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Building Suggestions?

Hello freinds!  Sorry my houses slowed down considerably, but I had things to do and places to go, but now I have time to make more.

I would like very much to know how you've all enjoyed my castles?  I have another castle in production at this time and I'm going to take my time making it so I can get it just right.  Well, as "just right" as I can with what I have.

If there is any other kind of house you'd like me to make or suggestions (kind suggestions only) I'd be more than happy to try them and see how they work.  I've gotten suggestions in the past like "Why don't you make London's Parliment?"  Well, because there's an awful lot to parliment and the Sims doesn't give you all the necessary architectural items to make it authentic.  I'm not a modder.  I am a builder.  

Have a lovely week and please leave your comments with love in your hearts!  Bye!  <3


Vestidos para bebés, Malla creada por mí con 2 Mallas de EA.preciosos verdad? 10 colores

Ava Mia

Ava Mia

lol me

So i made myself in sims 4 but she doesn't look much like me but it's kinda similar

Hoverboard in Sims 4 ?


I would like to know if you are interested by a mod to have hoverboard into Sims 4 ? Because i'm a modder and i can create one.

Thanks a lot.


Well Set

Making Lots By Request

This morning my daughter Emily and I were skyping and I asked her what kind of a lot she would like if she were playing the sims.  She said a cottage with a greenhouse and an old world look with wood beams and criss cross wood on the walls.

I thought about it for a minute and said, yup!  That's the lot for the day.

So I made this lot and called it "A Cottage For Emily"

A Cottage For Emily

I'm happy with it, she's happy with it and the wild horses in the game love it!

A day worth while.  <3


10 000 downloads.




> Over 10 000 downloads.

Thank you!!!


New Friends

Today my faith in human nature may not have been restored, but it was soundly nudged in that direction.  I was left a couple of comments by a fellow Simmer that made me feel that maybe it's okay to be me.  

Let me tell you who I am.

I am fun, I love to love, I love to make houses for TSR.  I love Simming.  I have two daughters and a granddaughter who is not quite 4 years old yet and she is my mini me.  She is coming to live with us, she and her mommy and I couldn't be more happy.

I love little furry dogs.  I find humor in cats.  My husband and I love to laugh with each other and we kid around in different voices for fun.

I live in a 155 year old Victorian farm house in the middle of a town in Maine.  I was born in West Virginia. I am a country girl.

If someone is in trouble, I help.  If someone is sad, I comfort them.  When someone is nasty to me, I get tough, and I fight back.

I am half Newfoundlander.

I am the last of five children.

I am a human being and I deserve love and respect because I live my life to please God.

That is who I am.  I like me.

Let's put down all the bullshit and be friends because life is short and if you're going to live it to be an *sshole, you deserve everything you get.  But if you live your life to be good and kind, you deserve love and friendship.  Loyalty is important too, but truth trumps that.

God trumps all.

Lets be friends.

Have a beautiful day! <3



Well now, who would have thought!   Not me that's for certain. . . .but, the 12 millionth download rolled through uneventfully . . .and probably un-noticed by anyone but me. . .just like these posts  LOL . . sorta.

I think I'm coming to the end of my usefulness though . . . so am emptying the holding folders right now . . and when they are closed off, then so will I be.

Heartfelt thanks to all those lovely people who STILL manage to comment . . .and to all those lovely anonymous downloaders who don't . . .  download totals are earned not created, so this milestone would be un-achieved without you all.

Love and bye for the time being. xox



Want to travel to South Africa

WOW.... I am very happy and lucky to join this great platform today :) I am a newbie here, but I strongly want to make some friend here, I am a girl who love music and sports... Of course, I love travel, In this hot season, anybody want to be my friend? Next month I will travel to South Africa, is there some friends could tell me which phone suit for the photos taking in South Africa? And is there anything I should care about when I travel to there? Any friend tell me? :)



Early Releases!!!

You can now support me and get early releases before anyone else over on!

you will also be able to get limited collections just for patrons so become one of my patrons for as little as $3


hello my name is isabella and i wnt yall plz to make me ponytails

Might Miss an Upload Date

I'm heading down to Kentucky for the eclispe this week. I might not have time to make CC For next weekend. 
So just a warning there might not be an upload on the 27th. 
You never know, I might actually be able to sqeeze in some free time. 

Another little heads up, school is returning soon for me. So my upload rate may turn every other week if it is too much stress. 
It is hrad managing High School and Custom Content.  
10th grade year already, I can't believe it! Soon I will be graduating, scary to think about. 

Anyway, I hope you all are understanding of what the future may hold. 
It is hard being a 15 year old managing so many things, but hey! Practice for the real world, am I right?!

Thanks again,

Coastal series

When Sims4 was released and we were still creating for Sims3 game, we started to receive messages from people requesting us to bring Coastal series for Sims4. On that time we still didn't have Sims4 ourselves... long time ago indeed ^^ After that, we received some more requests for these beachy sets and around August 2016 we decided to bring Coastal back. We had 8 pieces made but since it is a large project and we were focused on other sets, we kept these few pieces saved on a flash drive. We completely forgot it.

Now, around July 2017, a person asked if we had plans to bring Coastal to Sims4. And now we said "YES! Now it's the time" :)
We will be bringing all Coastal Series slowly because our free time is sparse lately and also because our computer ( the one we use to take pictures from) is not very well.

So sorry we delayed so much to bring this series to Sims4 but still hope you enjoy it!
Happy simming :)

Summer Collection

Hey Simmers, Its been a while, again...

haha but yeah I promised a Summer Collection and you have got one !!!!!

I have literally just submitted it !

It includes 4 downloads but only 2 outfits !!!

I ain't gonna give too much away, I want it to be a surprise for you :)

I really hope you like them, Let me know what your think.


Time For Another Shake Down

My last blog was about the influx of "Mean Girls" on the internet/Facebook.  I have since decided to pare down my dealings on the internet and just mind my own pages and my own downloads and leave the mean girls to ruin their own lives without my help.

I've also discovered that I have a new talent/love.  I totally love making public lots, esp. restaurants!  

I don't know why they seem to be coming out so well but I'm really happy they are!

I attempted to make a one room schoolhouse but the only option for zoning was Academy which is in fact referring to Martial Arts.  How sad that we can't make schools for our Sim kids.  I for one would love to see that become an option.

Also, there are other types of buildings that they have made into rabbit holes that we should be able to make ourselves.  Public buildings, business buildings, hospitals, bookstores...I guess I could still make a bookstore but it won't look as cool as the rabbit hole version.

Give us the tools on Sims 3!! Make a stuff pack for such things and we will buy it!  "If you build it, they will come!"


Thanks for everything EA, please consider firing Origin.  They've ruined our gameplay and we want autonomy back!

Capp Lamp Set

Capp Lamp Set

I think I've created a star!

I used several items from Pralinesims and RemusSirion to create Vita Hickenlooper (the name makes me smile) and surprisingly enough, the results really resemble one of the starts of early 20th century cinema, Joan Fontaine.  I kept wondering who she reminded me of.

Vita or Joan



A Title

It's been like 50 million years! I shoud buy that VIP thing again. I should also be learning how to make CC like I said I wanted to, totally not a year ago. Welp. Even If I learn how to my creations will probably suck XD Oh well, practice makes perfect, right? Honestly, I just realized how many things I've wanted to "learn". Maybe I should stop slacking and start doing. I hope my cousin lets me download the workshop thing on her laptop >~>

Mean Girls Flood Social Media

Hi everybody in Simland!

My name is Laughingcrow and I want to tell you about something that happened to me last night on a Sims 3 Facebook page.

For the past three months I have been making and sharing my Sims 3 houses and lots with these people.  I've been kind and supportive.  I've helped and cared about them, even though I didn't know them.

A week ago, several people asked me to start a Tumblr page for my houses and share the link so they could follow me.  I did.  No one followed.  So I started a Facebook page and shared the link...five people followed but the page was largely ignored.

Last night, sick from a tetunus shot, I posted how disappointed I was that no one had liked my page.  (wouldn't you be?)  Immediately there was a flood of mean girl comments that included the accusation that I was being entitled to something I didn't deserve, and a host of horrible unkind gifs.  Every answer I gave them was yet followed by another accusation of entitlement.  I do not feel entitled...I wanted the people who promised they'd follow me, to hold up their end of the bargain and keep their promise. 

Finally, before heading off to bed, I deleted the whole post...and found that five more lovely souls had followed my page.  This morning I thanked them properly and explained about the post from last night and promised to block anyone guilty of bullying anyone on my page.

Why are people so aggresively nasty online?  And to people they don't even know?  Because it's someone they don't know.  If they knew me, could talk with me face to face, they wouldn't be so quick to be unkind.  That's the trouble with social media, isn't it?

So, if anyone would like to talk, let's talk.

Lots of love!  Laughingcrow

Summer Lamp Set

Summer Lamp Set



I love this website. When I go on tumblr or other things it sends me to adblocker which is literally so annoying!!!



I just got VIP 

Update on my life!!

Hey!!! Sorry i have been busy and have not uploaded anything for a couple of months, i ahve been really really busy lately opening a dance studio.

but i am back and im about to star a summer collection so keep an eye out for that this week :D xx


I keep trying to change settings and stuff but it never saves.

I tried updating my preferred content to Sims 3, but it won't do it.

It also won't change my profile picture.

??????? Help

Lots to download =^.^=


mods doesnt work pls HEELPP :(

Hi guys

i download clothes( shoes, dresses,pants+++++),hair  and a home and i downloaded a dress of selena gomez, also these i added them on the folder on documents -electonic arts-the sism 4-mods and i add them. when i opened the game it was showing at first the mods. when i went to change clothes it was showing only the dress with selena gomez and  the other clothes and hair were not there. then i read some comments in TSR about this problem and they said that u can delete the clothes+ the other things in the folder of mods and after you open and close the sims 4 and it will be generated again the folder Mods and then i added the clothes and hair. i did this and now i opened the game and it shows me the mods but when i go to put on clothes it doesnt showww mee. HELP SOS

new cc soon!

Right now i'm experimenting a lil bit . I'm practicing making cc (new meshes and stuff) so i will soon post more cc !! :D <3

Lemon Kitchen Set

Lemon Kitchen Set

The mysteries of meshing a tiny bit uncovered...

I made a table! I did it! I actually made a physical (well, digitally physical) working end table!
You can put a lamp on it! And a plant!
And it has TWO channels!
It's very progressive and has no less than FOUR legs!
Yes, I've finally got into meshing. It took this long for various reasons but I downloaded the 30 day trial version of milkshape a few days ago, and the instructional pdf's by RicciNumbers and Cyclonesue and got started.
There was cussing. A lot of it. And at two times I was completely stuck and thought "that's it", but my creativity persevered and finally my wonderful little table stood there, on the grass of a lot in the game, and was functional!
Since then I've also made a 4x4 rug and a large painting!

But there are still issues. My table looks fine in solid color but make it wood and it just looks plain weird. The Rug seems to be working but the painting is weird. It looks fine up close but gets very blurry when you move back a bit. Obviously something needs to be adjusted.

I tried to make a kitchen counter. It became transparent....

Obviously I have a lot more to learn, but that's OK- I still have around 25 days left of my trial period! :)

Small Spaces Set

Small Spaces Set

Korean Lips

Lipstick by : Sengoku Simmers 

please do not reupload my cc!!


* TSR Select Artist of June 2017*

Today, TSR officially announced the Select Artist/Featured Artist of June 2017. I’m truly grateful to say I was given the opportunity to be a part of the TSR Select Artist Family. I would like to take a moment to congratulate those who became Featured Artists and Select Artists today, you guys absolutely deserve this title! I would also like to thank those who take the time to download my creations. You have no idea how much it means to me. Since I’m an introvert who has social anxiety, creating sims is a way to express myself and put myself out there. Sharing my creations on TSR has helped me to cope with my social anxiety and has made me feel like I’m actually part of something. Having social anxiety has been a huge obstacle for me, but each day that I see such friendly people on here it gives me courage to work towards overcoming this obstacle. Therefore, I can’t thank you guys enough for supporting me.


When i will be posting my Screenshots

I have not decided when I will be posting my screenshots as I need yo find some good hair to use as the ones I currently have don't look right on my child sims. I will also be giving credit to those who have made the hair, Clothes, Makeup, Skin and anything else I use from custom content that isn't part of the base game. though please notify me if you see any of your work in my creations and I will add you if you have been missed. 


Hey guys just wanted to inform you I updated my lastest hair with the new file that fixes the issue of hair not showing properly in game.
There has been a little misshap with the creating tool I use that unfortunantely I wasnt aware of.
All you guys need to do is just re download the file and you are good to go 
So sorry about this guys
Just to make sure you have the right version I added no.2 on the cas thumbnail


Love Nightcrawler



Dear readers, Because of TSR doesn't allow Teen an YA relationship so I can't continue the story here. I'll move my story to my website 



Dracula's Castle

I have no idea if I am allowed to post this.... if not I apologize in advance and I will understand if it gets taken down. I have no idea how to create anything for the sims lol, and I especially don't know how to convert packages from older versions to TS4 such as TS2 or TS3. I came across this amazing & incredible build of Dracula's castle for TS2 and I am sooo hoping there is a creator out there that would love to re-create this. Not even necessarily convert the TS4 packages that were used to TS4 as I'm sure there are many TS4 cc that can be used to re-create this. I personally think this would be an incredible addition to Forgotten Hollow! Hopefully a creator that would like to build this will see this :) *fingers crossed*



Castle ExteriorCastle exterior

So I can find some friends here

I am from kicksvovo, today is my lucky day I think I can find some friends here, very happy and pleasure to join this great community, any friends here, can you contact me? Very nice to be your friend here.

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