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My Big Love (Chapt.3)
Published Oct 22, 2011


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"I tried to be perfect, tried to be honest, tried to be smarter, tried to be stronger, I tried to be everything that you ever wanted..."

-Hawk Nelson

enjoy reading people ;D


"I tried to be perfect, tried to be honest, tried to be smarter, tried to be stronger, I tried to be everything that you ever wanted..."

-Hawk Nelson

enjoy reading people ;D
Macky was 98% hesitant whether he must go on or not but there was also 2% hope he was feeling inside. The 2% dominates Macky’s decision and decided that he must go on and continue what he had started…

Waiter: “good evening sir! Welcome to Steve’s Restaurant, May I help you?"

Macky: “good evening, uhmm… I have reservations here tonight, I’m Macky.”

The waiter couldn’t believe what he had heard nor could he accept that Macky is this fat guy dating a hot superstar Nina…

Waiter: “oh! Pardon sir? I thought I did not hear your name right.”
Macky was aware that something is bothering with the waiter and he was a bit upset with him.

Macky: *what is with this guy? Could he not believe that I am Macky?* macky thought to his self…

“I am Macky.” , macky said with a voice of authority...
Waiter: “oh right, you are Sir Macky, indeed. Your date has been waiting in your table Sir. Let me show you to your table.”

It seems like Macky’s nervousness regained to its consciousness when he heard what the waiter told him. And again he felt his whole body numb…

Waiter: “are you alright Sir?”

Macky: “oh..y-e-ah”, macky stammered… “so she’s already here now?”
Waiter: “yes sir, she arrived here 20 minutes ago...There she is sir...” pointing to Nina at the table.

In Macky’s eyes, he saw perfection. He could not believe himself that he had befriended a gorgeous girl like Nina…His heart beats so loud that he could not hear the noise around him. Looking at Nina, he felt so contented…

Macky: “How do I get something off my chest when my heart’s beating this loud? I think I can die now, I could not ask for more…” , Macky whispered to his self…

It feels like his feet have its own mind. He slowly walked towards Nina while his eyes stare only to her. He was just standing there, staring to the girl of his dreams…
“Is this true? Or Am I only dreaming? God, she’s so beautiful…” , Macky whispered to his self.

Nina: “uhm…hey?”

Macky was awakened by Nina’s voice. His face became red that he did not know what words he should utter. He does not even remember how he ended up standing in front of Nina. He is completely speechless by Nina’s presence. He felt so ashamed of his self.

Nina: “Oh my God, who is this fat guy coming towards me?” , Nina thought to herself while Macky is slowly walking towards her direction…

Nina: “What is wrong with this guy? He’s been staring at me like forever? I feel like he will eat me alive with those stares... Is he a pervert or what?” , Nina tried to calm down, she was a bit scared on the way Macky looks at her…

Nina: “uhm…hey?”, finally she had the courage to speak.

*Wait, is he Macky?*

Nina: “Macky?” , Nina asked hesitantly…
Macky: “uhmm… Hey Nina. Yes, it’s me Macky…”

Nina was surprised to what she had heard a while ago. She’s now confused on what she is feeling right now. It feels like she was disappointed on what she saw. Maybe because, the Macky who is standing in front her, is not what she is expecting him to be…

Macky could see disappointment on Nina’s face. Yes, he could clearly see it to her face. He felt very ashamed to his self now.
Nina: “uhmm.. Yes, please have a sit Macky…”

As Macky tried to reach for his seat, he suddenly stumbled, and people began to stare at their table particularly at Macky, laughing. Nina felt so ashamed; it feels like everyone’s staring at them. She felt so ashamed being with Macky…

Macky: “I-I’m so-rry Nina…” , Macky said sincerely to Nina.
Nina did not say anything to Macky…and as well as Macky. Akward silence reigned between the two until Macky got the courage to speak.

Macky: “I’m sorry Nina; I guess this is not what you expected. I am not what you expected to be…” , Macky said in a low voice…

Nina: “n-o, it’s not t-hat… uhm. Let’s just call the waiter and have something to eat…”
Waiter: “A pleasant evening Madame and Sir! What would you like to eat?”
Nina: “uhm…Can I have an autumn salad please…”

Waiter: “how about you sir?”

Macky: “I-I… *sigh* I want a lobster terminator please, the large one…”

Nina: *He sure does like to eat much*, Nina thought to herself…

Waiter: “Alright Madame, Sir, your order will be here in 20 minutes”
Nina was aware that people are talking about them. She felt like she became the laughing stock of the night and she felt like this is the worst date she ever had.

Guy # 1: “Hey isn’t that Nina of Sunset Valley? The hot superstar and famous model?” , whispering to a guy beside him.

Guy # 2: “Yeah, she is.”

Guy # 1: “I can’t believe that she would date a guy like him… How cheap is her taste. Tsss..”

Guy # 2: “I was surprised too! Maybe no other man would ask her out and she ended up dating that fat guy!”

Guy # 1 & 2: *laughing*

Macky overheard what the two guys were talking about and he felt so mad…
And as for Nina, she could not take it anymore…
Nina is pissed off that she decided to stand up and leave the place now.

Nina: “I’m sorry Macky but I could not stand this any longer…You are right, this is not what I expected. I’m leaving now…”

Macky: “W-w-ait Nina!...”, Macky tried to catch up...
Macky: “I-I’m really sorry for disappointing you Nina. B-ut t-hanks anyway, at least I felt happy even for a short time…” Macky whispered to his self while watching Nina walk away… Macky started to walk home. He feels like his heart is beating so weak. He feels so down and lonely. He feels so alone in the streets. How could a cold night make someone so cold inside? Tears would come down in his face soon. He is walking towards home not because he is broke but because he is a broken hearted man. THE NEXT MORNING…

Nina decided to go to the gym and meet with her personal trainer, Aira.
Nina: “Argh! I was so pissed off last night Aira! Everyone’s now talking about me!” , Nina said angrily…

Aira: “Calm down Nina, wouldn’t you like that? Even at Bridgeport everyone is talking about you!” , Aira said jokingly…

Nina: “Yes, they’re talking about how cheap I am. I am now publicly disgraced Aira. I’ve become the laughing stock of this place. I hate this hell of a place. This morning when I woke up and came down to my apartment to have some jogging, reporters and paparazzi we’re there waiting for me to come out asking about the fat guy I dated last night!”
Aira: “oh well, Rumors flies so fast than time I guess. You should have told them that you are dating a very cute and huggable guy, you won’t need any pillows when you sleep and that saves you money…”, Aira said laughing…

Nina: “Stop it Aira…”

Aira: “Relax, I was just joking! Well all I am saying is, you should have looked the bright side. Macky is just so adorable that everyone would be jealous with you being around him. I just thought that you have already seen this guy before and physical appearance doesn’t really matter to me."

Nina: “Wait, you know the guy? “

Aira: “Yes, I have seen him before because we leave in the same apartment here at Bridgeport. Well, he’s cute and nothing’s wrong with him.”
Nina: “And why didn’t you tell me Aira?? I have been talking about him to you over a year now and you didn’t even warn me!”

Aira: “Because I thought you already have seen him in the picture. I do not know everything Nina. I just thought that you just accept him because you have fallen in love with him…”

Nina: “All the time I was thinking that I love him and he is the one until last night…and now I realized that physical appearance is important for me. For me, love is a result of an attraction. That’s what I think now.”

Aira: *sigh* “Poor guy, I thought Nina is different from the other celebrities but she is just the same… “, Aira thought to herself…
Nina: “I am leaving today Aira. I want to go home; I want to be out of this place…”

Aira: “But what about Macky? Shouldn’t you talk to him first before leaving?”

Nina: “The hell I care about him Aira, all I want is to have a peace of mind…”

Aira: “Okay, you said so…”

Aira: “Hey, its Macky! It seems like he’s so sad. He hasn’t been home last night. The lights to his room were off..”, Aira thought to herself.

While Macky is staring blankly, like he is out of the time and space of the world.
Aira feels so sad about what happened to Macky. She doesn’t know why but it feels like she wanted to help him so bad. She could feel he is in deep sorrow right now.

Aira: “uhmm.. Hey, Macky?”

Macky was surprised that someone called his name and someone knows him in this place other than his mother and his bestfriend, Paul. Macky regained his consciousness.

Macky: “Yes…?”

Aira: “Hi! I’m Aira, I leave next to your door”, Aira smiled to Macky.
Macky: “Nice to meet you Aira”, macky smiled back.
Aira: “Hey, I’m sorry to what had happened to you last ni-..”

Macky: “Oh great! Now what? I thought you were just being nice, it turns out that you’re interested in what happened last night. So, you are a journalist too eh?”, Macky could not help it but say what’s in his heart. He is so annoyed today that every journalists and paparazzi is following him just to have an interview with him.

Aira: “No… I’m not a journalist Macky. I am a friend. If you’d let me I can help you. I am a fitness trainer; I worked at AV wellness G-..”

Macky: “No, I do not need your help Ms. Aira! So now please just let me through.”
Aira: “Wait Macky, please let me help you. I can really help you with my fitness program.”

Macky: “If you’re doing this for your business Aira, sorry but I can’t help you, I won’t spend any penny to that program! So please mind your own business.”, Macky said angrily.

Aira: “Hey, I am not doing this for money. I really wanted to help you! It is also for your own health.”


Aira was shocked and left staring blankly. She is really sorry for Macky and she is determined to help him. She can feel Macky’s anger to the world and to his self. She wanted to eradicate that anger.
When Macky was about to go inside the elevator, Aira catch up on him and hugged him so tight…

Aira: “I am very SORRY Macky… Please don’t hate too much, please don’t hate yourself. “, Aira said with teary eyes…

Macky was touched to what Aira had said and done. He could feel the sincerity in Aira. A minute ago his heart was filled with anger but it calm down… and hate is slowly fading…

Aira: “I am just here next door. You can knock at my door anytime or you can visit me at the gym if you ever change your mind…”, said Aira while slowly letting go of Macky..
Macky continued to walk to the elevator thinking deeply. And Aira was left there hoping that Macky would change his mind. She doesn’t know why she is determined to help Macky but it occurred to her seeing Macky’s sad face… END OF THE CHAPTER… :D

Will Macky accept Aira’s sincere help? Find out and continue supporting My Big Love.

I thank you again for the TIME and EFFORT and having the interest to read this far…
Without you guys, I wouldn’t be inspired to write.
This was not written out of boredom anymore, I was moved by you guys ^____^
Xhaii ;) <3

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#1HellsaintOct 25, 2011

Aww. Now i'm curious if Macky would change himself (probably) but is it worth it? And poor dude had to stick up with the humiliation from Nina, he is still pretty brave to see her face-to-face! Great chapter and looking forward to the next! \:D 

#2buniheartOct 25, 2011

I really like this, and i'm waiting for the next chapter! I wonder if Macky will really change...

#3Nemesis_3050Oct 25, 2011

..... work hard Macky!!!! eheh super nice new chapter^^

#4BlueIsNewOct 26, 2011

Great! I'm really enjoying this!\:wub\: Can't wait for the next chapter!\:rah\:

#5spitzmagicOct 28, 2011

Great chapter...I hope Macky makes these changes for himself and once you began to change things happen...maybe he'll even find somebody sweeter than Nina....\:rah\:

#6MangioOct 28, 2011

Poor Macky.. I loved how you portrayed his feelings. Nina - argh, she's so mean! I'm glad Aira wants to help.. but its inside that counts, Macky \:wub\: Can't wait for more \;\)

#7martoeleOct 28, 2011

O dear... poor Macky...! I really hope that he accepts the help Aira offers him but not for Nina. She surely doesn't deserve him. Nice chapter. Congratulations. \:cool\:

#8eviOct 31, 2011

I am enjoying your story!\:rah\:

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