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Teeney: story of a big baby (part 4)
Published Jul 6, 2007


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When we finished Chapter 3, the evil Firey Man was announcing his plans to destroy the Big Babies, although the babies didn't know why. Let's join the story and find out all of the answers to our questions in our conclussion... Teeney: story of a big baby (Chapter 4).

When we finished Chapter 3, the evil Firey Man was announcing his plans to destroy the Big Babies, although the babies didn't know why. Let's join the story and find out all of the answers to our questions in our conclussion... Teeney: story of a big baby (Chapter 4). "Vego! Stand by!" the Firey Man seemed so fierce as he shouted. "For years the land of the giants have opposed my plans to over-throw the Universal Command. But I have devised a way to halt the opposition by bringing the number of the giant population to a standstill." The Big Babies shook with fear as they listened. "Take over a command?" BeBe could hardly believe her ears. "What does that have to do with us?" Did YOU have something to do with the way we got here and why?" Bitty got nervous, "BeBe- quiet! Don't make this man any more angry." The Firey Man seemed insulted as he answered, "Of course I did." He looked at each of the babies and continued, "You were all, each one of you, to be delivered to the Land of the Giants but my faithful imp, Vego stopped it from happening." Bitty began to cry as she heard the Firey Man talk about what he was going to do to the Land of the Giants and to them. "You will stay here for the rest of your days as my slaves... and if you give me any trouble- Vego will deal with you." The statement seemed like something from a dream. What could he possibly mean by "deal" with them? "Ha Ha Ha," Vego laughed and danced about at the mention of his involvement. Junior suddenly became brave. Maybe he didn't believe what he was hearing- but he actually challenged the man and his imp. "We aren't going to be slaves and you can't make us." When the Firey Man heard Junior, he laughed and said, "Vego... take care of this baby. Teach him a lesson he.. and his friends... won't soon forget!" With one quick move, Vego zapped poor Junior with some kind of lightening or energy. Junior became motionless as the sounds of electricity flowed through the air and surrounded him. The other three babies were helpless as they watched thier friend being zapped by the scary little monster. "Stop! Please stop!" they screamed as they continued to witness the scene. Vego laughed and gave Junior one more jolt before stopping the demonstration. Junior stood there as sounds of electricity continued to snap and sizzle about him. As Junior slowly returned to himself, the others promised to do whatever they were told to do by the large man. "We promise," they said in unison, "We'll do whatever it is you want." And then a voice was heard from behind the group of babies. "No... you won't. You won't have to. Not now that we are here." Everyone turned to see who was speaking. As they turned around, all they saw where legs and feet. BIG legs and feet. As everyone's eyes moved upward, they realized the two people standing before them were not your ordinary couple. They were BIG. Giants. That's what they were. A man and a woman. They didn't look mean or scary... but they did look BIG. "AHHH..." the babies screamed at once. "Giants. How did they get here? Where did they come from?" Each baby was filled with even more questions. "Domen," the woman said, "Did you really think we would not figure out what was going on? Did you think our people would let you get away with this?" Teeney listened carefully as the couple talked and argued back and forth with the scary firey man. Things were starting to make sense. He was a giant. Him and the other three babies: BeBe, Junior and Bitty were all giants and somehow, the man the woman called Domen and his imp, Vego and stopped them from getting to the Land of the Giants. "You see children," the man started, his voice gentle... almost soothing, "Each of you were to be The large man began to speak, "Born to famlies in the Land of the Giants." He paused for a moment, as if to let the information sink in, "You were to arrive by Stork, a large bird.. just like any other baby. But Vego, under direction of Domen, managed to startle the Stork as he flew with you over this area. His plan was to stop the population from increasing and cause the numbers to be in his favor as our people prepared for war that was to begin soon." Domen growled and grew more and more aggitated. "You have NOT succeeded in stopping my plan! I "do" have these babies and each time a new member of a giants family expects a delivery- I will intercept his fragile little- or should I say big! bundle of joy!" And he laughed even louder. The man giant became angry and stepped closer to the mean man of fire, "You are NOT going to "intercept" our children. This is OVER!" He said as his voice became louder. "You fool! You FOOL!" Domen shouted, waving his arms about. "I have the power to continue with my plan and there is nothing... nothing you can do to stop me!" He laughed long and hard as if to reinterate his statement. The kind looking woman giant leaned in closer to the man giant and whispered something to him. Then she looked at Teeney and asked him to come closer to them. "Teeney," She began, "You were to be.... are... our child. We came to rescue you all. To take you home with us to the Land of the Giants and to take your friends to the parents who are waiting for them." Teeney was overwhelmed with emotion. Remember, he is just a baby- parents? he thought. "Teeney," the woman said, "You will be a great warrior of the giants one day... but now is the time "you" must defeat Domen." "Me? How can I do anything- I'm just a baby." Teeney objected. The woman then told Teeney that he and he alone could and would have to destroy the Firey Domen. He looked at both of the giants, "Why can't you do it?" The woman explained that Domens power comes from the fire that embodies him and it can only be stopped by a pure hand and holy water. "Here," she said, "this container is filled with blessed water from our world. You are young... you are pure." The woman handed it to him. "You take this weapon and drench Domen and the fire will be doused and his power extinguished." Teeney was afraid... very afraid. But he wanted to please the new found parents by obeying the request. He also wanted to defeat the evil Domen. "All right," he said taking a deep breath, "I'll do it... I will." And turned to where the Firey Man was standing. As Teeney approached the two evil men, he felt scared, excited and nervous all at once. Could he really do this? Would he be able to follow through with it? What if this didn't work? What then? Many thoughts filling his mind, he continued to march toward his goal. "Well?" growled out Domen, "Have you come to admit I have won and agree to be my slave?" Teeney didn't answer, he just stood there with the small weapon in his hand behind his back- afraid to move- afraid to speak. He felt he wasn't going to be able to do as his giant parents asked. Then all at once a rush of energy and bravery filled Teeney and he brought the holy water filled container out to heave it at the large Firey Man. But Vego must have realized what was about to happen and tried to stop it. "Master! Master! Look out!" cried the small scary imp. Domen looked up to see what Vego was yelling about. But it was too late. The weapon had met its goal. Domen stood in shock and disbief as he stood dripping from the holy water. "Ahhhh.... what have you done? What have you done?" The Firey Man cried as he turned to make an escape. He seemed confused and ran about, not in any particular direction- yelling and screaming, until finally he collapsed at the end of the lot crying out in pain. As the large man lay there, all of the fire that was apart of him seemed to be extinguished... but that wasn't all- the man began to melt right before their eyes. "Look!" screamed BeBe, "there is water coming from him!" Vego was quite hysterical, yelling and jumping about, "Master, Master!" But it was too late for the evil Domen. Soon, as the group stood watching the scene unfold before them, there was nothing left of Domen but a puddle of water. "No, no!" cried Vego. "I must return to my people with the terrible news that our Leader is gone... and that we have lost any chance of over-throwing the Command!" and he ran away and disappeared. Junior wanted to go after him, but the giant man said no, "Let him go." Was all he said. "Yea!" the Big Babies cried out, "They're gone! And we're safe! Yea!" they jumped around with excitement... all except Teeney, who seemed to be drawn to the middle of the paved area. What was that sound they heard? What was happening now? "Look," called Teeney, "Something is coming from out of the sky. What is it?" The giant woman stepped closer to Teeney, "Don't worry- it's our ride home... to the Land of the Giants. There is nothing to worry about now... not any longer" And with that said, a large spaceship came down and hovered just above them. The giant man said, "All right children, it's time we all went home and forgot about all this awful experience. There are a lot of people waiting for your return!" They gathered close and a door on the bottom of the ship opened up and they were all "magically" transported inside the vehicle. As the group of giants, babies and adults, sat within the spaceship they all felt connected to one another. Finally the Big Babies and Teeney knew where they belonged and were about to meet all of the people who were missing them. Parents... they had parents and they belonged somewhere. They felt wonderful. As the spaceship zoomed off toward the land of the giants disappearing into the clouds, leaving the lot where the babies had called home for a short time, Teeney felt at peace- finally. You may wonder if this story is true- but I encourage you, the next time you are outside and see a large bird in the sky... don't be surprised if you see that bird carrying something "very big" in its mouth. It could be ..... a baby............a Big Baby.

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dsrhnryAug 29, 2010

great story, love that big babies. thank yo uso much for sharing.

LizaPrinscesaAug 13, 2008

not that i want to see enything but i dont really i dont i realy mean it its just that all are not true id not like it
sorry girlhaha loser

qasertMar 11, 2008


Emilie JolieOct 31, 2007

5.0! \:rah\:

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