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NisukiMay 19, 2017

Life can turn our quite busy, right? Yea, I've been on and off from tsr, but I try to.. be more active ;P Mainly for publishing custom content, haha. How about you? Still simming? ^_^

NisukiMay 7, 2017

Woah, hey there! ♡ Yes, of course I remember you, can't ever forget you and the kirby twins \;\) How have you been?

TeenStyleGirlAug 30, 2016

Hey girl, thank you for lovely guestbook entry! I'll be working on a new chapter soon, have a nice day! \:\)

NisukiMay 28, 2016

HAHA, I'm really happy to hear ♥ It's good to hear from you again too ^^ . Hm, I'm not sure myself where I am with story reading.. haha.. xD but it's not hard to find out ^^ Yep reality is and I still am working hard with it. I've been working this year instead of studying. Next year I'll be going to college though! Welcome back to you then~! It's nice to write stories here, right? I really have urges to get back to writing myself, though, I'm like "WHERE DO I START?" haha \:P I want to rewrite "Endless", but I have this story here called "Heavily Heavenly" sitting as well -sigh- but I've looots of other stories too. Aha, oh well, everything on its own pace ^^ I'm more active on tumblr and I have challenge I want to work on first \:D So how have you been? Hope you're having a good weekend ^^

NisukiMay 24, 2016

I'm insanely good at vanishing, am I not? Don't worry, your message means a lot even if it's short. I've been well! Busy though and a bit chaotic with life, but overall I'm enjoying it currently and been able to relax somewhat ^^ How about you? How have you been? Still writing right? I see a chapter of the Kirby Twins has recently popped up! Ah, I really want to catch up reading it as well as other stories on here, maybe later. Can't say right now LOL! I have some stuff to finish before doing anything else sim-related :x I spent lots of time on tumblr. Wanna join too? -winkwink- haha, don't worry I'm not going to tell you have to. SORRY THIS TURNED OUT A BIT LONG! Haha, have a nice day!

MaePerezMay 20, 2016

I love mysteries and a fan of superpowers. So the fact that your story has these elements, I really liked \:\) When Harmony was missing, I tried thinking what could have happened. Anyways, I really enjoy The Kirby Twins \:\)

MaePerezMay 20, 2016

Thanks for reading! By the way, I finished reading The Kirby Twins, I told you I would finish it \;\) Cant wait for the next chapter!

MaePerezMay 13, 2016

Thanks! I will surely keep reading yours \:\) Nice meeting you!

MaePerezMay 13, 2016

No, I dont think I'm considered a veteran haha But you definitely are! \:\) It's okay, I can read all your stories, I like reading sims stories \;\)

MaePerezMay 13, 2016

oh my gosh! You remember me \:\( Thanks for reading The Promise and thanks also for reading the new series! I'll follow you and I will also read your stories

4EverAsimerApr 26, 2016

I will definitely check it out \:\) and I was kinda upset when I came back to the sims resource after being gone for a year, all the people that used to write stories stopped and it's just odd now so I kinda decided to look into other options, like posting my pictures on Instagram or tumblr or a blog but mosty Instagram which is going great so far \:\) btw, how many chapters have you done on your recent story? Maybe I can get caught up before your next chapter \:wub\:

4EverAsimerApr 26, 2016

Oh My Goodness! Thank you so much, that honestly just made my day! \:wub\: I was starting to think nobody was paying attention to the stories anymore, and that was one of the reasons why I stopped writing a year ago. I'm really glad to know someone's actually reading it,\;\) and I would love to read your stories some time! \:D Thank you!! \:wub\:\:wub\:

AlessaFayeFeb 24, 2016

sorry, no. I drop by to upload the new chapter, and reply to comments. hope you get your computer soon and that it doesn't act up like the old one \:\)

HumorMehFeb 20, 2016

Hey, there! Thanks for your kind words. Honestly, it's hard to believe how long I've been posting stories on this site. I hope you have a great day!!

AlessaFayeFeb 17, 2016

hi! i'm doing good, thanks for asking. hope you're doing good as well. im actually not very active on TSR anymore since I've started writing on Wattpad. how's it going with your stories? \:\)

Frozen_LemonadeFeb 17, 2016

I just came back on TSR so I didn't manage to read all the chapters of The Kirby Twins, but I'm working on that (I love that story and I can't stop reading)... I love The Kirby Twins because the story is really original and they are so similar outside, but they have such a different personalities. What I like the most in Foreigners are those aliens and zombies and I absolutely love supernaturals \:D

Frozen_LemonadeFeb 16, 2016

I think it's ok to take your time and boost your creativity. Knowing when to take a break from art is a precious virtue. I have read Foreigners and I really hope you will finish it (when you start writing again) and please don't give up on that story. I'm also reading The Kirby twins and I really like that one. You are a great artist and I enjoy reading your stories \:\)

Frozen_LemonadeFeb 15, 2016

Thanks for your lovely comment.. I'm reading your story too and I think It's so exiting.. Yeah , just few of us keep playing and making stories in Sims 3 and I'm not giving up on it \:\)

Jessie86Aug 2, 2015

we all have our lazy days lol just dont give up lol

NisukiAug 1, 2015

Hey ♡, I'm glad to hear you like the long comments, because that does keep me motivated to keep writing those long comments LOL! Sometimes I don't wanna and just read and say a simple; AWESOME. XD I think the laziness is ever going to win. Yep, I've noticed the shorties stories, which I might be reading tomorrow morning =) I'll be catching up slowly.. hahaha, hopefully xD I'll see the next chapters soon. If I'm not mistaken the next story I'm going to read is chapter 2 of the Foreigner of yours \;\) Hope you'll have a good weekend!

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