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kanzenMay 28, 2011

hey yuko, can you go online tonight/tomorrow morning (your time?) I need your hugs

spitzmagicMay 27, 2011

(((Yukoson))) thanks so much for reading and commenting on ch 2 of Silent Sunset...on the last chapter now..wishing you a fabulous weekend \:wub\:

kanzenMay 26, 2011

like most of them ahahahaha

MajuchanMay 26, 2011

Thanks you for the positive comments on my screnie shot deceiving eyes... =3

spitzmagicMay 20, 2011

Hi there (((Yukosan))) thank you so much for reading Silent Sunset and leaving me your wonderful comments. You made my day. Have a great weekend

kanzenMay 20, 2011

I can't sleep until I make, at least, a draft XD I'm a notorious procastinator but this brain spam is such a contradiction!

kanzenMay 19, 2011

heee~ my brain has this idea-spam that won't let me sleep unil I make sure I work on them Dx

kanzenMay 15, 2011

ohmaiGAWD. you have your old account back! *high fives* [[reply to your comment in mah story: I probably freaked out on the CCs? I also have background on photography so...maybe that's how?]] Anyways I'm glad you're enjoying my stuff. Kisses!

kanzenSep 15, 2009

oyyy yuko XD you haven't been on for ages, seeing as my prev GB post is still unread lol. anyways, just stopping by to tell ya that a new Lorelei chapter's out ^^ see ya

clairepitts1994Aug 27, 2009

Aww thankyou so much for your wonderful comment you left on the third chapter of 'good vs. evil' I've published chapter 4 now, so it's up on the site. Hope you like it!! \:D

kanzenAug 26, 2009

ahhh *yawn* I know what you mean, and my day off just ended yesterday =_= I spent the whole day watching hitman reborn and reading books from the library o3o and now....its study/cram time woot!

MJxoAug 25, 2009

ahhh you got a banner and a new avatar\:eek\:\:eek\: looks sooo Awsome!! YAY Yuko!! Anyways...yeah soo many great memories of childhood shows\:\( I could go on and on lol. I will tell you how my results went, as i would be spreading the word to family and friends. *Panic attack* argh\:rolleyes: Ooo '_'  sure i will tell you about the story\:P . i trashed the old one but i think the new one that im writing will be great\:P If i have enough time i will possibly post it next week because of sorting things out for college. Sooo.. no plans for the week eh?! same here really. Thanks for wishing me goodluck by the way for my results. I have an idea for my banner but it seems like its going to take a while as i am hand drawing it lol(1st attempt that is). i KNOW %&@#*'/^_^

Little Cloud Aug 25, 2009

Doesn't really matter to me \;\) \:P \:cool\:. Hey, Yukosan, heads up. I got a new Sims 3 story coming out (hopefully) soon. It had to edit it because I said someone looked like they were high (reference to drugs, which apparently is't PG-13), and now I can't find the re-sumbit button. *Heh heh*. So yeah, it might be a little while before the story comes out. And thanks, knew I could count on you to defend me and "the life I didn't have" before \:\) \:D \;\) \:P \:cool\:.

MJxoAug 23, 2009

Yeah courage was Awsome\:\) Lol at when the man says : "Stupid dog, you make me look mad aboogah aboogah"\:\) I found out it still comes on cartoon network but at midnight with all the old shows they have on like dexter. Lol i feel like im a kid again watching these shows. Oh well lol\:D Lol yes 100 more of dragonball and some parts are hilarious and sad\:P Hmm Sunday was good. I was with most of my cousins being crazy as we usually are.. then i had a call off my friend which i havent spoken in ages\:\) I had some gossip to dish out to her lol and then watch some movies\:P I get my exam results this thursday, im pissing my self (Not literally lool)! Soo nervous. People say to me oh dont worry you will do fine and then im like.. i need to worry if i did bad or good lol\:wacko\: Argh.. this week is going to be crappy! Story might take a while as i dont know if its going great\:rolleyes: Im so undecided over things\:wacko\: most of the times. You have any plans this week??

kanzenAug 23, 2009

[oh cool xxxHolic! XD] oh um yeah I always plan them out so I won't dwadle and stuff o3o as for the play, I'm not sure about the parts yet, hopefully I get one lol. I do get nervous, but not as much since I'm fairly experienced in theatre ^_^ I have this defense mechanism in my brain that tells me "dont be afraid, the stage is your world and the audience can't do anything about it" lol ^^" it works somehow haha. Nuff bout meh, how you've been? any new stuff? *checks*

Little Cloud Aug 23, 2009

Well, we used to start school on August 31st, and then have 2 days of school, but then get the rest of the week off (cause of Labor Day). So I guess our school board just got smart, and figured out it would be easiest to start school AFTER Labor Day :P. Anyways, my friends are right now giving me an online (I have no idea what to call it) party mourning me getting (slightly) over my Cloud Strife fan-girl obsesstion-ness. I told them it was very pointless because I still *adore* him, but my friends assure me that this is indeed a cause for celabratiob because now I have a life \:rolleyes:. Such sweet friends aren't they \:\) \:D \;\) \:P \:cool\:?

Little Cloud Aug 23, 2009

Hey, wow, I'm impressed \:D! Thanks for remembering! Btw, you're right, it is in 12 days. Now there's a scary though! In just 12 days, I'll be fourteen \:confused\:. Anyways, the character I hate the everyone loves is Sasuke \:rolleyes:. Grrr, I hate him. He's all emo and depressed, and thinks he's better than everyone \:mad\: \:puke\:! Bleck! So when do you go back to school (if you're not already there)? I go back in two weeks (give or take a few days). All  of our schools start on September 8th, which seems really late to me, but then again, we don't get out for summer break until the third week of June, so I guess it all evens out \:\) \:D \;\) \:P \:cool\:

fredbrennyAug 23, 2009

Hi Yujosan! Thanks for commenting on my screenshot! Have a lovely weekend (or Sunday.... weekend is half way over...)

MJxoAug 23, 2009

Oh i forgot lol i think sunday should be good\:\) I will tell you about it lol:P

MJxoAug 23, 2009

Thankyou for the comment on my screenshot "Once apon a time". You so kind\:\) Anyways yeah dragonball ^_^. Why did Toonami have to get shut down\:\(?!. Cartoon Network i think now has gone crappy with these new shows. Where has Courage the cowardly dog gone and Dexter?! Have you ever watched them before? \:\( sooo many memories. OK lol I decided to watch the 1st series of dragonball because of a video game i found and some searching online. I'm enjoying watching the episodes. (At the moment im on episode 68 where they are going to Fortuneteller Baba about finding the last dragonball for a wish to bring a friend alive again!) I have over 100 more episodes to go Lmao\:P Anyways.. im starting to write a story, finally lol! what has happened to your storys? i wanted to read them and they have all gone\:\(

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