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Under the same Moon - 13
Published Apr 8, 2011


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There’s a crack…, a crack in everything…. That’s where the light gets in… (Leonard Cohen)

Rosalind is a creation of Spladoum. Thank you April.
A very big hug to Fredbrenny for helping me with the english language.

There’s a crack…, a crack in everything…. That’s where the light gets in… (Leonard Cohen)

Rosalind is a creation of Spladoum. Thank you April.
A very big hug to Fredbrenny for helping me with the english language.
When Jeremy regained consciousness, he found himself alone again.
He never thought he would be afraid of being alone… Was he really alone? He hoped that this encounter with his younger self was just a bad trick his mind had played on him… the aftermath of the tension he had lived in lately.
He went inside and after having drunk a whole bottle of water to sooth his dry throat he took a bath and thought that, until now, he never knew that fear could have such a devastating effect on a human body.
Now he really missed electricity. What would he have given if he would have had a television or a radio…. He sighed and dried himself off.
He lit the fire in the chimney and looked for some novel to get his mind distracted. Standing in front of the bookcase he noticed a shine coming from a book. It was if though it was saying ‘choose me….’ In an impulse he took it out and sat next to the fire to read it. He had lit some extra candles to feel more comfortable.
It was a strange thing that he never, ever had seen this book here. He must have overlooked it. It was called ‘Death and Resurrection’. He started reading it with the idea it was a novel but very soon he found out that it was another esoteric text. He started getting nervous again. He put it on the table and sat back again near the fire.
‘I really don’t understand it. When I came here for the first time, I took comfort from the esoteric guidelines written by Raphael…; why can’t I find the same feeling…?!’ He took the book again and in his hands it opened on some page. When he wanted to get to the point where he had left the lecture, his eye caught a line: When people need to start their spiritual growth, they use to have beautiful dreams and visions. That is what draws them into this theme.
He let the meaning of this sentence filter into his brain and thought it over until he understood that this was the answer to the question he had only a moment ago. It was if though the book knew what he wanted to know. Or had it been a coincidence…? He started thinking things over again.
‘But once you are interested, things are getting ugly…., I wonder why’…
The book opened on another page: When people want to grow spiritually, they have to learn what they have to change in their behavior. Therefore it’s important to have at least one chakra opened partially. It’s the opening where the light can come in and with more light… the shadows grow deeper. They have to learn how to face their own debilities and fight them…. Many people do have nervous breakdowns during their spiritual growth. To be born to a new life, you only have to die…. Now Jeremy knew that it wasn’t a coincidence anymore. He put the book away, put out the fire and went to his bedroom.
When passing by the mirror, he saw his younger self again, looking at him without speaking.
His first reaction was to back away but then he remembered the message in the book. He obliged himself to look again and face himself until the image of his youth little by little disappeared. His heart skipped a beat and suddenly he knew what decision to take. He packed his things, prepared the house to leave everything in order and went to his boat. It was already very late and dark. Thank God, it was full moon. While walking he knew what he was going to do. He would go back to Bridgeport to have a few things arranged…. Once on the boat, a beam of light hit him…. The Lighthouse had the Light back….! With that, a feeling of comfort and light settled in his heart and his mind. Now he knew that he had taken the right decision. First he would go to Sunset Valley.

All of a sudden, Cynthia woke up. She didn’t know why and was very sleepy… She got up and went to the kitchen to drink a glass of water. When she rinsed the glass, she saw the familiar swaying of the beam of light through the window…. The Lighthouse had its light back…! Then she knew that this was a symbolic sign that things had been cleared for Jeremy and she was very pleased for him when she went to bed again.

Rosalind King couldn’t sleep all too well. She got out of bed and thought about Auntie Dawn. She felt guilty that she hadn’t told the complete truth about leaving her hometown. On the other hand, she didn’t want her aunt to worry about her. The woman didn’t even know that she was married. Now… why would a married woman leave her husband and her job? No, Auntie Dawn surely wouldn’t understand it. She wouldn’t understand why she wore glasses without needing them.
It all had started because she wanted to make herself less attractive. She had some very pushy colleagues at work and, besides that, she thought that she looked more respectable to the children’s eyes. Now she was so used to having the fake glasses put on, that she kept them on, even here.
She put her gym clothes on. Without making noise she left the house and started running, running to… where…? She didn’t know and didn’t mind…. While running she continued thinking…; the kids in her class were a handfull, had a lot of problems…, that was true. Her own family experience hadn’t been so nice either. One way or another, she didn’t want to have kids of her own, while Connor insisted on having them. She got so ‘fed up’ with the ‘kid stuff’ that she tried to make him understand that she’s wasn’t born to be a mother…. As a matter of fact…, she didn’t study psychology only to understand the kids but as well to understand herself. She continued running for some hours until she reached a small beach. Great! Then she could have a swim to get rid of the sweat. Suddenly she stopped when she saw a boat arrive. She was exhausted and sat down on the beach watching how a man was working to tie the boat up. He seemed to notice her presence and raised his hand to greet her. There was something about him that attracted her. He seemed so quiet and peaceful. It seemed if though he influenced her messy thoughts and she started feeling better. Then he came closer and said: “Good night there…” - “Rosalind…, Rosalind F… eh… King”.
- “Hi Rosalind, my name is Captain…, Jeremy Captain. I can tell that you have been running”.
- “Do I smell that bad?”
- “No you don’t but I notice that your breathing is irregular, that’s why…. I didn’t expect anybody here at this hour of the night.” Jeremy noticed that he had a new capacity; he was able to feel her discomfort and her sadness. Strange, this never happened to him before with nobody…. Something inside pushed him to invite her. “Say…, would you go for a late diner? I could prepare us something to eat meanwhile you could get refreshed.” Jeremy didn’t understand how it was possible but he just knew that this was what she needed. It looked if though even his heart and throat chakras were touched by the light. So he had offered her this without a second's thought. Rosalind accepted that offer. She felt very comforted by his nice and easy way of talking and moving. She thought: ‘this man surely hasn’t had any major problems in his life and I feel that he didn't have any second thoughts by inviting me’.
He saw her to the bathroom and she was indeed pleased to get rid of the green smelly odor clouds from her body. When she came out, he had diner ready. They sat there and ate in silence… a silence that wasn’t painful…; a silence between some very good friends… and they didn’t even know each other.
When he told her he had never seen her here in Sunset Valley, she told him the same as she had told to her aunt. He told her that he just had passed some time in solitude to take a decision. It was at the break of day when they said good-bye. Jeremy told her that he would stay only one or two days in Sunset Valley and then he would go to Bridgeport to do something important but that he would come back and perhaps they could meet again? Jeremy went to the grocery store where he bought provisions for the next weeks and he was pleased to be able to buy a newspaper. He had been so long without any news that he took his time to read the paper from A to Z. There was an ad that caught his attention. In the outskirts of Bridgeport somebody had opened a B&B, called Bluewater Inn. There was a small picture of it. It looked nice… It wouldn’t be such a bad idea to stay there for the weekend before going to his lawyer. His took his phone and asked if he could reserve for the next weekend….

Jane’s heart began to bounce louder when she heard the door bell. ‘Don’t be foolish…, don’t run to that door…, don’t let him have the idea that you couldn’t wait to see him…’ That was what she told herself. So she walked to the door quietly and opened it: “Oh Alejandro…, what a surprise! I didn’t expect you so early” she lied with a blush on her face.
Alejandro quickly touched her cheek and said: “I love it when you blush; your cheeks get really hot.”
She said: “I’m always hot…. I mean…” and she started blushing again. He noticed her shyness and understood that she was as nervous as he was. – “I’ve a taxi waiting here. Are you ready to go or do I dismiss him?”
- “No Alejandro, I’m ready…”
The taxi drove them to the Bistro. They took place at the same table where Jane sat with Jeremy when he told her, that he would go to Lighthouse Island. Alejandro touched her hand and asked: “Why are you nervous, mi querida Jane; consider me as your friend…; tell me what’s on your mind.” Jane took a deep breath and told Alejandro about her wish of independence and that she didn’t want to upset her brother. He understood but he told her that she would do her brother most probably a favor by living on her own. – “Look Jane, I’m a family-man. I love my mother and brothers and sisters dearly… but… I wouldn’t like to have them around when being married…. Nothing to worry about…, I assure you! Have you found already a place where you would like to live?”
- “I haven’t looked around so far… but I would love to have a modern house similar to yours.”
- “That house would be too small…. Just imagine that you get married and have children…. There’s only one bedroom….”
- “Now… who’s talking about marrying and having children?”
- “What’s the matter Jane, don’t you want to have children?”
- “Well… yes…; when the right man comes by.”
Alejandro became very serious. – “So… you’re waiting for the right man to come by…. Do you think you would recognize him?”
- “Yes, I think so…”
Alejandro’s dreams shattered at that very moment, thinking that she still was waiting for the right guy to come… So… that meant that HE wasn’t the right man. He, who thought that today, would be his lucky day…. This time he wouldn’t be pushy… A man has his pride…, especially a Spanish man. He took a deep breath and said: “Jane…, if you want to, you can live in my house…, I will be leaving soon. My family wants me to come back. I didn’t want to but now I think that the moment has come for me to go….” Jane was wondering why he had changed his attitude in such a short time… ‘It must be the table. Here, at this same table, Jeremy told me he would go away and now Alejandro goes as well. Why…’ Then she saw how unhappy he looked and she acted impulsively; took his hand and brought it to her cheek and then to her lips.
- “Alejandro…, your house doesn’t mean anything to me if you’re not living in there. I don’t know if you have met already the woman of your dreams but as far as I’m concerned, I’ve met already the right man for me”.
- “You are not just trying to be kind?”
As an answer, Jane took his hand and laid it upon her breast - “Can you feel this heartbeat Alejandro? It beats for you!”
Now it was Alejandro who was overwhelmed. He asked ‘Are there many people around?’ she answered ‘no…, not really….’ Then he said “That’s a pity because I want the whole world to know that I love you…; te adoro…; would you marry me…, mi querida Jane? I don’t have the ring with me but I have one for you at home…. Por favor … say yes…!” Jane could hardly answer; emotions had settled in her throat but she thought: ‘Who cares about a ring?’ She threw herself in his arms and kissed him like she never had kissed before…. That was her answer…. People looked at that shameless young couple and wondered if there wasn’t a better place for them to show their affection for each other….

To be continued…

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ShelleyBJun 25, 2011

\:wub\: Great chapter!! So much going on, I won't take up a great deal of time on comments. I just <strong>have </strong>to see what happens next ...

FlatterApr 24, 2011

Death and Resurrection? Spoooky! I did not quite understand Jeremy's reaction after seeing his younger self, but I am sure Jeremy still has some problems understanding himself \;\) I had to secretly wipe away some water from my eyes when Jane and Alejandro showed each other how strongly the felt for each other. Go go go!

FikcijaApr 24, 2011

Sorry I found the time to read it only now. An amazing chapter! This story just gets better and better. \:D Love the picture number 40, great moment caught to illustrate the situation. And is that Rosalind in the final picture?

CloudwalkerNZApr 21, 2011

Well written and good photos \:rah\:

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