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Rebel Chapter 1
Published Dec 9, 2012


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Here is the first chapter of Rebel. I hope you enjoy! Feel free to leave comments, they encourage me to continue and do better! :D

Here is the first chapter of Rebel. I hope you enjoy! Feel free to leave comments, they encourage me to continue and do better! :D Maddy has been chatting with her best friend for hours, and Lilith is upset because she wants to call her friends too.

Lilith: Maddy, can't you two just chat online? Why do you have to hog the phone? You know my friends don't have internet so I have to use the phone to talk to them!

Maddy rolled her eyes and spoke to her friend with an annoyed tone.

Maddy: Hey girl, my sister is complaining. I'll see you later at the mall. Bye.

Maddy hung up the phone and turned toward Lilith...
Maddy was angry. She glared at Lilith, who glared right back at her.

Maddy: You are so rude Lilith! I can't even plan to go to the mall with Abby without you complaining about you needing to use the phone to call your so called "friends"! Hate to tell you but they are just fakes! They only hang out with you because they feel sorry for you!

Lilith didn't hesitate to fight back.

Lilith: That isn't true! If either of us have fake friends, it's YOU! You always act perfect and make it look like I'm the evil one when it's you who is the evil one of us two! And I bet that your friends only like you because our mom was making a good paycheck! They'll ditch you once they find out she lost her job!

Maddy: Ugh! How dare you insult my friends like that! They would never use me like that!

Lilith: Oh, I'm sorry, of course they wouldn't. How could they use you when you NEVER buy them anything?!

Louise stepped out of her office and walked into the room...
Louise looked at both of the girls and shook her head.

Louise: You two need to stop fighting or I'll make you come clip coupons with me. I have 100 pages of coupons that need to be clipped...

Lilith and Maddy quickly shook their heads.

Louise: Alright, that's what I thought. Now that I have your attention, your father and I have been talking. We both agree that it is about time you two find jobs. We are barely paying the bills with your fathers paychecks and he can't pick up a third job. I am having no luck finding a job so I've resulted to couponing. So we need you to both help out.

Lilith nodded her head, while Maddy got angry and rebelled...
Maddy: Mom! I have a life you know! How am I supposed to hang out with my friends with a job that will take away the little time I have afterschool? Ugh!

Louise shook her head while Maddy rose her hands to her hips.

Louise: Maddy, you heard me. Now you are not going anywhere until you apply to two different places. It won't be that difficult.

Louise left the room to resume her couponing. Maddy just stood there, thinking to herself.

Maddy *thinking*: Ugh! I'm going out and that is that! I don't care what she says! I'll just wait until Lilith isn't looking...
Lilith immediately went to the couch and started looking in the newspaper for jobs. Not paying attention to her sister, Maddy saw the opportunity to sneak out, so she did... Meanwhile, Louise sat down at her computer in her office. Her printer finally printed the rest of her coupons out, so she decided to turn off her computer and begin clipping. Later, at about 5pm, Matthew had to leave for work. As he headed to the door, he yelled out to his wife and kids.

Matthew: Hey girls I'm off to work! I'll see you in about six hours!

Matthew then walked out the door and headed off to his night shift at the restaurant.
After applying to three jobs, Lilith started to feel sick, most likely from the pizza she had for lunch. She knew there was no medicine in the bathroom, so she headed to the pantry and took a box from the stockpile. As she reached for it, she thought to herself.

Lilith: To think, thanks to mom's couponing, all this stuff was free or close to free. It's amazing how much her hard work can pay off.

Lilith smiled and grabbed the box so she could put it in the bathroom for everyone to use.
At about eleven at night, Louise was just getting off the phone with her favorite store, checking their coupon policy to make sure her shopping trip she planned to do the next day would go smoothly. She was excited to hear that everything would go as planned, but she soon forgot all about it when she saw Maddy sneak in the house.

Maddy looked at her sister, who was at the other side of the room making faces to the fish. Thinking she was the only other person in the room, Maddy felt safe and sighed a sigh of relief. She then turned her head and saw her mother.

Maddy: Uh-oh...
Louise glared at Maddy, and began to yell at her.

Louise: Madison Marilyn Livingwater! Where have you been?! I told you to stay here until you applied to two different places! And what do you do? Sneak out! You are grounded until further notice!

Maddy rolled her eyes and placed her hands on her hips. Louise continued to yell at her.

Louise: Don't even bother, you are not getting out of this. You're father came home before you and we both agree to it. Now go to bed!
Maddy stormed off to her room. She wasn't going to listen to her mother, she was going to come up with a plan to sneak out again in the morning... The next morning, Lilith woke up early and began to read the newspaper again. She wasn't eager to get a job, but she was eager to be able to get away from her sister for a few hours a day. Maddy woke up at about noon, and walked into the kitchen to have some breakfast. Maddy opened the fridge, only to find juice and bread, literally.

Maddy: Ugh! Mom! There's no food in the fridge!

Louise shook her head and looked at Maddy.

Louise: Maddy, I have to go shopping today, remember? Have some toast and a cup of juice. It won't hurt you.

Maddy: Ugh! That won't fill me up! I'm starving!

Matthew then shook his head and looked at Louise.

Matthew: I think she should go with you instead of me today. Seeing that she's complaining about there being no food, I think it would be a good opportunity for her to see how much work grocery shopping is now with you couponing.

Louise nodded her head in agreement.

Louise: Yes, that is a great idea! Maddy, you are very lucky today. You don't need to apply for jobs today as long as you behave in the store with me. Mind you we will be there for several hours.
Maddy didn't like this idea at all, and wasn't afraid to show it.

Maddy: Ugh! You are just out to make my life miserable!

Maddy stormed out of the room. Louise chuckled quietly and continued her conversation she was having with her husband.

-end of chapter one-
I hope you enjoyed it! If there is anything you liked (or didn't like) feel free to tell me in the comments! I read every single one and will reply! Thanks for reading! Chapter 2 should come out soon!

Don't hesitate to ask me questions or give me suggestions about what I should do in the next chapter as well! I could always use ideas :)

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#1jadababy2003VIPDec 10, 2012

Great start . Can't wait for the next one!

#2lowe741Dec 11, 2012

nice and one question how do you make a story????wondering cuz i'm planning to make one myself

#3oreo2745Dec 12, 2012

@jadababy2003: Thank you! I'm hoping to have the next one up in a week or two! \:\)

@lowe741: It is really easy. Take pictures in the game, then go onto TSR and scroll over "Hi lowe741!" and in the list click "My Stories". Once the page loads, click on "Submit Story". Give it a title, add the pictures, write what you want in the text boxes and viola! Story! \:D

Keep in mind that when you finish it, if you want a certain picture to be the "featured image" such as my cover, you will want to make sure to click on "featured image" under the text box that the picture is associated with.

You can find your pictures in C:\Documents and Settings\User\My Documents\EA Games\The Sims 2\Neighborhoods\E001\Storytelling (this is just an example. You may have to go through each expansion packs folder to find where the pictures are kept if they are not in the Sims 2 base game folder, then go through each neighborhood folder to figure out what neighborhood is the one you want)

Also be sure to read TSR's Storytelling Policies and Rules. When you go to write your story they will be further down the page, so scroll a little bit. Good luck! \:\)

#4iloveacnDec 15, 2012

not bad, I like their house maybe sometime you could upload it. I think it would be a good promotion as well for your story.

#5oreo2745Dec 17, 2012

Thanks! If I do upload the house I will let people know at the end of a chapter or something! \:\)

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