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Bridges Burrned Chapter 13
Published Jan 27, 2011


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Woot next chapter and we're getting closer to the due date! Yet, so much could still go wrong. :O

Thanks to everyone that still reading and commenting! You guys are all great and make me want to keep writing this story!! <333 it also helps that Zac is a cutie :P

Woot next chapter and we're getting closer to the due date! Yet, so much could still go wrong. :O

Thanks to everyone that still reading and commenting! You guys are all great and make me want to keep writing this story!! <333 it also helps that Zac is a cutie :P
The next morning Zac woke early and went to his truck to get the duffel bag of clothes, that he brought along. When he came back in the house he saw Isabella standing in the kitchen with a weird look on her face.

"Izzy?" He said in a worried tone. "Are you ok?"

As soon as Isabella heard his voice she seemed to snap out of it.

"I thought...I left during the night. I...I...I thought you left me." Isabella said as she started crying. "I'm sorry, it's just these stupid hormones. I should of know better." She said with a weak smile on her face.

With that Zac dropped his bag and went over to her.

"Izzy, we've been over this... I'm not going anywhere." He smiled at her and squeezed her shoulders. "You're stuck with me...Get use to it." he added with a wink.
Then he did the one thing that Isabella never expected. The one thing she didn't realize meant so much to her. The one thing that no one but herself has done for the last seven months. He felt her tummy and gave her a loving smile. Without thinking Isabella kissed his forehead and whispered, "Thank you."

"Thank you...For what?" Zac asked in confusion.

"For being you." Isabella said with a smile.

He laughed and walked towards the bathroom. "Well then, you're welcome for me being me." He teased. "Now, I have to get ready and head out and find a job."

Zac came out of the bathroom feeling dirtier then he did when he went in. He couldn't understand how she lived here for so long. It made him that much more determined to get her out of there. The first place he went was the Police Department. It had always been his dream to be a Forensic Specialist. Luckily Zac hit it off with the chief and he called in some last minute recommendations, that really helped him out. Not to mention that they were short handed and really needed someone to do the dirty work. Then Zac did the one thing he was dreading the most...Calling his mom.

-Hey Mom!

- Zac, where are you! Do you know how worried we are. First Isabella takes off then...

- Mom, i'm fine. Don't worry about me. I actually got a job and am doing great. I just wanted to get out of...

- You went after Izzy didn't you?

*silence then a sigh*

- Yeah.

- Did you find her?

- That's not why I called mom! But, I do need a favor from you.

- You found her didn't you? Where is she? Tori is really worried. wait till I tell her...

- Are you even listening to me?

- Yes, how much do you need?

- How do you know I need simoleons?

- I know you and you only use that tone when you need simoleons.

- What tone? Nevermind, can you just wire me10,000 or 15,000 simoleons?


- I'll pay you back! I just need it to get a good start on things. I...I...I want to buy a house.

- Why can't you rent? More importantly why can't you just come home? You're too young to be buying your own house.

- I'm an adult now mom. You have to left me go sometime. I knew I should have called dad.

- Zacariah, don't you ever try and use that on me. Just because your father and i don't get along doesn't mean you should use it against me.

- Sorry.


- I just really need the simoleons.


- Explain to me why I should give you it.

- I already said, I want to buy a fix upper home and maybe try and go into the buy homes that need some work done then sell them for double or even more of what I paid for them. You know that's a good business to get into and i'm good at fixing things. I'll pay you back with interest. I even got a job at the police station.

*a long pause*

- Please mom, you know I wouldn't ask unless I thought it threw.

- Ok fine...but, I want you to call me everyday and let me know how things are going and I want to see the place.

- Thanks mom! Can you just put it in my bank account then, i'll let you know when you can come out. I love you, bye.

Zac ran his hand over his face. He had no clue how he was going to not let his mom know where he was and he felt horrible lying, but he really had no choice. He needed a place for Isabella and the baby. Right now they were all that mattered and he was still hopeful that Isabella would come around and want to see her mother.

Next he went to the Realtor's office. He felt like the world was on his shoulders and just hoped he could handle everything and not have it fall apart on him. Isabella and the baby were counting on him. With that in mind, he went threw the door determined to get what he wanted. Inside he met Mattie Ellers. Right away he noticed that she had a bubbly personality and she really put him at ease. He explained to her what he was looking for and that he didn't have much time. After a lot of sweet talking, on his part, she told him about a house that has been in foreclosed and that the bank wanted to get off it's hand. In Zac's mind it sounded great. Mattie took Zac out to look at the house.

"It's not that bad she said. It needs some work, but you said that's what you are looking for. Honestly it looks worse then it is."

Zac just looked at her in shock.
"It looks like it's going to fall over any second!" Zac yelled.

"Now now, relax and just give the place a chance. It's not as bad as it looks. It just needs some new paint and a few other touch ups. Just come with me inside and have a look around. Remember, i'm just trying to help." She said matter-of-factly.

Zac sighed, " I'm sorry. Yeah, lets go inside." He said trying to be more open minded.
Inside Matty tried to talk up the house as much as possible. It wasn't as bad as he thought. The walls were actually sturdy and it just needed a few patches here and there and a new floor. It was a decent size and if he could fix it up right. It could make a nice home. The only bad part was it was going to take a lot of work and he wasn't sure he could do it all himself, in the time that he had. After going threw the house for about an hour, Zac was still unsure. Right now if possible it looked worse then the place Isabella was living in. But at the same time he saw potential and all the summers of him working construction, were helping him see that. With a sigh and a last looked around, he went to find Mattie and tell her what he decided. What will Zac decide? Will Isabella's mother find her or will she come to her sense on her own? What do you think?

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FlatterApr 24, 2011

Nice chapter \:\) I hope Zac won't regret his heavy commitment. He will be head over heals into trouble if it won't turn out the way he has envisioned it...

martoeleFeb 12, 2011

This Zac is&nbsp;a man like&nbsp;every mother would wish for her daughter.&nbsp; \:D

spitzmagicFeb 5, 2011

Yes, I'm in love with Zac, wonderful chapter \:wub\:

YrS92Jan 30, 2011

I just caught up, wonderful chapters \:wub\: Can't wait for the next one...

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