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The Andretti Legacy (107)
Published Oct 21, 2010


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The Andretti Legacy
Chapter 107

I apologize if any of the screens are of crummy quality...I didn't realize as I as resizing them that my Photoshop was saving with the lowest possible quality.

The Andretti Legacy
Chapter 107

I apologize if any of the screens are of crummy quality...I didn't realize as I as resizing them that my Photoshop was saving with the lowest possible quality.
The years had passed and the boys grew into adults and started their own lives. Derrick moved away to Sunset Valley, where he took a job with the Police Department. Cody stayed in Riverbrook, and followed in Coach Maxwell's footsteps. He went to college for an Education Degree, and ended up coaching.

The only two that remain good friends to this day are Quade and Andrew. Quade joined the Military Academy as soon as he could, and Andrew went into Sports. Their dreams were coming true for them.

"It's simple...and brown. I like that." Quade states as he inspects the empty house.

"Brown? You like it because it's brown?" Andrew looks over at his best friend with a raised brow and wrinkled forehead.

"Sure I do. It's not pink, or purple, or frilly nilly girly wirly..." Quade lets out a loud laugh. "I like it. It's us...everything in this town is either beat to heck or too darn feminine for my liking."

"Okay, okay. I got you, I got you." Andrew joins in laughter.
"So, this is the one we want?" Andrew exhales heavily. "I sure hope're about as picky as all my ex-girlfriends combined."

"Thanks, Andrew. I appreciate that." Quade slugs Andrew in the shoulder. "Yeah...let's get this one."
The months passed quickly, and both boys excel at their jobs and are earning raises and promotions faster than their bosses and other co-workers can keep up.

"Don't you have a game today?" Quade looks over at Andrew during a commercial break on the TV.

"Yeah. I'm about to be headed out. You should come and watch. You never leave the house unless you're going to work. It's no wonder you're always single." Andrew laughs.
"What is the big deal about me being single!? If it's not you hounding me, it's my mom, it's my dad, it's my boss for crying out loud!" The whole 'you need a relationship' discussion are really starting to become very frustrating for him. "I never get a chance to talk about anything other than my own love life with the entire population!"

"Look man, I'm not trying to be your mother." Andrew replies with a soft sigh. "We're grown men now and you've never had a girlfriend...I'm worried about you, man."
"I can promise you, Andrew. It's nothing like that. It's just that...well, I haven't met her yet." Quade's voice lowers with sadness. "I can't just...go out with a bunch of different girls. I'm not like that."

Andrew lowers his head, almost in shame, as he has a new lady friend every other month or so.

"I'm not trying to make you feel bad, but I want you to understand that were are not the same in that department. I'm sure one will come along...I just don't know when." He shrugs his shoulders.
"Say, maybe we should go back to Egypt." Andrew grins a silly grin. "You seemed pretty content with that Egyptian girl ages ago."

"I doubt she'd remember me, Drew." Quade laughs trying to hide his true feelings. He'd love to go back. He'd love to see her again. After all these years, he still feels some weird connection with that girl. It's the strangest thing.

"...regardless, we should go. We always said we would." Andrew leans back and looks up at the ceiling, thinking about their trip to Egypt in school.
"...Egypt is a pretty big place. We'll never find her." Quade looks over at his friend.

"You're right...we may not, but the vacation will be good for us." Drew says with a grin.
Within a few weeks, the boys had everything planned and flights booked. They arrived at the Marketplace and took in a few deep breaths.

"Wow." Andrew looks around. "Just as I remembered it. Nothing has changed..."
The minute they arrived, Quade focused on the only spot he could really remember about the Marketplace. He had high, high hopes that the girl would still be there, charming him and the snake. But, many years have passed. Many, many years. A part of him figured she'd already be married and have a family of her own. Just his luck, you know. Quade glances over at Andrew, and finds the oddest expression on his face. He appears to be in some sort of stupor or daze. Quade looks around trying to figure out what Andrew's looking at, and then he spots her. A rather attractive girl passes by just as fixated on Andrew as he is on her. She continues walking, giving Andrew a sweet, polite smile. Andrew quickly followed in her footsteps. It was almost as though her smile had cast a line and caught him like a fish. "Andrew!" Quade called after him. "Andrew!" But, Andrew kept walking, leaving Quade alone in the market place. The long flight had left Quade feeling hungry, so he crosses the Marketplace to the small cafe to get a bite to eat, but hears something that stops him in his tracks. Someone is angrily speaking in the native language, but the word that stops him, the only one he recognizes is 'Qadesh'. He stops just outside the dining area and see's her standing there, being chewed out by a native man.

"Fahad, I'm just asking for one week." She tries to reason with him, and he continues to shout at her in their language.
Quade notices he's a very animated man, but also a very angry one at that as he continues to drill into Qadesh.

"I have worked for you every day of my life...I've never asked you for a thing. This is the least you can do." She glares back at him, obviously wanting something very important.
He points a finger at her, and continues to shout under his breath; Qadesh just listens closely. "I cannot believe you!" She shouts back at him. "I have earned your living for you! It is because of me that you have what you have! And you can't say that's not true! I've never complained, and here I am asking for one simple thing...and you won't do it!" Her remark really angers him, as he shouts louder and louder. He turns a bit, points at the snake charming basket, and storms off in serious rage. Qadesh obediently takes the order and crosses over to the snake charming basket. She slumps down and stairs down at the sand in front of her with sadness. Quade finally musters up the courage to speak to her, and slowly makes his way over.

"Qadesh?" He calls out quietly. "Do you remember me?" He asks nervously.
She looks up at him, rises to her feet, and steps in front of the basket.

"Quade?" She asks quietly. "Isn't it?"
"Yeah..." He smiles, a feeling of relief relaxes him just a bit. "I'm surprised that you still remember's been so long." He speaks to her as normally as he possibly can without appearing too nervous or anxious, but he notices something different about her. "Why are you here?" She sounds very concerned and worried.

"I don't know if you remember Andrew? He wanted to come back and do some exploring...he didn't really get a chance when we came the first time as kids." Quade shrugs his shoulders.

" should not have come here..." She tells him with a quiet voice, one he can barely hear.
"What are you talking about?" He asks her, feeling all the more nervous now. "I do not expect you to understand...and I can't even begin to explain...but, you must stay far away from me. Please, Quade...please."

"Is it that guy?" Quade points over his shoulder at Fahad who is watching them very closely.

"No, no. Not him. He owns the Marketplace. I have worked for him, charming snakes, since I was able to play the instrument." She replies kindly. "Now, must go." She tells him, and steps back over her basket and begins to play. She keeps her eyes closed to do her best to ignore him.
The encounter with Qadesh had Quade feeling down and out. He left the Marketplace and spent the entire day walking around and enjoying the scenery.

He made it to The Great Sphinx, and stopped to look out across a small river and a great palace. He started imagining who might live there, and as the thoughts pass through his mind, he hears someone running frantically behind him.
He turns to look and finds it's Qadesh, running as fast as she can towards The Great Sphinx. He can tell she's in some sort of panic, and he hurries after her as quietly as possible. She rushes to the door, and says something in her native language, and the door opens. Quade remembers from the Olympics that this tomb was completely off limits to Olympians. There was even a form you had to sign that forbid you from entering and if you entered, Egypt was not responsible for what happened to you while you were inside.

Quade's heart begins to race and he questions following her or not. But, something told him he should...something was reeling him in.
The minute Qadesh steps inside, fire erupts from the floor in what felt like an angry rage. Quade peers out from behind the door frame. Beads of sweat form on his forehead from the heat.

"You should not be here, Qadesh." A deep voice echos from the tomb sending chills up Quade's spine.

"I need you..." Qadesh sounds worried; she sounds as though something terrible is happening.
Some of the flames go out, and Qadesh speaks again.

"Please." She begs. "You know I would not be here if this weren't important..." She looks around the room inspecting everything. "Please." She calls out again, and the fire completely vanishes.

In the center of the room, a bright light appears, and Qadesh quickly steps through it, as though this were all completely natural for her. Quade hesitates for a moment, and then rushes through himself.
Just the other side of the bright light, is another huge pyramid. It would seem to Quade, that he has just transported somewhere else in Egypt. In the distance, he spots Qadesh still running frantically into the pyramid He quickly follows. Upon entering the pyramid, there are two statues, in which Qadesh stops in front of and speaks in the native tongue. She sounds like she's reciting some sort of chant. At the end of her chant, a door opens and she hurries through. Quade follows quickly and silently through each and every room. The deeper and deeper they go into the tomb, the more frightening and peculiar this all gets. Quade is beginning to wish he'd listened to her about staying away. He follows her until she stops in front of a small chest, and she speaks to the statue looking over the chest. He can't understand the language, but it would appear that she is speaking, yet another, chant. Quade hears a snapping sound, and she reaches down and opens the chest and then continues on through the temple. "Why have you come here?" A voice hisses as Qadesh enters a small room containing a sarcophagus.

"Set me free, Qadesh." Qadesh speaks, and finally it's in a language Quade can understand. "I've done enough for you."

"Oh, but you've done nothing for me, my dear, sweet, life. I see that you are still...unsuccessful." The voice sounds female, but a very, very corrupt and evil female. Quade assumes it's coming from the sarcophagus.
"It has be years since you last visited me. I see that I have chosen a very very beautiful form. I'd have it no other way." The voice is proud.

"Qadesh, I am done with your games. Set me free!" Qadesh growls at the sarcophagus.

"I will set you as a bird in the sky...once you fulfill your duty to me." The stone face remains emotionless. "He has already come to you, my sweet child. Twice, he has come. And yet, you still remain cursed...why is that?" The voice sends shivers up Quade's spine; he has no doubt the statue is talking about him. He wonders what's so great about him...and why would this...thing...know anything about him!?

"You didn't have to curse him." Qadesh growls and Quades heart falls into his stomach.
"But, I did, young child. He came when you were too were not ready. I brought him back to you...and now, all that I ask is that you do what you were told like the obedient child you are." The voice grows angrier as Qadesh argues back. Quade's cellphone begins ringing, startling both him and Qadesh. She jerks around to look at him, and stares at him speechless. His cell phone continues to ring. He slowly reaches down and silences his phone as they stare at each other, both completely unsure of what to say.

"Quade...what are you doing here?" She asks quietly, painfully almost.
"...I saw you running...towards that sphinx...I thought you were in trouble, so I followed you." He replies nervously, the thought of being cursed as him questioning everything he's done since he's been here. Was someone else moving him like a puppet...or did he come on his own will? "We are in great trouble, Quade...especially being this." She stares back at him, wide-eyed and absolutely frightened. "You want to be free, child?" The statue hisses with each word. "Now is your chance..." The voice trails off as the two stare at each other. "...can you tell me what exactly is going on!?" Quade finally breaks the silence.

"Quade, there's no time to explain...we have to get out of here." She grabs his hand and starts running out of the tomb. A dark red light appears in front of them, and makes a loud thundering sound and Quade feels a sharp pain shoot through his body. It's so great that he blacks out, and all he can remember hearing is Qadesh screaming for him to wake up.
When Quade finally came to, the nurses and doctors in the hospital room surrounding him were all clapping and congratulating each other. Once all the hype settled down, Andrew explained almost everything to him.

Apparently, something happened in the tomb he'd been exploring. He passed out, and they couldn't find him for a few days. Finally, they were able to locate Quade by finding his cell phone's signal. When they found him, he was in a coma and rather ill. When Quade asked about Qadesh, Andrew explained that he'd never seen her, and wasn't aware that he had seen her either. The local authorities couldn't locate her either, especially since there seemed to be no one by that name in Al Simhara, nor had their ever been to their records. Quade kept quiet about everything else, partially because he wasn't even sure if it was all real to begin with.

Andrew visits Quade daily, and today, Andrew is told that Quade is being released.

" think they have you on enough medications?" Andrew asks after informing Quade of the good news. Quade has been in the hospital for a few weeks now.
" really didn't see Qadesh...? At all? I know she was there with me..." Quade asks softly.

"No, man. I never saw her...I promise. If she was there, why isn't she in a coma, too? And why would she leave you like that?" Andrew shrugs his shoulders, as Quade rises to his feet.
"Yeah. I guess you're right." Quade replies, not believing she wasn't there. "...I just want to know what happened."

"Don't we all, man. Don't we all. I wish I was there...maybe we'd have had some answers." Andrew crosses the hospital room to the couch, and Quade starts brushing his teeth at the sink.
"...speaking of you disappearing on me." Quade mumbles with a mouth full of toothpaste suds. "Whatever happened?! I mean, the last time I saw you you were trailing after some red head."

"Oh, Jessie..." Andrew smiles a big smile.

"You'll like her. She's a great girl." He continues talking. "She is from France...I still talk to her a lot...on the phone, on the internet, you know...anyway that we can."

"Sounds nice." Quade replies flatly.

"She's great, Quade. I think she may be the one." Andrew grins.
"Oh yeah?" Quade smiles. "You? The one? Just one!?" He starts laughing as he rinses his mouth. "Yeah...weird isn't it?" Andrew stares off into space remembering the great time he had with Jessie while in Egypt. "She talked about coming and visiting me here...she wants to meet you. Oh, and she loves to travel...she goes somewhere every summer. So, next summer...she said she'd be coming here."

"You guys are moving right along, aren't you?" Quade crosses the room and stops in front of the couch a part of him feeling a great sadness. He feels empty, he feels like...well, maybe like he's not cursed anymore.
"...yeah, I guess so." Andrew grins.

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silvertoraFeb 9, 2011

I agree with everyone else above. Where did you get the medical stuff and the hospital gown? Looks good - thanks for everything

IllandryaNov 7, 2010

Great chapter! I loved the suspense and mystery - so Qadesh is merely inhabiting this poor girl's body? Does her employer know of the curse? is her seeming slavery to him part of it all? Why was Quade chosen? And about a dozen other questions ... can't wait to see what happens next.

fredbrennyOct 24, 2010

I am more interested in WHO Qadeshis than WHERE she is... What an amazing chapter! Hurry up with the next chapter! I am hooked (again) on this legacy!

Ben72006Oct 24, 2010

I want some more I am so hooked I can't believe there no record of her and I hope he finds her and starts a family soon. Great Chapter as always.

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