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The Andretti Legacy (84)
Published Sep 13, 2009


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The Andretti Legacy
Chapter 84

The Andretti Legacy
Chapter 84
Kole slowly makes his way to the far corner of the cemetery. He can hear their whispers floating around on the air. He stands just where he stood the last time he came, so many years ago with his sister. He stares down, remembering the very first time he came. He closes his eyes as he remembers just what he was promised, and just what he promised in return. Oh, how he wishes he could take it all back!

"Kooole..." The voice calls to him again. "She is coming to you..." The voice whispers and sends chills up his spine.
Suddenly, the smell of sweet spice surrounds him. He crinkles his nose, and listens closely as the whispers stop and the sound of small feet approach him. He remains still, too scared to turn around. Slowly and surely the sound of those little feet move in closer and closer, the crickets begin chirping again and the bull frogs croaking. Kole takes in another deep breath, and starts choking once again. The aroma is just too strong. "I am your's now." A different voice, one sweet and innocent, whispers from behind him. He jumps a few inches from the ground, and then slowly turns to face her. He turns to face a ghost he's never seen. He lets out a loud groan.

"Oh come on!" He growls. His eyes begin to water from the strong aroma.
"I am Keturah." She introduces herself to him, and the very sound of her voice melts every wall he put up since he made the promise. "I am very pleased to finally meet you, Mr. Andretti." "Whoa, name is Kole. No Mr. got it?" He replies sternly. "Come on, the sun is coming up. It'll be hard to get you through town in the daylight." He tells her as he brushes through her shoulder and heads towards the cemetery gates. As he walked past Katie's bedroom door, he can hear her moving around getting ready for the day. He quickly ushered the ghost into his room.

"Now can't leave this room...for ANY reason. If you want something, you tell me...I'll get NOT leave this room!" He tells her very quietly, but very forcefully. "And seriously...can't you do something about that smell that seems to be following you!? I mean, it smells great and all but it's choking me."
"I cannot. It is up to you, Mr. Andretti." She tells him sweetly.

"Kole. My name is Kole." He grumbles and he brushes past her to get something to eat from the kitchen for breakfast.
Later in the evening, Katie returns home from work. She heads straight for Kole, and he can tell she's got something on her mind.

"Can I help you?" He asks after a few minutes of her staring at him in silence.

"Yeah...who were you talking to this morning? In your room? I heard you talking to someone." Katie questions him.
"What?!" He blurts out in shock.

"You were talking to someone in your room this morning. I was just wanting to know who it was." She laughs noticing his deer-in-headlights look.

"Oh...uh, just some girl." He shrugs his shoulders and continues to work out hoping that'd be enough for her.
"Some girl?" She chuckles. "I won't tell her you said that. I don't like you bring friends and girlfriends home...could you like...stay with them or something? I'm just weird about stranger's in my house, okay." She smiles kindly, and walks passed him to her room. After dinner, Kole heads to his room for bed. He finds the ghost standing in the center of the room staring at him.

"Could you not be so creepy?" He asks her with an odd expression.

"...where is my room?" She asks quietly.

"Your room?" He laughs. "This IS your room."

"And my bed?" She looks around the room.

"...what?" She notices his large amount of confusion.

"I am in the land of the living, Mr. Andretti. I eat, drink, and carry a daily life just as you, sir." She smiles politely.

"That is just too weird..." He sighs and shakes his head in disbelief.
After a few minutes, Kole has rearranged the room so that they both can reach a side of the bed. She softly sits down on the other side of the bed and looks so relieved.

"Tell me your name, again?" He asks quietly.
"Keturah, sir." She smiles politely.

"Keturah...that's an interesting name." He tries to make conversation. He has certainly never shared a bed with someone he's never met, much less a ghost! "And just how old are you, Keturah?"

"I am 200 years your senior, sir." She replies kindly. "May I sleep now?"

"...yeah, I guess." He scratches the back of his head, still in disbelief at the whole situation.
Kole returns early in the morning from work, and finds Keturah on the back balcony. He quickly rushes outside.

"What are you doing out here!?" He raises his voice as quietly as possible, as Katie is sleeping within hearing distance.

"I am sorry, sir. I just...I get so lonely in that room. There is nothing to do. I didn't think I could do any harm here." She apologizes.
"You can do all kinds of harm out here! Now really, get back inside." He tells her quietly as he can hear Katie's patio door open. "Kole?" Katie yawns as she walks up behind him. "...I asked you nicely not to bring anyone home. Please respect that." "I know, I'm sorry...she was just leaving." He replies with a shake to his voice. "Kole...I know you're hiding something from me. I wish you trusted me enough to tell me." Katie says ever so softly. Kole's heart breaks in two as she turns and walks back into her room. He wants so badly to tell her everything...but, he just doesn't know where to start. It's been a life of lies, and stealing, and hurt...and when it hits her, it'll surely break her in two.

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justvexJan 10, 2010

I love it, fantastic \:D

DragonQueenOct 15, 2009

Awesome, again...  \:wub\:

eviOct 9, 2009

Great Tif!\:rah\:

joker52455Sep 22, 2009

Aww \:\( poor Kole. Keturah? When I said you should put more ineresting names, I didn't mean completely unheard of! lol jk. Rating: \:rah\:

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