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I really hate TSR's 50MB limit

I REALLYREALLYREALLY LOATHE the upload limit. Lots have to be 50MB BEFORE putting it in a zip. I can't even furnish a lot the way I want to without getting lots some 60 - 80 MB in size. So alot of the lots I've been sitting on lately y'all may never get, or they'll be totally unfurnished and dumb looking after I literally sledgehammer away all the hard work I put into furnishing the dang things, all to satisfy TSR's retarded pre-zip limit. I'm feeling creatively and artistically stiffled over here; I can't make any headway. *sobbing*

I REALLY need feedback from y'all on my lots, folks

I can count on my hands how many times I got a downloader who either sent me a picture of my lots in their game, or sent me a message tellingme a lot wasn't installing.

I REALLY need y'all to tell me when installing my lots gives you trouble or not, otherwise I'll NEVER know what might be wrong, since of course they always show up fine from my end! Trust me; I don't INTENTIONALLY make lots that don't install in people's games. I'm far from perfect and I'm a bit of a ditz sometimes, yes. I can't do anything about the frakking Launcher blocking you from installing because of missing EP/SP content when I've got EP CC that you don't (other than to swiftly point you to Delphy's Multi-Extractor at MTS and tell you to turn the lot into a package file and put everything in your Sims 3 Library folder, eff the Launcher). But if it's an issue of CC not being listed that you actually need to know about, or a dead link, or something of that sort, I'll be more than happy to help, even if that means making a new version of the lot, just so people can use it. That's what I'm HERE for, y'all! Why are folks so dang hesitant to send me a little note like: hey, you may want to check ut XYZ, cuz I don' know about everyone else, but it's just not installing. I'm totally cool with that!

So I'd really appreciate feedback, so I can know whether or not any complications are simply due to you not having the necessary EP content, CC, or packages, or if I goofed up and need to go back in and fix the lot somehow.

So please. Even if you think it's just you, or you're doing something wrong, send me a message anyway! I've said this before -- don't sit around for hours and days on end struggling with the Launcher to get the lot installed, when you can more quickly just send me a message telling me what problems you had and your concerns. Maybe someone else is experiencing the same thing, and I can pass any information on so that everyone stays informed and enjoying what I have to offer.

I mean it, I'm not even kidding, y'all need to let me know. Cuz if a lot is borked for you it'll probably be borked for everyone, and the thought alone is enough to p*** me off, since I don't spend all this time making lots and sharing them only for no one to be able to use the freaking things -- that's a waste of my time AND yours.

This really goes for ANYTHING I've uploaded ANYWHERE. If I don't get a message telling me otherwise, I'll just assume everything's gravy, and the situation will NEVER get resolved.

So that's just something to keep in mind. MESSAGE ME.

I am still active, people! Just busy!

I know my activity at TSR has markedly dropped again and y'all haven't seen a lot out of me for a monthor so now. Lots of factors involved:

1) I'm putting a lot of time and energy into the clothes (yes, clothes--gasp!) and objects creations I've been sharing regularly for almost a year now at my Simblr, and I'm learning new things every day, thanks to the angels of mercy at MTS who have taken pity on my noobtardation and showed me the ropes.

2) I'm still trying to stay active at the Exchange (profile at, though nowhere as actiive as I'd like to be; I love entering building contests to win Store prizes, cuz I'm poor. Of course nothing but a permaban will stop me from cussing EA out every week; ragging on them is good for maintaining a healthy working relationship; it's how I express my love, bipolar schizophrenic tsundere that I am. :P

3) I'm going to school every daggone day. Thank god this is my last week for the semester, though--yay, I made it without shooting anybody! ^_^ I'm taking Final Exams till Friday, and then it's OVER~! ^0^ At least until the Fall semester starts, that is. :P I'm too old for this crap, though; it feels weird to be in college surrounded by teenagers who don't know a g-d thing, looking up all starry-eyed at professors who don't know a g-d thing. Thank god I'm not paying out of pocket, or I'd sue; half this crap I could learn at the library, and half I wouldn't care about learning anyway.

But anyways, just wanted to share a bit of my schedule with y'all, in case people were wondering what rock I had buried myself under this time. I'm still building lots; there's a ton of builds I have for TSR in various states of completion. Hopefully my summer break will allow me the chance to finish a few and get them up and ready for y'all. But if you're thirsty for fanciful stuff from me during the meantime, feel more than welcome to visit my simblr; I upload stuff there quite often. And as usual my 3rd-party-cc-free lots are uploaded to the Exchange, not TSR.

Stay tuned for my next Game of Thrones lot, The Red Keep. Follow progress I'm making on it right here on my minipage blog. SMOOCHES! *sprinkles faery dust overhead*

Kings Landing/Red Keep WIP

Still working on the Red Keep. It's on a 60x60 lot so I've got my work cut out for me.
I've completed the Throne Room (I'm using the Baratheon layout over Joffrey's makeover, BTW),

and the Small Council chamber (which I put in the same building as the Throne Room, to save space),

and in Maegor's Holdfast I completed Cersei's bedroom and Joffrey's, too.

It's got the drawbridge and everything, and a small basement area beneath the moat.

Next I have to do the Tower of the Hand, then I have to do the White Sword Tower, make Lord Varys' room, the kitchens and such, and then it's just landscaping, and then I'll be done! :)

Y'all Win

Okay FINE, my next Game of Thrones lot will be King's Landing. *sigh* I hate the Lannisters. F--- the King! ^0^

Urgh - Kill Me Now

Well, today's my first day at college -- after YEARS of glorious academic hiatus. *weeping* I hate the very idea of college; the whole g-d thing's a scam and a ripoff. I shudder to think about all the elitist claptrap I'll be forced to endure. I've been trying not to cry. I just want my Anthropology and History degrees -- do I REALLY have to corrupt my brain learning math, too? >_< I can count to 100 if I concentrate! XD

Merry New Year~! ^0^

Oh crap it's the New Year. O_O My mom's talking about numerology and whatnot, but I'm iffy -- we shall see! Year of the Horse; weeee shallllll seeeeeee~! I hope everyone's in for happiness and wellness and no one gets their hair fried by some stray firecracker. XD

2014 Plans - Builds

I've been in a really weird mood lately.

I haven't been building much of anything for the past few months, and the things I HAVE built I abandoned pretty quickly. The ones I stuck to I dragged my feet on and I missed every deadline I set for myself, which kinda depressed me. And what I tried to upload to TSR got Rejected AGAIN, so that pi**ed me off with this site in particular, too (as always).

So yeah. :\

But hopefully I can start fresh and get some nice fantasy lots uploaded in 2014, and come back in a better headspace than what what I've been in for the past few months.

A few things in the works:

- I'm collaborating with a friend to do a few Warcraft lots (guess who -- hee hee hee).

- I have a few AMR lots near completion that I think look really cool -- Dollhouse Inspired Toy Shop, Mad Hatter Inspired Domain Castle, etc -- so those will be nice to get off my plate; I'm kinda done with Alice at the moment.

- The Skyrim lots always take me a really long time as I try to keep things highly detailed and as accurate and to scale as possible, and I've got new ones I need to finish for y'all from Dawnguard and such. I was making one for Halloween but TS3 building constrained REALLY made me mad and I couldn't get the objects I made for it satisfactory, so I was just FURIOUS; I haven't touched that save in months.

- I've got a bunch of lot makeovers I want to do, to get some lovely new elements to some of my old steampunk projects. But I'm kinda scared to load them; those saves are old as sin.

- Not to mention LOTR stuff, but I won't be sure of what I'm doing till I see the Hobbit 2 Smaug movie. Don't spoil it for me, y'all!

So 2014 should see a spike in new uploads on my minisite. Hopefully.

So.... Yeah.

I'm On Tumblr Now...For Now

All I wanted to do was lurk my favorite simblrs like I always do, but lately Tumblr's got this stupidness where you HAVE to log in to see massive amounts of updates, and I can't spy on creators the way I used to, so I'm missing ot on some new goodies! So I went and made a free account, and figured I may as well get some good use out of the thing while I'm there. So I am going to start uploading never-before-released creations of mine over there. If I run out of bandwidth though I'm pulling the plug, so if anyone's interested I suggest you act fast.


I am so happy to know there are other folk from Middle Earth out there! Thank you for all the support I've been getting for my LOTR creations, both here at TSR and at The Exchange. I really PWOMIZ, there is MUCH more to come! ;) I also want to draw everyone's attention to a fellow simmer and LOTR fan's very first creation, at their simblr -- some really great art work for any Tolkien nut to enjoy; well done! *round of applause for Simpurity!* I love seeing LOTR love around the net--hopefully other creators will join in and help take over SimNation, not dark, but beautiful and terrible as the dawn! Treacherous as the sea! Stronger than the foundations of the earth! All shall love LOTR and despair! ^0^

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