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The Andretti Legacy (68)
Published May 20, 2009


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The Andretti Legacy

Chapter 68

The Andretti Legacy

Chapter 68
"You're giving up...? Just like that?" Hannah growls at him as he shifts the car into park. "Well, is just a tad frightening that they want to take SAMPLES of my organs to GROW a baby!?" He looks at her with the most serious of faces. "Just a tad..." He puts his hand in the air showing her 'just a tad' with his fingers.

"...I don't really understand what the big problem is? I thought you agreed to this? You talked to the doctors the same time I did and the whole time you seemed okay with the, on the way're suddenly anti-baby?!" She shrieks almost in tears, but trying not to get angry. The ultimate decision is his; and she wants to so badly accept and respect that.
"Hannah..." He pauses and looks at her blankly; he knows she doesn't understand. "I want you to undergo a surgical operation...okay? I am going to remove pieces of every organ that you possess. This surgery alone may kill you. If the surgery doesn't kill you, there's a high possibility that you're life will be severely shortened or that you may lose the ability to do a variety of things. I want you to do all this for the sake of a child...but, this child is not guaranteed because there's no way of knowing if these 'experiments' will work properly or not." Hideki glares at her, as she looks back in great sadness. She hadn't thought of it that way, but that is certainly the truth. Doctors can never dumb it up enough for her to understand. "Can you you understand my apprehensions?" "I understand." Hannah replies softly, deeply hurt by her own selfishness.

"I would love to do it...I really would. But, I just don't know that I am quite ready to sacrifice myself for something that I am not guaranteed." He reaches for the handle to open the car door after turning off the headlights. "You know I only want you to be happy...and if I did this, and I died...and then it didn't work. You wouldn't have me and you wouldn't have a baby...that's not what I want." He opens the door slowly, and climbs out.
Hannah watches him walk into the house. Feeling awful, but at the same time euphoric. What a powerful thing to hear coming from someone who means absolutely everything to you.

Hannah wakes abruptly after a painfully loud thunder sound. She notices that the covers beside her are pulled back, but Hideki is not there. She slowly climbs out of bed to search for him.

He's been so quiet since their discussion in the car the night they came home from Sunset Valley. He is so distant, and it scares her.
She finds him staring out the back doors onto the patio. The rain beats against the glass, and the waves down on the shore crash into the beach. She watches him in an almost deafening silence; she can feel him hurting. "I couldn't sleep..." Hideki says softly, just above the rain beating on the roof and glass panes.

"Because of the rain? Or because of something else...?" Hannah takes a step forward with deep concern. Her eyes start to fill with tears; she looks up at the ceiling in an attempt to dry them out.
"...I've been thinking a lot, Hannah." He sighs softly. "Really, really know, since our talk the other night. I've thought a lot about everything."

"I don't want to force you into anything...if you don't want children, I will accept it...and I will be okay with that." Hannah blurts out painfully.
" aren't forcing me into anything, honey. I'm a grown man and I can make my own decisions." He looks at her lovingly. "I think that I have finally made my decision..." He smiles softly and crosses the room to take her hands in his. "Even's the end of the road for me....I don't know that I could ever forgive myself for not trying. I want to do this...I want to go ahead and have this experimental procedure...and I don't want to have any regrets...from me...or from you." He squeezes her hands gently. "Even if it doesn't work...we tried. That's what matters most." "No regrets...I promise." She replies with a kind smile as he leans forward and kisses her after wiping a stray tear from her cheek.

"I do have on question." He asks with a small kiddish smile and some nervousness. "Can we try just one more time...?"

She takes his hand laughing quietly, and leads him to their room.

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justvexJan 8, 2010

Ahh! so sweet\:D

charrayJun 6, 2009

Very good part \:\)

mini me3393May 24, 2009

Oh, I hope that everything goes all right. I just love this legacy! \:\)

Murphy75May 23, 2009

They are so cute together!!\:wub\:   I really hope that everything works out for them!\:D

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