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luckyoyoApr 19, 2011

Hi Irmtraut, How are you today?  We're taking Lily to the vets today because she has a lump on her paw, I hope it's nothing, The weather is cloudy at the moment but they said it is going to be warm today, have to wait and see on that one. Speak to you soon my friend, Wishing you a wonderful day!! Take care:wub\:Dee xxxx

Peachybitz1Apr 18, 2011

\:wub\: Thank you for your smashing comments \:wub\:

hiedibear75Apr 18, 2011

Oh so in the 1800's then? \:confused\:  They did have very pretty dresses & the matching bonnets were neat! \:cool\:  Although I'd sure HATE to have to wear the corsets. \;\) I USED TO have a neighborhood where it was set by era  with a different suburb for each era....I also like the victorian times were still very elegant but they had SOME newer things like lightbulbs & indoor plumbing. \:D  I also think  the 50's 60's & 70's were kinda cool too. \:o  I'm setting up the neighborhood for the "NEW Matt & Jenny".....thinking "F5" could be a good name. \;\)  I hope the weather will cooperate with me more this year. \:confused\:  So I can stop canceling on things & not finishing things. \:o  Well we didn't get to go swimming because the hot days Mike was helping the friend who helped in rebuilding an engine (no way would we say "NO" to helping him move)......then when we had time it was too breezy. \:wacko\:  Well I hope you have lovely time with faily & your nice weather. \:cool\:  Take care. \:wub\:

julianafraga29Apr 17, 2011

Hey Irmtraut, thank you for your comments on my creations, you're a sweetie \:wub\: Have a nice day

hiedibear75Apr 16, 2011

Yes we use "fax" here too. \:D  TODAY is a NICE DAY so Mom & I are going to see if the water in the swimming-pool is warm enough for me to go in. \:cool\:  If not.....jacuzzi? \:D  So about those "girly times"....which era did you mean? \:confused\:  The times where ladies started wearing pants didn't happen til the 60's. \;\)  So really I think we women have been wearing dresses since we were all living in caves & carrying clubs. \:P LOL  This new cell phone doesn't have buttons on it......EVERYTHING is "touch activated". \:wacko\:  I'm just funky like this.......I really REALLY HATE CHANGE! \:rolleyes:  Mike has learned to live with's yet another "quirk" of my brain-injury. \;\)  Hmmmm say this sort of thing wouldn't be a bad idea for me to use with Matt! \:cool\:  Since there will be a lot of changes from how things USED TO BE to how things are in their story NOW......I could use that to show how sometimes those of us who have brain injuries do NOT allways adapt as easily to new things. \:D  I am hoping that since the weather here in California is NICE that Denise will have at least OK weather up in Washington. \:\)  Well off to check out the pool! \:D  Take care. \:wub\:

fabrizioammolloApr 16, 2011

Hi Irmtraut! You are totally welcome! Thanks for sharing such beautiful pic with us! Have a wonderful week-end! F.

hiedibear75Apr 15, 2011

We had cold weather on Thursday (yesterday) but today is's warmer & there are less clouds today. \:cool\:    You didn't like the Midieval times like the knights of the round table & Robin Hood? \:confused\:  I like playing with specific times or themes. \:D   I got to talk with Denise the other day. \:rah\:  She's been having a REALLY rough time with "bucket days". \:\(  I told her she needs to get on over here & let people know how she's doing. \;\)  Well I /we got new phones ......they're "great phones".....I'm just not used to them yet. \:\(  I really really REALLY HATE having to learn new things like that.....I'm NOT very good with "change". \:confused\:  Well talk with you again another time. \:cool\:  Take care. \:wub\:

SerpentrogueApr 14, 2011

Thank you for the lovely comment! Have a wonderful day!

altea127Apr 14, 2011

Thank you!!!\:\)

AngelaApr 14, 2011

Hey there, Thank you so much for your comment \:wub\:

QuengelApr 13, 2011

Hm.. Haustiere für's reale Leben ok, aber bei den Sims war das noch nie so mein Fall, kurz testen = gut ist. Ja.... Sims haben ich die nächste Zeit wohl kein Geld... diese Umschulung hat mich schon etliches gekostet! Bin schon bei Amazon Stammkunde, weil ich mir schon etliche Bücher bestellt habe für die Umschulung! Natürlich haben wir auch welche gestellt bekommen... Themawechsel: Sims Mittelalter habe ich ja, seit 2 Wochen ca., hat mir mein Freund spendiert. Ich finde es gut, weil man spielt einerseits und durch die ständigen Quests ist dauernd etwas Neues, desweiteren muß man zwischendurch bauen, bzw. die Innenarchitektur übernehmen, für neue Gebäude, die man freischalten kann, bei erreichten Quest Punkten. 'Ne Dauerwelle haste? Ich könnte auch mal was völlig anderes gebrauchen... irgend 'ne geile Löwenmähne... aber 1) wenn ich zum Friseur gehe, wird es nie so, wie ich es möchte 2) kein Geld dafür. S. hat auch in ein paar Tagen Geburtstag, da schicke ich morgen ein Paket hin... Hast Du Mittelalter?? *KNUDDEL DICH AUCH GANZ DOLLE WIEDER \:wub\: \:wub\: \:wub\: warte ja immer noch notwendig auf Dich bei facebook!! \:D

hiedibear75Apr 13, 2011

Visits aren't as much fun if I'm all loopy from the meds AND "bucket days" are very bad days to have anyone visit. \:\(  There is no rain YET....just cold & overcast......cloudy with bits here & there where the sun shines through. \;\)  I make sure to call them & talk to them even if I'm not up to a visit. \:\)  I've been having lots of fun with this new Sims MEDIEVIL! \:D  They make it so it uses things of that era like instead of having a phone to call up another Sim you send your Sim to the carrier pigeon & send a letter. \:cool\:  Oh & no TOILETS.....they use a "chamber pot". \:P LOL  Oh and my Sim had a baby & instead of getting a bottle she held the baby up to her & then her chest was pixelated (like when the use the potty) to suggest nursing an infant. \:D  But the other Sims are not controllable like the main Sim is. \:confused\:  And infants turn into children NOT into toddlers. \:\(  Kinda bummed there......I LIKE playing with toddlers in TS2. \;\)    Well take care. \:wub\:

hiedibear75Apr 12, 2011

Mike is my BEST-Friend EVER & care-giver.....his friend Ed had a cat who had kittens & 2 of them were given to friends the others went to an ad for "FREE kittens in need of a good home".....Mike brought  Oreo home to cheer me up cuz I was stuck in bed & he still had blue eyes though he was about 5weeks they're greenish yellow.  I have a new Lot all ready for TSR.  I wanted to get it uploaded & have some time to play while I am feeling OK.  We're supposed to get yet ANOTHER storm.  And the REALLY bad thing is that because they keep happening on weekends I have not been able to see the kids or have them visit in quite a while.  I have not talked to Denise since the last time when I found out the teeth problems but when I do speak to her or her family I'll be sure to let her know you have been thinking of her.  Well gotta go......DINNER!  Take care. \:wub\:

hiedibear75Apr 9, 2011

The city my ex-husband & kids live in is a bit bigger than the one I'm in.......yes I think smaller towns often are better than the huge cities......OK so maybe they don't have things like sports stadiums BUT they don't have as much of the bad things either. \;\)  I think/hope a tornado will'd work out for why OTHER buildings are "new"/different. \:cool\:  Does Germany get tornadoes often like the U.S. does? \:confused\:  Actually not all of the U.S. mainly just the middle (mid-west) does, the middle has tornadoes & the sides get hurricanes. \:rolleyes:  Timber IS a dog but Oreo is my cat. \:D  And the cat beats up the dog! \:P LOL  The 12 pound cat beats up the 70 pound Siberian Husky! \:P \:P :P  Our weather is still chilly but thankfully the sun came out! \:rah\:  Last night was AWFULL!!! \:\(  After the power came back on & I stopped in to check TSR we got WORSE weather! \:wacko\:  We even had HAIL! \:eek\:  So a VERY bad night for ME! \:puke\: \:o  I'm still hurting a little but thankfully my tummy is OK now! \:D  Yes I hate having to take meds......& I've thought of making one chapter have Matt & Jenny talk about how much he hates the meds but that he doesn't have much choice. \:\)  AND guess what I got? \:confused\:  SIMS MIDIEVAL!!! \:rah\:  I'm backing up my EA folder as I type this so I can install it! \:cool\:  I wouldn't want to have this new Sims game over-write what I had already done in my TS2! \:eek\:  I've got several families I've grown rather attached to. \:D  Kinda odd I suppose to some......getting "attached" to digital charcters. \:o  Oh I finally got to talk to Denise! \:rah\:  She's been not just sick but SICK! \:wacko\:  She's been having a LOT of bucket pretty much every day has been a bucket day. \:\(  + she's been having dental trouble so she's been having to lay down almost the whole time. \:confused\:  She got ONE of the bad teeth removed but she still has to have a couple more done & their insurance isn't covering it so they are having to pay a dentist to do it 1 tooth at a time. \:mad\:  POOR DENISE! \:eek\: \:\(  ONE TOOTH is bad enough......but making someone suffer while they make the rest of the payments on tooth #1 before doing tooth #2 seems cruel to me! \:mad\:  Well.....gotta go.....LUNCH time! \;\)  Take care. \:wub\:

hiedibear75Apr 8, 2011

I think all I can do for my son is to hope he gets some better friends.....some who do NOT use drugs AND who stay out of trouble. \:wacko\:  I do NOT want him getting into trouble with the law BUT then again if he doesn't stop on his own than it'd be better if he got into just enough trouble that the court WOULD order drug treatment......I'd rather he get into trouble NOW where he still has a chance to turn things around than later on when he's much older & have a harder time making a GOOD LIFE for himself. \:confused\:  I pray every day for each of my kids......but especially for him to do what he is supposed to so he can grow up, have an OK job, & be a good & kind husband & father. \:\) 

hiedibear75Apr 8, 2011

Weather: Weather has been ICKY! \:rolleyes:  We even lost power for a little while. \:eek\:   I've had a few "bucket days". \:puke\: \:\( A few stuck in bed. \:rolleyes:  And a LOT of days DRUGGED SENSELESS! \:wacko\:  But at least I had a couple of OK-ish days. \:rah\:  I'll be soooo GLAD when Spring has arrived! \:D

hiedibear75Apr 8, 2011

Oreo: Mike got Oreo for me as a kitten back in July of 2006; I had a REALLY bad time with pain where it was so bad I could hardly get out of bed & sit-up long enough to use the restroom so I was starting to get depressed.......I'm "used to" that kind of thing in winter but when the weather is fairly nice & I STILL feel like that it can get depressing. \:\(  So Mike got me Oreo for company & to cheer me up. \:wub\:  Oreo likes to visit with everyone in the house......a fuzzy little social butterfly. \:D  But on my owie days he stays with me & if I'm able to be sitting up in my chair at my desktop PC then he lays down right behind my flatscreen monitor & when I'm not able to get out of bed he stays with me there. \:wub\:  And he is different with me than with Mom Mike & Karen; he allows me to pick him up like LITTLE kids do (under the front legs having the back 2/3 of them dangle in the air) but everyone else has TRIED to see IF Oreo would be "OK" with being picked up that way.....NOPE...... JUST ME ! \:cool\:  We're 100% sure that it's because he somehow KNOWS that I'm "different" & CAN'T pick him up like the others can. \;\)  Oh & another wheelchair has a cross-bar (bar that goes from one side to the other) & it is infront of my owie would be easier for him to paw above or below that bar but instead he manages to get around it & paw at THE spot anyway. \:cool\: 

hiedibear75Apr 8, 2011

Timber:  Timber acts differently with me kinda like Oreo does. \;\)  He loves his entire "pack" (that's what a family is to dogs) but he is more protective/watchful over me than the rest of the household & he is also more gentle. \:\)  When I have "bucket days" he will often start to whine & have a worried look on his face just before..... IT happens \:puke\:. \:D  And I can tell him "go get daddy" & he'll go get Mike's attention & get him to fallow him back to me. \:\)  AND when I'm laying down in bed Timber will get up in bed with me....but he starts to sniff at my legs & back & just like dogs do when they're trying to fallow a scent trail, he starts to sniff up & down my body from top to bottom, then starts making shorter trips (so the "ends" of his sniffing is further & further away from my head & feet), he does this til he finds THE spot where my back was broken at & where the pain is worse, then once he finds that spot he'll lick/kiss it better. \:wub\:  He has also gotten Mike withOUT me "go get daddy"; I've gone to bed heavily drugged (which is why Mike thought I was still asleep) & woke up \:puke\:ing, Timber has come running into the bedroom (guess his doggy hearing heard me using the bucket from the livingroom) to check on me, & then he whined at Mike & brought him in to help me. \:cool\:  On the owie days but when I'm able to sit in my chair he is usually laying UNDER my wheelchair (he curls up between the big back wheels & UNDER me). \:confused\:  So I get 2 fuzzy shadows on owie days......Oreo AND Timber. \:wub\:

hiedibear75Apr 8, 2011

Sims: I got a house built & play-tested before the icky weather set just to collage it once I've got enough braincells to rub together.......too much pain meds in my system. \:wacko\:  I also got 2 more 100% built but still need to be playtested. \;\)  I got some more of the things I had used in my story of Matt & Jenny (the guy in a wheelchair) so I hope to rebuild their neighborhood/them/the lots & Sims used in previous chapters of the story. \:cool\:  I think IF I bring that story back I'd like to make the people/Sims look the same but I don't know how close or if at all I'd make THEIR house look. \:confused\:  I don't know.....what do YOU think? \:confused\:  Should I try & make it look as close as possible & as far as the story act as though nothing had happened OR make up something like "While on their way to her friend's house a flash-flood wiped out all the homes in the vally including Matt & Jenny's" OR just have the story go on from a NEW "starting point"? \:confused\:  I did also get a couple of pets made BUT I need to get some nice pics of them interacting WITH a family (I like those pix the BEST). \;\)  Oh & I got some older lots I'd been working on close-ER to being ready for the play-test stage (I NEVER upload lots before testing it out on MY OWN SIMS 1st \;\)  ). \:cool\:  Sorry again about me having to do this in parts. \:o  This is partially because I didn't want to give Oreo another chance to walk across my keyboard & earase everything I'd written but also cuz I am just soooo dang LOOPY! \:rolleyes: \:mad\:  Take care. \:wub\: \:wub\: \:wub\:

spladoumApr 8, 2011

Hi Irmtraut! Thank you for your kind comment--I'm glad you enjoyed my screenshot! \:D

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