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Teeney: story of a big baby (part 3)
Published Jul 4, 2007


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When we last left the Big Babies in chapter 2, they were still bewildered by the clues they had found. Little did they know that a more ominous clue was about to unfold.

When we last left the Big Babies in chapter 2, they were still bewildered by the clues they had found. Little did they know that a more ominous clue was about to unfold. It started while Junior was in the playpen with his toy. He looked over toward the pond where Teeney always fished... something- or someone was there, behind the rocks- watching him. He could hardly see what it was... but he got a funny feeling in his stomach and felt a chill all over. He walked a little closer to the pond to see if he could tell what it was. But didn't see anything. Must just be one of the other babies playing a trick on me, he thought to himself. The next day Bitty was very frightened. She kept telling everyone that she saw a monster- a little monster on the merry-go-round. But since no one else saw it... she stopped trying to convince them. And then the day came- it, whatever it was, jumped out from behind the rocks by the pond and growled at them. AHHHH! What is it? yelled BeBe. She was trembling with fear. Growl... GROWL... the little monster made noises as it inched closer toward the Big Babies. Junior! Teeney! Hurry! Something is here... a monster I think! BeBe and Bitty were practically talking at the same time as they yelled with fright. Growl... the monster said and then it began to jump about waving its arms as if to frighten the Big Babies even more. Stay where you are, The little monster said. Its voice was scratchy and high pitched- like nails on a chalk board. When he got closer to the babies, they timidly stepped closer to find out what the monster was doing there; what he wanted. But as soon as Teeney got close enough to actually see the monsters face- he turned and ran. But he was laughing as he ran- so they knew he wasn't running in fear of them. I don't care if that scary thing "did" run away-- I'm not going to feel safe anymore! said BeBe. Teeney had yet to give up though. He yelled after the monster to come back. He wanted to find out what was going on. BeBe was shocked! I can't believe you are actually asking that THING to come back! she said to Teeney. Hey! Come back! Who are you? What are you doing here? But the monster continued to run out of sight. Why would you want to talk with something so SCARY? Junior said. Lets just be "glad" that whatever it was... is GONE! But Junior had spoken too soon. Because they heard that familiar laugh and looked across the field and the little monster was back-- but he wasn't alone. A big firey man was standing next to him. Thats right- a firey man. The mans clothes looked like they were on fire, but didn't burn up. The little monster and the big man both laughed and then growled at the babies. All of a sudden the man of fire ran toward them. The babies were so scared they couldn't even move. So, the man said, his voice deep and loud. Your people thought they could defeat me. Lets see how well they do when their population fails to increase. People? What are you talking about? Teeney asked. This didn't make sense, he thought to himself. The babies stood together, trying to gain strength from one another. He seemed to stretch even taller as he called for his little friend to stand at his side. Good job, Vego, the firey man said to the little monster. You've done well to find exactly where they landed. Now you will see what I do to enemies and threats, the large man said. Threats? Teeney thought. How can babies be threats? What was this all about? Babies... the man said... prepare to be destroyed; and he stepped even closer as the monster, Vego laughed even more. As we end todays chapter, we must ask ourselves these questions: What is the true story of the Big Babies? Where did they come from? Who is this giant firey man? Why does he want to destroy the babies? And what... will happen next?

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dsrhnryAug 29, 2010

a true page turner, loved the story, the concept. you did a great job. thank you so much for sharing.

qasertJan 26, 2008


Jul 16, 2007

Hey Im Back! Awesome story!

spacemouseJul 9, 2007

Very nice story. Thanks for sharing. \:\)

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