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The Andretti Legacy (113)
Published Mar 16, 2011


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The Andretti Legacy
Chapter 113

The Andretti Legacy
Chapter 113
Those many many more years that Zane told his baby girl about came and went quickly, and soon the kids were teenagers with raging hormones and high school crushes. Tabatha started to be seriously influenced by Sayler's fame and money. Sayler often took Tab to The Brightmore, without her parent's permission, of course. Tabatha obsessed over the club, loved the club, and wanted to revolve around the club. Sayler promised when Tab was ready, that she'd sign the club over to her.

Tabatha spends most her time mixing drinks and subjecting Trevor to them. Trevor still isn't sure what he wants to do with his life, but he loves the outdoors and he still holds his father to his word about promising it to him someday. That someday is only a week away, and Trevor just told Tab about it.

"Firstly, I can't believe you didn't tell me. You're such a pig sometimes, Trevor! ...and secondly, I'll hate you for it." She replies in such a way that Trevor can't tell if she's kidding or not.

"Tab...?" Trevor tries to get her full attention. "I'm serious. We're going down to the Science Lab tomorrow."

"Shut up, and try this one." She pushes the drink in his face.
"Hmm...a little too fruity for me." Trevor replies as he sets the drink down on the bar. Tab takes it from him, pours it down the sink, and starts over again. "Tab...could you stop, please?" Trevor watches her in frustration.

"No...I'm mad at you, and I'm practicing. Practice makes perfect." She states firmly as she continues mixing drinks.
"I don't know why you aren't happy being a vampire. I mean...we're rare...we're one of a kind...I just...don't get you sometimes." Tab mutters quietly.

"You're a creature of the wouldn't understand." He rolls his eyes.
"You're right." She finishes another drink and smells it's sweet smell. "I don't understand it at all...I love me. I love being me...I love this life. People are intimidated by me...what more could a girl want!?" She looks up at him with a funny smile, and sets the drink on the bar in front of him. "Try that..." "I would appreciate it if you'd stop trying to change the subject." He glares back at her. Tab looks at the drink in his hands, then raises her eyebrows and looks back at him as if to say, 'Hurry Up'. " tastes like crap." He tells her and pours it down the sink himself.

"Liar." She replies with a deep moan.

"You're would you PLEASE pay attention to me!" He slams both of his palms down on the bar.
"Are you wanting my permission to be 'cured'?!" She looks up at him. "You won't get it. If you want me to tell you what to do with your life...I'll tell you to be happy with who you are and don't change it for anybody. But, I know you never listen to anything I say, so it doesn't really matter does it!" "I'm not asking for your permission, Tab. I want you to do it with me." He stares back at her with a flat expression.

"Absolutely not." She states firmly after a long pause, and then puts everything in her hands down on the bar and walks off to her room in anger.
She plops down on her bed and suddenly wants to cry. Jealous? Maybe a little. She and Trevor have always kept their relationship as just a brother/sister best friend type of relationship. But, it's always bothered Tab to see Trevor with other girls, and there certainly are a lot of girls who obsess over Trevor.

The thought of Trevor curing himself and becoming human really bothered Tab. Not only would he be 'different', but imagine all of the girls who steer clear now because he's a vampire. He'll be human...he'll have even more girls after him! The thought of the competition made her sick to her stomach.
The longer Trevor stood at the bar by himself, the more mad he got. They've always done everything together, and he never thought she'd decline this. The months passed quickly, and both children aged into young adults. Sayler signed a partnership with Tab, and put her into management. She wasn't ready to 'own' the club yet, but Sayler needed to get Tab's foot in the door. Tab worked herself nearly to death; she wanted this club so bad. On top of it all, she hadn't seen Trevor in months. She had a loneliness inside of her, an emptiness, but the thought of what he might be doing made her sick. She pushed him to the back of her mind and left him there.

"I'm not kidding. I run this club now, and if you keep letting minors in without checking ID''re going to find yourself fired real fast." Tab drills into one of the bouncers.
"Are we clear?" She smiles a sweet smile. "I hope so...the first minor I find in there will mark your first day of unemployment." She enters the club, and heads for the bar to check in on things, but notices someone off in the distance. It's Trevor, surrounded by girls, of course. She hadn't seen him since he was 'cured', and as much as she wanted to walk over and talk to him, she was still mad at him and kept her distance. She could hear a camera snapping tons of pictures, and turned to see the paparazzi having a hay day with the corner of the bar Trevor was in. She looked back towards Trevor, and he was on the dance floor with the girls having a great time. The paparazzi moved around the bar, out of his way, but continuously snapping pictures of him. The girls laughs and voices made Tab sick; their high pitched squeaks reminded her of little rats. "Why don't you go talk to him?" The bartender asks quietly as he puts some glasses away. He's known both the children since they were younger. Sayler hired him ages ago, and he's worked here ever since Sayler and V were both pregnant.

"Because, I'm mad at him." Tab replies flatly. "Besides...he's got two little parasites clinging to him." Tab looks out at the dance floor and her anger just about boils over.

" don't even know those girls, and already you hate them." He laughs. " can't tell me you're not jealous. You're about as green as that you're wearing." He looks down at her shirt, and back up at her. "...but, what I want to know is if you're jealous of him being human...or those girls he's with?"

"I don't have to tell you anything...besides, I'm your boss now and my personal life is none of your concern." She states sternly, and then starts laughing. "I just...I'm frustrated with him. He best friend, and he became human we don't even talk. It's just hard to accept, I guess." She shrugs her shoulders, and then looks back out at the floor.
Just as she finds him on the floor, she notices him walking her direction.

"I'm going to take a break." The bartender smiles, winks at her, and then walks away.
"Hey, Tab." Trevor sits down at the bar with a smile on his face.

"Hey." She states flatly, and then looks up at him. He'd always been extremely attractive, but Tab had kept her hands and heart at a distance. But, now that he'd turned human...her vampire hunger for humans made him nearly irresistible.
"'s good to see you, Tab." He replies as she stands in front of him looking him over. "What do you think?" He asks with curiosity, proud of his transition. "I'm still mad at you...but, I think you look really, really great." She says as she smiles down at him. "Did it hurt?" She asks after a long pause. "Not at all." He states quickly. "In fact, it's just something you drink...and poof! You're cured. I still think you should do it, Tab. I've been having a blast...well, and so have the tabloids, of course." He rolls his eyes and motions to the paparazzi who is steadily taking pictures of him. Tab notices one of the girls walking towards them from the dance floor, and then the other follows quickly as soon as the realize he's talking to her. "Trevor! Don't talk to a vampire! That's so nasty!" One of the girls scolds Trevor as they both stop behind him.

Tab glares at her with disgust.
"What are you looking at?" She growls at Tab. "Don't bother with her, girl. She's just jealous." The other girl states with a catty voice, and both girls start snickering with rude comments and jokes about Tab. Trevor's heart breaks; Tab is still very, very important to him. She's his best friend, and as much as he wanted to defend her, he couldn't say a word. "Come on, honey. Let's go home." The first girl grabs Trevor's hand, and pulls him off the bar stool. She walks with him, hand in hand, out of the club talking bad about Tab the entire way. Tab watches Trevor leaving with them, and she grows even more angry. Partially with Trevor, for not standing up for her, but mostly with the girls for having so much power of him. "See you later, blood sucker." The other girl states flatly as she follows Trevor and her friend out of the club. As Tab watches the group leaving, her blood boils and her heart breaks. She couldn't understand why Trevor would want to be like them. She can't even understand Trevor being like them. Trevor has always been so polite, and kind, and nice and everything good in the world. What is making him surround himself with girls like that? Tab tries her best to forget what just happened, but after the 10th time of cleaning the same glass, she gives up.

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#2fredbrennyMar 17, 2011

Oh wow... what a great chapter! What's wrong with Trevor? Why is he not standing up for Tab? I see jealousy is eating her... she should be with him... who is going to give in? Can't wait to find out if Tab will make her way to the Science lab, or that she will find another way to restore their life long friendship... And Trev... go behave... !!! \:D Loved it!

#3martoeleMar 17, 2011

I fully agree with Fred. It's a great part of your legacy. It always is a pleasure to have another part of it to read.... \:\) Congratulations on the feature \:cool\: even if it was only during a few hours.....

#4Mar 17, 2011

great story

#5Ben72006Mar 19, 2011

Loved it, I hope Tab is still living with Trevor at the house they grew up in. I truely hope Tab walks in and the girls and Trevor are their. That be something.

#6MangioMar 19, 2011

Congrats on a well deserved feature \:rah\: WHY couldn't he say a word, Tab's his best friend through thick and thin \:\( Poor Tab.. I hope those two sort things out.. The way you described the aftermath was superb! Can't wait for more \:wub\:

#7ohgodcaitlynMar 19, 2011

Awwhhh, Tab \:\(

#8anura32Mar 20, 2011

Oh How sad that trevor is not with her... Hope they get back together.

#9Liese102475Apr 25, 2011

what a great story... its the first one i have read on here since im new and you did awesome!!!! keep up the great creative work!

#10PrincessPinguJul 14, 2011

whens the next installment of the Andretti Legacy? This is my fav legacy !! x

#11Mrsfitzgerald88Jul 3, 2013

awesome story. i hope you continue this soon.

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