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Not being able to play, for months now

I can't play with my Sims 3 game - it crashes my computer. I have been emailing forums and customer service and all, but no help came. I'm pretty pissed off now. I think I will switch back to the Sims 2 or something... I also wanted to finish the Bong story, and uploaded half of the second part, but I need more pics, which would requre a reinstallation, and I'm fed up...


It's my birthday today...My first Sims3 day!

Better late, than never, isn't it? How eexciting! Installation is on the way... I'm just a bit worried how much I don't know about this game, the Nth expansion pack is already out...

Very first recolorings

Just uploaded a wall hanging recoloring (actally a set of three framed photos.) And another set is also in the making, as, well, I had too many flowers in my garden last spring! :) Also just started to learn some serious creating processes, like making meshes etc, but the SimPE site is down. So, I am a bit disappointed now. Just when I got all the stuff together, software, hardware, manuals etc.

Slim Sim clothes - Fat Sim clothes

I have noticed that most of the new fashion creations use meshes that make the sim ladies (and even the males) just way too slim. I mean, erm... anorexic, almost. And when I try to find less "pretty" clothes, I run into oversized pieces. Is "normal" not in fashion anymore?

La Push 2 Uploaded, Submitted

I have finally finished, uploaded and sibmitted La Push First Beach II, for the crazy Twilighters. Jake's garage is now separate, and there is plenty of beach space for walking :) And yes, the garage is red. :P

I tried not to use too many custom contents but at the end, there are quite a few.

I wonder if this version would attract more downloads than the old one, LOL.


La Push First Beach

It seems like there really is a problem with that lot. I don't know why, I tried and tested many times. But many people want to download it (I wonder why? :P), so I decided to redo the whole thing. After reading all the books it became obvious that I misinterpreted the location anyway. E.g. the garage has to be separate from the main building. So I will work now on it and make a new, perfect Jacob House! :DDD (Altough I still imagine it quite differently from the one in the movie.)

Until that, here's a Jacob photo for the Jacob fans, LOL.

Taylor Lautner in the Twighlight saga 

My first terrain - Island of Esme

Theoretically it is easy to create a terrain in SC4 and then place it into the game... But I wanted an island, with beach lots (actually one ;-)) and it took me forever. Open Simcity, create, save, copy, run Sim2, wait wait wait, add hood, wait wait wait, open the terrain - only to be disappointed about not being able to place the road for lots properly. Either too close to the water or too far, or too steep. And terraforming in SC4 is absolutely not easy. It just takes forever. And so it went for weeks and weeks. But now I've submitted it and hope it will be accepted.

Finally back to playing

After 9 weeks of Simlessness, it was such a joy to be back. I immediately created lots of new lots! :D And also started to create finally a story. The first part is almost ready... The new neighborhood is desert type, so most of the places are Middle-East etc kind of things. Like this one, the Sheherezad park.

Sheherezad Park

Reinstall - HELL

I had a total computer crash - hardware commiting suicide or what. Just dead. That's it. So came the torture part: reinstalling everything to the new machine. Well, after spending hours and hours with resetting all the stuff I was finally ready to play. (Or create.) But unfortunately, this new PC, which is actually a notebook wouldn't run it. First it started to run OK-ish, except some very strange bugs like not showing the textures. (The videocard is theoretically OK.) And after 3 times it just wouldn't start. I haven't played with the sims for 6 weeks now... Torture. All the projects suspended. Shit.


Finished finally the Gustav Klimt wallpaper set

I must admint I am totally unsatisfied with the result. It was just too difficult. Klimt was a genious, so how dare I to imitate any of his work. But I just have this artists series idea in my mind, I must follow through for the sake of following through. Perhaps to prove myself that I am not lazy to finish something that I began - like I normally do. (Too many projects parallely, e.g. 15 books that I started to read and read bits every now and then.)

So let me show you the inspiring pictures and the little details that drove me mad. Basically the "Tree of life" was the drive I used it's colours in the set and small details. The picture's left part is titled "Expectation" and the right part is "Fullfilment". Many times you can find them separately on posters, mugs, T-shirts etc. I am not sure, but it seems the lady on the left is totally jealous but in fact, she is jealous of herself - at a later stage of her own life. I think it is a very complex painting and full of little stories. I used CorelDraw to make the spirals (and actually all other  drawings, like triangles) and used other supplementary software because Corel is unable to export a decent jpg...

Gustav Klimt's "Tree of life"

Of course Klimt's most famous painting is "The kiss", so I couldn't leave it out. I used the both the man's and the woman's dress pattern for a weird effect - the colours are totally unsync with the rest of the wall. But Klimt was shocking his audience back then, so I am trying to shock myself :D


Here are the small details I really loved here:


And here's what became of it:

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Not being able to play, for... It's my birthday today...My... Very first recolorings Slim Sim clothes - Fat Sim clothes La Push 2 Uploaded, Submitted La Push First Beach My first terrain - Island of Esme Finally back to playing Reinstall - HELL Finished finally the Gustav...
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