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Good Bye and Thank You TSR!

Hi everyone,

This is my final session on TSR. I have been a member of TSR since 2008, when I was 14 years old.Without this community, I would have never learned what I could improve on in my stories or be able to express myself in the way I did.

So, I would like to say thank you to some of the special friends I made on here:

Jaws3: You have been with me since the beginning. You’re a true blue Aussie and I always got excited to see you whenever you commented. Our little chats in my and your guestbook always brought a smile to my face. You always encouraged me with my stories and creations. I never truly thank you enough for everything you have done . I’ll miss you heaps!*hugs*

Michelle 111 and Quinnie: You two started off in the one account. I remember first thinking it was a bit odd that two people shared the same account. However, you both were awesome people. I am thankful for your support and comments you made on my stories. I’ll miss the both of you! *hugs both of you*

Little Cloud: I know that you have also moved on from TSR, but I want to leave this little message for you. I always thought that you were an amazing person. I always enjoyed your stories and the comments you made in my guestbook. I’m really glad to have found you on deviantART and on fanfiction. Let’s talk sometime soon, ‘kay? *hugs*

hiedibear75:  You are a truly inspiring person. I always thought that every time I saw your comments in the forum, the ‘Disability Den’. You were one of the greatest and closest friends on here. I enjoyed your stories and was always keen to see the next instalment. Your encouragement always helped get through bad times in my life, and you always made me smile and laugh when you were joking around. Thank you , I will miss you dearly *hugs and gives cookies*

bosnombehar: You’ve left already as well, but I think I’ll leave this message for you as well. I always loved how you designed your Sims and your stories. Thank you for your support and comments on my stories *hugs*

miller1220: I loved your comments, they made me smile and laugh. Your comments on my stories made me want to write quicker to update as well. Thank you for your support and kind-heartedness. *hugs*

wickedgoddess_athena711: I LOVE your stories. You were one of the sole reasons I kept going on my stories, because you always inspired me. With your creative mind and wonderful personality, it’s no wonder you made an impression on me and the story community in TSR. I thank you for being my friend on here and offering me kind words of encouragement. Maybe we can have some Cocoa-cola and cookies sometime in the future ;) *Hugs and gives cookies*

clairepitts1994: I loved your stories too. You’re a really great story teller and writer. You left such nice and kind comments on my stories, and for that I thank you. Hope you continue to make Sims stories!! *hugs*

Fikcija: Your comments and support always motivated me to the end. The idea you gave me for the second part of The Silence really inspired me. I can’t thank you enough for everything you have done for me, you always brought a smile to my face with your comments. If I'm ever successful in becoming an author, I will think of your comments and the support you gave me. Thank you *hugs and gives cookies*

lisa9999: You’re such a kind and wonderful person. I always looked up to you and wanted to be like you. Your creation are fantastic and I can never thank you enough for making that Gypsy camp lot. You showed me so much support that I hugged the computer monitor whenever I fished reading your comments. Even though we haven’t made contact in quite I while, you were always a very important friend to me. You have a big heart and a beautiful spirit. Thank, I will miss you dearly *hugs and gives cookies*

andi and grim: Although I didn’t get to know you too well, I always loved our conversation we had with Jaws3. I thank you for dedicating your creation to me as well; I was truly honoured when I saw that. Thank you! *hugs*

Rabold8: I know you’re no longer active by I just wanted to say thank for being supportive and also for being my friend. You’re comments always made me smile. Thank you *hugs*

LellieG: You have the biggest heart I know of to date! Your comments and kind words are what kept me logging into TSR every day. I was really excited to see you have deviantART account. Lets chat soon whenever your free. Thank for your support and comments on here, I truly mean it! *hugs and gives cookies*

Illiana: Best lots maker I know to date. I loved your houses and everything you furnished them with. Your ideas were original and creative. I thank you very much for housing my Sims and for creating *hugs*


evi: I always wanted to talk to you because you seemed like such a kind and caring person. Then I was extremely shocked when I saw you commented on one of my stories, I even started dancing around the room. I really appreciated all your comments, so thank you very much. I loved your creations, I hope can continue to make them. *hugs*

Mangio:One of my biggest supporters. Thank you so very much for your comments and encouragement, you kept me going to the end. Thank you! *hugs*

And finally, to everyone else…thank you all so much! You’re support means so much to me. Your comments kept me going to get the next story out, your kind words always made me smile (and sometimes made me cry), your dedication to the Sims always made this community what it is and you made me feel so at home here. You’re an amazing community I will never forget. You all contribute to this site in your own way and it truly makes this place different from any other I have ever signed up to.  I don’t regret it, ever.

If you’re interested, I have a deviantART account you can visit and, if you have an account on their yourself, maybe chat for a bit and say ‘Hi’. I go by the same username/penname (Warrayfinson) on deviantART and Fanfiction.

While my interest in the Sims has ended, I will visit every now and then to see what happening with everyone but it is unlikely that I’ll ever log in again. Thank you all so much, you don’t know what you have done for or how much you guys have changed me.

I hope we meet again, whether it is on deviantART or in real life, sometime in the future. And now, to log out for the very last time.

Thank you all again!

Keep writing!!




The Last Story - No Idea Which One to Pick

Hey everyone!

Well, soon I'll be doing my last story. I'm currently working on my second last story, Obsession, which will be the last in The Dark Secret Series.

I got thinking about what my last story could be about. I've come up with a few ideas, but I can't decide which one to do. I was wonderinf if you guys would be able to help me choose. Here are the story I've come up with:

Under this Sky: Haydn Sutherland has been an orphan since he was four, and vowed that he would never cut his hair until his parents came to take him home. Now eighteen, he hasn’t seen his parents since and lives alone. At school he is part of a delinquent gang that aims to cause misery and havoc among the students. He hated his life, but he didn’t have the will to change it…

However, one night, a few weeks from his birthday, a ten year old girl sudden appears in his apartment. Only this isn’t any ordinary girl. Her name is Alice and she’s a ghost! Haydn refuses to believe it at first, but when he notices no one else can see her, he begins to wonder why she came to him. When asked what she wants from him, the girl says she doesn’t know but would like if she could stay with him. He reluctantly agrees. And so their adventures begin, and slowly but surely, Haydn begins to realise what life has to offer for him in love, friendship and what true strength is.


Flower of my Heart: Having been scarred since she was a child due to an accident, Alyssa has no friends at her school and is an outcast to some in the city she lives in.Her life has had some tragedies, inculding the lose of her father and twin brothers in the same accident that left her scarred.Despite all of this though, she has a kind and pure heart which those around her admire.

One night, her mother runs to her and tells her she's lost the necklace Alyssa's father had given her. Her mother tells her that she thinks she lost in front of the old house at the city's edge.The house is said to be haunted and cursed, but Alyssa goes to the house anyway. Unbeknownst to her, she's about to discover that this city has a big, dark secret...

Within the house lives a demon! He takes Alyssa inside the house where she is told that he has resided in this city since ancient times. He tells her that if she dares to leave the house, he will destroy the city. With her kind and pure heart, can she change this demon? What will happen between them?


Through the Receiver: About the lives of two people, univeristy student Caludia Richards and gang member Tyson Morgan, who are connected by the phone. It all began when Caludia gets a call from an unknown number. The caller called the wrong phone and hung up. Again Caludia gets a call from the same caller, only this time he called her when she broke up with her boyfriend. After he comforts her as best as he can, they begin to talk and get to know each other. Will they ever know who the other is? Are they closer to each other than they think? Will they ever meet up?




'Til next time

-Warrayfinson :D

FR Cancelled

Hi everyone! *group hug*

Recently I’ve been doing a lot of thinking, and I mean A LOT. It’s gotten so bad to the point where I got a migraine and had to lie down for a couple of hours. I’ve had this thought and burden on my mind since I came back from the coast, since I last posted a chapter of Forgotten Redemption. The thought that have been on my mind have now settled though, as I have finally made a decision.

I’ve decided to stop writing Forgotten Redemption.I know some people will be angry or upset, but I have my reason.

When I started Forgotten Redemption I was so excited and I was very passionate about the story. However, as tike has moved on, I have new perspective and I have bigger ideas on my mind. Maybe I’m being foolish or selfish, but believe me…it took me such a long time to come up with a decision. Do I continue even though I no longer have a passion for writing it, or do I stop? I was so worried about everyone else’s feelings and reactions, but in the end…I realized something very important. This realization is what made me come to my decision. I realized that I do not want to let my readers read something that I no longer have a passion for. Without my eagerness and determination for this story I wouldn’t want to bring you something that I haven’t put my heart and soul into.

I apologise to those who wanted to continue reading the series, but please understand…

I’ll put up another blog post of what I was planning to write for the upcoming chapter and a few pictures too.

Thank you so much to everyone who supported me on my story, you mean so much to me :D

Keep writing!!


A Consideration

Hey everyone!

Sorry about taking so long to update Forgotten Redemption, school started around the same time and will end in two weeks. I've decided that once I've finished Forgotten Redemption and another horror story...I may retire from TSR.

It's just that my appeal in the Sims is sort of...going down hill ^^;

I'll probably visit every now and then but until then, I'm going to take all the shots for the chapter of Forgotten Redemption before I post the next chapter.

See you guys around!


School Starting up Again...But still going!!

Hey everyone! *hugs*

So as the title says school has started up again which is both a good thing and, well lets face it, a bad thing :( Oh well, I will live and endure as much as I can. Anyway I've nearly finished Forgotten Redemption Chapter 17, I'm halfway through. With school my progress will be a lot slower than I intended but I shall try my best! :D

Thank you for your pratience in advance!

Have a good day,



Hey everyone!

Yes, you read the title correctly, Forgotten Redemption is back on! *Throws confetti in the air* I know it's been seven months since I last published a chapter but I hope I still have some readers ^^;

The reason for why is out so late you may ask, because The Sims 2 had been uninstalled off my computer along with the last Forgotten Redemption chapters and downloads! It was an accident and I so I reinstalled it after The Sims 3 was a complete failure for me. I managed to gather a majority of the custom content and recreate most of the lots used.

You may notice a thing or two missing from the story, so sorry in advance ^^;

But the main thing is the story is back! The next chapter should be out soon :D

She's back, better than ever!

Oh my gosh, I just realised! PUNK! for guys hair mesh

Hey everyone!

Eeeeeep!! I only just realised something...my PUNK! for guys is a donation mesh!

I'm so sorry to everyone, I didn't know. I know that sounds odd and you're probably thinking 'Is she dumb or something?' but when I got the mesh it was from a friend of mine who had got it from Raonsims. She used my USB to put the mesh and recolours onto it and gave me the link for the mesh when I said I wanted to recolour it. I never clicked on the link to check, and for that I AM SO SORRY! :( I should have checked...I'm the worst.

In the future I will check before I recolour.


With deepest apologises,


Some Really Bad News

Well I woke up this morning and thought that's do a couple of chapter for Forgotten Redemption. Computer loaded up and I noticed that my Sims 2 short cut wasn't on the desktop. I remembered that mum had been working on my computer yesterday to defrage it and get rid of some of the bugs. Anyway so then I checked the programs file and it wasn't there. After a lot of searching I realised...

The Sims 2 had been uninstalled off my computer along with the last Forgotten Redemption chapters and downloads!! I asked mum if she did anything and she said she didn't. She checked it out and thought she may have accidently uninstalled it. At first I was mad at her but now I'm not, 'cause it was an accident. Still, there goes al my Sims 2 stories and families. Worst thing is that I had so many downloads that I can't remember where I got all of them from, which means that all the stories I said were coming out are cancelled :(

So, I'll see if I can get my hands on The Sims 3 and see if I can recreate some of the stories in there...

Until then, no Sims.



Hey everyone!

Well, it seems that new story might not  be out for a while. I just realised how much work I have to do so I won't have much time to post up the first chapter of the story. I did manage to get a few images. I'll load up a sneek preview for oyu! ;)

Keep creating and siming!!



Writer's block and a New Story?!

Hey everyone! Sorry for not updating sooner on my blog, I need to get into a habit of updating. The title says it all really, I'm on writer's block for some of my stories. And sadly one of those stories is indeed Forgotten Redemption :( I don't know, I'm just stuck on this ONE part and I need some time to think about it. Sorry... But also, as the title says (the title seems to be getting a work out today XD), I have come up with a new story. I guess it seems kinda strange that I'm writers block for one story and yet I'm doing a new one. Maybe this'll give me new ideas to work with for Forgotten Redemption.

It's called The Fallen Ashes and here's a summary:

When Rose Carthy was born she was suppose to die due to a weak heart. But thanks to a mysterious doctor she was saved...for the time being. It is predicted that she'll at the age of eighteen and she may not be able to be saved. This is the story her mother told her before she passed away.With no mother,a father that disappeared, and no known living relatives, she was left as an orphan in search of the doctor who saved her life.

Now seventeen years old, Rose attends a boarding school but is an outcast due to her heart condition. Her only friend is Lucas, a mysterious, somewhat temparmental boy who is gifted for playing the guitar and childhood friend of hers she met while trying to deal with hardships of her mother's passing. Life for Rose doesn't seem to be going so well...

Until an unexpected encounter with her father! Now the ends of her life she thought were knotted together are about to become entwined with the impossiable. Was she really saved by a doctor?Why is her crush starting to become her friend? Why has her father shown up? What secrets will  And why is she starting to have dreams the end of the world?

Rose is plunged into a world she may never be able to get out of. A world filled with , deep, hidden, dark secrets, mystrey, and an ageless battle between two immortal races...


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