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A Sister's Bond: Chapter 2
Published Mar 21, 2011


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A Sister's Bond Chapter 2

Chapter 2 will focus on Louise's life.. You will see how her life turned out after she had an affair with her sister's boyfriend Neil and after the pair quit university to raise their child together. Enjoy :D

A Sister's Bond Chapter 2

Chapter 2 will focus on Louise's life.. You will see how her life turned out after she had an affair with her sister's boyfriend Neil and after the pair quit university to raise their child together. Enjoy :D
On the outskirts of the city was where Louise was living with her now husband Neil and their baby boy Jesse... money was extreamly tight. Louise and Neil quit university and started their life together with not a penny to their name, Neil's job working at a restaraunt was bringing only enough money to cover their basic needs... The couple were constantly arguing over anything and everything... Louise could never trust Neil after he slept with someone else while they were in university. Also deep down she hated him for destroying her bond with her sister but she knows it takes two to tangle... When the couple moved out of university and started their life together, they put Neil's affair in the past and started a clean slate. They both fell in love and were excited about their future despite only just getting by in their cheap trailer and no money to their name. They had little Jesse to think of, without him.. they would have broken up a long time ago... There were once happier times like Jesse's first birthday. Louise and Neil were so proud. But it was Neil's innocent trip to a clothes shop which was the beginning of the end of them... On leaving the shop, Neil bumped into an ex girlfriend he was with before he got together with Whitney (Louise's sister). The two of them couldn't believe it... "Oh my god Neil... you look well. How are you these days?" smiled Annie
"Im good, I have a little boy and im married, hows life treating you.. I see you haven't lost your looks" flirted Neil.
The two sat down chatting about old times..
"If I had never moved away Neil do you think we'd still be together" asked Annie
"We were so in love Annie, I was devastated when you left and your the love of my life..."
"You are mine too Neil.. I've always compared my boyfriend's to you.. they can't compete"
The two carried on talking and realised it was getting late..
"Im gonna have to go Annie, Louise will be wondering where I am." Whitney then placed her hand down on the table and started deep into Neil's eyes..
"I want you Neil.. I want you back." Annie smiled.
"bbbuut im married Annie... I have a baby to think of aswell.. I just can't"
"You don't love her.. From what you've told me you both seem to hate one another..." Its the truth.. Neil wanted to carry on at university but then Louise announced she was pregnant and he had to do the right thing and stand by her.. he's always held it against her.
Neil couldn't hold his feelings back anymore. He passionately kissed Annie and felt in love for the first time in years. Annie is the love of his life, the only girl he's ever been in love with.
Neil promised Annie that he would leave Louise for her... But he loves his son too much and simply can't walk out on him... He became withdrawn and Louise knew something was bothering him.. She sank into depression and started comfort eating and piled on weight. Days slumped infront of the TV became Louise's life. One night Neil came back home very late after a romantic night out with his secret love Annie.
"Your selfish Neil... I've been here looking after our son and you've been where? Where have you been! Jesse is gonna hate you when he grows up and see's the kind of selfish man his daddy is"... Neil couldn't stand it anymore. He loves his son so much and for Louise to say he's gonna grow up hating him... "DON'T YOU DARE" Shouted Neil... "Neil..."
"DON'T YOU EVER SAY MY SON WILL HATE ME.. EVER!" Said Neil, raising his voice...
"YOU THINK YOUR THE PERFECT MOTHER DO YOU?.... YOU SIT INFRONT OF THAT TV SCOFFING CRISPS AND BISCUITS LIKE THERE'S NO FLAMING TOMMOROW! NO ONE WANTS YOU... NOT EVEN YOUR OWN SISTER WANTS YOU... SHE HATES YOU.. EVERYONE HATES YOU... YOUR A WHALE..." Shouted Neil... Louise was deeply hurt by what Neil said... She knows she's put on a bit of weight and no man should ever tell a woman their fat, its simply not nice!... Louise stood thinking about her sister and how her life was going... its been 6 years since the two of them last had contact. Tears starting rolling down Louise's face... there's not a day that goes by where she doesn't think of her sister... Neil slept on the couch that night. He's sorry for what he said to Louise. But he's under so much pressure right now and doesn't know what to do. Annie has told him he has to leave Louise within the next week, and he's upset because he doesn't want to lose Annie and he doesn't want to lose his son. His love for Louise is simply not their anymore. Whitney couldn't sleep. She'd never known Neil to be so angry and she hates what her life has become. She doesn't think its the right enviornment for her son to be growing up in... The next morning when Louise was checking on Jesse, Neil came into the room and begged her for forgiveness.
"Louise. Please forgive me.. I love you so much and im sorry for what I said" begged Neil. Louise decided to give Neil another chance, she really wants her marriage to work and Jesse needs his father around.
A week later, things seemed to be going well. Neil was still being distant, but Louise put that down to him feeling bad about what he did.
"Hey welcome to the neighbourhood, Im Louise its nice to meet you"
"Aww thanks lovely. Im Eric"
Before the conversation could go any further Neil walked over and demanded to know what was going on.. thinking Louise was flirting with the new neigbour...
"GET IN THE HOUSE LOUISE" shouted Neil...
Louise walked into the house while telling Neil that he was being paranoid and out of order... "Im gonna go apologise to Eric.. He's only just moved__" Neil broke her off
"Shut the door, i wanna talk to you" said Neil
"YOUR STILL A LITTLE FLIRT WITH MEN AREN'T YOU..." He shouted.... "What the hell is wrong with you Neil... this isn't you... your not like this. What has happened to you" Asked a shocked Louise.
"YOU!... You! The only thing I thank you for is Jesse! I do not regret him... but I regret marrying you.. I don't love you anymore.. I love someone else"... Louise didn't say anything....
Louise was just about to slap Neil but he stopped her And got her in a headlock... "DON'T TRY TO HIT ME LOUISE... DON'T TRY THAT EVER AGAIN" Louise started to cry... "What have I done thats so bad Neil... I only ever loved you"
"LOVE ME... we only stayed together because you were pregnant... you hate me Louise... I came between you and your sister and you've hated me ever since..."
Louise didn't say anything... she knew that Neil was right. Their relationship was built on lies from the beginning.
"No guy has ever loved you Louise.. Your just someone who they like to woohoo with.. your not girlfriend or wife material.. your pathetic.. look at you... you've lost your looks... your nothing.. your worthless" Neil casually said...
Louise threw her drink right in his face... "Don't you dare! You nasty piece of work! I grew up, We had a baby and I changed RIGHT AFTER I BROKE MY SISTER'S HEART AND THE MINUTE I FOUND OUT I WAS PREGNANT... But you Neil... you are nothing... You don't care about me or Jesse. You are all for yourself!" "DON'T BRING JESSE INTO THIS!" Shouted Neil and he pushed Louise... Louise noticed Jesse watching and in that moment she knew what she had to do... Neil began to cry after realising his son had witnessed him pushing Louise...
"Louise im sorry..."
"Its over Neil... My son deserves a better life then this... I want you out of our lives..."
"no, no, no... Louise.. Please you can't do this I have rights to him"
"Not in my eyes Neil... I will get custody, im his mother. Your a cheat and you need to sort yourself out!" Louise said seriously...
"Louise please... I could get help... We could get marriage counselling... Please forgive me"
"Just leave Neil. Its over."
Neil left that day... swearing revenge on Louise, telling her to watch her back. It was the final straw. Louise had to get away from the city and move away. She packed a few things and called a taxi... And left in the middle of the night... She didn't know where she was going but anywhere was better than here...

End of Chapter 2...The next chapter will show happier times.. The next chapter is going to focus on Whitney and how her life is going since graduating from university...

Thanks for reading guys. I'd love to hear what you think of the story up to now :)

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#1imasimfan87Mar 22, 2011

Wow, that was really intense!  I can't wait to read Chapter 3. \:\)

#2sunkissed2010Mar 22, 2011

i agree with imasimfan! please put chapter three out soon lol! i really want to read this series \:\)

#3*BabyFace*Mar 26, 2011

Wow, cant wait for the next ones. BTW a few name errors but who cares! \:\)

#4jasminehellokitty121994Mar 27, 2011

luved it just like i luved the first chapter \:P cant wait for chapter 3 \:rah\:

#5lukehatherMar 29, 2011

Hey just to say... Thanks for the comments and rates \:D 
And also! I have uploaded Chapters 3 & 4... which should approved soon. 
I have also uploaded a re-written Chapter 1 after I accidently overwrited it... STUPID ME haha... Well the re-written chapter shows more emotion and how Whitney was feeling... I wanted to express her feelings more. And as I have written more chapters, I got more inside the characters heads... so chapter 1 is an improvement. \:\) 
Thanks for reading guys... and I hope you enjoy the next chapters which will be approved soon 

#6-kalisa-Mar 30, 2011

\:\) I think Louise did the right thing - Neil was a jerk...Insulting, apologizing, then insulting again, threatening, calling Louise a whale! \:eek\: I'm off to read parts 3 and 4 \:\)

#7BuckinghamAliceSep 4, 2012

Neil is terrible... Louise and Jesse will be better off.

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