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Tipped Over: Skylark's Story
Published Nov 24, 2012


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Hello~ This is from Tipped Over and I guess this is a sideline story to let you readers know what actually happened to Sky.
Thanks to all the artists and their amazing CC<3

Hello~ This is from Tipped Over and I guess this is a sideline story to let you readers know what actually happened to Sky.
Thanks to all the artists and their amazing CC<3
Why am I even here? Why am I letting this guy touch me? Or hold my hands? Didn't I promise that I would be faithful to Ja.. Oh that's right we broke up.
Yet I find myself breaking from this guy's grip and just walking away.
"Hey! Where are you going, Skylark? I thought we had something!" He yells after me, but I continue to walk, not minding him at all.
I leave the house and enter my comforting limousine.
Entering the limousine, my driver tosses me a questioning glance and I answer back with me turning to look out the window. He sighs and drives me to my loft.
Arriving, he opens the door for me, but before I walk towards the entrance of my building, he squeezes my shoulder gently before hopping back into the limousine.
A small smile is on my lips as I enter my building and step into the elevator, pressing the button'14'.
Opening the door, my body goes into shock as Jacob smiles awkwardly at me. "U-uh... U-u-um."
Gosh, where did my diction go? Didn't I at least prepare a speech for this moment? Oh wait.. I didn't because I buried myself with designs in order to fill this void that he created.
"We need to talk."
"Obviously." And my voice is back!
"Hear me out, Sky."
"Why.. Fine. Go on." I say, sighing in defeat as I look into his hurt eyes.
"The last month.. Was chaotic and depressing and I almost lost sanity and.. It made me realize that you helped me. And that letting you go wasn't the smartest choice."
"Jacob.. I don't know where are you going with this.." I state, confused by his speech.
Didn't he tell me last month that he needed space? And I know he was hiding something from me and whenever I asked about it, he would avoid the topic altogether.
"I can't live without you and I don't want anyone else to take you.. So Sky.."
He gets down on one knee and my heart starts racing. "W-what are you doing, Jacob?" I ask, my thoughts racing.
"Don't worry, Sky. Just answer one simple question for me, okay?" He tells me as he smiles gently.
He grabs something from his coat pocket, but I'm still confused.
"No, no. Wait. You said you needed space and we broke it off because of that. You didn't confide in me, Jacob. You didn't tell me what you were hiding so whatever you're doing.."
"Sky, I wasn't cheating on you if that's what you were asking. I never would have done that."
Guilt clogs up my throat as I think about me holding hands with that other guy. But I shake my head.
"Sky, will you marry me?"
Everything slows as I look into his eyes and see the love in them and tears are rimming my eyes. Suddenly, nothing matters. Everything is forgiven. He came back, he said he was sorry, said he was always was faithful, and.. I believe him.
I honestly believe him.
"YES!" I exclaim, latching onto him, and smothering him with kisses.
"Yes, yes, and yes!"
His laughter is a melody to my ears as we embrace each other.
And we had a small wedding. Everyone in the fashion world disliked Jacob because he didn't fit in their criteria so we didn't invite them. We said our vows and as I was sliding the ring onto his finger, I whispered to him 'I love you.'
One split second before we about to share our first kiss as a married couple, he replied back with 'I love you too.'

Embracing later in the kitchen, we hold onto each other, smiling.
"You don't know how long I have been waiting for this moment, Sky. To hear those words come out from your mouth. To be said in your voice."
His words, smile, and his eyes are driving me insane with love.
I try to find words for the feelings that I have inside of me. These feelings they bump against the walls of my chest so I simply lean in to kiss him.
Cheesiest thing to say, but sparks were everywhere. Pleasant shocks traveled down my spine and into my toes when Jacob picks me up in his arms and led us to our room.
Sleeping was peaceful. It felt good to have him beside me again. It felt good to feel secure again... But I still find myself worrying about what he was hiding before.
Few months after...
"Hmm.." Jason says after me begging him to come and stay at my loft until Jacob comes back. He reluctantly agreed since he is my driver. But for some reason, he changed into his Pj's to be more comfortable..
"Oh come on, Liz! Run after him! HE'S SICK! HE NEEDS YOU!" I yell at my T.V. screen.
"Something is off about you."
I turn my attention to him as he looks at the T.V. "W-what?"
"What's wrong?"
"I don't k-kno.."
"Don't lie to me."
"It's Jacob... I'm afraid something is wrong with him.. And I don't know what to do."
"Talk to him about it."
"Well that's why.."
Jason throws me a glance before sighing.
"Fine..only because I have known you since you got here two years ago."
Flipping the hotdogs on the grill, I tap my foot impatiently. I want to eavesdrop, but that is too obvious. Jason is talking to Jacob and the dark look plaguing in Jacob's eyes makes me worry about the truth.
What if Jacob is hiding something that can hurt us both?
What if he didn't want to hurt me anymore so that's why he kept this in the dark? But aren't we a couple? Aren't we suppose to make choices together... Right? Relaxing in the hot tub, I sigh in content until Jason slams the glass door.
"Your husband in the bathroom." He says, mono-tone.
My happiness is drained as I jump out of the hot tub and rush towards the restroom, not caring about leaving puddles of water on the floor.
Vomiting is what I heard from the other side of the door. And my questions seem to have answers floating above them, but I don't want to grasp them. I don't want to know the truth. No.. I'm not ready to know the truth. Jacob comes out with a smile on his face and his breath smelling of minty toothpaste. "I think I ate something bad." Jacob says even though his smile doesn't reach his eyes. I look at him with sad eyes before smiling at him too. "Well let me help you get better, 'kay?" I say, smiling.
But I feel my heart being ripped into pieces and a voice in me is screaming, pleading for him to tell the truth. Or for me to beg him to tell me, but.. I don't want to hear it. I don't want to hear any of that.
But there is always that one moment.. Where it has to be asked. And the question has to be answered.
"Look at that star, Sky!" Jacob points to the bright star that seems to be getting dimmer by the second.
I smile at him and then the question slips from my tongue.
"How sick are you, Jacob?"
Silence. It weighs on our shoulders and makes breathing difficult.
"I only have a few more days." He says.
We separate from each other and we avert our gaze to the ground.
"What is it?"
"The doctors don't even know, but I look healthy, don't I? Isn-"
"NO! I WANT YOU TO BE OVERALL HEALTHY!" I shout, tears rimming my eyes.
"I'm sorry for things being like this, Sky." He gets up and plants a kiss on my forehead.
"I will wait for you upstairs." He murmurs into my hair.
I stay a few more minutes outside before going inside.
Standing in the living room, I look around it as I feel sadness repeatedly wash over me.
Inhaling deeply, I make my way upstairs and hope that nothing happens tomorrow.
But of course.. Hoping always fails me.
Few days later...
A sigh escapes from Jason's lips as I walk towards the stairs.
I don't reply because my words are gone.
They have disappeared when Jacob left this world after I pleaded and begged Fate to not take him away.
"SKY! STOP WALKING AND TURN AROUND!" Jason yells. I follow his command and turn around.
"Talk to me. Now."
But all I do is stare at him.
Stare at him until he gives up.
But he doesn't.
"We all lost him, Sky.Of course, you are obviously heart broken.."
But I stop listening.
I'm drowning in this black sea of depression. I'm drowning and I'm not fighting it because I love this numbness. I don't have to think about the tears or about the guilt.
I could have helped him earlier, gotten him a few more days to live by asking him to tell me.
Because money isn't a problem and I could have paid for the expensive visits and the specialists.. But it was too late.
Jason has already left and my phone begins to ring.
The breathless voice has worry, panic, frightened in it that I quickly respond.
"What's wrong, Annie?"
"Sky... I-it's Mom."
It has a been awhile since I knew this call would come, but I didn't think it would be at this moment. No.. This is too much.
"Her wish.."
"I know, Annabel. I know her wish." I say hanging up and dropping my phone on the ground.
I fall down to the ground, wrapping my arms around my legs, to feel somewhat safe, but it doesn't help.
This truly can't be happening....

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#1belaraNov 24, 2012

Poor Sky first her husband then her mom. Great story, pls continue!

#2Bby-LVIPNov 24, 2012

Poor her.. \:\( I hope she'll be fine.. \:\(

#3AlessaFayeNov 25, 2012

wow I feel so bad for her \:\(

#4fruitopiaVIPNov 28, 2012

Sky you have to be strong, you will bounce back.

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