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The Wedding Shop 02
Published Sep 26, 2013


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The Wedding Shop
Chapter 02: I Will Be Yours Forever, No Matter What

The Wedding Shop
Chapter 02: I Will Be Yours Forever, No Matter What
-So, i hear your brother got engaged with Constance Lautner- Kayrel said trying to sound normal

-Yes, i didnt want you to hear it from somebody else, but the Lautners jus published in every social media they could... im sorry- Christine said.

-Are you sorry? for what reason? Im sorry for your brother, he got engaged with a snake with big, poisonous and dark fangs- Kayrel answered.
-You missed the scales- Darrell said while arriving.
-Oh, i didnt forget them, i just think they were obvious- Kayrel said.
-I didn`t know what`s happened between you two, you used to be best friends in elementary school- Darrel said so.

The food was peaceful and soon it was night
-Oh! is Christine Margain!- a man's voice sound in the distance.
-Brian! i can't believe is you!- Christine said.
-When did you arrival to Aurora Skies?-
-Was so nice to see you here- Brian said, while Kenneth just arrived.
-Who is he? Why he is holding my fiancee's hand?- Kenny asked
-Who are you? Why are you holding my fiancee's hand? ANSWER ME!- Kenneth just yelled.

-Hey, Calm down dude, i just met her here
-Are you crazy, Kenneth? You can't make an scene here, you hear me? You are going to get married with my sister, a Margain girl, we don't make scenes in the street, did you hear that?- -Oh, im so sorry, babe, is just, that you are so beautiful, and i'm scared that somebody else is trying to take you away from me- Kenny said. -Oh, darling, you are so sweet, and i understood everything... but I always be yours...

-Yes, You'll be mine, forever
-Did you see that? Do you still thinking that the wedding is on the road?- Darrell said.

-Listen Darrell, she is my best friend, and what Kenny did is just a scene, from a jealousy boyfriend, is that so bad?- Kayrel asked.

-I'm going to get married with Constance...

-I know now...

-Is just, when i was alone in Bridgeport City, She was the only thing i have over there, she helped me to go on...

-Maybe is because you didn't tell to anyone that you just went to a another city all by yourself to study medicine.

-Well, see you- Darrell said and leave.

-Ill see you tomorrow to introduce you my other maid and to hear the band!- Christine said leaving her.
*The next day*

-This band is amazing!-

-Yes, the Non Winged Angels are the best band ever- Kayrel said. -And, where is your another maid?-

-Ah, talking about it...
-Oh, yeah, about that, She is someone you already know...- -Boooo!-


-What? Constance? Constance Lautner? What are you doing here?- Kayrel asked

-Didn't she told you? I'm here, the missing maid.
-The missing maid? really? I don't want to see you ever again in my whole life...- Kayrel just yelled with a lot of angry in her voice.

-Why? Because i just steal the love of your life?-
-He wasn't the love of my life, Constance!
-Oh, i'm so sorry, he is still the love of your life! So, marry him is the most fun thing ever since i steal him.
-Oh, Conny, Kayrel, please, just stop, ok? Is my wedding, and you two are the most important women in my life!-

-Whatever!- the two girls said The next morning, in the wedding shop.

-You are her best friend ever, she never stop saying that, and Darrell, he is mine.- Constance said.
-I don't care, is Christine's wedding, she asked me to planning her wedding, this is for her, is the most wonderful and important day on her entire life- Kayrel said. -Fine, whatever! I will behave correctly- Constance said-

-I will too, we will have a truce for now- Kayrel said.

-For Christine- the two girls said.
-I have to say it, this place is amazing! I look amazing in this giant mirror- Conny said.

-This place is my mother's dream, so, has to be amazing- Kayrel said.
-I just gave you a compliment, can not you accept?-

-I don't care what are you thinking about my shop, if is amazing or not...

-We are in a truce, and Christine is coming- Constance said.
-Hi, girls, sorry for being late, Kenny just bring me, he was a little confused why i have to be here so early- Christine said with a smiling face.

-Kenny just bring you here?- Kayrel asked.

-Yes, he is in the lobby, why?- Christine said.
-Okey, Christine, time to go to try some bride dresses, i put on the dresser the dresses you choose on the catalog...-

-Yes, i know, oh my god! this is so exciting-
-This is the first dress, i'm feeling like a fairy, in a fairy tale..

-What do you think, girls?- Christine asked.

-You look so amazing, the pink is a great touch, if you don't use it, i will use it in my wedding, and the cleavage are so sexy...- Constance said

-Yes, is a wonderful dress- Kayrel said too. -The designer is beo2010's Bride Fairy
-And this is the peacock dress from the designer Sylvanes2, and is a lovely dress- Kayrel said.

-You have a lot of nice designers, i love your shop even more than the first time i got in- Christine just said.
-Ok, girls, i'm done- Christine said- and thank you for being such nice girls, this is so important to me-
-We know- the two girls just said

-Ill go to the lobby to make the receipt- Kayrel said
-Oh, Kenneth, i just love this shop! they have an amazing dresses, lovely bands and so wonderful tables and arches... I just love this shop!- -I'm so glad you like it, baby, you will be the most happy girl in town, you will have everything you ever want!- Kenneth said, but for now, Kayrel is not so convinced about it. -This day was so crazy, and yesterday too, i know, Christine is my bestfriend and all, but, i want that everything finish so soon- Kayrel said that to herself, her voice was so tired. -Good Evening, Miss Benneth- Kenny said.

-Good Evening, i just closed the shop-

-I know, i read the sign and i know how to read, but also, i saw you here and, well, i just wanted to ask you something for Christine, a surprise gift
-A surprise gift? What kind of surprise? a dress? a jewel?- Kayrel asked, but Kenny just smile.

-Your shop, can you sell me your shop? Christine like it a lot-
-My shop? My shop? Are you really going to buy my shop? My shop are not in sale!!!- Kayrel yelled.

-Everything is in sale, even your stupid little shop- Kenny said with a lot of prepotency

-My little stupid shop? Go away!!!-

Kenny left and Kayrel just was alone

-I need to go to the apartment, my little stupid apartment... Im sure Karina just had the dinner already

-You have to pay me every cent...- the man in the suit just said -Every cent...
-Yes, i will give you every cent, but you need to wait a little more...

-If you just can... listen, the shop is going well, i'm sure i will have the money so soon.. -You have to pay me every cent in the next weekend or i will take everything you had!-

-Please, i need the money for the hospital's bills

-What is going on...-

-Remember, Karina, just the weekend!- the man just said and leave
-Oh no, please, oh no, that cant be, please!- Karina started to sob

-Karina, what is going on? Who was that man, and what about a hospital bill?-

-I'm so sorry, i didn't want you to know!- Karina said between the sobs.

-Karina, please, just take a sit, we can talk, you can tell me everything you need to tell me- Kayrel just said.

-The hospital, the clinic, im sick, Kayrel, and i didn't want you to know because i promise to my parents that i will take care of you...- Karina said.
-Karina, please, tell me something, what can i do for you...

-Im having one of the attacks, please, don't worry, i will just... faint...

-Faint?! Karina, please, talk to me!-
-I need to call someone... someone... i don't know who... i just... oh! wait a moment! A few minutes later...

-Your sister is very sick- Darrell said -Thanks for calling me, i will call the hospital and tell them about...

-She is seeing a doctor, i think, doctor Capuleto or someething like that... but thank you anyway, i didn't know... i just saw your number in my cell, i just don't know why i have your cellphone number...
-Just be quiet, that's ok, i can check your sister's historial and everything...

-Is not necessary, really, thank you for coming, i need to rest...

-I'll leave for now, you can call me to check anything...
-This day, this week is so... oh, whatever, everything will be ok soon, always be... -Maybe i should call Kenneth and sell the shop...


About the dresses, the two are so amazing!!!

this is the fairy dress link from beo2010

and this is the peacock dress from Sylvanes2:

Thanks for your amazing dresses, guys

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