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Him & Her: Part 4 The Finale
Published Jun 9, 2009


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Hey all, welcome to zee very last chapter of Him & Her. I hope you all enjoy it, and don't forget to leave comments to tell me what you think! :)

Hey all, welcome to zee very last chapter of Him & Her. I hope you all enjoy it, and don't forget to leave comments to tell me what you think! :) "Travis!! You're back!!" I yelled as I ran up to him. "Got up to wild parties while I've been gone? You know it's expected, but if anyone's touched my guitar they're dead" Travis smiled jokingly. He started heading towards the front door. "Wait!" I yelled. "Why do I have to wait? Haven't you cleaned up yet?" he asked smiling happily. "No, I didn't have a party, there's something else I need to tell you" I then proceeded to tell him everything that happened, about the baby that is. I finished explaining and waited for his reaction. He just stood there....silent. "So....uhh child services is coming tomorrow then?" is all he said, without waiting for an answer he walked inside. He walked straight inside and up to Renee. "Can I hold her?" he asked. "She is kinda cute" he said breaking his flat tone. "We just have to look after her for tonight?" he asked me. "Well I was kind of....umm because foster people can uhhh ummm" I tried to say. "Spit it out all ready" Travis glared at me. "I was just kind of tossing around the idea of her staying....umm....with us" I said timidly, afraid of what he was going to say. He burst out into laughter. "You! Looking after a baby! Yeah right!" he cackled between laughs. "Uhh....I was kind of being serious" I said as his laughter started to die down. "Marcus.." Travis started as he handed baby Rina to Renee. "You can't look after a baby, they're a lot of work. You're not nearly responsible enough anyway" I don't know what happened....I snapped, maybe it was due to lack of sleep? Or the strong bond that I'd formed with this baby. "I'm not responsible??!? I'm the one that cooks, that cleans!! I go to school, I come home, I do my stupid homework. Not to mention I'm an A+ student!! I'm more responsible than you'll ever be!! I'm working hard to go to college while what are you doing? Fixing cars for minimum wage and partying with your friends on the weekends!! So don't have a go at me about responsibility!! When you won't even own up and take it for causing mum and dad's death! YOU were the one that checked their car!!" I yelled and stormed off to my room, which wasn't the brightest idea. Like I said something snapped. "Do you want me to talk to him?" Renee offered. Travis shook his head "No....I think it's better that he be left alone for a while, to calm down" he sighed. "I've never seen him lose it like that before" Renee said softly "I suppose it's good though, he hasn't really showed much emotion since your parents passed" she almost whispered. "You think it's good that he blames me for our parents death!! What would you know!!?!? You're nothing but some stupid little girl that follows Marcus around everywhere because she's too afraid to get rejected by him!! You're nothing but trailer park TRASH!! GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!!!!!!!" he screamed at her. Renee tried to hold back her tears, and stop Rina from crying. "I'll just...umm take Rina with me. Just tell Marcus...." she tried to say as she sniffled between words. Travis didn't answer her, just stood with his arms folded and scowled at her as she closed the door behind her. "How dare you talk to her like that!" I yelled as I came out of my room and slammed the door. "I hate you!" I screamed.
"Well it doesn't matter Marcus!" he yelled back.
"Why didn't you even consider looking after her?" I said starting to calm down and we both started lowering our voices, but they still had hostility in them. "Marcus there is no way on earth, that we are looking after that baby. I told you before!!" he angrily said. I turned around and slammed the door to my room.
The night went quick, and so came the next day. I called Renee, so she could look after Rina for the night and bring her back over in the morning for the social worker. I knew it was inevitable but I hoped that the social worker wouldn't show up, it didn't work though, she came annoyingly on time.
"So everything's all set I just need you to sign these statements and these forms" she smiled sweetly. Travis and I hadn't talked since our big blow-up yesterday. "Umm what's going to happen with her?" Travis asked the social worker.
"Well she'll get placed into our orphanage, and if she doesn't find a foster home. She'll live in the orphanage with the other children" she said trying to make it sound like she'll have a good life but didn't really succeed. "Is it at all possible for someone to adopt her?" he asked. "It's possible" she smiled. "Why do you want to adopt her?"
"Uhh umm I'm not really sure" he said trying not to make eye contact with me. My hopes were raised again, was he actually talking about what I think he was talking about?
"Well, I suggest you be sure Mr. Nolan, a child is not something to be taken lightly"
"What would be involved in the adoption process?"
She then went into detail about the forms and what not. Great huge details that I really can't remember a small piece of. My mind was more riddled with trying to decipher if I was dreaming or not. I pinched myself 3 times to make sure. I wonder if you actually do that in your dream if you'll wake up.....
"Would you like the forms?? It would be great for the baby to have a proper adoptive family so soon"
Travis thought about it for what seemed like ages.
"Yes, we would" he stopped and smiled in my direction. I leaped from my chair and gave him the biggest hug I could. I was so over joyously happy. "I'm sorry!" I told him. "I know" he said "I'm sorry too, for everything" he said saddened. "I didn't mean what I said, I don't blame you! and you shouldn't blame yourself! It was an accident that was nobody's fault" ~Later that day~
"Hey! I just wanted to bring you a prezzie to congratulate you on the new addition to your family" Renee beamed as she thrusted a strange looking giraffe into my face. "Oh I also brought some extra nappies on my way home from work"
"Thanks" I said as I kissed her tenderly on her lips. What happened next you may ask? Well after a grand public humiliation, Randy didn't bother me again. So the rest of the school year was practically problem free. I finished high school and entered the next phase of my ...Which wasn't as problem free. About a year into college Rina's biological mother showed up trying to claim rights for her child. After a thorough look into the case, custody was awarded to Renee and myself. We did offer her visitation rights, time to get to know her child, but she refused and we haven't heard from her since. What of Renee and I? Well what happened there...Renee didn't decide to join me in my college adventures. She'd much rather stay home and make preparations.... ...for our new arrival. ~The End~

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roxydog2598Feb 27, 2010


MangioJun 14, 2009

I love the sweet ending. The shots were amazing. Im glad they decided to keep Rina.

madkitty13Jun 12, 2009

I love the photos in the end!

KDLANG0 VIPJun 11, 2009

Cute! Great ending!\:wub\: \:rah\:

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