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Update :)

It's been quite a while since my last blog post, but I have to be honest, time goes fast!

It's unbelievable how time flies by when you have school and everything happening at the same time... I spend way too little time playing Sims! Building houses! Well anyways, building houses-wise, I actually have done some work and I've made a couple homes, yet to be decorated.

The name of this series of houses is Simple Luxury and so far I've made 3 and a 4th is in the process of becoming something cute, after a slight hint from my fiancée saying I should do one in pink while I'm at it... So take a look at my little gems and comments are always welcome. They won't be up for download yet, because I'd like to submit them as a set, if I can manage to do that...

Simple Luxury - "Vanilla"


Simple Luxury - "Cinnamon"


Simple Luxury - "Anise"


And an overall picture of the back gardens...


All that's left is the Work In Progress one :P


So that's what I've been doing :) I love keeping you guys updated and I hope I have time to write again soon, I'll be uploading these pictures to my screenshots too.

Thanks for reading and a million thanks for downloading my lots and thanking me for it :D


September already

I can't believe how fast the time sometimes seems to go... I sometimes have the idea I skip entire days, but then afterwards I think back and come to the conclusion that I really haven't.

Last time, I said I would normally write when I'm happy, but this time that's a bit different.

My dream to become a high school math teacher has been made impossible... Last Tuesday I got the news - on the birthday of one of my family members of all days - that I failed two tests, of which I had to pass at least one. My life was suddenly upside down. Sure I had thought of the scenario, but I forced it out of my way, simply because I didn't want it to go that way. I studied hard and did my best, but it wasn't enough. Of the 40 required points to go through to the second year, I got 39. No mercy, nothing.

That same Tuesday, I went to the building across the street, where they teach 'Informatica', which is more commonly known as ICT in general and it's not too surprising I went there, since half my family is in the IT business (perhaps it had always been supposed to be that way?)... But anyways, I went there and subscribing was no problem, I was sent upstairs to a nice lady who wrote down my name, printed a schedule and told me which class she assigned me to. Simple as that. People there are nice, but it's definitely geek squared in the hallways and downstairs sitting area. (no offense, seriously) Every other person has a laptop in front and 95% is male. The sound you hear most is ticking of keyboards, because the avid gamers in the room, with ASUS laptops with 17 inch screens have headphones on anyways, so you can't hear them play Call of Duty, or whatever they play these days.

I'll just keep it to simming and I'm glad my MacBook Pro runs the game smoothly... Sure the graphics chip heats up quickly, making the Mac sound like it's taking off, but the components don't quite overheat and with the battery it has, I can sim for an hour on a full charge. Pas mal, eh, for a laptop? I was surprised... Not that I need to run it on the battery though, there's a wall plug for power every 3 inch anyways... (the slight over-exaggeration aside)

I'm slowly getting used to not being able to become a math teacher, but it still nags at me... The friends I had there were much more social than the ICT people that I share a classroom with now... Most are 20ish and single and I understand why... Again, no offense, lads. Good thing the building is across the street from my teacher training education from last year... I can run across the street and have fun with my friends, instead of looking at people playing games furiously...

Lemme put an end to this blabbing, It's 11.28PM and I guess you could say my eyes lack the ability to remain open, even though I'm torturing myself to stay awake... I'm babysitting my baby brother, who's almost 5, so I gotta stay awake a bit longer.

Thanks for reading and feel free to comment... I always comment back in your guestbook.


Daniel (Anakin Stupaine) [don't ask why I used that as a username, I have no idea...]

My very first entry

The very first it is... My girlfriend suddenly inspired me to start writing, I don't know how and I don't know why, but I just felt like it. I've always been moderately good at writing, but never did anything with it, apart from getting good grades in school for the writing assignments.

I've been here for well over three years now, recently started becoming more active, got myself a 12 month subscription, ordered a copy of the Simspiration magazine, got some work done on my minisite, making it look like a brickwork pattern and even started a monthly building contest for The Sims 3, that lead to more then I ever hoped for.

Life is going great and at happy moments like this, I get the urge to write about it... Probably some psychological thing that makes you want to brag about feeling good or something, but either way, I'm happy and when I'm happy I get talkative. Can't help it.. :P

KarperkuilkadeThe home I live in now, is the one I've lived in for 12 years now and in those 12 years, I've seen a lot of things being build around my house. One thing that has always caught my attention is this street right across a small harbor, which runs parallel to my street. The street is called 'Karperkuilkade' and the water adjecent to it is called 'Karperkuil'. 'Kade' means quay, so that explains something. Those houses always inspired me and I very recently started a project of making those homes in The Sims 3. The houses are really do-able and the shapes and colors are pretty nice. I've even been into one of those houses, so I know a rough layout, which is nothing like the layout I used to make it in game. I also started a thread about this in the TS3 Showroom forums, here at TSR Forums, called 'The "Amanda" Townhomes'.

The Pink Aurora MansionAnother project I'm doing with YrS92, is this huge mansion we call "The Pink Aurora Mansion", which is roughly based on an actual building called "Hakasalmen huvila" in Helsinki, Finland.

My job is to do the exterior and at this point, my partner-in-crime is working her magic on the interior of this massive mansion. I'm sure she will do a great job, if she can handle doing all of this as she works her way through mountains of schoolwork, but I know she will finish this when she has the time.

There are a lot of more new projects to come, but as usual, school goes first... There will be more, though, I can tell you that, because my building addiction has just started coming off the ground, I just started.

Thanks everyone for reading! Feel free to comment or leave feedback.. This turned out longer than I thought, but it gave me a good opportunity to test out TSR's blogging features. :D

Oh, something I totally forgot about... I will definitely post another blog entry when my "Sandringham Mansion" hits 2000 downloads! :P


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