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Fame ~ Chapter-1
Published Aug 17, 2013


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Hello this is my first storie here on tsr. I love taking in-game screenshots of my sims and what could be better than taking screenshots for a story.

So,as its is the first chapter it mainly emphasises on the characters and a little bit of a storyline.

I will write it in 1st person and 3rd person way of writing.

Hello this is my first storie here on tsr. I love taking in-game screenshots of my sims and what could be better than taking screenshots for a story.

So,as its is the first chapter it mainly emphasises on the characters and a little bit of a storyline.

I will write it in 1st person and 3rd person way of writing.
" No!I should never have done that.I lost my everything for this fame. I lost my love,my friends,my family, I lost everyone who was close to my heart.And all this happened because of me. I got so much lost in the spotlight that I just couldn't realize what true happiness lies in." " Now I have realized but its too late.This glamour world has already taken so much from me that I have nothing else to loose. I lost my honour,my self esteem and dignity all because of this world of glamour and fame.I just got too much carried away." Now let us go back two years in the past and see what happend which made this women so sad and took away her everything.


An A-list celebrity. An unstopable actress with three blockbuster movies and 4 simmy awards, and desperate for fame.She is the current sensation.
The pink haired guy is kirby's manager, best friend and designer."Smlitz Halder"

Smlitz:" Kirby don't waste time like this, you are going to have a very hectic day today and you also have to look perfect for tonights success party."
Kirby:"Is it somehow possible to cancel all my appointments for today."
Kirby:"I wanna rest whole day today so that I look completely flawless and elegant tonight."
Smlitz:" Yes I can cancel all apointments."
Kirby:" Thank you Smlitz you are the best."
Smlitz:" But Kirby just decide what you are gonna wear tonight.
Kirby:"I will wear anything that you give me."
Smlitz:" So then red?"
Kirby:" Yeah red will be perfect for tonight."
" Alana Brody "

A pop sentation, she has a gifted voice and is known as the pop queen of sim nation.And she is also Kirby's best friend.

Alana:" Yeah you are gonna look stunning in red."
Smlitz:" Oh my god! Alana when did you come back from your tour."
Alana:" Yesterday Night."
Kirby:" Finally Alana you are here."
Kiby:" Alana I am so happy to see you here.I delighted that you came."
Alana:" Kirby I had to come tonight its the success party of my best friend and my husbands movie,how could I miss this event."
Kirby:"So how is Meriliah." ( Meriliah is Alana's daughter )
Alana:" She is great.She behaves just like her father."
Alana:"So Kirby are you excited for tonight?"
Kirby:" Yeah Totally."
Smlitz:" Kirby I have heard that Scot is also gonna come to tonights party."


(A superstar. He is an extremely talented actor and director. All the movies he makes and acts in are bound to be blockbusters. He is currently in a realationship with kirby, Although he is married with a son. But his marriage is on the verge of a separation.But he is extremely reluctant to talk about his realationship with kirby.)

Alana:" He never comes to any of Kirby's parties. Like always he won't show up at the end."
Kirby:" No Alana,he promised me that he is gonna come.
Alana:" Anyway I have heard that Chloe Fernandaz was bad mouthing about you in the public."
Smlitz:" Kirby be carefull and try to avoid her she is desperate to take your place."
Kirby:" Well Smlitz I never actually care about them or compete with them. They are nothing like me."
Alana;" I should get going. I have to make a lot of preparations for tonight party, afterall it is such a huge event for you and my husband."
Kirby:" Okay bye see you tonight."
At the party veneu


(Keith is a superstar actor.He has some superhit films and alot of awards. He currently did a film with Kirby which was also a superhit. Besides he is married to Alana Brody and they have A daughter Meriliah.)

Alana:" Oh my god Keith! This place looks fabulous."
Keith:"Yeah it is stunning."

(Lucy is a new comer she did a fantastic job in her first movie which made her famous and got the breakout of the year award. She is looking forward to a bright future in holloywood.)

Alana:" Hey Lucy You look amazing."
Lucy:" Thank you so much, You also look great and this is the first time I am seeing you personally,I just love all your songs."
Alana:" Okay enjoy the party and it was nice meeting you."

(Kevin is a superstar. A talented director and a skillfull actor. He has got it all from riches to good looks he has got it all. But he is flirt by nature and can't control himself when around young ladies.He has wuite some scandals as well.)

(Eriza is a successfull enterpreneur and a great producer. She is over protective of her husband. Though their relationship has been on the verge of a split but still Eriza is trying to work it all out. She keeps an eye on all of Kevin's activities. So that there is no such scandals and accusation of other ladies again in the future.)

Kevin:" Eriza please don't create a scene here aswell."
Eriza:" I freakout whenever I saw you flirting with others and thats quite obvious.I have had enough of your drama. If I hear anything one more time I swear I am gonna kill you."

(Gloria is a A-list actress. She has done some superhit films and hosted quite a few reality tv shows.Gloria is desperate for fame and is super jealous of Kirby's success.She is kirby's worst rival.)

(Seth has been Gloria's boyfriend for quite a long time now.Seth is a model and a video game developer.He is obsessed and completely in love with Gloria and would do anything for her. But whether Gloria truely loves him or not this remains as a big question."

Seth:" This party is great."
Gloria:"I Don't know but Kirby's movie shouldn't have been such a huge success."
Kevin:"Congrats Keith you did a great job in the movie."
Seth:"You and Kirby looked awesome as a couple."
Kevin:" Yeah Kirby looked fabulous."
Keith:"Yeah Kirby also worked alot."
Seth:" Well I actually think Kirby was just a show piece except Kirby just made your couple look better but she actually didn't have any great scenes."
Smlitz:" Sorry to interupt but I think she did an amazing job."
Keith:" Yeah Kirby did work hard for this movie."

(Martin is a football superstar.He is captain of Bridgeport mevericks.He is in a relationship with Chloe.)

(Chloe is a superstar actress and Kirby's greatest rival.She even hates the sight of Kirby. She also has 4 simmy awards and has given three superhit movies. She is also a very self pompous diva.)

Martin:"This place looks rocking,I love it."
Chloe:"The place is nice but some certain people in this place don't even deserve to be here."
Chloe: "Oh my god! Gloria you are looking gorgeous."
Gloria:" Thanks alot you are also looking fab.And I have seen your latest movie its awesome I must admit you did a great job."
Chloe:" Aww, Thanks."
Martin:" Keith You did a great job."
Keith:" Thanks and congrats to you aswell."
Kevin:" Yeah Martin I heard that you became the captain its such a creat acheivement."
Martin:" Thank you guys."
Kirby:" Hello Everyone." Eriza:" Hey Kirby, You did a great job. I must say you and Keith should do some more movies together."
Keith:" Yeah We definately should."
Kirby:" Thanks alot Eriza."
Kevin:"Kirby well done you were fabulous."
Smlitz:" Oh my god you look perfect in this dress."
Kirby:" Yeah I know Smlitz I love this dress.And thanks alot Kevin. But I am really looking forward for a movie with you."
Gloria:" Look at her she is such a diva.She always has to be late."
Chloe:" Yeah I just hate her.She doesn't even deserve to be here.The movie became a superhit only for Keith,She did nothing."
Gloria:" Hey Kirby you are looking gorgeous and well done you did a great job."
Kirby:" Thank you."
Gloria:" I have heard that you were writing a journal about yourself Kevin?"
Kevin:" I don't need to write a journal about myself someone from all this reporters would surely write one."
Kirby:" That attitude, Isn't that is what makes you Kevin Humphrey."
Kevin:" Yeah absolutely."
Gloria:" I have heard that Kevin is directing a new movie and he is looking for the lead female."
Chloe:" Yeah but Eriza is doing the casting.I think we should suck upto her if we want the role."
Keith:" Attention Everybody, I would like to thank everyone for attending this success party and Kirby and I are extremely delighted to receiver your support."
Keith:" Kirby say something for everyone."
Kirby:" Yeah Thank you guys your presence really means a lot for us."
Keith:"Kirby what happend why do you look so worried."
Alana:"Yeah I have noticed it aswell why aren't you enjoying the party."
Kirby:" I just can handle it, Scot was supposed to come but he didn't show up once again."
Alana:" I told you that he wouldn't come."
Keith:" He emailed me yesterday and he informed that he would attend tonights party.But I guess Something came up."
Kirby:" He always does this he rarely attends those functions which are related to me. I just can't take it anymore."
Kevin:" Everyone attention once again, I have another anouncement. And I would request Lucy to come up on stage."
Kevin:" So as you all know that I am doing a new movie and I have decided that Lucy will be my lead actress."
Lucy:" Oh my god! I just can't beleive it, Doing a movie with you Mr Kevin would mean the world to me. It would be the greatest gig of my life. Thanks alot.
Kevin:" No you deserve to have that role. And I assume that we will obviously do a great job."
Keith:" That was unexpected !"
Kirby:" I was also trying for that role but he took her.I mean she is just a new comer."
Alana:" She is really a lucky girl."
Gloria:" Oh my god! This is unbelieveable. He chosed that new girl. I mean this is just not possible.No This cannot be happening to me."
Chloe:" Gloria, Calm down. I also don't get it why did Kevin choose her.
Kirby:" I expected this night to be great but it turned out to be so bad. Why did Scot do this to me." Eriza:" Seriously Kevin you are casting Lucy.'
Kevin:" Yeah she is a great actress."
Eriza:" She is just a new comer and we don't know about her intensions this is just not right. why didn't you ask me before making the anouncement."
Next Morning

Kirby:"Scot I need to talk to you its urgent."
.............. END OF CHAPTER ...............

I Hope You Liked It Stay Tuned For more,Thanks.

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#1lovelychay25Aug 18, 2013

great story waiting for part 2

#2NisukiAug 18, 2013

hee, nice that you described everyone! Now I know bits of them. Come come with the next chapt! \:rah\:

#3mariacoraAug 27, 2013

this an awesome start \:\) .. waiting for the next chapter \;\)

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