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The Wedding Shop 04
Published Oct 15, 2013


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The Wedding Shop 04:
The Same Party?

The Wedding Shop 04:
The Same Party?
Kayel was so worried about the party...

She tried hard to please Christine's requisitions about a ghotic bachelorette.

-This dress is so weird, i'm so embarresed...- Kayrel thought
-I hope everything goes right in this party, will be a great advertising for my wedding shop- Kayrel said while she was walking to the backyard. -Wait a moment, Where are the red roses, the black ribbons?- Kayrel asked being surprised about the... lovely? party. -Oh my Creator! What is that outfit?- Christine yelled.

-You look so... Alice McSim... You are so ghotic...- Christine yelled with a lot of enthusiasm

-But i tought you said you want something ghotic, i already made everything dark and scary and...- Kayrel started to say.
-You really look so great, but Conny told me that you said a "Lovely" party was so fancy and fasion and elegant and everything...- Christine started to say but Kayrel just ran away -How could she do this? I'm the wedding planner! This was my job! I hate Conny!- Kayrel said while a single tear just drop in to her lips, it was salty -Oh! And there is party inside the house too... Everybody is looking at me- Kayrel said blushing and feeling so angry. -I think there is nobody in the kitchen, i'll be safe in there- Kayrel said to herself The kitchen was so far from the party, so she could be at peace, finally. -There you are, i couldn't find you- Christine said.

-Where did you leave your veil? You looked so great, like a lovely bride- Kayrel said trying not to sound so upset as she was.
-Hey, Christine! Everybody asks for you, you have to play the game of the veil with tissues and napkings...- Conny said entering in to the kitchen

-You have to say something to Kayrel, Constance- Christine said like a mother
-Yeah, yeah, yeah, i will, but you gotta admit it, it was a surprise!- Constance said, but Christine just frowned -Ok, i will apologyze -Hey, Kayrel, i'm really sorry, it was a little joke, i mean, i tought it was funny, never pretend to hurt you or damage your job...- Constance said it, but sounded as if she had rehearsed. -I'm not upset, i mean, i tought the party was ghotic, i never knew that you could change it to sometihng more... actual, perhaps? and everything looks so nice, thanks to you, maybe you won't need a wedding planner at all, Constance- Kayrel said trying to be nice with her, but in fact, she was so angry.

but was for the party? For her wedding? or Because of the wedding with Darrell?
-See? She said she is sorry, now, try to have some fun, we have a lot of games and gifts and presents and...- Christine said, but Conny was mindabsent

"She looks so ridiculous, now, i have to call Darrell so he can see her, that will make her more embarrased!"
-Is ok, i'll have some fun, in fact, im so hungry- Kayrel said- And is your bachelorette, so, Congratulations, you will be the most beautiful bride i ever seen, Christine-

Christine smiled and a cellphone just rang.

-Oh, excuse me for a minute, Chris- Kayrel said answering the phone.
-Yes?... right,... What?... When?... I'll be there in a minute, thanks for calling- Kayrel said anxious. -Oh, Christine, i have to go- Kayrel said trying to hold her concern

-Everything is ok?- Christine asked

-Yes, something with Karina, don't worry, i'll call you in the morning to see how everything goes, and don't worry, is nothing- Kayrel said almost running from the house.
-Oh my Creator, Karina is in the hospital, i need to go right now, i can not change my clothes at home- Kayrel said to herself running away from the house.

-Hey, Kayrel! Whats up?- Darrell asked-

-Oh no, Darrell- Kayrel said sadly
-Oh, i'm happy to see you, too- Darrell said with sarcasm.

-No, is not that, i'm going to see Karina, and i don't have time to chat with you right now...-

-Can you wait for a second?- Darrell asked with a intense look on his face, Kayrel just blushed... again.

-What... wha... what do you need?- Kayrel asked evading the gaze.

-I never seen you so... so...- Darrell's voice just sounden in a whispered tone, Kayrel feel her cheecks so hot.

-so... So... ghotic! you look like Alice Lidell, jajajajaja- Darrell said finish the sentence with a loud laugh.
-oh, you are so... cruel! i need to go, and i don't have time to listen you!- Kayrel said and Darrell just wave his hand.

-Ok, Alice, see ya later, girl, send greettings to the creepy cat for me, jajajaja- Darrell just entered to the house and Kayrel went away.
A few minutes later...

-Oh my, Oh my! I'm barely made it!- Kayrel said out of breath

-Miss, please, don't run, you are in a hospital- the doctor behind the desk said.

-I'm so sorry, my name es Kayrel Benneth, they bring my sister to ER a few hours ago- Kayrel said anxious

-Let me check, Miss Benneth- the doctor said.
-Karina Madeline Benneth Morrison, yes, she is in ER right now, she fainted at the mall and paramedics just brought her over here- the doctor said.

-Is she ok?- Kayrel asked
-She is awake now, the doctor in ER is with her, but they already call the neurosurgeon- the doctor said.

-Neurosurgeon? is that bad? oh my creator! where is my sister? can i see her?- Kayrel asked.
-Yes, follow the hall, you will see your sister in there- the doctor said- Please! Dont run!

But the voice of the doctor was so far and Kayrel just ran to the ER doors.

-Wait a minute? Did she said Morrison? Benneth Morrison?
but the question was lost in her mind when she saw her sister.

-Karina! are you ok?- Kayrel asked, but Karina was sitting on her bed

-I'm fine now, i just fainted in the mall, i didn't buy the shoes i really wanted, and i just saw a very fancy necklace for you...
-Miss Benneth, you have to lie in bed, you can not stand for now, the neurosurgeon is coming with all the scans and studies- the doctor said.

-Thanks doctor, and sorry for all the trouble... but this is a private hospital, right? how much will cost this...?- Kayrel asked.

-Oh, the bill just will, ah! The surgeon!- the doctor said while a king? get in to the room
-A neurosurgeon? He is more like a Pirate, King or something like that!- Karine though to herself.

-What is all about, Warren?- the "king" asked to the doctor.

The king and the doctor just talked for a few seconds, and then, the king look towards the patient and her sister.
-I'm sorry, i'm doctor Shane Spencer, the chief of neuro...- the pirate said -And you are Miss Benneth, Karina Benneth, you fainted in the mall, right, Karina? Can i call you Karina? Let's wait for the scans, Karina

Kayrel was looking this pirate-doctor-king or whatever he was

-Sorry for this clothes, i was in a party- the doctor Spencer said. -Oh! Did you went to the same party? You look like...

-Don't tell me, Alice Lidell- Kayrel said with a tired voice.

-I'm gonna said a lolita gothic gir, but is ok, did you like the cake?- the doctor asked, Karina just smiled.

-I was in a bachelorette- Kayrel said getting angry again

-Oh! your fiancee is a lucky guy- the doctor said reading the scans..
-In a friend's bachelorette- Kayrel corrected, then she just blushed, again, the third time in that night she blushed

Why she had to correct that she was not the bachelorette?, the doctor Spencer just smiled noticing the blush in her cheeks

-I'm going to change my clothes... i'll be back in a few minutes.
They have to wait a lot when the Doctor Spencer just arrived.

-The scans shows a little aneurisma in your sister's brain, i will get in to her head and extract that little thing, i don't like to tell in a medical terms to the family something they doesn't know and...- but Kayrel just tighthen her lips and the doctor close his mouth
-Is my sister gonna be ok?- Kayrel asked.

-An aneurisa is a localized, blood-filled balloon-like bulge in the wall of a blood vessel.- the doctor answered

-I can find that in Simpedia, but, is my sister will be ok?- Kayrel asked one more time

-I will do my best, i will Kayrel- the doctor Spencer said and leave - Please, prepare the patient for surgery
-So, what do you think?- Karina asked

-Everything will be fine- Kayrel said holding tears.

-I was talking about the doctor, he is handsome, and with the clothes, looks like a king, a handsome one, and he is a surgeon!- Karina just yelled

-Oh! you are so... You have an aneurisma, sis! I cannot think about men right now...- Kayrel said with a sob

-You have to think about them, if something happens to me...- Karina said but Kayrel just interrup her

-Nothing is going to happen to you...- Kayrel yelled
-I know Doctor Spencer will do his best, he promised me- Kayrel said looking at the doctor, but she already think -And yes, he is handsome In the lobby:

-Excuse me, this is my card- the man said giving the card to the doctor behind the desk

-Oh, yeah, Sir, but she is in surgery right now, you can wait in the waiting room, her sister is there- the doctor said.

-And, about the bills...

-Yes, we already recieve the memo, everything will be fine, Sir, don't worry, we just called the doctor Spencer too, like you said in the phone- the doctor said.

-Is too empty this night, Sarah- the man said

-Yes, Sir, it is- the doctor Sarah answered

-Did you said her sister is here? Who called her?- the man asked

-Miss Benneth did-
-Are you Kayrel Benneth?- the man asked

But Kayrel was praying and crying

-Miss, Are you Kayrel Benneth?- the man asked one more time
-Yes, i am- Kayrel answered and the man just sat next to her

-I'm so sorry about your sister, and everything...- the man said with a sad voice

-Who are you?- Kayrel asked holding her tears, she just tasted the salt in her lips and feeling the hungry in her stomach
-I am Egan Mo...- But Kayrel interrupted him

-You are that man! You leave us alone! I will pay you every simdollar every cent and everything, but leave us alone!- Kayrel yelled

-But, wait a moment, girl- Egan said but Kayrel started to yell

-Security! Security!-

To be continued...
To be continued...

For some comments i just edited a little more my story, please, leave some comments to see if everything goes better

The English is not my natal language, so sorry for that

thanks to all the CC Creators, you are amazing guys

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