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Marko's Blog

All over the place!

Yes, literally!

Hello everyone! It`s been a while since I`ve uploaded some new stuff, and that`s for 2 reasons -


1. My Milkshape decided to refuse any further cooperation with me - when ever I try to make a hair/body mesh, it crashes! I`ve done everything I could (the problem is with Unimesh plugin and the "bone weight" tool), and for the time being I`m stuck with making textures. NOT that I`m regreting it ;)


2. As of last week, I too am a proud Deviant! I decided to publish my sketches to get some feedback from the people who know a bit more about the whole CG and Photoshop world, and I`ve been keeping myself busy with reading tutorials, books and such...I still have a long way to go, but if you got some free time, check out and comment either here or you like ;)

New formals set on the way. I promise! As for new hair meshes...not so soon, I`m afraid. Win some, loose some, I guess.


Stay tuned!

Here we go again...

After serving about 50 people at a party, picking up plums in an orchard, babysitting 3-month-old diaper filler and enduring a 4-hour train ride back, I can finally say - I am back! I hope you all had a great summer (it might not seem like that, but mine was pretty good), and now it is time to get back to studying and free-time simming! At this point, I have to admit I made no new sets for upload, but I decided to publish three new hair meshes I have made some time ago. I did not make textures for them though, but I figured it would be better to publish them and have others give it a try than letting them be "sitting ducks" at my hard drive. Iím really looking forward to see how others interpret them and what kind of different hairstyles are going to "pop up", so get your creative juices flowing and surprise and amaze us all! As for me, I am working on some clothing sets ATM, and you will be the first ones to see them, download them and, hopefully, enjoy them.

Until then, keep simming!

Itís that time again...

Summer, sun, vacation! As every year, Iím spending some time with my parents, so Iíll be away till September. Also, as every year, Iíve uploaded some sets that will be released while Iím gone, so I donít think youíll be missing me. And, as every year, I wish you all a great summer, fantastic vacations and lots of fun! See you all in September!

So, guess what...

On May 22nd, at 2 AM I became an uncle! My sister gave birth to a healthy baby boy and named him Leo! We are all so happy right now - I finally have an excuse to call my parents old ( "Hey grandpa!" " Whatís up grandma?" ), and I get to teach my nephew how to drive my sister and brother-in-law crazy with 1001 questions starting with "Why?" Iím so going to be a cool, funny and good-looking uncle whoís like...well, cool! I canít wait! As for now all Leo does is sleeping, eating and pooping (yea, a regular diaper filler. Kidís got skills!), but when he starts walking and talking he and I are going to drive people into insanity. In 3 different languages!

As for the glorious world of The Sims, new uploads are on the way. You may have noticed that my recent hairstyles have a retro touch to them, and that will continue to be so. Both "Released" and "Picture Perfect" sets that will be released soon look similar to my "Lovely Affair" hair set, but were made from a different angle and look a bit more formal. Also, thereís "Organza" dress set that somewhat reminds me of "Breakfast at Tiffanyísˇ and all that vintage glamour. Pretty nice!

And in the end, I would like to thank all of you who sign my guestbook and show your appreciation. Your kind words really make all those hours spent working with Milk Shape and Photoshop worth wile. Thank you all!

And thatís it for now. Enjoy!

Latest update...

Boys and girls, itís time for me to post some brand new info! If you have patiently expected and waited for my new sets, I have to admit you are very...well, patient! Iím trying to make new uploads as often as I can, but it does get a bit hard when you only have a 56K modem to work with and are uploading several 1MB or larger sets. Anyways, I continued the tradition of creating hair sets (go figure), and Iím proud to announce that there is several of them stashed on my hard drive, as well as a couple of clothing sets. I also took a swing at creating a hairstyle for guys! Itís VERY simple, but I do so modestly think it turned out pretty good. And if you had a chance to read Xandhers blog, you could see that sheís going to upload some recolor of hair meshes I made, which makes me very, very proud. Her work has always standed for supreme quality IMO, so Iím quite excited to see her vision of them!
That would be it. And now, if you would excuse me, Iím off to enjoy some "Free Time". Later!

Still breathing!

Yes, I know, Iím probably the last person you expected to hear from, since itís been so long from my last blog entry. But guess what! Yea, youíre right - Iím baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! A lot has happened in these past few months - My sister god married, I celebrated my 23rd birthday and found out that Iím going to be an uncle! Yea! Then I also realized Iím finished with studying (but I still have 18 exams left till graduation. 18! 18! AAAH!), and my faculty moved to another location which basically means total chaos and mayhem for a couple of months, which also means - no internet connection! The hardest part, definitely, since that was my so to say base where I could take the time to download and upload content. Now Iím forced to cough out serious amounts of money in cyber cafes with slow connection and practically no time to surf in search for some new stuff. And yes, I know, there always is and option of installing ADSL internet connection at home, but here it costs. A lot! Thanks to leading German Telecom and the monopoly it has on the market.
Iím not going to bother you with details. Letís get back to the magical Sim world. As for the future uploads, I donít know in which order theyíll appear, but thereís a lot of hairstyles waiting for you, accompanied by clothing sets. You know, I do make skins for the Sims as well. Actually, that was the first thing I started creating. But somehow everyoneís complimenting my hairstyles and requesting more. Weird...Oh well, feel free to comment my clothing sets as well, ok? I wonít mind ;)
Okay. I donít know when Iíll post another entry (Iím going to surprise both you and me), so till then - Sim away! And stay away from hot tubs during thunder storms!

Look what I found!

Hello there, boys and girls! Finally, Iíve found some time to make preview images of sets Iíve made some time ago but never had the time to upload. There are all sorts of things Iíll be releasing, from hairstyles to clothing sets, makeup and genetics. Hopefully youíll like them since a lot of time has been spent on creating them. A LOT of time, trust me...
Unfortunately, I will not have that much time making new sets for now, since exams have started, and Iím done with my senior year. I still have a looooooong way to go till graduation. The college system here is a bit different, so Iíll be lucky if I graduate till spring next year. Anyhow, Iíll be spending my summer with my parents again, so Iíll be gone till September. But! Fear not, Iíll submit several sets so you will not even notice Iím gone. Till then - have a great summer!

Seasonís Greetings!

Howdy mates!
Hope youíre all having fun with the latest EP "Seasons", b/c I sure am! I figured since there was no snow what so ever this winter here in Croatia, at least my Sims could have some fun building snowmen and having snow ball fights. I sure didnít. Things like that really make me sad... But you guys should have a reason to be happy! Iím releasing a new hair mesh called "Daydream" that I really like (which is weird, since it took me so much time to make it, I should probably hate it for all the problems it has caused me). Again, a short one (also weird since I usually prefer long hair), but it wasnít hard to name it (and in my case thatís super weird) - I heard the song named Daydream performed by Air (you may have heard their songs like "All I need", and "High school Lover", theme song form the movie "Virgin suicides"). Oh boy. If you ever get a chance to buy one of their albums, go for it. Theyíre great! And Iím not saying that b/c theyíre from Europe ;).
K, that would be it. Next to come - clothing sets. Going back to the roots, as they say. Stay tuned!

Of elves, recolors and requests...

Itís February, and in my world it means only one thing - exams, exams and more exams...Ok, thatís three things, but you get the point. Still, between all those books I have to read and numerous definitions to learn and remember, I found some time to pitch in for this months FA theme - fantasy!
The "Avalons Daughter" hair set is definitely not one of my finest works (I just remodeled my "Simple Delight" hair set, tweaked it a bit and made it longer), but it looks OK in the game so I decided to publish it anyways. Maybe someone will actually like it... The model in the preview is using Louis` fantastic elf ear accessory, which you can download from Sim Scribbling. Great work, I tell you!
As for all those PM`s asking me if I could make this or that, or if I allow recoloring of my textures, I believe itís time for me to give an answer to these questions. Every FA has his or her own policy, so I figured I should explain my POW on that.
Recoloring - Sorry, guys and girls, but Iím not that positive when it comes to it. Itís quite easy to take someoneís texture that took hours to be made and just change itís color and lightness, publish it and get all the glory. Not very artistic, wouldnít you say? If you really want to recolor my creations, feel free to do so, but donít publish them. This, however, doesnít mean that you canít use my meshes to make your own textures for them. On the contrary! Each mesh maker loves to see how his or her mesh inspired someone to make a creation that looks different from the original work. Iím actually kind of sad b/c I didnít notice anyone making new textures for my meshes. But I hope that will change soon...**hint hint**
Requests - I sure would love to have the time to make requests, but Iím afraid I donít. With real life, college and all I barely have the time to make creations of my own, so at this point requests are just wishful thinking... I hope that some day this will change, and if it does, Iíll be sure to let you know.

There it is. Now, if you would excuse me, I have some boring Q&A paper to read...Man, Iím having so much fun in my life. Somebody stop me...

I`m back!

Hello everyone!

I know, I know, it took me a bit longer than 2 or 3 weeks, but Iím finally back! I hope you all had great holydays (witch reminds me - a big thanks goes to all people who signed my guestbook expressing their best wishes. Right back at you! ), and now itís time to get back to simming! This week - something special thatís not that special at all. "Sunday Morning" is the name of my newest hair set that will be released (you guessed it!) on Sunday morning this week. Itís nothing fancy, just simple casual hairstyle with simple animation. But then again, as I already mentioned, isnít simplicity the best solution?
Thatís it from me now. More to come - hair sets, some fancy formals with something extra and more. Youíll be the first ones to know!

Marko, over and out.

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All over the place! Here we go again... Itís that time again... So, guess what... Latest update... Still breathing! Look what I found! Seasonís Greetings! Of elves, recolors and requests... I`m back!
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