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Lancaster Dining Set, Jan 27th

Hi y'all,

My new Sims 3 set is scheduled for publication on January 27, 2017. The Lancaster Dining room set includes 13 new objects, which include a 2-tiles dining table, dining chair, a sideboard with 20 slots, decorative planter, 2 Paul Gauguin paintings, wine glasses and several other decorative clutter items.

A Lancaster Dining collection folder is also available for download at MediaFire, here.



Baby Room Lamp Set

Baby Room Lamp Set

Mesh info

I made this page up to quickly inform you a bit about polygon counts aka x amount of poly. This goes especially about some of the kind of meshes I share. They are called MD Meshes. MD stands short for Marvelous Designer. It’s a handy program to create something with clothing simulation. It’s made possible to convert clothing made in there, into a sims 3 item. 

These meshes usually contain an enormous amount of polygon counts. The more polygons, the more your computer needs time to render aka realize the objects to make it properly visible on your pc. Each pc is different, so it would be nice for yourself to learn about what power your pc has.

I stand to always inform you to what the amount of polycounts my meshes contain, so that you’ll be aware about it.

BUT, when is too much? It is possible to compare it to a similair EA mesh. This means the meshes are usually double the amount of polycounts, which is indeed, insanely high. 

Some creators have their own rules on what is high and what not, some don’t even care about it, as long as the item looks good. (I kinda am like that too ;P as I suck at creating textures I heavily depend on how the mesh looks like)

In the end, it depends on what you, yourself, think what’s high for your game and what not.

To learn more about polycounts or other information about high polycounts read the topics below:

Let me repeat myself. It’s a personal opinion what’s considered high or low for some people and it all depends on your hardware as well.

Inform yourself and/or ask question to creators if you need to know something! If you’ve any information you want to share with me or a topic which could be handy for someone to read, please contact me and send a link! I’ll add it here ^.^

Have a nice day ~

[original post/uptodate found at my tumblr over here]

blog: MMS My mods


Problem on my package poster here!


So my assement is finally over, essays written and I even got a part time job! It's been a productive week in terms of like... but not so much in sims. I have both today and tomorrow off to make some content though! Thanks for all the support so far, it means so much! 

Mirrrors after Toddler

You can download all my Mirrors new. They are now updated for Toddler. Pls remove all my Mirrors from Mods folder bcoz I had to update most of them by hand. 

Hair category

Anyone else wish they added a filter on the hair category for eyebrows. I know it makes me sound lazy but I hate wanting to see what new hair is out just to have to sort through 20 pages of only beards on hair that's on your head.


Update: I'm aware they have a facial hair category and that helps sort out most of it but still it's a pain


Time to fix this shindig!

Just Testing the Waters

Hi! My name is Dallas, and I am 15 years old.  I'm new to the Sims Resource so all of this stuff is pretty interesting.  I've had the Sims for over a year now, and I have downloaded custom content before, but I never had an account.  Oh, by the way, there's probably something I ned to make clear.  I am a female.  I was named after my grandfather (I have no idea why), and it would't bother me, but a lot of people have heard/seen my name and thought I was a male.  Fun fact: I am a cheerleader, and onetime we were doing an activity where you meet the ther cheerleaders in the middle fo the football field and introduce yourself.  One of my friend's called my name so it would be my turn next, and a cheerleader from the other team said, "Oh! A boy!"  I immediately covered my mouth, trying to desguise my laughter, when i realized it was my turn to introduce myself.  As soon as I started talking, the girl looked at me in horror, and you could tell she was so embarassed.  I'm Sorry, but my blog will be me constantly rambling abnout stupid nonsense that no one else cares about.  I wil try to keep it more Sims related, but no guarentees!  Can't wait to post again!

Welcome to my blog!

This is the first time that I write in my blog. I wish everyone a wonderful 2017.


Upcoming Creations:

Sneak Peak and Credits


So it was back to university today...  and after the last few days of furiosuly typing up essays (so excuse my poor typing now) its safe to say im pretty tired. But i have an upload or two wating to be aproved and published and i have some fresh new ideas for CC that I will hopefully get started on sometime this week yay! Thanks for all the comments and downloads so far! The amount recieed for the daisy top set was incredible and I appriciate it so much. watch this space as theres things to come (slowly but surely.)

Hannah Marin PLL

Jan. 5th, New Sims 3 set, Estate Sale Finds Part 2


Estate Sale Finds Part 2 is scheduled for publication on Jan. 5, 2017. The set includes a few additional recolors of the SIMGER sewing machine and cash register, as well as a vintage Victorian sideboard (a new mesh), two table lamps, three decorative silk hand fans, two tea sets, and another water nymph wall art. An updated collection folder is available for download at Media Fire, here.

I finally bought Sims 4 game over the holiday season. I hope it inspires me to create for the Sims 4. Any helpful tips and tricks from Sims 4 creators, I'd appreciate the feedback and any help you can offer.

Happy New Year, everyone!



Things to come

Unfortuntley i'm due back to university next week and have some work I will be ttempting to do for the rest of the week. However, I have some uploads due to be published over the next 3/4 days, so keep your eyes out! 



I wish you a happy and prosperus year!




Working on a new set

Hey all, 


Happy new year to you all!!

Yesterday i started working on a new set for Sims 4, what will become the Paul Bedroom. 

Here is a little preview for you all.. 



I've fixed the lower part of the dress which a part of the skin is showing. Delete the old file and downlad this. :)


New start!

Hello simmers! so ive been playing sims for sooo many years now ive practicaly lost count and as ive always been interested in art and design (as a fine art student) i've desicided its about time I learn how to make my own CC for sims 4,  God knows I spend enough time downloading it! So watch this space :)


If anyone has any tips or tutorials they think will help me out, feel free to send them my way! 

The Behrs

Dear Listeners;

This Post is about my Sims Family The Behrs...

Soo.. Candy Behr moved out and is married to Sergio Romero's Roomate and they had a Son/Daughter can really remember.... but their child married Romero and Fryes Son/Daughter because they lived together and I was too lazy to look for another family to marry him/her off to when there is a single guy living right there in the house.

Anyways Candy and JoaQuin [Remembered his name] Died of old age so did Sioban and Sergio btww Sergio was a HUNKK.. too bad he was looked down because i would have paired him with someone else just like when I broke up the Goth Mortimer and Bella orr did mortimer die? Anyways something happed and Bella stole another womans's husband but Mortimer and Bella had a Child just before they parted.. Yes another Goth named Kylie

Back to the Behrs...

Yuki married Lucas Munch After i resetted them from being old back to young adults because they didn't find love...

Yuki and Lucas had a child named Raelynn.. [did not name her] they died by fire :] I killed them because they were taking long to die sorry.... anyway i am currently living with raelynn and renovating the Behr's house bcause to be honest the place needs a little work and trust me.. I am doing my best... Last thing.. I edited majority of my pre-made sims because come on they looked kind not there but kept some..

Raelynn is married I hope she has alot of children with her husband Kareem. 

Your Blogger...


New Dark Look

Hi ; ))

Ten post dedykuje osobom lubiącym styl goth , emo , rock , anime oraz manga . ;))


This post is dedicated to those who like the style goth, emo, rock, anime and manga. ;))


Hppy New Year

I wish all TSR Members a Happy and Healty 2017


As with all previous posts here, I guess this will be mostly for my own benefit . .  but, hey!  I'm a cockeyed optimist don't'cha know?

The end of another year is fast approaching, so I think it is opportune to say a few words of thanks to those loyal friends who have continued to support my efforts throught 2016 . .  and to those new ones who pop  up from time to time .

I hope you have all had a seriously wonderful Christmas - or it's alternative for non-Christians -  and that you are looking forward to a New Year with equanimity. I know there will be those whose circumstances are not as peaceful as mine, so to you I say only . .  don't give in . . .be brave and  be true to yourself in all things.

Sincere thanks to all of you who have downloaded my bits and pieces   .  and especially the repeat offenders - you know who you are! . . and I will be back around the middle of January with more pattern sets, paintings and an occasional lot from my vast collection.

In the meantime, you are the VERY best.

               . .  so here's a hand, my trusty friend! 

                                 and give me a hand of yours,

                                               We'll take a cup of kindness then,

                                                       for the sake of Auld Lang Syne.

                                                                                                HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017

Much love,

Marg XO


A big thank you for all my downloader and my lovely friends to be so kind and leave such wonderful comments through the year!!!

NEWS! Estate Sale Finds Set, December 23rd

Hi y'all and Happy Holidays!

My new Sims 3 set is scheduled from publication on December 23, 2016. The Estate Sale Finds is a decorative set of mostly Sims 2 meshes that have been converted to Sims 3. The set includes some of my favorites from Sims 2, an antique black SIMGER sewing machine (decorative only), sewing desk with slots, 2 sewing baskets, and a vintage cash register(decorative only).

Additionally, three new meshes are also included, a Holiday wreath with 3 color variations, a dining chair and dining table set. Look for more Estate Sale Finds (converted Sims 2 objects) --coming soon. Happy Holidays!

Estate Sale Finds collection folder is available for download at MediaFire, here.



Waters Sun Room Set

Waters Sun Room Set



Dan and Phil CC

Can we please have some dan and phil  cc? (aka Danisnotonfire + AmazingPhil) I am a big fan of dan and phil and I would like some dan and phil CC to put on my sims. Does anyone agree? Write down in commets if you agree that someone should make some dan and phil content? Whoever makes it I will LOVE you forever <3!! 

Cat wiskers: =o=

Another WOW!!

Since last year incredible 90k downloads have been added.
I thank you from the heart, that you like my houses and stuff so much. In the last few months I did not have much motivation to do something with sims, but that motivates me to do more.
Thank you very much :)

Alien Style House/Lab

Hi everyone, I'm exceedingly proud of this build I just finished and wanted to share it :)

Would love to see more futuristic/alien CC in the Sims 4!


Once again, I'm here to say thank you to all those lovely people - known and unknown - who have downloaded my stuff so that I can reach this milestone!

It continually amazes me that my small bits can reach so many people . . . and get such a positive reaction.

As always, I could not have done this without YOU . . all of you. . .  so -  much love and THANKS!


Thanksgiving Holiday

Wishing all of you at TSR a blessed Thanksgiving with loved

ones and PLENTY of great food!


Pretty Little Stuff, Serenity, Nov. 25th

Serenity, the quality or state of being calm and peaceful. Pretty Little Stuff Serenity is scheduled for publication on November 25th. The set is sure to help your Sims find their happy place during times of stress. The set includes a antique bombe chest, candle, gong, decorative bottles, an orchid plant and new wall art, The Water Nymph.

An updated collection folder for Pretty Little Stuff is now available at Media Fire, here. Thanks for downloading my creations!


Carolyn a.k.a. Cashcraft

Breadthix Eyecolor-B01



Today over 200.000 downloads of my houses. Thanks to all Simmers who download my houses.

New Apple Lamp Set

New Apple Lamp Set

Gone Home - Sims 4 Series

We are happy to announce the oficial release trailer for an upcoming Sims 4 series that we are working on!

Go ahead and check it out and please leave a comment on your thoughts.

Click here !


NIGHTMARES - a short Halloween video clip









Olive Juice Wire Patio Set

Olive Juice Wire Patio Set

My 10-year anniversary on The Sims Resource!

 Дорогие друзья!
Добро пожаловать на мероприятие по случаю моего 10- летнего юбилея на The Sims Resource!
Жду вас с 12 по 14 ноября на Фейсбук!

Dear friends!
Welcome to the event on the occasion of my 10-year anniversary on The Sims Resource!
Please be my guests on Facebook.

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