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The Old Ones (Prologue)
Published Dec 5, 2011


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Hey there, Iím back with another series, The Old Ones.
The series carries off from the previous series, New Beginnings and Lifeís Like That...
This time Iím starting with a prologue for the main character of this series, Juan Scott Jr.
Hopefully this chapter could set you up or act as a recap for coming story.

With the introduction out of the way, welcome to the Prologue of The Old Ones.
Hope you enjoy ;-)

Hey there, Iím back with another series, The Old Ones.
The series carries off from the previous series, New Beginnings and Lifeís Like That...
This time Iím starting with a prologue for the main character of this series, Juan Scott Jr.
Hopefully this chapter could set you up or act as a recap for coming story.

With the introduction out of the way, welcome to the Prologue of The Old Ones.
Hope you enjoy ;-)
Juan Scott Jr. stares at the vast landscape before him.
He breathes in the cool crisp air and enjoys the slight chill that the night brings.
The night sky was fill with stars, blinking in and out of existence.

As much as this seems like a perfect evening, Juan sighs.
He looks at a town that is just beneath the hills.
He could see the townsfolk; some were hanging out with friends at the movie theatre, some stayed with their family, some were getting ready to tuck in...
He envies them, he envies the life they lead.
The normality that allows them to do what they want, to chase what they believe in.

Juan started reliving memories; while some were his and some were not, while some were clear and some were blurry.
However, the clearer memories came from recent events and from the people he met...
Juan recalls the first time meeting Decima... He felt like the luckiest person alive.
What he didnít know was that Decima is one of the sisters of Fate, also called Lachesis.
The same sisters that observed Man from their birth, to their passing.
It was as if... as if he lived his whole life just to meet her.
And then he knew the truth, he was fated to be with Decima of the Fates and to serve her.
That was also the time when he started seeing memories that werenít his, memories that were old and ancient...
Memories that belonged to his predecessors who had served Decima.

He feared these memories, because he experienced the death of each predecessor or felt their loss of things they cherished.
Sometimes, the raw feelings in these memories could be too overwhelming such that Decima has to step in and stabilize him.
Under her instructions, Juan met Adam Johansson (an Old One) in an attempt to study his actions.
Juan met him at a local gym and straight away, had an impression that Adam was more than he seems.

He remembered Adamís eyes... They held great experience and depth, they also showed signs of pain and sorrow.
And for the first time, he felt the urge to help this person in front of him.
While the sisters of Fate were discussing about Adam in the Isle of Seirenes, Juan overheard some of the conversation.

He learnt that Adam was part of the Tzardikim Nistarim, a group of 36 supernatural people that uphold the balance of the World.
He also learnt that Adam seemed more important than the others for some reason...
More important such that the Hunter was sent to chase after Adam.
Juan felt that Adam should be warned of the Hunter and against his Mistressís (Decima) wishes, he sought Adam to tell him about the impending danger.
To advise Adam that he should get moving because the Hunter is too powerful for him...

But what was Adamís response? He WANTED to stay because he was promoted to be a Sports Legend!
Because he has grown fond of this city, he is reluctant to leave...

Juan smiled, he remembered he was pretty pissed then.
And to no surprise, he was called back to the Isle of Seirenes by Decima who demanded to hear what he told Adam.
Juan revealed that he did not touch on the nature of the Sisters, only warned Adam of the danger that he is going to face.

Unlike her usual self, she surprised him this time by actually agreeing with his actions!
He was shocked by her understanding (he expected her to have his hide) and there was something more...
Her eyes... They betrayed a tinge of longing that he never noticed before, maybe it was the night that played tricks on his eyes...
Shortly after Juan came clean with his actions, Decima decided to show him a prophecy.
The prophecy dictated the end when 4 beings of power comes together.
Beings that have the power to change the order and fabric of the World.
Juan remembered on the Isle, there were statues that epitomized the nature of each Sister.
With Nona(Clotho) being the one on his left, Morta in the centre, Decima(Lechesis) on the right.
Until now, he still wondered about the significance of the statues...

As Adam finally decided to move on to a new city, much to Juanís relief, the Sisters came together again.
They reasoned that Adam is a one of the beings of power, who have yet to awaken.
And that Adam has the power to change Fate, at least that was what Juan hoped too.
For a year, Juan went heavily into research.
Trying to find ways to stop the Hunter from harming Adam, at the same time, to figure and clues to gain more insight on the prophecy...

As the Hunter, also known as Orion, was mentioned in historical references, it was not too difficult to find out more about him.
The prophecy, however, was on a totally different level of difficulty.
How could someone find a reference to the prophecy when it has already existed before the dawn of Man?
It does not matter, he has found some clues on who he can seek for help.
He will seek the old gods, the beings that have gone into seclusion since the medieval times.
The gods that have started to lose their followers as modernization kicked in.

He was was prepared and was about to leave when he heard her.
Seeing her this time, Juan felt a need to tell Decima about how he felt.
He wasnít sure if he would return unscathed in this journey.

He remembered the closeness of her skin when he gave her a tight embrace.
Her smooth raven hair and the warmth of her body...
With some difficulty, he separated from Decima and started on his journey...
Feeling with some pride that he has finally shown her his true feelings and maybe, some anticipation on what is to come.
Coming back to his senses, Juan realised that he had been moving as he recalled on his memories...
He stared at the dark sea in front of him, feeling the gentle salt breeze caressing his face.

He had conversed with Decima on occasion and he knew that Adam has already awakened his power in Bridge Town.
He also heard from Nona of how Adam stopped another being of power, Lee Hui, from starting the prophecy in motion.
Now, Adam is being sent to another time to test and train his resilience for the coming problems.
Getting on his bike, Juan looks at the winding road in front of him.
He doesnít really have the time to worry about the others right now...

He has found out that there are some people that could lead him to the Old Gods.
And they are The Old Ones, people who have lived for centuries and served the old powers.
Adamís people... Although Adam has yet to learn of the surviving race.

Juan needs to find them and to convince The Old Ones to help him on his journey.
For if he doesnít, the end of World may come sooner than he expected...
Thatís the recap folks!
Really hope it helps to clear out some doubts and questions you have from the previous series.
Thank you mucho to the cc creators for their work and to the readers for reaching this page :D

Hope you enjoyed it and stay chill ;-)

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oldmember_lucianna88Jul 8, 2012

The screenshots in this are fantastic, you'd make a good photographer. Very well done.

Pegasus960Jan 23, 2012

definitely reading on \:rah\:

anura32Dec 24, 2011

I love the story.. Cant wait for the actual story to begin.

eviDec 13, 2011

Great start! I am looking forward to the next chapter\:\)

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