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A Red Soul - 01
Published Oct 21, 2013


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A Red Soul: An Appalossa Plains Story

A Red Soul: An Appalossa Plains Story Redhaired Girl: Hello, My name is Alana Gilmore, I just moved from Brideport City to Appalosa Plains in this autumn.

I don't like the city life in Bridgeport, so, i moved to this pacify and lovely town.

I am an exterior and interior designer, and this morning i'll have my first job in the horseranch.

And i tought this will be the wildest adventure of life...

I was right, it was.
-Oh no! My grapes are so down, i wonder if in the downtown there is some market to find some mulch- Alana said to herself looking at her crops. Alana took a cap and went to the downtown, got in to the market, but there are not any mulch in sail.

-That's bad luck to me, well, i'm outta town, so i will take some walk to know this place...- Alana said to herself but then she felt a little bad -I'm short of money, that cap was too expensive, i think the driver just noticed that i'm a foreign and wanted to charge me more than usual...- Alana tought starting to walk. -So, this is the horseranch, i think this is a lovely place, the landscape is so beautiful, but i think i can do something better with this place... i need to find the owner...- Alana said.

She doesn't knew that the biggest adventure of her life was about to begin, and the horses will be the most important thing in her life.
-Good afternoon, my name is Alana Gilmore, we spoke on the phone this morning- Alana introduce herself.

-I Am Marit Filan, I owe this ranch and Welcome to Appalossa!- the blondie girl said with entusiasm.

-Thank you, Miss Filan, is so nice to change the scenary once in the life- Alana answered with a smile, but she was so nervous inside of her.

-i already read your curriculum, is awesome, you are so young but your catalogue is so extended... I like your concept of the art school and the ballet school, i hope you can do something with this place, Alana- Miss Filan said showing her the place.

-As you can see, this place is for horselovers and someone who wants to pass the time... i should go for now, but take your time to see the place, i'll call you in the morning- Marit said and leave the place in a hurry, Alena just shrugged.
-This place is so peaceful, oh! that girl looks so out of place- Alena said to herself, but the girl in the dark dress look at her right in to the eyes like she knew Alena was thinking about her.

-That was creepy!- Alena tought. -I should back now, is too dark and i don't wanna stay too late in the night.
-I'm sure is this way- Alena said to herself, but it was getting too dark.

-In the country the night can be really scary...-
-What?! Where is the road?! Where is my house?- Alena asked too loud feeling some cold in her back.

Something wasn't right, she felt like she was being pursued.
-Well, in that house there is light, i guess i can ask for help- Alena said to herself feeling a little nervous -Hey, miss! Are you ok?- A man's voice sound a litte far away.

-Yes I'm fine- Alana answered

-I don't think so, nobody's come this far without being lost- the man yelled with a smile in his face, Alena could listened that smile.

-I am ok, sir, thank you- Alena answered, but the man just laugh.

-Come on, miss Gilmore, i don't bite, my name is Nathaniel Hathaway, Marit just called me to talk to me about you, come on, is cold outside- the man said, Alena just crossed the street
-Nathaniel Hathaway? Are you Marit's husband?- Alana asked, but Nathaniel just laughed

-Nope, not at all, I'm her brother, there are three Hathaway kids in this town, you know? She call me about the work you are going to do in the ranch, i went there to find you and drive you to the nearest hotel but you just went away from the ranch before i just where there- Nathaniel said but Alana just jumped back.
-Ouch! What is it?! Ouch! Stop it! Stop it!- Alana yelled and Nathaniel just look at black cat attacking Alana. -Hey, Bathory, stop it right now! Where is Erzebeth?!- Nathaniel yelled to the cat and stoped her attack to Alana. - I'm so sorry about that, Alana -I hear my name- the girl in the dark dress just showed up

-What about your cat, Erzebeth? You know that is not legal here in Appalossa- Nathaniel just said.

-You know Bathory can't stand for strangers, me neither- Erzebeth said.
-She is not a stranger, She is Alana Gilmore, the new designer for the ranch- Nathaniel said.

-We don't like city girls, what about that clothes? Who are you kidding? And that accent? Your red hair? is so fake!- Erzebeth said with poison between her lips.
-Of course is natural, Why are you so rude and nasty with me? I have not done anything!- Alana yelled.

-That is what you think, stay away from Nathaniel Hathaway!- Erzebeth said and leave.

-Come on, Miss GIlmore, my truck is over there, i'll take you home- Nathaniel said embarrased-
-Sorry for that, Miss Gilmore, Erzebeth can be a little fancy some time- Nathaniel said with a embarrased voice.

-Is she your girlfriend or something?, i mean, she said something about it...- Alana asked but inmediatly she just blushed, but she was lucky that is night.

-We used to date in the high school, but that was years ago, now, i have to take care of the ranch-
-Listen, tomorrow go to my house, i'll invite you the breakfast and we can talk about your work in the ranch- Nathaniel said, Alana just smiled.

-I'll see you tomorrow, then, Mister Hathaway- Alana said blushing again, but the lights were off, luckily for her.

-You can call me Nathaniel-

-Then, you can call me Alana-

-I'll see you tomorrow for business then- Nathaniel said smiling.
The next morning...

-Thanks for coming, the Hathaways doesnt have an office, and the ranch is a little odorous for stay there a little more time that five minutes, i hope you can make a great office in there, with no odors- Nathaniel said.

-You said there is going to be breakfast, for business- Alana said and then laugh.

-Well, i hope you like waffles because i don't know make something else.- Nathaniel said with a laugh too.

-You have to be so popular with the girls, ok, let's talk about business and waffles- Alana answered and then entered to the house.
The couple started to talk about the designs in the ranch, and the office the Hathaways want in there.

-Really, i never believed that a young lady like you could made that awesome works we just saw in the catalogue, you are so great, Alana- Nathaniel said, Alana just laughed.

They doesn't know that somebody is watching too trough the window.
-I know, some people just are driven for the age or for the apearence- Alana answered, Nathaniel smiled.

-You just worked for an agency in Bridegport, why leave the city?- Nathaniel asked, Alana smiled thinking in something, but for a second her eyes just turned sad, but Nathaniel didn't noticed.
-I want my own business and i learned everything i could in the agency in Brideport, so i would like to work in a place i could learn a lot of things like Appalossa, and, i like horses too, in here, there were the biggest horseranch around the World- Alana answered.

-Well answered, Miss Gilmore, there are a party in the public pool this afternoon, take some rest after start the work the next monday- Nathaniel said.
-So, she likes horses, that's is so nice, but she didn't listen to me when i said she has to be away from my Nathaniel- Erzebeth said to herself looking through the window spying. -She likes horses... Mwahahahahahaha -hi! Good morning, i'm new in town and...- Alana started to say in the market

-Yes! Alana Gilmore, the girl coming from Bridgeport City- the man in the store said with a smilie

-Oh my Creator! Everybody in town knows me!- Alana exclaimed.

-Of course, nothing happens in Appalossa, so, when a girl with a lovely red hair and blue eyes like you get into Appalossa, everyone knows, my wife told me about you, jajajaja- the man said.

-I'm looking for clothes, the bus where i came lost my baggage and now, i don't have nothing to wear... or... oh my god, i'm blushing, it was a secret but everyone in town will know it now- Alana said blushing and stammeringly

-Don't worry, little girl, here you can find anything you want, and you can pay me later, you work with the Hathaways, i know Marit and everyone here in Appalossa trust to each other- the man in the store said -Look everything you need.
Alana started to look around in the little store, she was amused about the town that everyone knows each other and take care for each other, and, seems they like Hathaways very much.

-Hi! My name is Daniel- the man with the bonnet said.

Alana was startled that everyone in town knows her and likes her, except Erzebeth.

-I hope you stay here for a long time!- the man said.
In the Nathaniel Hathaways house...

-Hello? Oh! Of course! you can come to visit me, yes, we need to talk about the ranch, i will be waiting for you, bring your husband and the baby, i want to know him- Nathaniel said in the phone
A few minutes later, Nathaniel was in the deck in the backyard making hotdogs for lunch.
The woman with the baby is the other Hathaway sister, Savanna, her husband, Michael and their son, Sebastian.

-So, Have you met the designer?- Savanna asked.

-Of course, she is pretty- Nathaniel answered.

-Oh no! You always look for the wrong girl, do you remember Erzebeth!? She is crazy!- Michael said, he and Nathaniel are very close friends.

-Oh, come on, Erzebeth was not so crazy in Highschool, when she started with magic and that stuff, everything goes down, but she just need a man that in fact likes her- Nathaniel said.
-Listen, we are here to talk about the ranch, not the girl- Savanna said being angry.

-Come on, Savanna, We almost don't have time to gossip- Michael said.

-I don't have time to gossip, i'm a mother, a wife and a business woman, and you just ride horses the whole day!- Savanna answered getting mad.

-calm down, Savanna, i don't ride horses the whole day... talking about horses, you have a barn here, why you don't buy a horse for you?- Michael asked, but Nathaniel was just quiet about it.

-Don't bother him, you know that since Mia, he doesn't have any horse or mare- Savanna answered, Nathaniel just served the hotdogs.

-I'm going to the pool party, you are in your house- Nathaniel said and leave.
In the pool party...

-Hey! you are here!- Nathaniel said, Alana just laid in the chair.

-Yes, is so relaxing being here, everyone in town just know who i am!- Alana said surprised.
-Of course everybody knows who you are, you are the most interesting thing since the hurricane in the 90's- Nathaniel said with a laugh. -Can i sit?

-Of course, is a public pool- Alana answered

The two couple was talking, and everybody in the party was just looking at them, gossip... gossip and more gossip...
The party was fun and everything else, but Erzebeth, who was there, never got in to the pool, just watching Alana having fun, and nobody likes to be close to Erzebeth.

Everybody was having so much fun that the party ended later that night.
-Everybody has been so kind to me- Alana said to her new friend, June.

-I'm glad that you are happy to be here, but i have to tell you something...- June said. -What about you and Nathaniel

-What? Nothing, is just business...- Alana said blushing again, but it was night, luckily for her, again.

-Nathaniel was Erzebeth Algard boyfriend, and she is crazy...

-I know, her cat attacked me yesterday- Alana said seeing the scratchings in her ankle.

-No, you don't understand me...
"Erzebeth is so crazy that she made that two girls in town just leave without said to anyone, she is so obsesed with Nathaniel"

"I don't care, i'm here to work, not for love" (Alana answered)

"I'm just warning you, Alana, i like you"

Erzebeth just entered in to her house.
-That girl will pay everything, Nathaniel is mine! And everyone in town just likes her! She is nothing!- Erzebeth yelled. -I know there is something i can do for that girl... yes, is around this book... yes... mmm... this will work, and she will never know what it was that hit her, mwahahahahaha!!!- Sunday morning...

-I tried to relax, but in this town there is nothing to do! so, i am here, again, in the ranch and is to hot and i'm too thirsty- Alana said to herself.

But then, she felt some chill trough her back.

-Is not cold in here, What is going on? Oh! is that Erzebeth girl!- Alana said with a scared voice.
-Alana! Alana! wait for a moment, please!- Erzebeth said with a kind voice, Alana just waited.

-Yes? What can i do for you?- Alana asked

-Why so serious? I mean, i'm so sorry for what's happened yesterday, i'm sorry for what my cat did to you and all the nasty things i said, really, i'm so sorry- Erzebeth said, Alana just tight her lips and then look trough Erzebeth's smile, she looked sincere.
-I think is ok, Erzebeth- Alana answered remembering all the things that others told to her.

-I'm so sorry, again, i work in the only bar in town, and i can make a great drinks, wanna taste?- Erzebeth said, but Alana wasn't so sure.
-oh, i don't think so, Erzebeth- Alana said, but a lonely cowboy just showed up

-Oh! one of Erzebeth's famous drinks!- the cowboy said and took one of the drinks
-Are you going to drink that?- Alana asked to the cowboy, but the boy just finished his drink

-Are you kidding me? Erzebeth could be a little crazy, but her drinks are so awesome!- the boy said with entusiasm, Alana look to the glass suspicious.
-Ok, then, here we go- Alana said, but inmediatly she felt a little dizzy

-Calm down, girl, is just morning, that drink won't go anywhere...- Erzebeth said smiling, but Alana didn't hear anything.

She doesn't feel when she felt down, everything was bluring and she only saw that dark dress and some whispers in her ears.
-What is happening here?- Alana asked, but not voice come out from her mouth, everything goes black and white, and then, dark.

to be continued

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