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Midnight222Mar 14, 2009

I'm glad you sorted it out Jackie.  I hope that will be the end of the abuse you have been getting too!  It really peeves me when people don't appreciate all the hard work people put into their creations! best regards, Midnight

SunrunnerJynxMar 12, 2009

Thanks for making so many great houses!

maxi kingMar 6, 2009

\:wub\:Have a lovely weekend!\:wub\:

squeakersMar 3, 2009

\:wub\: Hi Jackie, hope all is going well for you and your family! How is your hubby doing? I hope he is feeling better, you both have been in my thoughts and prayers everyday, and I can't wait to hear from you again. I hope your not working too hard, I worry about your back!\;\) Your latest stuff is so wonderful, my downloads folder is groaning and crying from all the downloads I'm getting, I have a few favorites here, and your one of them, everytime I log in, I check my favorite creators to see if they have any stuff coming out, I'm really amazed with your work, and I love what your doing now, you have really branched out, and I thank you for your hard work and talent!!!!TC sweetie, and I'll talk to you soon!\:D Big hugs, Denise\:wub\:

AHewlettMar 2, 2009

Hey Jackie! I've only just seen your post on my guestbook...oops. I've got everything installed just fine, a few things turned blue (I think it was the ivy) but I've got it all fixed now. I was thinking the other day while I was looking through your lots that it would be great if some of them like the Starter Homes for instant could be in a set or put in a list or something. Might be easier to search. Anyway! I love all your lots, I really do. Hope you make more soon! All the best, Anne-Marie. xxxx    

BBKZFeb 27, 2009

Hey Jackie \:D Thank you for birthday wishes you left in my GB \:D Well... I'm 26 but.. haha... people say I'm still looking like 18 year old girl. Sometimes I can't buy a beer because people don't believe I'm an adult \:eek\: But it's always very funny for me... About cheaters - now it's good. I think it's good and I don't get any e-mails with informations from users that they noticed my stolen items somewhere in the Internet. I hope now they know that they can download them only at TSR. Sometimes I visit one of Polish forums about the Sims. And they also know who I am and that there is no way to see my work anywhere - only at TSR... It's surprising me, because my items aren't SO GREAT! I'm still learning and there are many more talented person than me... But they have stolen my work... Weird but... now I don't want to think about that \:\) It's Friday (finally), only few hours left at work and then... weekend \:D Yay! I hope you're having wonderful days... Oh... 'Never say never' (about becoming SA). I remember my first items - they were so ugly! \:eek\: I have never dreamt about being SA but some day... \:D I got a message about promotion. It was one of the biggest surprise in my whole life. Your stuff is getting better and better. I really like your work (especially lots - aww \:wub\: )... So.. You'll never know \:D Take care! Barb

topaz27Feb 26, 2009

Hi, Just thought I would drop by and say thank you for all your awesome creations, you have made my game so much more fun to play, so thank you so much for sharing all your wonderful work. \:wub\:  \:rah\:  \:rah\:  \:rah\:

squeakersFeb 26, 2009

\:wub\: \:wub\: Hi Jackie, I'm so glad you like your card, I thought it would brighten up your day, I have some more screenshots up, and your in a few, I thought you could use some nice sunny ones!!!!\:D I'll write more later, I still have some stuff to do, TC hon, and big hugs!!!!!\:D Denise\:wub\: \:wub\:

DanyeellFeb 24, 2009

Oh & I forgot to mention, You're whole family is so incredibly stunning! You're daugthers are adorable. \:wub\:

DanyeellFeb 24, 2009

Ah, Well I don't really create much, I'm starting too, but i am pretty much really into actually playing the game, I ask myself why, because really you pretty much do the same things, but the thing that draws me to it is creating a single mother, with say, a teenage daugther, and building a big family, of generations, from that. I don't know why, it's just the fact that in a year I could look back at the families, and say, "I remember when i played that couple, and they had kids, and their kids had kids"... maybe it's because I personally, when I'm older, of course.. would like to bring children into the world... Who knows! However, without custom content, the game would be extremely boring for me, so thank goodness for all the creators out there, like you! Especially the ones that don't get enough credit for what they make! Ah, I've never used homecrafter. I once had Apartment life, just recently, and it stopped the game working after a while. I think i was really careless and let the disc get scratched, so I had to restart everything. TBH, I'm not that bothered about EP's anymore, because the game is just as fun to play with Simply the base game and CC... You just have a few more things to DO with the ep's... which you can download mods & hacks for. OOh, custom careers, I only just learnt about those, not installed one yet, but can't wait! Oh gosh, I know, (by the way my comments to people are NEVER this long, i swear, hahaha!), the community is just so lovely \:wub\: Idk if you've ever heard of myspace layout sites? Well, I own One, it's quite a big one, as i'm quite the fan of photoshop now, and i own a domain, but i'm taking a little break from it, because it's very dramatic, and people get quite bitchy, LOL. Though you do find some very caring, kind people on there! I also find that it gives me headaches, and can make me ill. Plus I like to spend time with friends. I will definitley not forget to keep in touch, \:wub\: I check your page all the time! Just saw your heart bed recolour thing, going to take a little look at it. Ooh, you should SO Mesh, it'd be amazing! And on THAT note, I will let YOU go.. hahaha. Before i give YOU a headache.. :P \:wub\: Good luck with that, then! Try not to :P  

DanyeellFeb 24, 2009

Aw, I'm glad. \:wub\: I know, but there is SO MUCH more talent out there, other than featured & select artists, I tend to comment when someone obviously puts a lot of time, and effort into the creations they make, but haven't yet been featured or whatever...  I know, Base game is the easiest way, And people don't realise the amout you can do with it, because they become EP obsessed, LOL. Right now I only have the base game, I used to have a TON of the EP's, but it was on another computer, and ts2 stopped working on it. >_> So then I stopped using it, and the EP's went to this lady, but it turns out, coincidently, she didn't know you needed the base game to use the ep's, haha, bless, she didn't seem to know much about it... but she's going to bring them back, because she doesn't understand it all enough. Ah, thanks! Is it normal for things to take time pending? I think I uploaded it on the 21st, or whatever. Thanks! You too! And keep uploading, because your stuff will NEVER be garbage, LOL. \:wub\:

DanyeellFeb 23, 2009

LOL, making room will NOT be a problem, \:D You wouldn't think, by your creations, you're new to anything! You look like you've been doing it for ages, professionally. \:P I know, I'm really into Photoshop, Graphics, all of it, but bodyshop won't work on either of the laptops, therefore i can't create. I wouldn't have much time, anyway, I guess, because i'm still studying.. but i would have loved to been able to have a go at all that. I tried my hand at making a little, cute, cottage type lot, and it looks pretty nice, but it's still pending, i made it base game only, and they haven't been updated since the 20th >___> Haha. I'm pretty new to it all, so i'm trying to work it all out! But you're stuff inspired me to have a go at at least, residential lots. \:D <3 x

DanyeellFeb 23, 2009

Hiii. \:\) \:wub\: Just leaving you a little comment, letting you know I absoloutley adore all of your creations/lots (: I have so many of them ingame, they're my favourites. Thankyou so so so so much for making them. \:wub\:

ziggy28Feb 21, 2009

\:D LOL me again, a few others for you..lol Paint.net (free)  and Paint Shop Pro 7(think you can get this for free now I use this one)TC... Happy simming\:rah\:

ziggy28Feb 21, 2009

\:D You are very welcome... I doubt you would need a tutorial for Picasa 3 it is very simple and not a graphics programme as such its for editing digital pictures, but I find the features such as sharpen, auto contrast, auto colour and such, useful for ajdusting the .png or .jpg's very good...You can also apply text... good luck with your new adbobe programme Im sure you will soon get the hang of it...TC\:wub\:

ziggy28Feb 21, 2009

\:D Hi there...Im a friend of Hiedibear75 and I was reading her guestbook, I noticed that you were saying you needed another graphics/art/pic editing programme. I would like to tell you about one of the ones I use, its called Picasa 3, it is from google and its free, its a picture editing programme. It is very good, you can sharpen, lighten, darken, tint, touch up things and has loads of other things you might find usefull and best of all its free. Just google it and have a look... regards Lorraine\:wub\:

hiedibear75Feb 21, 2009

You're welcome. \:cool\:  I think often people are just less willing to try something from a name they don't recognize. \;\)  I have not seen anything that looked "bad" or "cheesy"........some stuff I passed up.......but that was just a matter of personal taste, oh yeah AND trying to not make my download folder buldge anymore than it does already. \:D  Just do it for your own pleasure. \:\)  Take care. \:wub\:

hiedibear75Feb 21, 2009

I said I would stop by and gobble up some of your new downloads while I am still a $ member so you'd get subscriber points.......& I kept my word. \:cool\:  I miss the old TSR.......there was a heart where we could click it & go to all of our unrated items.........I miss that. \;\)  I got some of your shower curtains, and then some of your bedspreads. \:D  I also put that you are one of the TSRians with a poll for the kudos hunters out there. \;\)  Take care Jackie. \:wub\:

hiedibear75Feb 20, 2009

Hello. \:cool\:  Nice curtains and stuff you made. \:wub\:  I'll get them when my computer viral problems are fixed. \;\)  But I thought you'd still like to know in the mean-time that they're liked. \:\)  Anyway hope all is well with you. \:rah\: TC. \:wub\:

squeakersFeb 18, 2009

\:wub\: Hi Jackie, I'm so glad to hear from you, I loved your cards as well, and I'm so glad to hear from you today, you've been on my mind, and I've been worried about you!\;\) Our anniversary was nice, except I couldn't eat much, another pain cycle hit, and I was sick feeling and owie, but I ate what I could, and it was wonderful to spend time with Trent! I showed hi8m your cards and he loved them too, and said thank you, I'm so lucky to have you as such a good freind, I've made a few here, and I enjoy each and every one of them!\:wub\: I wish we lived closer together too, it would be heaven to have you around, we would be so good for each other!!!!!\:P I'm so excited at seeing the house you told me about, I would be dancing in the stars if I could, thank you so very much from the bottom of your heart for such an honor, I've been thinking of building homes for a few people too, and you would be one of them, I love building apartments, and always use some walls that you've made, you really have such beautiful work, I'm so impressed with what you can do!!!!!\:D I'll think about your offer, it is addicting creating stuff for other people to enjoy, I'm working on stories and am still trying to get at least one approved!!!!!\;\) I'll send you an e mail ater, so I can talk more, and where we have privacy, I just wanted to send you a quick note, to let you know I was thinking about you too!!!!\:wub\: TC, I hope you and your family have a great week, and talk to you soon!!!!!Big hugs, Denise\:wub\:

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