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The Struggle of a Wife CH.18
Published May 30, 2013


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Remember to C.A.R.H

sorry for any mistakes, i had to do a rush job...

(if you have a sim that you want to be in my story, please leave a comment below or in my guestbook.)

Remember to C.A.R.H

sorry for any mistakes, i had to do a rush job...

(if you have a sim that you want to be in my story, please leave a comment below or in my guestbook.)
Cheryl's Story

Days were flying by quickly and no one really noticed, but my due day was right around the corner. I was excited because Evin and Everlynn were excited. We didnít know the sex of the baby, which made it even more exciting that my due date was so close.
Evin wanted a boy, Everlynn wanted a girl, but it didnít matter to me because I would love it no matter what.

Everlynn: We can name her Cheyenne Elizabeth. (said Everlynn as we were eating breakfast)

Cheryl: Why Cheyenne Elizabeth? (I asked with a confused face)

Everlynn: Because Cheyenne starts with a C, like your name, Mom; and Elizabeth because its starts with an E like Dadís name.

We all giggled

Everlynn: Thatís if the baby is a girl.
Cheryl: What would you name the baby if itís a boy? (I asked her)

Everlynn began to think really hard.

Everlynn: Alvin-Simon Theodore

Evin burst out laughing.

Cheryl: Hunny (I chuckled) arenít those the chipmunks?
Everlynn: Uh Huh, I like them.

Evin: But why all of their names?
Everlynn: I like them all and I canít choose my favorite.

Evin and I laughter at our daughter
Later on that day Evin pulled me to the side to talk.

Evin: Baby, come sit with me (He said as he patted the couchís cushion right next to him)

I eased down beside him

Evin: I want to talk to you about something thatís been on my mind for a while.

I began to worry
Cheryl: Is everything okay.

Evin: of course it is (He said putting his arms around me) Before I tell you what has been on my mind, I want you to promise me that you would keep an open mind to the idea.

I sat there for a while debating on if I wanted to hear what Evin had to say

Cheryl: Okay Evin, Iíll keep an open mind
Evin then took a deep breath and began to speak

Evin: I was thinking that maybe we should move
Cheryl: Move? Why?

Evin: Because of our family growing; we donít really have a room for the new baby.
Cheryl: I thought we were going to have Everlynn and the baby share a room

Evin: Yeah, but I was thinking that If the baby cries, then it would wake her up, and we donít want that. Plus Iím not talking about moving across town, Iím talking about moving to Aurora Skies.

Cheryl: WHAT!!!! Why do you want to leave SunSet Valley?!? Our friends are here!
Evin: Because it has the best day cares and schools for the kids andÖ (He stopped in midsentence)

Cheryl: AND???
Evin: Well earlier today, I got a call from the base and they told me that Iím being relocated there within the next couple of months.

I couldnít believe it, I was devastated. I was being forced to move to Aurora Skies; that meant I would have to leave Vera and Dawn behind. I began to tear up, so I ran to the bathroom to recompose myself.
A week later, I had gotten over the sting of moving away from Sunset Valley. Ii really hurts to face the fact that I would be leaving Vera and Dawn behind, but she ensured me that she would come visit every month. When we told Everlynn about the move, she took it very well.
Anyway, we spent our time packing our things.

One night I was so tired of packing that I just had to get out the house, so Evin took us to the park down the street.

Everlynn ran off to play on the swings, while Evin and I got on the sea-saw.
Evin: Are you ready for this move next week?

I sighed

Cheryl: Yeah, I guess. I mean, as ready as Iím going to be.
Evin: Donít worry Cheryl, everything is going to be alright.

Cheryl: But I donít want to leave Vera and Dawn
Evin: Vera said that they would be okay if we moved. I know itís hard, but we have to think about what is best for the baby.

Cheryl: I guess so, but I already feel distant from Thomas, Molly, and Jordan. I donít want to leave Vera by herself.

Evin: She will be fine Baby, you just have to pray and keep moving. Besides, Vera and Dawn will be coming every month and Aurora Skies is close to Hidden Springs, where Thomas them lives.
I began to cheer up, but before I could agree with him, I felt my my pants get wet.

Cheryl: OMG EVIN!!!
EVIN: Whatís wrong?
Cheryl: My water just broke.

Evin helped me off the sea saw and helped me to the car.


Everlynn: YAY, THE BABY IS COMING( she said running to the car and helping herself in.
After 3 days in the hospital, I was released and was able to go home with my son, Evin Jr. 3 months later, Evin, Everlynn, Evin Jr, and I moved out of our house and into our new 4 bedroom home in Aurora Skies.

Well this is my storyÖ for now. I want to thank you for sticking around to read it. I hate to say good bye, but every good thing must come to an end. Until next time my LovesÖ I will miss you guys..

Mohalaís Story Mohala: What was I thinking (I asked myself as I walked towards the door of my husbandís mistress.

It has been 2 weeks since Neko asked me about meeting his son, and I have been dodging this ever since. I dreaded this trip and I had changed my mind several times, but if I wanted my marriage to work I would need to do this.

Neko: Mohala, if itís too much we can turn back now.(He said holding my hand)

Mohala: Iím fine, I just donít know what to expect.

Neko pulled me into him and kissed me.

Neko: I know this is a lot to handle, and I wish it wasnít like this, but you need to do this so we can move on.

Mohala: I know (I said pulling away) Just ring the doorbell and letís get this over with

Neko did as I said.
A few seconds later a beautiful woman came to the door, which I guess was Kimberly.

Kimberly: Uh, Neko? (She answered the door with a confused face) Who isÖ I mean whatís going on here?

Neko: Hi Kimberly, this is my wife, Mohala. (He said introducing us)

She and I smiled at one another.

Neko: I told you that one day soon we would be coming to see Jr.

Kimberly: Iím sorry, I totally forgot. (She giggled) Come on in.

We did so
When I entered the room, I saw a baby rocker turned the opposite way of me. I began to hear my heartbeat in my ears. Inside that rocker was Nekoís love child.

I began to walk towards the rocker, so I could get this over with.
Once I got there, there was nothing in the rocker.

Kimberly: Oh, the baby is in his crib. (She said noticing me looking for him) I will go get him.

Neko: No, Iíll go get him. (He said walking off towards the back of the house)

Kimberly: Well, excuse me, but I have to get something off the stove. (She said running to the kitchen)
I was in the room by myself (thank goodness) because I began to tear up.

Mohala: Come on Mohala, pull yourself together. This is not the time or place to break down. Itís almost over; you can do this. (I told myself as I wiped away the few tears that had fallen)
I decided that my best move was to sit down and wait till one of them came back. Before I could get comfortable, Neko was walking in the room holding the baby.
My heart began to stop.
I stood up and watched my husband walk closer to me with a baby that looked exactly like him.
In my head, I wanted to cry and run, but I knew I could not do that, so I began to walk closer to them.
Neko: My Flower, I want you to meet my son, Neko Jr.
I stood there just staring at them both
Neko: Would you like to hold him

Mohala: No, thank you.

Neko: But Mohala, you have to if you want to get move on with our marriage.

He was right
Mohala: I donít know, may be another time.

Neko: Itís now or never (he said as if he was disappointed)

Mohala: You canít rush me Neko; this is too much to bare and I just need a few minutes to adjust with this situation.

Neko: Ok
Neko phone began to ring.

Neko: I have to get this (He said putting the baby in the rocker) This is the club Iím Dj-ing for tomorrow.

He went to the back of the house again, leaving me in the room with the baby.
I stared at Jr. in his little rocker. I didnít want to pick him up, I just want toÖ. I donít know I was having mixed emotions when it came to him.

Here I am, asking and begging for a baby, and there he is, sitting in a rocker staring back at me. To think that Neko didnít want kids, but is now a father.

I began to get upset.
I picked up the baby and just stared at him.

Neko Jr. was a little cutie, but I wasnít feeling any connection towards him. Maybe because he was not my son, or maybe because I was jealous. How could Neko expect me to be alright with this when just a while ago I was asking him for a child, and we argued about it almost every single day. NOW that he has had a child with another woman, heís all happy about being a father!

Neko: I think he likes you (He said walking back into the room)
Mohala: Well I donít like him(I blurted out without thinking)

Neko was shocked

Neko: What?

I began to put the baby back into his rocker, which he instantly went back to sleep.

Mohala: I said I donít like him.
Kimberly: Excuse me! (She asked coming back from the kitchen)

Neko and I stared at Kimberly

Kimberly: What did you say about my son?!?! (She said approaching me)

Mohala: Look, I canít deal with this anymore. I promise I tried to fight for our marriage, but Neko I canít handle this.
(I turn my attention to Kimberly)
You have to excuse me because Iím a littleÖ no a lot upset with this whole situation.
Neko: Calm down Mohala

Mohala: No, I canít. I canít calm down because you want me to. Neko, you and I are married, I wanted kids and you didnít. When I asked you about having any you pitched a fit. Then out of the blue, this happens. You had a baby with ANOTHER WOMAN! (I began to yell)I CANíT BE OKAY WITH THAT NEKO, I JUST CANíT.

I began to walk out the house and head home.

Neko: Wait, where are you going?

Mohala: Away from you and a way this crap.

Neko: I donít understand, where is away?

Mohala: Donít worry about it, youíll figure it out.
Neko: What?

I said nothing, I just ran off.

My plan was to run home, pack my clothes and get away from Neko. I called my sister to tell her what I was about to do, and she insisted that I stay with them but I couldnít. Their house was too close to Neko. I needed to get far away and fast!!!

Once I got home, I packed everything I could, wrote a quick note and left it on the kitchen table and left my wedding ring with it. I was done with Neko; I deserve better.
hope you enjoyed=)

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Ben72006Jul 8, 2013

Strange but I hope it not over yet

8teenloveJun 26, 2013

I hope you do a sequel ! Please do one please

lish300Jun 4, 2013

YEAH YOU DO MOHALA! I don't like Neko I'm sorry but he cheated on her, had a son and now he wants to dump all that on her?? Yeah no! And aww bye Cheryl\:\(

SimplySweetJun 3, 2013

Is this the end for real?!?!

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