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MERRY CHRISTMAS To all and to all a good... New Year!

Hello my friends!  I would dearly love to be able to go thru all of TSR and wish each of you a wonderful and happy Season of Peace and Joy! But, alas.. it would take days to do that.. and that would take a lot of time from creating! ;)  


I wish you all the peace and joy of this wonderful Season! A very Merry Christmas to you and yours! A Joyous Noel, Happy Chanuhka, Joyous Kwaanza, Merry Yule, or a Bah Humbug! ;)  As for me and mine... we Wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! 

I'll "see" you all in 2013!!! 

Love and hugs to you all,

Melissa and family

and More Ramblings...

I just realized.. I celebrated my 1 year anniversary for Featured Artist this past June!  LOL  WOW.. a year and they still haven't figured out that they might have  made a mistake?? (rofl)  I am still feeling honored at being asked to be an FA here at TSR.. THE BEST site on the web for custom content for the Sims 3.  

I'm still finding all kinds of things to create.. (fortunately)... and I still absolutely LOVE meshing/creating.. that is  a plus I guess! :D  .. and I still enjoy reading all the comments left on my objects.. good, bad, or indifferent.. (tho mostly they are good!) And, it still amazes me that my creations are downloaded and used in other players games!  I've made a lot of very good "friends" on this journey and I thank God daily for them.. and for my ability to make these creations.  

I'm blessed in more ways than one.. and huge hugs to all of you!! 


I will be gone...

For a little while.  :)

I will be having a knee replacement surgery on Sept. 10..  I have to stay in the hospital for about a week, then will be home, but basically on bed rest for several more weeks.   I do have a laptop and will ,, when feeling okay,, mesh another set or two! :)  But, if I'm not uploading for a bit, perhaps a month or so,, please don't forget me! I will be back and bring you more stuff to decorate your sims homes! Please bare with me during this time,, and continue to browse my mini-site and hopefully you will find something you might need or your little pixel people would just love to have! 

Til I get back..  Huge hugs and thanks to all !!!  


Sick as a dog!!.... :(

Oi! Well.. between my knee replacement being extremely loose and causing severe pain,, and the normal aches and pains of old age! (arthritis... bad!) ...  I now have strep throat.. :(    I have a fever of 101F...  can't swallow even water.. LOL  (I'm sooo thirsty)  and can't eat! (I'm starving over here) :D.. anywhoooo...  It might be a couple more weeks til I get my next set done...  just not really feeling quite up to it right now... I'm sorry.. and I thank ALL of you for bearing with me!  

Good news.. the new laptop I ordered will be arriving tomorrow.. ONE WEEK ahead of schedule!! WOOT... gotta Love Dell and Alienware!! (clap)  and a bit more good news.. depending on how you look at it... sometime (Hopefully)  after Aug. 18th (and I'll explain that in a minute.. if you care to keep reading my drivel)  .. I will be having my knee replacement surgery... so I'll have a LOT of laying around time to create!!!!  

As I said...  it has to be after Aug. 18th...  my sweet, lovable, cuddly, wonderful, prince of a "husband"..  bought tickets (right up front and close)  to the Alan Jackson concert on that day!! I am sooooo excited...  I could just scream..  (at this point.. I can't or my throat would probably bleed and explode!!! LOL ) I will hopefully remember my camera.. and remember to take several pictures of Alan... isn't he yummy... Jackson! 

anyway..  I wish you all peace, and love... and joy!! :)  Happy simming and thanks for reading my ... errr... life story?? LOL HUGS


WOW... what memories!

I got a message that my Holbrook Console slots kept "moving" about !! LOL  Pesky little things no?  So, being the kind, wonderful, caring , considerate... (rofl) I do so amuse myself.... person that I am.. I pulled up the old file ... sure enough.. I'd forgotten to rename the slots and the redo the bone-hash.. (the things I go thru to please you people! *wink*)  ...  well, I must say, looking at that old console.. I was so proud of it and my mapping and what not.. GOOD GRIEF!  I wonder why anyone would download that!!!  I thought .. I must fix this whole thing!! And, I started to do just that.. opened Milkshape and UVMP.. looked at it some more.. and thought.. "NO".. I fixed the slots but didn't change anything else...  This is hours of my hard work..  my memories.. where I came from and where I am now!!!  

I've come a long way in the last couple years.. from just a submitter.. to an SA.. and finallly.. I was chosen to be an FA (and believe me.. if you create .. and get chosen.. you know the feeling - TOTAL astonishment... total freaking JOY! total amazement! and total HONOR!)  I took the road less travelled. and it was a tough one.. but I did it!  

Ahhhhh ... memories! 

Love and hugs to all! 


Country Cottage Bedroom Collection!!

I am such a dummy sometimes... lol  This is a re-release... I had to re-fix for the Pets expansion and patch.  I am so sorry for the misunderstandings I left you all with!!  This is not a new set, but as I said it's a re-release!!  Thank you ALL that have left such awesome and sweet comments!!!  They are truly appreciated...  and I hope this mistake on my part doesn't drive you away from my newest creations!!!  My sincere apologies for the misunderstanding!!!

Hugs and LOVE to you all!!


Pets EP and Patch Fix

I fixed the Mino Double Bed and the Country Cottage Double Bed, plus Holbrook Bathtub and Country Cottage Bathtub to work with the Pets EP and/or the newest patch!  

PLEASE make sure your game is fully patched!! Thanks

My Birthday...

It has been a wonderful day...  thanks to all the folks from TSR that sent me birthday wishes on Skype!  Sooo many! I just had a wonderful day because of all the love poured out to me!! THANK YOU ALL!! You made my birthday so very bright!! :) 


I just published my first set as a Featured Artist...  I still can't believe I have a shiney Gold badge!!  I'm still amazed at the fact that a little over a year ago I was just stepping into this mess called meshing!  And, now, I'm addicted AND a Featured Artist here on TSR...  It's simply amazing! 

When I stumbled upon TSR YEARS ago.. and found out that there were objects that you could download and play with in the game... I was awed that there were people that could do this - make these fantastic objects -  AND.. that most of them shared their stuff freely..  I admit I refused to pay for a subscription for a LONG time...   and then I broke down and paid for a 3 month subscription!! LOL   I simply HAD to have CycloneSue's creations... yes, it was her fault!!! :D   Then, as I explored the site more and more... I found Cashcraft, and Riccinumbers... Angela...  Shakeshaft...  ShinkoKCR...  ohhh the list is endless.....  and so were my download lists!!!  And, I dreamed of someday creating my own objects... and I must admit I secretly wished to be a Featured Artist... :D (no kidding)  Then... I started reading tutorials and making paintings for the game...  One day I sent a PMs to Ricci  and Sue asking for help for something...  and the rest is history...  Sue and Cath dragged me kicking and screaming thru meshing and mapping...  texturing and shading...  baking...  (Simman_123) had a huge hand in that!!  Angela dragged me thru transparencies...  FA's and SA's alike answered my questions patiently and with perfect clarity...  And... here I am... still completely amazed and utterly honored to have been chosen to be a Featured Artist for TSR!!!


I want to thank Sue and Cath, Angela and Renate, Gea Kris Ana on and on and on!!  For everything... the patience, the kindness...  and A HUGE thanks to Thomas too...  and the rest of the hard working staff at TSR for allowing me to share my creations here!!!

HUGS to you all!!


Thank you

For all of you that have sent me congratulations in my guestbook...  There are so many of you... and it's an awesome feeling reading those lovely words...  but with soooo many received,, I'm taking the lazy way out and saying.... THANK YOU!! here...  I do appreciate them all!!

HUGE HUGS to you... you know who you are!! lol


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