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Well,,,  it seems the last two days have been about the best in my life!! My son has graduated from HighSchool... and I've been invited to become a Featured Artist here at TSR!!!  What a HUGE honor that is!! 

When I was invited to be an SA, I was overjoyed!!! But to be chosen as an FA here... well, let me tell you.. I am SO very honored!!  I need to thank CycloneSue and Riccinumbers for ALL they've taught me...  and of course Angela, Renate, Gosik, and several others that were always available for questions, and helped me learn to create!!! THANK YOU ALL!!!!

Wow.. just.....   WOW

Country Cottage Kitchen Cabinet 1 and 2

First I have to thank Angela for telling me what was wrong! Okay,,, I changed the shader on the cabinets so now they look better in game. I'm really sorry for the inconvenience... Have a great day! Melissa


Well...  I just watched my son drive off for his first night of Firefighter training... 

 It seems like yesterday I was holding this little squalling bundle in my arms..  I swear, I just put him down for a minute, turned around, and when I looked back.....  where did 18 years go??  18 years? They flew by in the blink of an eye...  and there, in place of my little blue eyed, soft, sweet angel stands a 6'3" tall 18 year old man...  I used to look down at him in my arms... now, I have to crane my neck to look UP at him!   I can see so clearly his first attempt to crawl...  and then,, he was standing at the coffee table, he let go, and took those first few tentative steps towards me...  all smiley and drooling...  his first word... all mumbled...  but pointing at me -  mommy.  His first day of kindergarten...  bravely walking up the steps of the bus, turning around, smiling and saying "bye Mom!"  Lord how I cried after that bus drove off!!

From a squalling 21" long, 6# 12oz bundle... to a 6'3" 18 year old man.  18!!!  I'd give almost anything to have my little bundle back!!  But, I have the memories!!   And, now he's found his "calling" in life...  to help people in some of the darkest moments of their lives...  A firefighter! Wow!  I'm so proud of this kid!!  So very very proud!!

And now... while he's gone... I'm going to go cry for a while!! Ohhh they'll be happy, proud tears...  but... well ... Nostalgia!

Mel's Modern Dining Barware....

This is now UPDATED! Thank you.

It was brought to my attention... a huge shout out and Thanks to ziggy... that for some reason the barware isn't showing up right in the game... I am working on another version... with the massive help of Gosik and Simonetta!! ...   that will hopefully work right and as I am re-meshing it, I have lowered the poly count by quite a bit!!  Please hang on while I get this fixed!  I will upload/update as soon as possible!! 

Thank you for your patience!!


Select Artist Invitation!

First... let me thank TSR and the very talented artists that deemed my creations worthy of receiving the title of SA! WOW! 

When I received the invitation, I was quite frankly... stunned!  I even had to ask Gea if it was for real!! lol When she assured me it was....  well, I was literally dancing for joy!  When I started creating for Sims 3, it was a secret dream to become good enough to earn this shiny badge!  But, I thought it would 1) Never happen, as there are so many very talented artists here... or 2) Take years to come true!!  Imagine my surprise, when after only a  couple months...  there it is!!  My shiny new badge!  I'm am so very honored by this...  I still can't quite believe it!!  But, there it is, under my avatar!  My shiny silver SA badge of ... to me... honor!! 

Thank you to all the fine members here that have also deemed my creations worthy of downloading!!  Bless you!

To Cyclonesue and Riccinumber -  Sue and Cath -  a HUGE shout of appreciation for your time and patience!  I would never be here if not for your tutorials and your encouragment and support!!  Ohhh.. this does not let you off the hook... not at all! lol  I'll still be bugging you about something... believe it!!  To Angela, Renate, and Pinecat...  a massive thank you goes out to you also...  for your patience and help with making glass actually look like glass in-game!! :D  HUGS   To all the other FA's and SA's that have patiently answered my million questions, and so graciously gave of their time, and experience...  thank you!!! 

Okay.. I could go on and on with this!  LOL  One last thank you... to Thomas, Johan, and Micke (spelling?) and the rest of the TSR staff,   a big thank you for creating this site and allowing people like me to create and share with other simaholics!

Suffice it to say.... I am one VERY happy and VERY honored person!!  Thank you!  And, I hope you continue to enjoy my creations...  I will continue to learn and improve (I hope) and make things to improve you Sims lives!! At least a little! ;)


Thank you....

To everyone that has downloaded one of my creations...   I can't believe I have over 150,000 downloads!! :D  WOW...   I realize that it's not a great big amount... but it is to me!  I hope those that downloaded something from me are enjoying them!  And, if there are any problems.. let me know!! 

Again,,, a HUGE thank you to all the folks that have helped me reach 150,000 downloads! I'm just so happy! :)


I just can't believe that I got "featured" on my new set "Holbrook Collection"...  I'm very honored to receive such a wonderful "gift"!  Wow! 

I'm really enjoying meshing and creating things that I hope others might enjoy for their Sims...   Meshing for me is like visiting the land of Oz!  I swear I see the Cheshire Cat grinning "evily" at me when I make something that ends up in the trash bin... or the Red Queen screaming "Off with her head"...  lol  

I wanted to thank everyone, again, for taking the time to comment on my creations! Comments of any kind are greatly appreciated, whether good or bad... 



I just wanted to thank everyone that has commented one my sets!!  Comments are very much appreciated.  I enjoyed creating the sets, and have many other things I'd like to try making!  I'm just trying to do the best I can, and hopefully as time goes on I'll get better with it...   *fingers crossed*! 

I also want to thank Riccinumbers and Cyclonesue for all the time they've spent, and all the time to come, teaching me to mesh!! 

Life... or something like it! :D

Hey!  Well, I've been out of the loop for a while, had to put my creating and learning to mesh on hold... seems real life interfers with Sims life...  but, the remodeling is going well!  I finally have my hardwood floors!! In the livingroom at least!  The kitchen will be worked on this weekend!! WOOT!  Still have the two bedrooms to do... but, I've got all the walls and trim painted in the livingroom and hall... I've got the kitchen papered - THAT was a chore.. I had to strip off 3 layers of old wallpaper - ungodly stuff it was too! -  I've got the cabinets all sanded and re-painted...  I just have the two bedrooms to take care of before we can put the flooring in them...  BUT... well, seems I might have to have surgery on my elbow...  I had a slight run-in with a heavy cabinet door, and they think I might have torn the tendons in my elbow, and damaged the "tunnel" that the nerve runs thru... lol  When I do it, I do it big! :D  I'm having some tests next week - EMG and NCV ,, don't ask, I haven't a clue!  Then they'll decide what to do...  should know in a couple weeks what's going to be happening...  till then, I'll have a bit of time to "play", and hopefully work on meshing... 

I got my "disk authentication failure" problem fixed... seems my DVD drive was trying to die on me!  A new drive seems to have fixed that! {fingers crossed}...  so hopefully, I'll be creating something in the next couple weeks! Hopefully something someone likes and can use!! 

HUGS to all ---  whoever reads this! lol 

WOOT! My First object!!

Wow! I did it!! A zillion thanks to Ricci for all her help! And, of course for the wonderful meshing tutorial! And a huge thank you to Cyclonesue and Sim_man both...  if it wasn't for Ricci, I'd still be stuck trying to figure out how to make a multiplier. And, if not for Sim_man's tut on baking, I'd still be stuck!  And, of course, Sue, for her part of the tutorial, without which I'd not know what the heck a specular is, why I need it, and just WHAT is an RGB mask!! LOL Without these three fine folks, and Ricci's hand-holding and walking me down the right path... I don't think my wee brain would have absorbed the process!  I'm a FAR cry from their skill, but hopefully with some practice I'll get a little closer! :D 

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