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The Wedding Shop 06
Published Nov 3, 2013


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In our last chapter:

Kenneth's sister, Georgette Cunningham, just arrived to Hidden Springs to make things go faster with the wedding.

Christine just doesn't want to get married without Kayrel.

And Kayrel Bennett is in the hospital waiting for her sister, Karina.

In our last chapter:

Kenneth's sister, Georgette Cunningham, just arrived to Hidden Springs to make things go faster with the wedding.

Christine just doesn't want to get married without Kayrel.

And Kayrel Bennett is in the hospital waiting for her sister, Karina.
-I need to relax, this wedding thing is so stressing and Christine is just stubborn.- Darrell said lying in bed and trying to sleep a little.

He was just falling asleep when felt a bouncing in the bed.
-hi, honey? do you need something? maybe we can do something special for tonight!- Constance said with a lovely voice, but Darrell just closed his eyes.

-No, Constane, not tonight, we have visitors- Darrell said.

-but stay with me! Where are you going?- Constance asked when Darrell just got out of bed, but Darrell kept walking to the door.
-I'm sorry, Constance, i have to go somewhere- Darrell said being serious but Constance just panicked.

-Can i go with you? Come on, Darrell, we are couple, are you hiding something from me?- Constance asked being anxious but Darrell just escaped from her arm.

-No, there is something i need to do all by myself, don't get upset, Constance- Darrell said leaving the room.
-Dont get upset, Constance!? What is that supossed to mean? Oh my Creator! He will going to see Kayrel, i know! He will... Kayrel is taking my fiancee away from me!- Constance yelled looking Darrell went away trought the window. -Constance is yelling and Darrell just leave, maybe i will go to sleep, a bride needs to sleep so tight to be beautiful in her wedding day, i'm so nervous!- Christine said to herself going to her bed, but she hear that someone is getting close to the room.
-Kenneth! Are we going to sleep?- Christine asked, but Kenneth just wave his head.

-I'm sorry, babe, but i wanna stay with my sister tonight- Kenneth said and Constance just smiled.

-Don't worry, babe, after we get married, we can sleep togheter for the rest of our lives!- Chrisitne said and laughed, Kenneth just smiled.
-Sleep well, darling, you have to sleep, i'll see you in the morning- Kenneth said giving her a kiss.

-See you tomorrow, Kenneth- Christine said and just felt asleep.

-See you, darling- Kenneth said going to her sister's room.
-So, what do you have?- Georgette asked when Kenneth going in to the room locking the door.

-I just found out something very interesting, Karina Bennet is in the hospital, and hacking the hospital server, i copied the files and the bills...

-So, so, so, give me something!- Georgette just said being impatient.

-The hospital bills are so high, they will not be able to pay them- Kenny said typing in the keyboard.

-Are you sure about that?- Georgette asked being anxious.

-Yes, i'm sure, i also hacked her bank accounts, they doesn't have any simoleon in it- Kenny said.
-How can be possible? They have this shop and...- Georgette started to said but Kenny just interrupted her.

-Yes, but still must pay almost everything, almost all things belong to the bank, apparently, their parents and Karina requested a loan from the bank to remodel the store, and hospital bills, they will lose the store in less than 4 months and still, must pay more than half of the debt- Kenny said with entusiasm.
Early in the morning...

-This bills are so high! but i need to finish the remaining work, maybe with that way i can pay some of the bills- Kayrel just say to herself.

-Hey, Kayrel, i'm back!- a lady voice just said from the upstairs...
-Ah!, Allison! But you were on the wedding in Lunar Lakes?! how was it?- Kayrel asked.

-I hear something about bills and finish the remaining work?- the blondie girl asked, but Kayrel just started to cry.

-I'm sorry, Allison, we sent you to Lunar Lakes to finish that and you... me...-

-Listen, i hear about Karina, and just took the firs plane to came home and be with you two, guys- Allison said.

-This two weeks... you are not going to believe what just happened- Kayrel said.
-We will have time to chat, Kayrel, but i think you jut have visitors... I will go to check the pendings in the book and help you to finish the remaining work, ok? don't worry- Allison said and just opened the door.

-Welcome to the Wedding Shop, Miss Benneth will be with you in a few minutes- Allison said to the couple just entered to the shop.

-So, this is the shop? Is amazing!- Georgette said.

-Do i know you, miss?- Kayrel asked, but then, Kenny entered.

-Miss Bennett, Do you remember me?- Kenny asked being friendly.

-Yes, I do, You are Kenneth Cunningham, my best friend's fiancee- Kayrel said, and Kenny smiled.

-Call me Kenny, please- Kenneth said, and Kayrel just got surprised.
-What can i do for you, Kenny?- Kayrel asked feeling a little nervous with this guy.

-Can we talk? We have something to offer you- Kenny said.

-Buy my shop? I already told you...

-I know what you told me, but i have something different to offer you, we know about your sister- Kenny said, and Kayrel softened her face to hear about her sister

-Who told you about my sister?!- Kayrel asked
-This place is so beautiful, and i think has a lot of future in our hands- Georgette said in a loud voice.

-Let's go upstairs, my asistant can take care of the shop- Kayrel said to herself.

Going upstaris make Kayrel's legs just tremble, she didn't know why, but she felt so uncomfortable with the presence of those two
-Let me introduce myself, my name is Georgette Cunningham, i'm Kenny's older sister...

-Oh! so you are here for the wedding?- Kayrel asked.

-Yes, but my brother told me about the situation and Christine told me that she really wants you in her wedding... and... well... i have some contacts..- Georgette started to said like misterious.
-I also know about your debts- Georgette said and Kayrel just blushed.

-How do you know that kind of stuff?- Kayrel asked feeling her checks blusshing.

-Cuz that is my circle, i work with banks, I'm a financial adviser and I have many contacts in banks, so, i have an offer to you, and i'm sure that will make you and your sister happy, also Christine and Kenny- Georgette said typing in her laptop
A few hours later.

-I received a call from here, is everything ok?- Kayrel asked to the doctor and he just smiled.

-You can see your sister right now- the surgeon said.

-Oh my creator! Is she ok?!- Kayrel asked getting in to the room
-Hello, Kayrel!- Karina said sitting in the wheelchair, Kayrel just smiled but felt some tears rolling in her cheeks

-Oh... Karina! I was so worried, and... oh, give me a moment!- Kayrel said and leave the room, Karina just smiled and the doctor walk to Kayrel.
-Listen, Miss Bennett, your sister is fine, she recovery so soon, but she need to stay in calm for a few weeks more, i will give you the advice in the files you need- Shane said to Kayrel but she just wiped her tears.

-Thank you, Doctor Spencer, you did a great job with my sister, she looked so great and fine and... i don't have words to thank you, and i don't have money either- Kayrel said sounding sad.

-Don't worry for that now, talk to your sister, maybe she has something to tell you- the doctor Spencer said using a paternal voice, Kayrel just smiled and say yes.
-So, everything is fine, i was unconcious just for two days, and i felt much better today, the doctor Spencer is so great, he is taking care of me very well- Karina said, but Kayrel just take her head between her hands.

-Why in this hospital? I don't want to worry, but this is a private hospital and we don't have money to spend, we still have to pay the wedding shop and...- Kayrel started to say and Karina just felted down too.
-I'm so sorry, i didn't have to tell you this kind of things, i'm sorry, Karina, it won't happen again- Kayrel said, but Karina also started to sob quietly.

The two girls just cried for a few minutes

-You know?- Karina interrupted the silence.

-Tell me, sis- Kayrel said, and Karina smiled.

-What if... we sell the shop and take a long vacations?- Karina asked.

-Well, you need to rest, maybe we can go to Aurora Skies Sunlite Tides, or anywhere else... what do you think?- Kayrel asked with a lot of entusiasm, Karina just smiled with her tired face and waving her head saying yes.
Meanwhile, A man in a suit just showed up in the fifth floor of the hospital

-Excuse me, where can i find the room of Karina Bennett?- the man asked to the Doctor Spencer.

-Who is asking?- the doctor Spencer asked, and the man just smiled.

-I'm Darrell Margain, i'm her brother in law, i'm Kayrel's... husband- Darrell lied.

-Kayrel Bennet's husband? Well, she didn't lie about the bachelorette, she is inside, but only the close family can see Karina Bennett, orders from... me- the doctor Spencer said using an evil smile.
-Darrell! What are you doing here?- Kayrel asked when she went out of the room, she felt her cheeks blushing, again and her heart starts beating so fast that she feared that the two man in the hallway can hear it.

-I hear from Christine was just happened, and came here to see you...r sister- Darrell answered.

-Oh, is not any problem, get back with Christine and Constance, the two girls needs you right now- Kayrel said with a sad voice, her feelings were upside down the whole time.

-Miss Bennett, Is he your husband?- the doctor Spencer asked.
-my husband? Of course not! What did you say, Darrell?- Kayrel asked to him, but Darrell just felt embarrased.

-I was trying to see you and i know that only close family can- Darrell said but Kayrel just smiled.

-No, doctor Spencer, he is a friend, just a friend- Kayrel said to the doctor and he smiled.

-Is too late, I'm going out in an hour, would you like to join me for dinner? Nothing formal here in the cafeteria.- Shane asked and Kayrel just smiled, Darrell frowned and she noticed.

-Is that allowed?- Kayrel asked, Darrell just looked at her surprised.

-Of course not!, is against the political of any hospital!- Darrell said.

-Oh, you know a lot, mister Bennet- Shane said laughing at him -But miss Bennett is not the patient... so, what do you say, Miss Bennet?-

-Is ok for me- Kayrel said.

-I'll see you in the cafeteria in one hour- Shane just left and Darrell entered in to the room, Kayrel followed him
-Have you got jealous?- Kayrel asked

-Of course not!, but that doctor Spencer... i don't like him, i mean...- Darrell started to said but Karina just laughed.

-Do you know him?- Karina asked, and Darrell just agreed.

-he is a neurosurgeon, the first of his class, a lot of hospitals offered the best work in the whole Simworld, but he choose to work here... that is not what brings me here, bennett sisters- Darrell said being serious.

-Why so serious, mister Margain?- Karina asked sitting in the wheelchair.

-I hear from Christine that you two have some money problems...- Darrell said and the two girls just felt embarrased.

-Is ok, Darrell, you don't need to do anything about it, we will going through this...- Kayrel started to say.
-But, listen to me, Kayrel, i know you have a lot of pride and you wont accept my proposal...

-Proposal, eh?- Karina asked with a playful face

-Yes! i mean, No! I mean... oh! whatever... just listen please: I can fix things, the hospital where I work can pay bills and transfer there, is done a payment plan according to your needs, I can give you some money... well, is not a gift, is a loan, you can pay me whenever you can and...

-Did you discuss this with your future wife?- Kayrel asked.

-Constance? She doesn't need to know, Kayrel, your parents loaned me money to finish school, i know i pay them back, but you two need this now...- Darrell said and Kayrel just hugged him.

-Thank you, but we will let you know about it- Kayrel said.

Meanwhile, outside the room

-Hey, Warren, Spencer, Mallard, is everything ok? Who is that guy?- the Doctor Ryan asked, the three doctors in the reception just look to each other.

-He is Darrell Margain, a friend of the girls- Spencer answered.

-Oh, i know who he is, Darrell Margain is part of the board of Hidden Springs Hospital, listen to me, Mallard, he will try to pass the bills to the HSH, dont let him do it, Karina Bennet belongs to me!- the Doctor Ryan said with angry voice.

-Of course, doctor, i will cancel our transfering plans- Sarah Mallard said.
-Hey, doctor Ryan, is everything ok? do you need me to kick that guy out of here?- doctor Warren asked, but Ryan just denied using his head.

-Hi is important in that hospital, happily, their family can buy that hospital, if the Margains just own the half of the hospital, i will lose Bennett sisters forever, and that can not happen...

But the doctor Ryan just recieved a call..

-Yes, aja, yes, of course, i will be there- Ryan just hang up the phone.
-I need to travel to Aurora Skies, there is something i need to do there, please, don't let the Margains get their noses into these, and don't let Karina Bennett get away from my hospital- the doctor Ryan said and leave-

-Of course, doctor Ryan, of course- the doctor Warren said and two men just leave apart.
-This is so wonderful!- the doctor Warren said to hiself.

If the doctor Ryan could just be a little more observer, he can noticed that Warren is an opportunist, evil and conceited

And, ambicious. being a doctor is not as productive as selling secret to the right persons.
-Yes? Is Miss Cunningham talking? I need to tell you something, Miss Cunningham... I'm Doctor Warren, yes... is about Miss Bennett- he said on the phone. You have to read the next chapter!!!! We are in near to the end!

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