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meowgirl320Nov 11, 2009

Thank you for all of your wonderful creations.  They have added the perfect touches to my game.  Thank you again and I look foward to seeing and using your future creations.  <3 \:wub\:

cutewings2007Nov 5, 2009

Love all your stuff - so clean & neat looking !  \:rah\:

ferret9005Nov 5, 2009

Just wondering if you have any plans for a Mission Bay Dining room and Kitchen?  I just love all your sets.

hiedibear75Oct 31, 2009

Awww my poor little groundhog friend is still feeling icky? \:\(  Darn! \:mad\:  I was hoping you'd be feeling better by the time Halloween & another very important date came around. \:confused\:  And NO I wasn't insinuating that you had to make a Mission BEACH set. \:P LOL  Just a geographical notation was all. \;\)  We have a fright-fest fim marathon planned.  \:ph34r\:  Well Mike & I do anyway......Karen hates scary, spooky, & even most suspense moveies. \:rolleyes:  So she is going to stay with her Mom instead. :P  And yes of course we have a selection of zombie movies. \:ph34r\:  What better day to watch them? \:confused\:  Even though you're still sick I still hope you can have a happy Halloween. \:ph34r\:  Make sure the coodies do NOT count as a gift. \;\) LOL :P  Take care hun. \:wub\:

hiedibear75Oct 30, 2009

Domo arigato Mr. Roboto! \:cool\: LOL  Can't wait for the Asian sests AND the Mission Bay cabinets! :rah  Actually as a side note.......I've water skied on Mission Bay. \:D  San Diego has a Mission Bay AND a Mission Beach BUT you only made a Mission BAY set. :P  Well....I knew you'd make me want to download what ever it was you were working on. \;\)  Well TC. \:wub\:  (gives a pat & a scratch.......and some cranium cookies......the crunchy parts aren't walnuts.....they're skull bits for added flavor & texture \:ph34r\:  ). \:wub\: \:cool\: \:wub\:

Tienchen65Oct 21, 2009

You my big Featured Artist. I Love all you Stuff. Have a Nice Day!

hiedibear75Sep 11, 2009

When life hands you lemons make lemonaide......when life hands you poopcakes? \:confused\:  LOL :P  Well I must say I have been having quite a bit of fun playing with the cc & I've been having fun making some "dream homes" for some lucky Sims. \:cool\:  I started a few challenges of my own; one of the loosest/easiest is the alphabet challenge (1st generation Mr. & Mrs. Letter who's names must start with Z, their children's names start with Y, their grand children start with X , & so on until you get to A.  By the time you get their family tree to branch out that many times you'd be surprised to see how many that turns out being & a baby name book comes in mighty handy).  \;\)  I've just been using the Sims to stay occupied & use as little meds as possible......HATE being drugged up. \:rolleyes:  Well hope things get better on your end. \:rah\:  (hands over industrial strength Life's pooper scooper)\:cool\: Take care! \:wub\:

hiedibear75Sep 2, 2009

Hello my little groundhog (gives a pat). \:cool\:  Well Mike got some recolors to work in my game so now I'm trying out some meshes. \:ph34r\:  And of course I grabbed some of yours. \:D  Anywho if this means I can have meshes again it is so open season on yours & everyone else's stuff! \:ph34r\:  Well I've already hit you & a few others for about 1/2 the stuff I want but I don't want to go too fast on my PC I'd rather know my game is getting too chocked up before it actually chokes. \:o  I'm only up to just over 2gigs & I know that will go up by quite a bit as I need some clothes & hairs that are nicer to look at. \;\)  Oh & plus I want to get some clothes that look like some that I have IRL because the modern wheelchair that windkeeper made is kidna sorta modled after mine (I helped get pix so she'd have something to work with \;\)  )........& so with a Sim sitting in a wheelchair & wearing clothes similar to mine I'll be a Sim for Halloween. :P  Yes I suppose that does make me a complete Sim nut. \;\)  I even figured out (I think) how to make a plumbbob to go over MY IRL head & complete the Sim/real Hiedi likeness. \:D  Oh & I have NOT forgotten about Little Darling Groundhog or Learned......haven't decided yet. \;\)  Well toodles! \:wub\:  Drops off plate of fudge brownies with brain sprinkles. \:ph34r\:  Take care. \:wub\:

weezythreetAug 26, 2009

absolutely luv the mission bay stuff! \:D your talent is super-fab, and i wanted to thank you for your continued effort to keep sims2 alive! i am not a fan of sims3, and totally appreciate your work on a whole-nuther-level! HUGE THX from a huge fan, ~weezy~

Jenn3130Aug 25, 2009

No thank you for all ur help and patience!  I've just started a new house so I have been in game a if you don't hear from me for a few days I will be back.  I try to get on every day or at least every other.  Let me know what you find out!  Talk to you soon!

hiedibear75Aug 23, 2009

Wow I so love the new stationary set you have coming out. \:wub\:  Yes bacon & brains.......they both fry & according to my Mother chocolate is just as good on bacon as brains. \;\) \:ph34r\:  Speaking of brains & zombies......I SO HOPE they'll come out with a Resident Evil 4! \:rah\: \:ph34r\:  \:rah\:  If you saw part 3 they SO set it up to have a part 4. \:D  I can listen to "inda-goda-devida" with out thinking of a zombie going squish from the tires of the bus "that was a juicey one". \:P LMAO  Mike & I have to watch those AGAIN! \:ph34r\:  Anywho.....yeah twas my birthday on the 17th......but no worries belated happy birthdays are still happy ones. \:cool\:  Besides......I can hardly remember anyone's birthday so I would hardly expect for anyone outside of imediate family to remember it. \;\)  Well I've got a few more things to do on-line & then it's back to SimLand for me. :P  Take care. \:wub\:  (drops of plate of fudge brownies with cerabelum sprinkles). \:ph34r\: \:D

ghechiAug 20, 2009

I'd just like to say, I absolutely love your Mission Bay collections. They look great in the game. Appreciate all of your hard work!

Jenn3130Aug 20, 2009

Thank you so much for helping me!  I'm sorry I didn't inform you sooner on the download problem...I know it's something with the site and I didn't want to keep bothering you.  Your creations are awesome and so are you!  I can answer some of your questions now and I can answer the one about who sent me the reply to the support issue in a separate comment as I will need to look. I usually download everything into my download basket and install all from there.  When I first did that I kept getting the little pop ups that each individual item was not installed.   So then I tried using the installation wizard and thats where it told me some files were missing.  I do have the Sims2CleanPackInstaller but since I had to start over with my downloads things aren't going in there when I hit the green arrow instead they are going the Sims 2 itself in the blue box.  But this problem had started before I had to reinstall M & G and when I used that installer at that time each item was highlighted in pink.  I can download everything else except your creations and I really want to have them in my game lol!  When the blue box pops up it says content not installed.  Thats what I know for now.  I will message you again in a little while with the name of the person who answered my support issue.  Again thank you so much for taking the time to help me!  It's nice to know that somewhere there are ppl that care!  Talk to you soon!\:wub\: \:D

hiedibear75Aug 15, 2009

O great......another set to hate everyone who can have it for. \:mad\:  LOL :P  Saw the mission bay set you've got coming out......I've water skied in Mission Bay.......but that because I live in/just outside of San Diego. \:cool\:  So how are things with my favorite groundhog? \:confused\:  Hope all is well. \:\)  Baked up a special batch just for you......CHOCOLATE COVERED BRAINS! \:ph34r\:  Toodles. \:wub\:

hiedibear75Aug 14, 2009

Yes "normal" sims are quite boring to Johnathan.......& he finds it much too tedeous to locate & befriend the leader of the pack to get ware-sims. \;\)  He LIKED those potions that he could just drink & viola his Sims were a creature of some sort. \;\)  Although I may be a nice Mommy & start some Sims off in that path then he just have them become friends & get the "races" started that way. \:ph34r\: \:\)  I have tons of build projects going.......but that's a good thing for me. \;\)  You'll have to put M&G in or else the lots wont load in your game. \:confused\:  BUT I'm not done with your lot & you haven't abandoned TS2 for TS3 yet so we've got plenty of time. \:D  Yesh my Mom went WAY overboard on the chocolate covered bacon. \:puke\: LOL :P  But at least there is never any worry about finding something she'll like for her Birthday or any other major gift giving event........GIVE THE WOMAN CHOCOLATE!  :P  It's always a garaunteed "hit". \;\)  Anywho........Mike & Mike (my BFF & caregiver + another friend named Mike) helped me with my computer issues! \:rah\:  They found something in the system bios that was off; since they changed that my game hasn't crashed AND I have not seen any more glitches. \:wub\:  I might be able to have cc again! \:rah\:  OFB has lost a TON of it's appeal when I can only use maxis to sell. \:rolleyes:  If I can have cc again.........ooooooh girlfriend! \:ph34r\:  I had a ton of shops thanks to you & DOT. \:wub\:  If that setting was the cause of the PC issues I was having then I might be able to get some recolors & if I can get meshes to work.........oh boy oh boy oh boy! \:D  I think I'm getting a bit "giddy" just thinking about it! \:cool\:  Well if I don't get to stop by your cave before the attack of the zombies.......have a lovely weekend. \:\)  Take care. \:wub\:

hiedibear75Aug 11, 2009

Of all the silly things. :P  The NPCs wont serve food without a bar cuonter. \:rolleyes:  That seems ridiculous to me......but hey what do I know. \;\)  So did you install Uni. yet? \:D  "The Learned Darling Groundhog Dorms"? \:\) LDG \;\) :P  Take care. \:wub\:

hiedibear75Aug 10, 2009

Things are going OK for the most part. \:\)  I've been cranking out the lots for TSR which has been helping ME. \;\)  Keeps my mind busy. \:D & my Mom have something in common; if the saying "you are what you eat" is Mother IS chocolate. :P  My Mom even bought chocolate covered bacon at the fair......just to try it. \:puke\:  That's taking chocolate WAAAAY TOO FAR! \:eek\:  But then again I'm not a chocohalic so maybe that's the key. \;\)  I still need to make that dorm for you. \;\)  I built a nice dorm last night but I didn't use the correct fridge or had an NPC cafeteria worker but he just stood there & never went to the fridge to start cooking. \:mad\:  So when I do.......I'll get on to YOUR dorm. \:D  I'm still suffering with maxis only. \:\(  But on the bright side it's really made me start thinking "outside the box" to make things try & match/go together. \;\)  I had my son over for a visist about a week ago. \:cool\:  Went swimming a couple times.  He dosesn't like playing my game without all those nifty chezts & potions I used to have. \:confused\:  He was known to have a hood where 1/2 the Sims were some sort of creature or maybe even 2 different ones. \:ph34r\:  Oh & he LOVED playing in Olive Spectar's place........he'd use The Reaper Phone to call up The Grim Reaper & then give some horribly cheap compensasion so he'd be garaunteed a zombie every time. :P  Well hope you've been doing well.  \:cool\:  Take care. \:wub\:

hiedibear75Jul 27, 2009

Hello. \:cool\:  Been a while since I stopped by to say hi, give my favorite groundhog a pet, & drop off some ALL NATURAL virtual brownies. \:D  Got tied up with some real life stuff. \:confused\:  Well I'll try & stop by sooner next time. \:\)  Well take care. \:wub\:

xtinabobinaJul 26, 2009

hi there \:\) just stopping by to say thanks for all your hard work, i love love LOVE your clutter items \:\) they  make for such more realism in my sims 2. thanks so much!

JronJul 23, 2009

Whew... you haven't been eaten yet.  lol  Yep, all ok here  I had PMed (I think because I watched the movies you suggested, but am not sure now lol)  and I saw one the other day I was going to ask/tell about but now cab't remember what it was!

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