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Queen of Kings, Ch 6.
Published Aug 28, 2012


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Queen of Kings, Ch 6 - Into the unknown.

(Welcome to part 6 of the story, I'm sorry it has taken so long for me to upload it but I was having problems with my computer and had to reinstall the Sims and I lost a lot of downloads, and had to rebuild some of the lots again that I was using for this story. Thankfully I was able to save all the main characters. Hopefully you will still remember what happened previously and where it left off :) Enjoy part 6)

Queen of Kings, Ch 6 - Into the unknown.

(Welcome to part 6 of the story, I'm sorry it has taken so long for me to upload it but I was having problems with my computer and had to reinstall the Sims and I lost a lot of downloads, and had to rebuild some of the lots again that I was using for this story. Thankfully I was able to save all the main characters. Hopefully you will still remember what happened previously and where it left off :) Enjoy part 6)
The brilliant blue waterfall ebbed closer to the Lockheart river with every tiresome step. The masses of trees finally began to diminish and soon a bridge became visible, a walkway to freedom.

The Lockheart river, in turn, led to a place very important - civilization.

The backs of buildings lay at the rear of the small Lockheart village in their dozens, a sign that life existed despite that there was not a soul to be seen.

"Vivienna, hold on! I think it's best that I go into the village and find a tailor. It's not enough that we've washed our faces of the masquerade make-up and thrown the wings in the river, we're still going to stand out no matter how fast we move through the town.

I'll buy you a headscarf and some normal clothes, things to disguise you. And a new outfit for myself, Grantley is bound to have sent guards looking for us and described what we're wearing.

You hide in that shack over there. Wait there for me, you can't walk around this place or you'll be instantly recognised, I'll go, I am nowhere near as well known as you are!"
"Morris, but just promise me you won't be long? We're not out of the woods yet, no pun intended, we're still in danger"

"Just you wait right here"
"Hmmm, so this is my life? On the run and hiding in an outhouse. This Princess stuff isn't turning out as it's supposed to, that's for sure" "Hello, is anyone here? I'd like to make a purchase" Morris called out as he stepped into Darby & Sons Tailors. The door creeked shrilly as he opened and walked inside. "Welcome to Darby & Sons, how can I help you today young man?" “Hello sir, I need a headscarf" Morris said.

“Don’t have none. This is a menswear outlet. Only sell ‘ats” Mr Darby responded quickly.


“Yes, ‘ats”

“What on earth are those?” Morris questioned, a puzzled expression fixed itself on his face.
“What are ‘ats? Those things you wear on your head, what do you think an ‘at is?” was the sarcastic reply. “Oh! Hats? Hats!”

“You aint from around ‘ere, are you?” Mr Darby queried.

“....Of course I am! Where else would I be from? ....I’ll have your best woman's 'at please, and an 'at for myself. Plus I need two new outfits, one for myself and one for my lady. We're looking for a new image, you see, a total transformation. A total re-vamp"

"Very well then"
Meanwhile a young lady had arrived outside the old lavatory, "who is in there?" she cried out impatiently, "oh come on. Why is there always someone in there! Ugh. One shared toilet in a community this size, it's ridiculous. I am going to write to the government and the King about this and see what he can do for us, we shouldn't live like this!" After a couple of minutes she gave up and decided to go away again, vowing to return soon.

With a sigh she left and set of on the short distance to her house again.
"Vivienna, come on!" . Morris appeared again, this time in his new outfit, a disguised man.

"I've got you a new outfit, Vivienna!"
"Huh? Who's calling me? ....Who's there?" "Why were you calling me?" the young lady asked Morris as she turned on her heel and walked towards him, "you called my name, who are you?" "Oh Morris thank heavens you're here. I thought I was about to be found out, someone was knocking the door and..." "...Oh no. No!" "Wow! W,w,wow!" the lady yelled, throwing her arms in the air in surprise. Is that you, is it really you? Princess Vivienna of Hoxley? Oh my!" "Please! Please, be quiet! I'm begging you! Don't draw attention to me, I'm begging you!"

"I can't believe it. I cannot believe it. The daughter of the King is stood in front of me! It's so nice to meet you, my Princess!" "We have to go! Please, don't tell anyone you saw us. Don't tell a soul!"

"Wait!" she pleaded, "wait, come back! I won't tell anyone. I won't put you in any danger. You can trust me! Come back!"
"I still have her, you know! I still have her! I still have Mrs Packford!" "Huh? Hold on. Did you just say...." "Vivienna! Come on! Why have you stopped!" "Mrs Packford?"

"Yes, Mrs Packford the doll, that's right. My Mother was a maid at your Palace ten years ago, do you remember?"
"My little girl is terribly sick with the fever, for days she has been so ill, I don’t know what to do. I have tried everything, nothing seems to cheer her up. I hate to see her like this, she is only eight" "Excuse me Merideth, but I couldn't help to overhear you as I was walking past a couple of minutes ago..." "Please give your daughter my doll and tell her I wish her well. I hope this will make her feel better. Her name is Mrs Packford, I'm sure your little girl will look after her" "My Mother was so touched by your act of kindness. We both were. Thank you" “I do remember, yes I do. Your name is Vivienna too, you were born some days after me and your Mother named you after me, am I right?” “That’s me. I am your namesake, one of many here in Lockheart town. Why are you running? You seem distressed. If you need any assistance I am here to repay your kindness. I won't put you at risk, if there's anything you need I will do all I can to help you” “Morris? What do you say? We do need help”

“Well, I suppose we could use a warm cup of tea and a bite to eat”

"Yes and we need to get indoors right away before anyone else sees us"

"Let's go then"
“You haven’t told me why you’re running, what from? What has happened, if I may ask?”

“We’re in danger, both of us, we’re running away from situations that we don’t wish to be in” Morris replied.

“Such as?”

“I am facing exile to heaven-knows-where. Vivienna is facing a marriage to Uel of Soltz. We had to flee, we had no other choice”

“What? Why would the King permit such things?”
“He hasn’t. Grantley has, it’s a long story but it isn’t safe for us to return until we are certain my Father is back” “Uel of Soltz? Surely no woman would want to marry him! I hear he has the IQ of a stuffed toy. Oh dear, I feel for you, my parents wanted me to marry a man of their choice. Ruben was his name, he was a nice fellow but neither of us wanted to marry one another. I wanted to marry the love of my life, as did he. We wanted to marry the people we loved, not the people our parents chose” “Really? What did you do?”

“Why, I married the one I love of course. And so did Ruben. I’ve never seen him again. How could they marry us to someone else if we were already married? We made it impossible for that to happen”

“You’re right.....oh you’re absolutely right...”
“Are you thinking what I’m thinking Vivi?”

“I believe I am, Morris. I'm thinking that we have to get married, as soon as we can. I cannot marry Uel of Soltz if I am already married to you! Grantley will be stripped of all his power over us and we will be able to be together, is that what you are thinking too?”

"That is absolutely what I am thinking"

“You said you are willing to assist us to repay Vivienna’s kindness to you all those years ago, I wonder is there anything you can you do in regards to arranging a wedding at such short notice my friend? I understand this is a big ask but it would mean a lot to us"

"I will fetch Pastor Dartley, the man who orchestrates all the marriages around here. As this all rather hasty I can't guarantee he will be available but it is worth a try, and I'm a sucker for a love story, so of course, yes, of course I will try to help you.

Wait here, I won't be long!"
"Morris darling, finally something has gone right. This very day we may be man and wife. This situation that was meant to destroy us is actually turning into something very wonderful for us"

“Yes. This very day. And we’ll never have to run away like this again, like criminals! What a wonderful day this may turn out to be!”
To be continued...

Will Morris' words tempt fate to unleash their worst nightmares or will it in fact turn out to be a wonderful day? Has Grantley really lost his power or is just wishful thinking?

Find out in the next chapter.

Thanks for reading.

Comments and constructive criticism welcome :)


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#1annarose16Aug 29, 2012

This just keeps getting better and better! Can't wait for the next chapter, I really hope they get married!!
Great job! \:D

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