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Twilight Zone: Episode 79
Published May 25, 2007


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Sim-version by Small Town Sim and based on the classic Twilight Zone episode of the same title, 1961.

Sim-version by Small Town Sim and based on the classic Twilight Zone episode of the same title, 1961. Nararator: We are about to begin a journey in which this man, this Major attempts to answer the question so many of us have at one time or another. But the man in our story will find his answers... in the Twilight Zone.

Major: Oh. Oh- where am I? Where am I? Hello? HELLO?
Someone? Anyone? WHERE AM I? This is crazy. My clothes. Who am I? I must be a Major. In the Army. But what am I doing here? AND WHY DOESN'T ANYONE ANSWER ME? No exit. None. Just a wall that doesn't seem to end. Oh it ends alright. It goes in a circle and begins again. Major: Who? Who are you? Where are we?
Clown: That my dear Major is the question? But who has the answer no one here that is for sure.
Major: No one? What do you mean? There are others here? And where IS here? Tramp: We don't know Major. None of us does. I don't understand. I seem to have no memory. Not even my name. How many of you are there here? Well, there is me, the Tramp and the Bagpiper here. Ballerina: And me.
Clown: Ah yes- yes indeed the Ballerina is here. Such a pretty one. You see Major? Counting you now- there are five of us here... but WHERE is HERE?
Ballerina: None of us have a memory of being anywhere but here.
Tramp: True, true. We each just "woke up" one day in this... this room.
Bagpiper: And we have no wants either.
Major: But who feeds you? Who brings you water?
Tramp: No one. No one has ever come. We aren't hungry either.
Major: What do you mean you're not hungry?
Ballerina: What about you Major? Do you feel hunger, fatique? Anything?
Major: Well. No- probably just shock. That'll come later.
Clown: None of us here do either. We never have. At least we have no memory of it.
Major? Please don't torture yourself. Maybe this is just our world. Our universe. Mayber there is nothing else. Sure. Each of us is just destined to live our our lives in this room. Live? This isn't living! Look... lets work together. We can look for a door- a window- something that will help us to escape this- this Hell. Ah... and there is the answer. Perhaps, Major, that is what this is... Hell. We are all there. And you know there is no escape from that "room." Major: I refuse to accept that. Hey! We can climb or throw a rope to the top and see if escape is possible that way!
Clown: Oh yeah, yeah- we'll just throw our very long rope to the top and climb right on out... (hee hee hee).
Major: Well.. I know we don't have a rope- but we could make one. Using our clothing.
Tramp: We still don't have enough. Face it. We are here, where ever that is... and we are to stay here.
Bagpiper: But what if he's right and there is a way out?
No, no. Let me think. I know- we can use each other as a ladder. YES. We'll climb on each others shoulders and the one at the top can help the others out. Let see, first the Tramp, then me, then the Clown, the Bagpiper and the Ballerina last. Will you do it? You can, you can! I, I'm not sure. Its so high up and we don't know what will be there when and IF we do get to the top. Oh stop, STOP all of you. You MUST take a risk, take a chance. What do you have to loose? Nararator: And so they began. The Tramp on the bottom and then the Major climbed on to his shoulders and stood. Next came the Bagpiper. Then the Clown, although begrudingly, climbed atop the Bagpipers shoulders. Last the Ballerina climbed. Although afraid, she climbed to the very top. But still could only just see the top of the wall. I can't reach it. Its just not high enough. Stretch... all of you. Here I can... Ahhh! But the Ballerina fell hard to the floor. Nararator: And behind her the rest fell as well. Ahhh. My ankle, my ankle. Come on. We can do it. We just need to try again. Lets try again... PLEASE. Nararator: This time they tried again. But with the Bagpiper on the bottom, followed by the Tramp, the Clown and the Major at the top. Nararator: Once close he used some material from the clowns clothing to make a rope and pulled himself to the top. He's there, he's there! What do you see? What is it? Where are we? What are we in Major? I can see. But... what? What in the .... AHHHHH.... Nararator: The Major lost his hold and fell to the other side while the others watched helplessly. He's gone. He's gone. Poor, poor Major. Child: Hey Lady... I've got some more dolls for you!
Lady: Oh thank you! Thank you. Just put them there in the barrel.
Child: You don't seem to have very many dolls yet.
Lady: Oh that is alright. We've only just begun our Doll Drive for the orphans. Only a few in there now.
Child: Hey lady... there is something laying beside the barrel. Child: Why its a doll! A little soldier doll!
Lady: Oh, well just toss it back in the barrel for me will you? Thanks. Now I have to get back to my job.
Dolls! Dolls for orphans! Donate for the children... Dolls for orphans! Nararator: Five characters. Five characters in search of an exit- of an identity. Five characters who will soon find their answers in the arms of a child.... In the Twilight Zone. Thanks for taking time to go through my story/movie. Please take time to leave a comment and give it a rating (be kind). ;-)

Small Town Sim
May 2007

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qasertMar 8, 2008


Oct 31, 2007

awesome job! that clown is so creepy

josh1092Jun 24, 2007

Never seen this show before but I thought this was really good.\:rah\:

spritegurlo2May 31, 2007

Great job I love the Twilight Zone \:rah\: \:rah\:

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