so badly but she wasn’t able to.
“He’s there… I know it…” she thought as she ran.

Then, she accidentally bumped herself on a man along the way.

“ANNIE!” The man was no other than the charming Daniel.

“Daniel! Hey!” Aerith greeted.

“Long time no see! Say, what are you up to? You seem like in a hurry.”

“Yeah… I’m doing a task right now.”
“Want me to accompany you?”

“That would be great but I prefer to do this task on my own… I hope you understand. I really need to go now. I look forward to chatting with you soon.” She ran off.

“That’s a change…” he chuckled, “I wonder what she’s up to.”
“Just as I thought…” Aerith found Alexander on the seaside where he brought her before.

“What are you doing here?” he was sitting down, looking at the soft waves.

“You have to go back.”

“I won’t unless that man leaves.”

“Stop being so childish! You’re a grown man. Don’t run away from your problems, face them.”

“He’s not a problem. And why are you giving me such sermons? You don’t have the…” Before he was able to finish what he was supposed to say, Aerith cut him off.

“I don’t have the right because I’m your maid. You’re correct there. But, I’m also your friend. We’re good…”

He looked at her.
She sat down beside him. “I’m also not in good terms with my dad. He loves deciding things for me… perhaps, he overdid it. I despised him but no matter what happens, he’s still my dad. And I’ll always love him.”

“Why are you telling me this?”

“We only have one true dad once in a lifetime. Amidst their imperfections, we should cherish them. They won’t last forever, you know.”

“That person is not my dad, Annie. Stop saying such foolish things.”
“I’m not supposed to say this but your father is extremely sick.” She stood up.

“And so?”

“Stop being so bratty!” she shouted. “His days are already counted. Don’t you want to spend some time with him?”

“Why would I?”

“Time is running and life is short. You should make the most of it. Now that you’re given the chance, why don’t you try to know your dad more?”

“He caused me too much pain Annie. You don’t understand.”
“I don’t have the right to say that I fully understand your feelings sir but somehow, I understand a bit of it. Sir, please do give your dad a chance. He’s just a man who wants to know his long lost son.”

“I wasn’t lost… he left me. And besides, where was he during my childhood, when he was supposed to know me?”
"Let the past remain behind, cherish the present and look forward for the future."

"It's easier said than done."

"Why don't you try?"

"I don't have plans of doing it."

"I'll help you." she smiled. He flushed.

“Sir, don’t you love your father?” she asked him.


“Wrong.” She jokingly said.


“Deep inside, I know you love your dad. No matter what, he’s your dad. I was your assistant right so let me give an advice: Give your dad a second chance. He deserves it.” She seriously told him.

“As if…”

“I know you want to know him more too.” She teased in order to loosen up the tension.

“Why do you think you always know everything?”
“I’m a psychic! I can read your mind and your heart!” she said with a sweet smile, her finger pointed to his chest.

Alexander flushed, “If you’re going to continue doing these nonsensical things…”

“What? You can’t fire me!” she teased.

“Why do you love to mock me?”

“I’m a mocking psychic!” she giggled.

“You really are stupid, aren’t you?”

“Was that a compliment or an insult?”
“You know, with that stupidity of yours, you think someone will fall in love with you?” he blurted. Then, he walked away. Aerith stood there frozen.

“Fall in love…” she thought. She recognized the voice from her dream. She flushed upon realizing that the voice was Alexander's. Her heart beat fast. It even skipped a beat.

“Are you going to stand there forever?” Alexander shouted.

“NO!” she seemed embarrassed.

“Are you still going to push me to go to Sunset Valley with my father?”

“I swear I won’t stop until you spend time with him!” she energetically said.

“Then try me.” he meanly grinned.
They went back to Alexander’s house. Evan was there, waiting. Alexander seemed calm and refreshed. The father and the son were left alone to talk. “That was marvelous Annie! You did your magic on the master again.” Mr. Adams praised her.

“So, I’m now a mocking psychic magician?” she said.

“What are you talking about?” Mr. Adams asked.

“Nah! Nevermind!” she giggled.

Lora, on the other hand, stood there, watching Annie, unsure of how to react.
Little by little, Alexander felt easy with his father. He, after 3 days of being pursued by Aerith, finally agreed to go to Sunset Valley with his father.

“So, you decided to go… that’s nice!” Aerith told Alexander.

“First of all, I wanted a vacation… a vacation away from you.”

“That was mean, sir!” she pouted.

“Duck-faced.” He teased.

“WHAT?” she shrieked.
The next day, everything was set for Alexander and Evan’s trip. That afternoon, father and son departed for Sunset Valley.

“Have a safe trip, sirs.” Lora, Aerith and Mr. Adams chorused.

Alexander stared meanly at Aerith. Aerith smiled at him. He flushed and immediately looked away.

“There’s always a kid inside who yearns for a parent.” Aerith thought. She remembered her parents and became teary eyed for a while.
In the car, Evan talked to Alexander. “I’m surprised that you agreed to come with me in such a short time, son.”

“I want to know you more; you’re my father after all. That’s all. Keep that in mind. ” He seemed timid.

Evan smiled at him, “It’s all thanks to that lovely young lady in your household. I guess I owe her a big thank you card. What’s her name again?”

Alexander chuckled, “Ms. Mocking Psychic.”

*to be continued.
thanks for reading <3

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#10MySteRY-GirLFeb 22, 2012

im not a fan of love stories, but i read this whole story, all 57 pages, & i dont think you have any idea what im going to say next.... but now i CANT wait for the next part, i loved your story!!!!!!!!!!!! x

#11DjallyFeb 22, 2012

I absolutely love this story!! I cannot wait for the next part(s). \:wub\: I love how their feelings towards eachother develop, and how they seem to get a little closer every time.Kinda feel sorry for Lora though... I hope she can handle things, and that she won't hate Aerith to much...

#12nazaruthFeb 23, 2012

i'm a fan of this \:\) love it.

#13xhaiiFeb 24, 2012

Crabsticks! \:D finally, this chapter has been out \:rah\: I missed your story.. Its funny when xander call out rude names to aerith. "Mocking Psychic" that was LOL. XD.. So, the mysterious man from the last chapter was his father.. Well, love can really change a person. Even a man's hatest thing, he would certainly love it because of that factor. And whou wouldn't fall for aerith?\:wub\: Glad to see you back wasabichi \:rah\: A 5 on this! \;\)

#14urm0mVIPFeb 25, 2012

Aww crabsticks! I love it

#15BellaJuneauFeb 25, 2012

I love your style of writing and how you have your audience craving more !!!! I'm enjoying this story thoroughly!!! Thank you!!!!\:wub\:

#16starsky524Feb 25, 2012

Lol that last slide made me laugh! 

#17anura32VIPFeb 29, 2012

I love the relation between Alexander and Aerith.. But then will she accept her love for him....

#18s_sunna90Mar 1, 2012

i loved that last frame \:D ... “Ms. Mocking Psychic.”.... i laughrd so hard! i love this story \:\)

#19baileyclarkeMar 13, 2012

I love the realtions beetween Aerith and Alexander ...........................even through Alexander calls her ROACH still this story is a perfect 5 very honourable.

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