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The Story of Letta Divine
Published Nov 6, 2007


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This is the first chapter of "The story of Letta Divine", a girl who had only one dream: to sing. Did she make it big? Did she fail? We'll see! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did writing it!

This is the first chapter of "The story of Letta Divine", a girl who had only one dream: to sing. Did she make it big? Did she fail? We'll see! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did writing it! -Oh mother! Thank you so much for the wonderful Christmas present for me and Anette! A trip to the Far East is just perfect!
-You both deserve it! Besides I am the lucky one here, Stella is all mine for two weeks! You know how much I love her!

-Yes, I know and she loves you too. I'm off now, there are a lot of things I have to do before we leave. You two take good care of eachother.
-Have fun and bring me something to play with ! Please, daddy, please!
-Of course I will! Goodbye!
- I love you grandma! I'm so glad I'm spending Christmas with you and your delicious chocolate milk! said Stella reaching out to hug her grandmother.
-Oh, let's make you a cup before we go to bed!
-I can't refuse an offer like that!

After drinking a delicious chocolate milk they went to Stella's room. She was full of energy and couldn't sleep so Minerva thought about reading her a story.
- Come on Stella, off to bed! Grandma will read you a story, I know how much you like fairytales!
Stella stoped jumping on her bed and started listening...
"Once upon a time, there was a beautiful little girl....
-GRANDMA! What are you doing?!
-What do you mean?!
-I don't want that story!! I want you to tell me Letta Divine's story! You know, the woman in the old picture I found in the attic! You promissed, Grandma!
Minerva smiled as she remembered.
-Ok, get into bed and I will tell you!
Stella's eyes were sparkling and she immediately got under her blanket as Minerva started her story:

"Letta Divine was a very talented and beautiful singer. When she was a little girl, like you, she used to dream about being a star. She wanted to appear in magazines, on Tv, in glamorous shows, everywhere! She wanted people to know her and to worship her voice. So, as soon as she had a little money she left her town and went in search of celebrity.
Letta found an ad in the newspaper of a bar that was searching for a singer for their opening act. The money they offered wasn't much, but it sure was a start. She went there immediately. It wasn't a big bar, but it was clean and decent. She was mesmerised by the stage and she imagined herself singing on it... -Hello. May I help you?
When Letta turned around she saw a tall young woman with big brown eyes looking right at her.
-Oh, hello! I'm here about the ad in the newspaper...
-The ad! Yes! I'm Kara, the owner of "Rosa's", the one who placed it. Nice to meet you...
-Letta! Nice to meet you too Kara! I would really, really like to sing...
-Everybody wants to sing,dear, but not everybody can sing!
-I can sing and I want to sing! I really do!
-You sound so passionate. said Kara, but you have to show me that you can sing. Ok?
-Anytime! I can even do it now, if you want, of course.
Kara looked at her and saw in her eyes a desire that she had never seen before in any of the girls who came or sang in her bar, but that reminded her of her late mother.
-Let's see what you can do, Letta. On the stage there is a microphone, it's all yours.
Letta took a deep breath, got a good grip of the microphone and started singing. Singing was the thing she knew how to do best. Her voice was so sweet, yet strong, that she could turn any song into the most beautiful mix of feelings. Kara was listening to her and she couldn't believe it. She had an amazing voice and wanted to sing in her bar...HER bar! The sun was shining again! As soon as Letta finished her song, Kara started cheering her:
- Wooohooo! Way to go Letta!You're a star!
-You are hired! said Kara, almost out of breath.
-Thank you so so much Kara! I can't believe it!
-If you don't have a place to stay, the bar has a small accomodation to offer you.
-Oh my gosh! That would be really great, I wouldn't have to pay so much rent and I could save some money! I'll take your offer.
-Great! said Kara with a wide smile.
-My sister Greta is the main singer here, she has a show on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. You will be singing as her opening act and on Monday Tuesday and Wednesday.
-How about the costumes?
-Well, whatever you like will be fine, as long as it is formal. We don't provide the costumes, you'll have to get a dress or two.
-What's going on here?
-Greta! Come on over here, I want you to meet Letta, our new singer. She will be your opening act from now on.
-Finally, you hired someone, this place needs a new face! said Kara's beautiful sister.
-Yes, she is very talented, she will make a great show,Greta, a great show! I even have a name for you, Letta Divine! Yes, we'll call you Letta Divine! -Welcome aboard !
-Thank you very much, I'm happy to be here! said Letta almost in tears.
Letta's room wasn't much, but it had everything she needed. She had big thoughts about her show. She thought about her dresses, that she could sew them herself. She even thought about a masked show. She was so happy, that no words can describe it. Later that night it was Greta's show. Letta couldn't wait to see all the people cheering greta for her show.But when she got to the bar, it was almost empty! -Kara?
-Is it like this every night?
-Yes, it is.Since Rufus Dull, the hot shot, opened a bar just around the corner, everyone is going there to see Farah von Shine.
-Farah von Shine?!
-Yes, Farah von Shine.
-Wow! She is my idol!!
-Rufus wants to buy this bar from me. I said I'd give it a thought.I love what I do now, but the money would be more than enough to live my entire life. This is a hotspot for celebrities now that he opened his place here.
-Yes. He has a table reserved for me every night, so that I could see that my bar would be put to good use if I sell it to him.
-Kara, please, oh please, can we go and see Farah! Please! said Letta almost begging.
Kara laughed and told her that they would be going as soon as Greta finished her show.
By the time they got there, Farah's show had already started. She was so beautiful and looked like an angel with that white dress and long blonde hair in an classy updo. And her voice was so pure. Letta looked at her as if she wanted to be her, to be the one on that stage. For the first time in her life she really felt like her dream could come true. When Farah finished her show, every single person in the bar acclaimed her as they would have acclaimed a Goddess. The public was mesmerised by her. Rufus... oh dear! I guess someone had too much showbusiness for tonight! Miranda was tucking Stella in, when she realised that memories were coming back to her...


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Sternchen00001Jun 17, 2012

my name is also stella \:D sweet story

CleotopiaMay 25, 2011

Wonderful, Maybe this story might be a few years old, still enjoy it \:\) Reading the next part after this comment!

Kayla_MarieAug 5, 2010

very nice start, i love how u ended it

MangioMar 13, 2010

\:rah\: what a beautiful start.. \:\) the Rosa's are so nice to her \:wub\: im sure Letta will make the big break ... i like it how you tell it as if her grandma was really Letta. off to read the next part \:D

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