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Back to Pleasantview {1}
Published Oct 9, 2011


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Chapter 1: Sad Goodbyes


Before I forget, I want to thank the creators of the custom content that I've used in my story. Please know that I appreciate every single piece of it. Thank you! :)
And thank you, dear readers!
Without you, writing this story would be pretty pointless :)

Chapter 1: Sad Goodbyes


Before I forget, I want to thank the creators of the custom content that I've used in my story. Please know that I appreciate every single piece of it. Thank you! :)
And thank you, dear readers!
Without you, writing this story would be pretty pointless :)
Bluewater Village, September 2010
One week later

I heard my father talking to somebody. The voice was so familiar.
"Lindsay! You're back!"
I rushed downstairs, being happy and sad at the same time. I'd had a bad week and I was so glad to see my friend again but the news I had for her clouded my happiness.
"Hi," she laughed and hugged me. "How are you?"
"I'm okay," I replied. "Let's go upstairs... How was your vacation?"
"It was great," Lindsay said as we headed towards my room. "Better than I thought it would be, really. You can't imagine how beautiful it was there! All these mountains and... It was just amazing! We have to go to Three Lakes together one day, Audrey, you'd love it there! Promise that we'll go!"
I promised.
Lindsay was in such a good mood... It was a pity that I had to tell her something that would spoil it.
I closed the door when we got to my room. I didn't want my father to hear us. I didn't want him to feel bad.
"I brought you something!" Lindsay announced with a happy smile on her face. She hadn't noticed yet that I wasn't as excited as she was.
She showed me the necklace that she had bought for me from Three Lakes.
"It's nothing special actually but the moment I saw it I knew it was perfect for you! And this gemstone is supposed to bring calm and healing and relief to the one who's wearing it and I know it sounds kind of stupid because it is, after all, just a stone, but anyways, even if it doesn't do anything it's pretty at least. I think that - "
"Lindsay," I said, interrupting her monologue.
"What?" she asked and smiled. And then the smile faded from her face. "Audrey?"
Suddenly, there was a tone of anxiety in her voice.
"Audrey, what's wrong? Did something happen? Tell me! Hey?"

I took a deep breath.
"I'm moving away, Lindsay," I said and could feel the tears forming in my eyes.

"Yes...Next week..."

"What?!? To where?"
"To Pleasantview."
"Okay, Audrey, that's not funny at all. It's a VERY bad joke, actually."
"I'm not joking, Lindsay. I wish I was."

"But how - ? I don't understand... WHEN did this happen? I was only gone for a week..."
At that moment, everything I'd kept inside for this one week suddenly got out. I was overwhelmed by emotions. I started crying.

"We're selling the house. Dad and Mathilda are getting divorced. We're leaving next Saturday. I wanted to talk to you about it so badly but you weren't here..."
My honest confession sounded more like an accusation and that made me feel even worse.

"Oh my god... I'm so sorry, Audrey."

Lindsay didn't go home that evening. She could see that I was upset and decided to stay over. We talked for hours. I told her everything that had happened that week.
The next day I woke up with a bad headache.
"Good morning," I said, rubbing my eyes, a bit surprised that Lindsay was already awake. It wasn't even 8 AM yet.
She gave me a worried look, probably thinking that I was on the edge of mental breakdown. Maybe I was. It was hard to tell because I hadn't been feeling like myself lately.
"Are you okay?" Lindsay asked doubtfully. I could see that she was truly worried about me. She had tried so hard to help me move on with my life after my grandparents died and I guess she thought she'd have to start over now. She didn't know that I'd already accepted the fact I was moving away.
"My head hurts," I said and sat on her mattress.
"That's because you're dehydrated. That's what crying does. Audrey, you have to talk to your father. He can't force you to go with him."
"He's not forcing me."
I didn't like the way Lindsay sounded. Dad would never force me into doing something.

"So stay here. You're old enough. Mathilda would still let you live with her, wouldn't she?"

"Yes but I can't, Lindsay. I can't. Do you even know how far Pleasantview is? I just lost my grandparents, I'm not going to lose my father, too. If he moved away and I stayed here I'd barely see him."
"Then ask him to stay," Lindsay didn't give up. "Tell him you don't want to go."

"I already told him I'd go. And... You don't know how excited he is. I've never seen him like that. He's... happy. I don't get it but anyways... I'm not going to change my mind."

Of course I'd go with him. He was the only family that I had.
I tried to tell Lindsay how I felt. To explain her that I was ready for this new life and just had a really hard time saying goodbye to everything that would stay to Bluewater Village. And everyone. I wanted to believe it.
"So you are really going to move away? Next Saturday?"
"But... Everything that we planned... These years in highschool were supposed to be our years. What am I going to do here without you?"
"And what am I going to do there without you , Lindsay?" // My classmates were surprised to hear that I was moving away. I hadn't wanted to tell anybody anything before Lindsay got back from Three Lakes and so they heard the news only 5 days before I left.
Some of them looked sad. Only one girl, Paula Kim, smirked and seemed pleased. She imagined she was dating my ex-boyfriend and now that I was moving away she probably thought she'd get the chance to turn her fantasy into reality.
The poor girl tried so hard to impress Spencer that it was almost funny. Spencer, on the other hand, didn't seem to notice her at all. Paula must have thought it was because of me. I saw the way she looked at me when Spencer and I were talking the other day. As if I was her enemy. Jealousy is a horrible thing.
As far as I'm concerned, she could have him. Spencer and I had broken up several months ago and we were just friends now. I just wished she'd leave me out of it. //

Most of my last week in Bluewater Village I spent with Lindsay.
I lingered around even when she had to work. She didn't seem to mind, or so I thought at least.
It was our last evening together when she surprised me.
"When are you going to stop pouting?" she asked me, closing the cash register with a loud bang, her voice uncharitable.
Just a moment ago she had wished a nice evening to the last customer in a very pleasant voice.
"I'm not pouting!" I objected, hurt by the way she was talking to me.
"Yes you are. For the last few days, that's all you've been doing!"

We were interrupted before I got the chance to disagree.
"Lindsay, darling, it was 6 o'clock 10 minutes ago," her grandmother said, reminding her that it was time to close up.
"I know, " Lindsay replied sharply. "I had a customer."
Mrs. Delarosa ignored her granddaughter's bad mood.
"Will you stay for dinner, Audrey?" she asked me.
"No, thank you."
"Alright," she smiled. "I hope you'll visit us again soon. We're all going to miss you."
I looked at Lindsay. At the moment it looked like she wasn't going to miss me at all.
"I will, as soon as I can," I promised.
Mrs. Delarosa smiled again and left then.
I waited for a while before saying anything, trying to understand what had gotten into Lindsay.
"Why are you angry at me?" I finally asked her. That seemed so unfair.

She sighed.
"I'm angry, Audrey, because you've been my best friend for I don't even know how long and now you're moving away. You're not the only one who's life is about to change. At least you get to say that you made the decision yourself. My best friend who promised that we'd grow old together is leaving me now and there's nothing I can do about it. I think I have every right to be upset." Lindsay DID have every right to be upset.
"I'm sorry," I said.

"It's okay... I understand why you're doing this. Just don't expect me to be happy about it."

"Are you sure you can't stay for dinner?" she asked a few moments later, sounding like the Lindsay I knew again.
"Yeah...There's somewhere I need to go before it gets dark."
"Okay," she sighed again, understanding where this "somewhere" was.
"Should I come over after dinner? To help you pack or something?"
"No, it's okay. Most of the things are packed already... But thanks."
"So I'll come tomorrow morning. What time will you leave?"
"I honestly don't know..." I admitted. Lindsay wasn't happy with this answer.
"Call me when you wake up," she demanded. "Even if it's 5 AM. I will come. You are
not allowed to leave before I get there, do you hear me?"
"Lindsay, I would never leave without saying goodbye to you. Never."
After having promised twice that I'd call Lindsay as soon as I woke up the next morning, I left with the two roses she'd given me.
It was a beautiful, warm evening. I still had about 40 minutes before it got dark.
I was there after a 10 minute walk.
"I came to say goodbye," I whispered.
After lighting the candles and placing one rose on my grandmother's grave and the other on my grandfather's, I just sat there.
I'd been here so many times in these last few months, trying to find solace. Hoping to feel that my grandparents were still there somewhere, watching over me. But there was nothing. Nothing at all.
They were gone and I never even got the chance to say goodbye.
All that was left were these two silent graves.
I remembered the night they died so clearly, partly because my nightmares just didn't let me forget it.
It was midsummer. I was at the beach with my friends that day and by the time I got home, my grandparents had already left for this charity party that my grandma had been talking about for days.
I was reading a book when I heard someone knocking on the door.
I don't know why they didn't just ring the doorbell. This knocking was ghastly and now all my nightmares started with it.
I went downstairs to see what's going on and the moment I saw the look on my father's face I knew something was wrong. Very wrong.
"Audrey..." he said.
Tears started running down my face before he could even say anything. And that's where my memories got blurry.
That's also where my nightmares usually ended and I woke up, crying.

There'd been a car accident. My grandparents were dead.
It took my father and Mathilda all night to calm me down.
I fell asleep by the time the sun rose. It was the worst night of my life.
The funeral was just... I didn't even know how to describe it.
That day I realized that I'd never see my grandparents again.
The only thing I still wanted was to say goodbye. And to let them know that I loved them. But there was no one to hear me anymore.
I sat there until the sun set, taking the warmth of the day with it. It got chilly fast.
When wind blew out the candles, I took it as a sign and left.
The next morning, everything was packed and ready. I'd phoned Lindsay, as promised, and I knew she'd be here any minute. I felt anxious. After about 3 minutes, Lindsay was standing at the door of my room.
"Knock-knock," she said and stepped in.

"Hi, Lindsay."


There was an awkward silence between us.
"That's all you're going to take?" Lindsay asked, looking at the boxes.
"Yes... I'm only going to take the most important things," I replied and then tried to think over whether everything I needed still was there.
"What about your other things?"
"I don't know...Charity, maybe. Mathilda promised to take care of it."
"Okay..." Lindsay took a deep breath. "Let's get these things downstairs then."
My father came to help, too, and soon everything was in the car.

"So...", I said but didn't know how to continue.
"'s time," Lindsay finished the sentence. "Don't worry, Audrey. We will call each other every day. We will write."
I nodded. "
"I will come to visit you," Lindsay continued. "Not the next weekend but the week after that. I'll skip school if I have to."
I smiled, just for a second. "And I will come here," I promised.

It was so hard to say goodbye. Lindsay was the one who understood me, the one I could always talk to, about anything. When we met more than 13 years ago, I liked her from the very first moment.
Or well, maybe not the very first moment.
Meeting Lindsay was one of my first memories. That day, I'd taken Ted - my teddybear - with me to the kindergarten as always. I can't remember what I was doing exactly but I knew I was in the middle of something interesting when I suddenly saw that this new girl was playing with my teddy.
Other kids were afraid even to touch it because they knew I'd punch them. Or bite. You can't really blame a 2-year-old for doing something like that.
And then, there she was, this girl with a pretty flower in her hair, playing with MY teddy.
I ran over and grabbed Ted from her, telling her it was MINE; the girl started crying.
I loved Ted. Grandma had tried to take it away from me several times, telling me it was old and ugly and that a new beautiful toy would be much better but I always cried until she gave it back to me.

I looked at the crying girl, thinking that maybe her grandma had taken her teddy away from her. Maybe she'd loved it as much as I loved Ted. Maybe she just wanted to play with Ted a bit...
I gave the teddy back to her.
It was probably one of the most generous things I've ever done in my life.
And one of the best things as well, because I found myself a true friend that day. I hugged Lindsay strongly, holding back the tears. I didn't want to cry. That would only make things worse. Saying goodbye to Mathilda was easier. We were never very close.
I'd never thought of her as my mother, she was my father's wife. Ex-wife, now.
Still, I liked her. She was a nice person and I knew I was going to miss her. A bit at least.

Dad waited patiently, giving me as much time as I needed.
Minutes passed and I knew we had to set off for Pleasantview very soon if we wanted to get there before midnight so I finally pulled myself together and got into the car. "Bye," I whispered to Lindsay as Dad started the engine.
"Bye", she whispered back.

And then we drove off.

Thank you for reading! Please let me know what you think!

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s_sunna90Feb 9, 2012

love the story, just cant wait to see what happens next!

pussycatx99Nov 20, 2011

really good story looking forward to the next part.

katlin194Nov 5, 2011

Väga ilusad pildid ja haarav lugu! \:\)

RatRaceRobOct 21, 2011

Kalisa-- this is so beautifully written and illustrated ... fantastic work, it draws me in and keeps me there, and I thank you very much for that! \:wub\: \:rah\:

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