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An Apple A Day - Finale Part One
Published Nov 24, 2009


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Enter the world of Apple Harvest, a girl a little more awkward than most.

When we left off, Apple and Envy had found a third Greenie and were traveling out of town to visit her.

Freddy knows there is something sus about Envy and is concerned for his girlfriend. He is desperate to find evidence of who Envy REALLY is....

Enter the world of Apple Harvest, a girl a little more awkward than most.

When we left off, Apple and Envy had found a third Greenie and were traveling out of town to visit her.

Freddy knows there is something sus about Envy and is concerned for his girlfriend. He is desperate to find evidence of who Envy REALLY is....
Apple hadn't been out of Riverside since the last family holiday when she was twelve. She was so excited to be in Sunset Valley and being here with someone who completely understood her was even better!

The cab pulled up outside the most beautiful home she had ever seen. She let out a low breath while wondering aloud how someone who was green and had a small child could afford to live like this.

"Well she did say she was an artist, maybe her paintings are very sought after?" Envy replied as he paid the cab driver and pulled the luggage out of the boot.

The two walked to the front door but it opened before they had a chance to knock.
"Hello! I'm Emerald!" The smiling women at the door held out her hand to Apple.

"Pleased to meet you Emerald." Apple replied and Envy smiled and nodded in agreement.

Emerald put their bags just inside the door and then proceeded out side, signaling the lounge suite on the patio.

Apple took a seat next to Emerald while Envy sat on the ground where a small green toddler was playing.

"That's Jade. She has been so excited, I told her we were having visitors." Emerald smiled lovingly at her daughter.

Apple sighed. "Don't you worry about how her peers will react to her?"

Emerald shook her head. "Jade is such a happy child. She has just taken everything in her stride, the kids at preschool are great with her. Although, I do understand that kids get meaner as they get older! If she decides she wants to be home schooled, I will be fine with it. But I think she should at least try to fit in."
Apple nodded as she looked over at the small child. Envy was trying to teach her the word 'Computer' but Jade just kept repeating the world 'Llama'.

Apple placed her hand on her stomach and thought of her own child. She couldn't bear it if her child had to be different. She wanted her children to have a perfect childhood - a perfect life.

Envy seemed as if he had known Jade forever, they were so comfortable with each other! She thought of how things would be if she were with Envy instead of Freddy, but Emerald interrupted her chain of thought.
"Why don't we go upstairs and chat? I'll make some juice."
Apple admired her surroundings. The place was marvellous!

"Did you paint this?" Apple asked Emerald, motioning to a beautiful picture on the wall.

Emerald blushed slightly. "Yeah, I loved it though so I just couldn't bring my self to sell it! Jade loves it too, so I just threw it up there on the wall."

Apple now understood, if this was Emerald's level of painting, then she was making a mint, for sure.

The three chatted about their experiences. Emerald extended what she had already mentioned on the phone. That she was in Shamrock park when she was knocked out or something and woke up green. Once again she said that it had happened in 1999, and once again, Apple asked Envy if he had been living there at the time. Of course Envy said no, he hadn't been there, he would have remembered such a terrible incident if he had been around at the time.

Apple found this strange when she did the math, Envy had said that he was kicked out when he was thirteen, which would have been in 1998 and he said he lived in the park from the time he was kicked out until Apple had asked him to stay at her house. But there was no reason for him to lie, so Apple just let it be, maybe someone just had their dates mixed up.

"Well," said Emerald, "What do you fancy for dinner? I just have to get Jade to bed and then I can order in, if you like?"

"Actually," said Envy, "I was thinking of taking Apple out to dinner tonight, if you don't mind?"

Emerald shook her head and grinned. "Of course it's okay! I'll call you a cab, there is a really great French bistro in town!"
Apple was surprised that Envy was taking her out, but she quickly put her hair up and put on a nice dress. She knew that this was wrong, it wasn't right to do this to Freddy. She did love him. Of course she did. But Envy was special, just like herself and he just 'got' her.

When they reached the restaurant, the both ordered and sat outside. A cool breeze was snaking through the mall, cutting through the thick heat that had appeared in the last few days. It seemed almost magical.

Envy never took his eyes from Apple. She felt so shy, but happy too. Envy was such a special guy!
Meanwhile, at home, Freddy was feeling lost. Something strange HAD to be going on. He and Apple were so in love, until Envy turned up and Apple just changed so fast.

Freddy sighed, he hadn't even heard from Apple since she left the night before. He felt tears start to well up in his eyes and heard himself sob. Apple was everything to him, and she was having his child! Freddy had never felt in such complete despair.

He wiped the tears from his cheeks and lifted his head, the book case caught his eye.

Of course! The book! He headed to the bookcase and searched for it.
Opening the book, Freddy flipped through the yellowed pages and saw nothing of interest. It was just a collection of short stories, which he already knew because Apple had already told him about it.

"There has to be something here!" Freddy muttered to himself. He flipped through the pages a few more times. Still, nothing. He threw the book on the floor in frustration. It landed cover side down, open about half way through.

Freddy looked at the book and picked it back up carefully. There was something strange here! Two pages were stuck together, green goo had oozed and dried between the two pages. THIS HAD TO BE IT!

Freddy took the book straight to the kitchen and boiled the jug to steam the pages apart.

After over an hour of tensely prying the pages apart, he was horrified with what he found inside the pages...
After dinner Apple and Envy headed back to Emeralds and were surprised that they were to be staying in the same bedroom.
Emerald was already in bed, but had left the a note to say where everything they could possibly need would be.

'I can sleep on the couch.' Envy said. Apple quickly shook her head, not even knowing why she was acting so loosely.

"It's okay" she said walking toward Envy and gently kissing him on the mouth....
You can see what happened next. ; )

[Sunset Valley]

The next day Apple felt terrible, how could she have woohooed with Envy!? She loved Freddy! She was carrying Freddy's child! She wanted to be with Freddy FOREVER!

As Apple went out to the lounge room she found Envy and Emerald talking in hushed whispers. But when they saw Apple the both turned to her and smiled.

"We were thinking of taking a walk on the beach, would you like to come?" Envy asked her.

Apple shook her head. "No, I don't feel too well, I think I will just get a cup of tea and go and lay down."

Emerald said that Apple should make herself at home, they wouldn't be gone for too long.

Apple waited until they were gone and made her tea. she tried to get back to sleep but spent sometime turning restlessly in her bed.

'I think I'll go and take a shower." Apple thought to herself.

She headed to the bathroom but noticed there was no shampoo there, she thought that there would probably be some in Emeralds ensuite. Upon entering Emeralds bedroom she found an easel in the corner of the room, a canvas was evident under a thick white sheet.

Apple's curiosity got the better of her, she wanted to be the first to see Emerald's new masterpiece. She grabbed the edge of the cloth and gently pulled it away...

After reading the content between the two stuck pages in the mysterious books, Freddy immediately headed to work. It was late, but there was always someone there.

Freddy went to his office and quickly managed to get his way into his bosses email account, he had always been addicted to anything to do with technology and computers, so it hadn't even been that hard.

FINALLY! There was something about Envy! He definitely wasn't who he said he was.

Freddy went straight to the file room. It was off limits to all but the most senior employees, but he snuck in anyway.
[Sunset Valley]
Apple let the cloth fall to the floor and gasped. The canvas was blank, but there, sitting on the ledge of the easel, was a photograph. It was of Emerald and Jade and....ENVY! Even stranger, they were normal!

Apple felt her legs go weak. Emerald and Envy only met for the first time yesterday! There was no way this picture could have been taken....was there?

Apple jumped as her phone began to ring and she ran from Emerald's room and into her own.

"Apple! Thank god!" Freddy yelled into the phone. "You have to listen to me, you aren't safe! Get out of the house, get in a cab! I'll meet you at the service station in Lily Hill, that's about half way. Just don't ask questions! You have to leave IMMEDIATELY!"

"Freddy!" Apple wept into the phone. "I will leave right now, something weird is going on, I'm scared! I'm so sorry!"

Freddy shook his head in frustration. "Don't worry about anything, Apple. I just want you home safe.........."

Freddy stopped mid sentence as he heard someone coming into the file room. He had been found out! He was in big trouble. [Sunset Valley]

"Freddy?" Apple yelled, becoming more hysterical. "FREDDY! Are you there? what's going on? I'll leave now, I'll meet you at Lily Hill. Are you okay? Freddy!!!!!????"

The line was dead.

Apple heard the bedroom door open. "You're not going anywhere."
Apple didn't need to see who had spoken, she knew that voice so well. It was Envy, and he looked mad.....


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#10Golden97Nov 25, 2009

Woah that was great lots of suspence at the end! I want to know what happens \:\) 5.0 \:rah\:

#11nomienuNov 25, 2009

\:eek\: oh crap!!!  the suspense is killing me...plz put the next part very very soon!!!\:rah\:

#12ImaginepeaceNov 25, 2009


#13Jennifer_RNov 26, 2009

Uh oh! What has Apple got herself into. I hope she is going to be okay and freddy too. Excellent chapter!! \:rah\: \:wub\:

#14Midnight222Nov 26, 2009

Arrgh a cliffhanger! Great read Bess .... Im looking forward to the finale pt2 .... glad Apple finally woke up to what was going on! \:rah\:

#15kat*Nov 26, 2009

OMG! OMG! What's going to happen to Apple?? I love this story and thank you for you warn me about this chapter! \:wub\:

#16lug12Nov 30, 2009

  Five out of five, as usual. Thanks for the great read, Bess. 

#17DragonQueenDec 5, 2009

Wow!  \:eek\:  What a cliffhanger!  OMG!  I can't wait to read what happens next!  \:rah\:   AWESOME CHAPTER!  \:rah\:

#18candy820Jan 2, 2010

Awesome chapter!!!! \:D  Off to read the last part.\:D

#19ohgodcaitlynMay 19, 2010

Cliffhangers kill me! I have to know whats going on, im going to go read your next chapter. This is such a great storyy

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