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Published Jun 26, 2012


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Hey All!

Here is the next installment of the Bridesmaids.

Sorry for taking so long, catching up with real life! Now that I have some extra time in my hands, I will make sure to post the upcoming chapters much faster!

Hope you enjoy this, really took a while to work on the twist here...

Feel free to rate, comment and let me know what you think of this chapter.

Thank you!

Keisha Feller.

Hey All!

Here is the next installment of the Bridesmaids.

Sorry for taking so long, catching up with real life! Now that I have some extra time in my hands, I will make sure to post the upcoming chapters much faster!

Hope you enjoy this, really took a while to work on the twist here...

Feel free to rate, comment and let me know what you think of this chapter.

Thank you!

Keisha Feller.
From the bottom of her jail cell, Meredith Greene felt powerless. Her days had adopted a tarnished shade of grey, and everything she had worked for to achieve her life goal was just so far away from her present reality. " So what are you in for?" her cell mate questioned, trying to establish some rapport.

Meredith wasn't interested in any relationship whatsoever, all she cared about was coming up with a plan to get out of that miserable prison.

" They said you kidnapped a girl, is that true?" The companion continued.
Irritated by her seemingly ignorant questions, Meredith still managed to reply to her with self-control, just to have her off her back:

" See, I have an idea: you mind your business and leave me alone. You have no clue what you are talking about, and maybe it's better that way."
" Playing tough girl huh?" The tattooed girl retaliated. Listen, Blondie. I am just trying to be " the Help" here, because the truth is if you want to survive here, you need someone to have your back, cuz next thing you know you're on your own!

- I surely am grateful for the offer, but I have no intention of staying here for long. Now Go and make friends somewhere else."
" I said the exact same thing when I came here. And this is my 5th year in jail.

- Well unlike you I have friends, and people who already have my back, so you can keep your own meaningless experience for yourself!

- We'll see about that. Good luck riding solo!
Before she knew it, a guard came at the door.

" There's someone for you, Greene!"

Meredith inwardly sighed for being relieved from that outrageous conversation, but still wondered who could have come to visit her. She hadn't been in touch with the girls since she her incarceration, and hoped they would come to an understanding.
As she stepped out of her jail cell and entered the visitor's room, she noticed a red- haired woman standing at the corner of the room. Even though the latter one had her back turned against the door, Meredith quickly recognized her. Meredith looked at her as if she had awaken up from the death.

" Patricia? What are you doing here?!"

It was Patricia Cementi, Kerri's mother. Since Kerri's disappearance, Meredith ( and all the other Bridesmaids) had not heard from her and it was more than suspicious to see her reappearing suddenly, out of the blue.

Even more enticing, Patricia and Kerri always had a tumultuous relationship, and Patricia was not thrilled with Kerri's choice of men, and her getting married. This even raised more wariness on Meredith's side, as of what was the purpose of that unexpected and seemingly timed visit.
" I must say, I am quite disappointed to see that my excitement is not shared. Is that a way to greet an old friend, Meredith? Or should I say.. Fiona? I remember you preferred it that way. The woman said, pulling a chair from the table.

- What the heck are you doing here?" Meredith questioned. Meredith knew her well enough to know that she was always up to something; and so didn't trust her gut at all.
The woman took a sit on the chair opposite to Meredith's.

" Well I though today was a great day to have a little chat! ( she squeezed a sarcastic smile at the corner of her mouth). But before we start, where are your friends? Have they come around to visit you yet?
Meredith froze. She didn't want to show Patricia her embarrassment. She had been in jail for few weeks now and none of the girls - who were supposed to be her best friends- had come to visit her. Not even a phone call.

Was it really how all of this was going to end? With her alone, not being able to rely on anybody? She knew even if she had been wrong, at least she deserved a second chance; and if nobody was willing to give her one, at least her friends should have given it a try.
Patricia noticed her silence and aggravated her demise.

" Oh I forgot. Silly me. You have no friends, and for what it's worth, you deserve exactly what is happening to you. I delight in your misery, and I am enjoying every single second of it!

Maybe this is the perfect time to make my little confession, when you have no shoulder to cry on - Not like you are a human anyways, Meredith Greene, you don't feel for the people you hurt!

I am the one who gave that tape to the Police, I wanted you behind the bars!
Meredith blew a fuse as she heard that confession coming from Patricia:

" How could you? How could you do this to me?! And how did you get the tape! All this time you have been working against me, trying to make me fall...
And I succeeded! Look at you know, all miserable in your jail cell. I know you girls are involved deep down in what happened to my Kerri, and now that I have you broken, I am going to take you down one by one until I find out where you are hiding her. It's just a matter of time, I know about everything, even the fake letter to the police. Don't you worry, Meredith! Your little friends will rejoin you soon, and maybe you will have that little talk about... loyalty! This time, Meredith really blew her top:

How dare you standing right here in front of me and pretending to love her? You disagreed with all her choices, and cut her off when she decided to walk a way from you! You threatened to disowned her if she married Stevens and hired her abusive ex-boyfriend (Dante) to go after her!
You pushed my daughter away from me! Once she started working with you, she stopped listening to me. You stole her from me and turned her into an ungrateful person as you! And once I get her back, she's going to pay every single penny she owes me, until her debt is over! You know what Patricia, you really are pathetic! I have heard enough of your accusations and your nonsense. Guard! ( she shouted). Take her out of here! "Time up! "

The prison guard shouted.
Meredith was escorted back to her jail cell where she sat quietly.

Unfortunately most of what Patricia had said ( if not all) was right. Even with a hard core lawyer, it would have been difficult to defend her in court, with all the evidence against her.

She started looking back at her life and how she got there, and slowly began to envision the possibility of remaining locked behind the bars forever.

She needed help; and she needed her friends.
Meanwhile, life was keeping a slow and steady train in Starlight Shores.

In between his work hours, Chad spent most of his time at the Gym, trying to relax and cool off. Or more, trying to forget about that embarassing night where Cherry amourously kissed him and had forgot everything about it.
She had told him she only wanted to be friends. As heartbreaking as that line is for any man in love, he attempted to make inner peace with himself and agreed to be just the friend she needed.

If it would make her happy, he would do it.
he kept picking up her calls and was always there whenever she needed help.

Whether it was just to have a casual drink between friends, she knew he was "the one" to call.
Chad could never say No to her, no matter how hard it was for him to just smile at her and pretend everything was okay. At least, on his end, he was trying to make it okay on his side.

Every other day after work they would go out for a drink together, and chat about anything.

She was happy whenever she was with him, and always seeing that brightening smile radiating from her face whenever he would crack a joke was giving him a sense of self-satisfaction.
Maybe keeping his feelings from her wasn't so bad. Maybe he could just settle for that smile for now. And maybe being friends was actually a good idea. Working towards that new friendship, Chad and Cherry had discovered a shared passion for Golf.

Chad was particularly good at it, but we couldn't say the same about Cherry!
And so he volunteered to teach her.

The excitement on her face whenever she thought she got that swing right ( even though she didn't even hit the ball for a bit) was priceless!

She might have been a level zero golfer, but only her enthusiasm and eagerness to learn were what mattered to him.

Great job Cherry, keep it up! You'll get it right!" He cheered, as she was clearly trying her best to get that little white ball out of her sight and lodge it in a hole. How beautiful is she, when she's determined and put her mind to something... Chad and Cherry loved to spend their Saturday afternoons at the Playground, enjoying the refreshing wind breeze slapping their faces. Listening to Chad describing his childhood was quite informative ( and funny to Cherry). She never knew all of that about him, and was quite impressed by the way he was brought up. " Your dad wanted you to be a nursery school teacher? You don't even like kids!" Chad exclaimed, uncovering that aspect of Cherry's past. " There you are, Dr Prescott! I was just about to call you in, perfect timing!" Dr Helen McGuire exclaimed, as Cherry stepped in her office. " Good morning, M'am. I just came in to drop the report of Mr Stiles' hospital stay, as you asked me to. Is there anything you would like to talk to me about?" " As a matter of fact, yes. Dr Helen replied, standing up from her office chair. Starting this week, you will take care of all the patients in Munroe Ward, add them to your patients list.

Confused by that sudden and unexpected change, Cherry quickly interrupted:

- But wait, those are Dr Luke's patients, I don't understand why I need to take care of his patients if he is here.

- That's the point, Helen continued. Dr Luke has been assigned to a training program in Riverview. They need more specialists in his area, and he is the best person for the job.
Cherry stood in front of her boss in disbelief. Where was all of this coming from? And how come Chad never mentioned it to her?

" How long will he be gone away for? Cherry inquired.

- It's a one year program, but normally he has a six months period of trial,and if he likes it there or if much help is needed then he will remain for the entire year.

Cherry couldn't believe that Chad was leaving. And he didn't even bother mentioning it to her. How could he exclude her from such an important decision?
" Would that be a problem, Dr Prescott? This seems to me like a great opportunity for you too." Helen questioned, noticing the concerned look on Cherry's face.

- No, at all. I will do it. She replied, without hesitancy.

It seemed as if he had made up his mind already, so why even bother?
That evening, the hospital was hosting its yearly Awards Dinner.

Cherry stepped in, dressed wearing a long black dress embracing her majestic curves. The elegance of her dress was accentuated by a colourful Egyptian diamond necklace around her neck.
She turned to her right and saw a group of colleagues having an apparently intense conversation. Chad was in the center, nourishing the debate. As he saw her making her grand entrance, he waved in her direction, inviting her to join the group.

She quickly tilted her head to the left side, pretending not to have seen him.
" A Margarita please." She ordered.

She had to get her drink on to forget. She wished she hadn't come to the party. If it wasn't a formality, she wouldn't have been there.
" You look beautiful tonight. Chad complimented, as he walked towards her.

She failed to reply.

Clueless of her anger towards him, he innocently continued:

" They are all crazy over there, they think the LLAMAS should have won their last game! That team totally sucks, I need you to back me up on this!"
She stood up in front of him.

Cherry: is there anything you would like to tell me, or you.. probably forgot to mention to me?

Chad: okay, fine. If this is about the video I have of you playing golf, I can's funny, it really is! ( he chuckled.)

Cherry: I am talking about you going for a year to Riverview, and not telling me about it!

As she raised her voice, he could see that she was angry.
Chad: listen, Cherry, I can explain. ( he replied, embarassed)

Cherry: I am all ears. ( she toned down, not wanting to attract attention towards them).

Chad didn't know what to say. Or didn't know where to start:

Chad: Helen offered me the job few months ago, but I said no because... well I liked it here... But then things changed and... I thought it would be better if I just leave...
" This doesn't make any sense at all! You took your decision without consulting me and you even expect me to understand? After all the time we spent together you didn't think I deserved to know or I had a say in this? And what exactly do you mean by things changed?

She was fit to be tied, and he desperately tried to call her down.

Chad: Cherry, just calm down, and let's talk this out... You are dragging attention towards us...

Cherry: now you want to talk it out? You should have thought about it a long time ago, don't you think? And what exactly has changed since then, that would make you want to leave?

He was dying to answer that question. He wanted to tell her that he got more attached to her, that getting to know her was the best thing that happened to him in the last few weeks,but he was so scared that his feelings were not shared; and didn't want to get that disappointment again ( as on the night after the funeral when she kissed him and forgot)
But as he saw her turning her back at him and walking away, he knew that " later" might just be " too late". "I love you, Cherry Prescott." He shouted, before she could reach the door of the hall.

Everybody in the room turned in their direction. This was close enough to a Hollywood movie scene to be missed!
" What?" she mumbled to herself.
" Did he just say that?" She turned around, in disbelief. As he saw her looking back at him, he really felt that it was his opportunity to seize, to tell her how exactly he felt about her:

" I have loved you since the first day I saw you walking into that hospital. The way you look at me, the way you smile, the way you pick up your patient's charts...There's something about you that drives me incredibly crazy, and I just can't get it together whenever you are around. When you told me you just wanted to be friends, I felt crushed but yet respected your decision. I loved the fact that you needed me, and I wanted to prove myself to you. Getting to know you was the best thing that happened to me in the last few weeks, and it even made me fall more in love with you.
She looked at him and not a single word could come out of her mouth. She knew he had a thing for her, but never realized it was that deep. That's why she was scared that her loving him the way she was would hurt her, because she wasn't sure about the way he felt about her.

Now that she knew, instead of being relieved she still felt in pain. There was this wall in her heart that all her past failed relationships had built, and it just wasn't ready to break yet.

" That's why I decided to leave, because you said you just wanted to be friends, and me being in love with you wasn't helping. I felt guilty for looking at you as more than a friend, and didn't want to risk the friendship we already have."
She finally got the courage to speak up her heart:

" Why didn't you give me the benefit of the doubt? Didn't you think things could have changed for me too? Didn't you think that...

She stopped. She just couldn't say the word. She had said it so many times with no results that she just... blocked inwardly and closed herself to any possibilities.
... That you love me too? He continued her sentence for her. Have things changed for you? Do you love me back?"

She looked down. She didn't reply.

" Cherry, I need to know how you feel about this, about us. If you love me too, you have the power to make me stay. I would stay here, for you. But if you don't...

His words were followed by a deep moment of silence. Cherry gently tilted her head to the side. he knew what that meant, he had seen that face before.

Chad: ( he sighed): I guess this is goodbye.

He exited the room.
" Did I make a mistake...What if I had told him?"

She kept wondering, as she sat for hours on the edge of the water fountain at the park.

It seemed easy to just say it, but for her it meant so much more. it meant opening her heart again, completely; with the risk of being hurt. It meant no turning back. It meant loosing herself and breaking her barriers for him.

Was she really ready for that? She still was feeling awfully confused. She also knew that she would never be ready, unless she decided to. And having someone who is already ready only completed the challenge half way. But that was enough, for now. It was farther than she ever got. It was a great start for her. Her new journey in romance had to start somewhere, and it was tonight.

She had made a decision.

Chad was the only man that had made her live worth living, and her days worth enjoying; and so she thought he deserved to know.

She would tell him: that She loved him, his smile, the way he looks at her, holds her, comforts her and listens to her even when she doesn't make sense at all.

She felt ready. ready for that new journey, and that new opportunity that presented to her: to love and be loved in return.
She rushed to his house, excited to see him here, probably waiting for her.... ... But as she looked through the windows, she noticed it was all empty: All furnitures had been packed, and there was no sign of life...

She broke down.
It was too late. He had already gone.

She cried.
Right at that moment, her phone rang. With the avalanche of emotions, she replied:

" Chad, is that you?"
"No, it's me, My friend. I need you."; said the voice on the other side of the line. The time for the reunion had come.

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#1wasabichiJun 26, 2012

yay!! 7 is here!
first of all... CHERRY IS SO GORGEOUS! i was like \:wub\: in screenshot 40!
anyway... i can't wait for the next chapter!
i bet it's going to be one great blast!
great chapter! keep em up!

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Great chapter! Can't wait for more!

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this is seriously one of the best stories i've ever read!! can't wait for the next chapter!!!!!

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Great chapter, it had drama, comedy and love. \:D

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