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jumpgirl_64Jul 16, 2015

Hello megumi! I read your file about starting nice conversations and I was wondering, how do you like the sims 4? You said you moved from sims 3 to that game, is it better than sims 3 or the same?

NisukiJul 16, 2015

Rikaaa-chan \(//∇//)\!!! You're hereee! Already started pre-university classes? and those take 1.5 year? Oh my. I wish you the best! I'm sure you'll do fine =) Take good care of yourself as well! Oh dear and I'm heading to university in 1.5 months... XD Time goes so fast...! Oh! You have the sims 4? =0 Nice! Haha, I don't have it and am not much interested yet to play with it. Maybe later when there's more cc XD Whaat? What happened when uploading your story D=? If you need anything help you can always ask me ^^ I've been busy writing myself lately haha. It's hard to write.... my writing-flow is gone.. XD I hope you slept well, have a nice day! Speak to you soon =)

NisukiMar 14, 2015

LOL! Was my message that funny? Heohehe, laughing is good, so keep laughing >=) CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? IT's STILL 2 MORE DARN WEEKS UNTIL THE END!! FOR ME... YOU'RE ALREADY DONE .. DAMN IT! LOL! *falls desperately to the ground* I'M VERY JEALOUS!! OMG! Yes... I've a long vacation too... but I'll like have my finals in beginning of may and my results in june.. *gasps* It's already the 14th March!! ... HOW ARE THE RESULTS? D= Oh yes. I want to write so badly again.. There's so many stories on my phone.... and many drafts. I think I'll just continue or actually start over Heavily Heavenly, because I know now what I want to do! Or there's this 1 other love story I want to do.. I can't choose!! XD yes yes! Oh GTA 4 =O? I don't have that.. I do have others including San Andreas hahahaha and 2 others XD Heheh. GTA5 looks beautiful though o3o! I feel like playing again... but meh.. nah.. no time... now I've no time at all to do any games... =.=' it's all concentration at school *sighh!!* I hope you've been well! hugshugs \:wub\:

NisukiFeb 26, 2015

Rikaa-chan ;3;! *tacklehugs* I'm over hereee.. hihihi. In front of a school computer.. ssstt, don't tell them >=) I've been busy with school. It's me final year and ohmyfreakinggoodness. I can't believe it's still like 5 weeks until my last examweek.. after that I'll have 1 month the time to learn for my finalexams. EEEEHADFA. But then.. I'll have... vacation \(^o^)/ Dang.. I really can't wait for that you know... How have you been? Still busy? ^^ Oh.. by the way... I know you've been busy with school too hmm.. how about now? By the way... I've some bad news.. Don't hit me.. I've stopped writing my story "Endless".. Yup.. you read that for real. I will however start writing other stories, but I'm not sure when I'll be able to start, because school + work take a lot of time and I want to relief my stress in aggressive games XD ... Sims ain't that aggressive to fulfill that feeling hh... yeIwanttoshootstuffandsuch... But hey, I'll be using Saul and Lucy to play and let them have kids. hhohohoho. Yup. I'm posting that on tumblr though.. Oh yes, before you'll hit me.. I do plan on rewriting the story. No doubt about that ^^ Well, have a lovely day!

viko3009Feb 23, 2015

Oh.. I see. Well, that's okay. \:\) I started playing since the first game, but I was too young to actually get into it. hahaha. Then I played the second and third one. Somehow I just couldn't stay with the game, I guess. And now, I just recently started playing sims 4. Probably earlier this month.

viko3009Feb 22, 2015

Well, my name's Aaron. Yea, I'm a guy who loves to play the sims. Alot. hahaha \:P Anyways, I really like Perak, whenever I come down from Penang to go to KL, I used to stop by Ipoh to have some food. I absolutely adore the chicken rice. hahaha \:D

viko3009Feb 21, 2015

Actually, I'm neither. I'm Iban from east malaysia. \;\) What about you?

viko3009Feb 20, 2015

Hi Rika, \:\) Thanks for your kind comment on the sim I made. And yea, I'm from Malaysia too \;\) I actually signed up a few years back, but I only started feeling like uploading some stuff only recently. XD Thanks again and nice to meet ya!

marcorseDec 28, 2014

Hello Rika . . and my apologies for taking to long to respond to your lovely comment on my patterns. Internet time for me is a realy problem. So, thanks very much and I hope you have a wonderful 2015, filled with only good things. \:wub\: Hugs, Marg.

NisukiDec 8, 2014

Rika;..... Rika... RIKAAAAAAAA! *tacklehugs* thank you so much for your comments on my creations! Oh dang, I haven't been that active lately myself. School's asking a lot of my free time for studying for exams. *sigh* So I haven't been able either to create new stuff... but I'm planning something for the holidays and I hope I can do it... XD HEHEHE, oh believe me, you didn't miss much... *-* Also, I'm months behind my story uploading.. lol.. =.= I'M very honored to hear you're proud of me, hoho. *bows&blushes* XD

Christina51Sep 21, 2014

HI Rika! Thank you very much for your sweet comment on my Moon on the Water screenshot! I am so happy you like it and I really glad you took the time to tell me!! Have a great day! Tina

NisukiAug 16, 2014

Rika-chan!! \:wub\: Your comment on chapter 14 of endless about the fairies, pinching butts, made me laugh so hard. I couldn't stop laughing when I saw it for the first time and currently I still laugh, bcus of it again. I love it! \:wub\: Sorry for the late reply, I haven't been that active on here *sigh*. I hope you're doing well though ^-^ Have a sweet weekend! \:wub\:

NisukiJun 19, 2014

♥ Of course we will. I'm probably going to stick with this community, for a long time. Since I'm absolutely having fun with it, and it doesn't hurt to have fun, right? But school *sigh* Thank you so much too \;\) & yea I am. Hahaha! I wouldn't say so though, I need to work a lot, but I guess it's all about your determination, whether you work hard or not for your grades. I do work hard.. so yea =D Mann, calculating ain't bad, but looking at the real mathemathiques kills my brains! I prefer languages and reading subjects more. Like history or geographic. but yea, goodlucks! Gambatte ne, desu ♥ Byebye ^^

NisukiJun 14, 2014

ZUKIE-CHAN ♥ holy moly, this is creepy. I had been on your profile yesterday.. XD (I was looking at my forum profile and saw you, and was like, damn, I haven't seen her for a while..) Sukie, Zukie. We're meant to be babe.. oke, that sounded cheesy. \:o Haha. Aw girl, I wish you the best with the SPM (I looked up what they were, something like, "Final Exams"? So, after these you can go on with University or something like that, right? I'm sure you'll be doing great! GANBATTE NEE! ♥ No worries about that, studies are really important too. I've an exam-week within 2 weeks. However, not my final exams. Next year I will have them. Something like yours. ^^ they will be in May for me. I'm sure you'll do fantastic on the SPM! I'm already looking forward to your stories =D aaah x //// x . you make me blush =x . The best? Well, that's a hard achievement, there are many amazing writers here! But as long as it's fun, it will be great, right? ♥ . Lovely, I wish you the best and take good care of yourself. I hope to hear from you soon again \:\) Your story may be better though!? You never know, untill it happens! ♥ *Hugs* Take care, I'll be cheering you on. ^ - ^ Much love, and hugs to you \:wub\:

NisukiApr 2, 2014

Hey Rika-chan ♥ . Thank you so much for your sweet comment, no sweat that it's short. I'm happy enough to see a comment from you! ^o^ I love it to hear, that you like the story. Hopefully, you're doing well with school and all! Take good care of yourself, don't overwork! AAAAH! You're going to write a story? I definitely look forward to it. Take care, rika ♥~ xo

chemyMar 29, 2014

Rika....Thanks so much for your wonderful comment on Vitric Modern....I really appreciate the awesome feedback!!!

matomibotakiMar 28, 2014

The_Flagship - Thank you for taking time to comment on my creation, alway a pleasure to have nice feedback. Have a great weekend!

DeviroseMar 27, 2014

Hi dear\:\)!Thank you for the comment! Happy Simming!Kiss

ShinoKCRFeb 23, 2014

Hi! Its good to know you like my modern Fireplace! Thank you for your feedback \:wub\: Huggles Renate

NisukiFeb 2, 2014

Hellooo Rikaaa ♥♥. Owie, welcome back. It's indeed been a while since the last time I've seen you here on tsr! Hehe, it's superbgood to hear that you've enjoyed them ^__^ and hey, noworries about the late reply, better late than never! I'm also quite slow.. so no sweat :3 and you're very welcome aswell! I really love your comments, so I would definitely always reply back ^o^ . Your hostel =O? Are you on some vacation trip huh!? Well, eventhough you're so busy, I'm glad to hear something from you! :') Take care and have a wonderful week! ♥

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