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Here's To Another Year - Chapter One
Published Jul 29, 2013


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This is my first Sims 3 story that I’ve ever written/created. I sincerely hope that you enjoy it. And thank you to all of the CC creators out there. You’re magnificent and I appreciate all that you do. :)

This is my first Sims 3 story that I’ve ever written/created. I sincerely hope that you enjoy it. And thank you to all of the CC creators out there. You’re magnificent and I appreciate all that you do. :) ... The girls sat around a café table to enjoy their daily cup of coffee together. It had been a tradition between the four for quite some time. A moment before their day had started, to catch up on the night before.
“I’m completely unprepared for work tomorrow,” Hanleigh said, scrolling through her phone, “These days have been so filled with nonsense that I can barely enjoy the time I’ve had off.”
“Just be glad that you’ve had any time off. I’ve been so busy the past three months, I feel like I never see Bryce anymore. He’s practically a stranger.” Said Dani with a frowning expression.
Hanleigh had felt the same way about Topher. He was so consumed with his band and work that they hadn’t been together romantically in nearly a month. But she wasn’t one to rain on anyone’s parade. Although being kind, and openly laughable, Hanleigh was a closed book to anyone but her best friends and Topher.
“I guess I should be glad.” She smiled, still scrolling through her phone, avoiding a conversation with Dani that she clearly did not want to have.
Growing up without any parents proved to be very hard on Hanleigh. As she struggled throughout her life to cope with the nightmares, the teasing of cruel children, and the memories of the evening they had exited her life in a tragic car accident. But as the years went on, the memories broke into bits and pieces, slowly flying away with the wind like particles of sand in a desert storm. The only recollection that it had ever happened, was the evidence in the recurring dreams and flashbacks.
By the time she was eighteen, Hanleigh had done such a spectacular job with school that she had earned a small scholarship for any school of her choice. The following Fall, she had packed what little she had and moved into a dormitory at Easton University to continue her education. It was then that she met Florence, Dani, and Topher. Discovering that they all grew up in the same city that she had. It was love at first sight between Topher and herself. The kind of moment where you swear no one in the world exists but the person standing in front of you at that very moment. All sound dissipates, No words are spoken, Your heart beating so fast it feels as though it could stop. She knew he was meant to be in her life. Even if for just a moment. She wanted to be his. And eventually she was. Just weeks later, they were together and completely inseparable.
Unfortunately Hanleigh had never gotten the chance to reach graduation. Eventually her scholarship fund had run out and she couldn’t work enough hours to support herself and pay off tuition while studying. So Topher being her knight and shining armor, got her a job back home at O’Henry’s café, owned by the father of his best friend Jance O’Henry. The two traveled back and forth to make time for one another.
Hanleigh now being twenty-four, had no real dreams. Only the kind that accompanied her as she slept. But she did her best to keep everyone’s spirits up, even if it was killing her on the inside.
Dani knew when Hanleigh was holding back. Something was clearly wrong and she wasn’t speaking up. It was typical of her to be withdrawn, though. She could tell that Topher wasn’t around as often and figured this contributed to Hanleigh’s obscure behavior. Dani took another sip of her cappuccino, reluctant to say anything else, she wished she hadn’t said what she did. Florence wasn’t typically a morning person. She sat down, sipped her coffee, and scowled with her arms crossed until she was completely awoken. As was the case again today. Dani had met Florence before anyone at Easton University. As they both shared a dorm room on campus, as well as many interests. She grew up in a higher-than-average-class community with her father and 3 separate step mothers. Her mother had walked out when she was just a toddler, leaving her with no memories. There was no room for sadness in Dani’s life. She was very grateful to her father for always having her back and always supporting her dreams. But he had one flaw. He loved women, and sometimes a little too much. His first two wives, following Dani’s mother, were young enough to be her sister, and dani resented them. They were always unkind, selfish, and in it for the money. And unfortunately her father was too stupid to realize such a thing. When Dani was ten, the second young wife had left him for a boy much closer to her age. It was then that her father was forced to disregard his former ways, and sacrifice his lust for women in their twenties and go for a more mature woman to help raise his daughter.
Dani’s current step mother was a generous, loving woman with a heart of gold. She couldn’t have any children of her own, so she cherished having a step daughter and treated Dani as her own child. Dani was lucky enough to have this woman enter her life before her teen years.
It was in High School that Dani had met Bryce. He was a senior, while she was only a freshman. It was your typical High School love story. The football player and the cheerleader. One night after a victorious game, Dani stood out in the High school parking lot, waiting for her step mother to pick her up. It was then that Bryce had noticed her standing there, shivering from the Autumn night breeze. Bryce, being the kind, yet quiet, gentleman he was, took off his letterman jacket and placed it on her shoulders. Dani jumped from being startled, turning her head in the process. When she saw it was him who had placed a jacket on her shoulders, she couldn’t help but smile.
The two conversed just long enough to exchange names and hellos, until Dani was picked up by her step mother. It was that night that had began everything between the two of them. Eventually Bryce had fallen in love with Dani and therefore asked her to be his. They had been together ever since and could never imagine being apart.

Dani was now a model, at the fresh age of twenty-four and a solid career woman. She always did her best to put her relationship first, despite the struggle.

Florence was an adventurous young woman. She grew up in a small condo with her older brother, stay at home mother, and her photographer father. Florence was a Daddy’s girl, through and through. She shared her father’s love of photography, and through that love they bonded. Do not be mistaken, she loved her mother just as much as she loved her father. But Florence couldn’t relate to being at home and caring for children. She wanted to explore the world, and see it all. Capturing each and every moment with her camera in hand. There wasn’t a memory that she would ever allow herself to forget.
In High School Florence was in many clubs. She enjoyed spreading herself thinly, and breaking the mold of the every-day teenager. Although she was always busy, and time didn’t seem to be on her side, Florence graduated with a 4.0 gpa, and was accepted to many colleges. But she was drawn to Easton University. Fittingly so, she had made the best friends she’d had her whole life there.
Florence was an old soul, in the body of a twenty-three year old. When anyone needed advise, she was the friend to count on. She always knew what to say.
Wren sat silently, glancing at the three girls. Hanleigh, diving into her cellphone, Dani awkwardly staring into her coffee as though she had offended someone, and Florence half asleep with a grimace on her face. Wren was a dancer, and she had always been. From the time she could walk, she was dancing. Her parents decided at a young age that it would be fundamental for Wren to be enrolled in a dance program like ballet. They didn’t expect it to stick, as do most parents who have daughters. But Wren was different. Dance was her way of escaping to another world. A world filled with magic, and a place where she could be free.
When she was in high school, it was hard to make Wren focus. Her studies often lacked due to her imaginative mind and free flowing spirit. She was a beautiful girl and often did boys chase, but she could never reciprocate. Wren wasn’t a girl you could tie down.
Barely graduating, she was accepted to a school for performing arts, and found a great release and a strong sense of freedom and independence in this place. It was the only thing she felt she was good at and she thrived.
Now being twenty two, Wren was the newest among this group of friends, as she was younger than everyone. Wren had grown to be very close to Dani, as they had met about a year ago in a club after Wren’s boyfriend at the time had dumped her and sent her crying into the bathroom. Dani had been there for her, though not knowing who she was and Wren cherished this but did not understand it. She knew that it had taken extreme kindness to comfort someone she did not know and held a respect for Dani.
Eventually Dani had introduced her to everyone and she had been part of the circle of friends ever since.
Hanleigh had finally set her phone down and placed her elbows on her lap, supporting her head with a hand. Wren slouched back in her chair, waiting for someone to break the silence.
“What do you think the guys are doing?” Asked Florence. The eyes that were once glazed over were now alert.
“That coffee kicked in fast!” Laughed Dani. Florence sat up in her chair and smiled.
“Yeah, what brew did you have?” Asked Hanleigh in amazement. Florence looked over to Hanleigh and shrugged, giggling.
You should know.” Laughed Florence. “You’re the coffee connoisseur.”
“Touche.” Pointed Hanleigh. “But Topher just texted me. They’re still waiting on Jance to show up for coffee and once again he’s having a “late” morning. Bryce already ordered his coffee and everything.”
Dani was a little jealous that Topher had at least filled Hanleigh in on the morning. Dani had already texted Bryce twice and gotten no response.
“Yeah, I saw him with this hot little blonde number last night downtown.” Said Wren as she exhaled while sitting up. “I would imagine that he got in pretty late.”
Florence couldn’t stand Jance. He was cocky, spoiled, and full of crap. And most of all, he was the biggest womanizer she’d ever met. He was the classic college frat boy times twenty. His Daddy supplied all of his cash, and he always got what he wanted.
Florence made a gagging gesture, and the girls laughed.
Hanleigh raised up from her seat and gave a good stretch.
“You ready to head out, Flor?” She asked, smiling at Florence.
“You know it.” Florence said, standing up.
“Where are you two headed to?” Dani smiled. Florence walked over to Hanleigh and looked down at Dani and Wren.
“We made plans earlier to go to the park and hang out since it’s Hanleigh’s last day off and she hasn’t gotten a chance to do much.” She said. Hanleigh smiled, trying to cover up her true feelings of worry. She had to tell someone, at least it was Florence. She could trust her with her life and knew she would never say a word to anyone. She couldn’t tell Topher, he would just freak out. And it’s not like she was one hundred percent positive.
“Well, I guess I should be heading to my shoot anyway.” Dani said, sighing. “I’ll miss you, ladies. Have a good one.” Dani placed her tip on the table, and the four parted ways.
... Topher sat pondering into the distance. He couldn’t believe Jance was late again. Actually he could. Being late was his signature. He was sure that Jance was sporting another hangover from the night before. He wondered when he was going to get his life together, find the right girl, and be happy. Topher knew that Jance wasn’t happy. He’d known him since they were just kids. Their mothers had been friends since high school and carried their friendship on through their sons.
“I’ll pay for his coffee.” Said Topher. Bryce lowered his newspaper and shook his head.
“No, don’t worry about it. It’s not your fault that Jance has no sense of time or decency.” Bryce spat out in irritation of their friend.
Topher was a dashing young man with a kind heart and a giving soul. He did all that he could to do right by his friends and family. Being raised by a single mother who raised him right and distilled values and respect in her son, Topher was a gem. He was twenty six and a part time musician. He worked hard during the day as a subcontractor, but music was his passion.
Hanleigh was the love of his life, and there was nothing anyone could say or do to change that. He struggled hard with the thought of marriage or a family. He never knew his father and the thought of being like that struck a nerve deep inside him. His mother and Hanleigh were the only people in the world that he needed.
Topher looked down to check his phone, noticing that Hanleigh had left him a text message. His face lit up like the sun. They hadn’t seen each other much lately and he had known that it was getting to her. He hadn’t felt her soft skin, or kissed her lips in weeks. There was no time for anything but sleep and work. To be truthful, it was getting to him just as badly. She was his world.
Bryce continued to read his newspaper, hoping to drown out the thoughts that were rushing through his mind. He hadn’t responded to Dani’s texts for two days. It was getting extremely difficult to distance himself from her. But he feared that he would open his huge gob and spill the beans. He’d been holding onto the ring for two weeks but hadn’t found the right time to ask Dani to marry him. She was so busy, and anytime he tried to plan anything, he got another business call. Bryce sighed to himself as he turned the page of the newspaper. He had to see her, or it would drive him crazy.
Bryce was a strong businessman with an assertive attitude. He didn’t take nonsense from anyone, and refused to be taken advantage of. Also being kind, and generous. It was his belief that you only get what you give. For every hundred dollars he made, fifty of it was given to charity. But with the salary he received, fifty dollars hardly broke the bank. If there was a young man on the side walk in need of food or clothing, Bryce provided what was needed as well as a job position. He didn’t believe things should be given to those who don’t work for what they have or want. Which is why he had such a hard time tolerating Jance. Jance was the embodiment of everything Bryce opposed.
He was twenty seven and worked hard for where he was. His father did everything he could while Bryce was growing up, to teach him to do the right thing and to most of all, be a man. His mother was always there to wipe the tears away and teach him to respect a woman. He loved his parents dearly.
Dani was the light of his life, and his high school sweetheart. They had been through years and years together. It was a crime they weren’t married yet. But they were both so wrapped up in their careers that there was hardly any time. But he was hoping to change that before their tenth anniversary.
“Look who finally decided to fall out of bed.” Bryce said sarcastically. Topher looked up from his phone.
“Well it’s about time, and a little too late.” Topher laughed to himself.
Jance was wearing the same clothes he had been wearing the day before, along with his signature day-after aviators. He began walking toward the guys and fell over into the wall feeling sick. But quickly forced last night back down his esophagus.
“Good morning, gentlemen.” Jance winced, “I hope I’m not too late.” He said as he sat down with Topher and Bryce.
Jance was a twenty six year old, arrogant, self-absorbed, playboy with no respect for anyone but his best friend. He had grown up with Topher and he believed that he was the only person who truly understood him. See, he wasn’t all bad deep inside. He was very sensitive and open when it came to Topher. Topher was the only person he trusted, apart from his mother. But his mother had grown distant in the recent years, due to her hopes and wishes for him to get married and settle down, and Jance wanted no part of that.
His father was a playboy as well, and willing to show his son the good life. His father had many mistresses and girlfriends throughout the years and he had always wondered if his mother knew. Surely she did. Maybe it was easier for her to ignore her husband being unfaithful, he thought.
“Unfortunately, you are too late.” Bryce spat out in irritability, “We’ve finished our breakfast and coffee, and yours is now cold. But it’s alright, you see, I already paid for it. No worries”
Jance laughed to himself, while feeling annoyed by Bryce’s harsh fatherly words.
“Good to see you made it. I thought maybe one of your women finally killed you.” Topher joked with him.
Jance laughed outwardly and sat down, “They love me too much. Wouldn’t know what to do without me.” He smiled arrogantly.

“Well, I’ll see you some other time man. Got to be heading off. Money doesn’t make itself.” Topher smiled, standing up. “It’s a really nice day, you know. You should go out and enjoy it.” He added, looking outside.
Jance put his head into his hands. “I was just out there. It’s not very welcoming. That bright thing in the sky wants me dead and blind.” He joked.
Bryce folded his newspaper and stood up from his seat, placing a tip on the table for their waitor. “It’s been wonderful, gentlemen, but I’ve got some running to do before my day actually starts.”
“See ya, Bryce. Later, Jance. Text me details?” Topher pointed to Jance as he walked off.
Jance winked at Topher and looked down at the table as they walked off. He noticed the twenty dollar tip Bryce had left.
“Waste of money.” Jance laughed to himself, slamming his head onto the table.

... “So what was it that you were wanting to talk about?” Florence asked Hanleigh as they sat on the park swings. Hanleigh kicked her feet around in the dirt, thinking about what to say to Florence. How would she explain? She had to say something before she exploded.

“Well, I need advise on something. And you’re the only person apart from Topher that I’ve learned I can really count on without judgment.” The words flowed from her, as naturally as they had occurred.
“I’m flattered.” Florence said as she smiled at Hanleigh. “Would you like to go sit down somewhere a little less… wobbly?” She laughed. Florence got motion sick very easily, even swinging around for five minutes made her nauseated and weak in the knees.
Oh, sure. I forgot about your motion sickness.” Hanleigh jumped out of her swing, feeling bad about having sat down there in the first place.
“Well I had the option not to sit on it.” Florence joked.
The two walked toward the center of the park, in search for a place to sit. Alas finding a spot on the edge of the water fountain.
They sat, Hanleigh hunching onto her knees with her chin in one palm.
“I have to tell you something, and you can’t say a word to anyone. I mean anyone. Not even Topher. Because I’m not sure how he’ll take it.” Hanleigh said, looking back at Florence with serious eyes.
“I promise. You know you can trust me.” Florence smiled, placing her hand on Hanleigh’s back in assurance.
Hanleigh took in a deep breath, and exhaled slowly.
“Please keep in mind that I am happy about this. But I almost feel guilty and sad, because I know that Topher will be disappointed and afraid.” She said.
Florence was beginning to realize what Hanleigh was hinting at.
“I understand, Hanny.” Florence said, leaning back against the fountain, hand on her chest.
“I think I’m pregnant, Flor.” Hanleigh forced out, eyes closed. “I took a test this morning before I texted you asked you to talk. I did exactly what it said, and I waited like it also said.” She continued. “And when I looked, I saw that second pink bar.” She felt tears welling up in her eyes but quickly forced them back down, “I felt happy, Flor. I felt joy and happiness. For a second, I couldn’t wait to tell Topher that we’re having a baby. But then I remembered that he doesn’t want to be a father. He’s terrified that he’ll be just like his Dad. He figures it would be easier to not put himself in that situation and then he wouldn’t have a chance to hurt anyone like the way his father did his mother.” Florence rubbed her forehead with her hand hoping to regain some wit.
“It’s okay if you don’t know what to say. I was pretty speechless at first, too.” Hanleigh said.
“I’m not speechless, Hanny. I’m just flustered. I’m excited for you and I’m happy that you came to me first. It’s big news. I think that before you say anything to Topher though, if you decide to, you need to make a doctor’s appointment to be sure. And if you need me, I’m always here.” Florence wrapped her arms around Hanleigh’s shoulders.
Hanleigh placed her hand on Florence’s arms, closing her eyes.
“Thank you so much for listening to me. You’re my best friend.” Hanleigh turned around to hug Florence. “I just wish I knew what to do about Topher. I don’t want to lose him because of this.”
Florence grabbed Hanleigh’s shoulder, looking her in the eye.
“If he loves you, he will stand by you. That is your child, and it is your flesh and blood, as well as his. Simple as that.”
... Dani was sitting in her chair, finishing her make up when she noticed Bryce standing behind her in the mirror. He came closer, slowly wrapping his arms around her.
“Since we never really get the time to see or talk to one another these days, I figure now is just as good a time as any.” Bryce whispered into her ear, sending chills down her body. She went to turn her head around to look him in the eye, when she felt him place a ring on her finger.
“Will you marry me, Daniella Jane Flynne? And make me the happiest man alive.” Asked Bryce with kind eyes filling with tears.
Dani’s eyes filled with tears, her heart ached for him. She jumped from her chair, wrapping her arms around him.
“Yes! Yes! I love you so much, Bryce.” She exclaimed. “I’m so happy right now.”
“I love you too.” He cried, lifting her into his arms, placing her onto the counter beside him. They kissed passionately and deeply, crying tears of joy.
“Five minute warning!” Called out a voice from the door.
Their lips parted, with sighs of disappointment.
“Please stay with me at my place tonight?” Dani begged, frowning.
“I’ll be there as soon as I’m off, baby. I promise. But it’s going to be a late night.” She whispered in her ear once more, kissing her neck as he moved away.
The chills had returned.
“I love you, I miss you already.” She pouted.
“And I love you,” he returned, “and I’ll see you tonight.”
Dani watched Bryce turn away and walk out of her dressing room. She just wanted to him to stay, all the while, hoping for the day to go by quickly. Dani stood up and looked at herself in the mirror with the engagement ring on her finger. She felt so overjoyed she could jump out of her skin. ... That night, after work, Topher had his band members over to his apartment for a little jam session. He needed to wind down and relax with some good music.
Well, Thanks for having us over, man.” Said Chae as she moved a strand of her blonde hair from her eyes.
“No problem, sometimes you just need a little time with your band.” Topher smiled.
“Was good chillin’ with ya bro.” Geoff bumped fists with Topher. And Janis, always quiet, simply stood up and walked to the door.
The three of them walked to the door.
“Later guys, thanks for coming out. See you soon.” Waved Topher, as he sat down in his living room chair.
Topher sat, thinking. He had been neglecting Hanleigh by putting work and his band first, and he realized just how unfair it was. Not only to her but the both of them. He had been missing her and feeling awful about not seeing her, but did nothing to try to see her. Texting only goes so far.
It was then that he decided to surprise her and go to her apartment. He jumped from his chair and rushed out the door. Not thinking to let her know he was showing up.
... Jance was on the prowl once again and tonight was no different than the last. He’d spot a single girl at the bar, waiting for the attention of a handsome fellow with lots of cash, and plenty of charisma to buy her a drink.
“Target obtained.” Jance smirked as he checked out the beautiful woman at the bar.
The woman noticed Jance had entered to her side, causing her to turn around, flaunting her assets for all to see.
“Jance O’Henry,” he said as he handed the woman a martini, “and you are?”
She stared him up and down with seductive eyes, taking the drink.
“Sarah,” she said, “but that’s all you need to know.”
“Oh, a little mystery, I see.” Jance half smiled, moving his hand to her neck, stroking her soft skin.
Sarah moved closer, pressing her body against his.
Jance placed his arm around her, edging her face closer to his with his hand on her chin.
“Where should we take this?” She asked him, coming closer with her lips.
Jance stopped her and pushed away.
“Too easy.” He laughed. “I’m afraid I can’t take you anywhere. You simply won’t do.”
Sarah was clearly offended, as she began cursing him.
Jance laughed and edged away from the woman cursing him to pieces when….
She slapped him right upside his head as hard as she possibly could, grabbing the martini he had previously given to her and splashing it in his face.
“You filthy pig!” She screamed as she ran away into the crowd of people.
“Not my new shoes.” Jance chuckled to himself, wiping the alcohol from his face and clothes.
Jance left the club, wreaking and tired.
“I think sleep might be on my schedule tonight.” He said to himself as he walked. “I’m getting old.”
Jance stopped on his walk home to text Jance. It read,
“Hey man. Need a friend. Get together soon?”
When he looked up he noticed a familiar face.
Florence was on her way home, stopping to check her phone when she heard a familiar voice to her left. When she looked up, it was her worst nightmare.
“Well, what are you doing out here so late at night?” Jance asked as he walked closer to her.
I think the question is, what are YOU doing out here so early in the night?” she retorted.
Florence made him laugh. He knew that she hated him, and that was completely fair. He understood, but that didn’t keep him from having an eye for her. He may not have been a one woman man, but when it came to Florence, he felt the closest thing to adoring her without actually doing it.
“You’re funny, you know that?” He smiled, showing his pristine veneers. This only frustrated and annoyed her more.
“Maybe I should start my own one woman show.” She joked sarcastically. Jance couldn’t help but admire her. She wasn’t like any other woman he’d ever met. He had known that she was kind, and spectacular with her words. For she had been there for Topher when he couldn’t, before Hanleigh had entered his life. Unfortunately Jance’s personality was so off-putting to her that he’d never gotten to see such a wonderful side of this woman.
“I like you, Florence.” He smiled at her, staring right into her eyes. And before she knew it, he’d swiped her cellphone right out of her hand.
“Wha-“ She began, but he swiftly interrupted.
“I’m putting my number in your phone, in case you ever get a little… interested.” He spoke in arrogance, “And if not.. well who are we kidding?”
Florence was enraged, as she grabbed her phone from his disgusting little fingers, pushing him back in the process.
“Alright alright. Gotcha.” He threw his hands in the air in surrender. “I hope to see more of you, Florence.”
Jance walked away, leaving Florence in pure amazement. Who did he think he was? She should’ve popped him one right in the jaw. That would teach him a lesson. And then she paused.
“What just happened?”
... Bryce had rushed to Dani’s house the second he got off work, in high hopes that she’d still be awake. He checked his watch, as he walked up the stairs, only to be disappointed when he reached her door.
Dani was passed out on her bed, wearing the lingerie he had bought for her just months prior. She looked so peaceful. He had noticed she wasn’t wearing her ring. It was like a dagger to the heart. Why had she taken it off?
Bryce began to undress himself and prepare for bed, walking into the bathroom. As he brushed his teeth, he noticed that Dani’s ring was on the edge of the bathtub. It was then that he’d realized she must’ve bathed, exhausted, and left her ring there. Simply forgetting. He felt a wave of relief wash over him. Bryce lay down, sprawling out to relax his aching back. Not meaning to, he bumped into Dani pretty roughly with his left arm, forcing her awake.
“Bryce…” she spoke out softly, turning over in her bed to face him. Bryce reached for her.
“I’m so sorry I’m late. It was a long ni—“ Dani cut him off, forcing herself ontop of him.
“It’s alright. You’re here now.” She smiled, gazing into his eyes. “That’s all that matters.”
Bryce was so deeply in love with the beautiful woman who lay before him, resting on his chest. He couldn’t hold back the overbearing feeling in his chest any longer. He took her up into his arms, flipping her onto the bed as he was above her. She looked like an angel staring back at him.
Dani let out a soft sigh of air. It had been too long since she had felt these butterflies, flapping their heavy wings in her belly. And before she could ask him to, Bryce kissed her deeply and passionately, taking every bit of air out of her lungs.
“My wife..” Bryce repeated with every kiss that was given.
And so the night went on, filled with their love and their words…
... ... Topher knocked on Hanleigh’s door four times before entering due to lack of an answer. He figured she might be asleep by now. She had been very sick and tired recently, as she depicted in her texts. He walked in, only to find Hanleigh asleep on her bed with the television still on. She looked so peaceful, and he didn’t want to disturb her. He frowned and turned away to leave and return home. She deserved her rest. It wasn’t her fault that he had put everything else including his band before her.
Topher turned around and began to walk out of the room when the noise of his footsteps awoke Hanleigh from her light sleep. Her lids parted and saw him walking away.
“Where are you going?” She shot up from her bed, reaching for him. Topher felt her small hand grabbing ahold of his arm.
“I’m sorry. I came.. to see you. But you were asleep and I didn’t want to disturb you because you’ve been so sick and tired lately. It didn’t seem fair.” He said, turning toward her. Hanleigh’s frown had quickly turned into a smile as she searched his expression. He seemed sad.
“It’s not fair that you’re leaving again, silly.” Hanleigh smiled. Nothing cheered him up more than seeing her radiant smile. The frown on his face dissipated.
Topher pulled her closer, holding her in his arms and taking in the sweet smell of vanilla that was hers.
“I’m so sorry we haven’t seen each other much lately. And don’t you dare think that I haven’t missed you for one second.” He held her face in his palms, kissing her forehead.
Hanleigh was relieved to hear such an apology from him. But she still felt bitter about him not coming to see her the entire time she’d been off work.
“I’ve been off work for three days, you know.” She buried her head into his chest. His heart sank. There was no excuse for his neglect and he’d known it.
“There’s no excuse.. My priorities have been in the wrong place. And I’ll make it up to you, I swear. You’re more important than anything, sweetheart.” He said, lifting her chin with a finger, edging to kiss her.
“I’ve missed you..” She whispered, finishing off the kiss.
They slept, holding each other closely. Topher loved the feeling of her breathing on top of him. Exhaling her sweet, soft breath as it tickled his chin and neck.
Hanleigh had trouble falling asleep, as she was restless from her dreadful thoughts. Was she really pregnant? How would she tell Topher? When should she tell him? Her mind raced with these burning question for hours before she was finally lulled to sleep by the sounds of the bustling city and her lover’s beating heart at her ear.
Thank you so much for reading :) Please let me know what you think? I'll post Chapter Two as soon as possible.

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