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Trust Me - CH1
Published Jul 1, 2013


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My first story "trust me" ^_^
made with Sims2.

Enjoy ^_^

My first story "trust me" ^_^
made with Sims2.

Enjoy ^_^
"Rachel speaking"

I heard such a strange voice, who was this?

"hey, could you speak slowy.. I can barely understand you."
"Lo-Logan?, is that you?"
"A what? fundraiser of the Cain`s? wasn't that next month."
"They canceled?"

Logan - "Stop repeating me! Can you have everything done for tonight. I'm counting on you"

Without waiting for a respond he hung up on me.

"sure no problem"
Diana - "Are you making this up, to freak me out?"

Ashley - "No way! I would never to that"

That sounded way to sarcastic for me, I didn't believe her at all.
I looked at her face, she didn't seem to joke around for once.

Diana - "my mom told me it would be next month, why would it be tonight that's way too sudden"

Ashley - "You shouldn't be the one asking all these questions, will my mom even be able to make it?"

As the bell rang we walked to our classroom, asking each other questions. with no answer.
Me and Ashley go to a private school, I never wanted that but my mom insisted.
she would say something like ;

"you're not just a girl, you're a Cain"

I know my last name, but that's all just a name "Cain" we aren't famous at all just rich, but I do not brag about it like Ashley McCarter
Ashley - "what's the deal with all this anyway, I don't have a dress and Amy is on a vacation, which mean that I have to do my hair on my own"

Just like any other teenager, So i thought.
Ashley - "oh man, this is so frustrating! what was my password again?"

Diana - You think my mom knows about this? She would be freaking out right now.
I returned home after class was over, I hoped he wouldn't come tonight.
Diana - Forget it, Ashley was just kidding for sure. She is a great actress after all..

I used to do this all the time, saying to myself something wasn't true to protect myself from a anxiety attack or anything painful, frustrating like this. Diana didn't seem so freaked out about the event for tonight, No one ever takes me serious..

Ashley - "afternoon Sir"

Sir - "good afternoon. Miss. Welcome home"
I smiled "home?"
What a funny man.
I walked into Miss Cain she looked suprised to see me.

Miss Cain - "Ashley, I didn't hear the doorbell it must be broken."

Ashley - "Don't worry about that, I let myself in as usual"

I smiled.
Miss Cain - "so what brings you here, dear?"

So, even Miss Cain didn't knew about the event.

Ashley - "The Cain`s fundraiser is tonight right? I heard something about last minute cancellation"

Miss Cain - "Sorry about that, you can't come right? because of the exams"

Ashley - "exams?"
Miss Cain - "Diana came home all frustrated about an exam you have tomorrow, It's that important biology one. I don't want you guys to fail so it's alright if you can't make it tonight." I frowned, Miss Cain took notice of it and smiled.

Ashley - "She really got you falling for it, there is no exam we just got out of it."

Miss Cain - "this is our first fundraiser in years, she has to represent the family"

Ashley - "leave it to me!"
Ashley - "biology exam? seriously. you can do better than that"

I sighed..
Diana - "let me guess, you spoke to my mom?"

Ashley - "I did. why don't you just come, all the kids of 6 years ago will be there.

Diana - "that's the point"
I gave her to many hints, she knew.

Ashley - "How could I forget, Mason Richards. You're still not over that?"

I tried not to yell at her.

Diana - "That was my first fundraiser and he totaly embarrassed me infront of those people"
Ashley - "come one, he was a kid back then. people change he's probably a well behaved good looking teen now." -
"oh! I can imagine the too of you togheter, so cute. just give him a chance..and.."

I didn't even entered the kitchen when my mom told me I had to come tonight.

Miss Cain - "You never lie Diana, why didn't you want to host tonight?"

Diana - "I just don't, fake smiles and fancy drinks are just not my thing"

Miss Cain - "just try it, for the family."
I couldn't do it, I knew I wouldn't be able to pull it off. hosting the fundraiser.

Miss Cain - "Let's make a deal, You come to the fundraiser and I promise you that Richards boy won't be there"

An offer I couldn't refuse.
Ashley was sitting on the couch she sighed.

Diana - "I've good news and bad news"
I took place next to her and smiled, I wasn't doing this because I wanted to but I felt excited to tell her.

Diana - "I'm not hosting tonight."

She looked confused.

Ashley - "is that good or bad news?"

I didn't answer her question and continued talking.

"we have no time to go shopping so you've got to wear some of your dresses twice." I laughed and took off.
Ashley - "wow! wait a second, there's no way!"

Diana - "follow me"
Ashley couldn't help but looking at herself in my new mirror.

Ashley - "I'm going to rock it tonight, I got a text from my mom. she will probably be there too! we have to look our best to impress her"

Ashley always had to do a little something for her moms attention, I wondered if she was happy.
I saw her thinking face coming up.

Ashley - "enough about me though, you're the co-host right? We've to make you really pretty, we have some work to do"

Diana - "hey!"
She turned around with a big smile

Ashley - "It's the truth though, You never seem to wear anything fancy. I've never seen your closet, but.."

Diana - "I'm not wearing my school uniform now."
We sat down on the floor Ashley looked at my face with a curious look.

Ashley - "I don't even know where to begin!"
Ashley - "come on! I've been working really hard on that hairstyle"
I felt dizzy, co-hosting my mom..
I can't pull that off, I'm still the girl who can't even bring out a speech without getting all red and sweaty..

Diana - "Ash-ley? I-I"
She didn't had any mercy with my dizzyness..

Ashley - "take a sip of water and come out of there, this is no way for a co-host to act"
Diana - "You're right!" I could hear the music played by the twins, they were always at a fundraiser, their music was always there whenever it was on a CD or live. The adult ballroom was easy to entertain, give them a fancy drink and a bad joke a pretty smile,a dress to die for and they were yours, but the teens.. "another drink please" I didn't felt that nervous anymore, all my nervousness flowed into Ashley she couldn't stop shaking and complaining.

Ashley - "what's wrong with the lights, can't someone fix it!"

Diana - "I'm going to ask my mom, be sure to not freak out on the guest."

I laughed as I went looking for my mother.
Miss Cain - "Oh, No! don't add shrimps on that one not everyone likes seafood!"

Diana - "there is an other way to say something like that mom.'

she turned around with a smile.
"I hope no one heard me, you look so pretty"

Diana - "everyone is listening to the twins." - "hey, mom what happend to the lights?"

She stared at the sealing
"ask the bar girl"
"ask the bar girl?"

Diana - "excuse me, what happened to the lights. it's too dark in here"

She looked confused.
"I'll fix it as soon as possible!"

I turned around to walk away, what a reaction. I should ask if she knew what was wrong with the lights it's not her fault that they're not working.

"Can I serve you a drink Miss Cain?"
She hasn't changed at all, my mom.
a good reputation is still the only thing she aims for, the only thing that can get her attention.
Even though she wasn't that excited about my grades getting better, I couldn't help but smiling she came all the way from where ever she stayed to see me.

Ashley - "how is your brand doing mom"
notice it, notice it!

she smiled
"You're the one promoting my dresses, where would I be without you?"
Ashley - "and Jay, how is Jay?"

Mrs. McCarter - "Mh, I think someone else wants to talk with you."

She winked at someone behind me and excused herself.
I turned around, who dare to interrupt my valuable time with my mother.

Ashley - "oh boy, I don't think you're invited."

Mason - "that's no way to welcome an old friend"
Ashley - "I'm not you're friend, Mason"
I said smiling.

Mason - "You haven't changed a bit still a spoilt rich kid"
he sighed.
Diana - "wha- what are you doing here!?"

Rachel - "want a piece, sir?" Logan - "mh? You know I don't like sweets"

He didn't even smile, Logan was another chilhood friend. spoilt and never in a good mood, or so it seemed. Just a kid no one could figure out..
I couldn't take his attitude and lost my temper in seconds.

Rachel - "What's the matter with you? You call me on my day off, for no reason and now you're just acting all cold!"
He seemed irritated.

Logan - "keep it down, you don't want to get in trouble. right?"
I turned my head, no one took notice of me anyway.

Rachel - "Oh, I forgot you're not allowed to talk with staff right? Can I make you a drink or anything, sir?"

Logan - "You're not allowed to talk with me, get me something fizzy."
Women - Lenora, over there. Mrs McCarter - "I'm sorry Logan, they need you at the adults ballroom."

The woman didn't seem nice at all, I knew these people. Nothing about them was real, I didn't trust any of them either.
She turned at me with a mean glare in her eyes.

Mrs McCarter - "Didn't you serve drinks here before, you know that there is no need for you to talk with the guest!"

Rachel - "I'm sorry"
Mrs McCarter - "get me something to drink, would you?"

I nodded
"yea, no problem."
If this job didn't paid so good I wouldn't be here for sure, she should focus on he awful brand. I was annoyed by his company.

Diana - "nothing better to do?" I asked.

Mason - "you're not pleased with my company?"

I sighed and reached for a drink.
He stared at me
Mason - "You're not allowed to drink that."

Diana - "it's just strawberry champagne, for the kids."
He smiled and chuckled

Mason - "I remembered that one"
I looked at him
Diana - "so, how are you?"
I can't believe I asked him that question, I was turning into a co-host.

he didn't answer he just smiled.
"you're not mad at me anymore?"

Diana - "I am! I don't trust you either, I'm just trying to be a good co-host! so stop smiling like that."
Mason - "so that's how it is, huh?"

I didn't looked him in the eye.

Mason - "well, does the co-host want to dance with me?"

Diana - "...
without waiting for my answer he took my hands and so we started to dance..
I didn't mind, I was just being a host.

Mason hasn't changed at all, he's still careless about other peoples feelings.

You can't earn back what you've lost, trust is a mirror. Once it's broken there's no way to fix it.

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