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An Apple A day - Finale Part Two
Published Dec 3, 2009


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Enter the world of Apple Harvest, a girl a little more awkward than most.

When we left off, Freddy figured out what was going on with Envy.

He got into contact with Apple, who was hours away visiting Emerald, and told her to meet him in Lilly Hill.

The conversation never came to a conclusion....Freddy's end of the line went dead...


Enter the world of Apple Harvest, a girl a little more awkward than most.

When we left off, Freddy figured out what was going on with Envy.

He got into contact with Apple, who was hours away visiting Emerald, and told her to meet him in Lilly Hill.

The conversation never came to a conclusion....Freddy's end of the line went dead...
[Sunset Valley]

Envy grabbed Apple and dragged her by the hair to the attic. He shoved her hard to the floor.

'Wait!' Apple pleaded. 'What's going on? Are you going to hurt me? Please, Envy, tell me...'

Envy glared at her, before exiting.

Apple heard the key in the lock and Envy's footsteps faded away. She was trapped!

She grabbed her mobile phone, maybe she could call the police and Freddy.
No such luck. Of course, there was no reception here...
Envy made his way back to Emerald, who waited in the lounge room.

'We can't actually go through with this, Emerald. She is a human being, she is pregnant for Sims sake!'

Emerald sneered at her husband. 'Give me a break, this was the plan all along, Envy. You have only changed your mind since you figured out you were in love with her. We are doing this. No, YOU are doing this. You signed on, you follow through with it.'

Envy lowered his gaze. Emerald was right, if he didn't go through with the plan, it would be his head on the chopping block.

Freddy had dropped his phone. Someone else was in the room. Freddy prepared himself to pounce until he saw who had entered. It was a work mate. One who he had always gotten along with. His name was Terry.

Terry came closer 'You shouldn't be in here Freddy! If anyone catches you...'

'You aren't going to dob me in?' Freddy asked incredulously.

'No, I'm here to help. I have something to tell you.'
Freddy nodded and waited for Terry to begin his tale.

'I have lived in the area since I was born. I was at the same school as Apple. In fact, this whole mess is all my fault.

My parents ran this Science Facility. When I was thirteen, they came home very excited. They believed they had found a very special antidote. An antidote that protected humans from any illness that has ever been discovered. A medicine that stopped humans from getting sick ever again. But they had only experimented on rats and monkeys. They needed a human who was willing to be their guinea pig. But there had been some unsightly side effects on their animal experiments.

They couldn't allow a human to be injected with the serum without letting them know about the side effects and, not surprisingly, there was nobody willing to take part.

They decided they would have to do it forcefully. This was far to important a discovery to just forget about. So I was roped in. They told me that if I didn't help them, I would be the one to be experimented on.

So I asked Apple to meet me behind the science facility. She was an easy target, I knew she liked me and would be ecstatic with the promise of a date. That was how it all happened.

I have been guilt ridden since then, but my parents have always had some threat or another to stop me from revealing the truth. This has gone too far though. I received a call from Envy. He told me that you had found out what was going on and alerted Apple. So I am here to help.
Freddy was dumbfounded. How could a teenager do this to anyone! And how could someone keep such a terrible secret for such a long time?

'Okay, lets go and find Apple then.' Freddy said. 'I'm terrified for her safety.'

Freddy and Terry set off to Lilly Hill, where Apple had agreed to meet them.
[Sunset Valley]

Apple was distraught. She was going to die alone in this place, because she had betrayed the one person she loved the most in the whole world. How could she have done this to Freddy?

She wept to herself as the door was flung open.
Envy stood there, a menacing look still in his eyes. 'Come on! We are going on a little trip. You try anything and you'll regret it. Believe me. If you want to see Freddy again you will keep your mouth shut.'

He grabbed hold of her and led her downstairs to a waiting taxi. Emerald gave a smug smile as they walked past.
'Airport please' Envy said to the driver as they entered the taxi.

'I don't have a passport.' apple said.

Envy smiled to himself before turning to her. 'You wont need one if your with someone who works for the government. We are going to a private plane.'

The rest of the trip was taken in silence.
[Lilly Hill]

Terry and Freddy arrived at the service station in Lilly Hill where Apple said she would meet them. 'She isn't here.' Terry said. 'I don't think she is coming.'

Freddy panicked. 'We should wait, she could turn up the minute after we leave.'

Terry shook his head. 'I believe that Envy may have taken her and if he is going by the plan, they are heading to the airport.'
Terry pulled out his phone and dialled. 'Thomas? It's Terry, i need you to be on the lookout for Two adults, one male, one female. Both have green skin, green hair and green eyes. Keep me updated.'

Freddy stared questioningly at Terry.

'I am friends with some of the guys at the army base. They are heading straight to the airport as well as checking other places that they may have gone to. They have had their eye on Emerald and Envy for a while now. They've suspected they were up to no good for a while now. I suggest we go to Emeralds place and see what's going on there.'
As Apple and Envy neared the airport, they noticed SWAT teams and the military were swarming the place.

Envy showed a look of panic. 'Driver, change of plans, please take us to Shamrock Park, Riverside.'

A few hours later they arrived. Envy paid the cabbie and directed Apple to the darkest part of the park.
[Sunset Valley]

Meanwhile, Freddy and Terry had made it to Emeralds but the place was abandoned.

Any ideas where she might have been taken?' Terry asked.

Freddy nodded. 'Shamrock Park...'
[Shamrock Park]

Envy held on to Apples wrists for a few moments before dropping to his knees. 'Please forgive me Apple. I never wanted to get involved. I had no choice.'

Apple wasn't sure how to react. Surely he was only sorry because he was going to get caught.

'I owe you an explanation.' Envy sobbed. 'I am married to Emerald, Jade is our daughter. We are normal people...I work for the science facility.
From a young age, it was all I ever wanted to do. After finishing university I started working there but I stuffed up majorly on an experiment I was doing. They were about to let me a go, but Emerald, the daughter of one of the high ups, was infatuated with me. They said that if I married her, they would let me stay on. It was the biggest mistake I have ever made in my life.

They put Emerald and I in charge of you. The facility had been searching for you since the accident, but you had gone into hiding. They wanted to make things right, they just couldn't find you, and even if they could, they worried about the bad publicity they would receive.

After your parents died I spotted you at the office, starting your new job. I told Emerald about it and of course she went straight to the facility management. They had to get rid of you. If anything came out so long after it initially occurred, the facility would be shut down and the people involved would be sent to jail. They figured out a way around it. Which is where I came in.'
Basically, my job was to gain your trust and lure you to my own house...Emeralds house.'
Apple slapped him in the face. She was so full of anger and confusion and....embarrassment! 'Why did they even do this in the first place?'She asked.

Envy spoke quietly, trying to swallow his sobs and explained.

Apple was astonished! How could they force something like this on to an unsuspecting teenager? And Terry! She couldn't believe he was involved in all this too.

Envy spoke again. 'I really do care for you Apple. I wanted to be with you as soon as I met you for the first time.
Freddy is a great guy, he deserves you and I definitely don't.
Don't tell Freddy what happened between the two of us. There is no need, it would just hurt him further...and...the only reason you were attracted to me is because I was actually drugging your meals....I was forcing you to have feelings for me. I hoped we would be together. I just can't stand the life I live with Emerald. I know it can't be, though.
I'm letting you go, and you will never see me again.'

Apple turned to leave but Envy grabbed her shoulder. 'Wait!' He yelled and placed something in her hand. 'It's the antidote. It will make you normal again. Of course, it also means you will be susceptible to illness again. I am so sorry for all this.'
Apple headed home and shook her head. This whole thing was so crazy and unbelievable!

Soon she would be back in Freddy's arms! She just hoped he would be at home when she got there.

She could feel the antidote in her pocket. Should she go back to normal? Isn't that what her whole life had been about? and what would happen to Envy? Would he be caught and put in jail? And if he wasn't would he come back for her?
It was all too much to digest.

When she finally got home Freddy wasn't there. She took a seat on the lounge and was about to call Freddy when she heard a car pull up out side. She glanced out the window. IT WAS FREDDY! He saw her face looking out at him and ran to her, scooping her into a hug and squeezing her as tightly as he could.

'I'm so happy you're safe!' He gushed.

Apple smiled, her insides burst with happiness. 'I love you.' She said
'I love you more.' replied Freddy.
'Well, I love you most.' Apple snuggled into his neck and smelt his woody cologne. She would never leave his side again.
After a coffee together and with Terry as well, of course.
Apple stepped outside for some air. She pulled the antidote from her pocket. It glistened in the moon light.

It really hadn't been a very hard decision at all. Freddy loved her just the way she was.

She opened the bin and dropped the antidote in.
Six months later, Jessikah was born.

She had her fathers features and skin, but she had a glorious head of green hair, stunning green eyes and...a smack of freckles across her nose, just like her mother.
Freddy became an astronaut, just as he always wanted.

Emerald and Envy were sentenced to life imprisonment as well as many of the senior staff at the Facility.

Jade was a problem child and died during one of her own pranks on her new foster parents.

Terry earned Apples forgiveness and after getting out of prison started coming over regularly for BBQ's, he is also Jessikah's god father.

Apple took over the office after the sad passing of Mr Parker.

Jessikah was the happiest child in the world, despite her green hair, because of her parents complete devotion to each other and of course, to Jessikah herself.


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#12Golden97Dec 5, 2009

!!WOW!! That was great!! \:rah\: Im glad that they are happy now! \:\) 5.0 \:D

#13Foxi_iveyDec 5, 2009

This was so awesome, I don't know what to say... maybe\:rah\:

#14IceColdDec 5, 2009

Wow, this was soooo not what I was expecting! Part 1 and 2 of the finale BLEW me away.

#15lug12Dec 5, 2009

Great ending. Thanks, for the heads up on the story's release.

#16Jennifer_RDec 6, 2009

I loved it! What a great finale! \:rah\: Glad to see that the people doing the experiments got what they deserved but poor Jade, she obviously didn't know wny better. Little Jessikah is the sweetest, I'm so happy for both of them. A wonderful story Bess, really enjoyed it. \:wub\: \:\)

#17catsandbooksDec 7, 2009

Awesome ending to a great story! I'm glad Apple stayed green. \:D

#18candy820Jan 2, 2010

\:D \:D  Awesome Ending!!!

#19artsysimaddictJan 17, 2010

Amazing! That was perfect! Suspenseful, and surprising. And, of course a happy ending! Yay! That was GREAT! \:rah\: \:rah\: \:rah\:

#20ohgodcaitlynMay 19, 2010

I loved it! Every chapter of it. Greaatt story.
& what a great ending too.

#21kikialexaAug 28, 2012

The ending is so beautiful! i started to cry a little bit while i was reading, since my sister was reading with me, i was so embarrassed! anyway, nice story

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